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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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pope francis is apologized for crimes committed by catholic clergy mainly against allen's women and children he left ireland on sunday concluding his two day visit before going he asked for forgiveness in front of nearly half a million people in a public mass in dublin he was there and sent this report under the papal cross in phoenix park after the last visit by a pope here in one nine hundred seventy nine pope francis looked out over a very different island a. vast numbers braved the wet weather the climax of a weeklong world meeting of families. for the celebration has been overshadowed by renewed anger over. by members of the clergy for potentially thousands of victims the church was anything but a family is a place of fear and betrayal. we ask
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forgiveness for the abuses in ireland abuses of power conscience and sexuality is perpetrated by members with roles of responsibility in the church. in a special way we ask for pardon for all the abuses committed in various types of institutions run by male or female religious figures by other members of the church and we ask for forgiveness for those cases of exploitation of manual that many young women and men were subjected to we ask for forgiveness. pope francis was quick to condemn the abuse as repugnant crimes and met privately with eight survivors he apologized to all of us for all of opposites. the locked wall of us now i don't know if thoughts of the official church apology for everything that happened but it certainly apologized to all of us felt it was an important first step that here goes apologies earlier in the day the pope traveled to not shrine in the west of ireland the leader of the world's one point two billion catholics has
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gone further than his predecessors in dissolving the line between pope and the people but he must now go even further restoring faith in the church i think the visit will have helped to. bring further healing on the question of the abuse and become his opening up a path for this country and other countries to two minutes relating to abuse in the interest of justice this is a form of vatican official the keys pope francis of having known about allegations of abuse carried out by cardinal theodore mccarrick the archbishop of washington five years before accepting his resignation last month the vatican is yet to respond to the claim the pope's visit is a source of great joy and comfort to many here in ireland but given the scale of past suffering his work here is far from done. al-jazeera dublin.
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amisom the one guy who has been sworn back in a zimbabwe's president after a bitterly disputed election he used his inauguration speech to appeal for unity on friday the constitutional court said the main opposition leader nelson chamisa could not prove his claims of vote rigging higher which has more from harare on the challenges facing the country. president ima cement and god knows he only now the one last month's election which is over fifty percent of the vote in his inauguration speech he try to unite a divided country. to rid ourselves. of the motherlode. we are or. what you know. is. that every. letter. got tomorrow.
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from. some opposition leaders did attend send this inauguration but the main opposition leader nelson chamisa did not on friday zimbabwe's highest court rejected his claims of training i mean on the issue he said he just might meet on wings naked man he played in the one true lies election and what international community to intervene when i got going as the daunting task of rebuilding a stagnant economy most importantly he has to address city a cash which is and high unemployment. when he took over from longtime leader robert mugabe nine months ago he promised to turn around the economy tackle corruption and end human rights abuses all the work that was done ahead of the
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elections to try and show the elections being free and fair and that this was the start of the new dispensation that was all undone on august the first when the military moved in and gunned down seven people on the streets of harare this creates the perception that this is not a new dispensation versus the same dispense ocean. it has the name of the leader has changed but it seems that they are going about governance and going about human rights in exactly the same way as happened under the magog era some african leaders were at the celebrations they say they will work with them to help its economy recover but political analysts the others in the international community will need some convincing before sanctions can be lifted and investment can return millions of people here will have to wait and see if when they go to live on his promise to be a president for. al-jazeera. italy's interior minister is under investigation by prosecutors in sicily after he refused to let
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a hundred fifty migrants into italy into a ten day standoff albania arland and italy's catholic church have agreed to take the asylum seekers after matter of so many refused to let them disembark from a coast guard boat unless other nations had to take them. i've been told my mother investigation for kidnapping i think it will be difficult to stop because they can put me under investigation they could have risked me but i can't stop the desire of sixty million italians to change. they could put under investigation who is it i want to come and get me ready and waiting for them. the very top of afghanistan's government has been shaken as it tries to deal with unrelenting attacks by the taliban president ashraf ghani has rejected the resignations of senior security officials and cabinet members after a major ally quit some a binge of aid reports. the man in the middle is considered one of the one stans
