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a lot of friends and allies played a positive role in the fencing and used to increase hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. another grim reports on the war in yemen this time from the un it accuses all sides of carrying out possible war crimes. hello i'm giving you your watching avs there live from london also coming up what next for nafta counted those foreign minister is in washington for talks one day after mexico agreed to a revised deal. sending a message to crown of france's and environment minister quit his job during
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a live radio interview. the plan that is as endangered as the rhino conservationists warned that africa's rain forests are on the brink of extinction. the united nations is accusing all sides involved in the war in yemen of committing possible war crimes a report by un rights experts says the yemeni government forces there saudi led backers and rebel who the fighters have done little to minimize civilian casualties the warring parties are also accused of recruiting children forced disappearances and arbitrary detentions alan fischer has more from neighboring djibouti none of clean. a u.n. panel three experts investigating and a damning conclusion individuals in the government of yemen and the coalition
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including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates may have conducted attacks in violation of the principles of distinction proportionality and all precautions which may amount to walk crimes. the u.n. top human rights body commission the investigation into the ongoing fighting in yemen of war that has lasted almost four years the panel of experts meet fourteen fact finding missions spoke to victims and eyewitnesses and express concern about the targeting of civilians the use of child soldiers and the use of sexual abuse as a weapon which was described as horrendous. conscripting or enlisting children under the age of fifty or using them to participate actively in a still it is is a war crime. the panel called for an end to the fighting and without naming names
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or to the international community to stop providing weapons for the conflict around has been supplying hooty fighters or the u.s. and the u.k. has been backing the saudi led coalition the panel also criticized the hooty site in what was a strongly worded report they need to send investigators into yemen and would have been welcomed by the hoa the many many time so when they have a good evidence then they can bring anyone to justice either for all and solidarity movement or from the led coalition. brought in yemen erupted in march twenty fifteen saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and leading a western backed coalition trying to restore the internationally recognized government of exiled gave any president mansour hadi who was forced out of the capital sanaa by iranian backed hooty fighters it's the second report in twenty four hours criticizing the saudi led coalition on monday human rights watch cleaned
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it it failed to adequately investigate reports of human rights abuses and too often whitewash the results responding to the panel's findings the yes' minister of state for foreign affairs tweeted we should review and respond to the un experts report published today adding the coolish and is fulfilling a true and reclaiming the yemeni state and securing the future of the region from iranian interference in washington but a real briefing u.s. defense secretary mattis gave his response to the report and i think that what we have to look at here is probably can we get to the u.n. brokered peace table. all the that the u.n. special envoy. is trying to get it to that that is the goal that doesn't change no matter what tragedy happened on the battlefield all the governments named in the forty one page report received an advance copy the panel says it has compiled
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a list of the names of people it believes may be responsible for war crimes and passed it on to the appropriate authorities and there are those who hope that this report will put pressure on both sides as we approach un sponsored peace talks starting on september the sixth alan fischer al-jazeera djibouti earlier we spoke to one who is a middle east and north africa researcher with the end preview he explained why he thought the timing of this report was so pivotal. i think the publishing of this report at this time is basically before the u.n. human rights council are meeting in geneva next month so i think it is if you would like to say basically trying to prefer the ground coming for a possible coming un resolution coming coming next month so i think we'll see next month again another round of a struggle happening between. mainly saudi arabia and of course the yemeni
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government with saudi arabia is backing it and the u.n. and the u.n. agencies and then we'll see another round of course of conflict happening at the u.n. human rights council saudi arabia will try to convince member states to. vote . on a compromised resolution while i think the u.n. and the u.n. agencies will try to push for international mccann ism so i and this has been going by the way for the last for the last for the last three years usually members member states try to resist the attempts of u.n. to form such mechanisms and at the end of the day we need to remember that all of this at the cost of the many people who continue to suffer and i think will enter now the is entering another the fifth year of the fifth year of conflict with no end in sight.
