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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes. this is an emergency and we need your support argentina's president announces drastic austerity measures and new taxes to stabilize the struggling economy and currency. flights and trains are. stronger storm to hit the region in twenty five years. and you're in brazil funding for a fire at the national museum in rio the destroyed two hundred years of history
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worldwide condemnation as. journalists on charges of possessing secret government documents. sport former world number one novak djokovic the u.s. open quarterfinals. hello argentina is introducing austerity measures in an effort to stem its currency crisis as president machree admits the economy is facing an emergency he's increasing export taxes cutting government spending and slashing the number of ministries from nineteen to ten the argentine peso has lost more than half its value against the dollar this year it took another defeat on monday it's now the world's worst performing currency fairing worse than the turkish lira the central bank has tried to shore up the currency by increasing interest rates which are now sixty percent. it's the last week the government asked the i.m.f.
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for an early release of a fifty billion dollars loan that's the biggest bailout in history that will be the subject of talks with the i.m.f. in washington on tuesday argentina's last bailout led to one hundred fifty five billion dollar default in two thousand thousand and two the largest ever in history terrorism bow reports from bite us sirees. argentina is trying to prevent a major economic crisis precedent. and nouns to emergency measures to stop the weakening of the pace all. but on the streets tensions continues to be on the rice on monday people gathered to protest after almost six hundred workers were laid off from this ministry they're convinced the situation will only get worse if one of them but it doesn't you know when you see what the government is doing you know that the only thing we can expect is more layoffs at a teary reading situation for those who need work. maggie announced he's
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continuing with an austerity push and he would see the number of ministries dropped to ten from nineteen he also reinstated a tax on exports reversing the cuts announced soon after he was elected president three years ago but agree looking. to cover what's lacking during this transition that has become an emergency we are asking those who can contribute i'm referring to export hers that their share will be greater we know that it's a very bad tax which goes against what we want to promote which is more exports to create more jobs across argentina but i have to ask you to understand that this is an emergency and we need your support after signing an agreement with the i.m.f. the government's main priority is to reduce the fiscal deficit but for people on the streets inflation is their main warry arjan times are watching closely the weakening of the. because it has
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a direct impact on inflation which continues to be one of the highest in the world and that's why exchange houses like this ones are fields with people waiting to trade their best source for u.s. dollars. economic collapse of two thousand and one is still fresh in people's memory when a run on the currency ended with a run on the banks. millions of middle class workers were pushed into poverty many fear the current austerity measures may end up the same way economists say the crisis this time is financial and political. problems in a reasonable way the negative side of this of course of those. two votes next year we have a very important election a presidential election but i think. by trying to do as hard as possible this year for now maggie is focused on putting the current crisis to an
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end but those affected say they remain on the streets to fight the policies that hurt people like. the professor of economics at the national university of general. he says the measures are only going to make the economic situation worse. one could say that market is austerity package is similar to recommending a stop a person to go on a diet. if you have a problem of faulty economic activity falling cisco revenues and what you're trying to do is. is revere's the disco deficit this set all policies is not going to do is not going to achieve that the export tax implemented is nothing short of a joke it's three in some cases or in other resolves for each dollar
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exported in other words if the devaluation rate continues as it has over the past couple of months that exports tax will be reduced to nothing in the short run on the other hand as far as the lower income people and those on fixed incomes salary negotiations these this year have be way under a reflection and part of the policies implemented have been to. reduce the subsidies on most of the utilities all of this has resulted in higher prices of basic consumer items purchasing power both of workers and those on subsidies as being very severely eroded will japan is preparing for the worst this typhoon gebbie approaches the country's main islands trains and flights are being suspended and evacuation advisories have been issued to more than ten thousand
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homes japan has already endured extreme weather this year flooding in july killed more than two hundred people followed by a heat wave that killed around one hundred more typhoon is expected to bring heavy rain and winds of more than two hundred kilometers per hour when it makes landfall friday said i'm a covering of story joining us live. from tokyo what sort of preparations are being put in place ahead of the stifling heat for yet daryn as you mentioned this is the strongest typhoon that japan has been with this with i think since the thought that we didn't like twenty five years and so yesterday those two things have been advising people to make preparations to faith that sounds five point five it has already made the landfall in the city of porcine in chico quietened. by you know when it's going to move on to island the main island of japan and going through bonzo but also got
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a lot of the way i would say one of the largest cities between. between one and five be aimed at people who have been advised to use proportions the only people living in a cooler areas. who evacuated to safer places. many people literally from what we saw on some t.v. reports some people later when putting some kind of wood blocks on their windows down other people who are living get near to the t.v. they have been away but the way to to do all that of the public but that is actually the second largest city what are the expected affect say i don't want to people most concerned about. exactly zero second is the very last fifty thousand seen such kind of excitement for the over twenty years old many people maybe they are not prepared well prepared to face the cycle guy he's a pretty large in but good an old soul many people there have been all through.
