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the opportunity to nullify the election if they're able to vote the republicans out of the majority plenty more ahead for you this news our supplies for the stranded floodwaters are starting to recede but new dangers look for those cut off an indecent carola. down to just one meal a day yemenis struggling to feed themselves as the civil war drags on and in sport a rest setback for team china at the asian games this summer badminton details coming up a little later. brazil's governments trying to move venezuelan migrants out of a border state after their camp was attacked by locals twelve ministries the military and the un refugee agency are assisting venezuelans arriving in yuma fled an economic crisis in their home country to raise about has our report from the border town of august. there's a lot of inflow to the shelter in the city. it's about three hours away from the
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border with venezuela is part of brazil's program to help the venezuelans arriving here. came here two months ago soon after she delivered her baby boy to those on the biggest problem is finding food in venezuela we have a house water and electricity but no food at least here i have a chance. at the shelter people are provided food to eat and a place to sleep. for a man that. has been here for four months his son luis has down syndrome millions of people came from latin america to venezuela when they escaped war and now look at us but it's not easy because when you go outside the brazilians look at us as if they want to kill you. the northern brazilian state of rhode island is one of the country's poorest and that's why the government is hoping to start moving people to other cities to ease the burden on this border state and the venezuelans for coming
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from brazil are not holy living inside shelters but also on the streets all around the city are there's entire families waiting to be allowed inside the shelters families here say that their children are getting sick while they wait. for three weeks this children have been sleeping on the street they're tired hungry and some of them. not of michael janda says she has been told there is no space inside and. they say there is no space for. the shelter for reeks on their. knees the pressure jeff wilkinson of the u.n. refugee program says the situation is challenging with a priority shifting to help the new arrivals to quickly move on to other brazilian cities and that they are now. looking at how to. make the process. more
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agile to identify and new locations and to negotiate them to push this because at the end of the day i think everyone realizes that i mean that really is the priority and that takes the pressure off. in spite of the difficulties they face in brazil hundreds of venezuelans continue to cross the border every day escaping an economic crisis and willing to risk it all in search of updated life. saudi arabia has denied canceling the domestic and international stock listing of its state oil giant around co there's been a statement by the saudi ministry of energy which is the government remains committed to the i.p.o. if and when it goes ahead it would be the largest public listing in history of plans been central to crown prince mohammed bin solomon's raft of reforms to raise funds to restructure the kingdom's economy and to reduce its dependence on oil. and
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what canada's governors once again called on saudi arabia to release several human rights activists follows saudi arabia seeking the death penalty for a female human rights activist for the first time home and was arrested two years ago she took part in protests against the discrimination of the shia minority in two thousand and eleven she is one of five activists facing execution human rights watch says the charges against them don't resemble any crime and cameras can and does minister for foreign affairs chrystia freeland released a statement this is it canada is extremely concerned by the arrests of women's rights activists these concerns have been raised with the saudi government canada will always stand up for the protection of human rights including women's rights and freedom of expression around the world spoke to stephen chase about this national correspondent for candidates globe and mail newspaper who told us the present canadian government has been pushing itself as a champion of women's rights. i think kaz's trying to send a message that it's not prepared to back down the government was given i asked the
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government specifically about this case they researched it they took twenty hours to get back to me was the response and they were directly addressing the detained activist i think they're trying to show the world that they're not backing down and that they're not going to be cowed by saudi arabia's retaliation this government has over the last three years the true government it's only it's recently the office is all elected in late twenty fifteen it's really cast itself as a feminist government a government that was going to remake candidate image in the world stage and they've had a few stumbles doing that and one of the because president diem has been women empowerment of women and so on and so these cases that these things are going to have been lost the horns but with the saudis over all and all of all the least in each case a woman so i think that there is sort of back in some corner and there are going to back down and they're trying to show demonstrators the saudis that they will be
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cowed by the retaliation that was visited on them earlier this month by really i don't catch it is not used to people hating them or getting them other countries are usually the sort of lovable you know harmless kind of crazy so there is a real need your reaction against saudi arabia there's a lane there's a lot of latent just like the processes of the government of saudi arabia not of saudi arabian government it's not agree with the regime there and this is really drawn out a lot of of anger on behalf of the average person you can see it on twitter you are talking to people. the united nations has called the war in yemen one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern times it is estimated eight point four million yemenis are on the verge of starvation with many more eating just one small meal a day alan fisher is monitoring developments for us from neighboring djibouti. the
