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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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al-jazeera. you have for you. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm come out santa maria and this is the news from al-jazeera a program rebel leader has been killed in a blast in ukraine moscow is calling it an act of international terrorism also the final goodbye for the queen of soul thousands attended a funeral celebrating the life of a wreath of franklin. stopped from leaving the country ugandan opposition politician bobby wine is arrested and detained again. in sport knowing touches
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and no shots on target you saying both funny makes his debbie for a pro football same day sprint legend getting a break from now for strenuous central coast mariners in a preseason from. so starting with breaking news from eastern ukraine the pro russian rebel leader alexander has been killed in an explosion according to the region's official media outlet says the blast happened in a cafe in central donetsk and russia is pointing the finger at ukraine saying kiev is responsible for the death calling it an international an act of international terrorism russia denies allegations that it sends money and weapons to the separatists so let's try to get some more clarity with worry chalons in moscow what more you learning. well done yet to the moment
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is the territory in lockdown basically there is no one allowed in and no one allowed out that is because as you say the or thorazine are treating this as an act of terrorism so two is more scope to me putin has offered his deepest condolences after this this this killing now the council of ministers of the dinette people's republic this self declared independent breakaway zone from eastern ukraine have been holding a meeting in which they were looking to appoint a successor and they have said that the first deputy prime minister of the d p r dimitri presence. of is that person now what we know is that there was a blast earlier on at a cafe which i think you can see on your screens you're looking at the aftermath of the moment it's called cafe paris basically the cafe separatists in this cafe
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was the leader of the p.r. alexander shanker and colleagues he was killed in the blast at the moment we don't think there was anybody else killed in the blast but other people were injured so that may change as i could change there was a man who rose to prominence in the early part of the war in ukraine's east he was the head of it one of the militias he was then promoted basically to prime minister of the on the ets at a time when there was an attempt to basically reorganize things there to make it look less like moscow for an operation in moscow run for an operation and more like a kind of home grown independence movement that was born in the us therefore he fitted the bill he went on to be president. both of the minsk summits he was
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even a signature of the second most summits as the head of the d d d p.r. . there are of course going to be questions who did this and the most obvious candidates at the moment are either this was ukraine the s.b.u. . its intelligence outfits or this was infighting in the separatist territories and sells or this is perhaps moscow doing some housecleaning. of course moscow and ukraine are blaming each other at the moment but this does have ramifications which are going to be felt. across ukraine and in moscow as well and throws i think the peace process into some doubt at the moment ok thank you for the update. chalons in moscow there i want to recap on what he told us there about forty two year old alexander like a chang go the leader of the self-proclaimed done yet the people's republic for four years as we heard he joined pro russian separatists in an armed uprising
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internet spec in twenty fourteen even sold his business to help fund the movement he took the reins that year from a series of russians in a bid to show as very said that ukraine separatist movement wasn't a russian led operation. introduced to solve its military parades there were tanks in donetsk and usually war military fatigues despite his political role he proposed the creation of a new country called little or little russia encompassing ukraine with its capital in donetsk in the past he said he'd been the target of several assassination attempts accusing ukraine of trying to kill him in an explosion in twenty sixteen so we've got michael bassekou with us now who is the global affairs analyst former spokesman for the o.e.c.d. the organization of security and cooperation in europe he's on skype from sydney in british columbia thank you for your time as this breaking news develops michael rory explain there a few scenarios of who could possibly be behind this in your mind what's the most
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likely outcome. thanks for having me well you know tim for them to say you know it's the fault of the cranes i think it's not. the standard line if you will of the russian playbook to me it looks like this was an internal operation for the past few weeks and months. has been critical of some of his colleagues other deputies in that so-called d.n.r. parliament i he controlled the t.v. station and we're pretty much humiliated and their colleagues so i think come kind of the writing was on the wall that perhaps his dates were numbered and you know i i was talking to a colleague earlier and we always referred to as a kind of joke as someone who's like a cat with nine lives because in twenty fifteen he narrowly survived. sniper bullet injury to his left leg lower leg and then also a few months ago i know that one about the of cup he was reportedly injured now i've met him as you know when i was part of the o. a c.
