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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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in families sheltering in a courthouse fled for their lives there among the nearly one million people displaced over the past four months conrad and goodness two men in london got on get we came here because we were attacked we left our village empty handed to save our lives we traveled and spent three days in the bush to get here for these internally displaced goodale people say they were attacked by mobs of oromo which is the largest ethnic group in ethiopia many don't have food and clean water and they're at risk of malnutrition and diseases like pneumonia that is a gimme that i got out even in my husband got sick and i could not help him i intended to go out and beg but i was shy his health deteriorated further and finally he died. the good day oh say local and federal authorities didn't protect them the government denies the accusation and says it's arrested hundreds for inciting violence. the age old ethnic tensions boiled over after prime minister up beyond that took office in april ahmed isn't oromo and the good day
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zero people believe the or almost feel empowered by his rise to office we've seen an awful lot of people probably more than three quarters of a million people having to move in the face of violence in a very short space of time the international committee of the red cross and its ethiopian affiliate are trying to help they're distributing blankets sleeping mats water and medical supplies but the surge of violence in southern ethiopia could fuel similar disputes in other regions the violence could undermine the new prime minister's sweeping reforms to ease tensions among eighty ethnic groups in a population of one hundred million cultured or gian al jazeera. still ahead on the less than five provinces has to ireland the first visit by catholic polish and maybe for t.v.'s and the closure of the busiest depression like jerry of course frustration for many ends of commuting.
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by the skyline if an asian holiday. or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello get a welcome back to international weather forecasts well with the ongoing drought across parts of central europe we're dealing with some very dry conditions here with the forests and we are looking a forest fire is right now just about ninety kilometers south of berlin in germany and these fires have caused a lot of evacuation of people across the region about several hundred people needing to evacuate there or over the next few days though we are looking at some windy conditions that's all due to this frontal boundary that's pretty shooting through that's not going to help the fires but we are looking at some cooler conditions as well in terms of temperatures those temperatures are going to be into the high teens maybe twenty degrees for berlin but here on saturday we are looking at those winds to continue the rains are going to start to edge their way down here towards the southeast over the next day maybe
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a spotty shower making there were through but mostly it's going to be down here towards the south and the winds are going to start to ease as we go towards the beginning of the week down towards rome no more rain is coming into your forecast we do expect to see a temperature there about twenty six degrees while we are seeing those showers that we saw across parts of algeria really starting to dissipate most of those are going up here towards the north and the temperatures are beginning to rise here on the coast for obvious we do expect to see about thirty two degrees for you if you tunis at about thirty one. do with it sponsored by you can use. an instantly shifting news cycle receive in changing the way the listening post takes and questions the world's media will be of the details the climate cannot be convicted in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language is their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how the news is created we're going to have
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a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera. is going to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories refugees living in protesting to mark a year since a military crackdown forced them to flee their homes in myanmar there are now more than seven hundred thousand or henge are living in camps near the border the un has described the attacks on the him as a textbook case of ethnic cleansing u.s. president donald trump says his denuclearization deal with north korea may not be working out he's decided to delay secretary of state visit to pyongyang which had been changed for next week trump lengths china saying it's eased pressure on north
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korea after the recent trade war with washington and the u.s. is cutting more than two hundred billion dollars in aid from its programs in gaza and the west bank relations between the u.s. and palestinian leadership have deteriorated since president trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and moved the american embassy there and may well let's get more on those. that is joining us live from gaza so how is this news being received by palestinians child's. well yeah another big blow for relations between the u.s. and the palestinian authority is being reported that this decision by the state department was made after a review that was put into place in january following reaction to president trump's announcement israel's embassy would be moved to jerusalem we understand that it was in assessing that review that this decision to withhold this money to the p.a.