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it's been children not to come to schools and many activities actually old school day. but that was what has not become what was today and even about five hundred flights have been done so between all second you soon japan and many old shinkansen. when it rains have been all sorts of fended been. just poking with so. many people now are very much wanted about the effect the drone strike was on the area which is most well prepared to face such strong winds and rainfall all right how does and i thank you for giving us that update from tokyo. police in brazil have fired tear gas on protesters outside what's left of the national museum in the city of rio de janeiro but. that demonstration happened after a massive fire destroyed the two hundred year old gold ring protesters say public
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institutions have been chronically underfunded and the reports the building did not have a spring for system police are still investigating the cause of top players but there's also president has promised to rebuild the museum a lot of america editor will say a new man has more. only spoken ruin or left of what was brazil's pride and joy the largest anthropological in history collection in the americas. museum of the story and regina dundas could not be consoled but us bills are built it seems like a night i went to sleep thinking it was a nightmare that i was going to wake up from it was the fire started on sunday evening after the building and one thousand nine hundred three former royal palace closed fortunately there were no casualties but brazilians are mourning the loss of a new replaceable wealth of their history we'll be you i just saw a piece of my history the house of the empire where emperor don pedre the second of
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brazil used to live on fire being destroyed you know i see the history of my country becoming ashes it has no price i'm devastated. this is what the museum looked like before the fire with war than twenty million items from egyptian and greco roman times to a twelve thousand year old skeleton the oldest ever found in the americas. during the process of the aftermath we're going to have to protect the patient at the museum employees will be a slow process so that we can who knows recover a fragment something that can still have a historic value a museum curator was allowed to salvage media rights that could later have been confused with debris. the cause of the fire is still unknown but many are pointing the finger. a charge government budget cuts and say this is a tragedy that could have been prevented residents say firemen were too ill equipped to contain the blaze before it in the gulf the entire palace. hundreds of
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angry real residents converge and front of the remains of the museum shouting out with terror the president and our culture is not a commodity president michelle temora has ordered the museum be rebuilt as soon as possible knowing nevertheless as do all brazilians that what has been lost can never be recovered you see in human al-jazeera a prominent opposition figure in the democratic republic of congo will not be allowed to contest the upcoming presidential elections the country's top court has rejected the appeal against an electoral commission decision to deny his candidacy but was refused participation as he's due to be sentenced by the international criminal court for bribery witnesses during a war crimes trial which ended two years ago he was released from prison in the hague last month after a separate conviction for crimes against humanity was cost. the jailing of two reuters journalists and near more has sparked international condemnation the united
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nations secretary general says while lone. conviction is unacceptable his calls for their immediate release the case has been seen as a test of the country's approach to press freedom as wayne hay reports from bangkok . instead of walking free while alone inch or so who were taken from court and back to prison throughout this ordeal the reuters journalists had remained defiant and positive and that continued even after hearing they'd been sentenced to seven years in jail no no no this is directly challenging the democracy and media freedom of our country we will calmly face the situation with our best efforts in the appeal since we do not do anything we have no fear we are going to do our best to face it was the verdict was widely condemned reuters says it will not give up and is considering what steps to take next today is a sad day for me and maher reuters journalists wallowing in chaucer who and the press everywhere these two admirable reporters have already spent more than eight
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months in prison on false charges designed to silence their reporting and intimidate the press. the journalists were arrested in december last year as they were investigating an arbitrary execution of ten reading in men by soldiers and militia the prosecution's case into don secret documents the reuters writers head at the time of their arrest but while lone inch or so to say they were framed testifying that those papers were given to them by the police who moments later arrested them it seems that in doing their job they had gone too far in the minds of the military that still the most powerful force in myanmar will have been unfairly accused we have been convicted of breaching the official secrets act we performed according to media ethics we didn't do anything harmful towards our nation and we didn't commit any crime however they decided to convict us anyway. the verdict will heat more international pressure on me and my own son sujit once a campaigner for freedom of speech and human rights she remained largely silent