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and the one thing about him is you always had a lot of firepower and i'm mistaken blow up firm handshake as well what happens to the movement without him in your opinion is that strong enough as this succession and play. well it's hard to say there are a number of factors there in terms of factors but also external factors that we have to remember that russia is really hurting right now because of sanctions because of the plunge in the ruble other factors costly adventures in syria and elsewhere so i get the feeling that they're not as inclined to send millions of dollars of an issue or an equipment and personnel to it and yet so i think more and more it's been a scenario where they would have to fund themselves you know despite what your colleague said to me another candidate to take over. show low he is one of the most recognizable faces of the so-called d.n.r. speaker of the parliament he's corrupt as they come apparently he ran
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a russian causes and he's also has the distinction of being one of five separatist leaders and when it's grown the e.u. sanctions less than just a quick note on him he's a former security guard and candy sales event so let's see what kind of leader he may have been noting michael thank you for your time today really great to get some explanation and context when you're pleasure moving to other news and family friends fans of the queen of soul aretha franklin are saying their final goodbyes there is a service to celebrate her life underway right now and that man is speaking live as we speak it is the former president bill clinton. she. was.
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recalling her. late. i don't recall. she lived with power not without weakness but overcoming her weaknesses. i just loved her. so i started off as a groupie. and then. oh my god this one and do his song for america. when dr king was killed. you know all these political conventions including my. least president obama. ration thirumal raised and various things that. i. thought are in the
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come in the rose garden a saying for the emperor an emperor is man. thought i'd listen and you know. and. i saw i had figured out i think. the secret of a great as well she took his massive talent. and this perfect culture. and decided to be the composer of her own life so. it turned out to be. i want to. hope god will forgive me. when i was so glad when i got here if you will forgive me . when the casket.
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so question for the president of the united states speaking at the funeral for a wreath of. many speakers one of many performers in a service that was supposed to go for six hours of sleep but i think it'll be going a bit longer than that john hendren is our correspondent has been covering events all week in detroit someone pretty special john where you are but i'm going to read a franklin to the franklin is someone pretty special when you have a former president coming to speak it is. that's right she's got one president speaking there to president barack obama and george w. bush each sent as statement to be read there today and just before you got in bill clinton said before he was a president he was in a wreath of franklin group b. that he and hillary clinton were he went on to say that she was the voice of a generation possibly the voice of
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a century and that is not all of the lot of tory remarks that we heard today earlier on a grand day saying you make me feel like a natural woman and then you had the reverend al sharpton a civil rights activists say that she was the soundtrack to the civil rights movement smokey robinson said my long my longest friend has gone home and he said the world is going to miss you too aretha franklin so it's an extraordinarily high profile event jesse jackson is speaking here stevie wonder is singing is well faith hill sang a little earlier so this is just the culmination of four days of the liberation of the life of a wreath of franklin she was lying in state for three days before this and one reason bill clinton said he wonders what his friend is going to be wearing today is that each day her family has given her a wardrobe change just like when she was doing a show the queen of soul would never wear the same outfit two days in a row in jihad. has not done so posthumously as she continues to stun with her
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fashion sense but yes a huge celebration with probably hours yet to go there are two hours behind right now oh my goodness and what was been happening in detroit today i read something briefly about a pot being renamed. that's right the park where thirty different musical bands played last night it is called chain park and it's going to be renamed aretha franklin park so that is the latest tribute there's also talk of a museum dedicated to her life her music and to her civil rights legacy but perhaps more important if you just look right behind me i don't know if you can see but there's a crowd of people standing here these are the people who are just waiting for everyone to come out that there are people from detroit who remember fondly aretha franklin and she may have all of these laudable people in here but they also allowed about a thousand people just from the street people who had to line up and then get a wristband and be allowed in people here really feel
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a sense of ownership over her because she did come from very little she was a preacher's daughter she had children twice before she was age fifteen and then she rose with that massive challenge of hers to become this international superstar but she never left her hometown for good and people here remember that not just because of what she became and all the things she did for the people around her but because how it reflects on other people here and what might become of them john hendren in detroit thank you so much jones outside of the memorial service for aretha franklin detroit former president bill clinton is speaking right now so many big names to come the service will culminate whenever that time is with performances from stevie wonder and jennifer holiday i'm sure it will be with us waiting to see that. and another american icon is being farewelled with politicians in washington paying their respects to veteran republican senator john mccain a military god of honor carried his casket to lie in state at the u.s. capitol u.s.
