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tv   The U Ks Frontline  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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this is going to quantity how come the price trouble a few years. the demand in the market and the whole market. even her initial in the gulf country. they use it more i use it more but i don't know your use of yeah i was at all everybody's using. it was the recent surge in the price of food that made me sit up and stop taking it all granted when i looked into it i found that the tree in the wild is very general extinction in many countries. in a vicious circle the road gets the more desirable it becomes driving up prices and creating a dangerous black market there are people getting killed in the hunt for food. that's why i thought. maybe i should be looking to. find out what it's going to end in my lifetime and my part of the problem i need to find out.
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and. i want to trace through the comics and users to its source in the course. demand has been growing both east and west and my first stop is london but i was recently studied. in london i discovered more dimensions of the world. owed is a very hot fragrance so whenever i wear it it makes me feel warm. thick layer of cotton and warm absorb the smell and keep it for a long time. one of them is a moment i remember walking to this university and the cold wind heads my cloth then the center. i definitely enjoyed here much more than i joined it back home. for some years to work even grass field on a garden conservation international has been working on brazil when the trees that
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produce wood he takes me to the head burial in kew gardens to show me how good or egg or wood is create so this is tree yes so basically there is a general which is a green area and given ups which are the main. groups of plants that produce. when a tree is one that. has open bark whatever by water it can be insects it can be maybe a storm can be many different things so then it provides an entry for microorganisms fungi is the counter-reaction of the tree used to produce the resin and it's this resin that then shows in these black sports the sad truth is that the tree only becomes valuable when it's infected and generating antibodies in the form of a goat it is quite
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a rare occurrence naturally so the one one in ten trees as i said before is sort of usually shows signs of a good production while the other plants in the same population may not necessarily have and that's why it's a very rare or very rare resource where when you are in the field this is very difficult to see whether a tree has produced a good wood or not so that's one of the reasons why they are often indiscriminately felt. just to see whether they have it or not and this is one of the reasons why the species have become so threatened these days. that these have been put on the list of the convention on international trade in endangered species or sites in some countries this has led to a ban on harvesting and then there is to need to certificate for export proving there would come from a sustainable source. commercial plantations have also been established and yet in
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the wild the trees population continues to decline. so as a consumer who are only uses while i go to what do you think i am a part of the problem yes of course unless it sustainably sourced and respects the sort of fits within the export quotas of the different countries and less also the site is regulations or abided by. and you are part of the problem. one of the things i have to find out is whether my wood is harvested sustainably or not but the demand for the wood far outstrip supply. in the last decade there's been no more ventris in the west for old boy if you or you fall then a little can be overpowering to those not used to it. yet in small proportions it's
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a vesa telling really good as westen perfume was had been realizing of the last decade. nearly all the major brands you know have been in this which. the but in how does so long to buy a farm there is a french company or asia that was looking good in the long before it became fashionable when i was. looking. crazy how much of this one it hundred ninety four fifteen the years how in little supreme is how small most patient unique blend it's our that's. why we keep this going. and very beautiful blend the only sure way to post let's discuss them one can assume those who can appreciate this beautiful
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and how much does a bottle cost it is two thousand two hundred fifty millimeters bottle is an amazing thing. because it's something new to the western world sometimes the reaction can be overwhelming maybe it's something that is not familiar for them but as they come second time to try it they also know so you need one two times to smell it and you will want to. do so how lovely that. keeps. the regime have been developing good perfumes for around thirty years but this is the first time they've opened the boutique for the public. there is daughter and there is also a perfume yeah i remember when i was a child with my sister and we were discovering the different moves and surprise of
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course because at first you can be surprised but it got us a very trendy and and yes what do you think of my look at this rhythm with hilton's mind my that's suddenly very body discovered the beauty of this components for the for the forest of the trend the now is creating your economic so do you think they're in this coming so not now all the while the other prancer doing which i cannot really tell that's in my opinion. remaining in the natural cannot go this is the largest appreciation i asked for the mass production so if we speak about natural wood of course there's an it's there's really means. after smelling very just perfumes i want to meet them and behind them that means trouble in to the south of france to the town across the perfume capital of the world.