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fight to survive comes in many ways all military conflict to stone and his country for almost four years abdul karim ali faces a daily battle just to feed his family he goes to the market in the city of aden when he can but finds every day that the little money has buys less and less today it's bread and milk for abdul karim and his four children. it makes life harder harder to support growing children harder to keep that knowing hunger away harder to believe tomorrow will be better. as. i choose moken bread according to my potential to eat because as i consider this is a main meal for me and my family and today we cannot see meat and it was usual to eat meat and fish on fridays but unfortunately we are now eating only one meal a day because it is all we can afford. all the stores in the southern port city of aden receive full fewer people can afford what's on display the value of the yemeni reale continues to drop against me to foreign currencies that mixed importing
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everything the country needs much more expensive prices have gone up across the board of course they doubled then tripled its no estimated food and medicine is five hundred percent more expensive shuttle most of the low dollar our local currency is now in constant decline and the central bank has not done what it should do which is to inject foreign currency into the market and consolidate the exchange rate but the different prices and the big rise in the price of the dollar is very difficult as the more the currency loses the more we and our country. last year the yemeni government moved the central bank from who controlled capital sanaa to it it was a step many experts predicted could bring the country to the verge of economic collapse around this lemon went bankrupt after moving the central bank to the city of atlanta the legitimate government spent a long time recovering some of the central bank's functions and activate in an ad in the legitimate government has not been able to restore the state institutions
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especially the revenues institutions and therefore could not maintain the revenues in the liberated areas. the internationally recognized government relies on saudi arabia for cash injections which helps pay some public sector wages which goes some way to halting a complete economic collapse and stop the country running out of food it's estimated almost eighteen million people in yemen like access to good regular nutritious meals. but eight point four million are on the verge of famine they simply don't know where the next meal is coming from. abdul karim ali and his family today tomorrow. that's another battle. alan fischer al jazeera. this week muslims around the world are celebrating. the festival of sacrifice but an indian administers kashmir the holidays been marred by violence and i am has more on that. the sounds of pellet gun shots yelling and smoke from tear gas
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canisters filled the air in several towns in the indian administered kashmir this week muslims are celebrating the eat or festival of sacrifice leaving many streets quiet. but not here in srinagar after evening prayers on tuesday hundreds of protesters demonstrating against indian rule carried signs hurled stones and even threw tear gas canisters back at police a modern you know. many of our brothers are in jail many are injured with shotgun pellets and many have been martyred the indian forces are suppressing us with their mind we are facing tyranny every day. here is a muslim majority himalayan region it's claimed by both india and pakistan many kashmiris have been opposing indian rule since independence in one nine hundred forty seven. cars got in but actually appealed to the international community
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especially to the organization of islamic cooperation in the united nations to intervene and take notice of the atrocities committed here so that oppression is stopped. a boundary known as the line of control divides the region in half with one sided ministered by india and the other by pakistan india would like to formalize the status quo and make it the accepted international boundary but pakistan and kashmiri activists reject this plan because they both want greater control over the region pakistan's new prime minister imran khan has proposed talks with indian premier modi to resolve the longstanding dispute over kashmir natasha going to name does iran. aid agencies in india say it could be days before the full extent of flood damage in the southern state of carolers actually known we do know that many people don't have drinking water they don't have electricity and
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also the indian government is turning down offers of foreign aid saying it can cope with the disaster itself and to thomas with more now from caroline. and team has moved away from where the worst of the flooding is in kerala so i'm not suggesting by any stretch that all the water level has dropped to this sort of level nevertheless it has been sunny across the state on wednesday and that means that we will see levels are dropping that's good news of course but it does mean that pools of water like this are being left behind this is getting pretty stagnant smelly it's the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and that's a big concern because mosquitoes of course carry diseases now the relief efforts continue they're not yet into a reconstruction phase they're all about getting food and water and other things like that is essential to people the reconstruction efforts will take months if not years in the u.s. government has told the times of india informally that they are going to turn down more than one hundred million u.s.
