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i'm coming of course on our website and all of the other online platforms on twitter a.j. news great our handle is at a.j. english on twitter waltz on facebook of course facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or you can also whatsapp us that plus sign seven for five a one triple one for nine on two other world news and world leaders past and present paying tribute to u.s. senator john mccain after his death at the age of eighty one mccain spent five years as a prisoner of war in vietnam and went on to become a long serving republican party senator and presidential candidate the man he spent his final years criticizing donald trump has ordered the white house flag to be lowered as a sign of respect and morning former presidents george w. bush and barack obama have been asked to give unities at mccain's according to us media reports but the senator made one point clear before he died u.s. president trump was not to be invited let's go live to our brand was in washington d.c. for
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a so rob what more do we know about the public memorials and funeral arrangements for john mccain. well folly john mccain was something of a unique person unique figure in american political and cultural life and there has been this tremendous outpouring of commentary and accolades not only as you mentioned from former presidents but according to twitter there's been more than two point two million comments made by people of of all. types about mccain's passing as far as the funeral arrangements go it is planned that mccain will lie in state in the ornate central rotunda of the u.s. capitol here in washington that is a very high honor for an american public figure it's been accorded to only thirty people in the history of the republic that will allow people of any
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anyone who lines up to walk past the the casket the beer which will have a military honor guard attending it and to pay their last respects there will also be a ceremony is in arizona which is the home state of senator mccain as you mentioned the two former presidents george w. bush and barack obama both of whom were. political opponents one time or another of john mccain will be invited to deliver eulogies according to the reports that we're seeing the vice president mike pence will be invited but donald trump will not be invited again according to those reports as you mentioned and finally john mccain was a military aviator he graduated from the naval academy in annapolis as
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a midshipman and that is where it is planned will be john mccain's final rest. please thank you for that rob reynolds live for us in washington d.c. and as a rob mention there john mccain had more than three million followers on twitter and tweet almost every day sarah what's been the social media reaction to his death well just as it was mentioned i mean there has been a huge reaction from all around the world and mainly in support from your u.s. politicians as well as world leaders and more and if you take a look at this trends map it should show you when the news first broke you can see those people talking about it especially around centered around the u.s. a bit some parts of europe there in bits of africa but then as soon as people found out on the news spread across you'll see there you go an explosion of those tweets is just incredible in fact more than two and a half million people we're talking about it on twitter alone that's besides all the other social medias now it's no secret that mccain and donald trump were
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adverse series right up until the end nonetheless trump did tweet his sympathies saying his prayers and hearts is with the mccain family but mccain was much closer to the man who beat him for the presidency of course last barack obama who paid tribute to the values they shared despite those political differences and others online though are sharing a moment from the height of the two thousand and eight presidential race when mccain rebuffed criticism of his rival and ask you a question i don't know the. reason i can't trust obama i have read about him and he's not he's not. he's an inner. he's not. no no no ma'am no ma'am he's a he's a decent family man citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that's what this campaign is all about he's not thank you.
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oh he definitely wasn't but now in vietnam when mccain was a prisoner of war people have been leaving flowers and tributes as a statue known as the mccain memorial and it marks the spot near where john mccain was dragged out of the lake nearby where he crashed he was flying one of ten u.s. planes shot down by the north vietnamese military in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and even the man who ran the prison where mccain was held is spoken of his fondness for him. be. rough on the vietnam war i said to him the u.s. bombing of vietnam was a crime supporting the saigon regime and logical war but he didn't agree with me on that we argued a lot but out of working out was we consider each other friends just two men asked him to come to my office for a coffee he told me english you pronounce english so i could listen he had good teaching skills now while he was regarded as a hero at home and someplace abroad mccain is being remembered as a hawk in the middle east he was a staunch opponent of the twenty fifteen in iran nuclear deal an area of foreign
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policy in which he actually did agree with trump on and take a look at this clip it was recorded in two thousand and seven my question how many times do we have. a clear when. we. tell you. that all these places are right. now of course iran state media is something they put in their headline saying u.s. and iran senator is dead and of course they also referred to him being a blunt critic of iran who supported the two thousand and three us invasion of iraq and they also mention that he's a staunch ally of israel but meanwhile in affronts rajavi thinks otherwise now she is the president of the national council of resistance of iran and she writes
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iranians will remember mccain for his advocacy of freedom for the port for the uprising of the iranian people against the mullahs regime their desire for a free republic based on separation she says of religion state and gender equality and this person those also someone who says don't forget to mourn and she mentions a list of vietnamese afghani iraqi you've got syria and the palestinian. and of course american people thora says he has blood on john mccain's hand so not quite popular in some areas but during his lifetime it's so important to remember also that he wasn't just it wasn't just iran that he wanted to buy mortgages also highlights some of the other areas you've got libya of course syria which he visited in two thousand and twelve and you've got iran and afghanistan as well but that's all we have for day and age a new script. is great is the message. thank you very