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gras and that title thanks to the fragrant flowers that have been growing in the area of our center. that does mean that goes into an intimate life is picked from the spirit. in. that town even has its own school of performing and i attend the lesson given by the next governor and then a french expert or noise as they are called who has brought together since by your own gun ban and others. he gets his students to sample old orders from different countries. and. india is good. they're desperate yeah yeah we're. here. copies and. you're always missed something. natural
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as a person could be sweet little sweet little food and then you say ok maybe maybe some food will be something with you with what would. you know. act now ready to write you a good deal rather it has been one man who's been working on a certain natural need smell for decades it is or asia it is in this house where everything is done from perfect creation to distribution but i want to say it's not an easy product. it's a very spirited very very delicate product we need years of sensibility to do uses wonderful product inside our occidental perfumes and to reach to reach the sensibility of the customer else the ladies and gents who'd who'd like it it's an
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invisible communication of love between a product and the people you see i don't know if i explain myself to you but it's very insulting so you see you're saying two q and you are bow to the sixty's yet it took twenty years to make it oh yes twenty twenty five years due to start to start mixing it in different problems and how many fairly we have passed through our beef until we reach. you know it's it's not an easy product you put a rose in order it's the smell immediately is wonderful three is you say oh it's a rose and. one month later two months later you spread it rose and as disappear would is a very powerful product and so it's hard to mix it with something yes and you have to be patient with me would you have to be patient like a beautiful lady you have to be very patient and wood is also the same as
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a symbol because yeah already gives me a sniff of the oil at the base of his or her fields this is pure road or a few type of wood mixed together or what is it exactly it is a different mixed of it because i want to reach the smell of the woods that was available twenty thirty years ago yeah you see so i was the from the train because that was available twenty thirty years ago and i believe i believe it is a different station you know the forest real foods are all there all the cut so there would we have today is not the same as before it was more animal so there was a more friendly strong animal smell the same old food it was very sick it was so was so wild so sick so an equally you know and and today it is more sweet you know most of. like a beautiful skin of
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a lady for instance you see that's it so happy you're saying what used to be wild and now it's tamed. and now it's team yes yes you know. what if you owned a movie seems to be fading into the must. but my research has taken me to the website i got a word consulting and the man behind it who lives near across the. mojave hunts out the best food on the planet how did you know about. i was introduced to it when my father and my most were working for king for had it not do the edges of so would you rather when i was fourteen years old the king i gave some as a present to my father for his job. i kept it trisha sleaziest thirty two too. small piece by small piece and then i was in love with go with what is your
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profession these days my profession and i go would say and the other parts i work for are some special interest just amount i would say to look for some very high grade i guess i would. as the sun goes down and shows me some of those waves. i brought you a few. projects a few simple from different quality to from various teams this one is the last piece that they kept from the king my last bits from the king. and with this one no it's. senator nunn fell yeah. but so this is sinking grades from indonesia it is called the sinking grade because it's sinking into what term because of the oil come to and there's lot of oil on it's so this is supposed to be the best and it's not supposed it's the best grade
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off i got would it's smell a bit like. my grass like a mushroom also highly. has a different way of bengal but it's a make up plates. japanese people use it too so the heat will not be too. too high. it helps to brown the wood properly and slowly there's more nuances. yeah smell like crossing you actually it's. it's very nice i mean. and that's made all so hard to beat like that yeah the line seems to have the same knowledge and passion for root as a simile it does for one. but he's not finished with me yet but this is the best yeah i've got to ask the best but beyond the best there's something for me there's
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something ok and make sure there are the best beyond old way beyond the best there's something mature at around that we call tina it's there rarest wood on the house it's it's rare on that and. you know and you know the teen a rare on that and i am on and we call it kinnaman it's i have one small canine here it's not small actually because it's nearly impossible to find nowadays this one is kind of touching. i have never been lucky enough to smell it but kena has the most prized of all who. this is a land's biggest find for a customer so if sixteen kilos was six hundred the or do with it took him five years to find twenty twenty and see it for a staggering twenty million dollars the price of the kidney really skyrocketing it's like. can be for one gram ten so i was in us for one gram.
