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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is zero. i don't welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters in doha with me as a purana coming up in the next sixty minutes the taliban say the founder of one of the most feared armed factions has died. the strongest typhoon to hit japan in over two decades makes landfall. the china africa summit is wrapping up in beijing and whether one criticism on social media. i'm joining us you're also with the sports as former quarterback colin kaplan extracts a big deal on an nike ad campaign find out how the man who began the protests in
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the n.f.l. has taken his activism beyond the field of play. the taliban and afghanistan has announced the death of commander. he founded the hakani network responsible for decades of suicide bomb attacks and hostage taking his son who succeeded him as leader said his father died in afghanistan after a long battle with illness his death has been reported several times before he was thought to be in his eighty's and had been bedridden well gelato than conny rose to prominence as an afghan military commander flushing soviet troops who'd occupied of in the nineteen eighties the u.s. at the time described the economy as a prized asset and directly funded his group's fight against communist forces although not a member of the taliban he pledged has allegiance to the group in one thousand nine
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hundred five after the taliban captured the afghan capital the haqqani network opposed the two thousand and one u.s. led invasion of gone and the presence of nato forces well let's get more on this now we're joined by imtiaz gul the head of the center for research and security studies in islamabad is joining us live from the very good to have you with us on al-jazeera must to go so how relevant would you say the network is now. well there are only network remains very much relevant to the taliban led insurgency in afghanistan. the deaths of four dollars in a county or the newmans or is that. certainly not very significant in the sense that it has been doing the rounds for quite some time and secondly the senior conny had been literally bedridden incapacitated by years of
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serious illness and he had practically nothing to do with the destroyed bottle insurgency that has been raising inside afghanistan his son set out to then as the deputy leader of the taliban what is the hakani his relationship what the taliban well they have done is headed in the second strongest link in the of one insurgency and the guy network is also reported to have been very close to the al qaeda network and the siddur are doing or going in being the deputy head of the taliban movement also is human significance because of because of this very ferry that the counties have been closer much closer to the. network as well as do so as a shared when you're leading as in the eastern part of on
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a sun and also the polar regions of pakistan so an important relationship with the taliban then there's ongoing talk that the taliban could negotiate with the afghan what the u.s. government's do you think that the haqqani network would be part of any settlement . well i think if they did that yvonne corps decides to negotiate with the americans and with the afghan government then the air going into iraq and also to be part of it on its own yes it's very strong in the eastern parts of understand but. they certainly can't hope to get any share in the if they were to stand alone and not become part of any reconsideration process or they're just there to be led by the gun hardly a stellar one who constitute the core of the taliban insurgency. that mystical
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thank you very much for your expertise on this that's and three hours ago joining us live from islamabad thank you. let's move on to other news now and weather backspace think the west is of and japan off of the strongest typhoon then for more than twenty is talking jav equals the cancellation of flights and trying to assess and three hundred thousand people told to evacuate. not in landslide one who's having a shoot in the southwest japan has already experienced extreme weather to see when when floods and a heatwave killed around three hundred people fadi salami has moved from tokyo. thank you jeb you know it's one of the ponds that old but it was. painted big there's this if you doesn't think it's going green and white one or zero but pretty good so many people where when afraid that the city infrastructure wouldn't be able
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to under this kind of heavy rain and strong winds there and actually result in some forwards with uniforms showing on the beaches showing the runway to one of their own weight in gunsight airport which it is it is important to know it's loaded with water that is there and they they say that they're going up going to use it for maybe a couple of days also people who are just not there because. she boys don't go to the bridge that connecting airports with the city or for second. that it's your workers are trying to like you wade through all of the ships and then double in them and people are in the chute there it's a bit you stuck about trying to be the one thousand four hundred weight equates to about one of them from. fighting with no way to doing once more. towards more ways but it's going to lose alongside wisconsin jump on board about
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nine hours from now and we're expecting heavy rain in tokyo and of are going to areas within the next coming few hours. to the democratic republic of congo now with students who are attending schools because of fear of the bowl of virus well the health ministry says the death toll from a bowl has risen to seventy five since the epidemic was declared an august. poll. in mangin a including key the classrooms were empty on the first day of school the area is considered the epicenter of the latest ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo. the kids here today. afraid of above i think school can be a great place to contaminate each other worried parents say they're not taking any chances. we want our children to get the vaccine first before they start school.