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much for that bringing us the reaction say on social media to john mccain's deathlessness speak to adults full sancho in washington d.c. he's a republican strategist he was an advisor to john mccain during his two thousand and two thousand and eight presidential campaign thank you very much for joining us john mccain lived most of his life in the public eye he survived war torture political saddam and failure what is it in your view that made him a true american hero as he's being described by many people today. well i think it's not only a hero but he's also a great statesman i think what distinguished him is of course his war record is not unique to him other american served as he's often was often fond of saying i served in the company of heroes i think he minimize that aspect of his life although i think it shaped it for many of the reasons in your report about human rights and
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dignity and certainly against torture and things that he personally endured but i think what distinguished him from other contemporary american political leaders is his firm belief in bipartisanship you heard it on the comment here of the woman that was saying barack obama was an arab and he said no matter he's just another fellow citizen he worked across the aisle he often had deep friendships with with many leading democrats such as ted kennedy that were deeper than even those who shared his political philosophies and that was that i think that generation is passing in our in our country and he was also one of the very few republican lawmakers who were critical of the current u.s. president donald trump how does his passing change that the political dynamic in washington and what do you think his death is going to mean for the future of the republican party. well i think his voice will be sorely missed i think you're
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absolutely right senator mccain has sharply disagreed with president trump in fact he was the critical vote on a major initiative in the us a domestic issue on health care for example so. his voice will mean that there will be lest dissent in the republican party and i said dissent in a in a respectful way he was a person that believed in conviction in core principles and was never shy among very other few republicans in fact the only ones that have disagreed with the president are those who are retiring so he was one of the few voices of the republican party that was i think in a healthy way challenging the president's in a speaking his mind and that's what gave him great great credibility i want to talk to you know about john mccain's legacy on the global stage and his influence over the u.s. foreign policy the tributes that we've heard have not just come from the u.s. but also from leaders around the world but some would say that his legacy is
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a mixed one if not tainted whether it's iraq libya syria afghanistan what do you respond to critics who say he was at the forefront of some of america's worst foreign policy blunders that john mccain had blood on his hands. you know i completely disagree with that and if you look at the map that you just had on the screen here earlier every one of those societies have other either have to tell a tarion or authoritarian leadership has there was a consistency to mccain that believed in in the in the quality of man and certainly in gender equality and political freedom and freedom of religion and he really was that was at his core in his being he believed that to be america's mission in the world to help those in societies the world what were those but pretty that hargis or holiday or not this isn't ready not he had this foreign policy positions well favored the intervention in iraq the first gulf war yes i when i say
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hawkish i think he was on the side of the angels and what i mean by that is i think not only were they america's interests but they're beyond they were the interests of the peoples and the societies were none of these leaders were freely elected and none of these people that were in power were doing anything to i think better the lives of their subjects so i think he was hawkish for this reason he was hawkish on values that i think were universal in his mind and how did his rather than all of us military activity and in the first gulf war for instance how did that help the people of iraq. well i have to tell you that the course the first gulf war was an invasion of kuwait. i know that but provoked the war right in the first ten cents so i hear so in other words i mean i think we could have stood by and had an entire
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nation subjugate in the case of kuwait and then maybe even move on into saudi arabia their peninsula and i think he believed as did then president bush that this type of aggression could not stand in this type of world order was inconsistent with what we had accomplished in the post one thousand forty five period thank you very much for sharing your views with us adults or fungal former adviser to john mccain joining us on the is great to hear from washington d.c. and you can read more about john mccain's legacy on the world stage at al-jazeera dot com here at home hawk in the middle east it's article explores his role and influence on some of america's foreign policy dishes decisions in this region in the last two decades you can read it on our website at al-jazeera dot com moving on and pope francis has almost finished his two day visit to ireland with an outdoor mass for almost half a million people during his visit the pontiff told crowds that historic abuses by the catholic church were quote an open wound in ireland he also begs for god's
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mercy be more put on. we ask forgiveness for the abuses in ireland abuses of power of conscience and six will abuses perpetrated by members with roles of responsibility in the church in a special way we ask pardon for all live uses committees in various times of institutions run by male or female religious and by other members of the church and we ask for forgiveness for those cases of explore taishan through manual work that so many young women and men were subjected to we ask forgiveness. but a letter written by the vatican's former top diplomat in the united states is threatening to overshadow the pope's visit and his quest for forgiveness several conservative catholic outlets published accusations by the archbishop the gyno accusing both francis of covering up allegations of sexual misconduct by an
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american cardinal theodore mccarrick the gunnels letter is call on the pope calls arrive on the pope to resign the vatican has yet to respond to the allegations let's speak to baka in dublin for us the allegations revealed today neve that pope francis may have known about the abuse by theodore mccarrick what more do we know about this and how much is this overshadowing the pope's visit to ireland. xerox into a damaging scandal for the vatican of course. thinking of the success of pope francis is busy here to ireland i think it's important to clarify that these are allegations made by a. senior vatican official suggesting that this may have been about sexual abuse carried out. is to. resign to have this investigation into. the back to can get.