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in chung i they they sold a piece of tour three years ago it was eighteen million dollars. for two kilo of cocaine and eight so it's like nine one million per kilo. it's amazing. in a week allen will be back on the hunt in southeast asia we agreed. as it is also time for me to frame my first visit to the things that go. on top of this point. capturing a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned
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filmmakers everybody's going to. sacrifice who. is going to be so. old. witness on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks they say that the matter can be holding on for this rope as they walk about about an hour to haul off in that direction with detail coverage that you know make a never before seen such as factoring in number of refugees living in one country from around the world the project raised questions right from a very start that this entrance cost two hundred thousand dollars to build. as europe's public opinion shifted. brings up a mission going around to care for you where human exploitation took on new homes as a whole slate that became the hidden face of europe's industrial revolution is true
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slavery is not the black history and it's not just the history of white colonization but the history of human equality it is the legacy for all of us the slaveries name frontino three of slavery the words on al-jazeera. you're watching all just their arms the whole rom and these are all top news stories to reuters journalists have been found guilty of illegally obtaining state secrets and sentenced to seven years in prison while alone and were arrested while investigating a massacre of ten running a muslim is the case had been seen as a test of mia miles approach to press freedom the verdict was being or has been condemned by the united states and u.k. the united nations has called for both reporters to be released. it is friday it's
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very disappointing not only for their. for all of us on the lawyers for the press for for your. country it is very disappointing for all of us it is bad and it is it is better facts and it is bad for the for the. country sort of agression like that not only for. the rule of law and for that freedom of press a state of emergency has been declared by the un backed government in libya after almost a week of fighting in the capital tripoli at least forty one people are being killed in the violence and more than one hundred others injured several armed groups are battling for territory near the city's only functioning airport forces backed by the government of national accord have lost several strategic locations to a breakaway faction about four hundred inmates of a skate from a prison as fighting rages nearby the united nations is calling on all sides to abide by a previously agreed cease fire deal nearly four months after iraq's election eleven
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political groups have come together to form the largest bloc in parliament it includes groups loyal to shia credit cleric. and prime minister hyderabadi parliament will convene on monday and start discussing a new government. at least eight so sorry soldiers have been killed during fighting with yemen's hooty rebels that's according to saudi news agencies the killings the military says it for the who the attack along its southern border the videos of saudi media show captured who defined as including what they say is a high ranking command. under fire is raging in brazil's two hundred year old national museum in the city of rio de janeiro all the floors of a blaze twenty million items were to threat including he would fossils of ancient egyptian artifacts the president has called it a sad day for brazil those are the headlines we're back with more news in half an hour to stay with us. september on al-jazeera the fourth eastern
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economic forum is to be held in this city of blood for stock as russia looks to expand its influence in the asia pacific region on television and online the street continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news the presidents of russia turkey and iran will meet in tehran for another summit seeking an end to the war in syria we'll have extensive coverage people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world the united nations general assembly hall to seventy third session what action will it take on atrocities in me in march and demand we'll bring you all the news september on al-jazeera. bangkok thailand finally i knew the region where that comes from. but
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a million good has literally associations for me is your culture what it's more was said to get contemplation. it may have faced come to the middle east with china's traders and today it's the chinese again a lot hopping of the biggest financial market. back in egypt when his hunt for clean up my land tells me about the boom in chinese sets why did the chinese a stark reminder go and work on the rest of the world. it's got to burn through cellars and. yourselves in europe recently. because of. the economy yeah there's just there's more and more rich trainings and it's really a function name on how they bury all the highest quality so the price is rising very very fast. like every year and can be like twenty percent or so depending on the quality of the highest quality. what do they use it for. is
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different case for false culture of feeling tree they like to put it on my school ace when they're in their home to impress their our guest also and also as a traditional medicine. different parents like us they burn it also but nowadays because of the value of the rising price and the skyrocketing prices they also investing just like we can invest for example painting the industry i go with people's reluctance to part with the wood as investible as keen on is an obstacle. he comes. specially. to to have kind of trust in these people you cannot come and put their money on the table they were not so it's. not about money if they know that i'm
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really involved in it and i really do it because it's a question it is easier but take time. you cannot have a king and you cannot say ok next month i want to keep it's not possible it's not like being a ferarri it's easy to buy a ferrari as long as you have the money just going to show ok i want this one for me surgery and you know it was discussed i cannot tell you about the key question or it's confidential it's part of the contract. but from where i placed chinese customer. alone has more than two hundred eggs i would contact in southeast asia his most trusted one in thailand is what. started out harvesting lied to but has since changed his ways if we how with the tree from
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is wasting to cut down to create just only a few pieces so i start doing plantation business. first because of money. and the second to safe measure of poetry for. you in the forest. harvesting in thailand and across southeast asia there has been a boom in plantations growing cultivated. he had. induced into regenerating their precious resin through chemical injections. also uses his own concoction on trees or by pharmacy news i will show you the tree that already done in the collation. i did it. i think almost two years this is the hole that i drew electric. and i squeezed the liquid inducer inside the hole into the hole but what do you inject it with what is this
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this is the. liquid and the thing is put great here but what's in it. i can't tell you everything because it's a secret formula you can see the ring. this ring is anybody to protect itself from the irritation is a would have you seen this before now is my thought all these are finished we're done and you're saying yeah. it's this is our phone. it's not the same like the healthy side the side is moister but this is. harder yeah why do you tell the three.
