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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 235  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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the horrors her family suffered at the hands of security forces in me and more over the years. they beat us they kidnapped as they detained does. google and her family span almost a century in age bonded through blood and displacement they now all live in a single hut located in the world's largest refugee kenya. her son only ahmed first fled rackrent state and came to bangladesh as a teenager he recounts just how awful the crackdown by security forces was in two thousand and seventeen i didn't know at that out of if we couldn't have made our way here we would have been killed like stray dogs muhammad are you his goals graham son in law he says he'll always be haunted by what he seen back home in minus the horrible you know no one could even ask questions about the force disappearances even a brother didn't have the right to ask about his missing brother you understand we had no clue who was disappeared into way we just had to remain silent about it here
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the signs of trauma are everywhere and fear is clearly etched on faces in many ways what's happening to this particular extended family really mirrors what's happened to so many other rohinton who face decades of repression and abuse their hinges aren't just the world's largest group of stateless people they're also among the world's most persecuted minorities. more than anything muhammad ali you've once his children to be able to experience peace and to get justice he says there's only one way that can happen atrocities that are being committed against a middle women should be heard by the international criminal court so that we get justice and if it's not who won't be satisfied. satisfaction is not a sentiment ghoul is familiar with for her pain has been a constant and time continues to be as cruel as life has been hard.
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phil i think one of the things that often gets overlooked or forgotten in the reporting of this story is the fact that roy hinge a have fled before that this is something that's been going on for decades and that this latest exodus is just that it's the latest exodus that happened august twenty fifth of last year were approaching the first year anniversary look there's been a lot of talk about repatriation deals that have been signed between the government to mean more and bangladesh but realistically speaking from your vantage point repatriation isn't happening anytime soon is it. well this is the latest in the worst of the forcing of the rogue out of northern rakhine state i mean certainly the military of myanmar really had a plan and implemented this with real ruthless precision driving these people out and they're not about to allow anybody to come back in that easily i mean what we
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see among the five hundred to six hundred thousand rohingya who are still inside rakhine state is restrictions on movement and lack of livelihoods restriction access to services curfews i mean these people are still completely pinned down in their villages they were dependent on foreign aid for food and other basic supplies and they haven't been getting those for over a year now so since january of this years and generally twenty eight dean we've seen eleven thousand. leaves so the people are still coming out albeit at a lot slower pace than before but people are still being forced to flee so when you start talking about burma trying to put the put the situation together allow these people back first of all you need to have political will which is lacking in the government and the burmese military but then you also have to have the international protection in terms of u.n.h.c.r. president you need to have basic access for international n.g.o.s you have to have
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security guarantees for the road they should have freedom of movement they should have citizenship a whole long list of thing where the burmese government has even started on this and in fact you know what they're really doing is they're trying to play games with the international media they're trying to create the image that they're serious about bringing people back with this group of sixty two that we documented who had been imprisoned and then finally released of this reception center you know they want to say that they're serious they want to blame bangladesh for not sending people back when in fact it's it's burma that is not prepared to receive them and no one should forget that. you can look there are rights groups that have started. saying out the case by which they say that what happened in iraq kind should be considered a genocide and should be considered that by the international criminal court the un says that it's a textbook example of ethnic cleansing there are u.n. officials who have said that what happened bears the hallmarks of genocide but they
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of course that designation has not been made what do you do what do you say to this debate that's going on about whether or not it is just ethnic cleansing or whether it will ultimately be possibly deemed genocide. as my solve it is completely is is quite you can see the denying they are what our identity deny in our citizenship deny him the right to have movement deny him the right to have medical treatment deny him the right to have full deny in their right to have children and career eighteen popular violence and running down your how does and pushing you to the woman entry in aid been blocked and must killing a slow turn in body life this is systematically you know barmy is military and government you know of intentionally destroying our community it is the general side unfortunately the governments you know including even western governments they are. they fear they have to add something so i don't see international community
