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they came for me my first question when i heard about it was did they come out of the campaign because that could be a little dicey they didn't come out of the campaign that's big and they weren't that's not it's not even a campaign violation. is a former campaign adviser in the works for steve bannon he says the november midterm elections could be make or break for trump. in terms of whether or not that this whether or not this is an actual violation remember michael cohn splayed guilty to eight charges yesterday six of them involved his personal finances tax fraud bank loan fraud and and so the nother financial impropriety then he pled guilty to two separate ones this issue is fine and if it's a crime it's a crime but ultimately it goes to the political argument of whether or not the president should be impeached and i don't think that this is an impeachable offense
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one way or the other ultimately we're going to find out where this goes on this midterm you know this midterm is steve bannon has said is essentially donald trump's first reelect because if the president if excuse me if the republicans lose their majority in the house and the democrats control the house and you have a speaker pelosi you have a gerry navl are running the house judiciary committee i assure you that a law that something along the lines of what michael cohn pled guilty to which is small in the scheme of things it would be considered in a peach a bill offense anything and everything in my opinion would be impeachable to these democrats who want to redo the election they're getting an opportunity here like nobody has ever gotten in history they're getting to the opportunity to nullify the election if they're able to vote the republicans out of the majority will straightly is prime minister malcolm turnbull says he'll propose a vote on his leadership on friday but if a majority of his m.p.'s on scheme to do so in a formal letter to the bill says that the motion is he will treat it as
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a vote of no confidence and would start to succumb to that he narrowly won a leadership challenge from former home affairs minister peter dutton will choose day. the party room of course made on tuesday and confirmed my leadership by majority so we need to see that there is a majority of members and i need to put their names to these a momentous times and it's important that people are accountable for what they're doing so when i if assuming i get that letter which are great in the press. as is already in place but perhaps maybe it isn't we'll see but as soon as i get that mind tension is to held a hearty meeting at midday tomorrow when the party room meeting is called invite. a spill motion to be moved if the motion is carried i will treat that as a vote of no confidence and i will not stand as
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a candidate in the ballot the ruling party is examining whether peter dutton is eligible to be prime minister he has business interests in child care centers that have received millions of dollars in government funding since twenty fourteen the opposition say that they rule him out released legal advice which he says if any calls to to tional breaches. will still ahead here on al-jazeera the struggle for shelter and good health of thousands of asylum seekers stuck on the islands of greece. also nearly forty years after the revolution calls for change grows louder in nicaragua stories after the break. how i we still have a scattering of some the storms across parts of here but i have it towards the northwest this is where the real change is now coming in this area cloud sliding
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across islands across scotland into northern england and into wells well that's a cold front and as it sinks is why for the south of the next couple of days it will bring quite a change in conditions at just twenty two celsius there for london on the day twenty seven celsius there for paris take a look at friday where we struggling to get to nineteen degrees in london and paris a much fresher feel to the weather some west of weather that sue across a good part of germany down into those sent from southern parts of france into wes whistlin further race well the warm stays in place it is still getting up into the thirty's full vienna and for book rest but the chance of one or two of those live the storms just want to see storms into the far north of africa just around the northeast of algeria all the piles of geneseo but essentially it's a warm sunshine thirty seven thirty eight celsius there for cairo losey drys we go on through the maze couple of days of showers a course they are across the tropical belt extending anywhere from the ethiopian
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highlands through the central african republic into the gulf of guinea quite a bit of wet weather there across western parts of africa right into liberia.