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back to the commentator. says that pope francis by me have already addressed the issue at a private meeting that it held with victims of clerical abuse. according to. whether or not he did know about macquarie history and he said that the data could responded as soon as it became that he was a danger to people in his congregation the people in his care of course we are waiting for official comment about to but until there is a statement clearly this is going to go away soon and now we're hearing the final mass behind you there coming. to an end very soon i believe how do you think the pope's visit to ireland going to be received overall. overall right from the offset there are very mixed feelings about pope francis coming here in the course is a source of great joy and a great great comfort for the thousand typically they got it. for this final mass
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but always they were going to be serious questions asked about sexual abuse with the catholic church this cast a long shadow over all irish history the pope has gone perhaps further than any previous sesar in dealing with abusive addressing abuse begging for forgiveness from the people of violence for the wrongs of the church of the past for many survivors think he could have gone much further giving concrete steps into how the church could really deal with abuse going forward to make sure that there is no cover ups that no existing priest of the currently holding office who are responsible for cover ups are allowed to continue and that the perhaps the church shares whatever vatican files it has of abuse with board force with agencies around the world in different countries where peace negotiations have surface and tell us morning about the demonstrations that are being held at the same time as this final mass and. let's start with
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a taking place in central dublin as i said mixed feelings about the pope being here and there's an awful lot of anger awful lot of frustration relating to these sex abuse allegations and also other forms of abuse in the religious institutions as well a letter was handed over by survivors of the so-called mother and baby homes these were single mothers who were forcibly separated from their children some of that was sent to my live law various sexually work houses where abuse took place they taking part in a large scale demonstration in the center of dublin at the moment they won't put francis address their issues head on this has done what he can or will make little levy has been here but clearly by far is work here is only just begun thank you for that needs for us in dublin ireland you're watching us on facebook live coming up a look at how a mega major tobacco is keeping money coming in for palestinian families and still
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ahead on these great we report a lot on corrupt votes but how about a vote on how to build corruption colombia is giving it a go we'll tell you more so with a life or a quote from bogota. hello welcome such a look at the international forecast looking classified and dry settles and sunny across the middle east one or two showers just around the coax is pushing up across the black sea into the caspian sea nothing too much to report here though forty six celsius kuwait city still very hot thirty celsius in beirut over the next couple of days a sort of temperature we will see across that eastern side of the mediterranean getting up into the low thirty's still for couple of maybe just touching thirty degrees there for karate a little more cloud here little bit of cloud soon to central parts of saudi arabia
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on monday might just see a spot or two of rain coming out of that nothing much to speak of and if anything that will ease as we go on into tuesday said generally dry lots of hot sunshine trees benign forty two celsius here and winds coming in from the northwest so not feeling too humid try to across a good part of southern africa want to sue our spots of rain just moving through the southern cross the western cape thirteen celsius then for cape town struggling on those temperatures but seventeen there for durban and also for to harness but warming up a little as we go on into choose them by choose day it's turning dry and bright once again to cape town with a high of sixty. he is a self-proclaimed messenger of god claiming millions of devote but his path to enlightenment involve the rape and abuse of his followers when he used investigates the fall of
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one of india's most powerful spiritual gurus on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. you read them for your. east and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. the arab.