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only a fraction of the more than eighty two thousand school age children in the two affected areas have attended lessons so far this week that's despite teaches receiving training on ebola prevention and protection to avoid the spread of the virus what do you. well we wish the kids would come well wait this week will continue with a win as you see at the end of the wake what the future holds for us. since the outbreak was declared five weeks ago it's spread across two provinces including in and around the complex where dozens of armed groups operate health workers the military escorts to get to those in need the world health organization says without a cease fire the disease will continue to spread and thousands of children will be at risk of losing more than just their education during a gay to be there. now reports in spanish media suggest that the government will cancel an order of four hundred precision bombs to saudi arabia the fear is that
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they could be used to target civilians and yemen defense minister margarita robel is returning more than ten million dollars paid by saudi arabia for the military equipment in april she signed a deal to supply the royal naval forces with military vessels. now we're getting reports from syrian activists on the ground that several airstrikes have hit the province of idlib the area is known as the last rebel stronghold now this all comes as syrian forces amassing around the northwestern part of the region and preparation for an assault russia and iran have insisted that rebel groups and must be defeated and are expected to back government forces the united nations has warned that a full assault on adlib could spark a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale not yet seen and seventy seven year conflict well let's get more on this now we're joined by correspondent stephanie decker she is live in on talk here near turkey's border with syria what are you hearing stephanie about what's happening in
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libya. on the last two hours or so we're getting reports of at least twenty three air strikes in the sort of southwestern part of italy province also northwest how much activists are quoting both russian planes and syrian planes in the sky what we understand two civilians killed at the moment but at the same time people telling us that new major sort of facilities have been hit at the moment this comes after almost just over three weeks of no air strikes on the province of as above and of course everyone is wondering whether this is the start of this much expected offensive there are extensive negotiations going on behind the scenes to try and contain it interestingly however there have been a lot of rumors of the last couple of weeks that this area particular around the area of wood where these airstrikes are taking place would be perhaps the first
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target of course none of this being independently confirmed at the moment because also the russians have an air base have a military base in the document name that they would want to secure the surrounding areas of briefly there are also diplomatic efforts going on you have the u.s. special envoy to syria knew in his role here in ankara today discussing with the turks how to move forward on this turkey wanting to avoid an all out military offensive so i think when have to wait and see how the next few hours play out whether we can safely say that this offensive has officially started stephanie doing know the area that the bombs have been dropped on do we know what's there who's there and why after the sort of two to three weeks are we seeing these bombs being dropped now. yes i just mentioned these southwestern area sort of the southwestern province north of latakia is an area that you know the russians and the syrians will want to secure because eight to
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consolidate the areas around the russian airbase in the pocket also this is an area close to key highways of course this is all about military tactics highways that run from aleppo to damascus and also from aleppo to latakia so again at the same time you had reports yesterday from the russian military saying that the group. that's of course a group forming known as the mr front to use drones to kill three syrian soldiers yesterday we haven't been able to independently verify it but the reports were that they were coming from around this area of additional short so you can read into that what you will i think again i think it's too early to speculate it's too early to officially say whether this is started or not the rhetoric of course is this we've just heard from the kremlin saying that the syrian army is getting ready to eliminate what they call terrorists from italy province and that will be high on the agenda of a crucial meeting i think all eyes are on this elizabeth on the seventh of september on friday between iran between russia and between turkey in the iranian
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capital so i think again we're going to have to wait and see how the next few hours play out to be able to give you a better indication whether this offensive is officially started or not or what stephanie thank you very much for that for now that is stephanie deca live with the latest from on talk here thank you. a plenty more ahead on the news hour including why the u.k.'s opposition labor party is split down the middle over the issue of anti semitism but argentina's president is going to save money as the economy teeters on the edge of disaster and in sports can talk the once put himself in the driving seat for a place in the u.s. ryder cup team joe will be here with that story. emergency austerity measures announced by the president of argentina have provoked protests in the capital mark rey is cutting the number of government ministries
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almost in half he's also boosting export taxes to try and stem a currency crisis rising inflation and the world's highest interest rates choice of oil reports from one aside is. argentina is trying to prevent a major economic crisis precedent. an ounce to emergency measures to stop the weakening of the pace of. but on the streets tensions continues to be on the rice on monday people gathered to protest after almost six hundred workers were laid off from this ministry they're convinced the situation will only get worse if. you know when you see what the government is doing you know that the only thing we can expect is more layoffs a teary reading situation for those who need work. maggie announced he's continuing with an austerity push and he would see the number of ministries dropped
