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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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civilians again the victims after saudi led coalition air strike in yemen. or any impact with the fighters say at least thirty one people including women and children have died in an attack on their vehicles in the western province of although some sources say the number of dead is lower. dead children and women discussed in crime. the victims were trying to escape a camp in which the coalition says was being used to launch missiles. hit us while we were on the road. this little boy survived but it's just two weeks since another thirty coalition air strike hit a school bus that killed forty children and eleven adults in what syria arabia declared to be an appropriate military action it was promised to investigate. as more theorems prepare to weep over their children's graves the charity save the children estimates an average of one hundred forty children have been killed every
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day since the beginning of the cellular coalition strikes against peace if the united nations will not conduct their own investigation will not send a team at the yemen to investigate those type of crimes i believe that the saudi that coalition will continue to do so. it's been claimed american made smart bombs were used in the bus attack leading to international condemnation and some calling for the u.s. to abandon its rule in yemen the killings against the u.s. being implicated in the murders in this war crimes is a very strong the charity save the children says that yemen is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child right now because the leaders have in the last few hours called on international bodies to do more to stop the fighting in yemen and they say the international community silence on the attack two weeks ago and this most recent attack is nothing short of shameful alan fischer al jazeera djibouti
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christine back earlier say yemen researcher at human rights force and she says coalition members have failed in their legal obligation to investigate war crimes. i think perhaps more damning is it paints a very different picture than the one we see on the ground that the one yemeni groups are reporting on human rights watch amnesty and others are reporting on in terms of the absolute devastation that coalition airstrikes continue to cause and the many coalition air strikes that appear to not only violate the walls laws of war but the potential war crimes so really what we're seeing is you have this investigative body that says it's credibly investigating but is in fact not at all an accepted an acceptable sort of substitute for the states themselves actually carrying out credible investigations. plenty more to come this hour the u.n. warns a major refugee crisis that's why more venezuelans leave the country desperately seeking a better life. and put your glasses down a major new study says even the occasional alcoholic drink it's bad for your health
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. hello again and welcome back we're here across the southern reaches of asia we are watching the central portions of asia we are watching what is happening here across taiwan because in that area we do have a tropical depression that has formed right there you can see the circulation but just in the last since yesterday we have seen over eight hundred fifty millimeters of rain for taiwan unfortunately the rain is going to continue a least through saturday and potentially into sunday as well you can see all the rain right there the system is going to be a slow mover possibly making its way to the north possibly to the northwest we're going to be watching that track very carefully but the rain also extends down here along the southern coast of china hong kong mostly rain a few with a temperature there of about thirty five degrees over here towards parts of india
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well it is the northern states that are going to be seeing the brunt of the rain over the next couple days you can see all the clouds right there that's going to extend over here towards nepal as well on for to saturday doesn't look much different very heavy rain across much of that area kolkata heavy rain in your forecast with a temperature of thirty three down towards chinari we do expect to see mostly cloudy conditions in terms of thirty four there on saturday and really not much change there but more rain along the southwest coast mumbai rain in your forecast to a twenty seven but better conditions for crutching at twenty nine degrees there. on the streets of greece violence is on the rise you have to go. and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them
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undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. hello again here is a reminder for our top stories on al-jazeera u.s. media says prosecutors have granted immunity to al in the wise old bury the longtime chief financial officer of the trump organization that's part of the inquiry into president donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen pleaded guilty on tuesday to campaign finance violations. zimbabwe's president emerson my god what is calling for unity of the country's top part confirmed his election when the main
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opposition party is challenge the results saying the july thirtieth election was rigged. and human rights watch has accused the saudi led panel investigating war crimes in yemen of lacking credibility and independence it comes of condemnation grows over a coalition air strike and her data which killed at least thirteen people. so it's really has a new prime minister it's fifth and five years scott morrison was sworn in after markham turnbull was forced out of the job in a leadership challenge from his own party morrison is an evangelical christian who voted against same sex marriage and as the architect of australia's hardline policy on refugees kathy novak has this report from sydney. i spoke john morris and this way australia is introduced to another new prime minister about the power not in a popular vote but rather installed by colleagues in the party ballot facing a tough job to ensure that we not only bring now party back together which has been
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bruised and battered this week traditional grandson here is jack malcolm turnbull became prime minister when he pushed out his predecessor tony abbott in twenty fifteen now turnbull is the latest australian leader to leave before the end of his term a strike will be just dumbstruck and so appalled by the conduct of the last week he blames a campaign of what he calls insurgents within his party and outside it who wanted to see the moderate prime minister replaced with a more conservative peter dutton as minister for immigration done and was known for his hard line in foresman of the country's policy of sending asylum seekers to overseas prison camps he first challenge turnbull in a leadership contest on choose day and lost he then demanded another vote on friday saying this time he had the support to win and turnbull didn't run as a candidate how the insurgents were not rewarded by electing mr dutton for example
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but instead the successor who i wish the very best of course scott morrison a very loyal and effective treasurer goals like that in mars and was once immigration minister in charge of controversial asylum policy he had backed turbo to remain prime minister before friday's vote has been a lot of talk this week. i bet he saw it people room in this building. and we're just annoyed he did tell you. is the new generation of liberal leadership . is wearing yourself australians are generally unhappy with what they see as a revolving door system of leadership scott morrison now faces the difficult task of uniting his party before facing the australian public in a federal election in less than a year before that barzan government which has a majority of just one seat is likely to have another electoral test.
