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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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these people are just crossing weather and they're hoping to make it to could by saturday when the passports restrictions and three into effect in basque country produce seems to be the final destination for many of the people we've talked to here however there are families that have been stranded that are still stranded here it may be because some family members do have others so they want to continue together they want to continue legally and they're trying to decide what to do so there's a situation here remains in flux but definitely the main consequences of a close this season so far has been an increase in legal immigration and people crossing illegally finally on friday because the crucial judging people is expected to decide on the. on humanitarian grounds that will arrive at some point on friday in that case we probably see again an increase in the number of people
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crossing illegally here right al sounds around the idea room a chalk i thank you. the rebels and yemen say dozens of children have been killed in saudi led airstrikes because the t.v. is reporting air strikes targeted a camp for internally displaced people who dated during the district thirty one people mostly children reportedly killed the u.a.e. is part of a saudi like coalition and says that has these hit one of their cancer earlier killing one child they say now because he is a journalist and commentator he joins us from sana hussein what else do you know about what happened it's a scam. of course one of the medical team needed by medical health center in that area and he said that the number of the civilians that were killed thirty one including twenty two children for a woman. strikes. first targeted. villages. in a dreamy area south of data killing five five people injured and another to. be
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able in that area who lives in those homes who were under. attack they tried to get into one of the buses in that area twenty six mainly women and children trying to flee the area talk that both they will try to leave the area then a second. strikes targeted there that was killing everyone in the twenty six civilians. this course is just coming just a week or so after the horrible incident where all those children were killed on a bus is this sort of escalation and what's happening to civilians. this city show you that the saudi actually doesn't care about what's happening in yemen they haven't came with any result of what they say they will investigate
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about the school bus and now they targeted another area another boss killing thirty one civilians and they believe that the saudis will continue doing so they have killed more than fifteen thousand civilians by direct strike for the last three years and i believe if the united nation will not conduct their own investigation will not send a team to yemen to investigate those type of crimes i believe that the saudi that coalition will continue to do so and we remember that the bus that was the school bus that was targeted. they have the saudi have used. eighty eighty two american made bomb and i believe that. strike they might have used the same because you have been we don't they know we don't know that yet we don't know that yet but we will definitely say how the international community responds to this latest civilian tragedy saying albuquerque thank you very much. united nations is
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warning of a third wave of the cholera epidemic and yemen the outbreak is already the largest on record and the numbers could rise twenty three hundred deaths and more than one point one million suspected cases have been recorded since april of this year. humanitarian partners are responding to avoid a large scale resurgence this month or partners of vaccinated more than three hundred eighty five thousand people against cholera in the high risk districts of her data and if more humanitarian colleagues are also disturbed by damage to health and water sanitation hygiene infrastructure due to the conflict access to the services is crucial to prevent another color epidemic all parties to the conflict must meet their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure has twitter bio describes him as one ghetto child that has something to say for music but they've gone dancing or turned lawmaker bobby wine has now been charged with treason at a civilian court he was rearrested shortly after military prosecutors dropped
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weapons charges against him the opposition leaders and michelle detention last week sparked violent street protests the government has denied accusations that he was beaten while in custody this footage however shows him limping on crutches as he left the military court authorities accused rallying up supporters to attack president the seventies convoy with stones catherine soy has the latest from kampala. well bobby wine is now in remonde in a prison in the town in the north that's about three hundred kilometers from kampala he was charged with treason and he is going to be in remind until the fifth of this month when he's going to appear before quilty again we think two other people who are arrested last week and also charged with treason we're told that on that date will the expected but the issue of being also going to be discussed now
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the magistrate in. also ordered that he's possible doctors be allowed unfettered access to him and that he should be given medical attention before that he. was being tried at the military court or those charges that were preferred against him have since been dropped and the reason why he was in the military court is because of the nature of those charges possession of firearms and ammunition that only the military is allowed to have a lot of people saying that those charges what trumped up in the all this has caused a lot of uncertainty and tension particularly here in kampala. so a huge presence of soldiers and police in several areas conceded hot spots people being prevented from gathering or trying to get to the city center some opposition he does what also blocked from leaving their homes by
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security forces in fact one of those opposition leaders keys abbess it was arrested right in his compound as we watched. plenty more ahead in the news hour and kerning president donald trump wades into south africa's controversial land reform debate. the prime minister struggles to hold on to this position malcolm turnbull faces another leadership vote. and sport will tell you why tiger woods has a chance to win nine million dollars from one round of golf. sixteen billion dollars of new u.s. tear us tariffs have come into force on chinese goods is the trade war between the two economic giants goes to the next level that came into effect a few hours ago in china responded with similar taxes it's also announce it is filing a complaint with the world trade organization each impose twenty five percent taxes on billions of dollars worth of the other's products the u.s.
