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tv   From Sugar To Rebellion  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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from neighboring. reports. civilians again the victims after saudi led coalition air strike in yemen. really interact with the fighters say at least thirty one people including women and children have died in an attack on their vehicles in the western province of although some sources say the number of dead is lower. dead children and women are disgusting crime. victims were trying to escape a camp which the coalition says was being used to launch missiles. hit us while we were on the road. this little boy survived but it's just two weeks since another thirty coalition air strike hit a school bus that killed forty children and eleven adults in what surrey rabia declared to be an appropriate military action it was promised to investigate. as more films prepare to weep over their children's graves the charity save the
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children estimates an average of one hundred forty children have been killed every day since the beginning of the circulate coalition strikes against the united nations will not conduct their own investigation and will not send a team at the yemen to investigate those type of crimes i believe that the saudi that coalition will continue to do so meanwhile human rights watch has criticized the panel investigating alleged war crimes in yemen really what we're saying is you have this investigative body that says it's credibly investigating but isn't that not at all an acceptable and acceptable sort of substitute for the states themselves actually carrying out credible investigations the charity save the children says that yemen is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child right now because the leaders have in the last few hours called on international bodies to do more to stop the fighting in yemen and they say the international community silence on the attack two weeks ago and this most recent attack is nothing short of shameful alan fischer al jazeera djibouti.
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ecuador says it's opened a humanitarian corridor to allow buses carrying hundreds of venezuelans to reach proof before its imposes new entry restrictions on such a day now this announcement comes as the un compares the mass exodus of migrants from venezuela to the refugee crisis in the mediterranean and in recent days growing numbers have been fleeing the economic meltdown and political turmoil in venezuela well as other m.p.'s he is at the rooming chalk a border crossing that's between colombia and ecuador so i was on there can you tell us more about this humanitarian corridor. yes look at this if you came as a total surprise. there in government then thirty two buses to go border crossings. all the remaining various whether migrant that were drained this year this definitely. to ation on the border the question is what will happen
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now that out in the south the people will arrive at the border with the day to actually we've talked to any. official of the peruvian government is busy and i think seeing got up to twenty five houses and then it's what am i going to do i arrive at the border in the coming hours and days the question is what will happen there after midnight on saturday as you were saying in your introduction when they're going to start with whining passports and most of these people these people don't have the fastest especially if the new number is that high now that the ecuador is helping them reach that suggests point so while the situation is back to normal here that christ is this apart from holder is just moving through the next point in the journey of all these the destitute of desperate people and i thought i understand there's been a call for more for regional asked for a record nation to deal with the hundreds or thousands of migrants that are
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escaping venezuela can you tell us how whether what their response to that has been . no doubt all the international organizations that are following various crises are saying that the more regional coordination he is needed that they tell you that it is different countries need to stop that and making the decisions on their own without the sort of regional strategy to deal with the crisis what eq weather and other countries are saying is that what's really missing here is the been it's the involvement of venezuela and that's why ek whether i also decided to we were all from which is a regional body that was spearheaded by then it's what i like the president said go childless there saying that's what's missing here and what's frustrating to me is that the lack of political will i'm part of venezuela to recognize the level. the
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crisis in to do something in their country to try and stabilize their economy which all the other countries in the region say is really the only way to start feeling seriously with this the situation on monday and tuesday in bogota the capital of public that there will be a two day meeting of migration proceeds are paid to colombian ecuador to start dealing in a coordinated matter back there. with this situation also like whether called for a regional summit at presidential level a list i made the september again that the thirteen countries are invited to from central america all the way down the south also the also the next well has been invited to that meeting we don't know at this point if they will participate so thank you so much alan sound our amputee who is on the border of colombian ecuador thank you and still to come this hour ukraine's military puts on
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a show of force even us and uses more soldiers in the ongoing battle for the east. and a major new study says even the occasional alcoholic drink is bad for your health. hello there it definitely is turning cooler across europe now it's all thanks to this weather front here it's pulling in some for fresh air the leading edge is bringing us a fair amount of wet weather and that's gradually edging its way eastwards so as we head through the day on saturday then many of us in the northwest will have some cool fresh air with plenty of showers around as well that leading edge of a wet weather will be working its way across parts of poland and into the eastern parts there as we head through sunday it's got a real dramatic change to the weather on it warsaw instead of thirty degrees which