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welcome back you're watching of zero zero ramat a reminder of our top stories china and the u.s. are imposing twenty five percent taxes on sixteen billion dollars worth of each other's goods it's the latest round of tariffs since the trade war began in july china says it's filing a complaint to the world trade organization also u.s. president all trump's former lawyer says he's happy to help the investigation into possible russian interference in the twenty sixth election michael cohen pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws saying trump told him to do so but trump denies any wrongdoing. and australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull says he'll propose a vote on his leadership on friday but that's only if the majority of his that piece ask him to do so in a formal letter he narrowly won a leadership challenge choose there. and said to africa now where ugandan pop star
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who's become an opposition party leader is preparing to appear before a military court on thursday bobbie winds of arrest last week sparked violent protests and battles with police since then his supporters say he's been tortured in custody catherine so reports now from the capital kampala. the special master robert chandler lang popularly known by his musical stage name barbed wire has been in military detention for a week after killers broke out in the north end town of the rouer their president yoweri was seven his convoy was attacked in local election campaigns travellers shot and killed another politician is in intensive care in hospital and several people who were also arrested have been charged with. reason winds family and lawyers say he was tortured by the military due to the torment the torture when i was kid in was busted they've never done is to discount reject the hate which was bleeding through the years they have known chick to the bones of the blue who
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believes their magick their stomach maybe even the other side of the kidney. i would demand rage now is to give us what we want so that we can take care of him to have been sporadic protests in the capital and other parts of the country since his arrest many people who come for the break as for why they are young people they say that they relate to the sounds of this trouble they want to leave the community to fight against and the family to be tried in the civilian. the as a rousing reception for kids a better an opposition leader who has been arrested many times over the guys she says she too has been tortured by security forces this country. is a captive thanks for. we live in a country where we have no power at all. the power over ugandans was captured and disciplined branded. by those with the guns. and will be
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tried by the military because of the nature of the charges possession of firearms and ammunition which only the military are allowed to have many people who attended pan's for the charges were fabricated there watching released this say he has a case to answer then he has to be in the civilian courts cathy zoi al jazeera kampala the. a powerful hurricane is approaching hawaii carrying winds up to two hundred sixty kilometers an hour the international space station captured these images of hurrican lane the states government has shut down schools and set up evacuation centers although the hurricanes weaken slightly emergency workers are worried about possible floods and landslides. brazil's government is trying to move as well migrants out of a border state after their camp was attacked by locals they fled an economic crisis in their home country trees about reports from the border town of beauvais stuff.
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they have been flooded the shelter in the city. it's about three hours away from the border with venezuela is part of brazil's program to help the venezuelans arriving here. i. came here two months ago soon after she delivered her baby boy to those on the biggest problem is finding food in venezuela we have a house water and electricity but no food at least here i have a chance. at the shelter people are provided food to eat and a place to sleep. for a man that. has been here for four months his son luis has down syndrome millions of people came from latin america to venezuela when they escaped war and now look at us but it's not easy because when you go outside the brazilians look at us as if they want to kill you. the northern brazilian state of rhode island is one of the country's poorest and that's why the government is hoping to start moving people to
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other cities to ease the burden on this border state and the venezuelan for coming to brazil are not holy living inside shelters but also on the streets all around the city there's entire families waiting to be allowed inside the shelters families here say that their children are getting sick while they wait. for three weeks this children have been sleeping on the street they're tired hungry and some of them. says she has been told there is no space inside and. they say there is no space. under there. is the pressure jeff wilkinson of the u.n. refugee program says the situation is challenging with a priority shifting to help the new arrivals to quickly move on to other brazilian
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cities and that. makes the. more agile to identify and new locations and to negotiate them to push this because at the end of the day i think everyone realizes that i mean that really is the priority and that takes the pressure off this in spite of the difficulties they face in brazil hundreds of venezuelans continue to cross the border every day escaping an economic crisis and willing to risk it all in search of a better life. eight hundred thousand asylum seekers and i'll thought to be living on the islands of greece but there are fears the poor living conditions could lead to a break of disease john psaropoulos has more from the island of suburbs. lowder come and has been living in this tent for a month he says he is sixteen and has applied for asylum in greece and. it's good
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here in greece i want to go to school and study mechanical engineering would be fine. lotus swapped his guinea in village for a tent village on some us it's outside the island's official camp which is full those living here plagued by insects there's no running water and the best way to have a bath is to swim in the sea summers is now home to some three thousand eight hundred asylum seekers that's half the island's population over again and four times its camp capacity this syrian man has constructed a retouch over his tent to keep his pregnant wife cool he's done his best to provide the amenities of home with official resources inadequate it's up to groups like son those volunteers to help maintain hygiene and prevent an outbreak of disease they recently set up this laundry facility for the official camp a lot of people escapees in the camp at. night have to watch the banking and you think it's sleeping at night we get bags with blankets in that bed like cockroaches
