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decision we made as a group and among all the people here is to withdraw from the border whisking ourselves and with the hand of god go to peru on mass of us. the action we are taking is to comply with proofs entry with those who want to enter the country legally and in the correct way. well there is a bode now joins us from the brazilian border town of parker imo that's where thousands of venezuelans are still seeking refuge despite violence there on saturday can you just tell us about where you are and why people are coming across the border despite having faced violence over the past few days. well i am in what is considered everything then to right on the border between brazil and when it's well known and the government here the state government is basically saying that this area is in a state of emergency basically because they cannot cope with the amount of people that is crossing the border forty faith that around eight hundred people crossing
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the border each day it used to be around six hundred but that figure has already gone up and many of them are brought here to this place where there are. bad and given identity not all of them are coming to brazil some of them are going to other countries like argentina or you but the government that the local government that much more need to be done let's not forget that last weekend there was a big incident of violence in this area where huge more resilient attacked an area where many venezuelan refugees were leaving they were angry because apparently an attack had happened to a brazilian record end of this area and that's when they were the place where the venezuelans leave and then they pushed them out side of the border that generated lot complexion here in this area and forced the government the federal government to send more troops. sure the hostile feeling seemed to be not just there but in
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other areas as we're talking about peru and ecuador where the governments are trying to stop the flow why are people still leaving venezuela in such numbers what are they telling you. well we have heard the local authority here requesting the supreme court to shut down their border at least temporarily but the federal government has said that that's not an option that that eagle and what people are basically a feeling is desperation or economic troubles we have spoken to people who say that they cannot make ends meet that they cannot afford one meal a day that a minimum salary is not enough to buy a pack home right in spite of the economic changes that are happening in venezuela and that's why people think you need to me they're saying that they're fleeing from shortages of everything a horde of medicine and anything that they may need in venezuela as a bow on the brazilian venezuelan border thank you very much. ok still to come this
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news hour on the half hour. we'll look at what's behind the massive increase in measles cases in europe. and the hit film crazy rich asians premiers to a hometown audience in singapore but it has mixed reaction. still have plenty of summer heat across much of here we've seen some rather lively storms in southern areas of italy will clutch a storm still in place here for much of europe you can see. something of a change on the way up towards the northwest is pushing towards saarland and the u.k. this area cloud will have to some fresh as we go on through the next. day the woman in london temperatures getting up to twenty six celsius twenty nine for paris so there is still some heat around central areas some of these are getting into the
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thirty's for vienna and for the south again. degrees if you show us just around the else but let's go back further north where we have this line of cloud of rain which will stretch its way across. northern parts of england as we go through wednesday that sinks further south was for thursday and you can start to see those winds picking up it will turn it into more autumnal temperatures in london just drop off to around twenty three degrees the hater might suffice for the south still if you live the showers around southern parts of italy much as cats want it so those shouts towards multi wealth africa generally hot and dry once again a key mostly wind hey just coming into congress attempt just around thirty six thirty seven over the next few days financial for the northwest. and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty s.
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his disappearance remained translate in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi was downed phone in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera wild investigates the case of the vanished. hello again here's a reminder for our top story from al-jazeera president transformer lawyer has reportedly negotiated a plea deal with prosecutors us media is reporting that michael cohen will plead guilty to charges raised by special counsel robert miller's investigation into
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trump's presidential campaign. the kremlin has denied accusations by microsoft that hackers linked to the russian government tried to attack the u.s. senate and conservative think tanks. and hundreds of venezuelans are racing to enter peru and ecuador as both countries tighten their border rules amid worsening the worsening economic crisis. now afghan forces have launched a furious air assault in kabul after rockets were fired at the presidential palace during each celebrations president ghani was giving a holiday message to the nation in a live broadcast when he was interrupted by the boom a frock it's says it was behind the attack were in its methods more. afghanistan's president might have been hoping for a quiet start to the eat out holiday but as i reviewed his troops and officials gathered for they were all reminded that there are fewer and fewer peaceful days here. that was the sound of one of two rockets fired towards the presidential
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palace. if they think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again this is a brave nation is always ready to defend its independence honor and islamic tradition. i source says its fighters were behind the attack group's numbers are growing in afghanistan although it's the taliban that remains the greatest threat. that was made clear in a recent attack on the nearby city of gas that exposed the government's fragile grip on security thousands of taliban fighters stormed the city cutting communications and access to the highway to kabul at least one hundred fifty soldiers and more than one hundred civilians were killed in the five day battle to regain control of the city the government says hundreds of taliban fighters were killed. the taliban has been at war with the us backed afghan government for nearly seventeen years but one analyst has told al jazeera the while the taliban
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leadership believes it's doing well on the battlefield many foot soldiers see things differently most of them never see an american for all you know one month to the next so they're on the convince that they're actually fighting against an occupation but they don't have a way out so i mean they're stuck the war continues the leadership are resisting serious peace talks those inside the movement who are actually broadly in favor of it because they're in a in a centralized top down movement have no way of affecting the decisions of the leadership. tuesday's attack on the presidential compound ended when an afghan helicopter gunship targeted the house where the rockets were apparently fired from bernard smith al-jazeera the u.n. says it's still been being denied access to parts of me and lara seven hundred thousand slim's have been driven out in a brutal crackdown that's despite the government promising to let u.n.