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canaday is coming back to the negotiating table with the u.s. to try to salvage the north american free trade agreement or a new version of the pact now canada is under pressure after the u.s. president donald trump and onst on monday yet reached a deal with mexico that would replace nafta canada must now accept the terms of that agreement or face an escalating trade dispute with the u.s. we can now go live to kimberley harkat want to change the situation and washington so kimberly how likely is it that they will come together as head of a deadline on friday. well we have been watching the u.s. trade representative's office here in washington and we haven't seen any indications so far that there's any sort of agreement it's really pretty early given the fact that christopher hill and the foreign minister for canada has just made that trip down to the united states and the goal that they're trying to
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accomplish by friday of getting canada on board to these changes is a pretty lofty one when you consider that it took five weeks for the united states and mexico to reach the terms of their agreement so this is a bit of a problem because what you've got here is an agreement between two parties in a three party trade deal in order for there to be any changes to the nafta agreement or the north american free trade agreement that's been in place for twenty four years canada must sign on and here's the other challenge the canadian prime minister and the u.s. president aren't exactly the best of friends in fact just the opposite they've openly sparred on social media there have been some major trade disputes and differences particularly when it comes to the terror of the united states put on canadian steel and aluminum but donald trump has said on the campaign trail he said repeatedly even in the oval office as recently is just a little more than twenty four hours ago that when it comes to canada there are
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some real concerns about trade imbalances that he wants to correct you pointed to the fact that american dairy farmers face a three hundred percent tariff on dairy products so the market is virtually unaccessible so these are some of the things that some of the differences the two sides will have to get over we did hear from members of the trumpet when the straight including larry kudlow early this morning saying that when it comes to trying to sell this to the canadians the argument that is going to be made is is look at the issue is the auto sector and we've resolved that with mexico making it a mandated were. choir myth is seventy five percent of cars american made cars have to be manufactured in the united states or mexico this would be of interest to canada to achieve two because the real concern for all three of these countries is china is flooding the market with cheap parts and that is causing
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a loss of jobs all across the board so this is the argument the united states is going to be making whether or not canada is going to be receptive to that is still unclear again the clock is ticking the friday deadline and there's a lot to accomplish indeed a crucial few days ahead thank you very much kimberly how good for us in washington francis environment minister shocked the french president by resigning on live radio without selling his false first lot who was a popular t.v. presenter and campaigner before joining politics so if the government isn't making enough progress on fighting climate change or has this report from paris. it was on french radio that nicholas who last announced his sudden resignation as france's environment minister the pre-mortal the first time i'm going to take the hardest decision of my life i don't want to lie to myself any more i don't want my presence in this government to be taken to mean that we are doing enough to tackle this challenge who had spent fifteen months in government under president emmanuel
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michael during which it helped stop controversial plans to build an airport on farmland but he said too little progress had been made in other areas such as rolling back nuclear power before entering politics is a popular t.v. presenter of environmental programs and campaign. this makes it clear that the government isn't interested in the on the violent considering project as a gesture to the low but on every other important issue concerning our future such as pushing for an environment tax nothing has changed. macro was almost a visit to denmark when he learnt to the resignation who had not told him the forehand to the two i hope still to be able to count on him in one way or another i think that in fifteen months this government has done more than any other in the same time on the same subject and those departure is a blow for mycroft who has positioned himself as a leader on the environment last year he criticised donald trump's decision to pull
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out of the paris climate accord make our planet great again micro also hosted an international conference on climate change right here in paris it was attended by dozens of world leaders environmental experts and campaigners michael likes to present himself internationally as a leader friend of until issues on climate change and here you know says i did really what i could i did my very best for one year and three months i did not succeed because this president obviously does not consider irrelevant issues as primary issues so that's a really tough tough blow for michael the resignation adds to its. few months for the president's opinion polls suggest his popularity has fallen some people say he focuses too much on economic growth and not enough on social issues now his commitment to the environment is also being called into question.