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if any brands hollow yeah i mean it is time to how we're. yeah it's ready to harvest. this one is good enough for. a normal great not a super great. after the egg or wood has been harvested it still needs to be separated from the healthy wood around it. this is a piece of the die hard carving out of the carving or how much time here it is to carve a piece like this i think about three pieces for day very slow right what about the big one. this he started covering without
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cutting a piece of wood yeah how did they cover the whole thing is piece take about two months to be done. it would take me a lifetime to do this one and i won't do it right it's. a piece like this will probably be sold as the creation. plantation chips tend not to be the best quality because those is harvested after a few years or so meaning that isn't is less concentrated than it is in the wild yet whatever the quality of cut to be to do it in the near future it's maybe the only option available for those of us who aren't sure but. the i still don't go with that i'll ever get my dream of seeing a line three in the forest. but i landed south on take me to a special news he had the community and both. were coming to this temple to see a huge and very old venture with
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a measure of what three all older than two hundred years old. every year there will be later we are coming here to celebrate to this tree because . they believe this is a holy tree a common one thing to say i want to you but i don't know what made me go out. and find them and run away. would you think this tree would produce can i. question it's only trick to. treat richness if you see this chick what. not just to set this tree out so the entry here just to check this whole thread take this whole a tree and for a day there was said chick quite here too to prevent the drugs to go to trial and.
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all but of a is did anybody try to buy very expensive. my own i might. want to make. people on he said when his people. offer in light of a. horrible crime. what soured tells me later that the offer was twenty three million dollars which might make this the single most expensive tree in the world. as for myself well i've just seen my fears toward good tree section an amazing feeling that. i don't draw to express my myself but they felt it in my guts just beyond amazing. with the amount of money i know for it is hardly surprising that there is a huge black market why do it in southeast asia. this is me i'm bangkok has become
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known as so we are up or out up streets if you want to it this is where to come. in do you want to with congress but. with her girlfriend ok i feel. for you. i think i leave from got up for it. and i'm sure that's about. it like you're the one a bit later on here he. saw the bubbles model i'm going to make you think not very think with think and smell your wrists and look to tell you that. yeah well they're just and that's how they try to get. somebody. i can't of that's another week i was worried you would never get very wide just used in cuts which is also kind of fun. that's why i like it i'm used to.
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my new cherry yeah. takes me back. to los so these shops that are chips called believing the salt from cambodia sri lanka were all countries where why the harvesting is bad your eye doesn't come from here i thought it's in the ghetto but nobody want to return the truth when i ask them to keep telling. i bake it legally. but which was about a doctor in the house that have a. good way of getting to work on top of all the people. so you're saying that they smuggle it through to the gets here. their bus they must know somebody inside. i'm trading on system ground here i was warned in qatar that poking got on too much into it in southeast asia could be dangerous none
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of the so. as i need to talk i'm coming up all the trade. but eventually i find that either from the gulf like least to his basis of the. pain it would not become what he. might think that oh my god outside. of the course from bolivia to drum up some limbs to root. going to come and go on. a good movement the system in the shop in the. in the don't move the ball do you talk the more few more watched the most of us are. well off here and have to hand to go and not a jot or tittle would not tempt she eleven deficit well if you got them what do you owe the mortgage you're doing just as milton. that is called freedom. of the earth. also involving a modem should the government solve. itself really something i didn't know about my
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old tends to come from indonesia but i want harvesting is allowed but i have also learned that qatar and other gulf states have effectively opted out of the scientists controls on i could not in case it i think straight. there are different rules for different countries have created the kind of spiders where on which the black market types. are taken sick to come around proselytizing are a. very good. i'm even invited into a private club where this stuff is kept and other dealers are sifting through products. for her or for her. or. her for her then it comes to getting the band dude into thailand several. we have connections another one said you drive level with the police and eventually.
