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the weather sponsored by qatar and greece. the bold this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news live from doha i'm martine dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes a total disregard of the suffering of the people of yemen. the u.n. accuses all sizes suspected war crimes in the conflict in yemen. rejecting rouhani iranian m.p.'s refused to accept the president's explanation about high inflation and the failing economy. setback for peace south sudan's rebel leader react much refuses to sign a deal to end the civil war. and
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a man made botanical garden in africa draws crowds as the continent's rain forest face the threat of extinction. i'm joining us go with the sports manchester united say they'll stand by their under pressure manage chose a marine gary has demanded respect i one more premierships alone then the other ninety minutes of. for me for them to receive research. has been described as the world's forgotten war where all sides in yemen a responsible for blatant human rights violations un experts accuse the yemeni government and its supporters saudi arabia and the u.a.e. of possible war crimes including torture rape and illegal detention the fighters and other rebel groups are also blamed for similar crimes the u.n.
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says all sides have been recruiting children to fight on the front lines of the war which has killed at least ten thousand civilians. now the un is calling for an immediate end to fighting and for countries to stop selling weapons but millions of yemen is losing their homes and facing famine the u.n. says they have suffered enough both saudi arabia and the u.a.e. say they will review the report and respond accordingly alan fischer reports from neighboring djibouti. non have clean hands a u.n. panel three experts investigating and a damning conclusion individuals in the government of yemen and the coalition including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates may have conducted attacks in violation of the principles of distinction proportionality and all precautions which may amount to walk crimes. the u.n.
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top human rights body commission the investigation into the ongoing fighting in yemen of war that has lasted almost four years the panel of experts meet fourteen fact finding missions spoke to victims and eyewitnesses and express concern about the targeting of civilians the use of child soldiers and the use of sexual abuse as a weapon which was described as horrendous. conscripting or enlisting children under the age of fifteen or using them to participate actively in the still it is is a war crime. the panel called for an end to the fighting and without naming names or just the international community to stop providing weapons for the conflict iran has been supplying hooty fighters or the u.s. in the uki has been backing the saudi led coalition the panel also criticized the who the site in what was a strongly worded report they need to send investigators into yemen and which have
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been welcomed by the whole of the many many time so when they have a good evidence then they can bring anyone to justice either for all and solidarity movement or from the saudi led coalition oh lord in yemen erupted in march twenty fifteen saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and leading a western backed coalition trying to restore the internationally recognized government of exiled game any president. who was forced out of the capital sanaa by really impact the fighters it's the second report in twenty four hours criticizing the saudi led coalition on monday human rights watch cleaned it it field to adequately investigate reports of human rights abuses and too often whitewash the results all the governments named in the forty one page report received an advance copy the panel says it has compiled a list of the names of people it believes may be responsible for war crimes and
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passed it on to the appropriate authorities and there are those who hope that this report will put pressure on both sides as we approach un sponsored peace talks starting on september the sixth alan fischer al-jazeera djibouti. well bar chevron is a middle east and north africa researcher with the engine reprieve and he agrees with alan says the timing of this report is important because it's just before these u.n. political tools to take place in geneva and it's none i think the publishing of this report at this time is basically before the u.n. human rights council are meeting in geneva next month so i think it is if you would like to say basically trying to prepare the ground coming for a possible coming u.n. resolution coming coming in next month so i think we'll see next month again another round of a struggle happening between. mainly saudi arabia and of course the yemeni
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government which saudi arabia is backing it and the u.n. and the u.n. agencies and then we'll see another round of course of conflict happening at the u.n. human rights council saudi arabia will try to convince member states to. vote . on a compromised resolution while i think the u.n. and the u.n. agencies will try to push for international mccann ism so i and this has been going by the way for the last for the last for the last three years usually member straight member states tried to resist the attempts of u.n. to form such macan isms and at the end of the day we need to remember that all of this at the cost of the yemeni people who continue to suffer and i think will enter now the is entering another the fifth year of the fifth year of conflict with no end in sight. the u.s. has told the un's top court that it has no jurisdiction to rule on terror on's
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legal challenge against its renewed sanctions iran wants the international court of justice the i.c.j. to suspend the sanctions after washington pulled out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal terror on has accused the u.s. of plotting what it calls economic strangulation morrissey has this from the hague well they serve this hearing it's been the united states states to iran's core allegation that the u.s. has been in breach of this obscure nine hundred fifty five agreements of friendship between the two countries by the reimposition the sanctions and the overwhelming overarching all came from the u.s. side is that iran's argument is entirely deceitful because it's effectively confusing legal and political arguments the u.s. is argument is that iran's complaints isn't really about the nine hundred fifty five agreements it's all about the united states pulling out of the nuclear deal and re imposing sanctions and based on that it says the call doesn't actually have