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throughout the trial the government now has the ability to issue pardons for while alone and sure so two journalists imprisoned for investigating a crime signaling the end of media freedom in myanmar wayne hay al jazeera bangkok on the managing director of al-jazeera english charles trendall condemned the verdict and called for the reporters to be released immediately. so firstly i think it's a travesty of justice and it's a shameful attack on media freedom we stand by a reuters journalist colleagues and condemning it and we call for their immediate and unconditional release we ourselves as al-jazeera know something about this sort of attack on our media with had journalists ourselves imprisoned we had three of our journalists imprisoned for over four hundred days we launched an international campaign to to. to put it out there and to basically say that journalism isn't
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a crime they were eventually pardoned and released after four hundred days but there are still a journalist in prison in egypt from our sister channel al jazeera arabic who's been in prison detained for over six hundred days without formal charge it got a lot of publicity we had presidents we had politicians we had international human rights organizations n.g.o.s press freedom campaign activists and organizations and other journalists as well including colleagues from reuters who who joined us in the campaign to free al-jazeera staff and under the slogan journalism is not a crime you can't lock up people to conceal and cover whatever nefarious actions you're doing you know you can't put john this behind bars. plenty more ahead on the hour including why women may hold the key. donors promise millions more for africa but will it be enough for violence hunger and
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climate change coming up and sport one of the world's biggest names is missing from . players. a little later in sports. it's labor day in the u.s. when campaigning for the midterm elections kicks off a record number of women are running for political office a majority of them against president trump's republican party now if the democratic party takes control of congress in november they'll work to put the brakes on. our white house correspondent went to gauge voters' moods in the battleground state of michigan. at the michigan state fair women have plenty to say about u.s. president donald trump powerful disappointing dangerous different. november
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americans will vote to choose a new u.s. congress decide whether or not trump's republican party maintains control and since women tend to show up in greater numbers than polls than men the president will need their support labor day monday is the unofficial start of the surge in campaigning from here in the u.s. state of michigan to all across the country all institutions are running on and again donald trump's record and many of them are women. record number of women are running part of the so-called pink. we always thought it was possible clue democrat alexandria cortez who ousted a long time congressman to win a new. your primary he said he was going to fight the ill hard of marmora she did to lead both democrats will not only make history as the first muslim women in
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congress but will undoubtedly be part of an effort to push back against the troubled ministration in michigan's eleventh district two female first time candidates are running against each other it reflects a trend that's been going on for years but one analyst argues trump's victory over hillary clinton the first female candidate for president was a big reason for the surge there is this a long time sense that president trump has not cared about women has not spoken to women has denigrated woman said really horrific things about women. history is not on trump's side generally the president's party loses seats in the term elections that means if democrats take control of congress in november women could play an even bigger role in determining trump's future can really help get al jazeera. for the u.s.
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president has again taken aim at his attorney general jeff sessions blaming him for charges against two republican congressman california's duncan hunter in new york's chris collins were recently indicted on unrelated charges they were the first two congressmen to endorse trump's candidacy the president sarcastically tweeted good job jeff claiming the indictments hurt republican chances in the upcoming midterm elections. no political strings attached that's what china's president xi jinping told african leaders as he promised them another sixty billion dollars in financing at the start of a summit in beijing china is also denied locking african economies into a death trap adrian brown reports. the flags of almost every african nation display in the great hall to the people flags from a continent which china is consolidating its economic influence. president xi
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jinping pledge sixty billion dollars more in funding for africa that's on top of the same amount he promised three years ago he said a quarter of that would be interest free away took possibly address critics who warn africa is at risk from a chinese debt trap. we do not interfere in the internal affairs of african countries impose our will on african countries or attach any political conditions on economic aid nor do we seek selfish political gains. cheese forty minute address brought a standing ovation this is a forum that will be free of public disagreement threats all goading tweets just smiling faces and apparent gratitude only one nation didn't receive an invitation to attend this forum swazi land now officially known as the kingdom of ace where teenie it remains the only african ally the taiwan has that's the island republic
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the china regards as part of its territory in africa today it's hard to find a country not touched by chinese investment since two thousand the continent's been the recipient of more than one hundred billion dollars. and plenty of visits from senior chinese leaders as well in total of seventy nine in the past decade including four by president xi since two thousand and thirteen. he though hasn't had to dance to woo african leaders unlike britain's prime minister to resume a in kenya last week also in africa then the german chancellor who was there to discuss trade as well both countries were once colonial powers in africa on monday south africa's president said this grouping didn't believe china was acting the same way in their values that it promotes. in the manner that it
