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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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as of now case the court finds that the applicant has failed to place before. clear direct sufi sharon. and credible evidence that if the regularities that he alleges monti the election process materially existed. there was no proof. of irregularities as a metal fact lawyers representing the opposition m.d.c. alliance believe it wasn't a phase judgement so ultimately they have spoken. to come up with a. but b. is a serious legitimacy issue story. the election board admits it made some
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clerical data capture errors that. was initial total votes he won from fifty point eight to fifty point six seven percent they insist this did not change the outcome of the poll according to the constitution the when a has to be sworn in within forty eight hours that means present when god was in operation will be on sunday opposition leaders and says the lesson was reg's and they said will carry on fighting the course decision is final there is no room for an appeal we are going to it within the law whatever we are going to do we are going to do these things within the law we we have convened we are going to convene sort of the national council of the. of the of the party on wednesday and this will come with their way for violence shortly after voting day itself had raised tensions the army shot at protesters who are unhappy with the delay in releasing the results six people were killed the main opposition leader nelson chamisa says his supporters are still
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being systematically targeted. gore won by a narrow margin political analysts say he now has a child a night a deeply divided country he also needs to turn around some obvious struggling economy but he needs outside help to do that. and the democratic republic of congo's election commission has rejected opposition to his candidacy. head of a presidential poll their members can still appeal against the decision ahead of december's election earlier this month the government confirmed president joseph kabila would not be standing for election. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour the head of the catholic church will land in ireland a country still reeling from a clerical sex abuse scandal can pope francis still secure the future of the church there and sport indonesia's hosting of the asian games has something i'm dreaming about the olympics for has got that story a little bit later. now
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a judge in ecuador has suspended the recently imposed entry restrictions for venezuelans fleeing the deepening economic and political crisis earlier this month ecuador announced venezuelans needed to have a valid passport to get in the court order that means they'll be allowed in with just their id cards and that's just for the next forty five days though earlier ecuador opened a humanitarian corridor for venezuelans trying to reach and chile here is mariana sunshades with more from timbits in peru that is where tiger entry restrictions for venezuelans will be enforced. lifted to the past. it was a measure that had been implemented a few days ago and was banning. from. many of them
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wanted to come here to. to find a residence here now that the united nations. refugee pleaded both. to lift the ban on entering without a passport will be in danger of saturday's. wants also to lift the ban because it affects. unable to get passports in their country even if critics say the measure will incentivize contributed to still come here to do and enter the country illegally. despite all the turmoil in venezuela the government on friday called on those fleeing the country to come home soon this is . what we are saying is that we welcome venezuela's who want to come home they are needed to come back we need them and they will see in a relatively short amount of time the outcome of our new economic plan. his stephen
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gives expert on latin america reporter for the economist and he's on skype from caracas. it's a big ask people to come home right now isn't it i mean i know that's what the government has to say in the trying to find some unity but gosh that's difficult. yes i don't think the government has yet given people the real incentive to come home or move the incentive to leave the reason these people are leaving and we're talking a massive migration that is beginning to be compared to that my gratian in europe from from the middle east peace area the reason people are leaving is that. to have no future in terms of how much money they can. basic salary until september the first is less than one dollar a month now the government says it's going to put that up by thirty five times people are not sure whether that will really happen they're also terrible sure which isn't of them to fix the
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a lot of people are leaving because they are on well on they want treatment yet difficult to persuade them to come back soon so then what do you think needs to be the government's next step i've taken the move of of the current state of change in accounting devaluing it that was obviously a fairly drastic move that needed to happen what do you do next because the problems you've just described seem very deep seated. yeah i mean what the government has done is sort of hard of walked most economists really say they have to do one of the things you have to do if you like inflation which is what got it currently prices are going up about the annualized rate is about one hundred percent what do you need to stop that one of the things you need to do is you need to. stop propping up your current issue and now the government has moved a long way to do that it actually did a devaluation of ninety six percent on friday i did it also has made the current