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the power the jurisdiction to rule on this it's also effectively trying to get the case thrown out before it gets any further but they have at the same time addressed iran's complaint that the u.s. has been guilty of unfriendly actions by re imposing sanctions bargain that in one thousand nine hundred ninety and on goods from the islamic revolution that's exactly what iran has been doing to the united states mr president iran's request warrants another observation before i proceed it rests on the basis of a treaty who central purpose friendship with the united states iran has expressly and repeatedly disavowed since nine hundred seventy nine in its words and actions by sponsoring terrorism and other malign activity against united states citizens and interests. in other words the situation that the parties find themselves in today is nowhere near what was contemplated when the treaty was concluded in one nine hundred fifty five the us side then went on to list all their complaints about iran's behavior towards the us over the decades unfriendly actions it would say in
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breach of the nine hundred fifty five agreements the islamic revolution itself taking of american hostages support his ball and therefore attacks on israel using funding when the sanctions have been lifted to pay for proxy wars in the middle east and support the assad government in syria as well all of these things the u.s. says would be iran behaving in exactly the same whether they're accusing the united states or they also say that nine hundred fifty five agreements actually specifically excludes issues to do with national security and nuclear materials as well but in terms of saying the case has absolutely no merits. and iran's president has time rouhani blamed those sanctions as he defended his economic record in front of parliament and the nation on live television but parliament rejected his explanation that this is the first the first time president rouhani has been summoned to explain iran's economic turmoil which he blamed on u.s.
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sanctions on employment rate is high on the iranian currency has taken a nosedive parliament's already voted to sack his labor and finance when this is this month cero you have the entire year care of there why have the people's hopes changed why in regard to ron's future they are in doubt and beyond that even in regard to the glory of the system the strength of the system growth for the future they have doubts this is dealt we must get rid of we will not allow a bunch of anti iranians that today had gathered in the white house to plot against us the white house will not be happy with the end of today's session. ok with me to joel rubin who joins us live from washington he was a deputy assistant secretary of state thank you very much indeed for talking to us is quite a big deal then isn't it to summon the president and then to cross-examine him impala meant on live television it certainly is marty and it's first time that
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rouhani has had president rouhani has had to meet with parliament in a public session in his five years in office and he was criticized for is reform and so he's under pressure and the competition between moderates and hardliners in iran continues the external pressures that the united states is pushing for and there are solutions as well as internal mismanagement of the economy are taking a toll on his administration and that's really i mean his his defense seems to be resting upon the reimposition position of u.s. sanctions and yet that is quite a recent occurrence is that what condition was that he was the iranian economy in before donald trump decided to pull the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal well iran's economy has been mismanaged for a number of years and the iranian people you recall back in january in fact were protesting in the streets about their economic conditions so this is not
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a new situation for the iranian people but the sanctions that the trump administration is trying to utilize this window and put pressure on with the sanctions to accelerate the pressure in iran but certainly it's runs management of its own economies a quarter of the challenges the iranian economy faces at this particular point how would you assess how much trouble president rouhani is in along with his reformist supporters. well you know rests in the hamptons of the supreme leader alternately and the supreme leader as long as he is confidence in ronnie daniels but as the political tensions rise in geopolitical tensions that with united states the question then of the nuclear deal and whether or not closer by with european support with the americans were is going to be the key decision point for the supreme leader about how long it will stick with really or really go into more
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hardline government which would need replacing rouhani it's actually right now we're on the it's strong but it's a green leader all sides joe rubin thank you very much indeed thank you we've got a lot more to come on this out as our news hour including looking for a business british prime minister to resign may makes a fast trip to africa in order to boost trade his prexy. putting pressure on me i'm always so over thing china weighs in on the ranger refugee crisis. and in sports the same boat reveals what his struggling with most as he makes a transition from athletics to football. that kind of foreign affairs minister is on her way to the u.s. the trade talks the united states a mess mexico they've already reached a new agreement on trade and that was on monday it will replace
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a version of contracts which are set out in the north american free trade agreement on nafta and donald trump says he hopes canada will be part of it is our white house correspondent kimberly how it. frequently accusing the news media of not reporting on his accomplishments u.s. president donald trump brought reporters into the oval office. well to listen in real time to a phone call with mexico's president. where you good morning thank you and congratulations together the two leaders jointly announced their breakthrough bilateral deal changing parts of the north american free trade agreement that trump says hurts us workers i like to call this deal the united states mexico trade agreement i think it's an elegant name i think nafta has a lot of bad connotations for the united states because it was a rip off. the now after agreement was signed twenty four years ago between the
