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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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local. leaders are. here. so. much that ma'am i must move back i don't think i'm going to commence between there could be enough demand but one thing just our commitment to the stop them from jumping up and down and down up and stuff but i don't nothing no more than that if i can put out the left on their image i'm a bunch of bull in a minute but i thank you. both have a matter of minutes and put some on but when somebody made a call no complaint went on the nobel committee if nobody doubted man much beyond johnson to go nothing would have done for him out of the well but the very. last minute your young son telling you in the mail from a. new
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city yeah and oh yeah i get a view again. that it's going to be so young my god i need. a. come on just that i'm just not they landed. on my. plan to stop gambling just last year somebody was told not to get.
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lol. lol monger. in there much i'm glad i summed it up. cos going to. say them you know them you know that because. it gave their combat outpost. to me to win that i'm caught up on with that waltz and you know it was in a day clear they're going to get on with the bomb got it there. in that scene but i thought it would actually well be cesarean on our part that.
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got to believe that he gave god this beating with his hand and not be dismantled and the peace and it won these doily no. need to say would you bet that what i said that libby had no but that they were saying it. was me and american and we put them out of. no one and we didn't show my senior didn't give me a police call be without water into its head to simulate going to lobby you know this up with the. phone would ensure mycenaean. was ornamentation was good to be sent to deal for days. after that one legged pelican who nobody tell me lift up what it knows. now figure then in the going was of the nature was good deeds.
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i should. gain don't know if you could have my name on. it is a new one of us. but he no woman makalu speedy build up when he got a speedy. allowed to go those pretty at all would be peace on the aftermath of it they got asked to sell or they are not of course community. you're thinking of doing many go easy ho. ho. or he's hunting the thief. that. you're going to feel no model going to go or going to magic and.
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we get out there you know they will do because. we're not big government. sent me all the way from school. nepal where he's still. going and of the going to move he says. he's out of the nickel i misquote the to me or he do leo there you are the author going here i know these are modern world and there will be any earlier and i know these are going to the ilo i don't employ he. order then and they must do them no moment to have a lot of teeth and that's what celebrity achieved when the longing for the. wanted . was. gone with the only thing on the
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border that will be put to him it was a. man who was. coming over to do the you know the money that. made it to so you lived on a sudden in david cardwell what you are now all of them then in. in the name. compliments on the door meet him down don't deny civil society the party of god don't let them down and no wonder why i wouldn't go on and on for a little bit you know i don't. mean it on a billboard dime should add in shell out on my name got on the. ticket now then. got to tell. some of the other when they're. down on some of the you i mean because you don't care for the festival. bagay or
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they would ask what that i can't get back then community and everyone. must do what i must there thought of the inside one look at the. sport do that or don't you do any of them what the mind that's all there did i thought they were done after she. made it will it to get there though. well you. have a total of eleven ma'am i will tell you that. this is the mystery of what i was at the start i've been there playing with him even beside them in their living room you are you are. standing by here minute to. him and there are legal arguments that if you want to play guitar there are no longer even i'll be with.
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you see the other people i'm a. little become because. by the way the slim. but i act a year to the middle. yeah bookie. you know those old school. made of money got to get your paper little metal paper those minivans are going to be a major problem with your mouth. but then again been there in the cup which go into detail but you want to include just as they are deal the law tellem least.
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lose them on the em if it's in their. she. got in a poor girl do you have the copy of the police would that have been a hope on them and people in the torah. says casement in the way you make it diminished now if he kept up of evolution if he. is he probably a little because periodicity yoshi and i can see. that the woman. can abolish the biggest legal and illegal. in the. in other years. be left to guess if you're skiing. let's stick or not have a he had a nice theobald innocent amir. now after all for
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a pay the main man at the head of the security segway layers of artistic or glimmer came only to give me a thorough thought. about it abolished in are we about one is or theme of the could be one telling of all what i said on the part of his the. other maginot kind of i'm a pretty after any. merely those out of the many babies sitter for a set of maid and to be able to marry. quite a bit of work. really am i sure what i mean yes. hello la monica must have been many go ahead i will. happen as you pointed out there. hello. hello. matt but not this was an
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interview that these. taliban are going to give us out of a double boiler embedded in the tarmac then i look at about the map then i go look it over. but i think it'd be gabbing they will know i'm a conservative we are down on the table together at the carter. charity get on it but there was a lot of talk today about the bomb that would be on a card table that they all could get over there lemme tell me. that's what i want to come to a lot of. pakistan. is there the problem of. it's clear that i'm a full member people but you know. so let me. take it or don't get richer. but do i have my young that is how you google
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danny. said to me i asked her to. take in the big lvalue magazine. with the. graham do i like. what did the damages do gooders who. go i want to i don't even begin to win the i'm going to get the police and i shot him and. my friend that it got this will take me a lot. of. tension in. my check their money to what i want to get about what they're going to they're going to buy the lock ma'am but i believe we have got to get a. lot of mag up and then the middle of march or. you know. give a. good media woman to get. her to honk have
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a. film on the get their feet up and we've done with him misguided money. on by a little book made of. oh. go to the police want to go hunting with. the indian a little more of the. be a good dad to close my eyes out of the. gag on the. i don't like.
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when they're bad on the blog and a long one can be a lot of money. or you know buy a good old get into the corner it till all the good i want you to the meowing the noun that the natives are going to model them in a minute. or that i'm a good day i might of been a mug. and join sergeant get me a dog get the hog get the bucket dust i'll get the dog again he is leading.
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us on and you need the most brutal enjoyed you know snake on ya and most don't know the magic of the what i'm made can eat an egg on bellamy are they take. was will get me mad at that i want to. give me don't want you know who i. am make you seem as well guess i was just the old me young mother went by and you. were. not in the everybody already. but is that your way to play you. part of who i was. i hold. my tongue robert borsak not about the moment of. possibly going here. but i think he. thought i was but i.
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was. not. such. a comfort. to them and i the gun in their custody must do chip kelly on so they got something . i noticed that. the mother. in put the set up got some of the building at the supermarket got to ask them to look at how to going to get their optimal goodies. a young man had been out on this poor woman and. then it was. that.
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the night. turned out. that. mancuso you need the muslim game of the coming to sit in the gym behooves other push somebody that. they keep fighting the. good the up let down getting. it up but it will get going to put us out of the.
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it's. where every. form of struggles but i mean nobody not a prison government on. one level everybody of my liberal ya'll there are so full of pleasure when i was really into
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a hole in the road an intimate look at life in cuba today it is a mild ghetto or dates that are carrying guns i leave the gun did i see it because they're right this is my cuba on al-jazeera. newsstand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al jazeera every weekly news cycle.


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