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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2018 8:00am-8:33am +03

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hume as comfortable as possible mccain a distinguished military veteran who spent years as a prisoner of war in vietnam zimbabwe's president am a synagogue was calling for unity after the country's top court confirmed his disputed election when his main rival nelson chamisa challenge the results saying the july thirty election was rigged in favor of money but that was rejected out of the chance of reports now from her body. i supporters from zimbabwe's rulings on a pay party celebrate fight is constitutional court ruling nine judges unanimously said the maid opposition leader nelson chamisa has no case the court finds that it is to place before. the. direct sun fusion. and credit. to the election process. existed in other words
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there was no proof of the happenings of these irregularities as a metal fact lawyers representing the opposition m.d.c. alliance believe it wasn't a phase judgement so ultimately they had to quit having spoken. the proceedings. to come up with. but b. is a serious legitimacy issue story. the election board admits it made some clerical data capture errors that. was initial total of votes he won from fifty point eight to fifty point six seven percent they insist this did not change the outcome of the poll according to the constitution the when a has to be sworn in within forty eight hours that means present when god was in operation would be on
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sunday opposition leaders and says the lesson was reg's and they said we'll carry on fighting the course decision is final there is no room for an appeal we are going to it within the law whatever we are going to do we are going to do these things within the law we we have convened we are going to convene sort of the national council of the. of the of the party on wednesday and this will come with their way for violence shortly after voting day itself had raised tensions the army shot at protesters who are unhappy with the delay in releasing the results six people were killed the main opposition leader nelson chamisa says his supporters are still being systematically targeted. emma samina goggle won by a narrow margin political analysts say he now has a child night a deeply divided country he also needs to turn iran's involve a struct. economy but he needs outside help to do that. is what's coming up through this news our medical work is fighting the polar outbreak
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in democratic republic of congo now facing another threat the strain changes leaders for the sixth time in eight years the country's treasurer wins a party showdown and sport indonesia is hosting the asian games as the country dreaming of the olympic games far as here with your sport later. the latest on the political and economic crisis in venezuela now and a judge in ecuador has suspended the recently imposed entry restrictions for venezuela earlier this month they could all said that venezuelans needed to have a passport to get him but this court order means they will now be allowed in with just their i.d. cards for the next forty five days earlier it could all hope and humanitarian corridor for venezuelans trying to reach parity and chile. has been covering this crisis from the colombia ecuador border he's on the line now from the city of pasto
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this is i know it's forty five days only it's not permanent but this is a big win for all those venezuelans trying to get out absolutely. this constitutional judge ruled in favor well as a legal challenge called quick action cautionary measures action brought by. and essentially the same that the constitution recognizes the freedom of movement of south american people and that there is a law in ecuador is that days that all south american can enter and move freely. simply with an a d the judge ruled in favor of these precautionary measures as you were saying your introduction they will suspend the new measures put in place
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and government requiring for example a passport from the migrant for the next forty five days the judge also asked the government to present. a plan for. the passage of these business and in my grants in the next forty five days it's definitely a major win and means that even if when and migrants will be able to move freely in ecuador as legally and be able to move to the next point in their journey which is . approved in florida where unfortunately they also find new measures that will try to limit their capacity of movement. aleksandr thank you for that update do appreciate that. despite all the turmoil in the country the government on friday actually called on those fleeing venezuela to come home have a listen so this is sad yes it's own this is what we are saying is that we welcome
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venezuela's who want to come home they are needed to come back we need them and they will see in a relatively short amount of time the outcome of our new economic plans are on the line now from put the comma in the dominican republic as diego who is a form of venezuelan ambassador to the u.n. a former u.n. security council president as well thank you for your time sir it would be completely understandable if ben as well and didn't want to come home wouldn't it be. the situation is just not going to improve quickly for them is it largely to gauge it welcome to you and you are just right thank you holly it's not all not really i'm not sure like i left the country in the last three four years really almost all of the fear and if you did and the region. and their collection. of security people you know belief in country so