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to ten from nineteen he also reinstated a tax on exports reversing the cuts announced soon after he was elected president three years ago but agree. to cover what's lacking jurong this transition that has become an emergency we are asking those who can contribute i'm. to export hers that their share will be greater we know that it's a very bad tax which goes against what we want to promote which is more exports to create more jobs across argentina but i have to ask you to understand that this is an emergency and we need your support after signing an agreement with the i.m.f. the government's main priority is to reduce the fiscal deficit but for people on the streets inflation is their main warry arjun times are watching closely the weakening because it has a direct impact on inflation which continues to be one of the highest in the world and that's why exchange houses like this ones are fields with people waiting to
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trade in their base for u.s. dollars. economic collapse of two thousand and one is still fresh in people's memory when a run on the currency ended with a run on the banks. millions of middle class workers were pushed into poverty many fear the current austerity measures may end up the same way economists say the crisis this time is financial and political. reasons the negative side of this of course. towards. election. but. for now maggie is focused on putting the current crisis to an end but those affected say they remain on the streets to fight the policies that hurt people like
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them. but. professor of economics university. and he says the measures to make the economic situation worse. one could say that market is austerity package is similar to recommending a stop a person to go on a diet. if you have a problem of faulty economic activity falling cisco revenues and what you're trying to do is. is reduce the fiscal deficit this set of all policies is not going to do is not going to achieve that the export tax implemented is nothing short of a joke it's three in some cases four in other measles for each dollar exported in other words if the devaluation rate continues as it has over the
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past couple of months that exports tax will be reduced to nothing in the short run on the other hand as far as the lower income people and those on fixed incomes salary negotiations these are the way under a flush on and part of the policies implemented have been to. reduce the subsidies on most of the utilities all of this has resulted in higher prices of basic consumer items purchasing power both of workers and those on subsidies as being very severely eroded meanwhile argentina's woman president cristina catch the has appeared in court for a second time as part of a major corruption case she's accused of taking bribes from construction companies during her presidency and exchange for granting contracts and denies any wrongdoing
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and has described the investigation shameless on to the north and present but can face prosecution. now it's day two of the china africa summit and beijing president xi jinping told african leaders that there were no strings attached as he promised another fixie billion dollars in financing on monday he also said china would waive the debt of the poorest african countries that have diplomatic ties with beijing well let's get more now we're joined by dan lang from beijing he's an analyst at the economist intelligence unit very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so what is behind china you know not just spending so much in africa but also saying that there are no political strings attached and going to write off debt for some of the poor countries. well for china this is untrue they're going to show the rest of the world that it has a very good relation with the developed world. in the u.s.
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china tension for china to write off a lot of the it doesn't have the political strain but it doesn't mean that china's decisions a lot of those are actually backed by commodities other energy or food so it's not that china which is giving away its charities and what does china get for all of this investment in africa i mean how much as africa part of you know china's great sort of economic corridor was that it's planning around the globe. everybody is absolutely going to be more important economic wise it's still smaller china but overall it's very important for china to have allies in un and african countries a very important part of that and also in terms of building up a new supply chain we all know that some of the american companies are european companies are thinking about part of the supply chain out of china because of the higher tariffs and china would like to move part of its capacity also out of china
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to a cheaper position in africa and some of the asian countries are better choice actually very good for china for its upgrade in the industrial structure and also for to be without even more doubtful. and what about the sort of criticism that we're hearing that african nations are going into unsustainable levels of debt to china. right now from our research it's still not there yet it's in five to ten years we can see that the it will be. in twenty's that's twenty fifty in china has promised sixty billion dollars on chu african countries but before that is a lot smaller amount for china this is also a risk as well how because of some of the repayment problem and for some smaller countries in africa. and some large economy like ethiopia or ten's and he actually relying on the chinese model can be quite risky because china's growth has been
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relying on triple and now it has proven to be quite unsustainable already assange it's great to get your expertise on those that stand wang joining us live from beijing thank you but let's go now to our china correspondent adrian brown who is at the summit it is rare in an age and for china's president to appear at a news conference did he take questions. well actually elizabeth that news conference hasn't even begun yet it was due to happen about an hour and forty minutes ago but so far the president is yet to appear along with other african leaders now that's strange because in my experience these sorts of events normally happen on time we don't know why this news conference did not begin on time perhaps perhaps there has been some disagreement behind the scenes perhaps they're still trying to agree on the wording for the joint communique but
