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tv   NEWSHOUR  ALJAZ  August 28, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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on al-jazeera. this is. watching the news hour live from london it's good to have you here with us coming up. it's an incredible deal it's an incredible deal for both parties. the u.s. and mexico to agree to overhaul the nafta trade deal but canada is yet to sign off on it. genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes the u.n. says me and maher military chiefs should be prosecuted for genocide against their agenda and rakhine state. thousands of far right protesters teenager rally in germany after a deadly knife attack allegedly by
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a syrian and in iraq. and on crutches and now on bail popstar turned opposition politician bobby wind it's released in the uganda. i'm joined again with a leo sports including. getting out the frustrations and to the shock first round exit for world number one simona halep at the u.s. open in new york. the united states and mexico have agreed to overhaul the north america free trade agreements known as not this questions focused on new rules for the automatic industry that's a central issue for president trump he's described as a disaster for american workers. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is now under pressure to agree to new terms to remain part of the three nation pact and he
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has assured mexico's president of his commitment to the agreement negotiations have dragged on for more than a year threats by trying to ditch the one nine hundred ninety four accord of course turbulence on the financial markets putting pressure on the mexican pestle and the canadian dollar speaking from the oval office the us president praised the new deal our white house correspondent kimberly i'll get has this report. frequently accusing the news media of not reporting on his accomplishments u.s. president donald trump brought reporters into the oval office oh to listen in real time to a phone call with mexico's president. where you morning thank you and congratulations together the two leaders jointly announced their breakthrough bilateral deal changing parts of the north american free trade agreement that trump says hurts us worker i like to call this deal the united
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states mexico trade agreement i think it's an elegant name i think nafta has a lot of bad connotations for the united states because it was a rip off. the now after agreement was signed twenty four years ago between the united states mexico and canada it saw many manufacturing jobs move south to mexico as a result where labor was cheaper one of the worst trade deals ever on the campaign trail trump promised to renegotiate nafta and bring back jobs particularly in the auto sector the new deal will require seventy five percent of an american car to be made in the united states up from sixty two percent workers making those vehicles must also be paid a minimum sixteen dollars an hour but missing from this latest agreement is canada will start negotiating with canon irrevocably soon they want to start they want to negotiate very badly. relations between the two countries have been frosty since
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trump slapped tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum canada's foreign minister will travel to the u.s. this week to restart negotiations but it's not clear canada will agree to the changes the nafta changes still need to be approved by the u.s. congress follows weeks of negotiations between the united states and mexico their agreement now puts pressure on canada to remain a part of the pact kimberly helped at al-jazeera the white house. in a moment we'll have there we have we action from our reynolds in washington d.c. but first let's get the latest from john hall man who is in mexico city for us so john what's the reaction there. i think the reaction in mexico both from being from the outgoing administration which is just finishing the end of its term and the incoming administration which going to be here in december both quite so to triumph and be about what's happened the united states is mexico's principal
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trading partner by far about eighty percent of mexico's exports go to the united states so it really needed to be a deal this deal might not be is beneficial to mexico indeed it probably isn't as the nafta deal that's been in place now since the ninety's but it is a deal after a period of economic uncertainty with president trump sort of threatening all sorts of things for those definitely an upbeat message about now obviously the other thing going on here is canada the nuff the trade deal was mexico the united states and canada that was what was meant to be renegotiated now in the conversation that you had a bit of in kimberly's report there president trump was musing on just having a bilateral deal with mexico and then maybe later on we come to that school the way through said that's not what it wants it said that it wants kind of there in this part of the seem very much the junior partner here to the united states so it has kind of the as well as a potential ally in some leverage against the united states if that should be
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needed so let's go in the mix can president insisted several times that kind of the should be part of this but then later on the foreign minister came out and said what we really want kind of during this deal but if it's not part of the deal we will go ahead anyway so there was a subtle sort of shift of tone as the day went on thank you very much that's john hallman with the view from mexico city we can now cross to our reporter rob rannells who is in washington rob trump had said nafta had bad khana to. nations in the u.s. for what it represented and so he wants to work on a new deal with a new name but is this really about the u.s. wanting bilateral deals instead of involving an extra partner in trilateral deal to have to negotiate more. well you know the fact that canada is not on board yet and really serious questions remain about canada's participation as both can't really help it and john holden mentioned in their reporting this is
