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tv   Salma The Boxer  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2018 6:33am-7:01am +03

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bottom oil has a you have these four to ten times higher than all the royals so it requires four ten times less land to make the same amount of oil out of the than it is utilized so this solution is not to say let's stop palm oil let's go to something else but it's to make sure that whatever we produce is produces the enemy and that's what the out of fuel comes into play the ours is a voluntary organization and while it's stand it's on palm oil production it has not committed to zero deforestation for the people and village what they lament is the loss of the forest they say the land belong to their ancestors and should be that is for generations to come florence louis al-jazeera subtle than h. saba state malaysia. and in part three of our series on forest under threat malcolm webb reports from the democratic republic of congo where tropical rain forest more than twice the size of france is at risk of being cut down well beyond
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thursday here on al-jazeera a global panel of experts is meeting at the un in geneva all this week to consider placing limits on the development of fully autonomy as weapon systems activists are calling for an immediate ban on what they call killer robots and insists amnesty international says the threat isn't far away pointing to israel's reasoned use of semi autonomous drones so far tear gas at palestinian protesters in gaza the group warns that technological advances and weaponry are outpacing international law leading experts in artificial intelligence have joined tech entrepreneurs like iran mosque in calling for a ban and pledging not to use their own technology still of machines that kill without human control but key states such as the u.s. u.k. france israel russia and south korea oppose any sorts of legally binding provisions . max tegmark is
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a professor of physics at the massachusetts institute of technology and the author of life three point zero it's a book about the threat of artificial intelligence and he says a ton of us robots are already among us this is a human and this should not be conflated with talk about the human level ai know in decades sleeth autonomous weapons tiny drones that fly around and murder people depending on their skin color so you know it's something we can probably build within a few years by just combining technologies that we already have and miniaturizing them and and mass producing them and this is something which most ai researchers view is this just think and don't want to be part of. and still ahead this news hour. if you like is acceptable and history. will tell you about the new film director de mint and other contenders at this year's venice film festival. and then scored big events for skateboarding makes its
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asian games debut. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. for a man has officially opened the seventy fifth annual venice film festival renowned for a primary many oscar winners day festival marks the official beginning of the award season now the baba has more from venice. playing for a view in venice as the celebrities arrived for the start of the seventy fifth film festival there was plenty to get excited about whichever film goes on to take the
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top prize here in venice what's clear is that is a great depth and a great variety of films on offer here critics are saying this is one of the strongest selections in many many years. the opening film comes courtesy of damian shows zell whose last movie la la land also kicked off this festival two years ago before winning six oscars. first man is the story of how nasa astronaut neil armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon but we have every intention coming back there are strong performances from ryan gosling in the lead role and from clear for you he plays armstrong's first wife janet hook . up a true story in the running is peterloo by british festival favorite mike lee it's a historical drama set in one thousand century northern england but should resonate with audiences around the world when cavalry rode into a huge crowd had gathered to demand democratic reforms it became known as the
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peterloo massacre. by alfonso quattrone set in the more recent past it's about a nine hundred seventy s. family in mexico where koran grew up like his last film gravity which won the oscar for best director it's visually stunning and it's one of twenty one titles competing for the venice is top prize the golden lion will probably start speaking to each other because the selection this year is incredibly rich an incredibly powerful or task is not easy but i believe that we are like midwives are showing new life into the world of cinema and i know that i'm off all the festivals in the world men is one of the rare ones that can actually change your life or filmmaker no matter what point of the career that filmmaker maybe end. but over the next week and a half there's a world of cinema are on offer here for big blockbusters to the most intimate documentaries proving variety in venice go hand in hand with al-jazeera at the
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venice film festival. and now here's paul with the sports. thanks very much heavier well south korea into the final of the men's football competition at the asian games a semifinal win over vietnam setting up a title decider with japan for south korea's players it's a tournament where sporting achievement is only part of the story and the richardson reports. it's. more than just a gold medal is at stake for south korea's male footballers at these asian games this three one win over vietnam putting them into the final i gold medal would see south korea's players including top install some him in be given an exemption from up to two years of military service i closed when.