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vice president might pence and speak a pole ryan delivered tributes in the building when mccain served for thirty five years mccain was also a prisoner of war in vietnam he supported military interventions in places like afghanistan and iraq and backed israel's twenty fourteen war in gaza. with first prize service ahead of self to summon idealism from a cynical age john mccain was such a maine today. he lives in the place where he served for the last congress of the united states soon he will go to rest on the grounds where he served first the united states naval academy though the highest office eluded him. he attained
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what is far more enduring the biting affection of his fellow citizens and an example for future generations of former presidents barack obama and george w. bush will be among those attending mccain's funeral which happens tomorrow saturday . and now is the american people are going to get a chance to file by his casket to pay their final respects on saturday that is when his funeral will be held and it is really going to be a remarkable scene he has chosen before he died he laid out his final wishes and he wanted former presidents barack obama and george w. bush to give his eulogy these are the two men who kept him from his quest to win the presidency there from different political parties and that's really been the theme of all of the celebrations of john mccain's life is he is sending the message of bipartisanship in his final letter to the american public he said these are trying times we'll get through it but we have to remember first and foremost we're
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all americans one person who will not be at the funeral it is somewhat remarkable the president of the united states donald trump has been told he's not invited. still ahead for you on this news go back home venezuelans here when they cross over the border into peru. from earning money to scoring goals iran tries to step up efforts to stop child labor. and formula one driver. i speak crash in italy and he is along with the new sport at about ten to the. secretary was warning against syrian government offensive in italy province saying it would be an escalation of a dangerous conflict over the past three weeks government forces have been circling the last remaining rebel stronghold and protesters there have been demonstrating as well against any military action the un children agency says it is concerned people
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could be trapped by the financing. you think it's particularly important when we're having all this media that we start hearing that we don't forget that there's more than a million children inside their own children who in some cases have been displaced two three four five six times from different cities in they are children moves coping mechanism has been very much eroded by all these displacement and you are particular risk so that's that's what's happening at the moment mr risk we're facing earlier we heard from with some who was a teacher in the tell us escaping it they could be very difficult. i guess many will now but if we really are we are committed like i give the terrorists now. because in that they. no longer fit in any place in the interior that we might find our way. on the map it looks like a small area but it's
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a huge impact i need or five or six hour from one type to another guy that you or me at least and we have who these people. we are not be using you suffer from you. lot but here i get for can make up for that. as long as we're not willing to eat the area life will a normal. way of showing that we will tag. the usual canard. and again. the law will win even in our n.p.r. they are in the book if they are alive in the fall. of course hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees are sheltering in neighboring lebanon and there are concerns about a russian plan to repair a tree at the un high commissioner for refugees or any such must be internationally
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monitored pressing all these issues and we're making progress on some of them some are more difficult we can talk about that and there is also another point that i would like to add to those that i have mentioned it is important also that u.n. issues are as the united nations refugee agency plays a role and have surprise us. especially in the areas of return now this is sometimes possible sometimes more difficult it is linked often to the security situation but it is clear to everybody in the actor that is playing an increasing role in this situation is the russian federation that they have put forward the ideas thoughts it plan for the return and the same messages that i have described to you i have also fast them. to our russian interlocutors i met them in damascus as well that news conference happened in beirut our correspondents and what i was
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there as well. united nations reiterating its longstanding position that a refugee returns is still premature to organize large scale returns because the situation in syria is still not safe these returns cannot be in the words of the head of the u.n. h.c.r. sustainable he said philip grande a that they have been talking to refugees and we have been talking to refugees and refugees are concerned for a number of reasons even though the fighting has died down what are they going to return to many of the towns and villages have been destroyed their homes have been destroyed there is a lack of services lack of infrastructure no schools and no hospitals in some areas and they're also concerned about the not finding a job or being forced to join the army if the male the men in the family are forced to join the army who is going to work to feed the children but more importantly a lot of them are afraid of retribution they feel that there are no safety
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guarantees in place to make sure that the syrian government does not take any measures against them simply for leaving or accuse them of supporting and supporting the opposition so filippo grand they touring the region talking to officials in damascus both syrian and russian officials about these refugee concerns and telling them that if indeed refugees are to return the united nations needs to have a presence for the program they did not say what response he got he did say that they discussed the russian plan for the refugee returns we asked them to elaborate on that and he and he just didn't give any details so refugees are concerned why because host nations like lebanon like jordan have been stepping up calls for refugees to return home saying that the situation is not safe in syria and that they have been a burden both on the lebanese and jordanian governments and lebanese that the lebanese president told from the program that we don't need to wait for a political solution for it before refugees return so refugees are concerned the