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achieve what you saw hierarchy of police pushing the online tool to do his dirty business and when they were there come to. inspect the shop. and find out about illegal o.t.c. sold they had a couple you already had simply get paid like monthly to keep quiet and let it slide. another person involved in this way this year because you pay for the police if you visit it's ok to be. otherwise all the theories. are saying all of these trolls are in bed with the from. even the few who sponsor money for the home to come to the forest. you also bring. to cuba we were there you couldn't see the forest all the way back to you from the
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forest ranger. somewhere not reporting somebody so we're. all there for the corruption stuff you know for us you know and you see people. then an event in thailand reveals the human cost of why don't. this shows the dark side the veg-o. with business. just got killed a few days ago by illegal porches i'm on my way to attend the funeral. on wanted was the journalist who brought this to c.n.n. hong. kong took me home to tell me that i would not a long time he counted. i would. call by. now and to you. they did under his name was
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presaged kubel and his funeral is far better than i could have imagined even the governor of the province turns up clearly the killing of a park ranger means something oh. richard on son for was one of proceeds colleagues can you tell me what happened that you will. note that i have. that mike tyson and i've been teaching us happens i will kill that happening. and on here i'm. going and i have been received and got a. blow. by him and have. a back up power on how much i have. to do. that. and have
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a look song i would look so happy home articulacy. there the. war and the hunt for the approach as has been things in the old one two hundred personally told. to me i'm doing a. suit you can tell from the whole song ms hamilton. one hundred he calmly come to up a sexual nature little thing called the now. i was on off on would you. come down in an accounting article with an outcome from long what does the police find out so far need time to him what comic-con so that. i
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don't get in a huff and in july. one can. continetti call because monday knowing. back up i. called a mass up call you called it my clock to call the call by the only time call them a black cat one lol. so much of an index on. my initial dinner of sudan only to be in the course business important. however after reeks of trying a calling finally comes. and invited to many asia to see a movie sustainable for harvest. before i leave thailand i managed to get my first taste of kenya i want to give it the respect that ireland has tortillas and do it the japanese were fired the charcoal. cut it
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enough so that they. had them get laid. and then they can. tell you if you ship but that one thousand dollars in rome hit it on the price of gold. it's role it's and it's so and the magic is like that a good chunk of this spot is the best. definitely about tension. in malaysia that has to be number one they're going to put a summit. on the scientists quarto two hundred thousand kilograms a new kind of export. may and these international one of the people of.
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the next living from harvesting the forest provide. some of those provisions these diseases known here as the heart. i will tell you how to. and then it is the fans to have seen growing in the forest. and i have come this is already wounded like this as i say
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you how do i do you see i'm a tiny little euclid might end up getting ready to do it under the eye do you see. that you see the bus if you. look up get in or don't know. i'm a liberal you see to go yet about any before you get to be i've got much any. idea because i'm a lucky. guy mohamed i get you see there have been other three like this enough for us to be caught on the up on. deputy that they got to talk. now we go. officially godly are only allowed to harvest wood for their own use but they also sell it on a man has had his run ins with the low.
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how do we. need to move has a need for. done deal with on anything i just am going to have to go and as it goes on you can cut and cut us you're going to get stuck with the phenomenon. i see you either how do. i be the leader and i see it at least i don't know. do you think that three still has your child here. did i do. more. filipina more. or less. to that muscle than there's any. my set up by and by yeah.
