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tahsin an american hero and a great person and i think that democrats and republicans should emulate him alike mccain embodies that whole brotherhood of veterans. he's not just a military hero he's an american hero on sunday mccain will be buried at a small private funeral at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis maryland it will be the culmination of a week long celebration of the life and legacy of a man who will go down as one of america's most important political leaders of his era gabriels onto al-jazeera washington is ready prime minister has welcomed a u.s. decision to stop funding the u.n. agency helping palestinian refugees and he says an rov a pet the problem instead of solving it the body provides schools health care and food to millions the palestinians have called the u.s. move cruel and irresponsible. the funding cuts could haul regional security.
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mosco celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of one of its most beloved places goalkeeper hawk or a challenge takes a look at the landmarks role in shaping the city and its history. ninety years old and looking pretty good for its age gorky park has firmly reclaimed its position as one of moscow's most popular attractions but the city is part of gorky has been reinvented numerous times through communism and post soviet decay to its current sleeker more modern face but it is. the park appeared and nine hundred twenty eight it was designed for their proletariat the new and young state need in a new and young place where their protests could relax there was an idea to create a park of culture and leisure where people could get educated and take arrest. was . its energetic director betty glam invited the u.s.s.r. most talented artists and architects to shake the park even during world war two
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the park stayed open but when the soviet union collapsed in the early ninety's corkey parks crowned slipped to it hosted some of russia's first raves and metal concerts but it's fair ground rides became shabby he developed a reputation for crime that's all being swept away now beginning in twenty eleven a radical overhaul brought wife i she cafes labrat playgrounds and more these days gorky park is alive with visitors park's modern refit was the shape of things to come moscow it was the first major project of a huge and regeneration program that has been rolled out across the russian capital at a cost of billions of dollars. now much of modern moscow gleams to with riverside viewing platforms roadside swings and cycle paths the capital needed to revamp.
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it some of those who've watched moscow's transformation say it's no coincidence this all followed the anti-government protests of twenty eleven and twelve. analyst alexander bound of things or thirty's chose to ignore calls for political freedoms but grants the urban classes a more livable city they try to isolate and by nish their their protest activists but they made a lot of. we can call it concessions we can call it improvements eliminated almost completely their low level corruption and in the improvement of the city environment and their gorky park was the first project in the west step to this direction bono says the opposition is now split about whether to accept such gifts from the authorities everyone else meanwhile is down in the park will reach alan's al-jazeera moscow. so the head on all the sports on will round out the action from
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the u.s. open my shop over is through some big names have fallen in goal of the. optimism has faded. blue counties elected leaders under. tension as fears that a crackdown is imminent the targets the activists who fought for democracy to divide and conquer. but a six part series filmed as a five year. plan china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become
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a disclosure on the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. ok time now for sport. thank you very much nora the final events have ended at the asian games off to two weeks of competition in indonesia the second biggest a multi sports event in the wild has given the country confidence to announce it will bid to host the summer olympics and paralympics in twenty thirty two let's go
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straight over to our correspondent scott height has been reporting for us in jakarta throughout the games called closing ceremonies a traditionally lavish affair as did the jakarta twenty eighteen vashon live up to expectations look out you know they are certainly extravagant considering some of the some of the conditions quite honestly was very heavy rainfall earlier this evening supposed to continue the closing ceremony itself is probably going to wrap up in just the next fifteen minutes now when you look at the very elaborate opening ceremonies two weeks ago they're not as extravagant because this is an active venue for the games so they really only had one day to set up a stage for it whereas before for the opening ceremonies they had several days even a week to set it up but it is very very elaborate and what we saw and this is how it was described by the organizers here is it was a tribute to the athletes themselves we had that you know traditional parade of athletes and then a lot of thank yous a lot of speeches and then they went into kind of
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a musical concerts different artists from korea from china from india performed and that's still going on right now just about to wrap up we know they'll probably have a little fireworks at the very end but again very elaborate not as big as we saw in the opening opening sorry but that's only because the venue the stadium where this is going on right now had athletics. performances in this are athletics events and it just yesterday got indonesia and now yesterday they'll also bid for the olympics what if you seem to suggest they can do that but what they need to improve. well they can what they can show as kind of evidence from the organization and the management of these asian games they have gone off pretty smoothly and what i say pretty because there are obviously were some hiccups but what they had stacked against them is they only had about three and a half years to put this all together because these these asian games twenty eighteen they were supposed to be in vietnam but they pulled out for citing
