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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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they dance by are in a political party and choose to vote in someone else out a protest vote but being look very difficult for the new prime minister then the numbers are very precarious and the liberal party is not prepared for a federal election at this stage that we're doing everything that they can to try and hold that possibility of but they're got members that are it never will the national party we've been in they've got men in coalition threatening to me to be crossed so very difficult still very unstable and astroland will be asking themselves what if anything has changed or what are we gaining out of this change in the prime ministership. to uganda now a musician turned opposition politician bobby y. has been charged with treason he was re-arrested just minutes after being freed by a military court where he'd been accused of inciting his supporters to attack a convoy carrying president yarima seventy catherine sawyer reports from camp allah
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. this is the man many ugandans had been wanting to see you wind up popular musician and member of parliament appeared as a military court in the north and town of good looking weak and in pain he had been in military cassidy's since last wednesday he was arrested following violence in local election campaigns in the north after president yoweri in the seventies motorcade was attacked the state withdrew the military leaders charges of possession of firearms and ammunition. said free i'm less than him one out of georgia. it was an emotional moment for wine but he was not really free in your chair when you want to and they're arresting him now he was immediately taken to a magistrate's court where he was charged with treason with intent to do harm to the passing of the president of the republic or uganda i don't know fully.
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understand moved towards them. and smile she's. the real wind screw over the prison. in kampala the government's deployed police and soldiers in some parts of the city that i've seen as hot spots including where we are right now trying to prevent people from gathering or trying to get to their town since our security forces also blocked several opposition politicians from leaving them. has been arrested and detained often over the years was again taken by police he had talked to the media cutting off spinning people to be cutting off forty million people. yeah. what. we what. the magistrate ordered that wind gets argent medical care that doctors be allowed and he did
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access to him he will remain in cassidy until the end of the month when he appears in court the thirty two is also charged with treason that was. all the while he supporters including cheered him on saying the wintry lengths until he's from the. compound. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including that carol as the worst floods in a century sent more than a million into shelters and environmentalist believe it could have been avoided preparing for the worst why braces for the impact of harken lamed and sport which two of goals but his name stay up for a nine million dollars showdown is here with that story. doesn't bob where now with the highest court are set to rule on an appeal by the
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opposition against the result of last month's presidential election and they say alliance leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president assad a man and god were zanu p.f. leaders an organization has been postponed until the court delivers its verdict. well a credible voice as important to lifting international sanctions as a boy tries to move away from the shadow of robert mugabe's thirty seven year old ninety three year old mugabe was removed by a military intervention last november that then vice president. was appointed interim president he had been mugabe's right hand man until the fall out with wife grace of god won narrowly won last month's election the first post independence vote without mugabe but the opposition has. refuse to accept what it calls fake results well let's get more on this now we're joined by a chilly day today on war and africa affairs analyst and author of when author of
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how to win elections and africa and he's joining us from lagos nigeria very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so what ever way the quarter falls do you think that the government and the opposition will accept the results. will i think that the government has a certain loser because the girl moves in there's the. what's there but we can get. international community that has been. supportive of the government. well most. weird to find the good news turn again. however you can see what. i am almost. you know. in d.c. . and with me because. there was.
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an electoral commission. and mr jenner on what if the court rules in favor of the p.f. party can we expect do you think the same sort of protest that we saw following the election. always. lourdes. we remember that people don't need when there were protests before. the citizens on the streets only friends with them because. essentially a solution you need stems on this goes in the business the chicks are looking to. and including complete with each. world so you look at
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food as soon as people out there bank. all of the companies involved with the past few weeks where there's nothing in the bible give us one year in themselves. so if the courts that were are a judge went into surgery on it it's the cards they still consider what has happened the last two nights. and what they thought of the meeting to get what you can so our group going down does that it was isn't it yeah but a good many people decide to be asinine because you know. it's because that was what shows. in at least me how is he a villain and at least give him some powerful way and do you think that the government and the authorities have learned any lessons from what happened after the election when we saw protests and the crackdown by security forces that so i think at least some six people killed in those protests. i think so but i
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meant a lot but i certainly will remember that just yes to do as it is they who administered by the school's charges or what secular president says because we didn't. integration was listened to twelve and surely does that she hadn't even heard it before she's only getting through that i'm really just in the hours. and the family were ready to just relax it good it was that on the road shows him of this is not his innocence was i think those shown the little guts about me see that it was it was it that for months that it was africa since actually there was something dark i think it was this loud and clear enough. this is actually very much for your time and your analysis on this that is today
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today on more of joining us live from lagos well let's go to our correspondent home and toss and now she is joining us live from the capital what is the atmosphere there like as we wait for this important ruling. everyone is waiting this newspaper here and i suppose that all people will be watching the proceedings from home from the office of restaurants from hotels waiting for the ruling that the private. belongs to the state they are very confident that. they that you know gratian will be within forty eight hours that made that a sunday. that the opposition lawyers fight in court. could be brought with it could be laid down if they didn't really give enough evidence to prove if it was. but they for example that all they need to do is get the nine judges to say that the elections won't run properly. meet in about an hour