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a big problem and if canada is not included in this deal if it is sold by the troubled ministration strictly as a bilateral deal there's going to be a lot of trouble in congress even among members of trump's own republican party and possibly lawsuits as well nevertheless if you look at this from trump's perspective it is seen as a major victory politically for him already he as you saw and as well his political allies in the media including fox news are hailing this as a tremendous triumph you'll recall that president trump when he was a candidate trump and two thousand and sixteen one of his fundamental planks of his a program was that he would repudiate or change deals trade deals that he called stupid or bad for american workers so he has fulfilled this pledge this campaign
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pledge at least with this preliminary revised agreement with mexico. and so certainly it gives something president and his allies something to celebrate at a time when frankly they haven't had very much at all to celebrate in recent weeks and indeed and to another issue that's been grabbing attention that was the flag was raised from tough mosque after john mccain's posse people are still mourning for him and now i understand that put it down to half staff can you tell us about that. so yes the viewers may recall if you were watching over the weekend that president trump put out a very terse tweet upon senator mccain's passing he offered his sympathies to senator mccain's family and said his heart and hearts and our hearts and prayers of he and his family were with them said nary a word about mccain's long decades of service as a military officer
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a prisoner of war a senator a presidential candidate a leader of the republican party and a a legislator or so that came to be seen as a rather petty remark especially considering that other presidents like president george w. bush and president obama issued statements. with full of praise for for of senator mccain so it was seen as something petty and then the flag suddenly had it having been lowered as a sign of respect was put up the flagpole again there was an outrage over that people were asking can report reporters rather were asking the president all about it today constantly in all of its meetings he refused to answer any of the questions finally they put out a statement later on the white house from president truman let me read he said despite our differences politics and policy i respect senator john mccain's service
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to our country and his. and in his honor have. sorry my handwriting is not that great have signed a proclamation to fly the u.s. flag half staff until his in term and he also in the statement said that he would ask for vice president mike pence to go to the funeral services at the national cathedral on next saturday and that the defense secretary james madison white house chief of staff former general john kelly would also be in attendance but nevertheless this is. been seen by many many people rode the culture is evidence that when president troll holds a grudge against someone as he did a good senator mccain not even death could raise that ill will never a dull day there in washington thank you so much rob will be speaking to you of course later ok u.s. president donald trump has held talks with his kenyan counterpart over
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a can yacht to at the white house it is the second time trump has met a leader from the sub-saharan africa since taking office the leaders discussed trade and investment as well as strengthening security corp. u.n. investigators say myanmar's top military general should be investigated and per prosecuted for genocide against their will hinge and rakhine state a new report describes the targeted killing of thousands of or injure as the disintegration of a community it says the persecution of the muslim minority in myanmar has led to a system of institutionalized oppression from birth to death let me in my army started so-called clearance operations after several military posts were attacked in rakhine state last august the un says reports of up to ten thousand or killed are a conservative estimate around seven hundred fifty thousand also fled into neighboring bunder this witness is detailed mass killings arson attacks and gang rapes one
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victim describes herself as lucky as she was only wait by three men and several army commanders are named as being responsible for the atrocities and the u.n. says their cases should be referred to the international criminal court or tribunal and the u.n. says there's enough evidence of war crimes being committed their report also says the general is committed crimes against humanity and war crimes in kitchen and shan state both dominated by other ethnic minorities mama john jim has this report from cox is bizarre. the un says military commanders in me and more should be prosecuted for genocide against the real hinge or following their recent fact finding mission on me and more three investigators presented their report in geneva on monday included among the findings that me and mars armed forces also known as the top of my down took actions that in the words
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of the un investigators undoubtedly amount to the greatest crimes under international law the mission has concluded that criminal investigation and prosecution is warranted focusing on the top to mentor generals in relation to the three categories of crimes under international law genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes after attacks by rohinton gunmen in iraq and state a year ago government forces began a crackdown against the rohingya the un says reports of up to ten thousand killed are conservative estimate. around three quarters of a million of the muslim minority fled to neighboring bangladesh many live here include to belong camp the largest refugee settlement in the world the report from un investigators includes accounts of numerous atrocities including gang rape in slave meant and the killing of children for their agenda who are among the most persecuted minorities in the world have faced decades of first accusing and sadly