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officials visit and allow refugees to return nearly one year since the violence began a new report has revealed the immense scale of atrocities against their will hinge researchers found an estimated one hundred sixteen thousand ranger were beaten by members of me in march armed forces forty three thousand have suffered gunshot wounds around nineteen thousand women and teenagers were raped and an estimated twenty five thousand were murdered. well the crackdown a year ago was initially in response to what the man our government called terrorist activity by a ranger group myanmar's leader on song suchi says that threat is still present in rakhine state and she addressed the ryan just issue in a speech in singapore looking back at her two years of leadership the danger of terrorist activities which was initial course of course of events leading to the humanitarian crisis in rakhine remains real and present today and this is security challenges address the risk of intercommunal violence will remain it is
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a threat that could have grave consequences not just for myanmar but also for other countries in our region and beyond. floodwaters are receding in the indian state of carolina but emergency crews are continuing to find the bodies of more victims almost four hundred people have been confirmed dead in the worst floods in a century of the government says it needs one point four billion dollars to rebuild the state and to thomas sent us this report from our. the good news is it's been sunny almost all day on tuesday which means that the water level has gone down considerably over the course of the day we've spent to stay with a man who wants to return to the village chief lates was rescued from on friday and he knew that on saturday a huge wall of water had come through his village we want to go back and see how much damage has been done now early on to say we couldn't have done this we had to take a canoe to reach his village and when he got there he saw that while there was mud
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throughout the place and it was a mess in south at least was still standing in his grown up son who had left there to protect the property and also help out neighbors well he was ok now over the course of today the water has gone down to such an extent that a couple of relief trucks have been able to drive in they have very big wheels so they can get through this and they brought rice water and other essential supplies to the villages now we are able to walk out now because over the course of tuesday the water level has dropped has not yet been anywhere deeper from waist level that's the good news the water is going down here and yes as what's our chief executive officer is pledged to develop tools to tackle fix messages during a meeting in new delhi and recent months more than twenty people have been killed in mob attacks inspired by fake news spread on the messaging app the government wants a facebook owned app so work out how to trace the origin of the sinister messages
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in here's what's up so biggest market with more than two hundred million users italy said vironment minister wants prosecutors to investigate whether negligence may have led to the deaths of ten people in a flat on monday rescuers are still searching for survivors after the flash floods swept away hikers in a gorge in the southern calabria region all the people listed as missing have not been found but officials say there may have been more people in the gorge without ever just your guide. now the world health organization says a record number of cases of measles has been recorded in europe in twenty seventeen nearly twenty four thousand cases were recorded following the decade's lowest number of cases the year before but already this year forty one thousand people have contracted measles and at least thirty seven have died the book vast majority of the infections occurred in ukraine and that's where twenty three thousand people were diagnosed with the disease the immunize ation rate in europe is ninety percent
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but the w.h.o. says it needs to reach ninety five percent to stop the outbreaks well joining us now via skype from copenhagen is dr siddartha dutta he said technical officer for the world health organization in europe dr that's a good to have you with us could you first day explain or tell us why people are abstaining from this vaccinations they are readily available why are we seeing that fewer people are being vaccinated in europe and the cases of measles are spiking. thank you so much for the current high number of measles cases in the definite children region as on the dimension or introductory statement action that reflects this about human immunization coverage in many areas of the meaning there is an accumulation also several individuals over time and recommends that ninety five percent of the individuals in a community need to get at least two doses of measles containing vaccines and the
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reasons for the low vaccination uptake eternity are country specific or as you said context pacific's and multi-factorial they can range from talk of the vaccine that we have seen a few countries to where difficulties in accessing the vaccines for population which you know difficult settings or there are issues of complacency of the disease or misinformation about the vaccine what does that mean is that there are will be on vaccinate are under vaccine it at population and whenever the measles virus attacks is wonderbook community it would spread quickly as wildfire as we have seen in twenty eighteen. now there were there was a point when i was nearly are advocating it how difficult is it going to be now given the numbers we're seeing to get back to that point. i think it will be it will take and concerted effort from everybody in this in that region says it's