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or so they will make their ruling saying that someone has been declared a winner that person this one within forty eight hours or they could order a recount or. which has to happen within sixty days or in the meantime everyone's waiting both sides confident that they will be declared the winner and all political leaders are telling their supporters to remain calm not to go on the streets not to cause violence once the ruling has been announced very much for that we would of course be going back to do as soon as that court now that is how to. thank you. that's we want to be a million people remain displaced from their homes in the state of kerala. recovers from the worst floods and. and sherry rennie and i are questioning whether the disaster could have been avoided and as andrew thomas reports from the town of karbala some blame overdevelopment and the mismanagement of reservoirs. hundreds of
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people have died more than a million fled their homes but how that trip was carolyn's disaster the quantity of rain was unprecedented two and a half times the normal figure for office so far but environmentalists say properly managed its land and rivers would have absorbed it and channeled it to the sea over development in flood plains is to blame left but. claiming that even as an wetlands for other uses that one of them a good thing which we did was to do it another way the flood plains of the form of pride he was on about plants what are they going to accommodate on morsels of water . the floods were made worse a environmentalist by quantities of plastic rubbish clocking rivers stopping them flowing fast and really instead the rivers burst their banks but even with those issues the floods say some could have been avoided aside from the long term impact
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of environmental mismanagement and pollution there is another way that some here are seeing this as a manmade disaster they're blaming those who manage the dams and reservoirs carola has fifty three large reservoirs where the collective capacity of nearly seven trillion liters of water they are managed primarily for hydro electricity production and irrigation for farmers many operators are reluctant to let the water go when it's not needed so they were near capacity before the worst of the rain fell when it did the water had to be suddenly released to stop dam walls breaking people think infrastructure is a security against flood but more of the flood waters did not come from the rain they come from the releases off their downs never happened before if we know too much rain is coming dams should. releasing water as gently and not impounding the last drop and then flooding people's out of their homes it's likely no one fact cools to care of this flooding but human activity and inactivity seem to have made
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it worse andrew thomas al-jazeera called them. now the outer bands of hurricane lane have reached hawaii people in honolulu on the island of oahu have been warned to expect flooding and landslides the hurricane has been downgraded still packing winds of up to one two hundred and ten kilometers an hour schools and universities have been closed to adam urgency shelters. but let's get more on this now we're joined by jay gray he's live for us in honolulu ah people leaving j.t. they know about the storm. oh yeah absolutely the opportunity elizabeth to leave at this point has just about in the airlines have really closed down any flights on or off the island this point until the storm says look here in honolulu we've seen the wind intensified times the surf been growing for hours here rain it's been on and off we're getting
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a break right now that's the good news but this storm the system is slow down a bit that means that the worst that lane has to offer for this area is likely still on the way at this point we have seen dramatic and extensive flooding across the aisle and shane we are seeing also some power lines that are down because of the strong wind so this is a storm that's massive and moving very slowly the worst of conditions in some areas could continue for twenty four to thirty six hours a lot to deal with for a long time here elizabeth and how are tourists dealing with that or jay why obviously a very popular place for tourists. there's a great point we have three hundred thousand to a. across the islands right now and the big concern for officials here is that a lot of those tourists have never dealt with a hurricane they don't under stand the conditions they don't understand how this
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thing moves and berries and and when it's safe and when it's not safe so they've really done a hard sell to a lot of those who are here saying stay out of the way of this storm don't go down to the beach don't get caught up in the waves may look safe right now but things are changing rapidly and we're going to see the conditions really start to deteriorate into the evening and up and through saturday morning here so a lot of worry about that the hotels have set aside areas in their basements away from the beach front where visitors who don't feel safe in their rooms can go and ride the storm out there thank you very much for that great with the naysayers from the con and it is thank you. well in a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin has more on the rain flooding in taiwan still ahead on the news our signs of trouble in saudi arabia as that haunted me as it tries to murder away from dependence on oil exports. how activists are helping to mark the under porter the death of those who try to make it to the
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united states and new zealand's rugby team aims to maintain one of the sport's the longest unbeaten record of course here with that story. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. from the central pacific with hurricane lane to the western pacific here with these other storms we have some storms up to the north we have tropical storm cimarron as well as we're not going to talk about those right now because they are moving away from land still a lot of rain with those but i want to take you down towards taiwan we're talking not a typhoon not a tropical storm we're talking a tropical depression in this area that has provided some incredible amounts of rain over the last twenty four hours actually eight hundred forty millimeters of rain just in the last twenty four hours across this area that's actually two
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month's worth of rain for taiwan i want to show the video that has come out of this area with the people dealing with that amount of rain a lot of flooding in the streets we have seen two deaths because of the flash flooding in the area as well as massive power lines across many areas of the island this is going to and forty continue for the next several days because this tropical depression is not moving anywhere anytime soon take a look at the forecast map here on saturday notice the circulation across the island we do expect to see still maybe two hundred possibly three hundred more millimeters of rain across this region as this area of circulation it probably still a tropical depression could become a tropical storm but either way still very heavy rain. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty years his disappearance remained tragic
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in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi his downfall in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world investigates the case of the vanished in. and out to syria. al-jazeera. ever your.