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now watching al-jazeera live from london and still to come on this program we know pollution is bad for your health but can it make you less intelligent while a new study says yes. and that an indefinite curfew is introduced in southwest nepal as protesters demand justice for norma the pair team year old raped and killed in july. hello the vigorous thunderstorms that we've seen recently in greece and floating around turkey satellite picture reveals them are about to become rather less decreases all the energy is transferred to the other side of the mediterranean over spain tickly western front to the area of low pressure is associated with increasingly warm air and the whole lot is pushing up some big thunderstorms the west in france and i think we further north with the heat now the moment you see
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that's the dome of warmth and in the middle of europe where i suppose germany poland is down to twenty or below and that scandinavia too with the water either side of that i think anything that cooler weather will try and push each is not get very far the next batch of biting winds and rain will try and edge into france as you can see it gets in there that'll be the thunderstorms paris as a result ends up with about twenty degrees the whole lot blows through some i think big downpours as this pushes through the alps and yes there is the winds from the north but a chill coming to the low countries so this middle bit germany and poland will see the cool and to the west the want to be replaced by breezy went with her and southward to enjoy the sunshine be too hot maybe thirty nine down in the middle of libya but sunny all the same.
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for thousands of years families and shipmates lived off this land. but such a traditional way of life is under increasing threat. al-jazeera won't travels to the jordan valley where illegal settlements are expanding and the israeli military couldn't more of them now. what would become of the palestinian families and just the palestinian authority has any power to help shipments of the jordan valley on al-jazeera. hello again here's a reminder of our top stories on al-jazeera the united nations has accused all sides in yemen civil war of committing war crimes pro-government forces are saudi
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led backers and with iraq both are accused of causing civilian casualties as well as force disappearances and recruiting child soldiers. canada is negotiating with the u.s. to remain part of a new north america free trade agreement on monday u.s. president trump said he had reached agreement with mexico on changes to the trade deal and challenge canada to accept the new terms. as environment minister has resigned from the government without consulting president. nicolas a lot said the government isn't doing enough to fight climate change. ok we can now take you to the u.n. that's where the security council is meeting to discuss the situation in myanmar on monday a fact finding mission said man march top general should be investigated for war crimes and genocide against the muslim minority community we can now speak to mike
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hanna who has been monitoring that for us we understand that good terrorists has been speaking at this meeting to tell us what he's been saying. indeed yes i must point out that this is a meeting that was set up before that very strong report released by a u.n. mission earlier this week in which it said that members of the myanmar military must be held accountable for the deaths and destruction that has been happening within russia and province saying that they acted with genocidal intent a very strong word in a u.n. report now we're hearing now from the secretary general antonio good terrorist briefing the security council he's still speaking at the moment he's saying that the conditions within b.n. mar are not yet ripe for the return of refugees he's pressing for the myanmar authorities to cooperate more strongly with the united nations to investigate what
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happened within resigned province in particular he's also pressing for the release of those detained but to kill or two reuters journalists who were arrested covering the unrest in the area and who are still before a myanmar court their judgement coming later this week it is believed another point he made is that if it's in the humanitarian efforts are grossly underfunded at present some thirty three percent only of the needed funds has been raised to help out the humanitarian situation there so so far a very bleak prognosis from the secretary general no mention as yet in his statement as to any reaction to that troublesome u.n. report that was released at the beginning of the week as he said a very strong report preceding this and now some very strong words coming from the secretary general himself what can what do you think can come out of this or will come out of this. well it's very important to note that the
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security council is the body that needs to refer the matter to the international criminal court or indeed set up a tribunals itself to investigate the body of that report created by the united nations itself now that you're something that will be debated within the security council not certain whether that's going to happen today we did hear from the british representative earlier that there's not likely to be any debate on the matter within the council until after the human rights council has actually had a formal debate on the report that it itself commissioned other members over appear more strongly intent on getting this matter to the security council some form of decision from the council soon as possible but the problem there is china china indicating that it may not go for any immediate action we heard from the chinese foreign ministry earlier in the day that myanmar is not likely to give way to
