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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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it was or required to show the kind of courage that he did and tonight rob in the online edition of the washington post newspaper here in the united states capitol the editorial simply the headline on the editorial about mccain's passing read simply the irreplaceable america rob thank you very much indeed william stein is a political analyst and he says john mccain's admired by people on both sides of the political divide in the u.s. he's a beloved figure not primarily for his ideology or his partisanship which are overvalued these days but because of his personal qualities i remember covering the twenty eight republican primaries and we wondered how did john mccain do so well among republicans when he departed from conservative orthodoxy on a lot of issues we answer was his votes came from republicans who admired him as a person as a heroic figure as a person of great moral leadership they admired his records his experience his
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values it was very very personal for most voters not just republicans who supported john mccain and some democrats who supported him as well when he was captured in vietnam he refused to be released to the north vietnamese offered to release him because of his personal stature and his father was a navy naval officer and he refused to be released unless other officers were released at the same time and so he actually extended his captivity on the basis of principle and that established his image forever as a man of high principle in fact i would argue that donald trump's the lowest moment came during the campaign when he insulted john mccain and said he was captured i don't like people who were captured that was an unforgivable statement and just and it was i think donald trump's the lowest moment in politics. hundred fifty migrants have been allowed to leave an italian coast guard ship after being held in a port in sicily for days italy's interior minister has been refusing to let the
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refugees disembark since monday local prosecutors are now investigating marcio salvini for abuse of office kidnap and illegal arrest. peru has imposed new entry restrictions to try to limit the flow of migrants from venezuela the peruvian government says asylum seekers must now carry passports previously they could enter the country using just a venezuelan national id card i am a sanchez reports from the peruvian city of tonga's on the northern border with a quote or. i hoping to escape the economic hardship gripping the country desperate venice will answer pouring in to be newsworthy with it whether by bus by car or by foot before saturday's deadline meant to tighten entry requirements. fifteen year old joined the ladies traveled more than four thousand kilometers with some members of his family he says he never imagined leaving the house when we did that work at the my lab we were at the best time of our lives with friends school
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family but we had to leave to find a better life in venezuela we were hungry separated from their families with a risky future ahead cinelli for the biggest venture down the road with friends leaving her career behind but i am a good about it it's sad i graduated with a bachelor's degree now i can't begin my career nor we all gave up half eugen and venezuela we don't have a chance exhausted ill or even penniless many venezuelans have had to rely on handouts to eat most of the people arriving here at the border between it whether it be two or young adults who has been a mecca for these refugees for the past two years more than four hundred thousand venice winds are already living here open border policy allows them to work legally but now they will only be allowed in treaty with passports the day that nations office for refugee says it hopes this policy stops this is very important for you
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in the chair possibility of access to power asking for asylum. so really very much hope that. the government select people and. most presidents when and don't have passports they're expensive and it takes many months and bribing to get them in venezuela probably our forty say they've imposed restrictions to prevent the lincolns from entering the country but at this point of crossing for trade between while i'm producing fence there are no controls. witness will and may still working to put an illegal however thirty three year old tina says they want to have a chance to whom i can tell what it's going to turn out to have dignity we must work that's why we are migrating to another country not to receive handouts but because we like to work to do in authority say they will be flexible with children the elderly and pregnant women who don't have passports and he was last protect those who apply for asylum there were least likely you know according to our
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refugee laws whether they have the documents or not if a person asks for asylum we have to process the request and allow them into the country the foreign ministry receives thirteen thousand requests each month and that number may groom as the exodus of the nist will continue many desperate to find a better life for their children and the innocent just so just see that the speed. still ahead and al jazeera are already short of power iraqis in basra add contaminated water to their walls and. i'm sure thomas involved carola after this month's devastating floods i'll be looking at whether the state's all important tourism industry can bounce back. thanks.