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team all manageable by removing five steroids from it really make much difference to inflation what it really needs to do is bring back trust in the currency and how do you come to do that if you look at examples of people hyperinflation one of the most recent symbolic way you have to sort of peg your currency to a currency that people think the government cannot interfere with like the dollar that's involved we did not the government it is taking current to get something petro it's a crypto currency it in itself invented and the trouble is people trying to. reach that trade was sixty dollars the equivalent of one barrel of. let's say and what we said already had a new currency and they just just launched is pulling quite dramatically on the black market what do you think about the original response at the moment obviously there was a tightening of the borders now at least ecuador has changed its mind is the
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approach the regional approach that's being taken helpful at the moment without love. well i mean i feel based in venezuela for three years and it's been extremely obvious that the way this is going to turn out what has been predicted is what's happening and that is that you get a migration when you have a country that's in the middle of a recession that a sort of war time like recession which will be up fifty percent or just with auction in g.d.p. and five as people get on the move now to long really the region has ignored now of course that paying attention because it's become that problem. i mean they're having a meeting of the nearest neighbors next week to try and come up with. a solution to this problem it's going to be really difficult for them just i think they're going to have to start providing humanitarian aid to a lot of people that are entering that countries that are not necessary for that
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they also have the little problem particularly this is in brazil of a local happiness about people coming in and they say taking over or using all the result of social security presumption in northern brazil you know a small town will have a hospital that's designed for four thousand people and sudden you've got one hundred thousand venezuelans who are trying to use it so there are all sorts of problems yes the region is beginning to talk about it but it would have been a lot better if they'd seen this coming eighteen months ago masses and it cost even gets from the economist really good to talk to you thank you for your time. now the united states is cutting more than two hundred million dollars in aid from its programs in gaza and the west bank remember it had already withheld sixty five million dollars from u.n. relief works agency for the palestinian state department official said the money will be used issues that align with u.s. national interests and provide value. me to american taxpayers.
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meanwhile at least one hundred eighty nine people have been injured on gaza's border with israel on friday the protests have been going on for months they've been called the great march of return israeli governments and some of the demonstrators as terrorists wanting to cross into israeli territory and to carry out attacks here in chance strapped with more from that border agent this is the twenty second week in a row that we've seen these protests on friday along the gaza israel border we've seen a lot of gas fired in the last couple of hours what sounds like live ammunition as well i think it's fair to say though that there are less people here this week than we have seen in recent weeks how massa says that the protesters have every right to continue these demonstrations and will continue them. until israel's near twelve year land air and sea blockade is lifted now so many people here we've been speaking to this speculation that one of the reasons why the protests the protests have been less this week is because we are expecting
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a resumption of these talks being mediated by the egyptians in cairo between hamas the armed factions and israel israel denies that there is any direct conversation going on between them and how mass but we do know that the egyptians have been very keen i've been working very hard to get both parties to. agree to some sort of lasting cease fire here we also understand that fatah will be sending a delegation from ramallah to participate in those talks as well there are concerns that anything that is seen by either side as being a provocation could initiate another escalation in violence between hamas and israel and of course that would seriously jeopardize those talks in cairo they've been protests in the iraqi city of bastra demonstrators the calling on local authorities to provide access to clean drinking water for cities weeks of protests and for poor public services with health officials warning thousands of. excuse me
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hospital patients having to drink contaminated water now a story has a new prime minister after the ruling liberal party replaced its leader scott morrison won an internal vote after his predecessor malcolm turnbull lost the support of the party it means we've got the fourth instance since twenty ten where a prime minister of australia has been voted out of the job by their own party kathy novak reports from sydney australia john morris in this way australia is introduced to another new prime minister to power not in a popular vote but rather installed by colleagues in a party ballot facing a tough job to ensure that we not only bring now party back together which has been bruised and battered this week traditional grandson here is jack malcolm turnbull became prime minister when he pushed out his predecessor tony abbott in twenty fifteen now turnbull is the latest australian leader to leave before the end of his
