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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2018 3:00am-3:35am +03

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about active a pub or. a hole in one that is. well lurk in there. do i. live. where i'd have been. more gentle had eldora him. walk about in there and leash athenian well jamie. can. only on by. many state secrets may have gone to the grave with colonel muammar gaddafi the disappearance and presumed murder of him solder and his two companions still raises questions to this day. sutter often spoke of the need for truth and justice for those without a voice. his words ring truer than ever not least to resolve the
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case of his own strange disappearance.
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on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from other potential and this and that to the this is all from fusses them and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. aslam is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often have told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. how the weather's lousy fied and dry across australia had some cold stuff of the day and frosty. pasta queensland and new south wales clear skies as you see so high pressure in shots we have got a little bit of cloud of rain just rolling through the by that'll make its way across southern parts so still a little bit of wet weather into the southeastern corner of western australia south
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australia could see some place in places if ryan is to go on through the next dial so that'll just way over towards adelaide clouding over across that western side all victoria support for i will turn rather cloudy in the next day or two melbourne around seventeen degrees sixteen there full sydney and off of the cold and frosty start press been getting up to around twenty two degrees celsius but lousy dry for much of australia as we can say that's a different story into a new zealand winds picking up here a bit more cloud or rolling through we'll see those cloudy skies producing a few spots of fry this would go on through where the state temperatures getting up to thirteen celsius and crush an all clear and then perhaps a touch warmer and o'loghlin for thursday a touch cold and crushed yes. on the clear skies as we go on into with day may while some increasing cloud will bring some very wet and windy weather in the form of that top food for south korea and later on in the week for japan.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. live from london coming up in the program president trump's former lawyer michael cohen pleads guilty to tax evasion and bank fraud in campaign finance violations and a jury finds trump's former campaign chairman is guilty of tax fraud. also on the
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program russia denies microsoft's accusations about the link to its government targeted the u.s. . venezuelans race to reach her route before new entry restrictions kick in as a government takes action against hyperinflation. and. the latest from the asian games and. a new world record in the women's fifty meter backstroke . so then donald trump's former lawyer told the court that he was ordered to by a candidate for federal office to make payments to influence the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election michael cohen has pleaded guilty to charges of tax fraud and making false statements to a financial institution those charges were brought as part of a special counsel investigation into donald trump's presidential campaign it's
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straight away to prison so it means outside the courthouse in new york dramatic developments kristen tell us what the latest. absolutely nic and you can see the huge crowd that's gathered behind me of media and spectators waiting for this result michael cohen appearing before a judge in the federal courthouse here admitting pleading guilty to eight counts including tax evasion and lying to an institution a financial institution in order to get a loan but the most dramatic of course those two counts involving payments to women that said they had affairs with president chop the women were not specifically named in court but michael cohen stood before the judge and said that in coordination with the now the direction of the federal candidate he arranged to make payments that were in violation of campaign finance laws for the purpose of influencing the election for more on this i'm going to send it to our package now
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so you can hear the background to remind people who michael cohen is and what how this all came about. he was the president's fixer his longtime attorney the man who dealt with problems before they became big problems but now michael cohen could be president donald trump's biggest threat he's facing several charges brought by federal prosecutors in new york you. may think that. cohen has said he paid adult film star stormy daniels to keep quiet during trump's run for president after she claimed they had an affair the president at first denied all knowledge when asked about the payments. using the three. later he admitted he paid his attorney to make deals like that leading to speculation that michael cohen knows some of donald trump's biggest secrets he is so mr trump's fixer and if what he was fixing for this to trump was illegal and was