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united states mexico and canada it saw many manufacturing jobs move south to mexico as a result where labor was cheaper one of the worst trade deals ever on the campaign trail trump promised to renegotiate nafta and bring back jobs particularly in the auto sector the new deal will require seventy five percent of an american car to be made in mexico or the united states up from sixty two percent workers making those vehicles must also be paid a minimum sixteen dollars an hour but missing from this latest agreement is canada will start negotiating with canada relatively soon they want to start they want to negotiate very badly. relations between the two countries have been frosty since trump slapped tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum canada's foreign minister will travel to the u.s. this week to restart negotiations but it's not clear canada will agree to the
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changes the nafta changes still need to be approved by the u.s. congress follows weeks of negotiations between the united states and mexico their agreement now puts pressure on canada to remain a part of the pact all right well we can go live now to kimberly house that was a report that she filed earlier in kimberly so we now know that chrystia freeland is on her way the canadian foreign minister that is on her way to washington d.c. what kind of reception do you think she might get i think it still get a warm reception but once those doors close in the begin to negotiating begins both sides have been pretty firm in their position on the part of the u.s. the treasury secretary steve has been making the rounds on the television chat shows in washington this morning saying that in fact that they are very eager to get canada bored quickly they have this lofty goal of trying to get candidates to
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make an agreement within the nafta agreement that bilateral now rather trilateral agreement that right now only temodar. a trilateral agree with the right now only the united states and mexico have signed on to and we should point out in order to make a trilateral canada house just sign and so that is where canada really holds the cards in many respects knowing that in order for this nafta agreement to be changed it must have its signature and we know that right now according to christopher lynn's spokesperson they will canada will only sign an agreement that in the words of canada is good for the middle class and good for canada now the sticking point in all of this is that donald trump has long said the nafta agreement is not a good agreement because it hurts american workers he feels there's a trade imbalance and something you hear when he talks about china something that you hear when he talks about the european union in the case of canada when he was making that announcement in the oval office he said look at canada's is putting
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terror of three hundred percent on american dairy farmers and then they're complaining about the tariffs that the united states has put on steel aluminum of relatively no low numbers in comparison of twenty five and ten percent respectively so this is something that donald trump is focused on so what happens behind those closed doors is going to be very difficult because both sides feel they have the high ground both at this point not really willing to budge and that's why canada kind of shut things down well the united states negotiated with mexico that took five weeks martine to get that agreement between mexico and the united states so the fact that is now that they're trying to get this agreement between canada and the other players in just a matter of days seems in many respects an almost insurmountable goal but that is the goal that they have set forward so far all right kimberly thanks for that can really how could i want house correspondent live in d.c. . well south sudan's rebel leader ria match on has refused to sign the final peace
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deal with the government according to the foreign minister of sudan you'd been trying to mediate it was years of conflict would end after a breakthrough was reached with president salva care both sides had agreed to a power sharing deal and to end the fighting that agreement was made in the sudanese capital khartoum last month we can speak to him or morgan now our correspondent who's here with me in the studio but normally here of course you're based in juba what exactly is really objecting to this time or one of the main points of contention between the two sides is the number of states in south sudan three a good three years ago the number of states was ten and the president went on to change the number of states of thirty two the opposition and the wreck my chair and other opposition groups who have also objected to signing this draft of the peace deal think that this number of states a thirty two number of states give the president more power it gives his tribe more control over not just the landmass but the resources of south sudan so that's one thing that they are against they think that for them to be able to negotiate and
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move forward the number of states in sudan should go back from thirty two to ten and then they'll be able to discuss further the fact that really hasn't signed this particular element of the deal doesn't necessarily mean that it's all over there is a window during which it is expected that all sides to this agreement will try to horse trade to get the best deal possible does that mean it's all over earlier this month they signed a power sharing agreement and agreed that the president will remain president and that there would be four different vice presidents they still have to discuss about this will have to talk about the power of the vice president what they should do who gets which ministry they have stuck about security arrangements they have talked about military forces and how to reintegrate them and they've got nearly seven months from from the agreement from today to to form a transitional government so they still have time to try to come together again and try to sign a deal to end the conflict and so we see this then as being part of the negotiation of the cut and thrust. of trying to get the perfect deal yes khartoum sudan and
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other regional leaders are trying to do to force a breakthrough between not just the opposition and direct my char and the president but between various other sides and they will continue to bring all the sides together and negotiate hoping that they would sign a peace agreement even if it's one thing or close at a time thank you very much given morgan. britain's prime minister is in south africa looking for business after brics it to reason is in cape town before she goes on to nigeria in kenya britain will serve africa's six largest trading partner last year we have been working with with african nations with african governments in the past what i'm talking about today is a new partnership for the future recognizing the challenges that we both face we've already seen the benefits of the growth in the economy the stability here in south africa in the investment we've seen from the u.k. i think there are huge opportunities for us to work together both the u.k.