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any strong willingness to stop this and for that i have to sext straight away you know it's been going on one ear why is taking so long how many really does need to be killed to feel to force to take action you know from international community like u.k. usa e.u. and asean countries we have not seen any stronger action you know even they are is such a shame you know deviating the word genocide crime and us immunity you know this is already you can see how military intention is there intentionally does drain commune as a whole community you know all this is clear unfortunately this is not supporting from government so we need to move we had to bring international criminal court these military moderates me are lying and others to international criminal court because they are and go in impunity is not only atrocities facing in kachin you
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know because sheen schon machine and qur'an many are other minorities in burma they have face must atrocities by this military for we in a year like into the security council must for i.c.c. and. also this is important that you know a stronger effective collective action is needed otherwise we see you know this going to be a stop so this is a general fight everybody need to call everybody need to realize that and that must follow must call for action because turn can in a walk in the you starting at ten can i'm sorry to interrupt it's just that i we're starting to run out of time and i want to ask a follow up question to robert as well robert can we step back for a minute and talk specifically about about bangladesh you know cox's bazar is now home to the largest refugee settlement in the world that's according to the u.n. can you speak to the impact that the refugee crisis is having on bangladesh i'm
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talking about economically i'm talking about environmentally what is causing the bangladesh government one of the or us governments in south asia at least a million dollars a day and that's not including the foreign aid that they get they're also very vulnerable environmentally and terms of political tensions they have an election coming out very different time and this is making that much worse. so i think as being a serious problem for them and there's very little accounting for in countries like nam aren't terms of the damage they cause quite creation this massive refugee crisis and there's no doubt that. one of the main reasons to bring this up and more it's national readers is to limit this as a strategy. because that has had a very dramatic impact on the back of that and feel could you speak specifically
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about the kind of risks faced by rohinton refugees in these makeshift camps in places like cox is bizarre i'm talking about whether it be communicable diseases sexual violence trafficking or just the environment. well the environment is of course completely packed together but it is also an area that is subject to landslides we've done interviews with refugees were building houses that had just gone down the hill and they were trying to build it right back again at the same place i mean. the other reality is that there is no vacuum ration plan for that camp if it's hit by a typhoon the reality is that the bangladesh government is not allowing for construction of permanent structures there because they wanted to maintain and maintain the semblance of being temporary and they want to make sure that you know these people don't feel like they're there for the long haul though everybody
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thinks they probably are because there is no solution for them to go back to burma at this point and so because of that the sort of planning the sort of construction the creation of moving people to new areas where it would be safer for them to be you know out of these areas that are there prone to landslides that's not happening and then the other issues of course are issues of food education health these things are woefully underfunded i mean if you look at what the u.n. agencies have received in terms of their appeal you know your trolley talking maybe one third of the appeal has been funded by the international community so they're just scraping by right now you know and as this you know becomes less of a priority of this drags on the year two or year three unfortunately you would expect that the international community will move their attention somewhere else and there will be less support so you know this is a very very difficult situation for those refugees no and i think ultimately burma
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sort of playing for time here there is you know they're realizing that you know if they just make it difficult for these people to come back if they continue to have the troops on the ground of if they make an example of some of these people like the group that we interviewed that that snuck back in that you know the word will get through the. camp said the return is too dangerous and though to stay in bangladesh which is ultimately i think what burma wants. the u.s. recently announced sanctions on some military and police officials and some specific army units in myanmar what's your reaction to that and what more do you think the u.s. can or should be doing to try to help the situation. i think it's good that is sanctioned but we did not see the main perpetrator you know the main commander in chief me and the negligent tech team i do know why this is the main reason i mean they should target military commander in chief we are lying who is.