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the e.u. . the e.u. who. is on al-jazeera and the stories oh looking out on our website at al jazeera dot com the top trending stories at number one turkey is lira in turmoil and it compelled a global financial crisis number two tributes to john mccain the u.s. senator has died at the age of eighty one here at home and in the middle east
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looking at is a foreign policy legacy also turning from rotax to course the taliban's attempts at state delegate mourner stories on our web site at al-jazeera dot com. and the other stories making wild headlines and at least three people have been killed and twenty two hundred forty three others were injured when a magnitude six earthquake hit western iraq on in cameroon shah province they have been dozens of aftershocks. provincial governor says at least five hundred buildings have been destroyed the damage bill will be significant for iran as it struggles with new u.s. sanctions on speaking of which iran's parliament has voted to remove economic affairs and finance minister as a karen see an economy falter. last a no confidence motion he is the second minister in president has on his cabinet to be booted out this month ronnie is expected to appear in parliament on wednesday to
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answer questions about his administration's performance in costa rica thousands of people have gathered on the streets of the capital sun hall say to rally in support of nicaraguans who fled from the political crisis more than twenty three thousand have arrived in costa rica since april the government has set up a commission to deal with the influx and asked locals not to incite hatred against that australia's foreign minister julie bishop has resigned two days after losing her bed to become prime minister bishop secured only a handful of internal party votes during a leadership challenge that toppled marcum turnbull as prime minister scott morrison was picked to replace him instead australia's changed prime minister's eleven times in a decades prompting some to call it the coup capital of the pacific the many government has reopened the historic cairo castle in ties to visitors just days after we gaining control of the side from the iraqi backed. abbas brigades for the
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last four years the castle has been used as a barracks alan fischer reports from neighboring djibouti. it's historic it's impressive now it's back in control the local population. kyra council stands at the foot of the mountain overlooking the city of tire is in the yemen highlands the last few years has been used as a barracks for us back to our brigades the government military commission has no taken back control. but that about is that i believe the reopening of the castle after four years of closure sends a clear message that the state will extend its authority over every inch of the country no faction or party will ever have sovereignty or control over time as. this is a site loved by the locals and loved by the children who know little of its history built more than eight hundred years ago carol castle is the city's top destination for tourists from all over the world that sound. it is always great to paint
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a smile on children's faces that's what we've seen from the first day the number of visitors is far beyond what was expected it's the city's most important to restate an historical site well the castle walls will remain solid it will need some restoration work it was shelled by coalition warplanes in twenty fifteen when it was used as a pretty fighter stronghold lankan and north of here and we cannot describe the overwhelming feeling as we wonder at the highest point in time as we do not know how to express our delight the reopening of the castle has restored the civic nature of the city. cairo castle has a long and colorful history the events of the last four years especially know that it's back in the hands of local people will be another chapter another story to be handed down from generation to generation alan fischer al-jazeera in djibouti. now to china where we're hearing that chinese students and pro-union not to vist haven't been seen since police raided an apartment near the southern city of
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shenzhen sorry you're keeping an eye on this story what else are we hearing about this well we've been following this and it seems that employees at the company just take have been demanding better pay and conditions as well they'd organize protests outside their offices and push to form a union hoping to find strength in numbers just that try to shut down the demonstrations by dismissing some of the workers but they kept up the pressure. so much the way i was without a salary how do we support our families without payment how do we survive in genzyme you drunk tongues those who had been wrongfully fired just days before this beach on july the twenty six he and twenty other employees were arrested the next day and it's understood they are still detained until now now that's despite calls from several rights groups like amnesty calling for their release as well this is one of them here and they say the detention the work this because it's deplorable
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but also student activists have been requesting that as well. are actually just for demanding the release of the workers but also for guarding bottom line this society. now they call themselves the just sick workers solidarity group and they released this video on thursday but their parents the government employees and the police have pushed them to stop these protests now in response to shouldn't fatalis statement online saying they'll keep on fighting until the detained workers are free and they've added they're not afraid of family pressure the threat of expulsion from university or even jail now this video showed widely suggest that exactly that is what's happened and it appears to show police in riot gear you can see just they're arresting the fifty student activists on friday and it's. seems they haven't been seen since. now all of this happened here in the province of dong specifically the south eastern city of shien's and and as