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lots of heat across north america still some lively showers to accompanying that heat some big showers there just moving out of ontario towards go back out on the other side of the lake some about what the weather just slipping down towards pennsylvania and heading towards new york so some show is certainly a possibility here as you go on through sunday to the east of that is generally fine and dry still going up thirty one therefore they say and also for atlanta good deal cooler a good deal fresher air which was the western side of the country eighteen celsius in seattle north of the border basi will fleece seeing some cloud and some rain that's also the case to into alberta just making its way towards scotch one as we go on through the next day some of those showers some longer spells of rain they will just slide their way down across the mountain states prairie's to seeing some pretty wet weather as we go on into monday east in fact is generally fine warm and sunny ots where twenty seven celsius back up to thirty one in new york and right the way down towards miami fought in try to across a good part of the caribbean particularly around the last around two days here it's
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looking settled and largely sunny little more cloud though just around the great around today so you might just catch one or two showers into haiti pushing across into cuba hopefully not a dry for jamaica. on counting the cost crippled by its currency crisis will reach venezuela take desperate measures to deal with its struggling economy plus it has a market value of billions but is yet to turn a profit we delve deeper into what's going on at tesla. count unit costs and i just you know. there's no one way of telling. keeping this topic right and to be i suspect it's great to get to know the person from.
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your geologist here a reminder of our top stories this hour on the first day of his visit to ireland pope francis has vowed to end the sexual abuse of children by the catholic church the pope's held a private meeting with eight irish victims who've been abused by members of the clergy some of them have been forced into adoption as children after they were born to single mothers said the pope has apologized on behalf of the church u.s. senator john mccain has died at the age of eighty one the announcement of his death came less than forty eight hours after his family said he was ending medical efforts to treat his brain cancer john mccain was the two thousand and eight republican party presidential nominee and a distinguished military veteran. crew has imposed new entry restrictions in an
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effort to limit the flow of migrants from venezuela over the past week thousands have been trying to reach peru before new rules come into force previously venezuelans could enter peru using just a national id card in the snow county passports. it's been a year since one hinge of refugees in bangladesh began fleeing their homes in me and locked in the face of a military crackdown to mark the anniversary thousands of ranger refugees now living in bangladesh of how to protest to demand justice homage is in cox's bazaar where he's met some of them they say they want to thora tasing me and want to be how to count to account for the attacks. we want justice a simple demand from these row hinge a women as they march through who took a long camp there marking the passage of exactly one year since the beginning of the crackdown by me in a mars military against the muslim or hindu in iraq on state an anniversary the
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demonstrators are calling genocide remembrance day. khalid that tells us that she like so many other refugees who escaped to neighboring bangladesh in the past twelve months is all alone i'm not i don't have anyone here i don't have my brother my sister my mother they killed them all that's why i want justice. during the peaceful protest there's grief trauma and outrage on display. which i doubt they still took my children they killed everyone we want to go to help the world help us to get our rights and. women men young and old all members of one of the world's most persecuted minorities coming together to speak out in one glorious this is the largest demonstration that's been held by winter refugees since over seven hundred thousand of them all right here in
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critical long cap over the course of the past year here today you can hear the frustration you can certainly since the anger for him to refugees gathered to demand the rights that they say they've been denied for so long. in another area cries of no more genocide could be heard. these protesters are calling for among other things an investigation by the international criminal court into allegations of atrocities committed by me in mars' military charges that me and mars government continues to deny. or the man in this crown emotion can not contain. who he says this is the only way they could properly commemorate such a somber occasion little mother you know the day i don't i don't do you thousand and seventeen they raped our mothers and sisters they set our homes on fire they made thousands of people homeless because of that we're moving today. a day when
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the often ignored voices were as loud as they've ever been the question now is will the rest of the world finally hear them. at the good to prolong refugee camp in cox's bazaar fund with it four of afghanistan's top ministers have resigned for president musharraf's gandhi's government thing to the ministers of defense interior the president's national security adviser and the head of the national directorate of security the resignations follow tuesday's rocket attacks on the presidential palace in recent days taliban fighters have also made on the soles of villages near the city of gaza the russian opposition leader alexei no volley has been arrested outside his home in moscow for calling for more protests against the government and a volley spokeswoman says he's being held at a local police station and that he suffered a hand injury during the arrest of ali is one of president vladimir putin's most
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vocal critics is being jailed repeatedly for organizing unauthorized volleys he's calling for more protests later this year against government plans to raise the retirement age. zimbabwe's main opposition leader has rejected a court decision which up holds the results of july's presidential election now since has challenged the outcome he says the vote was rigged by the ruling zanu p.f. party zimbabwe's current president emerson man and god what has been named the winner with just over fifty percent of the ballot as an organization is now expected to happen on sunday. i. think that i am supposed to believe about change and change. where it is delayed is another thing it cannot be denied. and it is going to then we think we need to go. around dealing with the