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and south africa to increase that investment in the future to the mutual benefit both of south africans and of the united kingdom more now from our south africa correspondent for media miller. the prime minister is calling this a new partnership with africa she says based on shared prosperity and security now so far she's announced that the u.k. will invest about five billion dollars in african economies and we'll follow up with a five further five billion dollars from private investors and the aim here is that the u.k. would want to be the largest g seven investing in africa by twenty twenty two now this trip around the continent is very much about renewing and strengthening ties with african countries african countries not only around their economies but also security and stabilizing individual african countries she said that the stability of these countries will only allow africa to prosper and also in that way benefit
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the u.k. in terms of trade and investment she looked at a number of issues ranging from poverty of alleviation as well as migrants traveling to europe saying that africa should stabilize and that the u.k. is here to help the continent do that reason they will move on to nigeria and kenya later this week really looking at what happens all to the u.k. of the brics that. i was saying in africa where natural rain forests are in danger of being completely wiped out within the next ten years but a manmade forest is growing into a major tourist attraction as catherine saw reports from and longer in south africa . one of south africa's botanical gardens is on the edge of the kruger national park the statue action is undoubtedly the manmade tropical african rain forest is thriving in a continent where natural forests are being wiped out by equal log is poachers and
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climate change are additional threats caretakers here are worried that they'll all be gone from africa in a few decades thirteen thousand square kilometers. that are being wiped out. that's a massive amount of rainforest disappearing we might even be wiping out species before we even know they exist thousands of students tourists and researchers who might not be able to go to the congo basin in central africa home to the world's second largest tropical rainforest or to the coastal rain forest in west africa that has almost all been felled visit this site i fix begins that years ago when commodity pretty every year they are ripped out forests left right and center to plant sugarcane and it seriously worries me because we don't replace the trees the botanical garden is not just a showcase of the ecosystem it's also home to some of south africa's rarest trees
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highly prized by poachers one of the things that stands out in this botanical garden is a psycho tree it's critically endangered slow to grow but also very lucrative in the black market so researchers say that in terms of endangered species the sikat isn't as much danger as the rhino a most muslim book or has protected and grown the prehistoric cycad for years and proudly oversees the biggest collection in south africa this is the main requirements of federal. i have to take three months before we open to started tool to pull in it is called in the forest students learn about the different plants and animals how they can system works and just how critical it is to conserve and protect what remains of africa's tropical rain forest catherine saw al-jazeera. south africa. and next in our series
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on the world's forests we go to southeast asia a boom in barre fuels is posing a major threat to the region's rain forest floors louis we'll have that story from malaysia as our series continues. right is time for the weather and his turf well we're looking at forest as well in the u.s. because in the western parts of north america at the moment we still have some wildfires this is the holy fire from california it's been burning for three weeks ago three weeks now for the last two days we thought it was under control but it's just flared up once more and you can see the amount of smoke that's pouring out there we've also got more wildfires further north these ones in the western parts of canada they're causing quite a few problems in british columbia the air quality has really been suffering here as a result this one's from françoise lake you can see the amount of smoke that's going up there now fortunately for the western parts of canada over the next few days
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looks like we're going to see things stay quite cool and that's also going to be a good deal of most year around in the air as well you can see more cloud sinking in there and that's also bringing us a fair amount of drizzle so that's good news because it should help us to fight those wildfires further east though we've had far too much rain here these pitches from around the great lakes and they show just how much water has fallen here these from thunderstorms that we've seen just over the past twenty four hours in fact if we look at the forecast we can see those storms as they gradually going to be running their way eastwards over the next few days you can see the doctor to say indicating where that heavy rain is at the moment and then gradually it sweeps its way eastward is likely to give us some very strong winds as well as some very heavy rains that could give us more in the way of flooding marty so thank you very much indeed still to come here on the al-jazeera news tens of thousands of venezuelans escaping an economic crisis try to make ends meet in a new country. air pollution affects the way your brain works findings of a new study coming out. and in schools
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a round up of the asian games as the world's seventh highest paid female athletes has to settle for still. whether online this isn't some abstract fish we need to pay attention to their stops or if you join us on sect rather than stopping terrorism it's creating a base is a dialogue and just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has a voice i'm part of civil society i do talk but i never get listening to play those in the corridors of joining the global conversation. on out to zero. and instantly shifting news cycle receiving change in america tweet the listening post take sports and questions the world's need to double will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how
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the press operates it in their language of their culture and their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera. a reminder of the top stories here on the al-jazeera news hour a united nations panel has blamed all sides involved in yemen civil war for committing possible war crimes a report by a panel of experts says there is reason to believe that the government of yemen saudi arabia and u.a.e.