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was made we also understand that it was earlier this month that millions of dollars were released to the p.a. with that was conditional on it being used for security cooperation between the p.a. and israel and the reactions from certainly the palestinian authority and the p.l.o. have been very strong the p.l.o. executive committee member. said in a statement that this is shows the use of cheap blackcomb a as a political tool against the palestinians she said the palestinian people will not be intimidated or will succumb to coercion also a statement from the. sorry the p.l.o. delegates chief in washington. saying that the u.s. administration the show's dismantling of decades of u.s. vision and engagement in palestine he says that this is confirmation that the us is
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abandoning the two state solution so as i say it's a very strong reactions that from the p.l.o. and the and it's not looking good for a future relationship between them and the u.s. and what it means health for people especially in gaza when we quit and at projects that and what's that. it was difficult to know exactly what kind of impact this is going to have but let's put it in some sort of context it was only last month that the us senate was confirmation. from which is the main refugee agency here dealing with palestinians they had to force were forced into making hundreds of people redundant because of the u.s. announcement in january that it was withholding around three hundred million dollars from there and so that's made the situation here in gaza even worse because of course the gazans almost two million gazans have been living under israel's near twelve year land air and sea blockade much of gaza only four hours of electricity
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a day fifty percent unemployment rule sewerage being pumped into the sea because there isn't the fuel there isn't the electricity available to fuel the sewerage works we understand that this money which was was being targeted at possibly being used in humanitarian projects education projects as well as good governance so although we don't have the specifics certainly all the evidence would suggest that it could have a major impact on the lives of almost two million people here in gaza thank you very much for that for now that is charles trafford of the latest live and thank you. now after more than seven years of fighting in several provinces now the last remaining opposition stronghold millions of people could be at risk of government forces have retaken control and of course the owner now reports from. nearly three million people are trapped in the northwest and probably suffered at
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that syria's largest remaining rebel held area if the government launches a full scale attack two and a half million syrians could try to flee to the turkish border that's been affected list sealed since two thousand and fifteen. many here are now preparing themselves for the worst case scenario. of why should i be scared assad has already been killing us for seven years our families brothers and sisters even the children it does no difference i did not on the job we won't leave our nation alone again we will defend our people until the last breath. is that has provided a refuge for some syrians roughly health of its civilian population is displaced from elsewhere in the country. the so-called syrian government is a civil authority formed in the province last year and backed by the hardline rebel coalition. formerly known as the nusra front a group the turkey russia and the us consider a terrorist organization and was once linked to al qaida. such as how would the
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salvation government step its a prime minister joschka who say's they are not an opposition but the revolution itself so. it would be a disaster and they catastrophe if such an attack happens because even rich and able governments can't evacuate three or four million people quickly in such difficult conditions that we are living in it is a part of it that's at the center the obvious stronghold for the syrian opposition this was a calm here compared to other offices and held areas but if there is enough that this will be the last battle before the syrian government takes full control of the country opposition groups in it that are attempting to unify international army with turkey's help to try and overcome and it divisions but. has not offered its support yet president bashar al assad has dropped leaflets over there calling for rebel groups to surrender in this war the new unifying factions that he and god
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willing and we hope that it could help the country and the revolution we hope all the factions can be joined under one name that there would be tickets and usually what you would never waste our martyrs on the widows blood we need to remember those who suffer in the prisons and the woman. for now those living in syria is lost opposition stronghold can only wait to see what happens next. al-jazeera at the city northwestern syria. the judge in ecuador has lifted border restrictions imposed on venezuelans a week ago thousands of venezuelans leave the country every day to escape the economic and political crisis ecuador had said they needed a possible to cross the border but a court suspended that decision for the next forty five days and that means they will again be allowed to cross the border with just their national id well many of them are traveling through a humanitarian court card or opened by ecuador for people trying to reach her and. sanchez has the latest from the peruvian town of comverse.