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they've grown accustomed to the international community ignoring their plight. reacting to the investigators findings will hinder rights activist says she's cautiously optimistic but wants action but it's been a year now since the federal say many international organizations have come here but we haven't seen any solutions all of us were injured women have been wondering how much time you have to live inside a refugee camp that's one of the reasons say many women went out to demonstrations as a day. those large protests show they were him joe are growing tired of waiting for the world to act they mourned the first year anniversary of the beginning of the violence in iraq and state or is the real hindu demonstrators called it genocide remembrance day as chairman of the society for peace and human rights. has been working for months to document crimes against the ranger he's not at all
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surprised by what the u.n. fact finding mission reported. the genocide against is has been going on systematically for thirty years and the world didn't know now the u.n. fact finding mission has a lot of the world to know with their work so we're hoping that this will be a lesson to the world so no other countries go through what we went through this is why we're working for justice. says there were hinge a will continue to demand justice even though justice isn't likely to be delivered soon mohammed atta at the critical long refugee camp in cox's bazaar on the dish. simon adams is the executive director of the global center for the responsibility to protect and he joins me now from new york it's good to have you here speaking to us and that your report is the strongest issued yet on. some very shocking findings but how effective really will it be and bringing me and mark to
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task or the government of myanmar to task over what they've done. well i think it is as you said a very shocking report and i think it now puts a huge onus of responsibility on the u.n. security council or the members of the security council to actually turn words into deeds because one year since those atrocities happened one year since what this report describes as genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes we have still not seen the u.n. security council do anything except issue one tersely worded statement about it so i think there's a huge onus of responsibility on them now to actually do something because something your report didn't mention was that earlier today facebook actually shut down a number of pages of me and my generals because of incitement to hatred because of their complicity in the genocide but so far facebook has done more than the un security council to actually hold perpetrators of these account of these atrocities accountable and that's just not good enough. that i was there when the initial
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influx in bangladesh i was covering this when the initial influx in september of last year and even then we were hearing all these stories from them they were all being corroborated why do you think it's taken this long for the u.n. to take any action or to even investigated with this with the seriousness that it requires. you know there's no question that people have known for a very long time my own organization with along with human rights watch a no friends of fortify rides did a briefing for the security council within two weeks of these atrocities taking place there's plenty of information from plenty of organizations including the great reporting that's been done by al-jazeera and by other organizations so information has never been the problem action has been the problem but i think this u.n. report helps us get a little bit closer because ultimately what we need is not just words what we need
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is to see people like general mean on klang the commander in chief of forces actually in handcuffs and held accountable for these crimes against humanity that they have perpetrated against the ranger i'm skeptical that the me and my authorities that me and my military will cooperate in any way so what should be the next step what would you say the u.n. should be doing well they have they have also had an ally in the fact that china has been very reluctant to see any action and of course as you mention the myanmar authorities have not been forthcoming i think somebody like on sun sushi was of course a great icon of human rights and who many people around the world protested in favor of having her released from house arrest and many raheem jurors should be said protested in her favor as well has now become the genocide denier in chief for the me and my military as i said the military has been had a good ally in terms of china protecting it but i think this puts enormous pressure on china this puts enormous pressure on the entire international community and it's
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not just the u.n. security council states can apply bilateral sanctions they can ply targeted sanctions on the generals involved they can help place an arms embargo on me and ma and they can help try and make sure that the security council refers the situation to the international criminal court that some of that action is taken very san thank you so much simon adams from the global center for their responsibility to protect thank you. thank you plenty more still to come on this news hour the french president says the european union must stop depending on the u.s. for its security. iran takes the u.s. to the un's highest court over the reintroduction of sanctions. and the philippines and the n.b.a. star jordan clarkson go home without an asian games medal a south korea booked their place in the south semifinals joe will have all the action.