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a responsible for human rights violations it also says the who may have tortured prisoners. sudan's foreign minister says south sudan's rebel leader react macha has refused to sign the final peace deal with the government it had been hoped that years of conflict would end after a breakthrough was reached with president salva kiir last month. iran's parliament has rejected president has a defense that u.s. sanctions are. behind the country's economic woes this is the first time president rouhani has been summoned to explain iran's economic turmoil high unemployment and the iranian currency has taken. russia's call for an emergency un security council meeting about a possible offensive in syria's italy province earlier russia had warned that rebels may stage a chemical attack and then blame it on the forces of president assad the u.s.
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has vowed a strong reaction to any chemical or biological attack is the last remaining opposition stronghold in syria asama binge of a triple. was syrians in rebel held areas are rejecting russian imminent chemical attacks staged by the opposition russia's ministry of defense says what it calls terrorists are planning to fake a chemical weapons attack which will be blamed on the syrian government western governments and syrians such as these protesters from the northern town of course was it a fake russian claims and. to sow confusion and to pave the way for yet another chemical weapons massacre how large this is our reply to these claims everyone here is the reply they say only terrorists and militants are here are these terrorists and militants those who killed our children in good or in concha koon plan to kill them here as well they will never take our roots from these lands your claims mean nothing russia means nothing. we are here in the city telling the brutal killer and
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criminal regime and its gangs as well as the russian and iranian occupiers that we will stay firm in this city syria's war is complicated with many countries involved using proxy armies the northern countryside of hama and the province are the last remaining rebel held areas the syrian government is borrowing to recapture so-called terrorist areas as syrian troops continue their buildup around russia and turkey have shown willingness to find a solution which doesn't involve an all out attack. iran's defense minister discussed post-war reconstruction at a recent meeting in damascus i mean to me says the syrian government invited to rein in elite troops hizbullah forces and shia militias which are backed by iran have been instrumental in the capturing rebel held parts the u.s. and its allies want to end iran's influence in syria as an american envoy made clear in territory controlled by u.s. backed kodesh fight is we remain focused on ensuring the withdrawal of iranian
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forces and their proxies from the joint syrian russian command post the message is clear it will face the same attacks as all of the rebel held areas in what they call liberation from terrorism. this is what that liberation looks like whether in homs or aleppo areas back into the control of president bashar al assad's forces backed by russia and iran. does their. and russia is preparing for its largest military exercise for decades hundreds of thousands of troops and a thousand warplanes appear at the east twenty eighteen war games next month chinese and mongolian troops are expected to take part. china says international pressure on mammals government will not solve the range of crisis mammals government one of ageing strong regional allies dismissed a damning un report which called for some of its top military generals to be prosecuted for genocide mommy reports from neighboring bangladesh where hundreds of
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thousands of ranges the taking refuge. of. the un says military commanders in me and more should be prosecuted for genocide against the real hinge or following their recent fact finding mission on me and more three investigators presented their report in geneva on monday included among the findings that me and mars armed forces also known as the top my down took actions that in the words of the un investigators undoubtedly amount to the greatest crimes under international law the mission has concluded that criminal investigation and prosecution is warranted focusing on the top tatmadaw or generals in relation to the three categories of crimes under international law genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes after attacks by rohinton gunmen in iraq and state a year ago government forces began a crackdown against the rohingya the un says reports of up to ten thousand killed
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are conservative estimate. around three quarters of a million of the muslim minority fled to neighboring bangladesh many live here in ca to belong camp the largest refugee settlement in the world the report from un investigators includes accounts of numerous atrocities including gang rape in slave meant and the killing of children. there are hendra who are among the most persecuted minorities in the world have faced decades of persecution and sadly they've grown accustomed to the international community ignoring their flight reacting to the investigators findings will hinder rights activist who says she's cautiously optimistic but wants action in a that level it's been a year now since you. say many international organizations have come here but we haven't seen any solution it's all of us for him to women have been wondering how much time we will have to live inside and i think. that's one of the reasons say