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term a strike will be just dumbstruck and so appalled by the conduct of the last week he blames a campaign of what he calls insurgents within his party and outsiders who wanted to see the moderate prime minister replaced with a more conservative peter dutton as minister for immigration done and was known for his hard line in foresman of the country's policy of sending asylum seekers to overseas prison camps he first challenge turnbull in a leadership contest on choose day and lost he then demanded another vote on friday saying this time he had the support to win and turnbull didn't run as a candidate how the insurgents were not rewarded by electing mr dutton for example but instead the my successor who i wish the very best of course scott morrison a very loyal and effective treasurer. like that in mars and was once immigration
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minister in charge of controversial asylum policies he had backed turbo to remain prime minister before friday's vote has been a lot of talk this week. about he saw people around in this building. and what just annoyed me to tell you. is the new generation of liberal leadership is where on your side australians are generally unhappy with what they see as a revolving door system of leadership scott morrison now faces the difficult task of uniting his party before facing the australian public in a federal election in less than a year before that barzan government which has a majority of just one seat is likely to have another electoral test. malcolm turnbull says he'll leave parliament soon triggering a byelection for his electorate kathy novak al jazeera sydney. still ahead for you on the news hour we'll meet one ranger refugees seeking justice
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a year after the military crackdown forced him and thousands more from their homes in me and find out how activists are helping to mark the reported deaths of those who tried to make it to the united states and in sport formula one's back after the summer break there's a good head of the belgian grand prix cars going. from dusky sunset so it's proving something. to summarize the top in asian metropolis. hello that we've had a phenomenal amount of rain in taiwan and it really has been incredibly wet here all thanks to this developing system that's over the top of us at the moment it is expected to move away towards the northwest slowly over the next day or so but while it was with us it gave some places eight hundred millimeters of rain in just twenty four hours and this is why eight hundred millimeters of rain does you see
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that call they're beginning to flow to way and clearly it's just a phenomenal amount of rain that's on the streets that now as i say the worst of the weather does appear to be over because the system is moving away towards the north we can see many of us in the southeast and parts of china three taiwan and across the philippines are looking at some very wet weather not only for saturday but also on sunday as well a bit further towards the south and for the southern parts of the philippines actually plenty of drawing weather around at the moment and it's also dry for most of us in the southern parts of borneo to java and across into bali look fine and dry bit further towards the west there's a few more showers here singapore will see most of them as we head through saturday sunday should be a slightly draw a day over towards india and the wettest weather at the moment is in the northeast is also affecting us in bangladesh plenty more rain here for saturday to. do with. sponsored by cattle and race. goes
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hand in hand with growing all. refusing to be defined by their mexican women and bringing out that dancing machine. and rediscovering that you. step at a time. of the viewfinder latin america has seen. this time on al-jazeera. challenge your perception ethiopia's economy has grown at a faster rate than any other african country it's journalism that sirens were heard here is that gives indication of just how close the fighting is groundbreaking documentary debates and discussion just six months ago we were at the brink of a al-jazeera show war winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. only on al-jazeera.
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you're on the news i hear at al-jazeera and these are the top stories donald trump has criticized china for a lack of progress on the denuclearization of north korea the first time he's acknowledged problems with the outcome of the deal in sign shared with kim jong un says beijing isn't helping as much as it should since he launched a trade war against china last month. federal prosecutors in the u.s. have granted immunity to the chief financial officer of donald trump's business empire. has been questioned as part of an investigation linked to michael cohen trump's former personal lawyer who implicated the president and breaking campaign finance law. and
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a judge in ecuador has suspended the recently imposed entry restrictions for venezuelans earlier this month ecuador announced venezuelans needed to have a valid passport to get in the court order means they will now be allowed in the just their id cards for the next four to five days. for the first time in almost four decades ahead of the catholic church is visiting arland pope francis lands in a country that has changed massively in that time numerous cases of clerical sexual abuse have seen the population turn away from organized religion and what was once a bastion of catholicism the future of the church itself appears in question and baka with us from dublin. the vatican flag flies over the irish capitol it's thirty nine years since the last papal visit congregation numbers are falling but more than seventy percent of people identify here as catholic. one john paul the second came in one nine hundred seventy nine three quarters of island came out to