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is what we saw on friday will only be getting to fifteen by the time we get to sunday further south it's still hot for us here bucharest thirty three degrees force in madrid will also be at thirty three across the other side of the mediterranean plenty of fine fettle weather to be found here there's a bit more cloud here and that could just graze the north coast of libya maybe bring us one or two showers but i think for most of us it should be dry atop temperature in june is around thirty one or thirty two degrees as we head through the next couple of days this central belt of africa is where most of the showers are and that's usual for this time of year they will gradually rattle their way towards the west but some of them a quarter long way north now you can see them over the northern part and working just into the southern parts of our cheerio as well. because don did not have the ability to take on everybody in the world no one's also going to get to fight all of them to get enough to sponsor them as well in
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search of the missing pieces of it really important to support for the moment he said i like doing a good clue to what the pakistani puzzle when you go to the news of bin laden was killed were you surprised or was your reaction oh they found in the place we continue we will but we don't want anyone to know mehdi hasan goes head to head with the form of pakistani foreign minister on al jazeera. hello again to our top stories and al-jazeera the u.s. media says prosecutors have granted immunity to. the longtime chief financial officer of the trump organization it's all part of an inquiry into president donald
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trump's former lawyer michael cohen located guilty on tuesday to campaign finance violations. zimbabwe's president emerson money is calling for unity up to the country's top part confirmed his election when the main opposition party had to challenge the results saying the july thirtieth election was rigged. says it's opened a humanitarian corridor that israel and its reach peru before it introduces new entry restrictions on saturday. so a fairly has a new prime minister its fifth and five years scott morrison was sworn in after malcolm turnbull was forced out of the job in a leadership challenge from his own party now more so than if an evangelical christian who voted against same sex marriage and he is the architect of australia's hardline policy on refugees kathy novak has more from sydney are still john morris and this week australia is introduced to another new prime minister brought to power not in a popular vote but rather installed by colleagues in the party ballot facing
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a tough job to ensure that we not only bring now party back together which has been bruised and battered this week traditional grandson here is jack malcolm turnbull became prime minister when he pushed out his predecessor tony abbott in twenty fifteen now turnbull is the latest australian leader to leave before the end of his term a strike will be just dumbstruck and so appalled by the conduct of the last week he blames a campaign of what he calls insurgents within his party and outside it who wanted to see the moderate prime minister replaced with a more conservative peter dutton as minister for immigration doesn't was known for his hard line in foresman of the country's policy of sending asylum seekers to overseas prison camps he first challenge turnbull in a leadership contest on tuesday and last he then demanded another vote on friday
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saying this time he had the support to win and turnbull didn't run as a candidate how the insurgents were not rewarded by electing mr dutton for example but instead the successor who i wish the very best of course scott morrison a very loyal and effective treasurer. like doesn't morrison was once immigration minister in charge of controversial asylum policies he had backed turbo to remain prime minister before friday's vote has been a lot of talk this week about he saw it people room in this building. and what just annoyed me to tell you. is the new generation of liberal leadership is where in yourself australians are generally unhappy with what they see as a revolving door system of leadership scott morrison now faces the difficult task of uniting his party before facing the australian public in
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a federal election in less than a year before that barzan government which has a majority of just one seat is likely to have another electoral test. malcolm turnbull says he'll leave parliament soon triggering a byelection for his electorate kathy novak al jazeera sydney. the world health organization says that you break in the democratic republic of congo has reached a point it's had been dreading a doctor in the east has become the first probable case and what the un calls high insecurity zones that's areas with a dangerous presence of armed groups health workers have used armed escorts in the region the latest outbreak was declared in the town in north kivu that's right aid workers and government officials are being held hostage charlotte bella's has this report. this is a united nations video of a thirteen year old boy and manga the a.p. santa of the latest ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo. is also
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a conflict zone journalist conquered unsafely so the un films. they all died of ebola it was my entire family it was my mama nish away and then my sister is an answer followed another is in the hospital i've lost family members again. this month ebola has spread from the town of manga across two provinces and is now in six locations the area sits stage four on the un security scale stage five is evacuate immediately. it requires a daily risk assessment of how to reach people who vaccinations investigations and psychosocial care fifty three children have been orphaned and the outbreak is i can't just kill myself i must continue to live even in this situation the world health organization has one hundred fifty staff and east india say this week for
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the first time health workers used a military escort to reach a town where a doctor had died of bola because which is almost entirely surrounded by one of the main insurgency groups called the a.d.f. on pretty much all sides of the town and there's been many security issues including. civilian deaths. the a.d.f. or allied democratic forces as a ugandan rebel group it's feiss ambushed a un base in december killing fifteen peacekeepers. where the a.d.f. is the un isn't which opens up blind spots for ebola detection and treatment. but where conflict is complicating the response science is helping us for forty years ebola has been incurable with a fifty percent fatality right but now a breakthrough. more than a dozen people are being successfully treated with to experiment with drugs another three treatments have been approved for use. in hundred others have been vaccinated