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financial reasons so indonesia stepped up had to really kind of step up their timetable to get everything ready so if you look at that they pulled it off there were no events that didn't happen there are no major incidents during the sixteen days of events but there were some snags the traffic was quite quite a problem this is jakarta it's always known has been known infamous for its traffic the athletes buses actually had to have police escorts from the athletes' village to some of the venues so that's something that really needs to be corrected if it can be corrected there are some issues with ticketing actually the vice president in his speech at the closing ceremony this evening he actually apologized for that it seems like it was a bit technical but it also seemed about a bit of distribution in the organisation was destroyed in any way most people got to see what they wanted to see there was some disappointment but overall you have to look back over the last sixteen days and it seems that gone over pretty well and finally scott i think that with one lofton gold medal won today has that shaken up
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the medal table at. it didn't really shake it up but it was interesting it went to japan is in the team triathlon and it's very interesting because this is an event in asian games but it's not hasn't been an official events in the olympics it and it will be twenty twenty in tokyo very appropriate that the japan team won the gold for that now when you look at the gold tables in the overall medal tables that last gold that japan got didn't put them up over the top to be china china as expected came on the top of the medal charts with gold and overall it with gold they had one hundred thirty two japan had seventy five korea had forty nine and surprisingly indonesia had thirty one now overall china almost had three hundred medals but what's interesting to look is that for spot indonesia thirty one gold medals they went into the game saying they hope to get at least sixteen they nearly double that that's for a couple of reasons obviously a lot of enthusiasm
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a lot of focus by the athletes but we also know going into these games when they got the games assigned to indonesia three and a half years ago they fast tracked the money to help their athletes get more funding so they could do better training and travel and it seems that that is paid off thank you very much. south korea one gold in the men's bull they beat japan two one with all the gold coming in extra time it means south korea including talking and strike. will be let off that military thought it. was very heavy i didn't expect. three great. been able to amazing so very happy tonight. roger federer produced the best shot of the u.s. open so far as he be nick kerry off to reach the last sixteen he was already two sets up when he somehow reached this dropshot hit around the net and back in the fight to win the point not bad for thirty seven year old very well i suppose but
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adding another grand slam to the twenty he's already won that federer will play another australian gentleman. you don't get an opportunity to hit around the net post very often because in practice you can i mean you can't really train them because the net is out further on the court is more narrow so. for a shot like this to to happen in a practice you will be running into a fence you have an option more which you just never have and as you're hitting it you like i can just shove it down the line and flat so therefore think it was a special on the doubt about it also on time of the shot was good. i was always on really always good to the point where i wanted to stop making shots like that. this year's wimbledon champion novak djokovic is also three to the last sixteen of blushing meadows the serb enjoyed an easy win against frenchman reshad gask a six two six three six three the school next stop the joke of it just portugal's
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other. number four seed alexander that of was beaten by fellow german philipp kohlschreiber in the round the twenty one year old rising star vera has won three masses titles but when it comes to majors he's only made one quarter final. former world number one and twenty sixteen u.s. open champion angelica but was knocked out on saturday and was soon joined at the exit by another grand slam when a fifth seed petra convective it was beaten in straight sets by the twenty year old belorussian id in sri lanka who won her fast w.t. trophy just last week. former world number one maria sharapova is through it to the last sixteen the five time major champion getting a constable straight sets when the elena penco six three six two was the school in . that was a vital win for the los angeles dodgers going into the final stretch of the season
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the major league baseball the division leading ira zone a diamondbacks that already hit too hard and runs when matt kemp stepped up to the plate for the dodgers and launched a three run homer that gave the los angeles three fairly. and three two when as they tied our zone at the top of the national league one. now to the second leg of the gulf's at fed ex cup playoffs and america's webb simpson to hold a huge part to lead the hoff way stage in boston this was the part from the seventy feet watching it's way down the slope for an eagle to help him get to eleven under par he leads in dishman justin rose into round us and by one shot. tiger woods fought back after a disappointing opening day shots like this helped him pick up five birdies and no both games which means he's now at four on the top of the tournament still seven shots back. that is over for now more later i feel laura thanks very much tatiana
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and of course you can always find much more on our website this dress for that is al-jazeera tolls come put out there that's it from me on the news our team but we're back in just a moment with another full bulletin of the day's news for you. this is life on the streets of and. from the discovery of theater is an opportunity to. become some amends for the tuition of a plane and perhaps a lifetime a. little prince a part of the viewfinder of latin american series at this time.