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united nation. making it clear that it is still not safe for these people to return home. to venezuela where some people escaping violence and their collapsing economy service struggling to start a new life in neighboring peril as a racial slurs and hate speech of made it hard for many of them to feel safe marianna sanchez has our report from lima. thirty eight year old the bush man keeps an eye on municipal police will selling a traditional rice string from venice when he still doesn't have a street vendor permit trying to make a living far away from home is hard he says but worse is hearing slurs against been swings a signal or more especially to people like me a street vendor people tell me move get out of here go back to your country. an armed assault mainly perpetrated by even a fearless and con and security cameras sparked
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a wave of anti been astroland feeling in. this honest compatriots are paying the price thinking the negative people have to understand we are not all the same the great majority is here to work and send money to our families to get them out of the inferno that venezuela has become. businessmen you get to stop textile employee and say the number of innocent women is working here a school where they peruvians saving a sweet lunch are taking their jobs and the baby though some businessmen here have laid off peruvians because they say venezuelans charge them less the anti immigration sentiment among many people who feel ins was fueled by a conservative candidate illness mayoral race in october he gained popularity by same venice will answer threatening security and jobs. but government officials have condemned seen a ford explorers produce open border policy has let more than four hundred thousand venice williams in the country nearly seventy thousand have already been granted
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work permits. we're going to fish i'll say the presses are going to swell and just have him in fact there was health and education says that there are nearly thirty thousand of us with children in schools but they also say the impact is positive and good news workforce this and many venezuelans doing the job or against don't want to take. any peruvians reacted against growing scene a fabric sentiment by opening their homes to shelter migrants and refugees twenty one year old alexander torrealba is sleeping with fifteen other venezuelans in one room where. i feel lucky to have been offered this shelter but it's a pity many compatriots have been mistreated you know here because we want to be but because we need to be. however the majority of us women say they feel will come in escaping from inflation and food and medicine shortages back home make them choose to endure almost anything for a better future again
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a son just. iranian politicians are debating laws to curb forced child labor millions of children work to help support their impoverished families in iran same as russia has our report from. children working the streets to make money something iranian politicians say they're trying to change a new bill being discussed in parliament would overhaul the country's child protection laws to better help kids vulnerable to abuse it addresses a wide range of issues including cyber protection trafficking child marriage and child labor. the bell is the first comprehensive rule for children's rights in iran the issue of economic misuse is addressed here kids whose families are struggling with some even under the age of fifteen by their parents or other people but even m.p.'s admit passing new laws is one thing coming
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up with the budgets to pay for public services is another. that's where the private sector often steps in for two decades the volunteer group of mom only society has been providing social services to thousands of people around the country including organizing a nationwide football league for at risk youth some have parents with drug addiction others struggle with poverty and are forced to work for their families to survive for many this is a break from difficult daily routines. some of the kids aren't here because they're working in workshops selling things in the streets sometimes they can't make the practice sessions it's a problem for us especially when we want to take part in the tournaments we ask their bosses to give them time off. the group also helps parents earn a living so their kids don't have to work these mothers run a catering service society gives them work space transport and training they supply the woman power. since her husband died been raising eight children on her own and
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has kept them all in school having the scheme just before i started working my life wasn't good we lived in a destroyed building or to share allows me to pay for my rent by making efforts so my children can have a good future i want on the study and not have a life like my. fourteen year old to me this getting ready to take the field when he's not in his football uniform or in school he helps his mother clean houses to make money. a financial situation isn't good so i go with my mom to work two three four times a week my father has been sick for twelve years had a strike and move to sweep stairs i clean and wash doors and i don't like it but we have to do it. says when he's at practice he feels honor and pride and somebody wants to play professionally. for now in this place kids in iran forced to grow up too fast and hold on to childhood dreams
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a little while longer. in the news ahead on al-jazeera. by amanda haywood find out why do you katie is kind of chopped but the rest of europe when it comes to what doesn't come back. a step towards gender equality out the venice film festival is doing its bit to reform the entertainment industry and sport tennis umpire accused of coaching rather than have fishy a match at the u.s. so. how i would got most shallow is still just around the black sea at present you can see the area cloud have a sponsible for those showers just pushing out of georgia armenia maybe into some parts of the met look fine and dry some lovely sunshine coming through here
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temperatures getting up to around thirty one celsius of beirut on saturday similar values for jerusalem over the next couple days back that gets up to around forty six degrees for the race will couple gets up to thirty one more warm sunshine coming through but a little further south in the warm sunshine extends its way down across the arabian peninsula quite as hot as it has been recently bahati enough nevertheless forty one here in doha the thirty eight and a little bits and pieces of plowed you notice the rather more humid just around the u.a.e. northern parts of amman the civil area cattle sync is way further south which is we go on through sas day on into sunday pass feeling a little more humid in the process and you can just see how that area just slides its way down into the fall south of saudi arabia maybe a few showers around the southern end of the red sea still a chance of want to see showers around the southern cape of south africa before much of south africa season this dry fine and sunny will see temperatures going to seventeen in cape town and twenty three for job.