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operates and in the impact that it has on african country. refutes the view that a newcomer on your list is taking hold in africa as i want to talk to this would have us be a display of africa china unity but it would seem very much on china's to adrian brown al jazeera beijing germany's giving one hundred sixteen million dollars in emergency aid to countries in the lake chad region that's on top of the nearly three hundred million dollars already promised to help bring political stability and pay for development and infrastructure germany's foreign ministry says the money is in europe's security interests. we are doing this because we know that security only works together and because as you know we are convinced that regional corporation and it's happening around charges right now marriage
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powerful supports. borders for countries nigeria. and cameroon it's a source of water for as many as thirty million people but due to climate change and population growth the lake has shrunk by ninety percent since the one nine hundred sixty s. on top of poverty and conflict has forced more than two million people from their homes and the u.n. says it's left ten million in need of aid food and water insecurity has also according to those attending the berlin conference created a space for armed groups like booker and i so to florists. reports from the nigerian city if my degree. are ok you mohammad has brought two children to this hospital. she says it's hard to see them. i brought my four year old daughter here for treatment and my son was also diagnosed with severe and acute malnutrition he's been like this for
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a long time. as freely as muhammad looks she says he's in a better shape than his sister who we were not allowed to film. a few kilometers from the clinic is a big hospital dealing with cases like mohamed. this is one of the two facilities run by doctors without borders. dedicated to treating criticism and acute on the tradition three years since the discovery of faces of hundreds of patients still missing. they mostly displaced persons but also residents in the city that has been struggling with my years before. the hospital is already full with more patients waiting to get it. doctors are now faced with the difficult choice of either turning away patients. and lowering standards. in the bartman for the moment. the younger patients are coming back every two weeks for
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a follow up visit. how their nutrition is improving and we have seventy. four in patients who are severely malnourished patients with complications where we're having for the moment about one thousand one hundred new admissions per week . thousands of displaced people have returned to their villages in northeast nigeria but it's still too dangerous to go out to farm because of fear of attacks by boko haram fighters the united nations says more than ten million people in need of urgent assistance in the lake chad region most of them in nigeria's northeast. hundreds have already died because of just in the last three years in my just the workers and the displaced say they're worried about doing a fatigue if that happens they fear thousands more could die. i'll just you know my degree still had on the al-jazeera news hour we had to hong kong to
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meet a new generation of activists trying to improve the quality of the air people grieve . by the u.k.'s opposition labor party is tearing itself apart over the issue of anti-semitism coming up in sport a straight forward victory for the town's came a ship korea for us open details a little later. in the spring skies by the time. or as the sun sets in the city of angels. hello there the rain has finally east for us in the southern parts of china we've had a lot of heavy rain and there is a fair amount of flooding but as you can see from our charles there on choose day there's more dry weather around and just one or two showers the showers that we've have got there we just gradually sinking their way southward as we head through into wednesday so for some of us in the fujian province and across into taiwan doesn't like it's going to be pretty wet as we head into wednesday the further
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towards the south of some of us here we've seen quite a few showers as well particularly across the philippines and across towards the west into parts of thailand as well in the western parts of thailand is where we're seeing the heaviest of the rains the showers there all pushing their way southward so one choose they will see a fair few of those showers through k.l. singapore also into borneo and then the gradually push further south with still as we head into wednesday they could be warming two of those showers just grazing the phone northern parts of java there as we head across towards the west we're seeing plenty of rains in the northeastern parts of india lots of them here and they'll be more wet weather as we head through the next couple of days as well the reg not really moving anywhere in a great hurry so do expect more in the way of flooding here towards the southeast generally a lot drier him most of the showers will be around the coast but for bengaluru will get to around twenty eight degrees which is eighty two in fact high. the weather sponsored by cats own and always. taiwan. a sovereign island state
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or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensified its. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lies and prostrate ties on a. when people need to be. it's not. true and the story needs to be told. al-jazeera has teams on the ground. and. on and on.