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it was too close to the ball if i thought that i thing. i don't need to say anything at all i'm ready for that. yeah i'm ready for them. to make it so south korea will face japan in the final. twenty ten champions beating the united arab emirates for milk in their semi pro history was made in skateboarding which is making its asian games debut it will feature at the olympics for the first time in tokyo in twenty twenty. two and japan could be looking good for a limpid gold after finishing top of the podium in three of the four events in indonesia can see he says oka taking the men's part title. margie lin did our one women straight for the philippines is the country's fourth title at these games i and all have been warned by female athletes. a new games record was set in
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a women's twenty kilometer race walk away young g.r.u. if china won the title the day saw her country has seen three figures in their overall gold medal count i on the track bahrain's it d.d. young old young again edged out india is due to chance to complete the one hundred six hundred meter sprint double. under rounds in her daddy took gold in the discus . the olympic silver medalist winning his fourth consecutive asian games title and the richardson al-jazeera. well that cemented iran's place in fifth in the medal table but china have long been out of sight at the top more than one hundred gold for them now trailed by japan who haven't finished top since one thousand nine hundred seventy eight definitely successful hosting for into these yet thirty gold medals for them so far at the previous asian games they want an a for defending u.s. open champion sloane stephens how to overcome
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a scare to reach the third round having fallen a set down and how much against ukrainian qualifier and helena callan a no colony no was appearing in her debut grand slam but took the first set six four over the american the world them a three baffled back in front of a home crowd edging the second seven five and was back to her old self in the third breezing through six to chill face to time champion victoria azarenka in round three she's obviously playing well so i just kind of weather the storm and wait for my opportunities obviously i wish i could have been playing a little bit better that would have helped the situation but i just found a way and sometimes it's not going to be the best but. it's going to battle. well another former champion have venus williams looked nothing like her thirty eight years as she beat camilla georgie in straight sets a crowd pleasing victory over the italian six four seven five. stefan all city
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past has become one of the first seeded players to be knocked out in new york his defeat came as the men's draw has this year been subject to an extreme heat policy for the first time it took four sets for russia's dunnill medvedev to beat the greek number fifteen seed as temperatures got close to forty degrees celsius at flushing meadows city pos said he hadn't had time to use the locker room spot during the ten minute tape break. aaron rodgers of the green bay packers has become the highest played paid player in n.f.l. history the thirty four year old quarterback house signed a four year deal worth more than one hundred thirty million dollars rodgers let the lead the packers to the super bowl championship in twenty eleven. india's cricket captain vera kohli says his team are in a great position heading into the fourth test of their series with england india were convincing one is in the third test but the world's number one team are still two one down in the five match series another win in southampton will give india
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the chance of a first series win in england since two thousand and seven. but right now we understand that we're in a very exciting position to gain momentum a great time of the season and to have played like they're going to win and. you know everyone toward that it's going to be you know planes we are going to rule over but we're not know how we're leaving and how we have been playing for the last few months. call that momentum whatever you like we we underperform last week that's the bottom line and we've got a graphic trinity to put out right this time around and one of our big strengths is as a squad this is the strength of character and home in particular we are very good at bouncing back from because we are going time and time again before our sole sport back today if you. tens of thousands of people have taken part in spain's annual tomato festival the medina dubbed the world's biggest food fight festival goers had one hour to throw more than one hundred forty five tonnes of tomatoes at each other
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the annual event is held in borno and one of spain's prime tomato producing areas i decided to have originated from a spontaneous food fight between villagers in one thousand nine hundred forty five looks like fun and that is it for me to figure palin this news hour abuts stay with us i'll be back with more news. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds lived off this land but such a traditional way of life is under increasing threat. al-jazeera won't travels to
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the jordan valley where illegal settlements are expanding and the israeli military cordons off more of the land. what will become of the palestinian families and does the palestinian authority have any power to help shepherds of the jordan valley on al-jazeera. jeanette morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to destin shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp. up at the gala the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government the fail.
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largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. when used investigates why so many filipino children are having beefs. on al-jazeera. we're entering. it on the. another member of president trumps in a circle on his way out this time it's white house counsel john mcgann. hello and welcome i'm david a pilot and you're watching all of these are live from london also coming up.
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brazil says it's may limit the number of venezuelans entering after it sends troops to calm tensions at the border. with. calls for calm between french and british fishermen after a dangerous skirmish at sea over scallops plots. if this flight is successful you'll go down in history. will tell you about the new film by director damon and other contenders at this year's bennett's film festival. so another member of the u.s. president's top team is on his way out donald trump has announced on twitter that his white house counsel dom again will be leaving this autumn some say it's because he's achieved his goal of getting conservatives named to federal judgeships while others suggest it's because mcgann has cooperated with the special counsel robert
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miller's investigation into the alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia our white house correspondent kimberly alcatel is more when they get on the bed when he was appointed as white house counsel donald trump called lawyer don began brick a. legal mind but now he's leaving the white house adding to speculation that another member of trump's inner circle is turning against him a lot of affection for done until the movie and probably the private sector may be a great change in the world but he's. done an excellent job but it's been rumored that mcgann had been threatening to leave for weeks after getting pushback for advising trump not to fire special counsel robert mueller who's heading up the probe into possible collusion and russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election trump is reportedly furious mcgann is cooperating with muller giving thirty hours of testimony to the special counsel's team the. more.