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because i need the daddy daddy ac. because. i don't know how does drive that is. exciting i'm. also sad because it was really hard to see it. we walked for hours. how we didn't see any other three i got had a field of practice. and eventually we saw only one three and effected one. and a local tribe none but it is obvious to us the street slowly and piece by piece. so to answer my ordinary question to my part of the problem. well yes i guess anyone using one of the it is some part of the problem with the brochure but thought it was a good night with a girl by weston for sure he'd buy chinese miles on the black market its survival
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maybe you can point. the stocks in malaysia and indonesia which are said to still be viable supply just a fraction of that is not. the only hope i can see is plenty issues but that's to come the long enough to the kind of resume that concludes with out of the one but that will take time. until then all i know is that i would only buy a good from sustainable sources. and that after this jihad me the center of heaven will never smelt the same again. i wish there were a few showers around the black sea the caspian sea but the much of the middle east hot dry and sunny sound it out once again baghdad will see temperatures getting up
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towards the mid forty's a forty three celsius the full kuwait city little cloud there in southern possibly karate at around thirty one degrees and on the other side of the region well thirty one celsius also the bay rates and for jerusalem lovely sunshine around that eastern side off the maddest right in no change here in the coming days the showers that we have around the black sea even these will diminish somewhat as we call one and see what chews day and on into wednesday most out of the right across the right in potentially meanwhile the temperatures here in doha to around forty celsius over the next couple of days was just feeding in from the gulf so it will feel a little humid as we go on through the next that say so early morning mist and fog something to watch out for but it will stay dry staying off the dry across southern africa we've had some right around the southern cape the eastern cape that's so making its way through fine and dry for most on the show shall also fade into northern parts of maize and bacon also into tanzania joining up with the showers
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that we have crossed central africa anywhere from the ethiopian hadas through the gulf of guinea and across a good parts of west africa right throughout the week. optimism has painted. blue counties elected leaders are divided. as fears that a crackdown is in. the targets the activists who fought for democracy.
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but a six part series five years. china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. today is a sad day for me and maher. and the press everywhere. widespread condemnation after two reuters journalists sentenced to seven years in prison for breaching mere miles state secrets law. hello i'm. a live from doha also coming up
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a state of emergency in libya after days of fierce battles between rival armed groups. president she welcomes african leaders to beijing as concerns grow that china's help is driving the continent deeper into debt. and the fire at a two hundred year old museum in brazil destroys latin america's most important collection of treasure. that she royce's journalist found guilty of illegally obtaining state secrets have been sentenced to seven years in jail by a court to me and wallow in and so who were. arrested while investigating the killing of ten ranger men by mere ma security forces now the case is being seen as a test of male models approach to fret press freedom the generals who lay the software ations all of those killings are among those the un says should be
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investigated for genocide. you know this is unfair i want to say they are obviously threatening our democracy and destroying freedom of press in our country we will face the situation calmly and the best way we can we are afraid of nothing as we did nothing wrong. well rice is urging me and miles government to step in and to release the many mediately what happened today. threatens to undermine the rule of law in the freedom of press that democracy requires. anyone who knows well known and shows to anyone who has read their work and benefited from it anyone who's followed this trial understands that to share a professional commitment. to reporting impartially to reporting fairly to establishing facts and sometimes telling hard truths. but they also do that out of a deep belief that that is their fullest contribution to democracy.
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and toward securing a better future for the next generation including their own young daughter. the governor of myanmar now has an opportunity and responsibility to do the right thing and free while on the show so. we'll be doing everything will be pursuing every avenue open to us we won't stop working until we have freedom for a while until. all right let's talk live now to our correspondent wayne hayes observing developments from neighboring thailand and wayne as so there we saw the rushes executive asking for the government to intervene and do something i assume that's highly unlikely. well throughout this trial we heard very little really from effectively the leader of me and that is on sun suit she wants a campaigner for democracy for freedom of speech for human rights in me and she has remained largely silent really throughout this trial saying that they have to let
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the judicial process run its course she said the judiciary is independent and me and most experts will tell you that that is far from the truth in me and that in fact the judiciary is not free and fair is not independent so now that this verdict has come down that the trial has run its course they have been convicted and sentenced to seven years in jail well she is free to speak up about this she does have the ability or at least her government now has the ability to issue pardons for while alone and sure so but it really does remain to be seen whether she will do that whether her government is willing to take that step given that really up until now it's shown no sign of taking any action like that that may further risk her relationship with the military which ultimately is still the biggest power in that country and going back to what that royce's executive said again when he suggested that reuters at least was prepared to fight against this
3:53 pm