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welcome him since then there's been a massive social revolution divorce contraception gay marriage abortion all predicted by the church and now legal in the church now faces perhaps its biggest challenge in budden times its legacy of child sex abuse survivors want pope francis to take robust action according to church papers thirteen hundred priests have been accused of abuse in ireland since one nine hundred seventy five but there have been less than one hundred convictions or what i want from the pope i want the pope start realizing that the church can't continue this charade any longer. vincent he was molested by two priests whilst at school i was abused in one nine hundred sixty nine on and the nine year old boy finishing up then in junior school the first pretty certain i felt who had an interest in prepubescent boys was actually trying to enjoy courses was to try waken in you your first sexual
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experience there was an open wound in irish society in nearly every diocese and every corner of the country there were victims of clerical abuse many of them were silenced or ignored for decades these were serious crimes carried out by so-called men and women of god crimes the pope cannot ignore the head of his visit pope francis issued a statement to the world's one point two billion catholics asking them to help root out what he described as a culture of death. pope francis has gone further than any other pope in addressing abuse victims wanted to do more to hold the guilty to account and fully disclose what the vatican. colm o'gorman was fourteen years old when he was raped by a roman catholic priest he's now the head of amnesty international development we have to speak out to ensure that the vatican is subjected to proper accountability . i'm not the only way we big we can be confident that we've done everything we can
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an hour to protect children and normal adults wherever they may be pope francis is at by and across the catholic world as a reformer but can he restore faith in catholicism the biggest risk to the church is future in ireland is the church itself eve back at al-jazeera. there's been a delicate balancing act for i'm going to merkel the german chancellor who arrived in armenia on friday as part of a three day visit to the south caucasus region she laid a wreath at the swallows nest memorial in a tribute to the one and a half million armenians who died in the mass killings of nine hundred fifteen she is the first german leader to visit the country but avoided using the term. using the term genocide to describe the killings two years ago germany's parliament passed a measure recognizing the deaths as a genocide. and we have the germans as friends
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and a partner of armenia are aware of the atrocities committed against armenians in one nine hundred fifteen and the following years the suffering of countless armenians cannot and will not be forgotten and germany will do its part to ensure that. spain's government's policy to decree to remove the remains of a former dictator from a morsel eum that on as victims of the country's civil war a monument to francisco franco is the last remaining memorial for a fascist leader in europe tens of thousands were killed during his rule this measure still needs approval from the rest of parliament but unlikely it would be voted down migrants stuck onboard an italian coast guard ship for more than a week are on hunger strike italy and the e.u. have clashed over who should take them in european commission is saying it won't bow to threats made by italy over the one hundred fifty people being held off the coast of sicily that is deputy prime minister luigi to my who said he would withhold twenty three billion dollars of a u.
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funding unless other member countries took in the refugees prosecutors in sicily have opened an investigation into whether the migrants are being held against their will. it has been a year since the military crackdown against the minority community in million miles rakhine state the united nations says systematic attacks on the muslim group are a textbook case of ethnic cleansing so we're going to go back and have a look at how it all began all this last year a range of fighters attacked a main army post killing twelve offices the military crackdown sent several thousand people fleeing to neighboring bangladesh two weeks later the number of refugees past a quarter of a million people doctors without borders reported at least six thousand seven hundred ranger killed within a month of that crackdown by january around six hundred eighty eight thousand ranger and living in squalid makeshift camps in march bangladesh signed a deal with me in march to return the refugees many of the nearly three quarters of
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a million people are simply too afraid to go back mohamed is covered the range of crosses extensively for us knowledge is zero he has sent this report from cox's bazaar where he met one ranger activist urging his fellow refugees to seek justice . speaking passionately to fellow wrote him refugees l.e.o.'s is urging this audience to begin demanding their rights hoping his words will connect with the old and break through to the young. ultimately inspiring them to seek justice for the constant persecution he says they faced in me in march neither hop allowed me that i'm on the that's why we're raising our voice we want to go back home we want to be citizens of our country who want to live there with safety and security. and the us is
