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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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moller inquiry saying specifically there is information on that now. meeting in trump tower where they were digging for dirt on an opponent so it seems that he's more than happy to help president trump himself has just tweeted out in the last few minutes saying something along the lines of you want to hire a lawyer i suggest you do not retain the services of michael cohen that's the only thing the president has said so far he did make a comment yesterday after the poor man a verdict came down saying that he was a good man he then went on to list all the administrations that pomona fort hood worked for in previous years in an attempt i guess to distance himself from someone who was his campaign manager for a short amount of time so this is essentially a double hurricane as it's being described here in washington d.c. within a few hours we had two president trump's close allies and one a long time fix both pleading guilty to eight counts each one on banking tax fraud and the other one financial irregularities that michael cohen essentially taking the stand and naming the president as his coconspirator in these financial
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irregularities those of fallout from all this is absolutely incredible this whole time president trump has referred to the miller inquiry as a witch hunt and of course robert muller isn't able to address those kind of accusations but he really doesn't after you after these two court cases they speak volumes for what the miller investigation is doing because the charges in both cases came from the mother team they are not related to collusion but they came from that investigation so in essence robert muller's investigation has now been legitimized i think the public will see no matter how impatient they get about robert mueller wrapping this whole thing up that what he's doing is is yielding real serious results for the trumpet ministration these are a tense few hours were here at the white house waiting for any kind of comment from anyone yesterday's or huckabee sanders when she was asked about michael cohen said to refer to the president outside. counsel that is an answer that's not going to
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hold water for much longer somebody in this administration is going to have to address what's going on to what extent does all of this hinge though on the position of republicans in congress because so far their reaction to this at this point has been fairly muted i mean that's to be expected that the republican party is standing behind their president if you look at the support among republican voters for president it's extremely high that's been expected to look past what the republican party are going to do and what will happen in november in those midterm elections because if the democrats win back either of the houses here the implications of that are absolutely huge they could they could go on with with moves to try and impeach president trump that there is just so much unknown at the moment but i think we have to look past what the republican party itself will say because they are bound to support this president as they always have through previous scandals but we're from weeks away from what is seen as one of the most
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important midterm elections in a generation so given all that's happened it's important what we wonder what how this will affect the minds of voters as they go to the polls in november and what will happen after november if the democrats win back either the house or so there is a lot at play for the trumpet ministration and as i said we're still waiting for any kind of comment here at the white house all right for the moment and a gallon to life for us there in washington. the u.s. national security adviser says a lot more pressure will be applied on iran over its nuclear plans and its presence in syria john bolton had three days of talks in israel he suggested working with russia to get iranian forces out of syria. consequences of the reduction in resources available to the regime we think is already manifest in some extent in the constraints on the could force in. in syria and iraq and perhaps also in
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its assistant to the who tees in yemen and that's very important and we're going to do other things to put pressure on iran as well beyond economic sanctions are a force that wraps up the visit for us from west jerusalem. well after three days of meetings with senior israeli officials and politicians john bolton gave a fairly familiar reading of the u.s. position on iran and one which is very closely aligned of course with the israeli position both have entirely rejected the obama nuclear deal of the donald trump pulled out of the of this year saying that it had to only assisted iran in its regional ambitions and what he called its belligerence and saying that the maximum pressure campaign the sanctions have been put on since had had real effects both militarily in the region and in terms of protests against the regime across iran he also spoke about what is a key priority of israel that is the iranian military presence within syria saying
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that the russian president vladimir putin had told both him and the u.s. president that iran's and russia's interests were aligned in syria but removing iran entirely from syria was beyond russian capabilities perhaps there could be something the u.s. and russia could do together although he didn't elaborate on that he will be going directly from here to geneva for talks with his russian opposite number he also spoke about what had taken place overnight the u.s. president donald trump at a rally in west virginia saying that after he had taken jerusalem off the table for that in terms of the negotiations between israelis and palestinians that the palestinians could now expect to be next in turn to get something bolton said that that was only natural for a deal maker like donald trump to expect to hear from the palestinians what they would want having lost out on that front although the palestinian position remains entirely unchanged we heard from one of our show me a senior p.l.o. member this morning that there was no coming back from what she called the theft of jerusalem and that it was one of the key constituent elements in any future