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but the concern remains health workers could immunize you can see below but not against the threats of an active conflict zone dallas zero. u.s. president donald trump's national security advisor john bolton says american sanctions against russia will remain in place until moscow changes its behavior bolton was in care of as ukraine celebrated the anniversary of its independence from the soviet union with a military parade of the u.s. imposed sanctions against russia over its two thousand and fourteen alex station of crimea support for pro russian rebels in eastern ukraine and the meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election which moscow denies on thursday five soldiers were killed in eastern ukraine and president petro poroshenko apologized for promising in twenty fourteen of the conflict would be over within hours more than ten thousand people have died in the war spain's government has passed
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a decree that paves the way for former dictator francisco franco's remains to be moved franco is buried in a muslim in madrid it which the government wants to turn into a memorial for those killed in the spanish civil war his opponents say his tomb is the only remaining monument to a fascist leader in europe tens of thousands of people were killed and imprisoned in a crackdown on dissent during franco through from one nine hundred thirty six to one nine hundred seventy five. federal authorities in the u.s. state of arizona have found a drug smuggling tunnel running from mexico into an abandoned k.f.c. fast food restaurant acting on a tip off police arrested the owner of the restaurant which is just two hundred meters north of the border they promised a piss take a to tunnel large enough to walk through as well as the stash of drugs which included cocaine heroin and crystal meth amphetamine. it is friday night here in london where many will be reaching for
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a glass or glasses of wine or beer to kick off the weekend but there is bad news from researchers they say the only way to avoid health risks associated with out call is just to stop drinking altogether around the globe one in three people that's two point four billion people drink alcohol but a new study by the university of washington says even the occasional drink can cause problems alcohol led to two point eight million premises or deaths worldwide in twenty sixteen and the study says an average of two drinks per day cost us a seven percent rise in disease and injury and that spikes to thirty seven percent for those who have five that may sound like a lot of booze but people drink more than you think romanian men and women drink eight point two and four point two drinks per day on average the countries with the lowest numbers of drinkers are pakistan and bangladesh x. chris wald is the study's lead author and he says any benefit to drinking alcohol is far outweighed by the risks it rises exponentially with consumption so we're
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very heavy drinker you'll see huge benefits by cutting down by a drink or day if you're still drinking one drink per day you'll see huge benefits of the adamas will she said re not every year you have a seven out of one hundred chance of developing one is to decisions when we look at the global population that's an immense amount for the average male drinker it's now consuming around two drinks per day a lot of recommendations still say up to two drinks per day is good for your health want to counter that evidence by really looking at the full spectrum of the research that's been performed on alcohol. and you can find more information on our website to address this is there a dot com. hello again these are top stories and al-jazeera another one of donald trump's allies has been given immunity in the investigation into michael cohen this time it's alan
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wise oberg he's the chief financial officer of the trump organization who the wall street journal describes as trump's longtime financial gatekeeper why celebrate has already been called to testify in the inquiry into cohen he's president the president trumps former personal lawyer cohen had pleaded guilty on tuesday to campaign finance violations saying it paid hush money to women who alleged they had affairs with trump she had written she has more if always sober did was testified to a grand jury in order to give evidence against michael cohen which may or may not have led to michael cohen pleading guilty about a conspiracy to break campaign finance rules though. it might not be as bad as some are suggesting right now because about it's done he's given his testimonies he's told prosecutors what he knows about the trouble goes ations wrote all this and it's over a real beginning to get sober reporting suggesting that's exactly what did happen he talked to he said he knew about the current case he hasn't been called bug the
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family of us republican senator john mccain says he's talking all treatment for brain cancer mccain announced he had the disease last year his family says he's surpassed expectations for his survival eighty one year old mccain has been a vocal opponent of president trump zimbabwe's president emerson man of god is calling for unity after the country's top courts up held this disputed election made opposition party challenge the result saying the july thirtieth election was rigged in favor of money god well it led to violent street protest but in a unanimous decision the constitutional court found the vote was free and fair. ecuador says it's been the humanitarian corridor for venezuelans to reach proof before it introduces new entry restrictions on saturday the un has composed compare the mass exodus of migrants from venezuela to the refugee crisis in the mediterranean growing numbers are fleeing the economic meltdown and political
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turmoil and venezuela oh there's other headlines stay with us now for work on china's democracy experiment. tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests fail to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one to the chief by the. consulate just rose up demanding the return of their land calling for their leaders