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a member of the ira conroe him just society for peace and human rights he tells me there is absolutely no excuse for the real him not to be recognized as citizens of me and mark. my idea. our mothers and fathers are from the n mar we were also born there but they still made us suffer we didn't get an education they didn't even let us pray at the mosque. one year ago a crackdown by me and more as military and rock and state began a campaign of violence against the ranges that included mass killings sexual violence and arson since then over seven hundred thousand roll hinges escaped to neighboring bangladesh the u.n. called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing mean mars government however has denied allegations atrocities were committed for the row him to who fled violence in me and more last august life here was supposed to be temporary but in the past twelve months cox's bazaar has become home to the largest refugee settlement in the world
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now with each passing day the refugees here worry that their existence here may become permanent nowadays signs of construction are everywhere but as the camp grows so does the frustration. living conditions have improved and yet they're still very difficult l.e.o.'s and his family also fled the violence in iraq and stayed in august two thousand and seventeen and had not waited until my children are missing their home they always say they want to go back home. his daughter sharmeen was born while they were all hiding from the military in a forest in me and more she'll turn one in just a few days eliott says older children long for a home they no longer have but for his youngest it's a home he fears she may never know mama gentleman dizzee it that they could do
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belong refugee camp in cox's bizarre on with it. now an investigation in the u.s. state of arizona has found the border patrol's been under reporting the number of migrant deaths he is the days being used to help identify those who have died trying to cross the us mexico border and alico with more from tucson arizona. head north we're going to hit this site for years alvarado enciso has been scouring the sonoran desert with one goal in mind the colombian born artist wants to expose its secrets by honoring the dead along with a team of volunteers alvarez planted six hundred crosses each represents a life lost on a deadly frontier. when the families see that because there's somebody here that cares in this to sort of give them a little bit over boys to the casualties to the fallen heroes you know that the me they are fallen heroes do come all the way from there to leave everything behind
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the to look for a better life here it's it's quite a journey that should be. then aerated in some way alvarez works inspired by arizona's so-called death map it's a joint project between state officials and activists that shows close to three thousand people have died in the last fifteen years this does it covers an area of more than a quarter of a million square kilometers in the summertime temperatures exceed one hundred degrees at night it gets very cold and yet those seeking a better life continue to try and cross and they continue to lose their lives what's happening here in the borderlands of arizona is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis you can see we have some of the long bones from the lower extremities and we have portions of the power of us around one in three of those found to go unidentified but karner gregory has who helped develop the map wants to change that if somebody is missing and people are looking for them clearly that
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provide can provide a sense of closure if they are found even if it is kind of tragic but it also provides us a sense of satisfaction to try to answer those questions for families activists say was the number of illegal crossings has fallen migrants are being forced to take bigger risks this is the consequence of paramilitary techniques being used overseas . mapping what we see people are dying closer to the international y. and farther from towns and roads we are literally pushing people to their death nor undoes it has a secret three thousand people have died here two thousand are missing overall will continue to plant crosses in the desert but says he doesn't have enough to pay tribute to those who lost their lives and a guy like roger zero tucson arizona still more for you on this news hour sports as well we're going to find out why this world cup winning goalkeeper has had to apologize to his fans.
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desperate for a better life and millions of people have sought refuge and. sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in power goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation on al-jazeera. full of struggles. is very much over the. fall of pleasure. out of the goodness of the way that until it on principle but i mean the writing on what is an intimate look at life in cuba today is what. but the comment that lit a year of my cuba on al-jazeera. on
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the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go for. the sun that this is all from plus or something and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera.
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the world health organization says the ebola outbreak in democratic republic of congo has reached a point which had been dreading a doctor in the eighth has become the first likely cave in what is one of the country's most violent in accessible zones this is in a town in north kivu where aid workers and government officials are being held hostage the full story now which shot at us. this is a united nations video of a thirteen year old boy in manga the santa of the latest ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo. is also a conflict zone journalist conquered unsafely so the un films. they all died of ebola was my entire family was my mom an issue he and then my sister's an answer followed another is in the hospital i've lost family members again. this month ebola has spread from the town of mangin a across two provinces and is now in six locations the area sits stage full on the
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un security scale stage five is evacuate immediately. require.


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