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most powerful politicians but he is no longer the national security adviser to president bush of danny and no longer a close ally whether it was talking to the russians or helping his boss with the u.s. administration at maher has been with plenty since twenty fourteen his career began in the one nine hundred eighty s. under the soviet backed government and continued in the security circles doing harm it causes ten year facing a deteriorating security situation president bashar ghani has rejected further resignations from top security officials that includes mark the interior minister the spy chief marshal stein exactly who heads the national directorate of security and the defense minister. i want to find a shuttle to hold elections next year and potential candidates will need to convince voters they can improve security but i didn't get anyone to counter this and make this to include a situation but still it is a. give me city problem get it's got a nation problem did not just to make the situation improved he had to take some
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listing tough decisions contrary to recent pentagon briefings about taliban being desperate and losing ground the group has intensified its campaign in recent weeks the afghan government is under increasing pressure for failing to stop attacks and its taliban as well as i still carry out attacks people want answers. we have no security zero zero security because almost every day thirty forty people are killed you tell me do we have security i don't trust the government between when i sleep and when i wake up there are a lot of changes in the government how can we trust them but there are in the last four years the changes in the government didn't help the country the security situation is getting worse every day if they're not capable of protecting us they should tell us on tuesday blasts were heard as president danny delivered a live speech to me out the beginning of the the holidays the taliban was blamed for rockets fired at the presidential palace. glassman the taliban launched
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a brazen attack on the city of gosney it ended after days of intense fighting the killing of more than one hundred people and wounding hundreds more going into an election year the afghan president faces a difficult challenge of carrying out security reforms while retaining an uneasy coalition of allies some of the job either of their british charity worker jailed in iran has voluntarily returned to prison after request for an extension to her temporary release was refused needs or gary radcliffe was reunited with her family on thursday after being granted a three day release from jail in the capital tehran she's two years into a five year sentence for spying charges she strongly denies their own parliament has voted to remove the minister of economic affairs and finance after a shot for the currency and amid economic it's instability massoud come by c.n.n. lost a vote of confidence by one hundred thirty seven votes to one hundred twenty one is the second minister in president rouhani cabinet to be impeached this month rouhani
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is expected to appear in parliament on wednesday to answer questions on his administration's performance it's been announced that u.s. republican senator john mccain will lie in state at capitol hill until a memorial service next saturday he'll be buried the following day tribute to been pouring in for the eighty one year old who died after a battle with brain cancer came as a prominent critic of u.s. president donald trump and mccain's family has said he did not want trump to attend his funeral rob reynolds has more. flags were lowered over the capitol building and the white house as tributes to senator john mccain flowed in but there was no praise for mccain's long career in military and public service from the current occupant of the oval office president donald trump issued a terse two sentence tweet my deepest sympathy and respect go out to the family of senator john mccain our hearts and prayers are with you former presidents were more
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fulsome in their praise with a remarkable. he was. barack obama's statement said in part few have been tested the way john once was or required to show the courage he once did that was a reference to the more than five years of harsh treatment mccain endured as a prisoner of war in north vietnam mccain senate colleagues from both parties were also speaking hours republicans jeff flake he would quickly forgive and move on and to see the good in his opponents is something that particularly these days we can do is a lot more of democratic senate minority leader chuck schumer i am morning america's morning the world is mourning the loss of one of the truly great man recent decades former presidential candidate hillary clinton alluded to mccain's frequent
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criticism of trump's foreign policy fights with allies if we abandon the ideal that we have stood for around the globe if we turn our back on the have human rights and have a kind of future we want to forage for our children grandchildren. we will be giving up on what he fought for what he was imprisoned for what he stood for mccain's body will lie in state in the ornate rotunda beneath the capitol dome an honor accorded to only thirty public figures in u.s. history members of the public will have an opportunity to file past his casket to show their respects mccain reportedly planned his own funeral which will be held at the washington national cathedral the eulogies will be delivered by obama and by bush both men who were once mccain's political opponents pointedly president trump
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has not been asked to attend robert oulds al jazeera washington. mourn his legacy republican strategist to evan secret joins me via skype from new york thank you very much for being with us and just i want to go back to the period of when he was a prisoner of war how do you think that experience shaped him. i think it made him realize that there is a great deal of evil in this world and that sometimes you have to put yourself second to the greater interests of the nation because the north vietnamese offered to give john mccain in an early release when they found out that he was the son of a four star admiral and the grandson of one is well and he said no because there were others there who weren't as fortunate as him who were there much longer and he said he will not go until all those others will leave and he spent five plus years in the hanoi hilton being tortured daily beaten to the point that he couldn't even