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a shared responsibility policy planners individuals physicians all stakeholders and development partners to come together to ensure that their coverage is pretty high of say ninety five percent even ization coverage to ensure that these cases don't happen. measles cases people affected by from resolves and also they're completely preventable each of these deaths that we you have mentioned and we have seen in this region is an unexceptional tragedy and i think in the in the presence of such and cost effective and it's a vaccine these deaths are really on public bill and everybody need to do more i don't want we have been doing to ensure that these disease is a limited attack from from this region just to keep us and others informed that all member states in this region all countries in the. region will be meeting next
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month in rome to review the progress and to see to the commitments that they all have done as a part of european vaccine action plan to eliminate measles from the sewage and now there is a certain movement at this point where families are you know certain groups sectors of society have decided that vaccination perhaps is not the way forward that their children should be able to build immunity to such diseases how do you combat that. so. there's a very interesting question thanks so doug literally actually is working with the countries in our region to actually fully understand the range of reasons why are people are not facts and it often we find that the slovaks enough takes not only digital music information or misinterpretation like i mentioned field other systemic issues. to actually generate european region as actually
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developed some new rhetoric guidance for the national spokesperson to address these vaccines skeptics in a debate to make sure that the values of these vaccine vaccines that just prevented millions of deaths are being let known to deplete public there are complacency because people don't see these diseases so often that. that has been operating for decades so i think we have seen the fruit benefit of these vaccines and this has to be told to talk to the community and yeah ok up plenty to talk about doctors about that that's a good to have you on with us dr did i said i thought that as from the w.h.o. thank you so much for speaking to us thank you. now the greek prime minister has officially declared an end to an era of us territory as a nation exits the biggest international bailout in history alexis to prost called it
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a day of liberation and an address on it that is symbolic move because it's that island that homer's hero to see is finally return after twenty years of war and adventure it's a process edge to the greeks was their economic odyssey was over and pos mistakes would not be repeated since two thousand and ten greece avoided bankruptcy through three hundred billion dollars in loans from the international monetary fund and the european union and in return it had to impose punishing austerity measures to balance its budget. now the new head film crazy which agencies premiered in singapore where the highly anticipated romantic comedy is set but some aren't happy with how the city state has been portrayed to its critics saying that the film fails to showcase singapore's ethnic diversity the film opens above expectations in the u.s. last week earning more than thirty four million dollars in the first five days it's the first hollywood mill film in more than two decades with a majority asian cast. like queen.
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again these are the top stories and al-jazeera thought of trump's former lawyer once said he would take a bullet for the u.s. president it's reportedly to go seating a plea deal with prosecutors of the us media is reporting that michael cohen could plead guilty to charges raised by special counsel robert miller's investigation into the twenty sixteen presidential campaign the deal appears to include a prison time and was has admitted buying the silence of an adult actress who claims to have had an affair with president trump back in two thousand and six kristen salumi has more. we know that he's been under investigation by federal officials here in new york as a result of information that was handed over to them by the muller investigation which is looking into russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen
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presidential election and we know what they have been looking at and it's possible that the charges that he could be pleading guilty to are related to this investigation in terms of bank fraud possible bank fraud possible tax fraud and also campaign finance violations. the kremlin has denied accusations by global software giant microsoft that hackers linked to the russian government tried to attack political institutions in the u.s. microsoft says it took control of six web domains created to mimic websites belonging to the senate and to republican think tanks users who visited the fake sites were asked to enter their logon credentials many venezuelans are gracing to each crew before new regulations come into force on saturday which means they'll now need pos ports to enter the country while the two hundred people defied similar new rules of ecuador on tuesday walking across a loosely guarded checkpoint at rooming chaka they plan to track and hitchhike for
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around eight hundred fifty one hundred forty kilometers in freezing conditions so the crossing at imperative the u.n. says one point six million people have fled venezuela's economic crisis in just the last two and a half years afghan forces have launched a furious air assault in kabul after rockets were fired at the presidential palace cheering celebrations i still says it was behind the attack. well the so the headlines were plenty more news later but first the stream.