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when the us has all collapsed this university professor became a millionaire and a criminal on the run. fifteen years old his daughter mbox on an extraordinary journey to find him. my six million dollars father a witness and documentary on all of his iraq. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds lived off this land. but such a traditional way of life is on the increase in fact. al-jazeera wound travels to the jordan valley where illegal settlements are expanding and the israeli military cordons off more of them now. what will become of the palestinian families and the
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palestinian authority have any power to help shepherds of the jordan valley on al-jazeera. they're on the news here at al-jazeera and these are the top stories the head of the self-proclaimed donetsk people's republic has died in an explosion alexander. the production separatist movement in eastern ukraine says twenty fourteen russia is accusing ukraine off assassinating him ukraine blames separatists fighting. ugandan pop star turned politician bobby wine has been released from hospital and is now heading to the airport earlier police blocked him from boarding
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a flight to the us once a lawyer says he's been tortured in detention because of stones being thrown at the president's motorcade. and family friends and fans of the queen of soul aretha franklin are saying their final goodbyes this service to celebrate her life and music is happening in their hometown of detroit for five hours and at this point and probably a good four hours to go. i. took pictures there on the now reuters news. agency investigation has exposed members of me and military for spreading lies about revenge of muslims a book published by the army and made available in bookshops across young gone contains several falsely captioned images for example you've got the same image here in two different settings at the bottom is the version published in the army's book it's described as evidence of murders by the ranger of locals in me and miles
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rakhine state in fact it shows the aftermath of a completely unrelated incident during bangladesh's war of independence in one hundred seventy one this one as well which is said to show reinjure muslims rushing into the country back in one nine hundred forty eight it's portrayed as evidence that the ranger actually don't have a history of me in ma even though they've been documented there for a hundred years hundreds of years what you are looking at a fact that was an image of rwandan refugees fleeing to tanzania in the one nine hundred ninety s. the government didn't comment on the book when asked by reuters we spoke to kin about this he's president of the burmese ranger it organization u.k. and he told us government media regularly uses propaganda to attack the ranger. since two thousand and eleven the so called democratic reform came in burma you know made a speech against rohingya is. quite a spread up you know and tearing our campaign been doing you know in many tones of the cities in burma you know they're rolling out for illegal immigrant from
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bangladesh they want to demand of state and those kind of accusation and the gates and the mis information going on many years you know unfortunately the government they did not do anything same same time military and government dryly that propaganda and doing a propaganda i've been moving on so you know recently we have seen the favor when their government. journals and magazines government newspaper and t.v. burmese t.v. and all the other you know media where the missing form all the time is really. is really getting on to the people you know because as a whole country you know government and military is their military is quite a strong institution in burma you know and then the government also participating through the you know what to say through the media department is even
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saying that roving gangs are illegal bangali and still with me and rescue workers are struggling to reach thousands of stranded people after a dam burst four people are confirmed dead more than sixty three thousand people in the back of our region have been forced from their homes after this watching them collapse on the reports now from neighboring thailand. repair work is underway at the dam site to try to stem the flow of water the breach happened on the dam spillway a structure that was once one hundred twenty meters high vast areas of big-o. region remain submerged beneath muddy water in some places it's starting to recede but it will be a long time before once fertile farmland can be used again several people are still missing and the military and other rescue personnel and never gauging the murky waters searching for survivors people living in the area had voiced concerns about the water level in the reservoir before the disaster they say they should have been
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some warning but just days before the breach authorities had given the dam the all clear. were going on when we went before one day before one of our people were going to get the repair work is also started on a bridge that was damaged causing traffic chaos it's on the main yang gone mandalay highway that links me and miles to biggest cities and it's the wit season in this part of me and and flooding is common but questions will be asked why the dam didn't cope this time and whether those responsible for its management and maintenance could have done more rain hey al jazeera bangkok. the new york times is reporting that the united arab emirates has been using israeli technology to spy on the leading figures in saudi arabia qatar and lebanon reports they have obtained show leaked e-mails which are linked to lawsuits against an israeli spy or a group called and so i sure have a u.a.e. was trying to listen into calls by saad hariri the lebanese prime minister and also