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much a lot by nature. maybe. people are allowed to be more like the country really because they cannot by. do you feel that the regional response is now working or stronger the fact that we're seeing ecuador changing its restrictions that there is a united front now. well you do need to prove in malaysia you are a country and. we believe we never dreamed anybody on our last few months in here are going to like knowledge or if you go along i'll be able argentina do it's really a long trip and there are exceptions like an example telling you that and don't believe you were just not doing it because. they didn't believe people are going to
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share in it love you george you really badly when you go on t.v. we reach over and there is plenty we have money we don't we're giving him all our military action there's all the money to stop a mystery i'm going to leave you the phone unfortunately isn't great but thank you so much for your time dear god he is the former venezuelan ambassador to the u.n. and one last note on venezuela u.s. prosecutors are investigating the venezuelan president's relatives for alleged corruption is coming from the associated press reports nicolas maduro stepsons are among those being investigated prosecutors are trying to determine whether they profited from a scheme to siphon one point two billion dollars from the state owned oil company the president himself has not been named in the case the u.n. says a saudi amorality airstrike has killed at least twenty two children in yemen it struck a camp for displaced people in the hard data human rights watch has criticized
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a saudi panel investigating these alleged war crimes in yemen saying it's. transparent nor independent monitoring developments from neighboring. civilians again the victims after saudi led coalition air strike in yemen. iranian backed the fighters say at least thirty one people including women and children have died in an attack on their vehicles in the western province of although some sources say the number of dead is. dead children and women discussed in crime. the victims were trying to escape a camp in which the coalition says was being used to launch missiles. hit us while we were on the road. this little boy survived but it's just two weeks since another thirty coalition air strike hit a school bus that killed forty children and eleven adults in what saudi arabia declared to be an appropriate military action it was promised to investigate. as
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morphemes prepare to weep over their children's graves the charity save the children estimates an average of one hundred forty children have been killed every day since the beginning of the circulate coalition strikes against the united nations will not conduct their own investigation will not send a team d.m. and to investigate those type of crimes i believe that the saudi led coalition will continue to do so meanwhile human rights watch has criticized the panel investigating alleged work crimes in yemen the really what we're seeing is you had this investigative body that says it's credibly investigating but is in fact not at all an accepted and acceptable sort of substitute for the states themselves actually carrying out credible investigations the charity save the children says that yemen is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child right now the leaders have in the last few hours called an international bodies to do more to stop the fighting in yemen and they say the international
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community silence on the attack two weeks ago and this most recent attack is nothing short of shameful alan fischer al jazeera djibouti the united states is causing more than two hundred million dollars in aid from its programs in gaza and the west bank has already withheld sixty five million dollars from the u.n. relief agency for the palestinians state department official now says the money will be used for issues that align with u.s. national interests and that provide value to american taxpayers. released one hundred eighty nine people have been injured on gaza's border with israel on friday these protests been going on for months dubbed the great amount of return israeli government says some of the demonstrators the terrorists wanting to cross into its territory to carry out attacks more from child stratford who's on that council israel border this is the twenty second week in a row that we've seen these protests on friday along the gaza israel we've seen a lot of gas fired in the last couple of hours what sounds like live ammunition as
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well i think it's fair to say though that there are less people here this week than we have seen in recent weeks how massa says that the protesters have every right to continue these demonstrations and will continue them i must say until israel's near twelve year land air and sea blockade is lifted now so many people here we've been speaking to this speculation that one of the reasons why the protests the protests have been less this week is because we are expecting a resumption of these talks being mediated by the egyptians in cairo between hamas the armed factions and israel israel denies that there is any direct conversation going on between them and how mass but we do know that the egyptians have been very keen i've been working very hard to get both parties to. agree to some sort of lasting cease fire here we also understand that fatah will be sending a delegation from ramallah to participate in those talks as well there are concerns