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many women went out to demonstrations us today. those large protests show they were him joe are growing tired of waiting for the world to act they mourned the first year anniversary of the beginning of the violence in iraq and state or is the real hinge of demonstrators called it genocide remembrance day as chairman of the hinges society for peace and human rights. has been working for months to document crimes against the rohinton he's not at all surprised by what the u.n. fact finding mission reported yet. the genocide against his has been going on systematically for thirty years and the world didn't know now the u.n. fact finding mission has a lot of the world to know with their work so we're hoping that this will be a lesson to the world so no other countries go through what we went through this is why we're working for justice. he will less as there were him joe will continue to demand justice even though justice isn't likely to be delivered soon. see it
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at the critical long refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh. and indefinite curfew is in force in southwest in the poll to prevent more protests after the rape and killing of a teenage girl a police commander has been suspended after accusations of a cover up protest has spread to the capital katmandu sabinus ressa now reports. the monsoon rains didn't stop the latest protest against the police artists joined the protesters in solidarity following the rape and suspected murder thirteen year old schoolgirl up on a month ago. we had the government does not compel us to stand here again and again other protests have been held elsewhere in the park demanding change at least three rapes are reported to police every day in a park around fifteen hundred last year activists say many more are reported more
4:38 pm
than half of all the parties attacked are up to sixty. the police are being criticised for their handling of the schoolgirls murder investigation. a sixteen year old boy was shot and killed while others were injured and armed police confronted protesters and punch a blue district where the girl was killed a curfew was imposed there four days ago. police are accused of arresting a mentally unstable man and framing him for the girl's killing while the true culprit remains free. we are an institution that believes in giving justice to women and children nepal police is suspended the commanding officer in country on four and our nischelle investigation shows the police were a bit reluctant in the initial response the communication with the victim's family would also lacking these individual cases of carelessness or tarnish the reputation of the entire force protesters say both the police and the government have to do more to restore faith in them the proportion of people who are coming to report
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versus the proportion of people who have registered an f i r vers says the proportion of people who have really been can convict it is very different the actual people who have been convicted in this country is a very unfair to the people who have been raped we have lost faith in the system as protests continue against alleged police mishandling of the case government leaders are under pressure to offer more than what demonstrators say it's been a stretch to al-jazeera that's meant to. opposition politicians in the philippines are challenging the president's withdrawal from the international criminal court the supreme court in manila has been hearing arguments against rodriguez to tatties decision activists and the families of eight victims in the president's war against illegal drugs accuse him of crimes against humanity. that's all it is a chronic exposure to air pollution can harm the way your brain processes
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information researches have been speaking to twenty thousand people in china over a four year period and tested their math along with their verbal skills with the joins us china study found the impact of breathing in polluted air increased with age affecting men with lower education the most they say the results are relevant globally because around eighty percent of us around the world particularly in urban areas we grieve unsafe there because peter one of the authors of that report now she chen is joining us live via skype from beijing is also a professor at the school of public health thank you very much for taking time to explain this rather alarming report that you've been part of what stands out for us perhaps the most the most dangerous element that we should be taking notice elf. thank you for having me so this is a really a global issue because more than ninety percent of the war the population are
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living on safe air and this is where the case not only are bearing the us are in china so i think the most alarming message for us is that not only short term exposure to air pollution matters to us in terms of cognition but also long term matters so on so that means picking. be here we are taking actions for example or wear face mask or in-store airfield her me how are you just seeing a short term but in terms of the longer term the cumulative exposure to air pollution we are have a big impact towards old age and. older so when we are older so we usually make very important decisions in our life we examined all making decisions about when to retire what kind of house insurance to buy those are
4:42 pm
critical decisions absolutely if our but can you just can you just explain to me i mean there are physiological distinctions out there between men and women for instance men according to the report are much more badly affected by heavily polluted environments and even more so are men who tend to have less education may have them explain that. yeah correct so the gender difference meanings for the to bring functionally is specially the white he showing the brain as we know they are white you sure and we call the y. matter and the green matter and the y. matter of being affected by air pollution so if this individual is exposed to too. excessive amount of pollution that were shrink why matter so so man's brain activated why met her during the cognitive has usually only why in names of that