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trying to tap the phone of qatar is a mere as early as twenty fourteen and among other high profile individuals from the gulf there's a leading saudi prince interesting they've been a dollar. so i think it's been one of those was the worst kept secret in the middle east that there are these underhand dealings with israel particularly last at the emirates i think what is quite profound is that idea that you were you were spying on some of the saudi princes there is often this belief that the saudi and the u.a.e. are partners in crime or partners it was a part of whatever probably not the best expression to use but the idea that they are very much found together as close as possible whereas in reality there is this undercurrent of a power struggle struggle going on the u.e.c. itself is trying to expand itself as a key major force in the region and using these type of underhanded techniques when in life rick i think it's very interesting that the report rings that there was
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spying of the likes of prince mit have been abdullah who is a rival of mohammed bin said a man who is a very good friend of all that we had been they had no idea that they had my eye on . lebanon as well so i think with regard to you eat these kind of tactics not possible why is there an issue that has in order to adopt rather a more sinister style since the version of capital projects in which the spread of influence across the region runs scripts in the can i go to say the government is all of the expulsion of the un human rights team investigating allegations of abuse president daniel ortega dismissed the un report act using him and his government of ignoring human rights violations during anti-government protests a report that will take his administration was responsible for illegal arrests torture and close to trial three hundred people have been killed since that i'm dressed began back in april and argentina's economic crisis is worsening the currency sunk to historic lows despite the central bank raising the key interest
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rate to sixty percent the highest in the world because it's trying to control inflation and rein in a high budget deficit and cutbacks in public spending of already led to strikes polter dodgin report. the downpour from turbulent economic storms over argentina couldn't stop these university students on thursday night. the students along with their professors braved the rain to march through what osiris and expressed their outrage over budget cuts in education but i found that i'm here to defend free and high quality public education assuaged on a fine salaries don't masturbate of inflation at the market that will be going to that level at the top of the lower university budget the country is in a crisis because of the international monetary fund. the international monetary fund has extended a fifty billion dollar bailout loan to argentina when president asked for an early release of the i.m.f. funds the peso tumbled to
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a new low against the dollar ending the day at nearly half the value it had on january the first number is that we did dollar worth over forty pesos we cannot buy teaching materials supplies or to us in support of. inflation is exceeding thirty percent and we are earning less than we need to feed ourselves there are teachers who are living in poverty protesters say basic needs get more expensive every day you took your rates have increased one thousand five hundred percent and businesses are closing leaving more people jobless they blame president for what they call nec anomic disaster. economists say the government needs to stop foreign currency from leaving the country however the government has done the exact opposite they totally deregulated markets. sort of setting the grounds for the run on the dollar president mccree is trying to ease panic among investors he has promised to restore economic growth while cutting argentina's budget deficit reducing inflation and
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making the six hundred forty billion dollars khana me more competitive and i know. that i think you have to give the government times the legacy of the previous government is very pronounced very complicated. but not everyone agrees that more time and patience will save argentina's economy from a total collapse paltrow dirge on al-jazeera. the sun to someone in climate change will alter the earth faster than ever before new research in the journal science changes that once took place over twenty thousand years could happen in just a century once forests deserts ecosystems will look completely different by then and that threatens animal and plant diversity and scientists say we're already seeing these changes in the united states where large wildfires have turned forests into trouble and have suffered as with the university of california and davis he says there's still time though to limit the impact of climate change it's never too
9:43 pm
late i think that it's easy to say that there's an arbitrary threshold we haven't talk about the two degrees trend when it warming to two degrees and in reality if we limited warming to one point nine degrees celsius global lane you know that would still not be great so see consequences from that but also we go about two degrees there are still certainly benefits to limiting warming to two point five or three degrees this report is looking at what would happen in a four to seven degree warming increase nari out so that we have business as usual without taking climate action and that they found that if we limited climate change to the levels that we would see under the contours of the two thousand and fifteen paris agreement then and now and those changes would decrease would be substantial would go about sixty percent reduction to forty five percent and so we need to take action now we're certainly going to see climate change happen happening it's going to continue to happen but we have the power by acting now to manage them and we've got that chance. well the united kingdom as one of the lowest levels of wooden