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german chancellor angela merkel has sworn to vigilante justice will not be tolerated after far right protests broke out in the eastern city of chemnitz hundreds took part in the rally with some reportedly chasing and attacking foreigners that followed the fatal stabbing of a man on sunday in which local police have blamed on syria and iraq nationals tensions have been high since america's government allowed a million asylum seekers to germany in twenty fifteen. dominic cain joins us now from berlin dominic what's the latest on those protests. words been an evening of tension and sporadic violence in the town of chemist's wine to rival demonstrations one organized by left wingers to protest against far right extremism and the other by members of the far right have been marching through the city and elements of
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those two groups have tried to disrupt the rival demonstrations with the police effectively in between them trying to prevent the outbreaks of violence i was referring to rocks have been thrown bottles thrown also fireworks thrown by rival protesters and some people were wounded by those fireworks the point to make here this is a town as i say of about two hundred fifty thousand people as you say on sunday there were very violent scenes we know of the death of one thirty five year old german national who police believe may have been attacked by the people you mentioned the syrian national and the iraqi national now the point here is that there are something around about one percent of the population of chemist's is composed of people who've come to germany from syria and from afghanistan so it's it gives you a sense of perspective there's a very small number of people from the migrant side of things in the city in so far
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as the violence this evening is concerned the police are saying they believe they have now got the situation under control the two rival demonstrations have broken up and they are saying there will be a much more detailed report from their perspective tomorrow morning and very briefly dominic have to get their shit is the far right an issue for america. well the point here is that this part of germany east germany the old eastern the old communist dominated east germany does have many more supporters of the far right than the old west germany and there is a sense that these people east of the flock to far right movements because they feel disaffected they don't believe that the german government federal government works for them you often hear of their demonstrations in german mccomas vec merkel must go they talk about the need to to bring government back to them to them the people so from her perspective i'm going to merkel says no the democratic way is
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the only way the question for her will be how she reacts to these scenes that have been playing out in chemist's dominic kane in berlin for us thank you. the french president and a while back and says the european union last stop depending on the united states for its security in a speech setting out his diplomatic agenda across said europe needed to have an integrated defense policy with a common budget he also called for it to develop the trade and financial tools needed to fend off u.s. sanctions the thirty day return for simply called the who visited a few weeks you will be in greater solidarity means we will have to look again at the structure of european defense and security by initiating a renewed dialogue on cyber security chemical weapons conventional weaponry territorial conflict space security the protection of the polar zones in particular with russia i want us to launch an exhaustive reflection with all of our european partners i think it's of foreign ministers an ethiopian for talks with their prime
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minister ahmed discussions are expected to center on ethiopia's granda renaissance dam project on the river nile egypt is concerned the multi-billion dollar project could leave it all normal to water shortages. high court judges in uganda have granted bail to the pop star turned opposition politician bobby wine the thirty six year old was detained two weeks ago and charged with treason he's accused of inciting supporters to attack a convoy carrying president yoweri museveni catherine so it has more from the capital kampala. freedom for bobby wine twelve days after his arrest locked up by both the military and the police he accuses of torture whine is charged with treason a long thirty two hour days after presidential where in the seventy's water kate was still works during the recent election campaign what do you want to listen to during the course of the show well it's not many ugandan such as radio presenter james peterson have closely watched developments. he dedicated and now on to
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bobby white and his music it's been a big hit the young people are there my dorothy and most times they have sat back and said well you know politics is for the old for but right now the young people waking up in wanting to get involved in the future of this country ugandan politics have been controlled by a presidential. who has ruled for thirty two years and that divided opposition led by keyes and betty who was arrested recently for young people harbor the greatest stake and the responsibility to reclaim without and. and that's why you did the young people are standing up in many townships such as this one in the capital kampala where wind grew up it's all about his message. this is a song recently produced by other musicians calling for his food on many ugandans who are struggling to make ends meet that paul b. y.
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understands their problems he was raised in poverty in this township and he has worked in music and politics to get to where families say that he's popularity has transcended tribal differences and a lot of people in different parts of the country are talking about. why no posed a reason he passed you know ending the seventy five years old age limit for presidents the seventy to seventy four years old first america. that the first one also led protests against attacks on social media uses what is up in politics is that the face images. it's the best instrument so it's. for fifteen years then comes but boy. it will be one of them. but what about me many ugandans say the treason charge is trumped up by the government to suppress dissent government officials say the politician incited people to violence
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uganda's next election is due in twenty twenty one of the. popularity perhaps highlights how that election will shape up by winning the hearts and minds of young frustrated ugandans they're desperate for political change catchy song al jazeera kampala. and still to come on al-jazeera this news hour why a turnout of eleven million people wasn't enough to secure a yes for colombia's anticorruption referendum. the czech republic battles against a huge strides major or referendum wiped out farmers' crops. and for a country where cricket to hang out of pocket found baseball players are using some of the same skills to impress the beijing games joe will have the details in sports .