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lift his arms above his head what about his in his career. career in the senate what would you say the highlights of that. i think that it's multiple things there are the legislative highlights for mccain feingold campaign finance reform and effect increasing defense spending to just the highlights of how he shaped and viewed the senate this was a man who believed that the senate was an independent institution that should be but shock and balance on the presidents of the united states be they republican or democrat and we have seen america shift in both chambers of congress the senate and the house to become much more subservient to whichever person is in the white house if they happen to be in your own party and the president. would be to president obama bush clinton or now trauma would always find john mccain being a thorn in their side but perhaps his most important legacy for america was what he did in the early ninety's with then senator john kerry john kerry and john mccain
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were two very different spectrums of the vietnam war john kerry protested the separately whereas john mccain supported it and he fought and he bled for it and he was scarred by it as we saw by his treatment over five years and we still but they came together to try and normalize relations with north vietnam and to find out if there were any more american soldiers who were missing or in action or prisoners of war and because they did that i think they helped to heal the nation and the scars of vietnam which had lasted for nearly three decades at that point i mean you talk about the healing of the nation and i suppose now that the it seems that there is an increasing division is there any of that i mean do you think that with that spirit of bipartisan and to prize actually dies is that on a front on the bipartisan front. well as we've you have heard john mccain planned
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his own funeral as part of that he asked former presidents bush and obama to eulogize him and i think that's his way of saying it's time to come back together we've become a much more hyper partisan climate where we talk about tearing one another down more than what we can do together and i think john mccain is telling america that we need to listen to our better angels as opposed to our inner demons and really work together to make the country work and it's not doing that at this point we have a president who had been gauges and specialized and attacking in often craft fic and inappropriate terms institutions and individuals he feels that as we are in a grievance period because of dol trop and john mccain despised that because that isn't what america is and at the end of the day john mccain is one of the very few men and women who have ever lived in the history of our nation who represented an america what we want to be and what we are we are an imperfect nation but always
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striving to be better and to hold ourselves to a higher standard that can be a beacon of freedom throughout the world everyone so create different very much for your attributes that you john mccain thank you. still to come on now. the global demand for plastic keeps rising despite growing awareness of its devastating impact on the planet. and as egypt have reopened the rafa crossing we made the gaza graduates and business people who are considering leaving for good. and back alley badminton will tell you how the sport has captured the attention of young players affiliation games. get a welcome back to international weather we're here across europe which had one weather
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system associate with a frontal boundary making its way towards the east of the clouds right there with that we saw quite a bit of activity in terms of rain thunderstorms even some hail now that's making its way down here towards parts of greece and behind it well things are going to get a little bit better we are looking at high pressure beginning to dominate over the next few days and what that means is we are going to be seeing some much better weather across the central part of the continent temperatures on the rise for paris twenty six degrees partly cloudy skies london not too bad of a day twenty two enjoy it while you can we do have another weather system just coming in off the atlantic for the next few days after that well here across most of the northern part of africa we are looking at some dry conditions we did have some clouds down here across parts of algeria over here towards libya as well but along the coast temperatures are fairly moderate for this time of year we're talking about into the thirty's the low thirty's that is for benghazi for cairo maybe some clouds in your forecast about thirty four here on monday that is going to start to rise and as you go down the nile for us one we are looking at about
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thirty nine degrees there and now here towards the west we are looking at some clouds maybe some winds from morocco we do expect to see those temperatures moderate what a temperature few of about twenty eight degrees. capturing a moment in time snapshots of all the lives of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's well. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers that everybody's going to know well we did sacrifice. all. witness on al-jazeera. and under pointed one of. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is
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already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. among the top stories out there four people have been killed and at least ten injured during a mass shooting at a video game videogame tournament in jacksonville florida. pope francis has asked for god's forgiveness for the abuse committed by catholic church in ireland just