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the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour are introducing austerity measures to. losing more than. a dollar president. cutting government spending on slashing the number of ministries for. the jailing of journalists has sparked international condemnation. seven years in prison for illegally obtaining state secrets the united nations human rights chief.
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national museum in the city of. the demonstration. hundred year old building. public institutions have been chronically. he's a professor at the university of brazil he's joining us via skype thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera how would you describe the scale of the damage and the importance of the archaeological collections that were lost in that fire in the museum. there was a tragedy of what has been lost there when it will never be replaced again there were collections meat from the licensed century different parts of that resume and it was in an amazon or different parts of the country as well as well collections from other countries it's called america and also very large the egyptian collection which was purchased by the brazilian emperor in the united states records of all the excavations it's the birth of brazil in archaeology very important please and this is your last forever so it's media tragedy so when the
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government says that it is now allocating two and a half million dollars for the restoration off this museum does that give you any comfort at all. oh not at all because again as a missionary i mean this will not only an archaeological museum but he had collections showing the issues people from a zoo in other countries are from africa a very important collections or. they were beaten to a large collections as well will turn it will actually is a watercooler actually it's not only archaeology that has big words but also what there are areas of mortgages well also at the museum there were important pretty good programs different to look smallish trigger large libraries rare books so this is really a tragedy that it's we're going to you know have an eight year assessment of their models once the results of this fire obviously the cause of that fire is still being investigated but what do you believe made this museum vulnerable to a fire. i mean this was a new building way back it was built in the nineteenth century the whole structure
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of the museum was made out of steam and they want to really and people were aware of the risks on the fire happening there but what's happening the most using those are the next two years there's been a severe budget couldn't full complete money for education and research and you begin to see the results of this kind of corporate action into this fire for instance so to what extent do you think that this underfunding that you speak office threatening the existence off museums like the swan and other institutions. museum and universities are the forces that you should be a ministry of any of the this edition slate investigation year in it's been doesn't exist anymore the amount of goods that have been in the money for research and public education is being really strong and so i think it's it's we know it is a nation before it's a terrible scenario and we seem to the results of this policy is happening right now or it's unfortunate that you know the this far happened but i see
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a correlation between what happens now and what's happening to the public funding for research and education in. all right we'll have to leave it there as the article is never as we thank you for joining us on al-jazeera. thank you if you're . now let's suppose outgoing president has delivered his last state of the union address and reka pena nieto defended the achievements made during his six years in office but he made no mention of the corruption scandals that playing his presidency john homa reports from mexico city. it's a good boy suit for one of the most unpopular president since approval polls began admits kirk. hinrich opinion it was last day of the nation address was a chance to defend six years marked by corruption scandals record level violence in his favor modernizing reforms of the education energy and telecommunications to the latter was inevitably what he focused on not
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a formal system so the reforms are without doubt the biggest achievement of this administration and our biggest contribution to mexico's future. they came during his honeymoon period when time magazine feted him as mitt's crew savior the seemed able to pull the country's parties together to get things done now in the glossy videos playing out his greatest hits can't hide the sense that for years things have been going wrong but it started on a rainy night in the forty three students kidnapped by the police in league with gary they were never found alive the country was traumatized but pena nieto addressed the crisis reluctantly with a food investigation a conflict of interest scandal over this luxury house quickly followed more skeletons began to pull out the closer i think that it was the top of the iceberg i mean unfortunately ministration characterized by several corruption practices and
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the use. of teachers' payroll in the use of funds for fighting poverty in several projects all of the same characteristic impunity and. corruption for those who hoped for a modernizing leader it seemed instead like mix kampala ticks as usual suddenly nothing could go right some of the reforms got bogged down president trump began sparring with pena nieto over trade deals in his proposed border wall and most importantly boylan's began to saw he finishes his term with the highest murder rate on record it's total c n i'm aware that we didn't manage to bring peace and security for mexicans in every corner of the country. post-show just two out of ten minutes can stink he's done a good job and his once powerful pre-partition mates cruise oldest languishes in third place in congress in first is the fledgling party of this man president elect