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and so what it says is that people live in a position to have no way out of celera stevie's is usually a very easy treat. when you live in a camp like that there's no way you can give it an easy way keeping refugees who arrived here from turkey means turkish authorities are not being asked to accept deportees who may have arrived in europe via a different route europe's political balance increasingly depends upon the efficiency of its external borders here at its eastern frontier greece safeguards europe's ability to send back failed asylum applicants to turkey. and greece has now concluded a new agreement with germany whereby it will take back refugees who applied for asylum here and smuggled themselves across internal e.u. borders that puts in place a reverse flow mechanism from central europe back to turkey but it leaves us uneasy about its role even though germany has in return offered to speed up family
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reunifications the. question is how many people will be returned and how many families will be agree united will there be some equivalence in numbers anything difference who did know greece and it's just a two speed europe what are some of the more fortunate asylum seekers are in hotels paid for by charities a sign of how europe is trying to encourage the silent to sell a political service some most just wants to serve its tourists jumps are awful us some of us. thursday marks thirty years since the end of a national literacy campaign in nicaragua tens of thousands of young people set off to live in rural areas to teach people how to read right now the effort was seen as largely successful. reports it hasn't led to the opportunities that many had hoped for. the hard fighting of the revolution this was nicaragua's new start. they called it the literacy crusade in one nine hundred
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eighty ninety five thousand people many of them youngsters headed to the country's most isolated regions to help the half of the population that couldn't read or write it became a national obsession built around uniting rich and poor young and old eighteen year old gabriella trek to the small village of glasgow skeeters she stayed for five months and among others francisco them forty she'd never been to school. no one knew how to read it was the saddest thing i remember when she was with us i was so happy and so sad when she left my girl is gone i think. on this day thirty eight years ago the crusade finished many consider it the revolution's greatest triumph literacy rates soared it changed a generation then only eleven was one of the youngest volunteers and we saw it with the triumph of the revolution everything was possible that we could do anything and
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the crusade was just the first step. but the volunteers we talked to feel that things didn't work out that way the party of the revolution is in power but it's accused of eroding the country's democracy and in the last four months imprisoning and even killing some of those who oppose it the sun the face of the still has a fair amount of support. for years after they first took power is a testament to. the idealism. it's crazy to think she was. when gabriella looks back on this the anniversary of the crusade it was sadness at a great plan going to roy. moore we didn't struggle and sacrifice ourselves for this if the revolution saw the seed of rebellion fighting for our rights in the last four months of the political crisis those rights are being crushed by the government i feel that it's a losing sight of what was once the revolution's dream amid the country's current
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troubles the dreamers of the revolution can at least hold on to a time they say has shaped them for life john heilemann. the man i work. of all of those stories on our website of course the carol floods in southern india our top stories out how people in recovery camps. you want your knowledge is there i'm still robert these are all top news stories china and the u.s. are imposing twenty five percent taxes on sixteen billion dollars worth of each other's goods it's the latest round of terror since the trade war began in july the u.s. wants beijing to change what it says are unfair trade practices china says it's filing a complaint to the world trade organization adrian brown has more from beijing. the tariffs that are in effect at the moment really only affect
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a fraction of what china exports to the united states what we have to watch out for is what could happen a few weeks from now because the united states trade representative office is currently hearing arguments for and against about imposing tariffs on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports now if that happens it would affect a whole range of consumer items and from things like candles to parts from bicycles bridal grounds that would start to affect the u.s. consumer u.s. president all transformer lawyers says he's happy to help the investigation into possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen election michael cohen pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws saying trump told him to do so but trump denies any wrongdoing. australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull says he'll propose a vote on his leadership of friday but that's only if
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a majority of his m.p.'s ask him to do so in a formal letter turnbull says if the motion is passed he'll retreat or he'll treat it as a vote of no confidence and it won't stand as a candidate he narrowly won a leadership challenge and choose to. also you're going to pop star who has become a major opposition figure is due to appear before a military court later on thursday bobbie winds arrest last week led to violent protests and battles with the police his supporters say he's been beaten in custody . and a powerful hurricane is approaching hawaii carrying winds of up to two hundred sixty kilometers an hour the international space station captured these pictures of hurrican lane the states government has shut down schools and set up evacuation centers or though the hurricanes we we can slightly emergency workers are worried about possible floods and landslides because she was one of those stories on the web site at al-jazeera dot com back with more news in half an hour next donald is there it's inside story do stay with us. well the three big challenges facing
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human kind in the twenty first century look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise of intelligence in bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor you've known harari tools to al-jazeera. reports of torture and imprisonment rohinton refugees returning to me and more the government promised they'd be safe but investigations suggest otherwise so who should or can provide protection this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm homage enjoy him more than seven hundred
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thousand row hinges fled a military crackdown in myanmar's rack and state last year to refugee camps in bangladesh but very few have returned and those that have haven't been welcomed back human rights watch says some have been tortured and thrown in jail there are reports of interrogations a gunpoint of burns and electric shock treatment designed to force confessions that they were affiliated with the our economy hinges salvation army a group set up in its words to defend rohinton against persecution by the man maher government and military who've been accused of ethnic cleansing human rights watch has stressed the need for international protection before the mainly muslim or hindu will be able to return to me and more safely me and more in bangladesh signed a deal to repatriate rohinton refugees last november but it has stalled me anymore as leader aung san suu kyi says it's up to bangladesh to decide how quickly the refugees would return and in a speech in singapore on tuesday defended her country's policies. the danger of
