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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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cited julie gave him the strike such a hit in boise ca not been doing any money during for the next twenty day all of this is designed to send a message to the system and so with that yes there are many prisoners in this country who are working under slave like conditions and we know this clearly as a slavery but i just want to michel for the record that there are a number of people in the news in this country prisoners were incorporated in detention centers immigration detention centers. and other locations that actually do not have a job they are literally being a warehouse that they will be participating in the strike will show i have to play this for our audience this comes from the cost so i could work as organizing committee this is a hands he summed up what it is like to work as a prisoner and the wages you get have a listen to how i stormed out of the long so i'm still in school records and then
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and then i became a good washer. and it's all made use of the tootsie. human brain was a great surgeon if you know. if you go work to make twenty dollars a month matrix with the purpose of the. restitution so joining us on the line from stockton prison in alabama we have swift justice he is a co-founder of on heard voices that's a nonprofit advocating prison reform he's a key organizer of the strike talking to us from inside on his phone swift justice has a strike going so far well thankfully it's going pretty good now we're on. we don't require these guys to actually doing the work stoppage or anything like that. but what we're focusing on is in the majors too such as home in question and saying clarity is where we're open everything to go and as far as
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being able to reach out to the guys there's been really solid today they have. camps at this time. so what actually happens when christmas go on strike. basically what we're doing is we are doing a peaceful protest and. the comrades not to report to their jobs with their institutions such as the brother. kitchens. what we call industrial jobs that alabama uses. and we sit down and what we have requested amounts to is also to the stores in the canteen well if any. packages from different companies such as you supply and so on we are asking also that that we've. been to the station.
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that is haitian that also goes back to the state of alabama. so it's just so far that isn't aware i want to share this tweet we got from someone on this twenty one who says remember when you talk about the prison strike talk about what prisoners are striking for they included a list of demands among them at the very top of the list is an improving conditions of prisons and the second is an immediate end to prison slavery the list goes on there's about nine or ten things on that list what is number one for you why do you striking. well the number one thing for me and i think it's very important that every comrade that is caught and are striking always remember our main goal is always to abolish the thirteenth amendment federal boston and our state constitution as well here in alabama that would be a section one article thirty two of that alabama not you know where constitution that gives a loophole for the thirteenth amendment to. give the state anyway to own
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slaves. and every other every other thing that we are demanding in our demands such as in alabama one for instance changes dealing with a life without parole. and other issues such as bringing in a good time for inmates to actually have control of their own fate in chains and their release date and the parole guidelines such as the parole is good guidelines as far as when an embed is eligible and alabama to return back to. a lot of our demands they were down pretty much mirror each other i know i stop carolina the brothers over there are asking for voting rights which is something that we here in alabama have somewhat one foot in the door doing so
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at this time alabama inmates that have nonmilitary to crimes are allowed to vote in the institutions or inside the jails and once they return it's. receiving a pardon from state but i think it's important that we remember that our main focus and goal is to. ask. for the movement and the abolishment. from them ok well thank you phyllis for for mentioning prison abolition because that should be our primary goal is to abolish prisons and as as you said to that list there are so many demands all ten of them are very important . for me i would definitely want to just say that number one just improving the conditions but we need to abolish prisons and since we still have prisons that exist in our society today we need to have those first and. with
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conditions that support the health hole in this and wellness of people and that's access to programming good mental health good medical care dental care and access to higher education but another really important point on the list of demands is that around sentencing reforms in the state of california there are over one hundred twenty sentencing reforms on the books that oftentimes lead people to getting the really high sentences of a sixty eighty one hundred years alive. and that's death by incarceration and thank you again for mentioning the life without the possibility i wrote the california coalition for women prisoners who are now a drop in l. wop rally at the steps of the capitol in sacramento california asking governor brown to commute all five thousand sentences to live with the possibility they've been very good here in california with commuting sentences but they could do better
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and then i just want to bring women into the conversation because incarcerated women are different than incarcerate and if folks are going to so exist in these cases we need to start thinking about ways that gender play a part in that and thirty trans and not doing that and for me they're nice just be more access to services and programs that the individuals identity so right now and i spoke to a couple of correctional departments who i teamed up because we wanted to have that voice in this conversation and in turn up in the conversation but he did send a statement south carolina department of correction this is what they told us when we told them that we were doing this show they said that the agent saying is where the nation why present strikes salting on august twenty first twenty eighteen we accompany monitoring the situation for any activity within the presence the agency will take the necessary actions to ensure the presence of say. milk on that side we
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always get comments like this on turn without this live on the ship so i want to share it with you brett armstrong says no one cares when you break the laws in america you forfeit freedom what do you say to people like brant i would say several things first i would say you don't necessarily have to forfeit freedom if you have transgressed or broken the law but there's a larger issue and i'm glad that this person who tweeted said arts commented on youtube said that is that we have eight and terribly too punitive society we have made it if you look at what's happening in the recent immigration situation where children are being separated from parents in the united states the attitude is that if you have broken a law if you have sinned if you have transgressed then anything goes so you remember when we're talking about just losing freedom i think this person might be envisioning short sentences or things like that what i believe the other guest and i are talking about is the loss of life. mentioned people who are sentenced to
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death by incarceration also the risks in prison labor of dying are actually kind of high and there's no osha protection there's no workplace safety precautions that are implemented for inmates because we are could not considered under the law employees which is another aspect of this that is totally dehumanizing and devalues everything that we've done let me give you no thank you very funny are objects to be heard. people talk about one point that i would love one out. because of a very of the if you really have a problem so brown or whoever was this that there are lots of drip of a mere there is no law look the world. we're going to new york thanks me for moving north. so it is very much in your interest to worry about what goes on in these places such as these prisons are in the united states
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of america because. when i get out. why not very well reflect where are you putting your house. and you do you pay your taxes to show everything there. and ensure justice as an that's a really interesting point right now and i want you to do a humble brag of all of the studies and the qualifications you got while you were incarcerated. wow wow i was able to get some firefighter trainee that included first first responder certification i earned several degrees and signed the several to get released two minutes i mentioned how many degrees. how many. degrees of master's degree in masses and. that's not enough to have a conversation with a. university. so this this thing
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this what we're seeing right in front of us this is really big that we have been attention this conversation is not over yet if you're watching on t.v. we would like you to going to youtube where we will continue the conversation on you tube if you don't know where that address is go to at a.j. streamed on twitter we will tweet to the address for you so that you can pick up the conversation we have krista we have children who has been incarcerated we have room our land who has been incarcerated we have swift justice who is currently in prison right now. we will pick up on you tube with this comment this is brian on twitter who says i defer to strikers to define success but i think they've already had lots of it with generating awareness around conditions or talk about what success means to be continues we'll see you online on you ching thanks for watching take it.