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is targeting a chinese chemical electronic and industrial goods fifty billion dollars worth of goods on each sides have had tariffs added since july adrian brown has more from beijing. well as advertised china has retaliated against the united states imposing a twenty five percent tariff on some sixteen billion dollars worth of u.s. goods in the past few months of course china has accused the united states of being responsible for the biggest trade war in history so no sign of this dispute ending anytime soon talks though are continuing in washington between officials from the u.s. treasury department and china's finance ministry the chinese side insists that it was the united states that invited china to take part in these talks but president donald trump has said he doesn't believe these negotiations will achieve very much of more concern to china right now is the fact that the u.s.
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trade representative's office is currently hearing arguments for and against allowing the united states to impose additional tariffs on some two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods if that were to happen it would hurt not just china but also the u.s. consumer because it would involve products such as bridle grounds parts for bicycles the sort of stuff every day consumer items here in china no sign of panic so far as we enter the second month of this trade dispute chinese consumers though are starting to spend less there are signs that the consumers are are tightening their belts on the horizon they see an economy in china that is slowing and they also see another red flag debt that debt pile is getting bigger because china's government is doing what it always does a times like this turning on the credit tap to ensure the chinese companies and
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businesses are insulated from this continuing trade war. racial tensions in south africa have been running high for decades and now with just one tweet president donald trump has managed to inflame an already tense situation by weighing into the debate over land ownership and its we trauma now trump announces his secretary of state might pompei oh we're closely study the south africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers trumps tweet followed a segment on fox news that said south african government is now seizing land from white farmers truck calling it large scale killings really doesn't comport with the facts according to agra as say a group of hundreds of agricultural associations the killing of white farmers is actually at a twenty year low forty seven were killed last year at the peak of the violence in one thousand nine hundred eight one hundred fifty three were killed it is a sensitive topic because seventy two percent of land in south africa is in the hands of those farmers despite white people making it eight percent of the
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population that's why president cyril ramaphosa announced plans to allow the expropriation of land without compensation the government says it will now speed up land reform in a way that doesn't divide the nation the minute miller has been gauging the reaction from farmers and bella bell and popo province. the debate around london spoke ration without compensation is a very emotive one here in south africa the government says it supports the exploitation of land without paying for it as part of its land reform program but white farmers in particular say it will kill the agricultural sector and harm the country's economy and the economy now they say they are better ways of including landless black people in the agricultural sector and in that way empowering them and we spoke to a farmer earlier who's attending this land summit in bella bella in the limpopo province who says while farmers understand that injustices of the past have led to
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the vast majority of farming land being in the hands of the white minority the government has to reconsider its stance i think at the moment the uncertainty that that's in this whole discussion really really makes us feel threatened because you don't know we we're going to be in a year star so we certainly creates uncertainty i think in the past two weeks we've got some clarity from government coming government surely come come also to this learned by to go and give some assurance on what they planning to do how they are farmers who say this is an opportunity for the government to boost the economy and give rural communities a chance to participate i think that the issue of land expropriation is an issue that's been coming a long way in the struggle for liberation in south africa it's therefore an emotive issue and an economic issue is really a struggle about economic freedom and the liberties of people to live and work where they wish to as the government grapples with details of just how it will go
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about expropriating land for the fuse been added to the fire following a tweet by u.s. president donald trump saying learned is being seized from white farmers now the government says trump's tweet. it is offensive and crude and it will do you with this through diplomatic channels and its relationship with the us remains intact despite some in accuracies in that tweet is of african governments now has to do some damage control. and john campbell is a senior fellow for africa policy studies at the council on foreign relations and former u.s. department of state foreign service officer who joins us from washington d.c. we appreciate it very much so. senator bob corker u.s. senator a very conservative senator from from tennessee when he was asked about the tweet from donald trump and in relation to south africa he said it sounds to me like a base stimulation message was donald trump talking to with that tweet he