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the story spread across china with quandong started training on the social media waiver which is accessible in china but people say the government have deleted or related to it's a person the student group page is still accessible on to it so you can see it just there where they've also been posting off one was august twenty third which was since friday's arrest but china has long ignored criticism of its human rights record and we want to know will this case be any different we'd love to hear your thoughts the hash tag is always aging grid so thank you very much is china's conduct being condemned by the international community while if you get a chance to read this interesting opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com sophie richardson is the china director at human rights watch and she says political leaders around the world are increasingly failing to condemn china's human rights abuses you can find it on our website at al-jazeera dot com now whether it's
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plastic water bottles plastic plates or plastic forks the material they're made out of has become a massive global problem and while many initiatives are moving towards a plastic free environment plastic production is still accelerating because it's cheaper to produce then to recycle but one major recycling center in the u.s. is trying to change that is under reports now from new york. at this recycling plant business is booming two thirds of all of new york city's plastic waste that's put into recycling bins ends up here where it's meticulously sorted then sold to companies to make it into other plastics to meet skyrocketing global demand in the past twenty years the amount of plastic produced in the world has doubled but today globally less than ten percent is recycled for decades china used to recycle more than half the world's dirty plastics but the country ended that practice earlier this year many believe the policy shift was
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driven by this unflattering documentary depicting poor chinese and the waste but the plastics problem goes way beyond china the other bigger problem i would say a longer term systemic problem in the plazas world is the plastics that don't make their way in. or that because of their resin type or the way it's actually manufactured are not recyclable in today's you know recycling industry. earlier this year a huge mass of that plastic waste washed up ashore on a beach in the dominican republic at the current rate by twenty fifty the oceans will contain more plastic than fish according to the world economic form whether it be plastic bottles like this that are filling up the oceans and the landfills it's increasingly clear the world is facing a plastics crisis some have compared it to
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a disease that's spreading across the globe and now the united nations is involved . in equivalent of a. truck every minute of every day backing up to the ocean and dumping plastic into it really have to look at the we're deserve this beauty. it was given. time to team out and any class or hash tag speak plastic pollution campaign was viewed online by over seventy million people celebrities urging people to tag friends to commit them to give up using things like plastic straws and cups but it will take much more than one awareness campaign to dig out from underneath the mountain of plastics the world is increasingly buried under gabriel is on don't al-jazeera new york as gabriel was saying at the plastic problem is only getting worse here are
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a few classes to get our heads around it for my colleagues.
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well the u.n. launched beat plastic pollution last year to try to push organizations governments and local officials to move towards a plastic free environment a few hours ago they shared some new research into how all this plastic waste interacts with the environment while it's sitting in landfills or floating in the oceans researchers at hawaii's university discovered that most common plastics emit traces of potent greenhouse gases when exposed to sunlight as educate plastics emit traces of methane and ethylene and the rate of emission increases with time emissions occur when plastic materials are exposed to abbi and solar radiation whether in water or in the air but in ed mission ways are much much higher so
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what are some countries doing to tackle their passage problem check out this investigation by environment program earthrise it looks at how france is taking the passive bull by the horns and innovating its way to a green a future it's on our website at al-jazeera dot com. colombia now and colombians are voting in a first of a kind referendum that's designed to curb corruption in a country where many concede it's part of everyday life that measures need approval from twelve million people or roughly a third of the thirty six million registered voters activists collected four million signatures to get officials to fund the vote while the referendum contains seven questions they include whether to hand down tougher penalties to officials found to be corrupt many at the moment service sentences in multi-million dollar homes voters are also being asked if term limits should be imposed on politicians and whether congress members salaries should be reduced by forty percent senator
12:36 am
space is currently set at one hundred twenty four thousand dollars a year that speak to. those in bogota where the voting is underway so what are supporters of this initiative hoping to achieve. hello ali of course what they're trying to achieve is to bring the issue of corruption to forefront in colombian politics and to achieve some real changes specially when it comes to corruption connected to congo to sion public contracts the way public money is spent if you ask anybody here in colombia they'll tell you that corruption is a massive problem of course we'll have to see a fall this translates in votes for this referendum so let's say that this issue has become more important in the last couple of years after the signing of
12:37 am
a peace deal as colombian feel safer as they have put more attention to the issue of corruption and you think it will be difficult to get the minimum amount of voters necessary to to make the results finding that might be the case polls have been open for two hours now we're not seeing the same number of people that i saw in the last presidential elections earlier in and since back in march of this year third the votes of the calamitous electoral council are required for this referendum to pass then become binding which means then congress will need to pass these measures and congress doesn't then the president will have to rule by decree essentially. in presidential elections in the last presidential elections roughly fifty percent
12:38 am