4:43 pm
the one of the females so that means they are more one are about to air pollution and also for the four less educated people there are fact either because they work out more or to doris so they have more community of the exposure due to a long term so that means they are while men are already being traumatized so langmore vulnerable right well thank you very much she chan for taking the time to explain some of that for us thank you very much. now the economic crisis in venezuela is forcing many to escape including to peru as mariana sanchez reports from the peruvian city of tonga's venezuelans a pouring in so they can feed their children who have left behind back home. a physician turned cookie vendor on the pan-american highway. and her husband hosts a left thirteen inch sons back in venezuela they now make less than ten dollars per day but that she says is good enough. that allows us to eat and so on the kids
4:44 pm
money only for them to eat the little they can get we can't even buy them a pair of shoes or a phone to talk to them i love my little seal and horses settled into the city twenty five kilometers south of the border many proven as well as who couldn't afford the journey to the capital even so candy or food to make ends meet this pipe dangerous and restrictions venezuelans are pouring into b two bus stations are packed with passengers heading south more than four hundred thousand venezuelans are already living in the country. with the help of a non-governmental organization twenty five year old nancy high risk found a small house received basic kitchen tools and mattresses nearly a miracle she says for a family who ventured out on the road penniless and hitchhiking with laurel's come your need all knowing that truck drivers picked us up fed us give us money i sold my phone and with all that bought tickets for the bus to get here by the way
4:45 pm
venezuelans can still come into it without a passport is by requesting for asylum it would allow them to apply for a work permit while they live in the country. and they can request a humanitarian visa it's a policy that first drew the high miss family to predict. him so high miss is the deals taught him the meaning of humbleness but in the course of that employ you learn to be humble after having thought all the lot about those pagans who asked for a coin here and there to live now you realize life is a russian roulette because we've had to do the same however survival was at stake says many that. i would like to tell the world that i'm not here because i wanted to migrate or because i wanted to take a job away from anyone else i'm here because my children had nothing to. live in this when i was the only option they say they hope one day this journey will take them back home many innocent to sell to see that. their fans are very fair
4:46 pm
franklin are queuing to pay their last respects in her hometown of detroit they're viewing her casket at the museum of african american history before wednesday's funeral the seventy six year old queen of soul died of pancreatic cancer earlier this month europe's biggest street party has been held in london the notting hill carnival celebrates africa are being culture art the british government's windrush deportation controversy threaten to spoil the party the summit at least as nadine barber reports. it's noisy colorful and exuberant and hugely popular but as well as bringing visitors from around the world onto the streets of west london the nazi hill carnival is a chance to celebrate the history of britain's caribbean population. this year seen a political scandal over how badly some of the so-called windrush generation and their descendants have been and are being treated seventy years on from the first
4:47 pm
arrivals arrival of more than four hundred head to make up because of a hardening of home office rules hundreds have been deported or threatened with deportation others lost their jobs and their right to health care despite being longstanding british citizens. this year is also the sixtieth anniversary of the so-called race riots in notting hill when white youths went on the rampage attacking west indian immigrants and their property. and at this year's opening ceremony local children performed a song remembering past and present struggles in trying to celebrate the pioneers upon the food without them we wouldn't have conical carnival wheezy a unique a baby and this is come about by the contribution of many people over many years so it's important that we recognize as. well one of them is matthew's father clive who came to the u.k. from trinidad in one thousand nine hundred eighty one five years before carnival as
4:48 pm
we know it got going he says even some in his community was skeptical of the stocks i don't know about people wanting to know that i was more or less able to get the good media and did talk well we model something and he stayed about his school started it and then gradually people put on course tools and it escalates. with the sound systems. and the different thing. for years now conical has been butchered as main showcase for carrying coach up not just music but everything for lots and crofts to feel huge and it's taken a sustained fight to keep it in this area but for now it remains rooted in a particular place and a particular community. of course it's now a policy that everyone is invited to but it's determined to hold on to its identity want getting bob i'll just say you're going to. still to come here on the al jazeera news out of the school season who needs
4:49 pm
a catsuit sim rina is too to good for her opponent in the first round of the usa i confess i didn't write that.