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car we should see some slightly khwaja weather pushing into western parts of europe over the next couple of days the clear skies coming in but always want to show us any possibility across the british isles as those winds just fade in for more of a northwesterly direction still a little bit of heat to the eastern side of it on the other side all of this weather system pay this cold front twenty seven celsius there for moscow twenty eight in kiev we are still getting up into the thirty's they say for remaining of the turkey and also for greece on the side of that line of rain getting into the mid twenty's there for vienna picking up to around twenty three in london see the cloud just making its way across and into scotland i will sit down across into this because through wednesday tending to fizzle out you can expect to see a little bit of time weather into the southeast for a good part of wednesday afternoon i stretches down the low countries seem to a good part of eastern france down towards the switzerland so west of that hyperion still looking pretty warm thirty three celsius thirty three celsius once again there for athens and on the other side of the med warm sunshine coming through here
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so thirty six full kyra getting up into the high twenty's across good parts of north africa algiers at thirty two degrees in the little bit of cloud coming here it's fine dry and sunny and repat with a high of twenty five. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. of the meeting. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them will not enjoy what led when they. will be. some of the boxset this is us. on al-jazeera. a journey both dark. there's a very forever there's a lot of corruption and beautiful lake the beautiful lady you have to be very
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patient and woodies also the city has ascended you can see how i was introduced to . my father and my most or fall king for the personal story to discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven on our just sarah . hello again here's a reminder of our top stories at al-jazeera the united states and mexico have agreed to overhaul the north american free trade agreement no less not canada has yet to sign off on it. united nations investigators say man march top military
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general should be investigated and prosecuted for genocide against all kinds. german chancellor angela merkel has warned vigilante justice will not be tolerated this after farai protests broke out in the easter of the eastern city of camden it's following the death of a german on sunday. ok let's get them now more on the overhaul of the nafta trade deal and we can speak to christopher wilson who's the deputy director of the wilson center mexico in-situ thanks very much for talking to us. can you tell us what the significance of this new deal is and is it as much of a breakthrough as trump is saying it's this that will benefit both the u.s. and the mexicans. well it's definitely a big step forward in the afternoon goshi asians i mean these have been ongoing for over a year now there have been major differences between the sort of hardball proposals
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put forward by the united states and opposition traditionally for both mexico and canada now mexico and the united states have made major breakthroughs on some of the key issues including how much of an automobile for example must be made within north america within the region to get nafta benefits but canada is still on the side and as a trilateral agreement until canada is a part of the agreement it's just a step forward towards a final conclusion rather than the final agreement itself and there was a bit of a break between what president trump has said what the mexicans have said and exactly what is happening really remains a bit fuzzy president trump says that we have a us mexico trade agreement a brand new bilateral agreement whereas the mexicans didn't called an agreement but rather an understanding and kept emphasizing their hope for canada to be back at the table shortly so that we could get to sort of a true conclusion of the negotiating process is this likely to be the end of the nafta agreement and this kind of just creating a path towards bilateral deals where the us going to go see individually with
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canada and mexico instead of having a consensus. yeah i mean that's the preference that president trump is stated more on multiple occasions and so was robert heiser the u.s. trade representative but it doesn't actually make sense within the north american context and that's because we have industries such as the auto industry as the perfect example that really span the continent where you have parts and materials moving back and forth across the region as that final product is made and so to bilateral deals do not equal one trilateral deal in north america they would really be lesser of lesser value and it wouldn't be good for any of the three economies and so i think we're you know we're at a point where that's there's a bit really what we're seeing is a negotiating tactic by the united states to put pressure on the canadians to cede on certain issues and mexico in this case has been willing to play along because they get the certainty of at least having a bilateral deal even as they seek to try to continue the trilateral nafta now the
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architects of the original. about twenty five years ago had said that this is a deal that will have to be revisited and reviewed. is that's what's happening here is there some merit to what trump is doing. well there is some merit i suppose in the sense that it is a deal that needed updating there are you know this was an agreement that was negotiated before we all had cell phones in our pockets before people used amazon to buy things before we had the types of pharmaceuticals and i p international actual property related issues that we have today but that's not exactly what the trouble ministrations out to accomplish they did in fact do some modernization and all three countries are on board with that part of the agreement but the us administration is also sought to basically implement protectionist measures to raise the regional content requirements on although they attempted to insert u.s. pacific content requirement for the auto industry which was pushed back on somewhat
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but also to a certain extent accepted finally by mexico and so there is a mix of modernization and protectionism which is a very strange thing to be doing but that's the that's where we're at politically in the united states and that's essentially what the ministration has accomplished christopher wilson thank you very much christopher both and is the deputy director of the wilson center mexico institute it's been great to get your thoughts thank you thank you to via. reuters is reporting that plans to list parts of saudi arabia's national oil company and this talk markets were suspended by king solomon the kingdom's crown prince had championed plans to go public with five percent of her aamco the saudi oil giant it was the centerpiece of saudi arabia's economic overhaul of the move is a blow to crown prince mohammed bin solomon who has positioned himself as the heir apparent and a modernizing force in the country the u.a.e. has denied claims by yemen's hooty rebels that they had dubai's international