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pressure and that pressure indeed would be counterproductive so we will be hearing from the various parties in the security council in the course of this particular afternoon whether or not there is a decision made on what action to take in the light of that u.n. report that's something that will become clear as the day wears on my kana monitoring that u.n. meeting that's happening right now on me and mar thank you ok to nepal now where an indefinite curfew has been put in place in the southwest in the hope that it will prevent further protests following the rape and killing of a teenage girl the police commander in the region has been suspended after accusations of a cover up demonstrations have spread to the capital katmandu as i reports. the monsoon rains didn't stop the latest protest against the police artists joined the protesters in solidarity following the rape and suspected murder thirteen year
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old schoolgirl. a month ago. we had the government does not compel us to stand here again and again other protests have been held elsewhere in the park demanding change at least three rapes are reported to police every day apart around fifteen hundred last year activists say many more are reported more than half of all the parties attacked are up to sixty. the police are being criticised for their handling of the schoolgirls murder investigation. a sixteen year old boy was shot and killed while others were injured and armed police confronted protesters and punch a group district where the girl was killed a curfew was imposed there four days ago. police are accused of arresting a mentally unstable man and framing him for the girl's killing while the true culprit remains free. please. we're an institution the police and giving justice to women and children the poll polices suspended the commanding officer in
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country on four of our initial investigation shows the police were a bit reluctant in the initial response the communication with the victim's family was also lacking these individual cases of carelessness or tarnish the reputation of the entire for worse protesters see booth the police and the government have to do more to restore faith in them the proportion of people who are coming to report versus the provost of people who have registered an f a r versus the proportion of people who have really been can convict it is is very different the actual of people who have been convicted in this country is a very low compared to the people who have been reaped we have lost faith in the system as protests continue against alleged police mishandling of the keys government leaders are under pressure to offer more than what demonstrators see approach to this has been a shift to al-jazeera that's meant to south sudan's foreign minister says robbo
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leader react my char has refused to sign the final peace deal with the government opposition groups had hoped that years of conflict would end after a breakthrough is reached through a president salva kiir about sides had agreed on a power sharing deal and an end to the fighting in the city needs capital khartoum last month iraq's parliament has voted to reject president has on rouhani is explanation for the current country's economic troubles rowhani was summoned before parliament to explain why the economic performance it's only the second time such a demand has been made of his sitting president he defended his economic record and blame us sanctions which were imposed earlier this year around is dealing with high unemployment while the value of the iranian ryall has fallen. now the german chancellor has condemned the violence far right protests which took place in the former communist city of kenneth's on monday and america said hate in the streets has no place in germany thousands took part in the rally with some reportedly
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chasing and attacking people from minority groups they are as follows the fatal stabbing of a man on sunday after police arrested suspects from syrian and iraqi backgrounds dominic cain has more from berlin the political fallout from the events in chemist's over the past few days continues to unfold angle americal today has been speaking about her feelings having seen what has happened specifically referencing what started all of violence the altercation which left one german national dead and saw two people of migrant origin taken into custody involving his death this is what i'm going to merkel had to say point one's on the kids who don't have my little free get our sympathy and my sympathy goes out to the relatives of the victims second what we saw afterwards is something that has no place in a state under the rule of law there is video footage of hunts and mobs and of hate on the streets it has no place in the state under the rule of law. the prime
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minister of saxony has spoken out about the situation in his state he's a christian democrat mr krugman he says that the population is being lulled on the internet into believing fake news being spread about by extremist groups that the situation is not as bad as is being suggested he would cite as evidence for that but the migrant community in carrots is very small relative to the general population in so far as germany writ large is concerned it certainly has an issue trying to come to terms with the perception of the migration problem which is very different to the reality of the numbers actually on the ground. scientists say chronic exposure to air pollution can harm the way your brain processes information and make you less intelligent researchers monitored around twenty thousand people in china over a four year period they tested their math abilities and also looked into their