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who is the more the muster minded on this rowing or must killings you know that is very important which we should put him though you know. at the same time u.s. government must support the u.n. security council i.c.c. and you know we have not seen u.s. government you know affective action yet us they've been talking a lot but we need to see this. practical action we want to see like you know us should put more pressure to end the problem here is they are still see our dollar is a hope in in burma you know she does that they asked narrative u.s. and u.k. and other countries must change you know there is no way sooty is a whore to solve this issue she is complicit in this gentle sidedness rowing or she is taking us like terrorism issues and others so totally appalling you know
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she is totally no hope at all she is systematically you know denying all their abusers and atrocities against running a we have seen that in many many years now it's been since two thousand and sixteen you know so we must pressure same time and all the government and military you know this need to be done because you know in us still so it is a hope that narrative need to be changed i think she is totally she is denied she is systematically you know on she is. died bought in the issue by farming communities and you know we have seen reform of bill richardson of the form of a now from mexico a new mexico bit of issues that i've already mentioned you know there is no such a talk from our government simulation issue to you can that come to you campbell
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one commission after another they are doing the not want to can we want to see un peacekeeping force you want to see i think there are far out we want to see international protection from us and other u.k. and of the e.u. allies that is done can i'm sorry to interrupt you and we are out of it i don't can't know where we are out of time and thank you very much we're going to have to thank all our guests we are out of time thanks to and can phil robertson and robert templer and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me by how much and the whole team here by for now.
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volcano kill away erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years. they deploy and spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess balej. says native hawaiians family is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. because don did not have the ability to take on every
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network no one's all snooty had to fight all of them big enough to sponsor them as well in search of the missing pieces i was in a really important meeting today for the memories that i like doing to try to tell you that i was not the pakistani when you got the news that bin laden was killed were you surprised or was your reaction oh they found in the place we continue we will but we don't want anyone to know mehdi how sun goes head to head with the film of pakistani foreign minister on al-jazeera. the headlines on. ugandan pop star and opposition leader bobby one has been charged with treason he was rearrested moments after a military court dropped weapons charges against him ones in the last week sparked widespread protests the government denies he was beaten in custody catherine so why
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has more from kampala. it is now in the mind of a good who plays on this is a town in the north eighties about four hours away from he was charged with treason and he's expected to appear again before the high court on the thirtieth of this month alongside thirty three other people who were also arrested last week. after the motorcade of president seventy was stoned during a local election campaign so he's expected on the thirtieth to take up the magistrate didn't you also say that he's a possible doctors should be allowed unfettered access to him. or dead that he gets medical treatment he has when he appeared in court he seemed very very weak and in a lot of pain he was struggling to get up from his seat so. other charges that had
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been filed against him the military court this is possession of firearms and ammunition those charges were dropped but then he was again. moments later arrested by police that's why he ended up at the chief magistrates courts and there has been a lot of his supporters even people have been singing and chanting people power our power that is a. wine usually uses another near south africa's president says he totally rejects donald trump's statement on land reform the us president ordered a study into farm seizures of what he called the large scale killing of follows citing a fox news story one of south africa's biggest. killings twenty year lows the u.k. government has released its contingency plan in the event and leaves the e.u. with alpha day you. may have to pay more for credit card payments in the e.u.
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and businesses could be cut off from investment banks. so these technical notes in the ones that will follow shortly are sensible measured and proportionate approach to minimizing the impact of no deal on british firm citizens charities and public bodies they were vital information and guidance and off to some of the misinformation that's been put about lately some reassurance the united nations is warning of a third wave of the cholera epidemic in yemen is already the largest on record two thousand three hundred deaths and more than one point one million suspected cases have been recorded since april last year humanitarian partners are responding to avoid a large scale resurgence this month or partners are vaccinated more than three hundred eighty five thousand people against cholera in the high risk districts of her data in it for humanitarian colleagues are also disturbed by damage to health and water sanitation hygiene infrastructure due to the conflict access to the services is
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crucial to prevent another cholera epidemic all parties to the conflict must meet their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure china and the u.s. are imposing twenty five percent taxes on sixteen billion dollars worth of each other's goods and the latest round of tariffs since the trade will began in july the u.s. wants beijing to change what it says fair trade practices china says it's filing a complaint at the world trade organization astray as promised a malcolm turnbull says he'll propose a vote on his leadership on friday but that's only if a majority of his m.p.'s ask him to do so in a formal letter turnbull says he treated as a vote of no confidence merrily won a leadership challenge on tuesday. saudi arabia has denied reports that it's calling off plans to sell shares in state oil company a ram called russia's news agency earlier quoted senior sources saying the float
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had been cancelled but some of these energy minister insisted that it would happen but those are the headlines on al-jazeera what this is coming up next. where i'm going. and
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