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the latest news as it breaks they start to be holding on for this right as they walk about the hall from that direction with detail coverage let you know make a never before seen such as factoring in number of refugees leaving one country from around the world the project raised questions right from its very start that this entrance cost two hundred thousand dollars to build. really. good. gang life ah this was our foundation. i tried to do something different when i met daisy it was the best day of my life. and i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with me. and made us all pay the price daisy and knox on al-jazeera.
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ethiopia's economy has grown at a fossil right than any other african country. that sirens were heard here is that gives you indication of just how close the fighting is groundbreaking documentary. discussion just six months ago we were at the brink of a. world when the programs take you on a journey around the globe. on al-jazeera. the u.s. plans to cut three hundred million dollars in military aid to pakistan sizing a lack of action against militants. and of them or this is our sara live from doha also coming up.
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at least three people are dead and fourteen injured after a large bomb explodes in the somali capital mogadishu. rival armed groups battle for control of libya's capital with civilians caught in the crossfire. and there are once banned from school but not refugee children have a chance to. the u.s. is planning to counsel three hundred million dollars in military aid to pakistan accusing it of failing to take action against armed groups but pakistan denies giving taliban linked fighters safe haven yes actually a state might pompei is traveling to to meet the newly elected prime minister on wednesday. this update from the. the move by the u.n. report more destruction on pakistan is not likely to go down rather specially
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because that is the new government in islamabad which had already said that they will have a more independent policy not dependent on the us alone although the pakistanis would like to continue a good relationship with the united states if they didn't have to be based on mutual respect to have already rejected the drum dog drawing on south asia and i've got it at their root of the problem the american secretary of state who will be really doing it. is likely to discuss the ongoing role of the pakistani that farid of one is gone is concerned and i'd be broad case i mean u.s. army general is taking of a commander of nato forces in afghanistan general scott miller was sworn into his new role in the handover ceremony in the capital kabul and he faces criticism over its security is trashy and the country has recent attacks by the taliban have spikes security instability comes as people and politicians get ready for parliamentary elections next month world recognizes that afghanistan cannot be
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a safe haven for terrorism the world right now as we. know this is a bit long but it has been generation. ross we have to. understand the region we're fighting you know we're here you know terrorists. to export more murder. tax. revenue everybody's we're. going to go to really. we're asking importers to be my distinct daughter who are. people davis said me as the former dept to give us assistant secretary for defense for afghanistan and pakistan he says pakistani armed groups have been directly linked to recent attacks on afghan soil. in january of this year the u.s. administration cut off a lot of military funding for pakistan and said it would be looking for concrete
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steps that pakistan would take to decrease the columbines freedom of movement in pakistan and particularly to rein in the activities of the haqqani network unfortunately in the nine months since then there's been absolutely no sign that the pakistanis have done anything to rein in the pac that columbine on its soil and in fact the attack on gaza was headquartered out of pakistan conny network played a big role in mobilizing those forces and so i think you really see almost a direct response columbine pakistani acquiescence in support attack in gaza city and the u.s. is upping the pressure on pakistan militarily through this age restriction in any kind of warfare especially insurgent warfare if you lead up to peace talks there you go on if go on an offensive so that's i would see that as jockeying for position to try and strengthen the taliban's role in any peace talks that you take
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place now we only have one. so far unannounced but very public actually in the way it's been week round of talks in doha but there are press reports that i can't quite seriously the next few days the u.s. will announce a special envoy for afghanistan peace investors on the hollows of who has great experience in afghanistan and international diplomacy if that appointment take place takes place that will be a sign that the peace talks are really in something that we should very seriously. has claimed responsibility for a car bomb struck a local government office and when this is a huge blast rocked the capital and smoke could be seen rising from the scene. reports. the loud explosion was heard across the somali capital mogadishu soldiers stationed near the entrance of district headquarters tried to stop the suicide bomber. the attacker tried to enter the compound with an explosive laden
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car and when the security tried to stop it the car exploded killing three of the soldiers the deputy commissioner for security and politics was also injured in the attack children were among those killed and injured as a nearby school collapsed i know i saw bodies scattered on the ground after the explosion before the ambulances and the paramedics reached there and the whole scene was very out. the roof was blown of a mosque and homes in the area were also damaged. as you can see the explosion caused a lot of destruction there are mosques and islamic schools next to the district compound. by the link hardline drupal shabaab says it was behind the attack a statement says the meeting in the district office was the target al shabaab has been carrying out attacks for more than a decade that includes a deadly truck attack last year which can more than five hundred people the un backed government which took charge in twenty twelve has not been able to control