conviction what are the avenues of appeal offered by the judicial system in mi amar if any. yes well they certainly can appeal and we did hear that from lone straight after the verdict was handed down as they left the court and were taken away to begin serving their jail term he obviously it was straight after that so he would need to well they would need to meet with lawyers etc to plan the next course of action but straight away he did hint that there would be an appeal that they would not give up fighting for their freedom and that they did nothing wrong they've been quite amazing really throughout this trial both while an inch or so in the comments that they've made outside the court each time they have gone in and come out only to be sent back to jail they've been extremely positive it has to be said despite the circumstances they have faced and they've been defiant as well and that continues just a few hours ago when they left that court having been convicted and sentenced to
3:54 pm
seven years in jail all right wayne thank you a state of emergency has been declared by the u.s. backed government in libya after almost a week of fighting in the capital at least forty one people have been killed in the violence in and around tripoli one hundred others have been injured many of them civilians forth is backed by the government of national accord have lost several strategic locations to another breakaway faction armed groups battling for territory near this is only functioning airport mahmud up to walk and reports now from tripoli. has so long he's in mourning. a stray rocket killed two of his nephews when they were playing in this garden they were fifteen and fourteen years old he said as. the boys were torn apart by the rock at their pleasure are scattered everywhere why is that it just came down from
3:55 pm
a sky we don't know where it was launched from. the explosion was huge say eyewitnesses sure up near flow in all directions and damages everything seven days of fighting between rival armed groups have taken a heavy toll on civilians. the seventh infantry brigade from the city of hona and its allies from the city of misrata have recaptured civil as threat t.j. cloke asians in the southern suburbs of tripoli the armed groups that have the support of the you and backed government of national accord have retreated to the city center random shells have a strike everywhere here a rocket penetrated the ceiling despite this turkle turkey says his family was lucky they were gathered in another room when their architected saw.
3:56 pm
everything shattered into pieces and smoke with sword bands through the night when everybody was screaming my biggest concern is look for the kids and get them away. civilians have been killed or wanted by stray rockets during the past week but it is not known exactly who was firing then and rival on with groups battling for control of the area are accusing each other of being behind the attacks. armored groups have been fighting for control of the capital. the tripoli please the government does not seem to be strong enough to rein them in. and his family are blaming the government for not doing enough to protect them but with lawlessness saying in libya the fears that civilians will continue to be targeted. tripoli where the chinese president xi jinping has promised african business
3:57 pm
leaders that investment won't come with political strings attached he was speaking ahead of a major summit aimed at deepening ties between china and africa president xi says beijing's belgian road initiative could bring both sides common prosperity but there is growing concern that chinese investment is saddling poor african countries with too much debt well for almost a decade china has been africa's largest trading partner in twenty seventeen trade between the two sides increased fourteen percent to one hundred seventy billion dollars the continent is also important to president xi jinping belsen road initiative that's a plan to create a vast network of trade routes connecting china to the rest of the world and beijing also has military interests in the continent just last year it opened its first overseas naval base in djibouti. let's go live to
3:58 pm
adrian brown in beijing so president xi has got a huge array of african leaders in front of him only one african country is not represented. that's right that country is is was the land of course that's the only country that's now holding out that is the only ally that taiwan has taiwan of course is the island republic that china regards as part of its territory the second the last country to finally get into beijing is because you know fast so that happened in in may this year so as i say just one country now maintaining relations with taiwan instead of china china of course would dearly like that to change and it would like to have a sort of united front here but that said it still has what fifty three heads of government prime ministers and presidents here at this summit and diplomatically
3:59 pm
it's important for china because it's a way of china to demonstrate at a time of a deepening trade war with the united states that there are many many countries that actually like the way that china does business and support china so important that cheating playing on that level because you know africa has become in many ways china has become africa's most important trading partner it is africa's biggest it's the biggest creditor to africa it went something like one hundred billion dollars since two thousand and enormous amount of money and when this summit was actually held in two thousand which is when the first foreign took place china committed you know an awful lot of money and has been committing more and more ever since in two thousand and fifteen the figure was sixty billion dollars and i expect at this conference we're going to get more pledges of financial aid finance for africa but of course those loans come with potentially a very high economic price yet there is
4:00 pm
a growing concern particularly at the international monetary fund that more and more african countries are becoming indebted to china is it the i.m.f. says that around about a third of african countries could be in that position absolutely idea as that's exactly what i. we're going to ask you about how does china deal with the skepticism then that is associated with this growing relationship with african countries we're all aware of the shiny roads in the bridges and the airports and everything but there is a lot of worry isn't there that the many of these projects a around sustainable insofar as they don't there's no transfer of technology in bay that is just getting these african governments into into greater and greater debt. well china says that the debt that has been racked up by some of these countries is not the result of money that has been lent by china they say it's result of money that's been lent by others but yes certainly.


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