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dollars worth of assistance that has been offered by countries predominantly in the middle east their essential saying thanks but no thanks we've got this we're going to cope on our own india hasn't taken overseas aid since the two thousand and four tsunami and they're saying at the moment they can cope with this disaster on their own. as the trumpet ministration ramps up its sanctions on russia president vladimir putin is hoping for some constructive dialogue with washington speaking to reporters in moscow putin had kind words to say about president trump and their health summit last month but he did lashed out at the u.s. sanctions. as for the sanctions they counterproductive. especially in regards of such countries russia. merican partners will eventually realized that uselessness of this kind of politics will start constructive cooperation. chalons has more from moscow. and has two different intended audience is in washington at
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the moment he is of course talking first of all to the man who sitting in the white house donald trump who he is trying to tell the door is still open. to me putin does not hold donald trump personally responsible for the sanctions against russia he says that the meeting that they had in helsinki recently he views positively and it was useful and that nobody could expect so many years of bad blood to be corrected within a couple of hours of meeting but they made a good start then of course there's another audience in d.c. and that is the wider political establishment. believed to be deeply russophobia in. a lot of the police and police where these sanctions are originating and he wants to tell them that it's not going to work that russia will weather this storm and that when. d.c. realizes this they'll have to come back and russia for better relations essentially
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there are more sanctions that are likely to be coming down the line as well we've got this first round that's being unveiled today then there are going to be more likely in ninety days time and we of course got the senate bill is being discussed at the moment that could be even more punitive so none of this is likely to be good for the russian economy. still ahead for you this news on new challenges for some of the fountains of asylum seekers living in greece. we head to the place that's a video game a haven for enthusiasts. and football is in spain not happy with plans to play games united states will tell you what to do about it a little later. from the waves in the south. to the contours of the east.
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we're seeing some very wet weather into the southeast of china recently a mass going to be no change there over the next couple of days this little area but heavy rain remains in place and that may well develop into a tropical storm as we go on through the next couple of i said we want to keep an eye on we do have warnings in force for that the heavy showers extend their way towards taiwan want to see showers continuing then through hong kong across much of southern china further north this is where it is a little dry for the south while those showers do extend their way right down into the philippines the showers small sunshine the showers were the across a good part of northern borneo standing across parts of india china still some showers in place as well but expect the seasonal rains continuing to just pulse away across a good pop off thailand bangkok at around thirty four degrees celsius some fairly cloudy was chance of one of two showers but for jakarta for the asian games here is day five dry and sunny over the next few days meanwhile
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a strong i had fired across southern parts of india i am pleased to say further north this is where you do still have a chance of seeing some rather lively showers on shore showers could always but it's also want to showers up the west and gets still some wet weather for the central plains of the country. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise you have to go from all the potential understand that this is a plus or something and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking story this happened was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter
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a lot international politics joining the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the big third is someone from the country who guides you who leads you to the story of the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera. you're on the news are here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories political turmoil in australia could see prime minister malcolm turnbull step down by the end of the day several of his ministers have resigned their posts office saying he no longer has the support of his ruling liberal policy us president donald trump is
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insisting there was nothing illegal about payments made to two women during his election campaign. despite the successful prosecution of his long time personal lawyer for making those payments michael cohen says he will assist the miller reservation to russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election. and saudi arabia has denied canceling the domestic and international stock listings of its state oil giant. a statement from the saudi minister of energy says the government remains committed to the i.p.o. and will launch it when the time is right. now a controversial plan to close polling stations in a predominantly black part of the u.s. state of georgia is being considered by the local elections board are going to make a decision on friday voting rights activists say the proposed closures would suppress the turnout of black voters in november midterm elections the change is a plan for randolph county where the proportion of black people is twice the statewide average plan has been widely criticized including by stacy abrams who's
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running to be america's first black female governor we've got john powers with us now an attorney with the lawyers committee for civil rights under law he's joining us from washington d.c. spoke to against a little bit earlier we were discussing the fact that it was apparently the american disabilities act which was being used as an excuse affectively here was saying they were the appropriate ramps or wide enough doorways for people i mean it's all just looks so incredibly transparent certainly from our perspective as to why they're doing this yeah that's absolutely right. we've sent an open records request to the county and the county has responded in response to requests that they haven't actually conducted any. compliance analysis of the existing sites so for them to say that.