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lifted the passport. it was a measure that had been implemented a few days ago and was banning. from. many of them wanted to come here to. find residence here now that you and the united nations. refugee pleaded both. to lift. entering without a possible. saturday. wants to live because it affects. unable to get passports in their country. critics say the measure incentive. to still come here and enter the country illegally. pope francis has left rome for
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a two day visit to our than the trip the first time in nearly four decades that the head of the catholic church has made a visit to the country has changed significantly in that time divorce contraception gay marriage and abortion and legal reports from dublin. the vatican flag flies over the irish capital it's thirty nine years since the last papal visit congregation numbers. falling but more than seventy percent of people identify here as catholic. when john paul the second came in one nine hundred seventy nine three quarters of island came out to welcome him since then there's been a massive social revolution divorce contraception gay marriage abortion all predicted by the church and now legal and the church now faces perhaps its biggest challenge in modern times its legacy of child sex abuse survivors want pope francis to take robust action according to church papers thirteen hundred priests have been accused
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of abuse in ireland since one thousand nine hundred eighty five but there have been less than one hundred convictions. i want from the pope i want the pope start realizing that the church can't continue this charade any longer. vincent he was molested by two priests whilst at school i was abused in one nine hundred sixty nine on of the nine year old boy finishing up then in junior school the first producer i felt who had an interest in prepubescent boys was actually trying to enjoy to try a way can in you your first sexual experience there was an open wound in irish society in nearly every diocese and every corner of the country there were victims of clerical abuse many of them were silenced or ignored for decades these were serious crimes carried out by so-called men and women of god crimes the pope cannot
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ignore the head of his visit pope francis issued a statement to the world's one point two billion catholics asking them to help root out what he described as a culture of death. pope francis has gone further than any other pope in addressing abuse the victims wanted to do more to hold the guilty to account and fully disclose what the vatican. colm o'gorman was fourteen years old when he was raped by a roman catholic priest he's now the head of amnesty international and we have to speak out to ensure that the vatican is subjected to proper accountability. i'm not the only way we're big we can be confident that we've done everything we can and our to protect children and adults wherever they may be pope francis is abide across the catholic world as a reformer but can he restore faith in catholicism the biggest risk to the church is future in ireland is the church itself parked at al-jazeera.
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now safety concerns in the aftermath of the bridge collapse and as we have reached nigeria where officials have closed its busiest bridge for maintenance the third mainland burgeoning island to the shores of the commercial capital but its closure for two years could bring chaos to millions of commuters as our interests report. for just the third time in its forty year history nigeria's busiest bridge is shut to traffic and this is why. cracks and damage in the structure a source of concern for motorists who say they're worried by the recent bridge collapse in italy that killed several people. what was going to lead. on it would be. it will remain closed for three days as engineers conduct a variety of tests this is
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a typical day on this bridge an important road connecting lagos financial and commercial centers. an average of one hundred thousand cars lost neighbors in last three every day eleven thousand eight hundred metres from china is nigeria's longest and these are strict the maintenance was being carried out is by far the biggest that was not. realised that some of this pressure joints are ready getting back and the need to be changed and this there is also review the move. that requires replacement divers sent in to investigate also discover damage caused by pollution to sections of the bridge under water some of this aggressive chemical . let me say. horse. little problems that are in there which needs to be taking care of engineers explained that despite the evident faults the breach does not have any major safety issues for now if you
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don't spring because of the spring are there anything so in the way it is just fart food you expression. for the city already struggling with congestion the bridge closure has led to further destruction in certain parts of lagos island. that appear work is expected to start the informant's it will last for more than two years and that could mean more traffic for a city of twenty million people comedy greece al-jazeera lagos nigeria. well again i mean there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera one hundred refugees living in but on the day she hold an protests to mark a year since a military crackdown forced them to flee their homes and myanmar. there are
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now more than seven hundred thousand people living in camps near the border bangladesh has signed a day of myanmar to allow the refugees to return home but many a too afraid to go back. we've seen men and women young and old we've seen people saying that the international criminal court needs to step in that they need to prosecute generals and myanmar for crimes of genocide against them so really just extraordinary scenes something that i've not yet seen here this is my third reporting trip to the bizarre and in the previous times i've been here while there have been small demonstrations nothing at all like what we have seen today. the u.s. is cutting more than two hundred million dollars in aid from its programs and gaza and the west bank that has already withheld millions of dollars from the un's relief agency for palestinians relations between the u.s. and palestinian leadership have deteriorated since president trump recognized her both of them as israel's capital and moves the american embassy there and may. a