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that anything that is seen by either side as being a provocation could initiate another escalation in violence between hamas and israel and of course that would seriously jeopardize those talks in carro. turkey's foreign minister is warning a military solution in the syrian province of idlib would be a disaster he made the comment after meeting the russian foreign minister in moscow the assad regime is sending soldiers to surround the last remaining rebel held region government forces have been on the move in neighboring hama and aleppo and the government dropping leaflets urging people not to resist negotiations with rebel groups are said to be ongoing now it's a rory chalons with more from moscow now. turkey's foreign minister came to moscow with a message that ankara does not want russia and damascus to hand out the same kind of treatment as they handed out to the other deescalation. full on bombardments
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leading to rebel surrender they say that such an approach would be a catastrophe and disaster turkey points out that it already has three million refugees the implication being that it doesn't want any more flowing across borders yes turkey says as they put it terrorists have to be separated from the civilian population but that this needs to be done carefully and there shouldn't be a full scale military assault is russia listening to that well it's difficult to tell was a bit circumspect when asked whether there would be a military assault saying that the situation was complicated obviously trying to balance the demands of its partners here trying to balance the demands of damascus with the hands of ankara and the impression i have is that it hasn't quite yet made up its mind which way it's going to turn there was also talk about an upcoming
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meeting between. rouhani of iran and. turkey we are told that this meeting the date has been agreed on but we don't yet know when it's going to be the announcement has been made so we're going to have to wait a little bit further to find that out. the been protest in the iraqi city of basra demonstrators are calling on local authorities to provide access to clean drinking water the city seen weeks of protests over poor public services health officials warn thousands of hospital patients having to drink contaminated just. ahead for you on this news i will find out how activists are helping to mark the un reported deaths of those who tried to make it into the united states nigeria's busiest bridge is shut down for repairs and look at the impact of that. sport for me one is back from the summer break and looking good ahead of the belgian grand prix find out a little easier. hello
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there we've got another weather system that's galloping its way across north america you can see it on the satellite picture is this spiraling massive gradually edging its way eastwards and pulling plenty of cloud to the south of it as well so they have through the next couple of days that is going to be across this lawn where we've got the showers and it's going to remain more or less unsettled in where it is over the next few days so toronto chicago down all the way to arizona that's where we're expecting the heavy thunder showers to the northwest of that should be fine and dry san francisco about eighteen degrees the southeast is also largely dry here just a couple of showers if you're unlucky for the central americas though plenty more showers here in fact look at what happens to cuba on the satellite picture there practically the entire island is covered by that huge cloud almost all of us or
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shower then plenty more showers as we head through the next few days not only for cuba but also for most of us in the central americas really only in the far eastern parts of our map across some of the lesser antilles where they should be broken sunshine as we head through the next couple of days as we head down towards south america so many of us hey it's been quite cool recently and that cool weather is now pushing further north rio still warm for now at thirty on saturday but on sunday it's cooler and what. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go for. this and that this is something and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them
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undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera and monday put it on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for drivers with bands like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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you're on the news i hear at al-jazeera and these are the top stories donald trump has criticized china for a lack of progress on the denuclearization of north korea it's the first time he's acknowledged problems with the outcome of the deal he signed june with north korea's leader kim jong il and he says beijing isn't helping as much as it should be because he launched a trade war against china last month. federal prosecutors in the u.s. meanwhile have granted immunity to the chief financial officer of donald trump's business empire and over us allen has been questioned as part of an investigation like to michael cohen trump's former postal lawyer who of course implicated the president in. breaking campaign finance laws and a judge in ecuador has suspended the recently imposed entry restrictions for venezuelans earlier this month ecuador announced venezuelans needed to have a valid passport to get in but the court order means they will now be allowed in with just their id cards for the next forty five days. australia has a new prime minister we say that quite often after the ruling liberal party