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palestinian state and so the rejection of the trump deal before it is announced it remains in place as far as the palestinians are concerned or i would got plenty more ahead on this news hour a tearful farewell to the korean families after reunions with relatives seven. righted by war. video gaming trade kicks off in germany we find out what is exciting fans and what's new. and coming up we'll have details of first job as a manager. first zimbabwe is hearing a challenge by the main opposition party to last month's presidential election result opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson who won with just over fifty percent is inauguration has been
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postponed pending the court ruling zimbabwe's electoral commission denies claims of bias more on this let's go live now to her in. what we heard from him was was in the m.d.c. alliance and they say that they have documents that show that members were inflated to say when the rulings on. if they come part of the country especially the rural areas people were being a village head at the polling station and they were being watched how they voted it's alleged that some of them were told if they don't vote they won't get food it's also a late according to the lawyer that some people were told when you get to the polling place and you must say you need help and those people who came out to help these voters made sure they voted for zanu p.f. then we heard from the judge and they have questions or we've heard from your lawyers here say that they are polling stations the numbers were inflated ways to prove which polling stations the lawyers can answer that they will then ask people
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were intimidated into voting again was calling stations who are the people can anyone independently verify just information the lawyers can answer that if they didn't have time to go through all the polling stations and get all the information that they needed then one judge will make him. willing either today or tomorrow and once the ruling is made a decision is final is no room for appeal and how would you assess the mood in zimbabwe right now. because it does seem that both sides are really digging their heels in here. exactly both sides are they confident away from the court in the restaurants and the bars in offices people are watching the proceedings on television what's going to happen when the court comes back from lunch and is going to be we're going to going to be hearing from the electoral commission and from the rulings on giving they think meant counting when the opposition has said what could happen is when the judges make the ruling they could say person x. won this election which means that person has to be sworn in within forty eight
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hours if they call for a fresh election that has it done within sixty days i mean the country is still in limbo zimbabweans have to go back again to the drawing board voting once again all over again and that means of course until that happens if that happens that means having a commie appointed and parliament can. live for us there in harare. the u.n. says that more than two million people have fled venezuela's economic turmoil president nicolas maduro has new monetary policies came into effect on monday he's devalue the currency ninety five percent and issued new bank notes when israel has the world's largest known oil reserves even more than saudi arabia but it also has the world's fastest growing inflation rate and it's sending the price of goods spiraling out of control they see the international monetary fund saying it could reach one million percent this year venezuela's currency has become almost useless
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the ball of oz fall in ninety nine point nine percent against the us dollar oil makes up ninety five percent of the country's exports for low prices and u.s. sanctions have had a major impact. from the capital caracas our latin america. ports now on how people are coping with the crisis. venezuelan government supporters tried to rev up with. introduced economic measures described by president reagan as an economic revolution to defeat hyperinflation conspicuously absent from a rally in front of the presidential palace they smuggle himself hasn't made a public appearance since an apparent assassination attempt on august the force. if the right wing crosses a path will run over them like a train nothing will stop. just blocks away many shops and markets remain closed some in here into an opposition call for
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a national strike others unsure how much to charge now the five zero seven slash the currency head of a compulsory thirty four hundred percent increase in the minimum wage they go into effect september first the price hikes are into eighty. two hours ago these eggs cost fifteen hundred and when i came back with the cash they were two thousand the bus company that takes venezuelans to the border remains shut until further notice and that's the web page. for the moment it is not operational one of the few things that has not changed prices are these bananas they're now five of the. five hundred thousand of the all the ones which is roughly the same if you take away five zero s. but according to the people selling them by next week probably three hundred percent . the government blames a crisis that brought on precedented hunger and illness and what it calls the domestic and international economic war but many economists warn the new measures