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as of the moment that press conference hasn't happened yes it's rare as you say elizabeth for the chinese premier to appear at a news conference but i think he fit on this occasion he can expect friendly questions because most of the journalists there will be from state controlled chinese media or from africa we have been getting more details elizabeth of the sort of breakdown of that sixty billion dollars which president xi jinping pledged on monday some thirty five billion dollars of that is going to be in loans credits and grants there be ten billion in development financing and five billion to be used to boost chinese exports and here's the interesting bit chinese firms chinese companies are being encouraged to invest ten billion dollars more so china's government is actively encouraging companies to invest in china so it may well be
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that china won't be using all of its money chinese government money that is and how do the chinese people feel about what's happening and you know their governments sort of benevolence to africa there has been some anger on social media over this. yeah it's quite interesting when we were driving to the summit on monday we got talking to a taxi driver and he said i don't understand why our government is giving so much money to africa and then later we checked online and there were some really quite angry comments on way bo that is china's equivalent of twitter and i just read you some of the comments that have been made one says no wonder the stock market is doing badly all the money is going towards helping others money earned with our sweat and blood is being used to build the friendship bridge between china and africa and another one says it's ok that chinese children are starving so long as
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those in africa are fed now most of those comments have now been deleted we managed to print those off before that happened but it does show you that actually not all chinese people necessarily feel the government's doing the right thing right now and some clearly feel that the money the china is giving to africa could be better spent here in china why adrian thank you very much for that for now that's adrian brown live in beijing thank you. and a few minutes we'll have the weather with steph but still ahead on the sour. anger in brazil funding cuts are blamed for a fire at the national museum of video that destroyed two hundred years of history . we had to hong kong to make a go at that's trying to find new ways to tackle air pollution and it's over and out of this former u.s. open champion joe will have the details in sport.
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from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there or japan has just been hit by another typhoon and it's been quite an active year for them here are the other typhoons that have also hit japan there's four of them don't dari leave. and cimarron if you remember the one that hit and then trailed a lot of cloud of rain behind it and that's what gave us our terrible flooding in many western parts of japan at the beginning of july now the latest system to hit well that's just worked its way steadily northwards gebbie there and it's got very close in fact just just about grazes you koku so here is this satellite picture then and you can see the eye of the storm there as it was very very close to the southern tip of she koku that's when we saw the maximum wind that we've recorded so
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far hundred seventy two kilometers per hour incredibly windy and this is what it was doing just across the water in hong shu at the time you see the wind there really driving that rain that didn't fare too badly it stayed upright but on social media there's quite a few images of really bad destruction that's taken place and if you follow me at weather steph you can see some of that image that i've read tweeted from other people that i've seen so here's that storm then as it gradually continued its way northward and you can see that just over the past few hours it's lost its well defined eye and it's become generally more dish shovels and that's because now it's over land it's lost its energy source the sea is its energy source no longer over that and it's also over the mountainous region of japan so japan is now shredding the storm and the winds are dropping out pretty quickly that means the winds aren't as much of an issue but we still have a lot of heavy rain the good news on that front is that the system is all moving through pretty quickly so the rain should be fairly short lived. there with
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people's health on al-jazeera. that have you with us on the news hour and these are our top stories the taliban in afghanistan has announced the death of come on budget out of the colony he founded the hardy network responsible for decades of civil side bomb attacks and hostage taking his death has been reported at several times before he was thought to be in his eighty's and had been bedridden typhoon is causing flooding landslide warnings and southwest japan the strongest typhoon there for more than twenty years for two hundred kilometer and our weapons flights and train services that canceled and
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three thousand people have been told to evacuate their homes and argentina's president has announced emergency austerity measures mockery is cutting the number of ministries almost and hoff as well as boosting. export taxes to try and stem a currency crisis and the economy minister the international monetary fund to speed up payment of a fifty billion dollar baby out. a court in brazil has banned political campaign ads showing former president as a candidate the ruling was made in response to a complaint by the now of a party leader has been barred from running in next month's presidential race because of a corruption conviction the seventy two year old a serving a twelve year prison sentence for monitor wandering his workers' party says he will remain its candidates meanwhile police have fired tear gas at protesters demanding to see the damage caused by a massive fire at brazil's national museum hundreds of years of history have been