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wrapped up a two day trip there. voting has ended in colombia's referendum on tough anti corruption and also if it passes it could see the salaries of congress members come out and a change in the way contracts are awarded. of one the senate speak to your he's the director of the colombian research group the conflict analysis resource center he's on skype from bogota for us thank you for being with us so just to remind us what the scale of a corruption problem is in colombia well it's very serious i mean there is different from more corruption here that comes from contracts but i will say that corruption that will lead to a good system that has to do with boxer in each the way that it is almost me mr to be divided were the positions of power including the uk is the most serious type of corruption and these consultations these public consultation
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a sort of referendum will work it's dry to that. and how likely is it to pass. well very unlikely i have to say that the trash roll it requires sixty percent of the electoral roll to vote in favor or against the seven questions in order to pass each one of them i need it will be there it difficult for each of the question has to reach and two pies that threshold nevertheless is the first time that we have these type of. bloke receives type of participatory democracy put forward to the electorate and that in itself is an advancement i mean if they if they did pass their getting and have the right measures to make a difference to the level of corruption in colombia well several of them will increase their oversight and transparency and definitely will. closer to the people all decisions and the and the itself the political leaders. i
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think it will be very positive for reducing corruption and as i say it will increase transparency and will be will open up the political system one of the questions for example he meet to three terms that those that are elected by popular vote will be able to hold off and that would open up the political system the participation of those that are. close to that political system or two offices and you think there was enough emphasis from the government on actually getting people to go after vote in this in this referendum or don't you think that it was essentially the politicians not wanting to get not want to paint backing it because attention it it damaged their their chances. in general the political system is not in favor of the vote and i have to say that the government what has
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been quite limited in its campaigning for the consultation sat and it was sold so late in putting forward or doing the meter's the new government or you want to get to try to bring people to the vote. that would be one of the reasons why it is very unlikely that these questions are going to be approved today. were. a surprise vote ok thank you very much for having us on our air. there's been a mass show of support in costa rica of people who fled the political crisis in neighboring nicaragua thousands of people turned out in a demonstration in the capital san jose backing the twenty three thousand nicaraguans who crossed the border since april becomes a week after anti immigrant violence in which forty four people were arrested and homemade bombs seized the costa rican government to set up
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a commission to deal with the influx and asked people not to incite hatred against them. german chancellor angela merkel says she's opposed to more ambitious emissions targets for the e.u. the block is already aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions by forty percent by twenty thirty but the e.u. climate chief has called for this to increase to forty five percent merkel made the comments during her annual summer interview where she was also asked about the migration crisis which has threatened to topple her coalition government john mccain has more from berlin. at times this summer anger merkel has seemed to be in quite a tight spot placed there on the domestic side of things by her bavarian conservative allies in a rout over migration and quite how this country deals with those people who present themselves at its borders but who have registered themselves elsewhere in the e.u. and then on the international stage she's been placed in a tight spot by president donald trump who referred to this country's acquisition
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of energy from russia saying that germany is a captive of russia and so in her summer interview this sunday angle americal touched on these two topics and regarding the u.s. administration she had this message about how europe should apprise the trumpet ministrations policy and goals and guns and get us on a glacier that we have to take on more responsibility which means germany must rely on your like the foreign minister i have advocated a foreign policy which does not require european unity that puts us on a european security council where we speak with one voice i believe that it is important and germany will have to take more responsibility in questions of defense which is why we supported the intervention force together with france cooperation in europe is the thing that angle americal has spoken many times about before the cooperation she really wants to see is between her party in government and her bavarian allies the main leader of that party who was the whole for the interior
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minister has also been speaking on sunday saying that there is a degree of harmony now in government that perhaps wasn't there so much earlier this year the important thing for him is the bavarian general election coming up in mid october for angular merkel the most important thing is making sure the policy that she feels needs to be implemented in germany continues to be so. australia's foreign minister julie bishop has resigned two days after a failed bid to take leadership of the ruling party bishop got only eleven out of eighty six internal party votes toppled malcolm turnbull as prime minister and installed scott morrison as new leader. excuse me turnbull was the fourth australian prime minister in a decade to be forced out in an internal leadership challenge north and south korean family members have said their final goodbyes after several days of emotional reunions a group of mostly elderly south koreans were chosen by lottery to travel to a resort in the north millions of families have been separated on either side of