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much territory beyond look at issue. from mali as devastated health infrastructure to struggle to do the casualties in the past. us and as the war began in the one nine hundred ninety s. goes on somali civilians continue to suffer. out of their. human rights watch is calling for an end to all weapons sales to saudi arabia following the bombing of a school bus in yemen last month i was asked to the saudi coalition a bit of the attack was unjustified fifty one people including forty children were killed this week the un will leave talks to try to end the conflict but the working parties will not be meeting face to face has more from djibouti. human rights watch uses very strong language to condemn the saudi led coalition operation in northeast yemen at the beginning of august which killed forty children and eleven adults they say it just adds to the gruesome record of killing civilians in yemen now you remember at the time of the show you said that this was
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a legitimate military operation they were targeting with the leaders who they believe were in the area at the time what human rights watch is saying is that they have spoken to survivors to eyewitnesses to people who were in the area and while we can't establish if they were the leaders were there the saudis must have known that by taking the action they did they were going to kill a large number of civilians because there was a school bus a market and a number of houses there so the saudis conducted their own investigation they say that the recently attraction of taken place is not because it would have killed a large number of civilians but because the leaders nor media threat to the saudi coalition at that point and human rights watch also see that people who are supplying weapons to either side in the conflict could be complicit in war crimes now we also know that both sides are due to sit down around the negotiating table on the sixth of september under the umbrella all of the united nations the problem is both sides don't want to be in the same room together so it's going to take some
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effort by the united nations to at least get a process underway that could lead to something that will deliver a peace in yemen and bring an end to what is an almost four year war have been protests in the west wing economic situation in yemen shops and government offices were forced to close to protesters burned tires and blocked major roads in the southern city of aden many yemenis are unable to get basic supplies as prices keep going up yemeni reale has lost more than half its value since the start of the war in two thousand and fifteen. the situation in the libyan capital tripoli appears to be terrorising as rival armed groups battle for control at least forty people. have been killed in several days of fighting actually generate is calling for an end to the violence u.s. is lee france and the u.k. a warning that those who undermine stability of face consequences up to lockheed has this report from a civilian home in tripoli that was hit by a rocket. this is part of the rocket that killed the two little boys
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since the beginning of the clashes that broke out a week ago. many civilians were killed by ugandan rockets as the minister. says and as the family members tell us here the rocket but it landed here and killed their talks arms and you can also see you know the. remains of the exclusion here on this one. team that the rocket was the explosion was very strong but. it's hard to watch here was also destroyed by the explosion which. is a state of panic among civilians especially with which random rockets stray rockets landing in densely populated areas and it seems that the government of national
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movement is not a strong enough to put in to this conflict people here and so many people in tripoli. blaming the government for not doing enough to stop this conflict. is a political analyst and former adviser to the negotiating team of the high council of states he says the fight over the resources accept his u.n. recognized government is what's fueling the violence to understand what's happening here we have to go back to the libyan conflict after the fall of gadhafi it's been characterized by a fight among several groups over who controls the resources of the state this is the same type of fight however it's this took to two one geographic area which is the tripoli proper. there are. many armed groups
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inside. to police they are simple italians so to speak and they are they are into police for now since two thousand and fourteen and there are other groups that are coming from towns and areas outside of tripoli and there are fighting over who controls the government in tripoli or the resources of tripoli that's the basic premise that we have to work by there are forty casualties there probably between a hundred and two hundred people injured but this is while the fighting is happening on the edges of tripoli which are big open areas now the situation will get more complicated and probably there will be more casualties as the fight as the fighting approaches the center of the city and i think if nothing done within the next day or two i think we are probably
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unfortunately facing more casualties egypt's president until fattah el-sisi has signed off on new laws allowing all thirty's to.


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