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will only make things worse. there are pointing fiscal measures to increase while refusing any type of international financing or aid so they'll keep printing out money and we'll see that hyperinflation stop and amid the uncertainty neither it seems will the exodus of the desperate to find relief anywhere they can. see in human al-jazeera. and brazil is one of the countries which has seen a huge exodus of venezuelans but it's very simple reports now they're not being welcomed with open arms. brazilian troops now at the main point of entry between brazil and venezuela. bases what the border town of my looks like after the anti migrant violence over the weekend. has been waiting for her three children four hours the venezuelan has been living with her husband in brazil with what is
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going on at home she's decided to send for her family. i have three children and we cannot risk it any more we have to bring our children here because in venezuela they cannot survive and we don't know what would happen in the future. in this northern brazilian state say the scale of the influx of men women and children from venezuela is now on the scale of an emergency the state government wanted to close the border temporarily but their federal counterparts said doing that would be legal around eight hundred venezuelans come to this place every day escaping of the crisis here they're given i mean they're vaccinated and they're given an identification but brazilian authorities tell us that they want them to leave this part of the country as soon as possible in order to prevent confrontations with the local population. last weekend a crowd of brazilians attacked a temporary camp in back i'ma saying some venezuelans had assaulted
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a local man they destroyed the improvised housing and forced back across the border more than a thousand people. got a little known was one of them he has returned because he says he cannot survive in venezuela. we all had to run to escape they destroyed everything i own my id my clothes and my positions but i cannot go back to my country we cannot survive the. it's a disaster and i won't go back as long as nicolas maduro is in power with stranded all thought he's having create security and act trying to process people as fast as possible. because we were so good we see lots of people crossing every day and it is constant there is more fluidity some people are passing by going somewhere else so the challenge is to try and help them get where they are going and then give paperwork to those who want to stay. for those who want to stay they will find refuge in brazil but neighborly hospitality is being put under severe strain by
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venezuela's economic crisis. i just see that back at i'm a brazil. refugees and migrants have stormed a spanish border post and made it onto the north african enclave of seita seven spanish police were injured after acid in line was thrown as a group of around one hundred climbed over a fence separating it from morocco last month more than six hundred migrants made it across after similar salt. well this week muslims around the world are celebrating in all the festival of sacrifice but in indian administered kashmir the holidays been mobbed by violence. the sounds of pellet gun shots yelling and smoke from tear gas canisters filled the air in several towns in the indian administered kashmir this week muslims are celebrating the eat or
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festival of sacrifice leaving many streets quiet. but not here in srinagar after evening prayers on tuesday hundreds of protesters demonstrating against indian rule carried signs hurled stones and even threw tear gas canisters back at police and not only that the year. many of our brothers are in jail many are injured with shotgun pellets and many have been martyred the indian forces are suppressing us with their minds here facing tyranny every day. here is a muslim majority himalayan region it's claimed by both india and pakistan many kashmiris have been opposing indian rule since independence in one nine hundred forty seven. was their cost cutting but actually appealed to the international community especially to the organization of islamic cooperation in the united nations to intervene and take notice of the atrocities committed here so that
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oppression is stopped. a boundary known as the line of control divides the region in half with one sided ministered by india and the other by pakistan india would like to formalize the status quo and make it the accepted international boundary but pakistan and kashmiri activists reject this plan because they both want greater control over the region pakistan's new prime minister imran khan has proposed talks with indian premier modi. to resolve the longstanding dispute over kashmir natasha going to aim to zero. how a massive cleanup is underway in india's southern state of carolina after the worst floods in a century more than a million people are living in camps and aid workers are warning of further damage even as floodwaters are receding some families are returning home as andrew thomas reports from the town of monarch. we'd met daniel thomas in an evacuation
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camp fisherman rescued him from his home on friday now he wanted to go back but on tuesday morning the only way back was by canoe and if we can do it. we can very easily from here go from there where it is stated. that if we cannot see. as we were paddled for kilometers across a broad over paddy field and through people's gardens we heard and saw animals left behind and occasionally came across people. thomas's village itself is on a relatively high ground the central street almost now dry it's very different to when the greatest volume of water barreled through on saturday after thomas had left. his adult son had stayed behind to help rescue others and say forty could home he
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took us inside the news generally good a both property and people anybody in this town died well on. the. news from the. one that had gone. that's remarkable when you see the damage. thomas' neighbor state to his house shook as it cracked. it's still under water and in the front garden i mean there was another has it. but all day tuesday the water was dropping and back on the main streets disappoints two big wheel trucks from the national disaster response force had managed to grow even people just old and then queues formed last. year.