of people vote but just look as a closer look simple to the referendum they wanted on the peace deal just thirteen million colombians voted in that case so might be difficult to reach that amount of people the organizers have been pushing telling people that this is truly a unique opportunity to change politics as usual in the country a big problem is that many traditional parties while they have been supporting the nation at least vocally they've done very little to promote it they've done very little to push their voters to come out a lot of them are still saying that this is just a way to lose money nobody really believes that this referendum will be a magic wand that's going on at the mara wakes up then corruption is gone but it's really the first time that it will become binding to congress to pass measures that have been at this grass many times bills have been presenting to congress many
12:39 am
tallies eight times in the last four or five years that many majesty minister the ones in this referendum and every time lawmakers in colombia voted them down thank you for that alice on the run to to live for us in bogota colombia. peter is here in a moment with a look at what's trending in sports including a look at host nation indonesia's hopes in the badminton competition at the asian games in jakarta as after a stop some of the wild west. and ambitious health system restore that paid off a show. of comedian mabel's ten million over ninety six million citizens receive
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free health care without paying insurance premiums. in. the extraordinary story of turkey's monumental health care transformation and the people at the heart to fix the people's health on al-jazeera. al-jazeera as their want us to embrace but let's close with it to see what happens next iteration. of it is fired by the barriers where mobile barricaded all seven streets that lead to here the movies now it's been all about change people have gone all the fear barrier the mission of the national army is to search the entire point complex and i'll just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture.
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the speaker. talk about the asian games and what a day for the unified korean team at the asian games in jakarta the south and north koreans combining to take their first ever gold medal with victory in the five hundred meter dragon boat final earlier in the day bahrain's rose chile mo grabbed the gold in the women's marathon it's also bahrain's first gold of these games the kenyan born chile mo established an early lead in the distance between herself and the chasing pack would never be closed the twenty seventeen world champion stayed in front to eventually cross the line in two hours thirty four minutes and fifty one seconds japan's keiko nogami or second with can be a song of north korea. that some day has been rather a successful day at the games and some impressive results being reached its start
12:42 am
with the host nation indonesia surpassed their previous record gold medal tally dating all the way back to one thousand nine hundred sixty two when it was also held in jakarta they won their twelve gold of these games on sunday it was a double delight for the philippines in golf a historic win for seventeen year old yorkers are so as she gives the philippines its second gold medal by winning the women's team event and you're no good she claimed japan's first gold medal in sport climbing at the asian games with an assured performance in the women's combined event they're not every sport of the asian games has world class performers but badminton has most of the globe's top players on show china indonesia and south korea dominate the world rankings indonesia have won twenty six golds in asian games history and or barry strong in doubles is played everywhere on the streets and elite academies they are the middles indonesians will want above all others scott hyde has the story from jakarta. when he was just five.
12:43 am
began playing badminton out on the pavement in front of the apartment in central jakarta. even if i'm sick i will play badminton it makes me feel better i want to be the best badminton player of everyone. from the streets to elite clubs indonesians from all backgrounds are playing and have been for decades badminton is so widely popular in indonesia it was once called the village sport that's because every village had a court now it's based competition from other sports over the years like football but the nation continues to produce some of the top players in the world part of what made the sport grow so rapidly the shuttlecocks are cheap and the courts are easy to set up. so over time some of the quotes were converted for a small hard course version of football but badminton is still on the minds of people here because this sport is considered as something indonesia can be proud of
12:44 am
. and two players the country is very proud of the world's number one ranked doubles team marcus gideon and kevin. it's very important to indonesia because it's so popular and the gold medalists. my father was a badminton trainer so he always asked me to play the sport since i was very little i started training when i was eight. indian badminton champion piece and do is the seventh highest earning female athlete in the world she recognizes the overwhelming support for badminton in indonesia i think in me says being brilliant i can see because every time i come to. you to student has his sights set to one day play in the asian games and it would appear that he was born in the right country to help his chances of that dream becoming reality. jakarta. i remember there's more than
12:45 am
a billion people in india more than a billion in china's of course there's going to be plenty of social media discussion as well i want to start with a verse a treat from punk courage that gives a little bit of a history lesson almost to take note of how b. asian games actually changed over the years first asian games was held in delhi in one hundred fifty one india ranked second in the telly with fifteen goal china was not even a participating nation however by twenty fourteen china topped the tally with one hundred fifty one golds and india were eighth with eleven golds and he wishes these indian colleagues all of the best as well they're all power to this really good silhouette image of rose chile mo the bahraini runner who took gold in the women's marathon earlier and of course it's not just about the sport the asian games many tourists have made their way to jakarta and in between the events well to the city and the country of indonesia all stop for a funny picture with the official baskets now you can always share your thoughts with us throughout the asian games using the hash tag a.j.