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verbal skills the joint u.s. china study found that the impact of breathing in polluted air increased with age and affected men with a lower lower education the most they say their results are relevant to globally because around eighty percent of the world's urban population breeds in unsafe levels affair see china has one of the authors of the reports and he's a professor at the yale school of public health and he explained why men are more vulnerable than women to air pollution the gender difference meanings for wrong the . bring functionally especially the white issue in the brain as we know there are white you sure and we call the y. matter and the green matter and the y. matter. being affected by air pollution so if this individual is exposed to too. excessive amount of pollution that were shrink why matter so so in man's brain the activated why met her during the cognitive has usually only wind nine's of that the
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one of the females so that means they are more well or about to evolution and also for the far less educated people there was a factor that because they were caught more at stores so they have more community of exposure duty long term so that means their wild men are already being traumatized so they are more vulnerable. rain forests in africa are at risk of being completely wiped out within the next decade they have become so rare that a manmade forest planted twenty three years ago has become a major draw for tourists catherine soy has this report from south africa's eastern province of langar where dunes are language means the place where the sun rises. one of south africa's botanical gardens is on the edge of the kruger national park the statue action is undoubtedly the manmade tropical african rain forest is thriving in a continent where natural forests are being wiped out by equal loggers poachers and
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climate change are ideational through its caretakers here worry that they'll all be gone from africa in a few decades thirteen thousand square kilometers that are being wiped out the year that's a massive amount of rain forest disappearing we might even be wiping out species before we even know they exist thousands of students tourists and researchers who might not be able to go to the congo basin in central africa home to the world's second largest tropical rainforest or to the coastal rain forest in west africa that has almost all been felled visit this site i fix begins that years ago when commodity pretty every year they reaped all forests left right and center to plant sugar cane and it seriously worries me because we don't replace the trees the botanical garden is not just a showcase of the ecosystem it's also home to some of south africa's rare is trees
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highly prized by poachers one of the things that stands out in this but tiny garden is a psycho tree it's critically endangered slow to grow but also very lucrative in the black market so researchers say that in terms of endangered species the sikat isn't as much danger as the rhino. a most mazibuko has protected and grew in the prehistoric cycle for years and proudly oversees the biggest collection in south africa this is a male corns of several books. i have to take. before we open to started tool to pull in to school in the forest students learn about the different plants and animals how the ecosystem works and just how critical it is to conserve and protect what remains of africa's tropical rainforest cafe al-jazeera
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plunder south africa. and our next six months of the series on the world's forests we go to southeast asia where a boom in biofuels is posing a major threat to the region's rain forests are being cleared at an unprecedented level to make way for palm oil plantations frontally we'll have that story from malaysia. hello again here's a reminder of our main stories this hour the united nations has accused all sides in yemen civil war of committing war crimes pro-government forces their saudi led backers that who the rebels are accused of causing civilian casualties as well as forced disappearances and recruiting child soldiers the u.s. defense secretary says washington support for saudi arabia and the conflict has helped to reduce civilian deaths. at no time have we felt rebuffed
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or ignored when we bring concerns to them the training that we have given them we know has paid off we have had pilots in the air who recognized the danger of a specific mission and declined to drop even when they get the authority we have seen staff procedures that put no fire areas around areas where there are hospitals or schools canada is negotiating with the us to remain part of a new north american free trade agreement on monday u.s. president donald trump said he'd reached agreement with mexico on changes to the trade deal and challenge canada to accept the new terms and both sides have said they're hopeful a deal can be reached this week france's and vironment minister has resigned from the government without consulting president emanuel not drawn nikolaus a lot says micron's for government isn't doing enough to fight climate change south
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sudan's foreign minister says rebel leader react much are has refused to sign the final peace deal with the government opposition groups had hoped the years of conflict would end after a breakthrough was reached with president salva care german chancellor angela merkel has condemned violent farai protests which took place in the city of commits on monday thousands took part in the rally with some reportedly chasing and attacking people from minority groups a new study suggests air pollution isn't just bad for our lungs but our brainpower as well scientists from the u.s. and china say breathing dirty air affects how our brains process information making us less intelligent. those are the headlines stay with us now for the stream.
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