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the border since the end of the korean war in one thousand fifty three these meetings are likely to be the last time many participants will see each other. and whether it's water bottle straws or bags plastic waste has become a global crisis but even though awareness of the problem is growing plastic production is still accelerating because demand is still rising and it's cheaper to produce and to recycle gabriel is on to has more from new york. at this recycling plant business is booming two thirds of all of new york city's plastic waste it's put into recycling bins and here where it's meticulously sorted then sold to companies to make it into other plastics to meet skyrocketing global demand in the past twenty years the amount of plastic produced in the world has doubled but today globally less than ten percent is recycled for decades
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china used to recycle more than half the world's dirty plastics but the country ended that practice earlier this year many believe the policy shift was driven by this unflattering documentary depicting poor chinese and sorting the waste but the plastics problem goes way beyond china they are there are bigger problem i would say longer term systemic problem in the plazas world is the norm it's not a plastics that don't make their way in or cycling or that because of their resin type or the way it's actually manufactured are not recyclable in today's you know recycling industry. earlier this year a huge mass of that ocean plastic waste washed up ashore on a beach in the dominican republic at the current rate by twenty fifty the oceans will contain more plastic than fish according to the world economic form whether it
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be plastic bottles like this that are filling up the oceans and the landfills it's increasingly clear the world is facing a plastics crisis some have compared it to a disease that's spreading across the globe and now the united nations is involved . in equivalent of a. truck every minute of every day backing up to the ocean and just dumping plastic into it really have to look at the we deserve this beauty. it was given. time to get plastic hash tags beat plastic pollution campaign was viewed online by over seventy million people celebrities urging people to tag friends to commit them to give up using things like plastic straws and cups but it will take much more than one awareness campaign to dig out from underneath the mountain of plastics the world is increasingly buried under gabriel's on to. new york.
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israel says it will reopen the air as border crossing with the gaza strip on monday a week after closing it because of violence israel's defense minister said the decision had been prompted by calm along the border between gaza and israel where they've been months of protest areas as the main personnel crossing for gaza which has been under blockade for more than a decade. gaza's crippled economy is coming under further pressure as thousands of residents take advantage of the reopen ruffo crossing more than sixteen thousand people have left through egypt since may and only four thousand have returned the money is the first chance they've had to leave since him israel imposed the blockade eleven years ago and it smith has more from gaza. the fabric of gaza society is being torn apart locked in by israel's blockade with few jobs and no prospects those with means now have a way out through egypt. down he's heading that way ten years ago he says he
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employed four hundred people here supplying customers in israel and the occupied west bank now most of his sewing machines are rusting one lawyer along with a certain young women in turkey i did a feasibility study and realized there were more opportunities if i moved there i still have the good contacts with israeli business partners but all they need to do is to switch the business from gaza to turkey in gaza there is no hope your sons are growing and there is no hope for their future just over sixty thousand palestinians have left through this crossing since it reopened in may and only about four and a half thousand have come back those the figures given to us by the immigration department and those numbers leaving would probably be much higher were not so difficult to get the right the missions in the first place you have to give the egyptians a good enough reason maybe hospital treatment or studying abroad or you have to have a visa for your final destination country something else that's very difficult to come by. those who managed to get the right paperwork must wait here queuing sometimes for days for the bus to takes them to the crossing so yeah you are
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traveling to cairo for tourism and to have a look around at what opportunities there might be i'm an i.t. specialist in gaza there's no work if i find a job in egypt i won't come back we have a problem of it my brother will find work for me and i believe darby you know there is no work here in gaza so i'm fed up so my main reason for traveling is to find a job and just for some relief with tourism a lot more than a dozen people who spoke to here said they weren't coming back. and when her legal goes to turkey a few jobs left in this factory will disappear with him adding more people to the list of unemployed which is more than forty percent of the population. burnitz made al-jazeera gaza. still to come on the hours or news hour. a rare moment of celebration in yemen as in the start costal caught up in the war reopens to the public. just disappointment for.


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