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issue of the disputed. so that we were able to before. police in brazil have arrested hundreds of people for committing crimes against women more than a thousand men have been picked up during a nationwide sweep they only a quarter of those arrested are wanted for murdering women at least sixteen people have been killed and twenty seven others have been injured when a tourist bus crashed on a highway in bulgaria police say the vehicle overturned and fell down a side road it was on a weekend trip to a resort near the capital sofia the government's declared monday as a national day of mourning. the us national weather service isn't issuing any more warnings as tropical storm lane moves away from why the storm was downgraded from a headache an early on saturday to ensure rains caused major flooding across hawaii but the storm hasn't caused as much damage as it was expected to i can lane was blowing at more than two hundred fifty kilometers an hour as it approached hawaii
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but that speeds now dropped by more than a half. there still is the potential for flash flooding and rain damage due to our lane there was a lot of moisture in the area so we want to encourage the public to stay vigilant and stay tuned to get updates on the status of the storm after the worst flooding in a century in this state indian state of cattle millions of people are trying to rebuild their lives to wrench the reigns of the four hundred people dead and forced a million from their homes and destroyed swathes of property a large proportion of cattle is economies driven by tourism now as the water recedes the fears the industry's grinding to a halt from under thomas reports. this lush and beautiful is how caroline should look and the trunks of his just as. tourism accounts for twelve percent of the southern indian state's economy and
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twenty percent of its jobs organist flooding has already hit the industry hard i think about thirty five creative person cancellations have happened during that. and everyone all the tourists. have gone back. a similar percentage of september's bookings have been canceled to the floods damaged roads rail lines and airports making it hard for visitors to get around they also damage the places they might stay over is it. this boat race normally happens in august this year it was cancelled. but though many of those in kara when the rains hit left and many about to come change their plans not all days. after finishing a volunteer study and work placement arena both. have stuck to their plans spending still in kerala but just south of the worst of the floods we were thinking about
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moving maybe to go of it and we we thought that it was ok to move here. the british family visiting relatives in carolina has also decided to stay in my mind to tell you. what we're going to give it to. you in the back but. i think that's what it will help this time like. having. the biggest impact will be felt from october when the peak tourist season for carola begins those in the industry expect a twenty to twenty five percent drop for the season as a whole. marketing campaigns present based paradise but that image is undermined when these are the images broadcast internationally and state. carolus tourism minister was helping out a flood aid collection point last week but he's competent the business will be back to some actually
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a whole industries badly affected devastated i'm confident that we'll get our form . but it's going to take a lot of work the reason carol is so lush and beautiful is that every year it gets a lot of rain the rain this year of course has been exceptional but those in the tourism industry hope the state and the bounce back more beautiful and just as popular as before andrew thomas al-jazeera. carol. and you can find more pictures and backgrounds from our correspondents and all these stories on our website this al-jazeera dot com al-jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories pope francis has admitted feeling shame about the catholic church's failure to prevent sexual abuse by members of the clergy in ireland he's referred to abuse as repugnant he's trying to reinvigorate
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catholicism in a country which is seen scandals involving the church over many decades the take that really shocked us all was when he was talking to survivors of a cover up of corruption in the role with the south he literally referred to these people as kaka his translator again was kind of shocked and asked the pope to clarify the pope literally that somehow just as i said kaka they are filled to the top. you know senator john mccain has died at the age of eighty one the announcement of his death came less than forty eight hours after his family said mccain was ending medical efforts to treat his brain cancer john mccain was the two thousand and eight republican party presidential nominee and he was also a distinguished military veteran peru has imposed new entry restrictions to limit the flow of venezuelans migrants trying to escape the deepening economic crisis
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back home venezuelans must not show valid passports instead of national id cards to enter peru palestinian leaders have accused the trumpet administration of resorting to cheap blackmail for cutting two hundred million dollars in aid for the occupied west bank and gaza strip the state department says the money will go towards high priority projects elsewhere. four of afghanistan's top ministers have resigned from president ashraf ghani his government include the ministers of defense and interior the president's national security adviser and the head of the national directorate of security resignations followed tuesday's rocket attacks on the presidential palace and taliban attacks in villages near the city of god's name zimbabwe's main opposition leader has rejected a court decision to uphold the results of july's presidential election nelson shimmies challenge the outcome is saying the vote was rigged by the ruling zanu p.f. party zimbabwe's current president emerson and goggled was named the winner with
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just over fifty percent of the vote and those are the headlines these are going to continue here on al-jazeera counting the cost i'll see in about twenty five minutes probably. well there are three big challenges facing humankind in the twenty first century look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise of intelligence in bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor you know harare talk to al jazeera. hello i'm housing seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week crippled by its currency crisis venezuela's economy is in freefall out did it get to this. also we talk tesla and ask when the fledgling carmaker might start delivering on expectations.