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oh in so far as senator corker is accurate i would suspect that the president was addressing those who feel left out those who find the modern world fusing and difficult and to me there are overtones of racism in the president's tweet as well so steam do you think he was speaking specifically domestically or are there who are the people in south africa that hear this message and it resonates with them the way he clearly means it. i don't think he was speaking to people in south africa at all i think what he did was he took an issue which has had some highly confused and often inaccurate commentary here
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and is exploiting it essential for domestic purposes i don't think the intended audience of south that is south africa at all and let's talk more about that because yes that this issue is is rife with misconceptions misinformation what do you think are is the biggest misunderstanding about about this expropriation there are two there are two big issues of the first is a fundamental misunderstanding that south africa is a constitutional democracy with an end dependent judiciary a strong set of government institutions and a very lively civil society the a.n.c. government the government of cyril ramaphosa cannot simply do anything it likes parliament cannot do anything it likes in south africa there is a democratic system in which there's certain resemblances to do you know the united
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states in that power is diffuse. that's a fundamental misunderstanding i think in this country in this country when ever the words redistribution of land or expropriation without compensation when those words are used people instantly think of zimbabwe and robert mugabe. they do not understand that south africa is a very very different country. ok i am going going forward and do you think that the plan as it has been put forth. can be successful. well there are a number of different land reform plans that are under consideration there is a general agreement in south africa on the need for land reform but there is no
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consensus about how to go about doing it and there are a variety of ways that it can be done for example the government owns substantial amounts of land there is also a substantial amount of land that is felled by tribal trusts land in those two categories is easier much easier to redistribute than land that is in private ownership. in terms of land in private ownership the situation is considerably more complicated than the rhetoric would allow for in south africa as in the united states increasingly large commercial farms are operated by corporations they're not operated by small family farmers again just as there's an important distinction to be may between a land in urban areas and land in rural areas the shortage of
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land for occupiers in urban areas is pretty acute. witness the townships around every major south african city those land issues are going to require solutions quite different from rural areas again in this country in the united states when you talk about land reform the image is what happened in zimbabwe where white farmers were expelled through violence from their farms the land reform issues in south africa are very different and they are bounded by the rule of law ok and john campbell you really appreciate your expertise on this thank you thank you still had on al-jazeera. off to some of the misinformation that's being put about late summer showing. how the u.k. government plans to keep the medicine and they're coming if they can't get it back said dale and some of the world's most distinctive sports stars that are unexpected
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to mention to a church service in mexico. hello we're here across much of the we are watching dry conditions still stay in place for much of the area but we are seeing some clouds here pushing across the caspian from baku that doesn't really mean much today we don't expect to see much in terms of rain maybe temps are there about twenty nine degrees a little further to the south still quite hot for many areas across parts of iraq down through kuwait city forty seven degrees for you the humidity maybe starting to creep in just slightly as we go towards saturday with attempted there of about forty six for baghdad remains quite hot as well forty six degrees there well across the middle east in down towards rayburn but in so we are watching temperatures
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really staying average for this time of year but the military is quite oppressive in this area we're going to be seeing that stay in forty over the next few days with doha about forty degrees here on friday maybe making its way to forty three were clouds in the forecast across parts of oman that could be seen and saliva you could be seeing a temperature there of about twenty six degrees then very quickly across parts of south africa well we are watching one follow boundary that has pushed through we are going to sing another system making its way over the next few days towards cape town that's going to be bringing rain showers not on friday but we do think on saturday in the afternoon with attempt a few about fourteen degrees. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise you have to go from all the potential of this and that this is a plus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beating. is helping the pakistani community to find
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a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al jazeera. al jazeera. where every year.