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i am from here kate and you are in the stream today thousands of u.s. prisoners are starting a nationwide strike but better conditions family could be laughable examine what's compelled inmates to protest and what they can achieve join the conversation through you tube and twitter. over the next twenty days inmates in prisons jails and immigration detention centers will hold peaceful citizens hunger strikes and labor stop which is to push for reform of a system that they say abuses and exploits them that's right this is the second national prisoner strike in two years organizers hope to encourage even more inmates than than the twenty four thousand who took part in that record breaking protests this year's demonstrations are led by jailhouse lawyer speak and incarcerated group of reform advocates they're supported by several other groups seeking changes to the prison system the strike was called in response to the death
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of seven inmates in a riot at a south carolina state prison in april it was the worst disturbance in a u.s. prison in twenty five years organizers of the strikes have several months take a look at this case featuring a former prisoner and organize a court cold dorsy he outlined some of the most pressing issues for inmates. prisoners of calls for immediate prisons and prison conditions and the access to vote so having access to law library law resources rehabilitation access and services pell grants should be ran state there's been less and less services for the t.v. college degrees and particularly rehab services. for more on the strike we are joined from columbia south carolina by crystal rountree she is a representative and organize if a jailhouse lawyer speak which is leading the protest we're also joined by sean drug was outgo she's a formerly incarcerated writer whose prison diaries was honored with several awards
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she joins us from orange connecticut where molly unroasted is a member of the california coalition for women in prison is she's also a program coordinator for project rebound at california state university as well as a just leadership usa she joins us from fullerton california hello everybody. thought my name hewitt and hello my computer with a member of our community who explains why we're here today and why this strike got started kimberly here says what led to the strike today were the horrible conditions that prisoners were forced to live in a condition and conditions that mirrored the conditions that in slaves to people were forced to live in and i think anyone being oppressed would fight back she goes on to say it was this incident at least correctional institution that we mentioned at the top of the show in south carolina and the horrible deaths of seven inmates and injuring of others that really galvanized the situation and sparked these men and women into action kristal got
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a part of her international audience explain to us what happened that led to why we're here today. thank you for having me and once again. you know prison conditions you know this to this trial is essentially a demand for the recommendation of the human rights in prison and the state of the prisons in this country currently. there was a riot that took place you know which you alluded to a bit earlier at least correctional institution in april of this year in south carolina where seven inmates were in fact kill and seven four others were injured in a very pretty preventable under forgettable circumstances certainly. as a as a result of that prisoner of the prophecy nation a sensually want to bring worldwide mass extinction in awareness again to the conditions that they are being subjected to to the dangerous environment island and
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non productive conditions of the prison system right now prisoners are simply being warehoused without any sort of insensitive no rehabilitation no treatment programs and so we. we have a situation here that i describe as they cried. wolf. the prisoners are they have a whole. range that they are requesting as a result of this you know as a part of their demands but it's a national prison strike some of those things are definitely in immediate improvement and that they are. going to benefit thanks and immediate in your presence which is legitimately happening and going on right here today in america presents a question as you'll certainly can't just making i have remounting i. answer
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resonating because you have been on the other side you have been inside kenya or. what point would you have just been surprised that ok that's a nationwide strike we say no surprise whatsoever the person has some presence to say when away i'm not surprised at all you know what happened at least correction no facilities was a tipping point and so across prisons in california you know we're overcrowded there's a lack of programming conditions of the needs of the policy improvements and so when you're warehousing folks in these deplorable conditions. something that happens even in another state can give you the courage and energy to step up and represent what you feel is it's human dignity for you within california prisons we have almost one hundred and sixty thousand folks and ages we leave
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the national rate in suicide in deplorable conditions we've been warehousing folks through prison expansion since the eighty's so it's really time for. governor brown who's the governor here in california governor it's a across this nation to start treating incarcerated people with dignity and respect ninety five percent of all incarcerated folks return to their communities that return should be a return where there is jobs where there is access to resources where there is higher education and it can start inside the prisons and they say because his son and i can i jump in here to stay i mentioned there are two two separate issues though involved in this strike one of the tap demand is changing prison conditions which i wholeheartedly agree with the second one is about wages and abolishing prison labor i have written extensively my experience with prison labor was