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is the basis for closing these polling places is a total sham. the obvious thing to do would be to find some other polling places wouldn't it i mean it it seems like this could be easily solved if this was the real reason behind this. is that something being explored or being pushed by by by groups that that's absolutely right the board of elections if it was truly interested in complying with the a.p.a. could have taken simple steps such as identifying potential shortcomings and for example if a bathroom wasn't up to code and. putting in a porta potty or of wheelchair accessability it was a problem adding in a rant. alternatively if a site couldn't have been fixed in time for the election the board could've considered whether there might be alternative locations within the existing voting
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precincts they could be used instead of shutting them down entirely and forcing folks to travel long distances for the election and risking being doesn't franchise so let's get to the real issue they know one of the real issues and that would appear to be the the popularity of stacy abrams if she did such a political threat. that groups are feeling they need to they will they want to take such sort of actions. there is no doubt that the upcoming. general election in november is truly historic. if gov abrams were. mr evans were to be elected governor she would be the first african-american female governor in the state's history and there's no doubt that there's a lot of enthusiasm behind her campaign in the area where randolph county is located there is also a hotly contested interracial election for state house representative so there's no
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doubt that there's a lot of eyes on this upcoming election and it raises suspicions as to why. polling places would be closed at this time when the county used the same polling places without any problems and may primary in july runoff elections and to keep an eye on this wondering john powers joining us from washington d.c. thank you for your time. some bubblies top court will decide on friday whether to overturn or hold president was narrow election win from july the opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of the president who won with just over fifty percent how to toss has that story from her daughter. so some political analysts are calling it the most important court battle in zimbabwe. cheese and child more than ten years ago the main opposition leader nelson chamisa
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is challenging president election win at the constitutional court people who went inside cool it watch the proceedings from home and restaurants. well the results show that when a goggle won by a narrow margin opposition supporters are hoping the judges will declare chamisa the winner i'm hoping they will go through the evidence as a necessity and given what's just all come from all over your family to me some in the case is seen as a test of the independence of the country's highest court once judges make a ruling the verdict cannot be appealed i think the courts the must draw reads in good faith so that everyone must be after the ruling of the courts no matter which party is it or amends always granted the zits no matter. what circumstances or anything that that is has been i've been in before i think we do
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we are just expecting everything to be free and the opposition says there was a massive doctrine of results it was a court order a fresh election or declared the main opposition leader nelson chamisa the winner. in this will go to give the best. lawyers representing the rulings on the party say the opposition's case is weak we believe that the results were not fake at all and it's not over the court to decide which version of the two versions is acceptable best on the evidence that the court has before it in its ruling the constitutional court could now throw the case out declare a new winner order a fresh election within sixty days the main opposition leader nelson chamisa says if you lose us as case he lost a regional body side of the african union and the united nations to intervene analysts say you could try and push for a power sharing deal with zanu p.f. but officials in the ruling party say that's not going to happen. judgement has
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been reserved nine judges will rule on the matter friday afternoon how do with al-jazeera. now ugandan pop star has become an opposition party leader is preparing to appear before a military court on thursday everyone's arrested last week has sparked violent demonstrations and battles with police since then his supporters say he's been tortured in custody catherine sort of reports from kampala. the special mosque or up a chunk popularly known by his musical stage name but why he's been in military detention for a week after kills broke out in the north end town of a ruined their presidential where he was seven his convoy was attacked in local election campaigns travelers shot and killed another politician is in intensive care in hospital and several people who were also arrested have been charged with treason winds family and lawyers say he was tortured by the military due to the
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tournament. when i was putin was busted they've never done is to discount egypt. which was bleeding through the years they have known chick to the bones of the village their marriage at this drama maybe even the other side of the kidney. i would demand rage now is to give us what we want so that we can take care of him there have been sporadic protests in the capital and other parts of the country since his arrest many people have come for the brave that's probably why they are young people they say that they relate to the sounds of this trouble they want to leave the community to take a stand that i need to be tried in the civilian. there was a rousing reception for kids the best suggests an opposition leader who has been arrested many times over the guise she says she too has been tortured by security forces this country. is a captive country. we live in
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a country where we have no power at all. the power over ugandans was captured and disciplined traded. by those with the guns. will be tried by the military because of the nature of his charges possession of firearms and ammunition which only the military are allowed to have many people who attended pans for while the charges were fabricated they're watching released this say he has a case to answer and he's has to be in the city and courts catherine sorry al jazeera kampala sports news coming up for you going to tell you how the asian games is helping to save some important indigenous sports. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives other stories. providing
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a glimpse into someone else's work. on al-jazeera.