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suicide attack has killed at least two people in the east of the afghan city of jalalabad four others were injured the provincial election commission office dozens of protesters had been gathering there to show their support for a parliamentary candidate who was disqualified other suspected ties to armed groups of parliamentary elections are scheduled for october. at least nineteen people have been killed in a fire at a hotel in china's certain northeastern city of harbin the fire at the four story building broke out in the early hours of saturday morning china's government has been trying to improve safety after a string of fires at hotels shopping malls and apartment buildings now for the first time in nearly four decades the head of the catholic church is visiting our island the country has changed significantly in that time divorce contraception gay marriage and abortion and our legal while the numerous cases of sex abuse by
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clerics have seen the catholic population turn away from organized religion but those are the headlines the listening post is coming up next. but the three big challenges facing human kind in the twenty first century look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise of intelligence in bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor you know one harare talk. google is planning to launch some certain version of its search engine i know. that. the. range. and i don't know. a one hundred years but in your at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week the google search for new markets leads it to
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china despite beijing's rules on censorship. is the company doing the right thing c.n.n. names names the weapons manufacturers whose bombs are killing children in yemen palestinian journalists and citizens have learned that incitement is in the eye of the behold the occupier and we have another one of those videos that casts a political leader as an action hero with a little help from his friend the star. type google into google search engine then hit the news tab you might find a few stories that the tech giant would rather you didn't see a few weeks back we learned that google was working on something called project dragon fly a new search engine for the chinese market one that would function in compliance with beijing's strict rules on censorship in an organization that talks of transparency it is ironic that only a handful of the companies eighty eight thousand employees knew about this project when some of them caught wind of it they leaked the details to an online news site the intercept which broke the story and put google's top brass on the spot google
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has ventured into china before in two thousand and ten but back then it decided it could not live with the censorship rules there so it pulled out this potential reentry into china signals a major policy u.-turn involving one of the biggest tech companies on the planet and the world's largest market our starting point this week is google's headquarters silicon valley usa. times change technology moves on companies evolve there was a time when google's corporate mantra was don't be evil that altruistic philosophy has since been amended watered down if you will to do the right thing was that a mere shift in semantics or has google made a moral adjustment in the way it does business with china just being the latest most newsworthy example of that google is celebrating its twentieth. day in that
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time we have folded into our lives in some really deep ways google is by far the dominant search service on mobile devices and on computers in the world it's very interesting when we look at how google deals with china because that is one place where it won't be dominant and one place where it really has to pander to the demands of the government there but i think it's something google has to do google can't ignore china to ignore china is to ignore the world in china increasingly nowadays doing the right thing is it is about trading off to lesser evils when i speak to chinese friends actually many of them are hopeful that they can use google in china because they would like that the alternative to the near monopolists which is baidu it would be a really interesting scene if there were two big search engines in china taking out rather than one big such engine in china. google has had
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a foothold in china before operating there from two thousand and six to two thousand and ten off and coming into conflict with government censors then after getting cyber attacked and discovering that the g. mail accounts of chinese human rights activists had been hacked it reevaluated its policy a company whose stated mission is to organize the world's information effectively pulled the plug on itself in china walking away from the world's biggest internet market eight years later google wants back in and it knows that president xi jinping is government will only permit that if google builds in search filters that meet the censorship rules so that if anyone in china enters a term like human rights democracy or political opposition google search engine would come up blank so it's like a one hundred eighty degree reversal of what they said and then ten and so it's quite a stunning turnaround that they would suddenly change because in china nothing has
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changed in fact this probably got worse and. terms of the censorship laws that are in place that oversee these things have become a lot more draconian and that your peers for bill to say it's going to go back and it's an extraordinary story and that's why it's had a lot of attention internationally. legitimate concerns that people have that if google goes into china it's legitimizing. china's. censorship regime that's up to people's interpretation of what overall of a corporation ought to be google is out to make money and so given that there are many shareholders that want to see google's stock price go up clearly it's in their very right to pursue the largest markets in the world. this story only became public because someone inside google wanted it that way and