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terrorist activities which us initial cause of cause of the events leading to the humanitarian crisis in rakhine remains real and present today and this is security challenges address the risk of into communal violence will remain it is a threat that could have grave consequences not just for myanmar but also for other countries in our region and beyond all right let's bring in our guests joining us from london to one can president of the burmese for him to organization u.k. and bangkok is phil robertson deputy director for the asia division that human rights watch and from america is robert templer director of the barcelona based higher education alliance for refugees thank you all so much for joining us phil i want to start with you could you please tell our viewers a bit more about the specific allegations in your reporting the persecution faced by the or hinges that have returned to me and more. sure
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what we found in our research was that a number of men and boys returned voluntarily from bangladesh a sense that they were sneaking a back across the border some of them told us they were going back to get fishing nets that they had left or other equipment some said they're going to try to find work because there's no work in the refugee camps they were arrested by the burma. border patrol they were taken to various different b.g.p. centers in mongol they were tortured extensively for days. facing hot wax burning plastic being burned being held at gunpoint being beaten all to try to get them to confess to being members of the hour a con running a salvation army they denied those those those allegations and ultimately they were transferred to another facility where they were held by military intelligence again
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tortured severely and finally brought into a courts they were found guilty of illegal entry they were sentenced to five years in prison and transferred to booty dong prison after a period about a month or so there they were taken out of the prison they were told that they had been pardoned by the president of myanmar they were forced to take nationality verification cards that they didn't want and then they were paraded in front of journalists at a reception center for returning refugees from bangladesh presented as being voluntary repatriates instead of people who had just been released from prison finally ultimately when the journalists went away they were told that they couldn't leave that reception center if they did so they would be severely punished a number of them however did excuse and fled back to bangladesh where we were able to interview them turn can what is your reaction to the reporting by human rights watch on this issue and just how dangerous is it for him who want to return to me
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and more. yes i think better of anger we would like to manage to express many thanks to human rights watch published in the report you know there are a lot of atrocities going on until today in our kind of state that is some are not highlighted so it's very good that whom rights watch did i knew as a rowing or myself or you know i'm receiving all the time. serious atrocities of information going against ruling is going on you know. unfortunately you know we have not seen that much in the media so you know international community need to focus at the same time as they're focusing in bangladesh them same to what is happening to us where about at least five hundred eleven are kind of see that the situation need to be highlighted that is very
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important and yes you know. how can return where these atrocities are still continuing of course you know. there is about one million ruing are seen or. whatever their return you know i'm sure that the allegation of a link with arms are thousands around year will be been will be killed by barmy army and security forces that is that is quite sure so that's why we are calling here you know why do we talk about a return issue we need international protection we cannot simply push them back to burma you know. at the hands of this military and security forces you know they have they have done many time this actress if this is not happening today in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight after their return in one thousand nine hundred ninety two now again these will be go into happened so without international protection of without guarantee of full citizenship rights and others there is no
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way to return to refugees for the rolling are refugees in burma you know nobody want to ask when i talk with them a few times i visited to refute the camps in bangladesh they told me that they want justice first thing and secondly they want they do not want to return prison camp so they are already really just been bulldozed and where they will go you know so it is really important international community they should not take on you know that the recent more you signed with u.n. a.c.r. un d.p.n. burmese government we have seen leaked documents this is totally without consultation of. there is no really presentation of. the full and there is no transparency so international community must stop that you know with the tree present and call the sultan with growing get this is
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a very important issue we are a big team we cannot suffer much more than any movie you know this is very important iraq or templar brought up a lot of very important points there one of which is the fact that when you're in bangladesh i've been in bangladesh cox's bizarre twice now in reporting trips and i hear more and more from him to refugees that they feel that they were already marginalized and that they are now even further marginalized by the international community one thing in particular that seems to bother a lot of the activists i've spoken with is the fact that when it comes to these memos of understanding that have been signed between the u.n. and the government of myanmar that the regime to have not really been consulted that they don't have a seat at the table so do you think that at some point that is going to change or do you think that these governments are going to continue to talk to one another without having their were really be at the table and involved. what i'm told you know they're going to continue to be. most of the governments in the region see this as an issue that they can sort out and there are then i'm going to be able to
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do that because they're all and they're very unlikely to be surgical conditions any richer in the near future i don't think there's any likelihood of having sufficient guarantees of security and safety for the refugees and they should not be forced repatriation but i think you're completely right they should be consulted on these issues if they were consulted i think it would be a resounding no to any solution of creation it will do good by consoles also on economic reasons to recover documents to recover. equipment to get money these are acts of sort of desperation but it's very very insecure or toni's as this human rights watch report shows all right let's just hold the discussion there for a minute because i want to take a step back to the plight of the were hendra is not new they are denied citizenship and man maher and are often described as one of the world's most persecuted minorities since the one nine hundred seventy s.