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it is estimated around eighteen thousand asylum seekers that are living on the greek islands many of them are in overcrowded camps where there are fears of a disease outbreak is reporting from the island of cyprus. come on has been living in this tent for a month he says he is sixteen and has applied for asylum in greece and. it's good here in greece i want to go to school and study mechanical engineering would be fine. lotus wiped his guinea in village for a tent village on some of its outside the island's official camp which is full of those living here plagued by insects there's no running water and the best way to have a bath is to swim in the sea some us is now home to some three thousand eight hundred asylum seekers that's half the island's population over again and four times its camp capacity this syrian man has constructed a retouched over his tent to keep his pregnant wife cool he's done his best to
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provide the amenities of home with official resources inadequate it's up to groups like sunless volunteers to help maintain hygiene and prevent an outbreak of disease they recently set up this laundry facility for the official camp a lot of people ask a visa. but. you don't have to watch that blanket and live in a blanket sleeping in bed like you we get bags with blankets in that bed like have cockroaches in so what is says is that people live in a position to have a new way out of celera stevie's is usually a very easy treat. when you live in a camp like that there's no way you can get rid of a easy way keeping refugees who arrived here from turkey means turkish authorities are not being asked to accept deportees who may have arrived in europe via a different route europe's political balance increasingly depends upon the efficiency of its external borders here at its eastern frontier greece safeguards europe's ability to send back failed asylum applicants to turkey and greece has now
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concluded a new agreement with germany whereby it will take back refugees who applied for asylum here and smuggled themselves across internal e.u. borders that puts in place it reverse flow mechanism from central europe back to turkey but it leaves most uneasy about its role even though germany has in return offered to speed up family reunifications securing the border question is how many people will be returned and how many families will be united will there be some equivalence in numbers anything difference with no greece and its just a two speed europe of some of the more fortunate asylum seekers are in hotels paid for by charities a sign of how europe is trying to encourage the silent to sell a political service some most just wants to say it's tourists jumps are awful us algis are some of us the british government has to release a report detailing how it would avoid economic collapse if it failed to get
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a deal on the floor from the e.u. this so-called no deal scenario has prompted warnings the u.k. could run out of food and medicine and major airports could shut down lawrence lee has. there was a time during the long saga of brecht's it when prime minister to resign may used to say maybe it is best to do no deal for britain is better than a bad deal for britain is that on many occasions that no deal is better than a bad deal by which she meant that falling out of the european union without a trade deal was better than one which didn't reflect the referendum results but now it's becoming clear what no deal might look like and it's giving people the shivers the power has grabbed everyone's attention is the possibility of food shortages the u.k. imports fresh food from places like the netherlands no deal would mean the food might rots if it stuck in queues at the border the fear of the economy shutting down prompted heathrow airport to borrow well over a billion dollars in case it brings in no income at all for two months after bricks
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hits the airport is contemplating the events of planes not being able to fly over european.


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