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leaked the details of project dragon-fly to the intercept and online news site it's since been extensively reported elsewhere but google is not commenting publicly it's not the first time this year the company has dealt with internal dissent on a large scale three months ago thousands of employees signed a petition protesting against something called project maven the work that google was doing to help the u.s. military analyze a drone from google later announced it would not renew its contract with the pentagon first mavin now dragonflies google which deals in information is finding that it cannot keep its own corporate secrets contain the company has a in the employee so less than zero point three five percent or something like that of the overall workforce actually knew about this. and once we have reports of that of course the rest of the employees then phoned and a lot of them are very angry not just because of the censorship pressure which it's
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controversial on its own but because it was kept secret from them a huge gesture and say google is the secrecy it's a really interesting moment in silicon valley because when companies like google admit that they are pursuing controversial projects like building a search engine in china. when companies like microsoft reveal that they've been working with the department of homeland security on projects that might involve you know the separation of families. the labor force and silicon valley rise up in protest and demand better behavior from their companies so we've seen it quite vocally microsoft we've heard rumblings of it at facebook and now we're starting to see it at google they should have accountability but because they can't hide behind the corporate veil there are different sets of rules and norms that are expected of corporations if citizens are concerned about corporations becoming too
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powerful and becoming like nation states then they should actually be asking the lawmakers to pass laws that require certain corporations above a certain revenue line to have a different way of responding to public inquiries. should google succeed in getting back into china it stands to gain access to more than three quarters of a billion people online but the company's competition there is way out front in google's eight year absence by a chinese search engine has solidified its position and now has more than seventy five percent of that market and old habits even relating to relatively young technology die hard so even if google manages to clear the political hurdles currently standing in its way it will have a lot of catching up to do everyone a google knows that if this is successful it will be both politically controversial
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and a long slow process to try to build back reputation in china the web users in china have established their habits long ago and their habits do not include google at this point so i see this as an effort to establish at least a small presence in china in the hopes that it might grow over time we have to realize that it's almost malpractise for a business that has global ambitions to ignore the largest market in the world you can see. many tech companies knocking at the door of china's huge revenues but this does not mean that china wants. and president xi jinping into the sunset has gotten even tighter the so any kind of censorship deal that google can strike with the governments now would be much worse than back in twenty ten and this is the real bind that operation in china puts on such companies how much can you criticize a government whose mission you need to operate in the markets.
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we're discussing another story that's on our radar this week with one of our producers johannah who's joe in yemen bombs continue to corner civilian lives dozens more were killed there this past thursday and c.n.n. recently produced a report that was a little bit different in that it looked into a couple of angles on the bombing of yemen the don't get much coverage what did that report actually c.n.n. was reporting on that airstrike on august ninth by the saudi led coalition the one that hit a school bus killing forty children apiece was different in two ways first c.n.n. senior international correspondent nic gear reported that a bomb had been supplied by the u.s. government as part of an arms deal with saudi arabia second there was this graphic revealing the names of u.s. weapons manufacturer is companies like lockheed martin raytheon and general dynamics whose arms have been used in various air strikes in the past that graphic went viral and many of the tweets mentioned how rarely the media reports on the
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role played by the u.s. and even the u.k. in selling weapons to riyadh's the u.s. also helps with the targeting of those weapons i spoke with about the piece. we have actually consistently refer to the coalition as us back so this isn't a new elements that come into our reporting it was important to talk about people and who made that bomb especially because we knew that the specific technology that was used the laser guided technology that was used in this particular strike was technology that president obama had banned the sales of because of human rights concerns and that ban was then overturned by president trump so we knew that this was a really important element and it was one that. it was incredibly vital to get out that is as they worked through how they felt about the war in yemen still it's only
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one piece albeit an informative one on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves considering that the u.n. has declared yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis definitely not this war and not just the u.k. and u.s. involvement in it has been extremely under reported amnesty international calls that the forgotten war spoke to me about some of the factors that make reporting on yemen so difficult i think often what people presume to be a dis interest on the broader part of the media is that we've actually just an inability to get on the ground we are trying in different ways we are learning as we go along as other people in the media landscape how are we going to report on this war that is in place and a conflict that oftentimes people don't really have a great deal of knowledge on but also that is incredibly difficult to get access to in and i think we are which trying our best to figure it out as we go along and
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it's important to note that access to the war front and yemen isn't just being limited by the saudi let forces but also the who to let govern.


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