9:44 pm
coverage in europe and campaign is say it's at risk of deforestation unless more trees are planted that's why the government has backed in a plan to create a new forest reports from northern england this is the final part of a series forest under threat. it's hard to put a value on nature but jane in d n a trying to establish the environmental value of trees in terms of reducing pollution and the carbon they store in greater manchester they're working on a project to plant more trees and eventually establish where a new forest stretching from one side of the country to the other will go the northern power east is an ambitious plan to turn part of england's industrial north green during the next twenty five years conservation charity the woodland trust wants to plant fifty million trees they all about trace a we're hoping that will come up with some suggestions of where large scale
9:45 pm
plantings games could be it will help us to identify gaps in tree cover that help us to find you areas to some of these trees the college meets the fifty million about thirteen percent of the u.k. is couplet in woodland but in the area for this new course it's less the landscape a really began to change during the industrial revolution at the start of the nineteenth century since then the population has gone up and so too has the need for housing and industry the tree population die and parts of northern england has dwindled and eight percent conservationists say more trees need to be planted across britain to counter the future affects of climate change and the impact of big construction projects such as a new high speed rail line and plans to build hundreds of thousands of homes not far from london is haul wood nestled next to ancient woodland is the culmination of a decade long project to transform arab land into
9:46 pm
a new native forest environmentalists say hundreds of ancient woodlands in britain are under threat the aspiration is to plant five thousand hectares of new york to berlin. in the last plan. thousand. seven hundred. eleven. a green. school tomorrow.
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
but a film festival is a follow in the footsteps of canon signed a gender parity pledge but organizers have rejected claims of sexism and insists the real problem lies elsewhere not in ballarat ports from that it's. a gesture that some say is over due on friday the venice film festival signed an agreement promising greater transparency over how it selects films and gender equality across the organization followed similar moves by rivals like counted locarno. before the festival started the european women's audiovisual network published an open letter to venice denouncing the fact only one film in the main competition here is
9:49 pm
directed by a woman and demanding changes to what they called a rigged system that favors mainly white males. now it seems change is on its way but for the festival director actual quotas are a step too far quotas is something which is extremely fair and right in politics for example. we can use the quarters in in in the only katie two to four hour is the quality of their work is. soccer muxes presenting her first feature film of venice previously she directed a documentary on the french prison system. along kos is showing outside the main competition it's about a young man looking for support when he comes out of jail his mother played by sort of being born air has severe depression and he finds himself dragged into criminality the director says her gender hasn't been
9:50 pm
a problem when it comes to getting her work see. the complicated enjoyment of previously to a staff but now there are more and more women directors in france there are plenty and lots of women have paved the way like kathryn bigelow at the start it was hard for her because really there were no women directors in hollywood. and some industry watchers say the debate about how many women directed films screening festivals masks a deeper problem what we need to be talking about is getting young school girls when they're in school to think i can be a director and when that happens we're going to get far more women directors are going to get better films coming from some of those women directors. less than a quarter of all film submitted to venice this year were by women there's clearly an imbalance when it comes to who makes the films audiences get to see here and in cinema but changing that could mean reform. the industry about discussion is just starting with the barber al jazeera venice. and he's here to answer the question
9:51 pm
can you say in both play football it still may i think it's definitely our best he's made his debut for professional football saying it consisted of knowing such is no shots on target here is the screen legend having a brief run out as a substitute for australia's central coast mariners in this pre-season friendly against an am i city the eight some of the champions on the pitch for just over twenty minutes the fifty two year old is on trial at the elite club couldn't quite magical there has yet to be offered a professional country. right now i'm just trying to get used to the guys i don't want to hold moment to actually get a chance to play a guy that will be able to sample ball so that's what i'm happy about i think along the line when i start winning championships the team cannot believe in them then is the moment you get higher and higher and higher but i know i'm starting to be an almost ten thousand fans once the game and as our correspondent andrew thomas discovered many do believe that you're making can succeed in his new sports.