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done with mr trump's knowledge mr trump is in big trouble cohen's name came across the desk of special counsel robert muller jerk. in his investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia he referred what he found to prosecutors in new york and in april they instructed the f.b.i. to raid cohen's home and office in new york they seized boxes of documents including communications between donald trump and his attorney as well as devices and a dozen audio recordings including one discussing payment to a playboy model karen mcdougal who also claims she had an affair with trump a decade ago and it's not clear from the tape of trump suggested paying in cash or by check the president's current legal advisers rudy giuliani has gone from describing cohen as an honest honorable man to slamming him michael cohen also reportedly claims that donald trump knew in advance of a trump tower meeting arranged by his son john jr with
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a russian operative it all suggests that the man who once claimed he would take a bullet for the president is now willing to cooperate with prosecutors against him . so we rebuild the out of this for a long time what can we say the implications may be for donald trump. well it's huge the robert mueller investigation is ongoing we have had another conviction on that front today. the president had at first denied that these relationships in these payments took place we saw his legal team back tracked. all of this was speculated about leading up to this court decision but i have to say being in the courtroom hearing michael cohen state unequivocally that he did this in coordination with and at the direction of a federal candidate is pretty dramatic and pretty damning stuff. how the plays out in the mall or investigation remains to be seen there's a lot of legal maneuvering and wrangling about whether or not the president could
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be indicted himself whether it goes to. congress for impeachment hearings but obviously in the court of public opinion these statements by michael cohen are pretty dramatic and pretty have huge implications for the president all right christine thanks very much indeed a christian alluded to there it's all been happening i can tell you because well as the michael cohen case also there has been this trumps former campaign manager paul munna ford has been found guilty on h. of eighty counts of fraud brought against him. the guilty verdicts relate to charges of touch and bankroll mistrial has been declared on the remaining ten counts because the jury could not reach a consensus let's talk to one of the only gallagher who joins us from outside the courthouse in alexandria virginia to tell us more about what's been happening. so as he said eight of the eighty eight of the eighteen counts the jury have found
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guilty of the other ten have been declared a mistrial the judge in this case has said that those ten cases may come back to trial he's given the authorities until the end of the month to decide that but this is obviously a huge blow to the trauma campaign but a huge boost to robert muller the special investigator this was a test case seen as a litmus test for what robert muller's investigation is this obviously legitimizes that none of the charges in this case related to his investigation into russian collusion between the campaign and russia these were all tax. bank fraud charges but they came out of the miller investigation so you've heard president trump over the past few days calling the investigation a witch hunt and even referring to a poor man i fought as as what was happening here is sad and now this is day four of the jury's deliberation there were a few notes going backwards and forwards over the past few days the jury couldn't
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come to a unanimous decision on ten of those charges but of the eight charges that pomona four has been found guilty on between those eight charges that is enough to put him in jail for the rest of his life and again we come back to this question what might this all mean for donald trump. i mean this is a pretty meant to stay for the trumpet ministration when you look at the story christensen's been covering with michael cohen and then you look here of course two people directly connected to donald trump ford at one time trump's campaign manager just for a few short weeks but the allegations or what he's been found guilty of here were really just amazing i mean he took about twenty million dollars out in bank loans he lied to get that money he kept tens of millions in offshore accounts and didn't declare that to the internal revenue service and therefore didn't pay tax on it and remember this is not over by a longshot faces another trial in washington d.c. next month where there is said to be three times as much evidence against him is
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accused of lying to the f.b.i. all of these accusations all of these court cases coming directly out of the muller investigation so a real boost i think for robert muller's investigation this really legitimizes what he's doing this was a test case because it's a federal court in front of a jury of six men and six women so in terms of what's happened today between these two cases it should be a very worrying time the president on trial but only dramatic events indeed thanks very much indeed hanukkah reporting. now global software giant microsoft says it's foiled a plot by russian hackers to launch cyber attacks on the u.s. senate and other political institutions the firm says it stopped fake web sites that was set up to steal log in information from visitors to think tanks the hudson institute and the international republican institute had their web sites copied microsoft says it's part of a russian plot to influence november midterm elections moscow denies any