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and his money world opens up the door he takes over in december promising to transform mexico just as pena nieto once did john home and how does either mitt screw city at least eight people have been killed in an explosion at a munitions depo in south africa it happened in somerset west near cape town it's not known what caused the blast at the depo local media reports suggest several people are missing. well for weeks the main opposition labor party in the u.k. has been embroiled in a row over anti semitism at a crucial meeting on tuesday the party's executive will be under pressure to draw a line under the issue some high profile m.p.'s are calling for its leader the veteran left winger jeremy corben to resign florence they reports from london. who is jeremy colby is he as his fervent supporters believe the most moral politician in generations a man who spent his entire life campaigning for political justice for palestine or
5:38 am
e.c. as he's equally fervent opponents allege a close it racist and anti semites who says there's a difference between criticizing israel and criticizing jews but he blows the lines between the two. is always been a split in the labor party on israel with one wing supportive of the palestinian struggle and another wing including many jewish labor party members who actively accept and support the existence of the states of israel but never before has that split come to the surface like this because never before has there been a labor party leader so obviously pro palestinian. at the heart of it is labour's refusal to accept several examples of anti semitic language and views as defined by the international holocaust remembrance alliance or i h r a it is deemed for example anti semitic to say that jews are more loyal to israel than their own country or that the state of israel is by definition racist or that israeli
5:39 am
government policies are like those of nazi germany corbin and his supporters claim this prevents them from properly criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinian people a whole raft of labor party heavyweights like former prime minister gordon brown have demanded the party clarify properly its position by falling into line with the i h r a at a time when the ruling conservative party is in the whole of a brick states labor is tearing itself. labor almost isn't functioning as a coherent political entity at the moment within it it's not so much sort of you know moderates versus it's really what you see is a sort of warring fiefdoms so i'm quite smooth as the right wing against coburn there's a centrist against coburn there's even the left against cobain there are divisions within the leader's office there are influences from different parts of youth movements and trade unions things all very chaotic the other question is the effect it has on corbin's reputation the may only be three hundred thousand jewish people
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in the u.k. but repeat suggestions of the veteran and see racist make himself have a problem carry significant electoral risks liberal leaning voters labor supporting voters who think they're in a party or supporting a party which is anti racist and think they are themselves onto racists and don't want to be supporting a party which appears to be always claim to be anti semitic labor's national executive is under enormous pressure finally to change its policy though so angry is the mood in the powerful left wing but it isn't a foregone conclusion labor remains a policy whose membership of the leader but his politicians are deeply divided on. tens of thousands of people have attended an anti racism concert in german city of chemnitz the event in response to a week of anti immigration rally is by far right groups under the banner there are more a fuss the crowd carried anti-racism cards and chanted nazis out several rock and
5:41 am
indie bands performed to the chancellor angela merkel has called on germans to mobilize against hate it's. just that we are not a far right city the majority of the population is totally normal democratically civilised but not far right for god's sake we don't want that history we don't want such people. this is absolutely fantastic because people can mess we have to show that our city is colorful is open to everyone that we have no say. what's happened in recent days. is that if it's clear i think it's cool that so many people will come here to support him. senior fellow at the center for analysis of the radical right he says the refugee crisis is not the only issue driving support for the far right in germany. i think there are many different things coming together where the so-called referee each crisis is only one actor but one thing
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that the far right in germany has been able to. mobilize it long frustrations among the population of eastern germany and we see these kinds of frustrations across the european pos communist space with other words in all the countries of the former eastern bloc and these frustrations that maybe these systematic change that occurred thirty years ago did not lead to the expected. improvements in life curious or cetaceans they've seen of history auriti towards the west and so on this is these are sentiments that the far right in germany could play upon and where the refugee crisis only was the and the the point where that the far right could use as a tool in order to mobilize the masses both online and off by these small signs that we can see now with this phone search and the end demonstrations that i'm not turning as violent protests as the far right but the raising awareness among the
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germans that this has to finish and this is to stop the r.f.d. and piggy the and other right thing movements in germany are collaborating in order to try to to concert an attack against the german constitution when one that sent sentiment has a right in the german mainstream i think that is the most important thing backing up of right now so it's not so much about the leadership question in german politics as as to what vision of germany there is for the future. marie says trying to persuade judges that the united nation's top court that it was coerced by the u.k. to give up a chain of islands in exchange for independence the chain of silence were split from aristos in one nine hundred sixty five when it was a british colony the following year the u.s. lease the biggest island diego garcia and installed an air base hundreds of locals were forced to leave on recess later again didn't pendants but the islands remain british territory the case is being seen as a test of whether such colonial era deals should remain legitimates the simply