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he follows a string of close friends and advisers that are now reportedly cooperating with the investigation those include his long time personal attorney michael cohen who pled guilty last week to campaign finance violations they also include alan weisel burke chief financial officer of the trump organization and longtime friend david packer who was involved in hush money payments to women during the twenty sixteen u.s. election with u.s. voters going to the polls for midterm congressional elections in november a democratic takeover of the house of representatives would mean trouble for trump the most damaging thing for the president is going to be the impeachment hearings and the investigations that the democrats have been likely have over the course of the entire sort of twenty nineteen here perhaps that's why rumored to replace john mccann is someone who knows a lot about impeachment proceedings lawyer and that flood represented president
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bill clinton during his impeachment hearings in the ninety nine can really help at al-jazeera the white house. primary elections in two u.s. states are being seen as an important test of the so-called trump effect and florida democrats have picked the state's first african-american candidate andrew guillen for governor he'll be taking on ronda sanchez who was behind in the polls until president trying to tweak his support and gallagher has more from miami. even before november's all important midterm elections tallahassee xmen andrew guillen has made history the thirty nine year old is florida's first african-american candidate for governor backed by bernie sanders gillum defeated his more moderate opponents we're going to make clear to the rest of the world that the boat believe that we've been under coming out of washington. that. that road
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soon and i'm certain that the think climbing out of our white house that right here in the spirit of the rules are going to remind business in. american roe. the republican vote is wrong dissenters was the clear choice for president trump tweeted his support to scientists was behind in the polls now his political fate is closely tied to that of the president's dissenters is already causing controversy after he said florida should not monkey this up by electing andrew gillum it's a comment seen by many as racist and i was able to talk to the president i want to thank him for his support i want to thank him for entrusting me with viewing me as somebody who could be a great leader for florida us as a thank you mr president. in our zone as primary elections to president trumps influence played a decisive role often accelerate when the republican nomination for a vital senate seat by aligning himself with the president something all the
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state's conservative candidates were keen to do if there is a race to watch it then it's the one for florida's next governor a republican backed by president trump will take on an african-american democrat who rode to victory. on a wave of liberal support the differences between these two candidates will make for a colossal political showdown the battle lines in this nation's most important swing state of already been drawn gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. brazil's president says he's considering limiting the number of venezuelans allowed the country michel to merit says he may introduce a daily cap from the current eight hundred allowed in one or two hundred a day tensions are high in the border states of mind which has seen an influx of migrants trying to escape the political and economic turmoil back home or brazilian soldiers have been deployed to the border this follows an outbreak of violence
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earlier this month when groups of migrants were driven out of the state by and the locals the authorities said were i want the federal government to do more to help them deal with the new our rivals or the fifty thousand venezuelans are living in brazil our lots in america editor do see a new man has been in venezuela and he has more from the capital santiago on the crisis. the mass exodus of venezuela and refugees as they sing extraordinary stress on neighboring countries like brazil that is why president michel temora of brazil says that he has ordered more soldiers to the border to quote guarantee order but also he says to protect the venezuelan refugees you may remember that some of them were attacked a couple of weeks ago by brazilians who are beginning to see them as a threat to their country. is putting the blame on venezuela's president. he says that this has become a quote not just a problem for venezuela but also for the harmony of the entire continent on the
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other hand is trying to stop another kind of flow into another neighboring country colombia the flow of fuel which is costing them is leyla billions of dollars. in an oil rich countries like venezuela it's one thing to subsidize quite another is to give it away. it's a gift without pay is not even enough to. thanks. and imagine this if you can a one thousand. point zero zero one of a sense. except here. and there's incredible is that i can still use it to buy a hundred and sixty six leaders. at the. border or small and large scale smugglers operate in broad daylight the price
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distortion feeds a lucrative black market with billions of dollars but now in an attempt to rescue venezuela's drowning a commie president. has announced a plan to stop the leak. have until the end of the month to register their cars for an unspecified amount of subsidized petrol before prices go up dramatically for everyone else. this would put the black market out of business but there's a problem. stationed on the border. to cross the border. venezuela could certainly benefit from cracking down on corruption on its side of the border
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and selling the. international prices just as necessary finally seem serious about raising prices at the pump. raising the price of petrol has been a controversial and explosive issue. in venezuela. yes even the most skeptical admit the giving away petrol is nice to the gift and the symbol of an economy in freefall. the raising of fuel prices may help a little but economists say it is not the silver bullet that's going to end in israel as hyperinflation would some forecast will reach a million percent before the end of the year nor is it expected to stop the mass exodus of venezuelans trying to escape hunger unemployment and shortages of just about every necessary good and that is why latin american countries called by
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ecuador will be meeting next week to try to come up with a cold war they needed response to what is certainly the biggest refugee crisis in all of latin american history. meanwhile changes to venezuela's pension scheme have sparked angry protests from the elderly large crowds have been rallying outside the social security in cities in the capital caracas from september pensions will be issued through a state issued identification card that the government can track it will also be run through an online portal even though many retirees say they don't own or even use a computer. aid workers in libya say thousands of migrants have been abandoned in government detention centers after guards fled fighting in the capital tripoli the migrants are mostly sub-saharan africans including women and children and have been left without food and water fighting has escalated in tripoli since the weekend as rival militias clash over territory and resources in the city. french
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fishermen have been accused of endangering the lives of british fishing crews after a violent confrontation over scalloped in the waters of the english channel one of the most expensive shellfish making them a lucrative catch a trench fisherman in the bay of sen off the coast of normandy say the british are depleting their stock paul brennan has more. the encounter began before dawn when the french fishing for tiller confronted a handful of british boats fishing perfectly legally in international waters first came the verbal insults. then as the french boats crowded the british began hurling smoke bombs metal shackles and flat as situation became progressively more violent and extraordinarily dangerous. rocks from the shackles.
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