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they've been fleeing military crackdowns in iraq and state reporting rape torture arson and murder by me and more security forces last month i met one family in a camp and cox's bazaar and bangladesh who told me about the decades of persecution they have faced. she's the head of four generations of family and the bearer of forty years of suffering ghouls a heart or a hinge a refugee in her ninety's has fled persecution in me and more three separate times in her life first in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight then one nine hundred ninety one and finally in two thousand and seventy five. she speaks softly and slowly telling me that while age may have left her unable to remember everything she'll never forget the constant horrors her family suffered at the hands of security forces in me and more over the years. war they beat as they kidnapped as they detained does. google and her family span almost
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a century in age bonded through blood and displacement they now all live in a single hut located in the world's largest refugee camp. her son only ahmed first fled rak current state and came to bangladesh as a teenager he recounts just how awful the crackdown by security forces was in two thousand and seventeen i didn't know at that out of if we couldn't have made our way here we would have been killed like stray dogs muhammad i you is goals graham son in law he says he'll always be haunted by what he seen back home in minus the horrible you know a little bit no one could even ask questions about the cause disappearances even a brother didn't have the right to ask about his missing brother distant we had no clue who was disappeared into way we just had to remain silent about it here the signs of trauma are everywhere and fear is clearly etched on faces.
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in many ways what's happened to this particular extended family really mirrors what's happened to so many other rohinton who face decades of repression and abuse their hinges aren't just the worlds largest group of stateless people they're also among the world's most persecuted minorities. more than anything muhammad ali you've once his children to be able to experience peace and to get justice he says there's only one way that can happen atrocities being committed against a bit of women should be heard by the international criminal court so that we get justice and if it's not satisfied satisfaction is not a sentiment goal is familiar with for her pain has been a constant and time continues to be as cruel as life has been hard. phil i think one of the things that often gets overlooked or forgotten in the
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reporting of this story is the fact that roy hinge i have fled before that this is something that's been going on for decades and that this latest exodus is just that it's the latest exodus that happened august twenty fifth of last year were approaching the first year anniversary look there's been a lot of talk about repatriation deals that have been signed between the government to mean more and bangladesh but realistically speaking from your vantage point repatriation isn't happening anytime soon is it. well this is the latest in the worst of the forcing of the road out of northern rakhine state i mean certainly the the military of myanmar really had a plan and implemented this with real ruthless precision driving these people out and they're not about to allow anybody to come back in that easily i mean what we see among the five hundred to six hundred thousand rohingya who are still inside rakhine state is restrictions on movement and lack of livelihoods restriction
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access to services curfews i mean these people are still completely pinned down in their villages they were dependent on foreign aid for food and other basic supplies and they haven't been getting those for over a year now so since january of this year's and generate twenty eight dean we've seen eleven thousand. leaves so the people are still coming out albeit at a lot slower pace than before but people are still being forced to flee so when you start talking about burma trying to put the put the situation together allow these people back first of all you need to have political will which is lacking in the government and the burmese military but then you also have to have the international protection in terms of u.n. aid c.-r. president you need to have basic access for international n.g.o.s you have to have security guarantees for the road they should have freedom of movement they should have citizenship a whole long list of things where the burmese government has even started on this
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and in fact you know what they're really doing is they're trying to play games with the international media they're trying to create the image that they're serious about bringing people back with this group of sixty two that we documented who had been imprisoned and then finally released of this reception center you know they want to say that they're serious they want to blame bangladesh for not sending people back when in fact it's it's it's burma that is not prepared to receive them and no one should forget that. look there are rights groups that have started. saying out the case by which they say that what happened in iraq kind should be considered a genocide and should be considered that by the international criminal court the un says that it's a textbook example of ethnic cleansing there are u.n. officials who have said that what happened bears the hallmarks of genocide but they of course that designation has not been made what do you do what do you say to this debate that's going on about whether or not it is just ethnic cleansing or whether it will ultimately be possibly deemed genocide. really know