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because you know and continue to call humans. who bought of the religion from and you refer to. the. household for more than four decades for the right to return to the use of the charlie we were face was no choice at all it was in the advance on condition of agreement to decide at all no independence with detachment anyway this was not and cannot be treated as the freely expressed will of the people of blue shoes the indian state of carolina which had its worst floods in a century is now grappling with a new disease scare at least fifteen people have been killed because of what's known as rat fever there have been two hundred confirmed cases of the water borne
5:45 am
disease the number of patients surged after terentia rain flooded almost all of the southern state last month. it will have cost school attendance to plummet and the democratic republic of congo the health ministry says the death toll from the bowler has risen to seventy five since the epidemic was the cleared in august victoria reports. in man gaynor including key the classrooms were empty on the first day of school the area is considered the epicenter of the latest ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo. the kids here today parents are told are afraid of above i think school can be a great place to contaminate each other worried parents say they're not taking any chances. we want our children to get the vaccine first before they start school. only a fraction of the more than eighty two thousand school age children in the two affected
5:46 am
areas have attended lessons so far this week that's despite teaches receiving training on ebola prevention and protection to avoid the spread of the virus what do you. well we wish the kids would come well wait this week will continue with a win as you see at the end of the wake what the future holds for us. since the outbreak was declared five weeks ago it's spread across two provinces including in and around the complex and where dozens of armed groups operate health workers need military escorts to get to those in need the world health organization says without a cease fire the disease will continue to spread and thousands of children will be at risk of losing more than just their education victoria gates and be al jazeera. coming up in sports.
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well as cities around the world struggle with air pollution hundreds of campaigners and scientists are gathering in south korea to find new ways to tackle that crisis while the spotlight spent on cities like new delhi and beijing hong kong has its own problem but as rob mcbride reports a group of activists are trying to make sure people find ways to reduce their exposure to pollution. and awareness event by pollution campaigners
5:49 am
in a city that he's becoming aware of the growing danger. this hong kong like much of mainland china has been experiencing record levels of ozone a complex mix of pollutants from vehicles and industry that's made worse during heat waves and a problem not helped by climate change. has the highest level of ozone for the last two decades and right now we do not know how to deal with that and it is a problem for hong kong and china polluted air has long been in georgia is the necessary cost of rapid economic development that's only recently been tackled. they just lation has been passed to control the industrial emissions as well as from vehicles and shipping and there's a drive towards using renewable sources of energy instead of coal. cities like
5:50 am
beijing have been enjoying far more so-called blue sky days critics say the chinese and hong kong governments have been forced to act for fear of social discontent if they didn't but the outcome for china's cities has been the same after years of deteriorating air quality finally signs of improvement i think the political climate has changed a lot and there's a lot of talk about how our pollution being not acceptable alexis leads a university team that has developed a mobile app giving real time pollution readings at street level anywhere in the city. people can then plan their daily routines to be as pollution free as possible then they have a set of information they can choose our i think that will give them are some help in term all bad trying to win their exposure to improve scientists and activists
5:51 am
helping to empower a generation of city dwellers increasingly concerned about the air they breathe. robert bright al-jazeera hong kong. time for the sports news with. thank you very much in tunisia is bit to host the olympic games isn't likely to get a final decision until the year twenty twenty five is planned to enter the running comes after a well or save hosting of the asian games and indonesia before sunday's closing ceremony to even started president joko widodo had already announced their intention to bid for the olympics in twenty thirty two the official bidding process is still some way off and a final choice by the international olympic committee isn't likely to come for six or seven is personally because business on this it says whose story of the of the garden and game in general about everybody very happy and and there is a young man in the everton does this part of the big moment that sport could unite
5:52 am
the nation because we have a way out of the car but here is the that a lot of the moderate a lot of the political dispute among the political the good it is but fortunately doing that it's a game everybody can unite everybody things to get better about the sport and that's why one of the believe we've got us is because that is typically telling the truth as for the japanese and so it would be better that however geoff or fellow who's worked as a senior i expect on the beijing summer and winter olympics and the asian games in two thousand and ten others is not convinced that you're caught to pull it off here vies is the i.o.c. to look elsewhere. again it happened in jakarta with some of the world's worst traffic in fact people spend twenty two days a year