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destroyed and rio de janeiro or a latin america editor newman has more. only spoken ruin or left of what was brazil's pride and joy the largest anthropological in history collection in the americas. museum of the story and regina dundas could not be consoled but. it seems like a night i went to sleep thinking it was a nightmare the tower was going to wake up. the fire started on sunday evening after the building a nineteenth century former royal palace closed fortunately there were no casualties but brazilians are mourning the loss of a new replaceable wealth of their history we'll be you. i just saw a piece of my history the house of the empire where the second of brazil used to live being destroyed i see the history of my country becoming ashes it has no price i'm devastated. this is what the museum looked like before the fire with war than
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twenty million items from egyptian and greco roman times to a twelve thousand year old skeleton the oldest ever found the americans. during the process of the aftermath were going to have the pacific. no the museum employees will be a slow process so that we can who knows recover a fragment something that could still have a historic value a museum curator was allowed to salvage media rights that could later have been confused with debris. the cause of the fire is still unknown but many are pointing the finger at sharp government budget cuts and say this is a tragedy that could have been prevented residents say firemen were too ill equipped to contain the blaze before it in gulf to the entire palace i hundreds of angry real residents converge and front of the remains of the museum shouting out with tenor the president and our culture is not a commodity president michel tenor has ordered the museum be rebuilt as soon as
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possible knowing nevertheless as do all brazilians that what has been lost can never be recovered to see in human al-jazeera. let's get more on our top story now the reported death of july out of than what carney asama been a looks back on how he created a network in northern waziristan that became known for its complex while organized attacks on both the afghan and u.s. military. this remote and rugged land on the border with understand is believed to have been home to some of the world's most wanted group of fighters among them the network led by this man. connie back in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine was fighting the soviets in of learned stan and the cia was happy to fund him with the help of pakistan's military there became one of the most sophisticated groups of fighters in afghanistan but with the fall of the soviet union and the rise of the taliban in the one nine hundred ninety s. carney and his combatants were no longer welcome. when the u.s.
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invaded afghanistan in two thousand and one facing a common enemy brought the afghan taliban al qaida and the closer. the pakistani military support for u.s. forces hurt its ties with the network. the pakistani government knows very well what my stand is since the first days of jihad if they need to ask for something they must first come here and apologize for what they've done. they're gunning it for consolidated its positions in south east in the blind stand and then its attacks became more brazen and reach targets in the capital kabul. of an intelligence and the u.s. led coalition said how can a network was behind complex attacks on high profile targets and hostage takings think in you in two thousand and eight the united states added conny son sinatra dean on its list of terrorists and in twenty twelve labeled the group
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a foreign terrorist organization the u.s. says the bulk of the money networks finances come from a number of illegal businesses drug trade extortion wrote taxes and ransom. for over a decade u.s. drone strikes and pressure in pakistan to launch a ground offensive against the hop on the network remained inconclusive. but in twenty fourteen pakistan decided to force out foreign fighters operating in its tribal areas by sending in ground forces and after an attack on a school in the shower in december that year the government decided to ban the money network and its affiliates but shadowy groups have been banned before and the challenge will be to implement the ban along the poorest of the border some a big job is there. a controversy about anti semitism is threatening to split russians opposition labor party leader jameco ben is facing increasing cost of asylum and the party's national executive committee is meeting to debate
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a formal definition of anti semitism lawlessly reports from london. who is jeremy corbett he is he as his fervent supporters believe the most moral politician in generations a man who spent his entire life campaigning for political justice for palestine or is he as he is equally fervent opponents allege a closet racist and anti semites who says there's a difference between criticizing israel and criticizing jews but he blows the lines between the two. there's always been a split in the labor party on israel with one wing supportive of the palestinian struggle and another wing including many jewish labor party members who actively accept and support the existence of the state of israel but never before has that split come to the surface like this because never before has there been a labor party leader so obviously pro palestinian. but the heart of it is labour's refusal to accept several examples of anti semitic language and views as defined by
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the international holocaust remembrance alliance or i h r a it is deemed for example anti semitic to say that jews are more loyal to israel than their own country or that the state of israel is by definition racist or that israeli government policies are like those of nazi germany corbin and his supporters claim this prevents them from properly criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinian people. a whole raft of labor party heavyweights like former prime minister gordon brown have demanded the party clarify properly its position by falling into line with the i h r a at a time when the ruling conservative party is in the whole of the brics states labor is tearing itself apart labor almost isn't functioning as a coherent political entity at the moment within it it's not so much sort of you know moderates versus corporate knights really what you see is a sort of warring fiefdoms so in quite some more there's the right wing against