9:52 pm
a minor pre-season friendly against a team of amateurs this was not the sort of match that would normally attract much attention or much of a crowd but this was different for one reason. the same. round. the same boat is a sports megastar just not seen this sport as an athlete he won gold medals and broke a limb pick records in beijing london and rio as a footballer his debut was here at the central coast stadium in gosford an australian city a fewer than two hundred thousand about eighty kilometers north of sydney or i think he actually has a lot to live but i really want that. we have a guy. bolt has done previous trial periods with dortmund
9:53 pm
in germany and at clubs in norway and south africa he's also played in charity games with television chefs but this was his first match for a professional club even though he wasn't playing in a professional capacity the match was against a collection of balance of play this brought together to give the central coast mariners a stretch of the legs the mariners were as expected the much better team both was as expected perhaps their weakest player but also their biggest star. coming on the subject the same ball played just the last twenty three minutes of the game and although his team did win comfortably he didn't fight much part in the victory but this crowd well they say it's about bots. i think no i think he's very. very trying. for a better. this receipt you see at the central coast mariners have said
9:54 pm
bolt can stay with them indefinitely that does not mean die or the two necessarily get a contract for graduate from andrew thomas al-jazeera gosford australia. tempers flared in the humble final at the asian games where cats will be bahrain the game and been tight throughout for the schools deadlocked at twenty five each in regulation time bahrain was unhappy with the referee's decision to award a penalty there in extra time i saw converting that chance went on to win thirty two twenty seven. scuttles second straight asian games title. as part of climb gold in the women's football after beating china in that final reeky series salo the only goal of the game came in the ninetieth minutes. japan woman first ever women's hockey gold medal at the games with
9:55 pm
a two one victory over india india had been aiming for their first title since one thousand nine hundred eighty two. and sara lee y z has become the most successful hong kong athlete in games history she won the women's sprint cycling event that was her second gold of the week and fifty games title of her career. or just a couple of days of action left china are short of finishing top of the overall medals table they have one hundred eighteen goals but south korea well down on their gold medal counts of four years ago at forty three they won seventy nine titles when they hosted the event twenty fourteen. now formula one driver marcus erikson walked away on home from a huge crash in practice ahead of the italian graun perri. eriksson's sabba car had a technical fault affecting his ability to break the swede no further pass in the session which had to be stopped for twenty minutes ferrari sebastian vettel also suffered a high speed spin but was still able to set the fastest lap time champ chip leader
9:56 pm
lewis hamilton was third quickest. u.s. open officials say an umpire went beyond protocol when he appeared to give advice to australian play and carry off during a match the notoriously temperamental curiosity looked on course to lose against bear and umpire mohammed a harley they decided it was his job to deliver a pep talk to the players curious when one in four sets the harley has been given a warning but will carry on in his job at the events. the same things happen to meet up and showing love for you when we all know what i was. showing the referees are the same thing it's not good for the integrity of the sport doesn't make them have a good look. knows what through someone who's you know being rough they get worn you know if you keep doing this you can get a lot of things that have no effect at all three of them. was five two down so i mean obviously didn't know at all i don't think you know he has to go down in and take the position of
9:57 pm
a coach you can see on the do the tour. i don't think i don't know yet if he would have changed something i just know that he doesn't have to do that serino and venus williams meets in the third round in new york a little later on telling champion sloane stephens already through to around four. the american number three seed beating former world number one it soar as a ranking here in straight sets six three six for the farmers. the former n.f.l. quarterback cullen catholic will be allowed to take his legal case against team owners to trial the thirty year old claims teams are conspiring and one simply because of his protests against racial injustice or quest by the league to dismiss his complaint has been rejected capek has been without a team since opting out of his san francisco fourteen on his contract last year ok that is how your sport is looking for now c'mon thank you mr richardson that is your news are all done thank you for joining us on the team here and heard of your opponent is back in just a couple minutes time in our london news center with more of the day's news i'm
9:58 pm
tamara santamaria joining. optimism has faded. blue khan's elected leader has undivided attention as fia's that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who fought for democracy to divide and conquer hot. pot five of a six part series filmed as a five year. plan china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera.
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volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling pods of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling love of continually for more than thirty years. they deploy and spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess bailey. says native hawaiians to perry is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. as europe's public opinion shifted slavery's admission in the. human exploitation took on you i suppose later became the hidden face of europe's industrial revolution to sleep is not the black history and it's not just the history of white colonization but the history of
10:00 pm
human equality is the legacy for all of us the slaveries new frontiers three of slavery on al-jazeera. eastern ukrainian separatist leader alexander go is killed in a blast and russia says it's an act of international terrorism few kids says rubble and fighting is to blame. a little common debate and you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. targeted ads reports of a dozen yemeni fisherman dead in an airstrike. a
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musical farewell to the queen of soul pop stars and world leaders alike attend the funeral of are either franklin and differ.


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