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my solve it is completely it is quite you can see it denying they are what our identity deny in our citizenship deny him the right to have movement deny him the right to a medical treatment deny him the right to have full deny in their right to have children and career eighteen popular violence and running down your how does and pushing you to the woman entry and aid been blocked and must killing a slow turn in body life this is systematically you know barmy if the military and government you know of intentionally destroying our community it is the general side unfortunately the governments you know including even western governments they are. they fear they have to add something so i don't see international community any strong willingness to stop this and for that i have to sext straight away you
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know it's been going on one ear why is taking so long how many really does need to be killed to feel to force to take action you know from international community like u.k. usa e.u. and asean countries we have not seen any stronger action you know even they are is such a shame you know deviating the word genocide crime and us immunity you know this is already you can see how military intention is there intentionally does drain commune as a whole community you know all this is clear unfortunately this is not supporting from government so we need to move we had to bring international criminal court these military moderates me are lying and others to international criminal court because they are ngo in m.p. nitty is not only atrocities facing in kachin you know kachina shan machine and qur'an many are other minorities in burma they have face must
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atrocities by this military for we in a year like into the security council must for i.c.c. and. also this is important that you know a stronger effective collective action is needed otherwise we see you know this going to be a stop so this is a general fight everybody need to call everybody need to realize that and that must follow must call for action because turn can in a walk in the you starting at ten can i'm sorry to interrupt it's just that i we're starting to run out of time and i want to ask a follow up question to robert as well robert can we step back for a minute and talk specifically about about bangladesh you know cox's bazar is now home to the largest refugee settlement in the world that's according to the u.n. can you speak to the impact that the refugee crisis is having on bangladesh i'm talking about economically i'm talking about environmentally what is causing the
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bangladesh government one of the or us governments in south asia at least a million dollars a day and that's not including the foreign aid that they get they're also very vulnerable environmentally and terms of political tensions they have an election coming out very differently and this is making that much worse. so i think as being a serious problem for them and there's very little accounting for in countries like ma'am aren't terms of the damage they cause quite creation this massive refugee crisis and there's no doubt that. one of the main reasons to bring this up and more it's national readers is to limit this as a strategy. because that has had a very dramatic impact on the back of. a fill can you speak specifically about the kind of risks faced by rohinton refugees in these makeshift camps in places like
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cox is bizarre i'm talking about whether it be communicable diseases sexual violence trafficking or just the environment. well the environment is of course completely packed together but it is also an area that is subject to landslides we've done interviews with refugees were building houses that had just gone down the hill and they were trying to build it right back again at the same place i mean. the other reality is that there is no vacuum ration plan for that camp if it's hit by a typhoon the reality is that the bangladesh government is not allowing for construction of permanent structures there because they wanted to maintain and maintain the semblance of being temporary and they want to make sure that you know these people don't feel like they're there for the long haul though everybody thinks they probably are because there's no solution for them to go back to burma at this point and so because of that the sort of planning the sort of construction
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the creation of moving people to new areas where it would be safer for them to be you know out of these areas that are there prone to landslides that's not happening and then the other issues of course are issues of food education health these things are woefully underfunded i mean if you look at what the un agencies have received in terms of their appeal you know your trolley talking maybe one third of the appeal has been funded by the international community so they're just scraping by right now you know and as this you know becomes less of a priority of this drags on the year two or year three unfortunately you would expect that the international community will move their attention somewhere else and there will be less support so you know this is a very very difficult situation for those refugees in no and i think ultimately burma sort of playing for time here there is you know they're realizing that you know if they just make it difficult for these people to come back if they continue
4:43 pm
to have the troops on the ground of if they make an example of some of these people like the group that we interviewed that that snuck back in that you know the word will get through the. camp said the return is too dangerous and though to stay in bangladesh which is ultimately i think what burma wants. the u.s. recently announced sanctions on some military and police officials and some specific army units in myanmar what's your reaction to that and what more do you think the u.s. can or should be doing to try to help the situation. i think it's good that is sanctioned but we did not see the main puppetry to you know the main commander in chief me and the negligent tech team i do know why this is the main reason i mean they should target military commander in chief we are lying who is. who is the more the muster minded on this rowing or must killings you know that is very important which we should put him though you know. at the same time the u.s.