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coburn there's a centrist against coburn there's even the left against coburn there are divisions within the leader's office there are influences from different parts of youth movements and trade unions things all very chaotic the other question is the effect it has on coleman's reputation the may only be three hundred thousand jewish people in the u.k. but repeated suggestions of the veteran and see racist may himself have a problem carry significant electoral risk liberal leaning voters labor supporting voters who think they're in a party or supporting a party which is anti racist and think they are themselves onto racists and don't want to be supporting a party which appears to be always claim to be anti semitic labor's national executive is under enormous pressure finally to change its policy though so angry is the mood in the powerful left wing but it isn't a foregone conclusion labor remains a party whose membership of the leader but his politicians are deeply divided on. a loss is joining us live now from outside the labor party headquarters in london so
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what are we expecting lines from today's conference. well this is certainly where it's all all coming to a head in the building here and the expectation is that the executive probably will back not just the definition but all the examples of anti semitism as containing the documents i mentioned in that report but there is a lot of anger from the group you can probably see in the background there are supporters of jeremy colvin who regard this basically as attempt by the right wing of the labor party to undermine colvin's leadership and an assault on free speech and their right to criticize israel as and when they see it without being accused of being racist let's talk to one of the organizers of of all this been seka from jewish voice the voice for labor do you think they're going to adopt the i.h.r. a definition and examples of anti-semitism i think is hanging in the balance that they might not they might not they may. introduce some qualifications to
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the eleven points we don't know yet we should mean that you could say do you think israel is in the past like state or something without being accused of being anti-semitic yes i mean more is really important is if they adopt the eleven examples to take to me the seventh one colvin talked about the one that wants to prevent people defining israel as a racist enterprise. we want the human rights act principles to be applied to the whole of the disciplinary process or the procedures and all the documents. that would ensure the right of free speech over and above the codes or to be clear you would regard as a breach of your human rights not to be able to say that you regard israel as a racist entity absolutely i mean israel is a state no state can be above moral judgment. day this close seven says
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for example by defining a israel's. not the israel state a israel state as a racist enterprise that he's a racist that. in the past now or in the future i can have that protection when my family could time it is very complicated lots of us do with free speech and with which we can talk about a bit more later but it's well the meeting will go on for some hours and well will come back with more from hello all right lawrence thank you very much for that that is largely in london and we're going to. we're going to take you live to geneva now where we're hearing from the un's on boy for serious stuff on the mystery were taking questions from journalists about all the latest from syria including and there province let's listen them with support your position and i am convinced that if we are going through what they hope will be a useful meeting on the tenth and eleventh we would be having as we hope the
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beginning of discussions among this year's davis for both to be done by a.b.c. and we are facilitating supporting and the opposition list is there. and. tom miles from orders good afternoon. this process now seems to be a shadow of its former self and although you say you know we haven't stopped i mean frankly it is beginning to look like a process to just tick the boxes of twenty to fifty four rather than to make actual any actual real change in the governments of syria so you know how realistic do you think it is that we're going to see any real difference in syrian politics in three or five years time and also can you give us any idea about timeframes for this constitutional committee is it going to be in place by the end of the year do you think is it going to you know do its job within
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a certain time frame or is it just open ended thanks very much. i must say that you have a point and you know very well we have went through this in the past the revolution twenty two fifty forty seven large and comprehensive really for lucian it did take place sometime ago when many thinks had not changed and we had to take that into account all of us including those who were part of the drafting the resolution twenty two fifty four so we are using twenty to fifty for a broader and stronger in my opinion guideline but now look at this. constitutional committee reform of death current constitution or a new constitution if properly through an inclusive process
1:44 pm
da'ath fact and touch many of the aspects of any country or any government including election so while i do recognize we were talking about that large type of series of initiatives and you don't think that you are familiar with facts on the ground change its attitude and even political changes there is still one common ground that including its old chief. on its constitutional committee now that's what i'm saying is going to be a moment of truth if the constitutional committee does not take off and if the constitutional committee becomes a long winding ongoing justice process about the process then i would agree with you but give it a try of i feel that the due to all the things as well it is important so i give
1:45 pm
you one example. well you know there is a lot of discussion about the refugees. and greatly so well my father was a political refugee so that was born in sweden. it was not in favor of the fascist period immediately well i remember him telling me what i'm hearing from many syrians well we're looking of course for a child or a hospital for a rodent on a job but above all we need to have in front of us a political rival so even in the gates of the issue of refugees a political rival which could and should come through a credible constitutional reform becomes important. most of america could you please move a little bit over for us so we have been listening there to the u.n.