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it's out there and these are the top stories the united nations has urged south american countries to ease entry for venezuelans playing in a deepening economic crisis it's concerned about new border entry controls in ecuador and peru aimed at limiting the number of people coming at. the rebels in yemen say dozens of children have been killed in saudi airstrikes thirty t.v.'s reporting air strikes targeted a camp are internally displaced people and to date as to rainy district thirty one people mostly children were reportedly killed ugandan opposition leader bobby wine has been charged with treason he was rearrested moments after a military court dropped weapons charges against ten his initial detention last week sparked widespread protests. as president donald trump has responded to speculation about impeachment following the prosecution of two former top aides as
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former lawyer michael cohen employ catered to how many pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws he says he did so it trumps direction at an interview with fox and friends trump said there would be an economic crash if he were removed from office i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job. i'll tell you if i ever got impeached i think the market would crash i think everybody would be very poor. because without this thinking you would see you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe. she joins us live from washington d.c. of course there's no way to quantify the president's speculation about what would happen because the economy is more than one person but having said that does he have a point that if things are in etc etc ad that maybe there would not be an impeachment well i think he's right to be confident that there will be no impeachment for now
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that all depends on the democrats taking the house of representatives in the november midterm elections but there's an irony that the democrats don't want to run on impeachment by the fact the democratic leadership is telling its cons it's not to even mention impeachment in the election campaign because there is this fear that that will that will embolden and scare trump base and make them go to the polls in droves because this will turn into a referendum on impeachment and that will be the democrats have no chance of taking the house it's quite probably pretty safe right now anyway as far as as far as impeachment is concerned and a lot depends on those november elections and anyway even if the democrats do take the house in november will take a very courageous democrat to try to impeach trump on campaign finance violations because let's face it the democrats are part of the campaign finance swamp here in d.c. as well so the right to be rather confident right now as far as impeachment is concerned all right i mean that interview trump is also very critical at the justice
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department he is often taken to twitter as well to be very critical of the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions and sessions usually doesn't respond that's not really the case this time. no i mean he has responded before and usually when trump trump goes off to sessions personally i think it was a similar occasion in february this time in that fox interview trump said sessions had never really taken control of the justice department what kind of man is sessions trump for taking the job and recusing himself from the russia investigation however trump did say in that interview that he would stay on involved but then we have one of trump's golfing buddies senator lindsey graham said telling reporters just a few hours ago that is far as he's concerned sessions' days are numbered in that they will probably be fired or should maybe off to the midterm elections that lots of speculation wording that is true then how much of a d.o.j.
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public justice shake up there might be what implications there might be for the entire russia investigation however if all that does happen it does open up trump to more allegations of obstruction of justice indeed jabatan say live in washington thank you. prime minister malcolm turnbull is still clinging to power on the eve of another potential vote on his leadership parliament has been suspended as politicians and his party consider challenging him for the job on friday charlot ballots are parts. malcolm turnbull continues to charge food despite doors closing around him no astray in prime minister has survived the full term in ten years now its term bills to fight the strike will be rightly a poll by what they witnessing in the nation's parliament to die in the course of this week he narrowly won a leadership challenge on choose day behind the scenes former allies have josel to replace him this is a government which had lost the will to leave but i don't even think on tuesday we
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could have seen that cannibalistic be idea of a government whose ageing itself alive some members of temples ruling liberal party don't believe he can lead them to victory in next year's elections and so the rebellion began forty three liberal party politicians must sign a petition requesting a meeting on friday if that threshold is his to treat it as a vote of no confidence he says he will step aside to make his posse hold a new leadership ballot where his replacement will be elected former cabinet minister peter dutton as the front runner earlier this morning i called the other prime minister to advise him that it was my judgment that the majority of the party would no longer support his leadership but doesn't challenge is also controversial the country's top lawyer is investigating his eligibility to hold office there are concerns of a government funding for his businesses taxpayers watched the state as the government ground to