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involvement she had returns in washington has more. microsoft says russian hackers set up several domain names which were removed last week by microsoft pretty quickly they say without any damage being done but these domain names resemble other web sites that people are familiar with users all familiar with they end their web addresses with words like senate group senate services hudson org. or go to the international republican institute dot org it's where phishing campaign trying to get users to log on to these web addresses and enter their credentials they think they're communicating with the senate or the right wing think tank but in fact by giving their credentials to hackers the russians deny any involvement this is what a kremlin spokesperson said we do not know what hackers they're talking about we don't know what is meant by influence on election we hear confirmations for america that there was no influence on elections who exactly are they talking about we
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don't understand what the proof and the basis for them drawing these kind of conclusions such information or proof is lacking microsoft hasn't really furnished us with any real evidence of the russian involvement but certainly this adds to that atmosphere of fear about russian involvement or alleged involvement in the election process here in the u.s. well it says on joining us from washington d.c. is j.d. westby who's chief executive of the advisory firm global cyber risk j.d. welcome to the program and this is an ongoing problem is now would you agree with microsoft that this has the russian hand in it. yes i think that they felt quite confident in saying that they thought this was a fancy bear or a p t twenty eight as it's been called which was the same group responsible for breaking into the democratic national committee so. i believe that if they came out and said they identified it tracked activity back to this group they're
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pretty certain of that so to me it does seem that they have solid evidence that this was a group that's been linked to russian intelligence tell us more about the challenges they're all for the king sites preventing the security threat that they represent. it's hard time tracking in each cybercrime today is hard but microsoft has good relationships with a long force in the community they have very deep ties into our research community and they are themselves in a major provider now through their cloud services and through microsoft office three sixty five so they have. a very wide set of ten a calls that go out into the various communities that can assist in tracking and tracing cyber criminals because you need cooperation within those groups and microsoft
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has been very effective at actually tracking cyber criminal activity and taking action to bring it down before using the assistance and approval of the u.s. courts to do that and in fact some cases bringing in prominent researchers to assist and they've been quite effective at that probably more so than any other company thing is these a discovered instances all the other examples of this going on the parts we don't even know about. oh certainly in this cyber criminals really are still we say sometimes the bad guys are winning and and where although we're getting better the bad guys still are winning and it is so difficult with the legal frameworks and the nature of packet switching with communication traffic flying around the globe before it gets to its destination going through multiple points that with the legal frameworks and tracking and tracing and the cooperation and collaboration that's
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required it can be very difficult to to track these cyber criminals and that's one of the major reasons why they're winning and continuing to do these acts but we have to remember too that if this really was russia then perhaps they were engaging in illegal espionage activities however we have to look at the international law that suggests when you start either fearing with a country's sovereignty and its internal political process sees then that is a violation of international law so russia may have crossed the line if in fact they were behind these attacks judy was great to get your perspective missed much pressure thanks will. well still to come here on the al-jazeera news hour. strikes in cobol after rockets fired in the diplomatic district interrupting president danis message. the floodwaters recede in the indian state of carolyn but
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the threat of disease is now beginning to a minute. cause for coming up so you hosts it indonesia put in another gold medal performance with the country looking to lift its ambitions beyond the asian game. now that hundreds of venezuelans are crossing the border illegally into ecuador racing to reach peru before new entry restrictions kick in on saturday united nations estimates that one point six million venezuelans have fled their country in just the last two and a half years and they're fleeing an economic crisis so bad the international monetary fund says that venezuela's inflation could exceed one million percent by the end of the year and this prompted the government to introduce a new currency and pricing scheme which means items which cost a million dollars dollars last week now have a price tag of just ten boulevards have been long lines outside banks as people try
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to withdraw the new currency amid huge confusion over prices many businesses have stayed shut after venezuela's opposition called for a national strike against the government's new economic policies critics say the measures don't go far enough a lot in america to lucy and human as more now from caracas this is the first.


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