1:46 pm
envoy for syria stefan de mestre taking questions from journalists in geneva talking about the future of syria and about a constitutional committee saying that its work will be a moment of truth and that a reform of the current constitution or a new constitution is properly done will touch many aspects of governance including elections. we will monitor that conference for you to see what else we get out of it but let's move on to the rest of the news. now as cities around the world struggle with air pollution hundreds of campaigners and scientists are gathered in south korea to find new ways to tackle the crisis and while the spotlight it's been on cities like new delhi and beijing hong kong is also suffering from high levels of pollution as a bride reports a group of activists are trying to find new ways for people to reduce their exposure to pollution. and awareness event by air pollution campaigners in
1:47 pm
a city that is becoming aware of the growing danger. this hong kong like much of mainland china has been experiencing record levels of ozone a complex mix of pollutants from vehicles and industry that's made worse during heat waves and a problem not helped by climate change. has the highest level of home for the last two decades and right now we do not know how to do without and it is a problem for hong kong and tied china polluted air has long been endured as the necessary cost of rapid economic development that's only recently been tackled. they just lation has been passed to control the industrial emissions as well as from vehicles and shipping and there's a drive towards using renewable sources of energy instead of coal. cities like beijing have been enjoying far more so-called blue sky days critics say the chinese
1:48 pm
and hong kong governments have been forced to act for fear of social discontent if they didn't but the outcome for china's cities has been the same after years of deteriorating air quality finally signs of improvement i think the political climate has changed a lot and there is a lot about our pollution being not acceptable alexis lau leads a university team that has developed a mobile app giving real time pollution readings at street level anywhere in the city people can then plan their daily routines to be as pollution free as possible then they have. information they can choose our i think there will be there are some help in trying to win their exposure to improve scientists and activists helping to empower a generation of city dwellers increasingly concerned about the air they breathe.
1:49 pm
but bright al-jazeera hong kong. to the united states now where the senate judiciary committee is set to begin four days of hearings on brett kavanaugh nomination to the supreme court cavanagh's president trance picture a place retiring justice anthony kennedy has long been seen as the court's swing vote on many contentious issues protests are expected on capitol hill in response to fears that cavanagh pulled a court even further to the right song on the political scale. now the u.s. president has again taken aim at attorney general jeff sessions blaming him for charges against two republican congressman. duncan hunter and new york. recently. they were the first. the president's. republicans in the upcoming midterm elections.
1:50 pm
well number fifty five.
1:51 pm
it is time for sport now his job elizabeth thank you the quarterback whose protest against racial inequality led to dozens of his fellow players taking a knee during the u.s. national anthem has been signed to front nike's latest marketing campaign the deal with cullen cap and it comes as we're just two days away from the new n.f.l. season and could put him among nike's highest paid athletes despite him not having
1:52 pm
a team cap in economics the deal with this follows her on twitter nike will produce merchandise branded with kappa knicks name and donate money to the former players know you'll rights campaign his decision to kneel during the anthem two years ago has since seen him lose his job as starting quarterback for the san francisco forty nine ers and file a lawsuit against n.f.l. owners for conspiring to keep him out of the leak well the deal has already sparked huge debates with some americans burning their nike footwear and all those from the director of the cia to the former president of iran coming out in support of captain ik the negative reaction has been from those who see the anthem protests as disrespectful to the american military and a fellow owners of previously come under pressure from president donald trump to fire any player that copied cappa nick in taking a knee it could be interesting to see how this plays out within the n.f.l.