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to step down to decades of corruption. amid a crackdown activists implore died in police custody. but who can achieve thinkable the right to choose their own videos. yeah. i. thought i'd. let go. about. how we. feel
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that will build the monster model. of the. globe hello hello. hello hello. hello kind of the whole thing good to see you only on the do you can do any of. the right number one on one of those you keep looking go live about the only thing that the loops you hear the audio so good i think a lot of the public again we see clearly kennedy had to let that go again we don't we don't know until he sat down with them and the minute that they look i don't
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a healthy balance between work and play when playing is a job at hand and fortune there to be made. a story of the highs and lows of young . fast paced world of the pro gamers. state of play a witness documentary on al-jazeera. desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in us sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home
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in the first of two films are these contrasting experiences people in power goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation on the whole just zero. hello i'm david pollan in london and these are the top stories and. another of donald trump's allies has been given immunity in the investigation into michael cohen this time as alan wise oberg he's the chief financial officer of the trump organization for the wall street journal describes as longtime financial gatekeeper
4:49 am
weisel guard has already been called to testify and korean soko and president trumps former personal lawyer cohen pleaded guilty on tuesday to campaign for violations saying it paid hush money to women who allege that they had affairs with trump sheraton's yes more. it all depends on various issues that we know nothing about at the moment it all depends on the details of the immunity deal and the scope of the investigation that he may be cooperating with if all weisel did was testified to a grand jury in order to give evidence against michael cohen which may or may not have led to michael cohen pleading guilty about a conspiracy to break campaign finance rules then. it might not be as bad as some are suggesting right now because that's over it's done he's given his testimonies he's told prosecutors what he knows about the trouble denies ations wrote all this and it's over i recall beginning to get some reporting suggesting that's exactly
4:50 am
what did happen he talked to he said what he knew about the current case he hasn't been called back where the wishful thinking among strums opponents is coming from now is he such a big fish why give him immunity just to get michael cohen why would you do that surely there must be something else going on the investigation must be reaching higher and higher towards trump family members and to trump himself and why so berg will be key to that quite frankly we don't we just don't know whether any of that strew but we're. always ration we have right now suggests this is just about cohen and why still bugs involvement is now over the family of us republican senator john mccain says he's talking all treatment for brain cancer mccain announced he had the disease last year and stanley says he's quote surpassed expectations for his survival eighty one year old mccain has been a vocal opponent of president trying. so bob president emerson my god is calling for unity of the country's top courts up held his disputed election when the main
4:51 am
opposition party challenge the results saying the july thirtieth election was rigged in favor of money gaga that led to violent street protests but today unanimous decision the constitutional court found that the vote was free and fair. a lawyer for the opposition says there are still question marks over the legitimacy of the vote out to me the adequate having spoken the good thing is that the people followed the proceedings be entitled by law to come up with. solutions but the easy serious lead sheets miss story in ecuador says it's opened a humanitarian corridor for venezuelans to reach peru before it introduces new entry restrictions on saturday the un has compared the mass exodus of migrants from venezuela to the refugee crisis in the mediterranean growing numbers are fleeing the economic meltdown and political turmoil in venezuela
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a saudi led panel investigating war crimes in yemen is being accused of lacking credibility and independence the criticism from the human rights watch comes as condemnation grows over a saudi m.-e. rotty coalition air strike and her data there is they said tack on camp for displaced people reportedly killed at least thirty people most of them children scott morrison has been sworn in as his trail as new prime minister he's the country's fifty leader and five years morrison took over after markham turnbull was forced out of the job in a leadership challenge from his own party. and spain's government has passed a decree that paves the way for former dictator francisco franco's remains to be moved franco is buried in a muslim in madrid which the government wants to turn into a memorial for those killed in the spanish civil war his opponents say his tomb is the only remaining monument to fascist leader and europe sense of thousands of
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people were killed and imprisoned in the crackdown on dissent during franco's rule well those were your headlines stay with us now for head to head. since its pakistan's democratic experiment has been punctuated by military coups the army their puppets the politicians who they could control. and now on the frontline of america's so-called war on terror. pakistan stands accused of playing a double game supporting the taliban abroad fighting the. stakes in your backyard and expect them only to fight your neighbors. but a massacre of
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a school in peshawar left the country reeling the army reasserted itself so will the government rein in the generals the voters trust their elected leaders. pakistan on the brink of becoming a failed state. my guest tonight was the youngest and first female foreign minister of pakistan when she was appointed in two thousand and eleven she said her country has nothing to apologize for we feel that we are the ones. we are the ones who have sacrificed the. fighting on the d m a the house and i've come here to the oxford union to go head to head with the former pakistani foreign minister. whose side pakistan is really on in the fight against terror and whether democracy in her country is in danger. tonight i'll also be joined by omar waraich an award winning british journalist and former pakistan correspondent for time magazine. pakistani