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replaced its leader scott morrison won an internal party vote after his predecessor malcolm turnbull lost the party's support fourth time since two thousand and ten that a prime minister has been voted out of the job by their own party kathy novak with more from sydney i spoke john morris in. australia is introduced to another new prime minister to power not in a popular vote but rather installed by colleagues in the party ballot facing a tough job to ensure that we not only bring now party back together which has been bruised and battered this week traditional grandson here is jack malcolm turnbull became prime minister when he pushed out his predecessor tony abbott in twenty fifteen now turnbull is the latest australian leader to leave before the end of his term a strike will be just dumbstruck. and so appalled by the conduct of the last week he blames
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a campaign of what he calls insurgents within his party and outside it who wanted to see the moderate prime minister replaced with a more conservative peter dutton as minister for immigration and was known for his hard line in foresman of the country's policy of sending asylum seekers to overseas prison camps he first challenge turnbull in a leadership contest on choose day and lost he then demanded another vote on friday saying this time he had the support to win and turnbull didn't run as a candidate how the insurgents were not rewarded by electing just for example but instead the my successor who i wish the very best of course scott morrison a very loyal and effective treasury bills like that in maurice and was once immigration minister in charge of controversial asylum policies he had backed turnbull to remain prime minister before friday's vote has been a lot of talk this week. about he saw
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a paper on in this building. and what just annoyed me to tell you. is the new generation of liberal leadership. is where on your side australians are generally unhappy with what they see as a revolving door system of leadership scott morrison now faces the difficult task of uniting his party before facing the australian public in a federal election in less than a year. before that virus and government which has a majority of just one seat is likely to have another electoral test. now can turnbull says he'll leave parliament soon triggering a byelection for his electorate having know that al-jazeera sydney. spain's government has passed a decree to remove the remains of a former dictator from. victims of the country's civil war the monument to francisco franco is the last remaining memorial for a fascist leader in europe tens of thousands of people were killed during his rule
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measure still needs to be approved by the rest of parliament but it is unlikely it would be voted down a delicate balancing act for angela merkel the german chancellor who arrived in on friday as part of a three day visit to the south caucasus region michael later rethought the swallow's nest memorial in a tribute to the one and a half million armenians who died during the mass killings of nine hundred fifteen she is the first german leader to visit the country and avoided using the term genocide to describe the killings two years ago germany's parliament passed a measure recognizing the dead so it has a genocide. and we have the germans as friends and a partner of armenia are aware of the atrocities committed against armenians in one nine hundred fifteen and the following years the suffering of countless armenians cannot and will not be forgotten and germany will do its part to ensure that. we will fight as in germany working hard to put out
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a large forest fire three villages in the south with sorry south west of the capitol building been evacuated local police warned it will take some time to a sting the fires as unexploded munitions have been buried in the forest since world war two. us federal emergency officials are warning residents of formal of hawaii to be prepared for the worst rain from hurrican lane is drenching the u.s. states heavy rain already caused flooding and landslides on hawaii's main island the big island as they call it heavy gusts of wind fueling a large wildfire on the island of maui as well and residents of oahu island to the sea to the capital of been warned they may lose water and electricity. they're called disasters because stuff is broken after the after the fact that citizens need to realize that we're looking at major hurricane it impacts if things are going to break and we need to set the expectations that the power could go off for quite some time on any of the structures going to be heavily impacted the hurricane
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will pass dangerously close to the hawaiian island chain through the day today into tonight and saturday lane may weaken as it approaches but it's expected to maintain hurricane strength as it approaches the islands dangerous flooding will continue on the big island the threat for tropical storm force or even hurricane force winds will continue for the next twenty four to thirty six hours especially at the higher elevations this is expected to be a long duration flood event interesting to look at these live pictures though isn't it this is the famous waikiki beach in honolulu where well you wouldn't know anything was really happening other than the usual some sand and surf but precautions could have been taken in other parts of the island have been affected live pictures for you coming in from honolulu hawaii. on investigation in the u.s. state of arizona has found the border patrol has been under reporting the number of migrant deaths for years and has been used to help identify those who died trying