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news good you can also tweet me directly at peter underscore stimac more sport in the eight hundred g.m.t. hour back to you fully here thank you very much for that and that will it for today's news but the number to keep in touch with us on social media hash tag a.j. is great for me for you back to when the whole team thank you for watching my life my london the center next here on out is. full of struggles to play police look at it yeah it's the name of what i said today i'm full of pleasure through
12:47 am
a lot of the goodness of the way that i'm going to live on principle but i mean from without a doubt what if an intimate look at life in cuba today is what a mom there will be like i say ok but but but the comment that made a year to my cuba on al-jazeera. conservation is helping kick the stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chats at touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. while the three big challenges facing humankind in the
12:48 am
twenty first century they are look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise of the fission intelligence and bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor uvalde no one hundred three talks to al-jazeera. now now . he. he. he. we must do well to get us not getting these young men our rich. emmerson monica gore reaches out to the opposition as he's sworn back and oust president promising a new zimbabwe. hello
12:49 am
and welcome i'm devika pollen you're watching our desire live from london also coming up. a patriot america a true american hero one tributes across the political divide for republican senator john mccain. pope francis denounces forced adoptions and begs for god's forgiveness on his highly charged trip to ireland the wall. and a rare moment of celebration in yemen as an historic castle caught up in the war we opens to the public. emerson money god has been sworn back in as a president after a bitterly disputed election is this inauguration speech to appeal for unity on friday the constitutional court said the main opposition leader nelson chamisa
12:50 am
could not prove his claims of vote rigging our correspondent has more from harare on the challenges facing the country. president him istomin and god knows he only now the one last month's election which is over fifty percent of the vote in his inauguration speech he try to unite a divided country. sort of us already on our service bulletin. a lot motherlode we are all the problems what you know it's us is. that what. divides us. letter names throughout the world. that are used to.
12:51 am
some opposition leaders did attend send this inauguration but the main opposition leader nelson chamisa did not on friday zimbabwe's highest court rejected his claims of a training. plan. in one july selection and he wanted to national unity seem to be. going as a daunting task of rebuilding a stagnant economy most importantly he has to address city a cash which is and high unemployment. when he took over from longtime leader robert mugabe nine months ago he promised to turn around the economy tackle corruption and end human rights abuses all the work that was done a head of the elections to try and show the elections being free and fair and that this was the start of the new dispensation that was all undone on august the first when the military moved in and gunned down seven people on the streets of harare
12:52 am
this creates the perception that this is not a new dispensation this is the same dispensation it has the name of the leader has changed but it seems that they are going about governance and going about human rights in exactly the same way as happened under the mcgarvie era some african leaders were at the celebrations they say they will work with them to help its economy recover but political analysts say others in the international community will need some convincing before sanctions can be lifted and investment can return millions of people here would have to wait and see if when they go to live on his promise to be a president for. al-jazeera. tributes are pouring in from around the world for us republican senator john mccain who died on. on saturday the eighty one year old had been suffering from brain cancer mccain spent more than five years as a prisoner of war in vietnam and more than three decades as a senator in two thousand and eight he ran for the presidency against barack obama
12:53 am
i can i looks back at his life and legacy. from prisoner of war to presidential candidate in two thousand and eight john mccain mounted a challenge against barack obama but lost in a landslide my friends we have we have come to the end of a long journey. and people have spoken and they have spoken clearly he returned to the senate where he served as a senator for arizona more than thirty years war hero business in the trump election a man with whom mccain had a prickly relationship in the past which did not improve senator mccain emerged as the conscience of the republican party in pushing back against several actions of a president who was the party's new voice on the trump travel ban i think the effect will probably be in some areas give isis some more propaganda we don't want fake news on threats against the media when you look at history the
12:54 am