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academic senior lecturer in south asian politics at king's college london and all through secularizing islamists and musharraf the former advisor to the pakistani foreign ministry as as well. the e.u. and the us. ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for him now rabbani khar. rabbani khar was first elected to the pakistan politic twenty five she was minister of state for finance and economic affairs for seven years under two successive governments and was foreign minister between twenty eleven and twenty thirty. nine re money car pakistan which was founded as a democracy sixty years ago has been under military rule military dictatorship for thirty three of those sixty eight years today the country is run by a democratic government but isn't it true that the military are still running the
4:56 am
shots behind the scenes it is absolutely true that in the case of pakistan unlike any other democratic dispensation the military has a much larger role than typically the constitution of pakistan would permit and interestingly i don't know if you know this or not but it's three billion made constitution without any amendments has only been applicable in pakistan for four years since two thousand and ten and now and before that between two years from fifty six to fifty eight what did you do as foreign minister to push back against the military did you ever get generals ringing you up telling you what line to take on this or that policy before you and all of our andrew no i think i was fiercely independent for anyone to call me to tell me which line to take but clearly on issues which i thought they were relevant stakeholders i would always consult i would love to get i wouldn't go see it on this tuesday i felt they were not relevant stakeholders for instance trade with india i don't think many people would it's not none of their business when sullivan laden was killed in pakistan in two
4:57 am
thousand levon you were the defacto foreign minister but the us administration didn't call you first didn't call president zardari first the first. called they made was to the head of the pakistani army general kayani at the time the us government knows who's running the show in pakistan and they make the phone calls according to the us government has had a long history of immense fascination with the military of pakistan the us government because they're running the show because they propped them up because the oh look when he came in pakistan got the best possible military and civilian assistance ever possible when musharraf came in that was the largest military and civilian assistance that ever came to pakistan so the u.s. government clearly has a fascination a preference to deal with military regimes when you were foreign minister if you look at the human rights record during those adare time in office it's clear the army wasn't under government control they were allowed to operate pretty much with impunity for example human rights watch said in twenty twelve that pakistan's government has failed to act against abuses by the security and intelligence agencies which continued to allow extremist groups to attack religious minorities the authorities did little to address attacks against journalists and committed
4:58 am
serious abuses in counter-terrorism operations when you assert reports like this from human rights watch from amnesty international others did you just throw them in the bin or did you try and take them seriously and did you investigate those abuses i will tell you exactly what we did in two thousand and ten we created a judicial commission with three superior court judges to investigate this matter in two thousand and eleven we reestablished a second commission to investigate this matter which resulted in the fact that today from two thousand eight hundred missing persons which are reported to the second commission we have one thousand five hundred cases which have already been resolved this was done by steven in government i will tell you another thing which is also done how many. officers will continue to you are very interested in finding out what was going to let me let me just tell you how many were prosecuted after. and after going to be it's very difficult in most societies to be able to prosecute people who suppose we're protecting the country so the lines of a thin there's a lot of greenery a way to explain to our audience who are watching at home around the world here in the oxford union can we still call it democracy we absolutely can call it
4:59 am
a democracy because it is this democracy which is finding its roots and to democracy which is finding it ground its ground let's go to our panel of experts who are listening. here in the oxford union. she served as time magazine's pakistan correspondent for six years in your view how democratic would you call pakistan today and and how influential today do you think the military still is it's a fledgling democracy. so the genuine efforts towards that however the military remains preeminence there's a pattern that happens which is the civilian government would be elected they would try something else like to pursue an independent foreign policy in the first year they get hit by a political crisis then what happens is that to guarantee their survival they enter a modus vivendi with the army and they say we will see the prerogative that you wish to get here or can you break down well you need two things to happen one is there needs to be an absence of war when there is war going on the army will claim
5:00 am
a preeminent role the other is to have constant civilian government that produces economic growth in parts of history you've had. not even here is going to certainly not it will come about they are going to wish i was if you actually were advisor to the pakistani foreign ministry you were in government i think the same time as you know do you feel the military were pushing you around at the time would you feel you had control of the i'm a lot more sort of positive about the experience i think that there was some really really big issues on which under the leadership of former foreign minister carter we were able to redefine the way that foreign policy is structured in pakistan there's a long history to the bitterness between afghanistan and pakistan but the redefinition of the repositioning of how islamabad and bindi relate to afghanistan that happened on on here not a bunny close watch and it happened not not because the military was ready to jump in the military frankly needed to be convinced doctor.


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