5:53 am
a year stuck in traffic in metro jakarta it's tough where is don't know why hasn't sold what up it's a guess what we've got twelve brand new stadiums we're ready to go we've got a metro system ready to go for these olympics we've got the world's best airport which it probably will be right as number one or two in the world next to shanghai and how about international airport why doesn't this in committee where legacy and delivery put together and bring the olympic games the middle east it's logically the only city back should the olympic games your you know have a million people in the country have got car instead of nine point five or nine point eight million people in jakarta likewise the same number in new delhi south korea's military exemption program for athletes could be about to be revised the country's football and baseball teams won gold at the asian games that means the
5:54 am
likes of top them strike it's funny how men one have to do ministry said this something which is compulsory in south korea the country's defense ministry says it's looking at tightening the rules that allows place to get out of the t.t. meanwhile a full it will be shifting to sports focus titles and away from violent content games for the twenty twenty two asian games a full featured as a demonstration sport in jakarta and is hoping for a limb picking kasian in future. fever have announced the nominees for the best football awards in barcelona superstar you know messi his name is a notable a mission bessie's long time bell madrid rival christiana ronaldo did make the list rebels are now place the event is in italy said he and his former teammate in the mud madrid luca moderate has also made the list moderate helped his country croatia reach the world cup final in russia and the third candidate for best men's player is liverpool's one hundred the law the egyptian netted thirty two league goals for
5:55 am
his club last season. the president of the palestinians that bill association who's currently banned by fever for twelve months has announced he will appeal. is serving a twelve month ban for inciting hatred and violence but says he'll go all the way to the international criminal court if he has to. become a god of the people decision is unfair it's purely a political one and it's an israeli decision orchestrated by the israeli right wing and we were able to prove that we respect people committees in the decisions but we have decided to appeal against this unfair decision that is against the palestinian football association and the palestinian players the darker side of the rivalry between real madrid and athletico madrid's the teams was felt on sunday eighteen year old brazilian teenager of a nicholas junior scored twice during the game but it didn't come without drama the team go into a scuffle with athletico kept in town she decided to buy his head toci escaped
5:56 am
a red card somehow the game ended in a two draw. former world number one novak djokovic has advanced to the quarterfinals at flushing meadows the two time u.s. open champion jockey a straight sets win over unseated portuguese the shells thousand and six four six four six three was the score doc of it is actually reached the semifinals of the tournament in every year he's competed since two thousand and six number twenty one seed carnage should carry of japan is three to the last eight of the open he big german philipp kohlschreiber in straight sets six three six two seven five a score that. japanese twentieth the. number twenty six feet per bellaver is six three two six six four to progress to the quarter finals as well. former england cricket captain alastair cook has announced his retirement from
5:57 am
national team duty a day off to england completed a series of victory over india with one test still to play cooke retires is the highest score in the history of test cricket he's amassed a twelve thousand two hundred fifty four runs in his twelve year career with thirty two hundred along the way he also captained england for several years among the highlights the two ashes series wins as well as the way series victories in india and south africa the fifth test against india at the oval in london will be his final appearance for england it will be test number one hundred sixty one for the thirty three year old opening batsman. and that is always ball for now more later and you can find more sports news as well as the day's other top stories on al-jazeera dot com that is our website al jazeera dot com thanks for watching the news our knowledge is there are several rama will be with you in just a moment with much more of the day's news but by.
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september on al-jazeera the fourth eastern economic forum is to be held in the city of bloody vostok as russia looks to expand its influence in the asia pacific region on television and online the stream continues to tap into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news the presidents of russia turkey and iran will meet in teheran for another summit seeking an end to the war in syria we'll have extensive coverage people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world the united nations general assembly holds its seventy third session what action will it take on atrocities in me and maher and him and we'll bring you all the news september on al-jazeera. at night in a stockholm suburb somaly mam patrolled streets police ski and not. for lack of money and tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crime.
5:59 am
at. a doomed. by the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there mothers of ring could be this is europe on al-jazeera. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to become a disclosure in the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera.
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this is an emergency and we need your support argentina's president announces drastic measures and new taxes to stabilize a struggling economy and currency. flowing so robin you're watching al-jazeera life one headquarters here in doha also coming up. in brazil funding cuts are blamed for a fire at the national museum in rio that destroyed two hundred years of history. worldwide condemnation as me in ma jails two voices journalists on charges of possessing secret government.


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