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airport with a drone flights there are running as usual it's not the first time the who these have claimed such an attack in july it said it's attack the i would that be airport something the u.a.e. denying its. the united states says it will vigorously defend itself against iran's legal challenge of the un's highest court iran wants the international court of justice to suspend unilateral u.s. sanctions and prose three weeks ago this follow says for a draw from the twenty fifteen you clear deal terror on accuses the u.s. of plotting its economic strangulation and says it may even take military action in the gulf to block other country's oil exports barnsley has been following those proceedings from the hague the iranian side spends it's three hours of court time here on monday trying to do two things in front of the judges first of all to explain how very damaging the american sanctions were everything from issues to do with renewable energy projects aircraft parts car manufacturers who now couldn't
12:37 am
invest in iran. sports going down the debasing of the iranian economy all of these things a direct result of the american sanctions program their lawyers said but at the same time trying to link that back to a nine hundred fifty five very obscure trade agreement sixty three years ago signed between the u.s. and iran a treaty of amity of friendship and a friendly behavior between the two countries and the iranians saying that the sanctions regime has broken the treaty of amity the lead lawyer for the iranian side made it very clear that they had no choice but to come to this court because all of the political and diplomatic avenues that simply fails trace the moment to a corner make pressure. sans to certain that this view through diplomatic means did not succeed. iraq had no other choice but
12:38 am
to seize the international court of justice with the president's request on sixty two large because of the american side of course contest this entirely their legal team left without comment and they'll have their three hours here on tuesday their main argument is likely to be that the treaty that was signed when the u.s. and iran with friends sixty three years ago doesn't apply anymore because in the after nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution all the different sets american sanctions the flirty fifty five treaty of amity doesn't mean anything and anyway the americans have the biggest thing in their favor which is that even if in the end this court agrees with that decision might be binding but the u.s. doesn't actually have to go by what the court says so it's a good attempt i think by iran to try to get somewhere with this but ultimately likely to not be very successful the u.s. says it will block their way appointment of a judge of the world trade organization the w t o appeals court holds hearings on
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international trade disputes the u.s. has consistently blocked new appointments in stalin trunk came to office of the move would reduce the number of judges on the body to three which is the minimum number of colombia's anticorruption referendum has failed to win approval because not enough people turned out to vote the turnout fell just below the one third of the population required those who did vote overwhelmingly supported the proposed new measures i was under of b.r.t. has the reaction from the capital bogota. almost eleven million seven hundred thousand colombians came out to vote on a landmark anti corruption initiative it was an unprecedented turnout for a citizen driven referendum but still not enough to make the result count. the initiative would have limited politicians salaries impose term limits and introduced mandatory jail sentences for corruption those who voted overwhelmingly
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favor to the proposals that the turnout was four hundred ten thousand short of what was needed to reach a quorum. organizers say it's still a political victory and a huge citizen mandate can't be denied already. today we won against corruption no doubt about that today colombia has taken a big step historic step almost twelve million colombians only incentive being there free conscience participate in the largest vote in the history of colombia for citizen driven measure most colombians agree corruption is a plague needs to be exterminated ten percent of the country's g.d.p. is lost to graft every year but organizing to defeat through this difficult especially in a country where low voter turnout is the norm even in presidential elections most of the anger is directed toward congress which has repeatedly voted down similar measures in the past unlike most in this party president did vote in the referendum
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he insists his government will tackle corruption it's an important. regardless of the results today it's clear that colombia will not put up with any more corruption these eleven million colombians who voted who went out to the ballot box sent a resigning message of rejection against a permanent pillaging of public resources but some political analysts warn that without a binding result the country's politics will go back to business as usual it's really sad that it came up so short because we were so close to making it mandatory for the congress to have to pass these laws this simply gives them a chance to ignore the popular vote and they would anyways. well historic this result will be very frustrating for the tens of thousands of volunteers that have worked tirelessly to bring this referendum to the ballot and
12:42 am
it will be a disappointment for the millions of columbians who are finally hoping to impose concrete change in accountability to the country's politicians. czech republic is the latest european country to face the fallout from an enduring drought and heat way a major river has dried up exposing hydrological landmarks that haven't been seen for hundreds of years now this comes as farmers and other european countries have their crops affected causing some to raise prices as i'm a binge of it has this report. an ominous message from the year sixteen sixteen the inscription reads when you see this weep the boulders have reappeared in the river elbe which flows through the czech republic the czechs called them the hunger storms and the drying river has revealed dozens of them before i knew what they said was in recent years some of them have been appearing every year that since two thousand and fifteen when we've had the dry conditions that we've had recently.