4:44 pm
government must support the u.n. security council i.c.c. and you know we have not seen u.s. government you know affective action yet us they've been talking a lot but we need to see this. practical action we want to see like you know us should put more pressure to end the problem here is they are still see our dollar societies i hope in in burma you know she does that they asked narrative u.s. and u.k. and other countries must change you know there is no way a suit is a whore to solve this issue she is complicit in this general sidedness throwing or she is taking us like terrorism issues and others so totally appalling you know she is totally no hope at all she is systematically you know
4:45 pm
denying all their abusers and atrocities against running a we have seen that in many many years now it's been since two thousand and sixteen you know so we must pressure same time and all the government and military you know this need to be done because you know in us still fuji's i hope that narrative need to be changed i think she is totally she is denied she is systematically you know she is. de botton the issue by forming a commission you know we have seen reform of bill richardson of the former governor from mexico a new makes a good literature is that i've already mentioned you know there is no such a pope from our government simulation issue to you can that come to you kill one coalition after another are there doing this not want to can we want to see u.n. peacekeeping force you want to see i think there are far out we want to see
4:46 pm
international protection from us and other u.k. and other the e.u. allies that is done can i'm sorry to interrupt you but we are out of time i don't care no we are we are out of time and thank you very much we're going to have to thank all our guests we are out of time thanks to tune can fill robertson and robert templer and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. the inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me. and the whole team here bye for now. a
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. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge and. sometimes the dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment drives them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in power goes to the north. where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation. on the streets of greece violence is on the rise.
4:48 pm
and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beating. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera. i go in south africa says the u.s. will investigate what he calls the large scale killing of fall because. there are also had. are you going to spray for a pop star turned opposition leader as he heads to a military court. for the billions of dollars in new terrorists are slapped on cars
4:49 pm
and factory machinery as the u.s. and china go to the next level of their trade war. and that is where the families in search of a better future why brazil is moving them out of a border state. welcome to the program south africa's president says he totally rejects donald trump statement on london for the allegation of the large scale killing of farmers the us president announced a short time ago that he was getting his secretary of state to investigate land reform in south africa he tweeted that might pompei would closely study the south african land and farm seizures and expert process for appropriations and the large scale killing of farmers tribes tweets reportedly followed a segment on fox news that said south african government is now seizing land from white farmers while south africa's government is insisting that land reform will go
4:50 pm
ahead after gaining consensus from all major parties the ruling african national congress wants to change the constitution to allow the expropriation of land without compensation seventy two percent of land is in the hands of white farmers and therefore just eight percent of the population the killing of farmers is at a twenty year low forty seven were killed last year compared to one hundred fifty three in one nine hundred ninety eight media miller is live for us in johannesburg and let's just begin with the statements made by must have taken the government in pretoria by surprise what's their reaction. they certainly are surprised by these developments so helen so far the spokesperson for the presidency has said that this is a fox news channel report that had said that the south african government has begun expropriating land and also talk about land invasions that this was certainly not the case and that this report was misinformed the south african government is
4:51 pm
saying that it will approach the u.s. embassy in south africa to get clarity on exactly what the american president is talking about given that this is a debate that's continuing in south africa certainly one that is topical and one that matters to south africans at this point but in no way has the constitution been amended at this point that is being discussed in fact it's quite a complex issue given that constitutional changes may not be needed to deal with this issue of land reform and specifically the expropriation of land without compensation south africans are struggling at this point with exactly how to go about this given that as you had mentioned large amounts of land do belong specifically to white farmers and so the african government is trying to redistribute land as it says to black south africans and rather than adversely affecting the economy were affecting negatively food production in particular it
4:52 pm
wants to boost the economy it says in this way but much of the concern at this point is just how the street by the american president will affect south africa specifically the rand and the government says it wants to get to the bottom of it by dealing with the us embassy here in reality i mean where are the government in terms of sort of longer form you talk about sort of the debate about the constitution recently you found a story from stellenbosch about sort of black communities feeling very very disenfranchised about not having learned after what near three decades after apartheid finished the rainbow nation having been formed the government need to be seen to be acting or else they're going to get this sort of criticism good or bad from the likes of president trump. well that's the reality for the government that it's been criticized for not moving this land reform program along as fast as it should ultimately it's been using the so willing silo
4:53 pm
a willing buyer model up till now but that hasn't moved us for as quickly as it's supposed to have and this is where this issue around exposed creation comes in in that they're pushing white farmers to hand over land but the issue around that is that this seems to be a lot of uncertainty around exactly how that will happen we've had the a n c the ruling party in south africa come out at one point talking about white farmers of existing farmers at this point having up to twelve thousand hectares of land oppose farm and anything beyond that would then be handed over to the state we've also got other issues where i had mentioned just how complex and sensitive this is where farmers could possibly get less than the market value of that land and then to have to sell to the states so the question there is would this qualify as exposed creation if there forcefully if they're pushed into handing over the land despite receiving some sort of compensation even if it isn't market value it seems to be a very difficult terrain for those of african government to navigate considering
4:54 pm
just how emotional this issue is for millions of south africans those who feel disenfranchised and are looking for land to empower them and a contribution to an economy and also just creates a way to sustain themselves where they feel they've been left out for decades or even more reaction to come out of the tory for the moment to develop a journalistic thank you. know sixteen billion dollars of us tariffs have come into force on chinese goods as the trade war between the two economic joints goes to the next level they came into effect if you i was going to china then responded with similar texas it's also announced it's filing a complaint with the world trade organization each has imposed twenty five percent taxes on billions of dollars worth of the of those products the u.s. is targeting chinese chemical electronic and industrial goods fifty billion dollars worth of goods on each side tariffs added since july brown has more from beijing.