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a halt the leadership chaos leading to the suspension of parliament the house stands adjourned until monday ten september two thousand and eight a chain of. terminals grip on power has lasted three years now he faces an early exit from the strain in politics just like the three prime ministers before him shall have ballasts. place in argentina are searching the homes of former president cristina kirchner as part of an investigation into a corruption scandal they're looking for evidence of multimillion dollar private pay by businessmen in exchange for public works contracts the case centers around eight notebooks kept by a driver working for a government minister more than a dozen businessmen and former officials have been arrested in connection with that case. the u.k. government has released its contention c. plan in the event britain leaves the e.u. without a deal minister out why would he call practical advice for people and businesses
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lawrence lee reports from london. there was a time during the long saga of breck's it when prime minister to resign may used to say maybe his best move are no deal for britain is better than a bad deal for britain for i said on many occasions that no deal is better than a bad deal by which she meant that falling out of the european union without a trade deal was better than one which didn't reflect the referendum results but now it's becoming clear what no deal might look like and it's giving people the shivers food shortages if fresh produce rots at the border already stockpiling tins is actively being talked about would airports close down heathrow has borrowed a billion dollars to protect itself against grounded flights would no deal mean economic collapse because businesses without fail to continue to see plans take money factures would close up shop they'd need to be used to since they started leave on mass the pound which tumbles we've never seen before with the government survived things like giant manufacturers shutting down and moving out does the
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government's even have a plan breakfasters those who wants a clean break with the european union dismiss all of this is what they call project fear a deliberate attempt to undermine a democratic vote to leave the e.u. it will be absolutely foreign they say and indeed some argue that the little economic hardship is a price worth paying for the u.k. to regain its sovereignty or no deal breadth it would test that theory to destruction the first batch of advice from government calls on businesses to protect themselves from a new pile of red tape and bureaucracy that currently doesn't exist the nervous looking minister spent much time wiping the sweat from his top lip is of course in relation to those in the current. trading links with the e.u. there will be some extra changes that they'll need to be advised of the sensible thing to do is to give practical advice and work with them to make that
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a success come with me. and to get that thing. this sense of impending disaster the idea that politicians of fiddling while the u.k. burns has struck many is sufficiently surreal that it has a comic value this video comparing it to the titanic disaster perhaps the very best expression of people's worst fears anything could happen nothing can be ruled out barnsley al-jazeera london. floodwaters are receding in the indian state of curler which has seen its worst floods in a century or than a million people are in temporary relief camps after their homes were washed away more than two hundred people died this month after downpours began hammering carolus setting off devastating floods andrew thomas is there. the rise in the official number of dead is not because people are dying now it's because bodies are being found of those who died at the end of last week and over the weekend as the floodwaters recede and people are clearing out the months those bodies in some
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cases within it a political argument is now going on india as well between the state government in kerala and the national government in delhi delhi has turned down the financial assistance of countries predominantly in the middle east where many people from care a lot of work and all the hundred million u.s. dollars worth has been offered but politely refused by delhi carola is saying in that case delhi needs to make up the shortfall and so far there's no direct sawing of that there's also a blame game going on who was to blame for these floods was it just the terrain to run on avoidable or was it years of environmental mismanagement allowing people to build too close to rivers and too much pollution in those rivers as well didn't help many a saying plastic bottle flow sorts of things clogging up. i mean the water had nowhere to go when that huge amount of rain came down and finally there was the arguments about management of dams and reservoirs when the eggs to run through
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rains began many of the reservoirs in kerala were already near capacity people are saying water should have been released much earlier but in smaller quantities rather than waiting until they were about to burst their banks and then letting all that water go once they're saying this was a disaster that could have been prevented is a powerful hurricane as approaching hawaii carrying winds of up to two hundred sixty kilometers an hour their national space station captured these pictures of hurricane lane the states government has shut down schools and sat at the back away and centers all the hurricanes we can slightly emergency workers are worried about possible floods and landslides. we do not want to see what happened in puerto rico and we do that by making sure we're prepared and it's .


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