12:43 am
some scientists are linking one of the hottest summers in europe and an extraordinary heat wave to climate change but the hunger storms are also reminded of the drought isn't a new phenomenon. the german government is promising to compensate thousands of drought hit farmers other farmers in belgium britain france the netherlands hungary in poland are all having their fruit and vegetable production affected with prices expected to rise really gets bigger does the one zero regarding a vegetation we've had a very difficult year severe conditions below average harvests and a lot of regions and failed harvests and to describe the situation best we use this word given the fact the crop yield this year is fifty sixty seventy percent lower. beyond continental europe record temperatures have also been recorded in both north and south america as well as the middle east and drought in australia means farmers are struggling to keep their cattle alive what i challenge is is to ensure that until it comes back that we do everything we can to ensure that these families
12:44 am
that these communities that these towns get from now until then. a recent study concluded that twenty first century droughts are the most extreme and severe with global average temperatures expected to rise by two degrees or more by the end of the century some fear there's worse to come some of the job i'll do there and still to come on al-jazeera. oh the reporting. not just europe. but a crucial role of the. boy people the power of. temperature society. or the football got a bit too involved to add. business updates rolled to you by qatar airways going places to get.
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business updates rolled to you by qatar airways going places together.
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again. divya thank you well we start with a huge upset in new york at the u.s. open the world number one simona halep has been knocked out in the opening round the top seed was right in saying she had a tough first round draw as she struggled against well number forty four connect he who took the opening set six two. how it was broken five times and she took her frustrations out on her racket as she became the first top seeded woman to lose in the first round at flushing meadows as tony is connecting winning the second set six four. it's always tough to lose
12:47 am
a match because i'm very competitive player and also when i go on court i want to give everything i have so it's tough to lose sometimes i have to use it's normal but now i feel better i feel that just was. a bad day and i'll move on fast. another upset in the men's draw eight seed grigor dimitrov was knocked out in three sets by stander franco it was a repeat of the first round at wimbledon with the same outcome this was his own seeded the tournament after an injury plagued couple of seasons. but andy murray made a winning returns a grand slam tennis scott came through his first best of five match in fourteen months after having had surgery on a hip injury at the start of the year he beat australia's james duckworth three sets to one in the first round mari who won the us open back in two thousand and twelve and also has two wimbledon titles will play fernando verdasco net.
12:48 am
thank god. now to a huge result in the english premier league and the pressure is building on george zimmerman year after manchester united were thrashed three nil at home by tottenham lukas morris scored twice for spurs after hurricane open the scoring at old trafford trafford it's marine year's biggest ever home defeat as a manager at any club in any competition of full time he spent around the minutes applauding the home fans is now two defeats in the opening three games of the season but he insists the team is united next they play burnley. roma left it late to such a point in their second set much of the season they were trailing as a lantern three one going into the second half a lesson learned not only see the family fight back midway through and cost us the no less grabbed a late equaliser as it finished three three the result puts us on to enter for the
12:49 am
head of rome on gold. levels mohamed salah has his house at the egyptian football association after months longer speeds accusing them of ignoring letters and failing to respond to his concerns the wral centers around the use of his image during the world cup and what he describes as excessive security following him everywhere in a lengthy video posted to his facebook account put his side of the story forward. i would not even big name said when you have players that can sleep until six o'clock in the morning and when security is there following us everywhere you know there's a problem we should be able to solve i ask this not only for me but for all players you can't have a security guard next to us all the times i don't need us i'm already with another prayer in the room salah doesn't need special treatment i don't need to be treated differently from other players i've never asked for that and i will never ask for it i wanted the players to be free in the hotel on guard for lunch to speak freely
12:50 am
in the lobby just to be normal really they're saying that because i'm at liverpool and i'm finding excuses to not go to the next training camp in news yeah but i've been in liverpool for a year and everything has been going smoothly so what's the difference now. to the asian games now and thompson hanmin remains on track to get the gold medal he needs to avoid military service in south korea david stakes has the best in today's action from the games. south korea march on to the semifinals but only just they needed a penalty and extra time to get past is back a stand if they go on to claim gold the team will gain exemption from military service back home. south korea's basketball team had a tough quarter final two against their oldest rivals the philippines and their
12:51 am
n.b.a. star jordan clarkson he racked up twenty five points but couldn't stop korea taking the match ninety one to eighty two i think the track cycling got underway in jakarta and like in so many events at these games there was plenty of success for china they craned gold in both the men's and women's team. they were celebrating in the track and field to i when you took gold in the men's high jump. and on the bobbins and coach that women's doubles team beat japan's a limb pick champions to claim gold i want to the shouting it died down there was time for a quick selfie on the medal podium. there are plenty of cameras trained on india's peavy sin due this week the world seventh highest paid female athlete is through to the women's final but it's going to be tough against taiwan's world number one
12:52 am