4:50 pm
now the person responsible for the bank says jo she's here with the sports news thank you very much not in months the united continue to back manager joe is a marine year despite their three male defeat to tottenham is the worst home result of his career but in an extraordinary end his news conference the under pressure manager demanded respect from the media. you know just to finish you know what was
4:51 pm
the result serena serino you know what these men sri knew but also me in sri premierships and i won more premierships alone then the other one thousand managed to get them. for me for them receiving respect. respect. or used to seeing you saying vote me false but as he prepares for his first competitive football match he admits he's finding it hard to stop bolt is trying to secure a contract at the australian side central coast mariners and is expected to play fifteen to twenty minutes in a pre-season game on friday bolt spin training hard but says some of the new skills have taken some getting used to it's a stop and go so he don't mean a tip that because i'm not used to picking up speed going back down up and down up in the back and forth i think that's the most challenging i definitely would be
4:52 pm
there so it's not like it's a charity game anymore this is carried out on my personal. gold medals of flowing for host indonesia at the asian games on the badminton court kristie jonathan face to ten chen of chinese taipei in the men's singles final and jonathan took the owner's two sets to one into the show also won the men's doubles gold as well. there was disappointment for india's superstar peavy soon do she was beaten by beaten to the gold medal by taiwan's world number one tied to ying it's induced fifth straight loss in a major final but she's not doing too badly as forbes named her the seventh highest paid female athlete in the world it's. now another sport that has nets but no racquet separate tucker and it was malaysia who fought from behind to be indonesia in the men's regular final with spectacular winning points lots of emotion on show
4:53 pm
as they ended a twenty four year gold medal drought at the asian games last time they won gold at the hiroshima games way back in one thousand nine hundred four. that was double success for south korea in the archery there come a compound women's team beat india in the final to claim gold and their men's team also got the better on india in their final winning it in a shoot off against the defending champions. well the philippines basketball team was knocked out of the asian games on monday they continue to underperform even though basketball is hugely popular there many fail it's the nation's short stature that's holding them back but it's a nationwide growth spurt that could be about to change that jamil allen dogan reports. basketball is big in the philippines but traditionally its people are not. they haven't qualified for in the lympics in four to six years participation is not the problem. side. but could
4:54 pm
a national growth spurt yet about to change things there seems to be that trend that filipinos are getting taller dollars kids are being brought them in. the training at the younger age so their bodies are also seemingly physically to grow. they're given the best training the best attrition they travel abroad to play against tougher competition so that also strengthens them so their children in turn become taller and bigger and stronger. i saw a slam dunk contest to modi to the philippines growth spurt theory the son of a former filipino pro the sixteen year old already stands out amongst to steve meets at seven foot one if you're on the high place they said heifetz my soul is going to be a huge advantage especially when you're playing against legs slowly like one of the
4:55 pm
things that you just know you're just going to be like a bowler against them so to me this is going to store you see even to sort of stature may be extraordinary his coach says in general he's definitely seen a shift in philippine the players getting taller the last time we checked our dive bridge right over here live you know it's around five hundred now at the brewery the average height of a we are all six four he's already had offers to play in europe and the states but there's no doubt what the ultimate goal is for soccer. major in the n.b.a. the learn of the n.b.a. is everywhere and for kids here it would certainly provide a golden ticket but individual ambitions aside filipino basketball fans would just like to see the country competing back on the international stage. nine hundred seventy two was the last time the philippines basketball team competed at an olympics but the passion for the game is
4:56 pm
a strong as ever. and who knows if kids are indeed getting taller it may not be too long before they're back competing for medals. in dugan al-jazeera manila. day two of the u.s. open gets under way shortly roger federer and novak djokovic here in action today looking to follow rafael nadal through to the second round the defending champion came through his opening match on monday after a fellow spaniard for i was forced to retire with a cough injury after losing the first set fred was looking his best and needed treatment on the court despite winning the six game one is the thirty six year old was unable to carry on. now twenty three time grand slam champion serena williams has moved on for them from the row over catsuit at the french open and you could say she's opened a new chapter on tennis fashion with one arm to two on monday serena per wes's her way through her first round match against magdalen net of poland in straight sets despite being pleased with her performance and her outfit the mum of one also
4:57 pm
admitted to having had to restart the opening day. today was a weird day for me i was coming out and i left i left my hotel and i was like mike i didn't get to say bye olympian so that kind of broke my spirit i was like ok so you don't cry you're going to see you tomorrow don't i so this mom was a little motional today but i got that need to go back and see them so i was thank phone stephens has begun the defense of her title at the u.s. open the american beating year. in straight sets six one seven five thanks. quite like that actually what do you think marty very nice very nice thank you very much thank you very much as well for being with us for this al-jazeera news out don't go anywhere they because i'll be back in just a moment.
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and. the frustration. of. september on al-jazeera with the u.s. midterm elections just over two months away will explore the mood of the nation as american celebrates labor day on television and online the stream continues to talk into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news sweden the country known as the happiest in the world has been shaken by a recent spike in violence and it's now preparing for
4:59 pm
a general election people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world. the main body of the united nations general assembly is to build its seventy third session we'll bring you all the updates september on al-jazeera. optimism has faded. blue counties elected leader has undivided attention grows as a crackdown is imminent the tada it's the activists who fought for democracy divide and conquer ha. ha of a six part series filmed the five year. plan china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to look for those. it's possible this jobs bill.
5:00 pm
to washington the way u.s. defense secretary james mattis is making comments to the press this isn't chairman of the senate armed service committee in all he did senator mccain never lost sight of our shared purpose in defense of freedom for in his words and i quote a shared purpose does not claim our identity it enlarges on the contrary it enlarges your sense of self so our nation is lost a great patriot in our military has lost one of our most ardent supporters the fiscal year nineteen national defense authorization act is named for senator mccain and it meets all of d.o.d.'s.


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