4:55 pm
well as advertised china has retaliated against the united states imposing a twenty five percent tariff on some sixteen billion dollars worth of u.s. goods in the past few months of course china has accused the united states of being responsible for the biggest trade war in history so no sign of this dispute ending anytime soon talks though are continuing in washington between officials from the u.s. treasury department and china's finance ministry the chinese side insists that it was the united states that invited china to take part in these talks but president donald trump or said he doesn't believe these negotiations will achieve very much of more concern to china right now is the fact that the u.s. trade representative's office is currently hearing arguments for and against allowing the united states to impose additional tariffs on some two hundred billion
4:56 pm
dollars worth of chinese goods if that were to happen it would hurt not just china but also the u.s. consumer because it would involve products such as bridal grounds parts for bicycles the sort of stuff every day consumer items here in china no sign of panic so far as we enter the second month of this trade dispute chinese consumers though are starting to spend less there are signs that the consumers are a tightening their belts on the horizon they see an economy in china that is slowing and they also see another red flag debt that debt pile is getting bigger because china's government is doing what it always does a times like this turning on the credit tap to ensure the chinese companies and businesses are insulated from this continuing trade war. well earlier this year china hit american wine with fifteen percent tariffs and that seen many orders put on hold rob reynolds reports from california's wine country. like
4:57 pm
a cascade of green and gold and jewels right sauvignon blanc grapes fall into a press at the one exam lee winery in california's napa valley it's one of many steps toward creating premium wines that sell for as much as one hundred dollars a bottle here in the heart of california's wine country growers have to contend with the weather fluctuating markets taste trends and now a trade war oh we feel when you walk through and see all of this. fear here wonder yoder michael who is afraid that relationships he spent a decade cultivating with chinese wine merchants have now been ruined he saw about twenty five other countries outside of the u.s. and china certainly one of the top two or three after president donald trump placed tariffs on a range of chinese imports in march beijing retaliated with tariffs on u.s.
4:58 pm
agricultural products including wine growers protested but to no avail now u.s. wines are priced out of the chinese market compared with the fruits of chilling in french and australian video the world is getting smaller you see great interest in the chinese culturally they want wine they want the finest things in life they know that not divide produce some of the best wines in the world so we have this great opportunity but the government is putting this huge impediment in front of us it's not just growers here in california as wine country who are feeling the pinch all over rural america including many areas that heavily supported trump in two thousand and sixteen farmers livelihoods are being disrupted by his trade policies trade wars have extremely detrimental effect on on farmers compared to a lot of other industries soybeans is probably the most affected and then
4:59 pm
commodities like pork and sorghum. winery has been in the same family for three generations without expansion into new markets like china he says its future is in doubt generational business i'm trying to create something for the future of my family the fourth or fifth generation holdings that are going to be running this business so what impact is today but it will impact us in twenty and thirty years if we don't do something now a rich harvest amid a season of uncertainty rob reynolds al-jazeera napa valley california australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull says he'll propose a vote on his leadership on friday but that's only if a majority of his m.p.'s ask him to do so in a full letter turnbull says if the motion is passed hill treat it as a vote of no confidence and it won't stand as a candidate he now really want a leadership challenge from the former home affairs minister peter dutton choose day the party room of course made on tuesday and confirmed my leadership
5:00 pm
by a majority so we need to see that there is a majority of members and i need to put their names to the a momentous times and it's important that people are accountable for what they're doing so when i if assuming i get that letter which are rate in the press. as is already in place but perhaps my view isn't we'll see but as soon as i get that mind tension is to held a party meeting at midday tomorrow when the party room meeting is cold invite. a spill motion to be moved if the motion is carried i will treat that as a vote of no confidence and i will not stand as a candidate in the ballot australia's ruling party.


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