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they had. the men brought the basics rice biscuits water they also brought hope. restructuring it's a really good sign the waters are receding and bad about the situation still it's it's getting better under some of this man of her life. for it to get the weather now his staff we've got a huge category five hurricane heading towards hawaii let's take a look at it then on the satellite picture you can see a very well defined eye it's a very unusual creature because we've only had two in recorded history that have got within five hundred sixty kilometers of the island so a very rare event and this one is going to gradually creep its way closer still fortunately it is weakening and that's because hawaii has something like a repulsive shield or gates these storms because the winds are very high up a blowing one way from the southwest but the winds low levels are blowing of a completely different direction from the northeast in this pushes over storms and
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generally disrupts them so they do weaken considerably before they usually make landfall if we had over towards the west though we've got two other storms that look like they're course more significant damage when they make landfall we're two of them as you can see from our satellite picture both of them driving their way towards the north the one to the east for more powerful storms so start with that well that's called a similar and and it looks like it's going to make landfall on thursday a around twelve g.m.t. that's around nine pm local time when it does so it will be the equivalent of a category two hurricane so still quite strong the other one will only be a tropical storm in strength by the time it makes landfall but the amount of rain will cause quite a few problems particularly across the border in the role the impoverished north korea. thanks steph asked the head on down to just one meal a day yemeni struggle to feed themselves civil war drags on. and a little bit later in sports tiger woods says he is confident of getting the chance
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to play in golf highest profile team events. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise you have to go for . something and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims a vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. because hand in hand with growing old. refusing to be defined by their mexican women and bringing out their dancing machine. and rediscovering my youth. one step at a time. my johnson hot part of the viewfinder and latin america has seen.
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its time honored jazeera. again you're watching i just need a reminder of all the top stories this hour donald trump's former lawyer has pled guilty to breaking campaign finance laws during the twenty sixth election michael cohen says trump directed him to pay money to women the president allegedly had affairs with. and in virginia a jury found former trump campaign manager paul manifold guilty of eight fraud charges both cases emerge from investigation into alleged russian meddling in the
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twenty sixteen u.s. election. zimbabwe's top court is hearing the opposition party's challenge to last month's presidential election result opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson he won with just over fifty percent. let's come back now to one of our top stories the u.s. piling pressure on iran because of its ally israel's concerns in syria iran has been a key backer of syrian president bashar assad in the seven year long civil war it provides military and intelligence support to government and its allies. forces attack iran's been funding and training lebanese armed group hezbollah which is also fighting alongside the syrian army since the start of the conflict israel has played a largely hands off role in syria until the beginning of this year when the israeli air force stepped up strikes against iranian bases and you nations inside syria
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while effect hala nejat is a visiting fellow at the brookings doha center and an associate at the harvard kennedy school ran project he joins us via skype now from athens germany thanks very much for being with us so it is there any room here for for any sort of a deal to be struck between the u.s. and russia as far as its presence as far as dealing with iran's presence in syria well i mean. we are on. the back on the i think we have been overlapping and. the united states and russia when it comes to country you're on a military presence in syria. either by. mark your diversion is russia and iran. basically the russians are not really in.
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you know a lot of iranian military well. earlier this month to help. mediate or in convincing the iranians. their whole. area you eliminate the way from the border so there's an overlapping in those hours. or put a lock on the iran. do you think that iran has really miscalculated they stand. iran partly certainly miscalculated the nature of it with russia it was merely a trickle a line. that interested in that keeping the buckle up that regime and there were a lot but one of the survival. so i thought was defeated divergences as i said out of the iraq.