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malcolm turnbull says he'll leave parliament soon triggering a byelection for his electorate kathy novak al jazeera sydney. the mass exodus of migrants from venezuela is heading towards a similar scale to the refugee crisis in the mediterranean that's according to the united nations growing numbers are fleeing the economic meltdown and political turmoil in venezuela and today bring brazil and colombia many are even trekking across colombia into ecuador. other sounds around he has see it as their only talk a border crossing that's between colombia and ecuador alexander so what's the latest at the border crossing where you are. well being we had their latest news here is that expected to be in the middle of the night because they are in government thirty two buses to pick up business well and that are stranded the worst i've seen is that illegal crossings the boat people
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with to their past the people that don't have their passports that was that i decision that the interior minister said was made on humanitarian grounds and that again seems to be in contradiction with the restrictions that act where they're put in place just that they need to go among them requiring a passport for venezuelans to cross into act whether which most of them don't have because it has become practically impossible to get a passport in. what they're doing with this possibility bass's is bringing all these people to the border with syria to in time they hope before new restrictions that take effect in peru at midnight on a saturday the other thing that's happening is that just minutes ago. in the back but there were of course to do judges that hearing that balance to the restrictions in place by the weather in the government's decision could come later and
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eventually this judge could decide to do a no all these restrictions. on his hands around p.h.p. were seem to be having some technical issues there but it was really good to get your latest report on this thank you. the united states border patrol is hugely under reporting the number of migrant deaths in the state of arizona that's according to a new investigation activists and officials in arizona have spent years compiling a so-called death map and their data is being used to help identify the many who have died trying to cross the us mexico border from tucson and the surrounding desert and gallagher has this report. head north we're going to hit this site for years over and see so has been scaring the sonoran desert with one goal in mind a colombian born artist wants to expose its secrets by honoring the dead along with a team of volunteers alvarez planted six hundred crosses each represents
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a life lost on a deadly frontier but when the families see that cause there's somebody here that cares doing this to sort of give them a little bit of a voice to the casualties to the fallen heroes you know that the me they are fallen heroes do come all the way from there to leave everything behind the to look for a better life here it's it's quite a journey that should be. then aerated in some way alvarez works inspired by arizona's so-called death map it's a joint project between state officials and activists that shows close to three thousand people have died in the last fifteen years this does it covers an area of more than a quarter of a million square kilometers in the summertime temperatures exceed one hundred degrees at night it gets very cold and yet those seeking a better life continue to try and cross and they continue to lose their lives what's happening here in the borderlands of arizona is nothing short of
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a humanitarian crisis you can see we have some of the long bones from the lower extremities and we have portions of the power of us around one in three of those found to go unidentified karnow gregory has who helped develop the map wants to change that you have somebody is missing and people are looking for them clearly there provide can provide a sense of closure if they are found even if it is kind of tragic but it also provides us a sense of satisfaction to try to answer those questions for families activists say was the number of illegal crossings has fallen migrants are being forced to take bigger risks this is the consequence of paramilitary techniques being used overseas . thousand years of death mapping what we see people are dying closer to the international line and farther from towns and roads we are literally pushing people to their death the sonoran desert has a secret three thousand people have died a year two thousand and listen over all will continue to play crosses in the desert
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it says he doesn't have enough to pay tribute to those who lost their lives and to go across zero tucson arizona and federal authorities in arizona have discovered a drug smuggling tunnel running from mexico into an abandoned k.f.c. fast food restaurant acting on a tip off police arrested the owner of the restaurant which is just two hundred meters north of the border they found a sophisticated tunnel large enough to walk through as well as a stash of drugs which includes cocaine heroin and crystal methamphetamine border agency tunnels are expensive to build but there has been a significant increase since border security was stepped up the outer bands of hurricane lane have reached hawaii people in honolulu have been warned to expect flooding and landslides the hurricane has been downgraded but it's still packing winds of up to one hundred ninety five kilometers an hour schools and universities have been closed and emergency shelters have been set up how winds