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as greece emerges from years of bailouts we look at how austerity has affected the nation. what used to be one of the richest countries in the world but now all rich venezuela is suffering from runaway inflation and its national currency has become almost useless president nicolas maduro is blaming all of this on what he says is an economic war against his country term or seen millions for leaving as well as economic hardships for neighboring countries. the international monetary fund predicts inflation will continue to rise by up to one million percent this year to put that into perspective venezuelans are now paying about two million dollars vase for a cup of coffee in order to tackle the problem the government has introduced a new currency the sovereign body of our which will remove five zero from banknotes it's linked to a crypto currency called the petro that's pegged to the price of oil and the
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government is also raising the minimum wage by three thousand percent and faced with a squeeze on the country's cash reserves president maduro wants venezuelans to pay more for what is currently the world's cheapest gas latin america editor lucien newman might now has more on this from caracas. venezuelan government supporters try to rev up enthusiasm for the newly introduced economic measures described by president reagan last month as an economic revolution to defeat hyperinflation conspicuously absent from a rally in front of the presidential palace liz mcdougall himself hasn't made a public appearance since an apparent assassination attempt on august the fourth. if the right wing crosses a path will run over them like a train nothing will stop reform. just blocks away many shops and markets remain closed some in here into an opposition call for
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a national strike others unsure how much to charge now the five zero seven slash the currency head of a compulsory thirty four hundred percent increase in the minimum wage they go into effect september first the price hikes are into eighty. two hours ago these eggs cost fifteen hundred and when i came back with the cash they were two thousand the bus company that takes the news wayland's to the border remains shut until further notice and that's not the web page. for the moment it is not operational one of the few things that has not changed prices are these bananas they're now five of the nobody that is or five hundred thousand of the all the ones which is roughly the same if you take away five zero but according to the people selling them by next week the. three hundred percent. the government blames the crisis that brought on precedented hunger and illness on what it calls a domestic and international economic war but many economists warn the new measures
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will only make things worse. they're implementing fiscal measures to increase one refusing any type of international financing or aid so they'll keep printing out money and we'll see that hyperinflation will not stop. and amid the uncertainty neither it seems will the exodus of the desperate to find relief anywhere they can to see an human for counting the cost us. well let's bring now to carlos card that as he is the head of latin america country risk with i.h.s. market in london thanks very much for being with us so i think it's worth first of all just taking a step back here for a moment and asking. how did venezuela get to this point such a an oil rich country had alley get so poor when i mean it has been a combination of factors as you mentioned going to lessen the economy and the clane
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or prices had an effect but in reality it has also been accompanied by indiscriminate public spending in via the printing of currency the implementations of draconian price and exchange controls that were never relaxed a policy of expropriations many of the expert peter companies and that have been mismanaged and bankrupt. and all of this compounded by economic mismanagement and widespread corruption and how of u.s. sanctions affected venezuela's economy is there any way of of of measuring that is there is there are number at all that we can put on that. the key issue about the u.s. sanctions is that they have operated in two ways one they have targeted top individuals of the government they lived in an effort to promote regime change the venice along with all of this. obviously the united or be not gangs that the other one and the most critical in terms of the economy is that the sanctions prevent than
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a sort of from restructuring its debt in a solar currently it's in a position of technical default because of the deplete depletion of the foreign accent reserves it doesn't have the ability to own or any payments to bond holders or to in a company that operates in minnesota but it also is not able to restructure that debt. in the u.s. financial system regardless of the sanctions that the key issue here and then the connection to the economic policies over recently implemented is that the authorities are still also on able to present a credible economic package a program that would take out the economy out of the current crisis not so that in combination with the u.s. sanctions make the economic and political situation more and more difficult by credible. you're talking as well about this new currency that they're in. as well is that going to do anything to address the current economic problems. no