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good to have you with us on the. top stories. a camp in yemen has reportedly killed at least thirty one people in the media say it happened today the province a new human rights watch report says the coalition's investigations into an age war crimes have lacked credibility. has a new prime minister malcolm turnbull lost a second challenge in a week former treasurer scott morrison has been sworn in as the leader and is. politics which would force a by election and could see the liberal party lose their majority and zimbabwe's highest court is set to rule on the opposition's challenge to the result of last
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month's presidential election. since the vote was rigged in favor of president and the. minister is warning that a military solution in the syrian province of would be a disaster he made the comment after meeting the russian foreign minister and syrian government forces of sending reinforcements to surround which is the last remaining rebel held province the military has been on the move in neighboring hama and the government is also dropping leaflets urging people to resist meanwhile negotiations with the rebel groups are said to be happening but one of them. has promised to fight to the end well let's get more on these talks now we're joined by our correspondent is live for us in moscow any agreement on what's going to happen clearly. there's some difference between russia and turkey. you know the turkish foreign minister came here basically trying to make it clear
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to russia that he does not want ankara does not want the same kind of treatments to be meted out. by russia and damascus as damascus and russia are meted out to the other deescalation zones all of which are basically foreign now to government forces he basically said that the yes you have to have a separation between as he put it terrorists from the civilian population in in it live but this needs to be done carefully using force would be a catastrophe and a disaster he pointed out that turkey already has three million refugees and this is struggle enough the implication being that it doesn't really want anymore to be flowing across borders into turkey so he had a clear message for russia there is russia listening well when lavrov was asked about whether there would be a military solution for he kind of skirted around the issue saying that it was
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a very complicated. obviously is. some hesitation in russia of the moment about whether to do this or not the damascus troops are there surrounding it but the green light does not yet seem to have been given by moscow they are not ruling it out but they certainly don't seem to be particularly keen on the idea of a full scale military assault at the moment either that's what about any progress story on a political settlement here. well you know this is where there seems to be more agreement between russia and. they of course have been working together with iran in the starter format over the past many months really and they are in the process of kind of finalizing this constitutional committee and there had been talk of
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a disagreement that moscow didn't like the opposition list of candidates drawn up for this constitutional committee. so that wasn't the case that moscow has handed this responsibility to ankara and therefore you know it's ankara that is. primarily in the driving seat there in moscow doesn't really have any complaints with it this list being submitted to do mr or is then going to be taken on to geneva to be talked about properly properly there there is of course discussion as well going on about the next time the putin and rouhani and earlier when i go to meet to discuss syria there has been we are told in this press conference a date agreed on for that meeting is going to be taking place in iran in the coming weeks but although the date has been agreed it's not being announced yet so we'll have to wait a little bit longer to find out exactly what it is royce thank you very much for
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that for now that is void chalons with the very latest live in moscow thank you. now ukraine's military is putting on a show of force to mark twenty seven years of independence from the soviet union u.s. national security adviser john bolton attending after talks with russia is expected to discuss the war and the rebel held east with president petro poroshenko on thursday five ukrainian soldiers were code the conflict has seen more than ten thousand people killed since it began and twenty fourteen twenty fifteen cease fire has repeatedly broken down. saudi arabia is reportedly looking to borrow money from international banks to help stabilize its economy according to the financial times and the others seeking eleven billion dollars in loans the decision comes after plans to list at state owned oil company aramco the stock market was delayed prince mohammed bin sorry mom was looking to use the new revenue to launch economic reforms including investing in high tech companies like tesla aramco is thought to
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be the world's largest oil company but a drop in oil prices and the war in yemen have affected solve these economy well let's get more on this now we're joined by mom the salami international oil economist and author of over a barrel and he's joining us live from london islam a very good to have you with us on algis the us to saudi arabia borrowing money i mean how much trouble is the economy in. audience are you asking me yes mr may can you hear me this is elizabeth for i can hear you go for you as. well let me out outside of the question then. saudi at a.b.n. it was reported to have withdrawn v.o.i.p. and or of saudi out on call that out of two major reasons why it withdrew
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it the furthest one is that is over and many can really keep geisha and the second one is question marks about saudi proven reserves and devaluation of the ip old as for been a disk over litigate you know the house us house of representatives and the us senate a good read in may two of twenty sixteen it is just lesion by which they remove the soil of the n.p.t. immunity against any government who are citizens were involved in the nine eleven well that will affect saudi any a.b.m. because i mean look case blueish will be followed by many little cases and that means that the government the us government will have to freeze ordered
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saudi investment and funds in the united states the second reason is that the saudi at e.b.'s theme it did their reserves order of evaluation of saudi out on call at two trillion dollars meaning that sending five per cent of that would be a hundred billion but no invest when alberta venture to invest in the ip ole without. an independent audit of saudi arabia's proven reserves saudi arabia say's they have a two hundred sixty six billion barrels of proven reserves while my asked him it. by other experts say the reserves range between seventy four to eighty billion these two amanda reasons were behind the saudi withdrawal of the i.p.o.