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al-jazeera travels to the furnace reaches of thailand to follow young local doctors who are providing lifesaving care to the real community that solving problems for others is very fulfilling you don't get this in any other profession. we chant the dramas and delights of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's health. on al-jazeera. for five years venezuelans have been fleeing their country to escape a socio economic disaster of
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a magnitude rarely seen now latin america is facing a refugee crisis in a series of special reports al-jazeera looks at the challenges developing in an already volatile region. goes hand in hand with growing old. refusing to be defined by their age mexican women are bringing out their dancing machine. and rediscovering the evil. one step at a time. by dancing hotham part of the viewfinder latin america ca. at the time honored his era. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the way around. so many times when you call her and al-jazeera international bringing the news and
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current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. and i'm the clock and one of the top stories here on al-jazeera and donald trump's former lawyer who once said he'd take a bullet for the u.s. president has reportedly reached a plea deal with prosecutors us media is reporting that michael cohen could plead guilty to charges raised by special counsel robert miller's investigation into the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign the deal appears to include prison time karen has admitted to buying the silence of an adult actress who claims to have had an affair with president trump back in two thousand and six recent tsunami has more. this is a man who was hired to take care of a lot of the presidents before he was president was hired to take care of downtimes a lot of his personal issues like. allegedly paying off these women who the
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president had affairs with so it was believed by many and speculated by many that michael cohen knows a lot of president trump's dirty laundry if you will in the fact he has suggested that to some media outlets here in the united states that president trump knew about a meeting between his son and a russian official someone who was working connected to the got russian government and had information about hillary clinton that was useful for the election michael cohen has suggested that president truck knew ahead of time about that meeting even though he had said that he didn't know about that ahead of time so a lot of. speculation and a lot of belief that michael cohen could know some of the president's dirty secrets whether or not any of that will come out as a result of this plea deal however is still very much up in the air while this is the scene in manhattan the federal courthouse where michael cohen is judy arrive
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any minute now we understand as they say he will plead guilty. into his activities and business dealings we believe expected to be related to bank untucked fraud in campaign finance violations finance violations and we will learn more of course in the coming up well there's also been some progress in the trial of donald trump format campaign chairman for metaphor the judge has the jury to reach a consensus on all eighteen charges against him and a ford has pleaded not guilty to eighteen counts of tax evasion bank fraud and hiding a foreign bank account it's the first trial stemming from the investigation into alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election . global software giant microsoft says it's foiled a plot by russian hackers to launch cyber attacks on the u.s. senate's and other political institutions the firm says it stopped the fake websites that was set up just to log in information from visits as to think tanks
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the hudson institute and the international republican institute had their web sites copied and microsoft says it's part of a russian plot to influence november's midterm elections moscow denies any involvement afghan forces have launched a fear is sarah sultan kabul after rockets were fired at the presidential palace jury deliberations helicopters targeted a house in the afghan capital from where the fighters launched their assault i suppose says it was behind the attack president's ashraf ghani is was speaking in a live broadcast when he was interrupted by the rockets could do we think it kate if they think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again it is a brave tough nation as always ready to defend its independence and islamic tradition but israel is racing to reach peru before new regulations come into force on saturday which mean they will need passports went to the country more than two hundred people defied similar new rules in ecuador on tuesday walking across the
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checkpoint to groom chakka this is a government introduced you currency in a desperate attempt to tackle the face of the great prime minister has officially declared an end to an era of austerity as the nation exits the biggest international bailout in history alexis tsipras so called it a day of liberation and an address on if it kept symbolic move because it's the island that homer's hero in d.c. has finally returned to after twenty years of war and adventure experiences a message to greeks was that the economic policy was over since two thousand and ten greece avoided bankruptcy through three hundred billion dollars in loans there's a headline stay with us salaries are well it's coming right up. a
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cup of coffee. on. october the twentieth two thousand and eleven libya's ex leader colonel muammar gaddafi was captured and killed.


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