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our view is that actually the situation is going to get more difficult in terms of the economic and political environment and we're going to continue into the intensification of the hyper inflation that we have at the moment the currency the spect to a crypto currency that hasn't been really properly implemented and but also any type of investor is prohibited or participating in that because of the u.s. sanctions but at the same time in order there to prevent any type of social unrest the government will have to continue printing the currency it has multiplied the minimum wage for more than sixty times it has promised bonuses for people to contain them and even though they have announced that fuel subsidies will be relaxed the reality is that they have also said that those that hold the fatherland ideal which is up special id card that it's given to the poorest of the population
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would still receive that subsidy and also overall it will have a very little impact on the critical point here is that oil production continues to decline international reserves are not enough to cover any type of imports and the government is unable to restructure its that and pay more financing. then asked to speak we think it has been a busy week for donald trump who has been pushing ahead with his america first agenda negotiations with china over trade tariffs failed to reach an agreement u.s. president impose new sanctions against russia and his route with turkey over tariffs sees no signs of abating she habitants he looks deeper now at how the trumpet ministration is using its financial muscle to go after those it thinks are adversaries. the trump administration has been setting new records with its imposition of sanctions on foreign entities though it is continuing
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a trend we saw under barack obama what is different is the imposition of economic tariffs this administration overtly views the dollar as a weapon and the globalized economy as a battlegrounds. the numbers have been climbing proud of donald trump's presidency but according to the u.s. treasury sanctions were imposed on close to one thousand entities and individuals in twenty seventeen a new record. and this year i'm lists predict the administration will suppose that number potentially adding more than fourteen hundred entities to the list of those sanctioned he's president he came into office without much to government experience any with very limited in the way of stuff relationships with people on the hell of the product executive branch and what sanctions lesson do is execute foreign policy effectively not stop it is unclear sometimes whether the u.s. has a grand strategy when it imposes sanctions is washington trying to change the behavior of those it deems as working against u.s.
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national interests or simply punishing them without any opportunity for redemption . and does anyone really believe that russia will forsake crimea for example as a result of sanctions what exactly is the u.s. trying to achieve in the rush to project u.s. power such questions sometimes remain unanswered. at least with the trump administration's imposition of economic tariffs they would seem to be a goal president trump says other countries are exploiting the u.s. economically and that needs to end and that is why we are going to stick together and win for our farmers and our factory workers are still workers here we are all across this nation. the imposition of tariffs began in january with restrictions imposed on solar panels and washing machines the trumpet ministration said it hopes to boost domestic manufacturing since then china has borne the brunt tariffs have been imposed on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports they went into effect july the sixth and tariffs on an additional sixteen billion dollars of goods
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they went into effect or his twenty third in addition twenty five percent tariffs on steel and ten percent on elam in human ports have shocked allies such as canada mexico japan and the e.u. . turkey's tariffs of meanwhile been doubled to fifty percent on steel twenty percent on aluminum yet here too there is confusion in imposing the steel and aluminum tariffs donald trump invoked national security his administration is using those tariffs as bargaining chips in trade negotiations how does that square with keeping america safe the long been international grumbling to the central and see if the dollar and financial system to the global economy and it is likely that the frequent deployment of both as weapons often with little recourse for those affected will heighten those complaints in the future. washington all right still to come on counting the cost we look at white eight years of bailouts for greece
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led to a brain drain. electric car make a tesla has a value of between sixty and seventy billion dollars it's been trading as a public company for eight years but it has never made an annual profit elon musk's vision of integrating clean energy with transport and home power some might say is the perfect marriage but is tesla on the cusp of profitability or is this a bubble where joining us now from london is. the corporate finance and deals editor at the financial times in london thanks very much for being with us so first off what is the latest you're hearing on the company possibly going private obviously mr musk has been tweeting about this and then it's caused quite a ripple in the financial community but what exactly is going on well so i think we should probably start of the beginning which was a story.


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