1:53 pm
who have an apparel deal with nike that runs to twenty twenty eight. majestie united manager is a marine or maybe under increasing pressure to provide results with the team after a bumpy start to the english premier league season but the portuguese coach has at least fixed one of his problems according to reports in spain marine year has accepted a one year prison sentence for tax evasion while manager of real madrid from two thousand and ten to two thousand and thirteen parts he won't actually go behind bars in spain first time offenders with a prison sentence of less than two years will have the suspended rainier will have to pay a fine of around two point three million dollars though portuguese player christian or an elder accepted a similar plea bargain earlier this year. former brazil striker announce i will need to bring in some more tax accountants he's been presented as the major shareholder of spanish rail via delete the exports loan and real madrid player has bought a controlling stake of fifty one percent country to appearances he's not due to
1:54 pm
play for them roger federer has run out a six u.s. open title has been ended in a shock defeat at flushing meadows the world number two was up against australian john millman in the last sixteen the world number fifty five had never beaten a top ten opponent before and it was even less likely when frederic took the first set six three but millman fought his way back into the match taking advantage of seventy six unforced errors from federer to clinch victory in four sets moments reaching the quarterfinals of a grand slam for the first time in his career well it's federer's earliest exit from a grand slam since two thousand and fifteen. drawn to do a better mood becomes more of the most places on earth bruce been so i knew i was in for a tough one. you know maybe when you feel like that as well you start missing chances although those. it was disappointing but. just some point i was happy that the
1:55 pm
match was over. probably in a little bit of disbelief. you know i have so much respect for roger and everything he's done the game and you know he's been a hero of mine and then today he was definitely not it is best. you know i'll take it mel woman will now face two time champion novak djokovic chin the quarterfinals that had a much easier route to the last eight with a straight sets win over unseeded portuguese opponents while susa. i over in the women's draw maria share a part of his hopes of repeating her two thousand and six title when came to an end the russian had a perfect record in not matches at flushing meadows but that was also broken under the lights at author ash suarez of our o.b. test six four six three a quarter final place the perfect birthday present for suarez he turned thirteen on
1:56 pm
monday but sharp over put hamas into some perspective. challenging period of my career. here you know what's challenging is when you're a teenager and you've got a few hundred dollars and you've got no sons. you know the future and you don't know where you're going to and been you just have a dream and i think that's a lot tougher. than being thirty one years old and having the opportunity to do whatever i want to. suarez navarro will play last year is runner up madison kazan the courtis case pete dominick host civil code in straight sets. the u.s. ryder cup captain jim furyk will announce three of his fourteen picks for the competition against europe later one american looks certain to be chosen after a tour victory on monday bryson to shambo has been in five late season four he just missed out on an automatic qualifying spot for the ryder cup but as one two p.g.a.
1:57 pm
event since then the latest was at the del check technologies championship phil mickelson could also make the cut for the team he got the lowest score of the final round with sixty three helps by that fifty three foot birdie par on the eighth mickelson's former teammate tiger woods could also make the lineup against europe in paris in september the twenty fifth woods tied for twenty four here the new york yankees may have lost the upper hand in their battle for a top wildcard place in the major league baseball playoffs they're in a race with the oakland athletics for a favorable run into the world series but can a homer for the a's sealed a sixty three when oakland just three and a half games behind began the. all right that is so useful for now we'll have more for you later like very much joe and that does it for this al-jazeera news hour but do stay with us because martine dennis is here with another full news bulletin just a couple of but thank you very much for watching.
1:58 pm
the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict you don't really care after a while of palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but you just don't care about but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure they could call a good guy who is the man he initially showed up and it got an al-jazeera world tells the story of the house the symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home.
1:59 pm
or. gang life this was our foundation. i tried to do some different and when i met daisy it was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with me. and made us all pay the price of daisy and max on al-jazeera. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that possum that drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. uncover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera
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. as strikes offensive in italy probing syrian activists report at least two civilians killed in the last remaining opposition stronghold. hello i'm a fiend an issue with out of their life and also coming up. the taliban say the founder of one of afghanistan's most feared armed factions says di. pressure grows on britain's opposition leader to resign labor party executives meet to discuss anti semitism allegations against germany called it. plug and landslide warnings in japan is the strong.


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