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actually positive i know that's not a typical situation but there are people who undergo significant emotional and rehabilitative changes through their prison jobs and i know when i was in if someone told me we're striking and then as of tomorrow we might not have jobs i don't know if i would have survived. do you want to explain what that job was in the how it helped you get through your time your placement shonda it was a kitchen job so it was manual labor setting up the food serving it to the other women in the facility it actually taught me a significant number of leadership skills and as i have explained to a lot of other people it got me out of the five by ten cell that's not a natural state for a human being that's maybe sitting in a box or a cage maybe for as doing animal or a new litter of kittens it's not to all we're not for human beings so even though i was being brought into a kitchen where i had to work very hard for seventy five cents a day i was still in an open area where i could move around like
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a human being i was also doing things like cooking a soup or serving a stew that somewhere in the world someone else was doing the same thing whereas sitting in my cell that's just rotting in festering that's not human activity. i mean and that's i think some of that at a minimum i think that's one of the reasons why it's been hard to get some of these reforms and policies change because the labor their folks still inside they are grateful for some of those skills to translate to jobs on the outside however you know those jobs inside it can be a whole lot better wages can be improved the conditions in which people were definitely can be improved and instead kind of attitude of gratitude that many of us have going into the prison system. because we're shamed and we're embarrassed of the things that we've done to get their economy leads us to this really graceful
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attitude around getting out of the sale and having these kind of dining room jobs for eight cents an hour or seventeen cents an hour but i think the bigger picture here is that it doesn't allow us to say it doesn't it doesn't allow us to support our families on the outside prison wages don't allow you to be productive members of your family when you're incarcerated and their income is removed from your family when you're locked up right now and i think that's why there are several people online who are likening it to slavery this is august twenty one j.b. where who says the u.s. prison labor system is based upon the thirteenth amendment which justifies slavery as punishment for a crime the system claims a lot of labor is voluntary but if prisoners refuse to work they are inherently punished by being trapped in the confines of their cells or solitary now and on that note we also got a video comment from someone who's working directly on this issue this is as is
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a legal and advocacy director for projects south which is focused on this issue and this is what she told the stream. immigrants at the facility are basically coerced to participate in this won't work program by using threats of i'm placing them in solitary confinement and they don't participate actually placing them in solitary in or depriving them of life necessities so one of our scientists one of our named plaintiffs shai ahmed he actually has since been the origins of bangladesh because he was detained at this with his hands in the center and he said that because you have interest he is a man and judges mentioned the media wages between one and all these and the cademy six is kamens and so he said no work tomorrow and so for national stays in solitary for several days and he continues to suffer from the impact of that. so american i can see you nodding your head there i want to know for international audience as i
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did there in that video comments talking about immigration detention center but it shows really how broad this issue is because it's across jails prisons immigration detention centers and other places so that idea of this being modern day slavery is that something that you can understand why people are saying oh it is still your program results in you lose in time it may result in you lose and prove privileges it will result in you not earning any day for day milestone credits so working in the prison is a voluntary thing but then this is not voluntary because you're honest if you don't work but again you don't receive the sufficient amount of pay for that work the labor that you put in is nowhere near equal and just because there's a loophole in the united states constitution doesn't mean that people should be treated inhumanely without it. and and that's what the thirteenth amendment so i
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can see just as an example light let me just say that amendment a polish slavery except if you present so slavery still exists in the united states if you will present a crystal ball yes absolutely lavery bill is very much of a lot of a well in the in this country they legitimize amendment as several people have already but i just want to back up for a moment and and note that. in some states that in south carolina were jordi of the current there are literally being warehoused and i mean they're not working. so there are other ways that people have decided to engage in the strike such a sit in boycott not spending any money during for the next twenty days all of this is designed to send
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a message to the system and so in fact yes there are many prisoners in this country who are working under slave like conditions and we know this clearly as a slavery. but i do just want to mission for the record there are a number of people in the news in this country prisoners who were incarcerated in detention centers.


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