first thing the dictators do is shut down the press and i'm not saying that that. the president trump is trying to be a dictator i'm just saying we need to learn the lessons of history. it's on the likely reaction of pasta leaders to claim soft alternative facts they would be alarmed by the growing inability and even an willingness to separate truth from lives senator mccain served in the vietnam war is a shutdown over her noyo he broke his leg and arms suffered torture and spent more than five years as a prisoner of war before returning to the u.s. as a war hero a description he humorously undercut during this visit to the libyan city of benghazi in two thousand and eleven they also served in the united states navy for many years i was a pilot. but i'm not a very good pilot i was shot down diagnosed with cancer and recovering from head
12:55 am
surgery john mccain received a standing ovation when he returned to the hill for a crucial senate vote in the motion is agreed to. he followed the republican line in voting to open a debate on repealing the affordable care act i didn't his speech was deeply critical of a senate that he described as more partisan and more tribal than ever before it's trust each other let's return to regular order we've been spending our wheels on too many important issues because we keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle and a few days later in the early hours of the morning john mccain put principle before party. defying immense republican pressure to support a bill is repealing barack obama's health legislation he's back. and in that moment he rose above the senate mired in endless squabble offering the hope that governance by consensus rather than by command could still be possible but heard
12:56 am
that right at times john mccain could be wrong but on the strong matic nighty demonstrated truth to himself and to the country he devoted his life to serving her . president trump limited himself to expressing his sympathies for mccain's family but others across the political divides and the world had warm words of praise for the senator former presidents and fellow republican george w. bush said john mccain was a man of deep conviction and a patriot of the highest order he was a friend who was deeply miss democrat barack obama who defeated mccain in the two thousand and eight presidential race spoke of their shared ideals and said few of us have been tested the way john once was or required to show the kind of courage he did mccain's running mates in that contest sarah palin said he was a maverick and a fighter never afraid to stand for his beliefs john never took the easy path in
12:57 am
life and the house democratic leader nancy pelosi said with the passing of john mccain congress and america have lost a leader and a public servant of deep patriotism outstanding bevary and undaunted spirits and outside the usa french president emanuel background said john mccain was a chimera can hero he devoted his entire life to his country his voice will be missed. rob reynolds now joins us live from washington d.c. so rob mccain was one of the few republican lawmakers who was critical of president donald trump how does his passing change that political dynamic in washington. well i think in two ways first as you say mccain was a voice on the in the republican party that was frequently critical of president trump the two men did not get along from mocked the fact that mccain had been taken prisoner in the vietnam war something that shocked many republicans and i
12:58 am
think that. his his voice now being still there will be many people on the in the republican party who are not true trump believers who will miss that kind of. outspoken. honesty and criticism secondly mccain was a powerful politician he headed up the senate committee that oversaw military affairs so until he became gravely ill he acted on a as a brake on some of. president trump's ideas in the military sphere with which he disagreed there are other senators from the republican party who are departing including. senator corker who is the head of the foreign affairs committee so a lot of the. people in the senate in the republican party who have differences with trump will be gone after the next election the second way i think is in terms
12:59 am
of bipartisanship essentially parsed bipartisanship is is dead in washington and has been for some time but mccain never tired of calling for a return to mutual understanding and efforts to work with one another across the aisle between the two parties in areas like health care and immigration i thought it was poignant that is colleague arizona senator jeff flake also a republican who visited with mccain the day before he died was asked today on one of the sunday morning talk programs what it was what the lesson was that was most important to him that he learned from mccain here's what jeff flake had to say. to forgive. you know his people talk about you had a temper it was passionate certainly the case but he would quickly forgive and move on and to see the good in his opponents is something that particularly these days
1:00 am
we could use a lot more of that's a lesson that he taught everyone. and our best friends and family come to terms with his loss what do we know about the public memorial to a few known arrangements for mccain there will be a signal honor for john mccain he remains will lie in state in the ornate capitol rotunda that's the the large room beneath the dome the famous marble dome and that is an honor accorded to only thirty public official officials in the entire history of the united states so members of the public as well as the powerful politicians and others here in washington will have the opportunity to file past in person and pay their last respects the funeral service will be held at washington national cathedral and a very interesting note. mccain is.


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