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to cross the us mexico border so any gallacher reports from tucson. north we're going to hit these sites for years over and see so has been scaring the sonoran desert with one goal in mind a colombian born artist wants to expose its secrets by honoring the dead along with a team of volunteers alvarez planted six hundred crosses each represents a life lost on a deadly frontier. when the families see that because there's somebody here that cares doing this to sort of give them a little bit of a voice to the casualties to the fallen heroes you know that to me they are fallen heroes to come all the way from there to leave everything behind the to look for a better life here it's it's quite a journey that should be. then aerated in some way works inspired by arizona's so-called death map it's a joint project between state officials and activists that shows close to three
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thousand people have died in the last fifteen years this does it covers an area of more than a quarter of a million square kilometers in the summertime temperatures exceed one hundred degrees at night it gets very cold and yet those seeking a better life continue to try and cross and they continue to lose their lives what's happening here in the borderlands of arizona is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis you can see we have some of them along bones from the lower extremities and we have portions of the power of us around one in three of those found to go unidentified at corner gregory heads who helped develop the map wants to change that if somebody is missing and people are looking for them clearly that provide can provide a sense of closure if they are found even if it is kind of tragic but it also provides us a sense of satisfaction to try to answer those questions for families activists say was the number of illegal crossings has fallen migrants are being forced to take
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bigger risks this is the consequence of paramilitary techniques being used over fifteen years of death mapping what we see people are dying closer to the international line and farther from towns in roads we're literally pushing people to their death there's so nor and that's what has a secret three thousand people have died here two thousand missing over a will continue to plant crosses in the desert but says he doesn't have enough to pay tribute to those who lost their lives and a guy like rogers era tucson arizona. the world health organization says the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo has reached a point it had been dreading a doctor in the east has become the first likely case in one of the country's most violent and inaccessible zones as light as our probe declared in the town outbreak declared in a town in north kivu where aid workers and government officials are being held hostage the full story now the charlotte bellus this is a united nations video of a thirteen year old boy in manga the a.p.
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center of the latest ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo. is also a conflict zone journalists can't get in safely so the u.n. films. they all died of ebola my entire family was my mama nish away and then my sister's an answer followed another is in the hospital i've lost family members again. this month ebola has spread from the town of mangling a across two provinces and is now in six locations the area sits stage four on the un security scale stage five is evacuate immediately. it requires a daily risk assessment of how to reach people who vaccinations investigations and psychosocial care fifty three children have been orphaned and the outbreak is now can't just kill myself i must continue to live even in this situation the world health organization has one hundred fifty staff and east india say this week for
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the first time health workers used a military escort to reach a town where a doctor had died of bola because which is almost entirely surrounded by one of the main insurgency groups called the a.d.f. on pretty much all sides of the town and there's been many security issues including. civilian deaths. the a.d.f. or allied democratic forces as a ugandan rebel group it's feiss ambushed a un base in december killing fifteen peacekeepers. where the a.d.f. is the un isn't which opens up blind spots for ebola detection and treatment. but where conflict is complicating the response science is helping us for forty years ebola has been incurable with a fifty percent fatality right but now a breakthrough more than a dozen people are being successfully treated with two experimental drugs another
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three treatments have been approved for years. thirteen hundred others have been vaccinated but the concern remains health workers can immunize against ebola but not. the threat of an active conflict. stay with us.
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nothing intrinsically linked to the slave trade where your lips are inconsistent and insurance companies there's no way to separate that kind of terror from the labor on the plantation from the profits that lou produced. that ass in europe industrialized slavery and amassed its great wealth resistance began to take full on from shoulder to rebellion episode to have slavery when it's on al-jazeera.
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right put down the glass of wine and have a listen to this there is no safe level of alcohol consumption according to a study in the lancet medical journal it looked at alcohol use in one hundred ninety five countries and found that even an occasional glass increases the risk of health problems or dying the report attributes two point eight million premature deaths worldwide each.


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