tease you yang david stokes al-jazeera. pakistan's baseball team beat thailand one in the group stages early and for a country where cricket is king there's also distinct trust cyrus skills needed for both sports as highly reports from to consummates players on the team have a cricket background and still play it on the site. cricket's been played in pakistan for decades but it sporting cousin baseball only arrived about twenty six years ago the national baseball team wearing the same green made famous by their cricket compatriots practices at the asian games here in jakarta and the baseball team benefits from pakistan's cricketing heritage all because we play we love we still do they go back and forth you play season cricket and season baseball and baseball only baseball baseball and sometimes picking. and one of those successful crossovers ball or come pitcher is son both sports were lined up players with the
12:53 am
strong and accurate are but he found fine tuning was needed to alter his bowling technique in the pitching. seems and there was some difficulties when i came from cricket to baseball because in cricket ball moves after hits the ground but in baseball the top is in the air so at first this was tough but i got the hang of it other sacrifices are needed to improve at baseball and the pitcher and his teammates could probably be making more money with a career in cricket after losing their first match of these asian games to a strong team from japan pakistan is able to put their first mark in the victory against thailand and that thanks to a very strong showing on the pitching mound only allowing one run good work and good pitching to you have very good pitching. and the pakistanis hope the strong pitching continues allowing them to stay here in indonesia competing for a few more days. it's got harder al-jazeera jakarta. and just time to
12:54 am
show you a bizarre red card in the romanian second division the winger was running down the side when he was trips by the opposition coach watching on the sidelines it looked like more of an instinctive reaction and the coach was very apologetic afterwards but the referee had no choice but to send him to the stands to watch the rest of the game. all right that is always but for now it's back to devean london. hundreds of thousands of people have filled the streets in west london for europe's biggest street party that's the notting hill carnival now this event celebrates africa be in culture and aims to promote tolerance though it's taken on a special significance this year following the british government's winter wash deportation scandal that i'm about explains. it's noisy colorful and exuberant and hugely popular but as well as bringing visitors from around the world onto the streets of west london the notting hill carnival is a chance to celebrate the history of britain's caribbean population. this year seen
12:55 am
a political scandal over how badly some of the so-called windrush generation and their descendants have been and are being treated seventy years on from the first arrivals arrival of more than four hundred average americans because of a hardening of home office rules hundreds have been deported or threatened with deportation others lost their jobs and their right to health care despite being longstanding british citizens. this is also the sixtieth anniversary of the so-called race riots in notting hill when white youths went on the rampage attacking west indian immigrants and their property. and at this year's opening ceremony children performed a song remembering past and present struggles and trying to celebrate the pioneers upon the food without him he would have called it will call it was it a unique a baby and this is come about by the contribution of many people over many years so it's important that we recognize as. well one of them is matthew's father clive who
12:56 am
came to the u.k. from trinidad in one nine hundred sixty one five years before carnival as we know it got going he says even some in his community was skeptical of the stocks i don't know about people wanting to know that i got more or less it will turn it into a good medium and did talk well we model and he stayed about his school started it and then gradually people put on course tools and it escalates. with the sound systems. and the different thing. for years now carnival has been britain's main showcase for carrying coachella not just music but everything from lots and troughs to food and it's taken a sustained fight to keep it in this area but for now it remains rooted in a particular place and a particular community. of course it's now a party that everyone is invited to but it's determined to hold on to its identity
12:57 am
. al-jazeera. and that from me. go away i'll be back in just a moment of. september on al-jazeera with the u.s. midterm elections just over two months away we'll explore the mood of the nation as american celebrates labor day on television and online the stream continues to talk into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news sweden the
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country known as the happiest in the world has been shaken by a recent spike in violence and it's now preparing for a general election people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world. the main body of the united nations general assembly is to build its seventy third session we'll bring you all the updates september on al-jazeera. and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty years his disappearance remained in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi his downfall in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world investigates the case of the vanished. on counting the cost crippled by
12:59 am
its currency crisis boil rich venezuela takes desperate measures this deal with its struggling economy plus it has a market value of billions but is yet to turn a four year profit we delve deeper into what's going on at tesla. counting the cost . of. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. al-jazeera. and for you.
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it's an incredible deal it's an incredible deal for both parties most the u.s. and mexico agreed to overhaul the nafta trade deal but canada has yet to sign off on that. you're watching all of these are live from london also coming up. genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes the u.n. says me and my military chiefs should be prosecuted for genocide against their will and rakhine state. thousands of far right protesters teenager rally in germany opted deadly knife attack allegedly by syria and then iraq. high level talks are taking place.


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