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have been stocking up on essential is and boarding up their windows you crazy military has put on a show of force to mark twenty seven years of independence from the soviet union and u.s. national security adviser john bolton was there after talks with russia he was due to discuss the war in the rebel held east with president petro poroshenko five ukrainian soldiers were killed on thursday the conflict has killed more than ten thousand people since it began and twenty fourteen and a twenty fifteen cease fire has repeatedly broken down. pope francis will visit the republic of ireland this weekend it's the first time a head of the catholic church will visit arlen's at almost forty years since then a series of child sex abuse scandals involving clergymen has rocked the catholic church in several countries the irish prime minister says it is time for a new chapter in his country's county's relationship with the church i think what i
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mean is a new relationship between church and state one based very much on respect one based very much. new understanding if you like as to what the role to be played by the church and of the catholic institutions of the state should be i know some people would like a total and absolute separation of church and state would like to banish. all religion from public places in our land in the public sphere in our land i don't think that's what the vast majority of people in our land want. spain's government has passed a decree that paves the way for the former dictator francisco franco remains to be moved franco is buried in a muslim in madrid which the government wants to turn into a memorial for those killed in the spanish civil war his opponents say his tomb is the only remaining one you meant to a fascist leader in europe heads of thousands for of people were killed and imprisoned in a crackdown on dissent during franco's rule from one nine hundred thirty six to one
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thousand nine hundred seventy five. firefighters in germany are battling a major forest far just fifty kilometers southwest of the capital berlin with the added hazard of exploding ammunition the forest is scattered with shells and bombs believed to date back to the soviet live fire exercises in the in former east germany around six hundred firefighters are in the forest and some explosions have been heard more than five hundred people have been evacuated and residents of berlin have been told to close their windows to keep out the smoke. so a study has been found that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption the research spanning one hundred ninety five countries link two point eight million premises or deaths to alcohol it found that two drinks a day increases the risk of health problems by seven percent and an estimated two point four billion people consume alcohol worldwide it rises exponentially with
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consumption so we're very heavy drinker you'll see huge benefits by cutting down by a drink if you're still drinking one drink per day you'll see huge benefits if you are down as well she said ray not every year you have a seven out of one hundred chance of developing one is to decisions when we look at the global population that's an immense amount for the average male drinker it's now consuming around two drinks per day a lot of recommendations still say up to two drinks per day is good for your health want to counter that a bit by really looking at the full spectrum of the research that's been performed on alcohol and you can find much more in our website the address for that is a dot com take a look. again these are the top stories on our jazeera us media say prosecutors have granted immunity to allen weisel burke is a long time chief financial officer of the trump organization weisel burke has
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already been called to testify at this part of the end corey and to michael cohen president all transformer personal lawyer cohen pleaded guilty on tuesday to campaign finance violations the family of u.s. republican senator john mccain says he's talking all treatment for brain cancer mccain announced that he had the disease last year his family says he's quote surpassed expectations for his survival eighty one year old mccain has been a vocal opponent of u.s. president almost from. zimbabwe's president emerson my god is calling for unity after the country's top court upheld his disputed election when the main opposition party challenge the result saying the july thirtieth election was rigged in favor of god it's led to violent street protests but in and out of his decision the constitutional court found the vote was free and fair a lawyer for the opposition says there is still question marks over the legitimacy
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of the vote ultimately they had to quit having spoken. so that the people followed the proceedings. to come up with. solutions but the is serious ligi to me this story is. a saudi led panel investigating war crimes and yemen is being accused of lacking credibility and independence the criticism from human rights watch comes as quantum nation grows over a saudi and we ought to coalition air strike in a data thursday's attack on camp for displaced people reportedly killed at least thirty people and most of them children scott morrison has been sworn in as a stray new prime minister is the country's fifth leader and five years morrison took over after markham turnbull was forced out of the job in a leadership challenge from his own party turnbull says he'll quits politics which would force a by election and could make the ruling liberal party lose their majority while
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those are the headlines next up al-jazeera follows a pakistani migrants who are standing up to neo nazi attacks in greece. look at of what put it in the image just maybe how. would one going to.
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