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miscalculate and then stepped on. in other words there was no strategic. partnership between russia and iran and the iranians in some way have you by russia when it comes to syria so that's why as the iranians have no clue there was funded the israeli military start on their medical facilities and that happened. so they're now adopting a way to approach that certainly not going to abandon their you know their military influence in. the now because of the process that the iranian regime faces but also the external customer because of the sanctions that doubt manston are now in a position that we but they're going to dump the wait and see approach and see if they retain some control and you could just speak with you ali
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acetone and then joining us from s. . now the u.n. has called the conflict in yemen one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern times the civil war there has left millions struggling to afford basic goods it's estimated eight point four million yemenis are now on the verge of starvation with many more eating just one small meal a day and his ears and fish are reports from neighboring djibouti. the fight to survive comes in many ways or military conflict to stone and his country for almost two years abdul karim ali faces a daily battle just to feed his family he goes to the market in the city even when he can't but finds every day that the little money has buys less and less to the it's bread and milk for abdul karim and his four children. it makes life harder harder to support growing children harder to keep that knowing hunger away harder
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to believe tomorrow will be better. as. i choose moken bread according to my potential to eat because as i consider this is a main meal for me and my family and today we cannot see meat and it was usual to eat meat and fish on fridays but unfortunately we are now eating only one meal a day because it is all we can afford. all the stores in the southern port city of aden receive full fewer people can afford what's on display the value of the yemeni reale continues to drop against me to foreign currencies that mixed importing everything the country needs much more expensive prices have gone up across the board force they doubled then tripled it's now estimated food and medicine is five hundred percent more expensive shuttle most of the lead are local currency is now in constant decline and the central bank has not done what it should do which is to inject foreign currency into the market and consolidate the exchange rate but the
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different prices and the big rise in the price of the dollar is very difficult as the more the currency loses the more we and our country. last year the yemeni government moved the central bank from who controlled capital center to it it was a step many experts predicted could bring the country to the verge of economic collapse around noon this lemon went bankrupt after moving the central bank to the city of atlanta the legitimate government spent a long time recovering some of the central bank's functions and activating them an ad in the legitimate government has not been able to restore the state institutions especially the revenues institutions and therefore could not maintain the revenues in the liberated areas. the internationally recognized government relies on saudi arabia for cash injections which helps pay some public sector wages which goes some way to halting a complete economic collapse and stop the country running out of food it's estimated almost eighteen million people in yemen like access to good regular nutritious meals. but it point four million are on the verge of famine they simply
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don't know where the next meal is coming from. abdul karim. today tomorrow that's another battle alan fischer al-jazeera djibouti i mean mars leader aung san suu kyi will lose another international award for refusing to condemn violence against range of muslims should be stripped of her freedom of edinburgh on a day after she defended the military's crackdown on the minority group in the hind state former nobel peace prize winner has lost seven accolades over the past year she blamed what she called terrorism for the violence that forced more than seven hundred thousand injured to escape to bangladesh a tech giants facebook twitter and microsoft's a hackers are still trying to influence the political debate in the u.s. and beyond they deleted hundreds of fake accounts and websites in twenty four hours paul cheddar jan reports. some of the biggest names in cyberspace on the offensive
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stopping how groups and deleting hundreds of fake sites and accounts microsoft disappointing its finger at the kremlin accusing russia of trying to manipulate the upcoming mid-term elections in the u.s. they were creating clone web sites of conservative political organizations organizations that have been a validly anti russia anti putin and not supportive of the president microsoft says it's been taking down dozens of fake sites since the two thousand and sixteen us presidential election it is so difficult with the legal frameworks and the nature of packet switching with communication traffic flying around the globe before it gets to its destination going through multiple points it can be very difficult to track these cyber criminals and that's one of the major reasons why they're winning and continuing to do these acts facebook and twitter say the
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accounts they deleted were linked to russia and iran and were trying to exert influence not just in the u.s. but in the u.k. middle east and latin america one campaign was promoting iranian political interests other campaigns were targeting saudi arabia in israel and promoting pro palestinian news but the cyber warfare against hackers with political agendas is far from over it will never stop the russians are quite consistent they pursue their national interests which are consist of undermining united states and the west and they will do it by any means and when caught one way and stopped one way they will continue another many people still believe that the cia itself committed the attacks of nine eleven or that the cia invented aids to kill all the blacks on earth both of these things are in par k.g.b. russian intelligence service this information campaigns russia is rejecting the allegations made by microsoft saying there is no evidence between the.


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