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still saudi arabia needs some money that's right middle. as well as as well as with the drop in the ocean those shares the seeking to borrow eleven billion dollars in loans as we've been reporting i mean this is one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds in the world saudi arabia has why is it looking to borrow money how much trouble would you say the saudi economy is and right now. you are pretty here that this saudi it can only has not recovered of the sins the oil of the twenty four pm the saudi budget needs or depends on known people of oil revenue now they need their price above a good balance like other opic above but has to balance their budgets the price has been a lot of money between seventy and seventy five so far so there is
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a long way to go or before the saudi budget is balanced and before the saudi economy is back to a lot of money or i mean for saudi arabia. unfortunately we have run out of time mr salami but we thank you very much for your time on this that is the salami joining us live from london thank you. now the u.n. has called on latin american countries to ease entry for thales. the people fleeing venezuela's deepening economic crisis the call came after neighboring ecuador and tighter entry requirements for venezuela of a latin america editor lucien newman is in the capital caracas. this is sandra angeles's last day at her home in her working class caracas neighborhood she sold everything possible and packed the rest she and her sister her two daughters and
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their four small children prepare to abandon israel. i have to get my daughter out of here before it's too late. for an jellies three year old can't speak since she had a stroke provoked she says by the lack of medicine to treat her repeated convulsions half of them will go to peru the rest to chile to join husbands and sons but sandra is angry. we want to remain here in my beloved venezuela the best country in the world until moderate destroyed it we're leaving half of our family behind our family and smell scattered. indeed oil rich venezuela is an recognizable disease hunger uncontrollable violence and hyperinflation are driving millions from a country where poverty has reached eighty percent president nicolas maduro blames u.s. financial sanctions but they don't begin to explain a crisis that began long before they were imposed
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a year ago. what is happening is of such gravity that it looks as though we were going through a terrible war like syria except there is no war and it's the expectation that things will get even worse it is nourishing the stampede. not that it's easy to leave a passport is worth its weight in gold. i need but help is no way to get a passport and to pay two thousand dollars under the table which i don't have. that's when the passport office official asked us to move away. those lucky enough to have a passport come here to catch a bus going to peru via colombia and ecuador like everything else the bus tickets go on day by day so the people who are lining up here are doing so not to get a new ticket but to pay the difference someone they bought a month ago at four hundred and forty now they have to pay eight hundred eighty one they can't get on the bus it's prohibitive so like many others alexander is leaving
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for peru to try his luck with his pockets empty. a consequent my family. is my baby so i have no choice. as the departure time nears the waiting room begins to look and feel like a mass funeral parlor. husbands wives children and fiances say goodbye to each other and certain what will become of those who leave. or of those who must stay behind a tragedy that's taking place every single day in every corner of the news when. you see in human al-jazeera got access. to the u.s. where an investigation an arizona has found that u.s. border patrol as under reporting the number of migrant deaths activists and officials have spent years compiling a so-called death match and the doctors being used to help identify those who've died and gallagher has more from tucson arizona. if you head north we're going to
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hit this site for years overall enciso has been scaring the sonoran desert with one goal in mind the colombian born artist wants to expose its secrets by honoring the dead along with a team of volunteers alvarez planted six hundred crosses each represents a life lost on a deadly frontier. when the family because there's somebody here that cares or in this to sort of give them a little bit of a voice to the casualties to the fallen heroes in other the me they are fallen heroes do come all the way from there to leave everything behind the to look for a better life here it's. quite a journey that should be. then aerated in some way alvarez works inspired by arizona's so-called death map it's a joint project between state officials and activists that shows close to three thousand people have died.


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