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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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this is zero. and i welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha elizabeth piron i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes fears of a humanitarian crisis in syria as a province as air strikes began. the taliban said the founder of one of a guy on the stands most feared armed factions has died. the strongest typhoon to hit japan and other two decades makes landfall. with the sports former n.f.l. quarterback colin kaepernick strikes a big deal and sparks a big debate with the nike ad campaign plus five time u.s.
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open champion roger federer is stunned by the woman the fifty five at flushing meadows honorable reaction coming up later this hour. activists say rebel controlled adlib province and northwestern syria is being attacked from the air more than twenty separate air strikes are reported to have killed at least two civilians and injured others the united nations has warned that a full assault on a could spark a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale not yet seen in syria seven year of war the last large rebel controlled syrian province we have two correspondents covering the story challenge as in moscow but first let's check in with stephanie decker she's in on talk here near the turkey serbia border what is the latest you're hearing stephanie about what's happening in and. around. actually right on the
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border elizabeth as you mentioned the twenty four air strikes so we're being told from sources on the ground seven civilians now confirmed dead it one of this happening around the southwestern area of the province around a town called good what's interesting is that there had been rumors over the last few weeks that this area could be the first stage of a limited offensive of the start for first phase if you will having said that in the last hour and a half or so there's been no reported airstrikes we are hearing from some of our sources on the ground that there been some incoming rockets around this area of good but again i think it's too early to say whether a full scale offensive is already underway and just briefly you mentioned there the humanitarian concerns we're just waiting for the head of the turkish red crescent to come out of it he went in there today to do a record to see how turkey must be preparing for this because it already hosts over three million syrian refugees there are over there almost
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a million internally displaced inside the province you can see the tents clowned along the border the borders remain closed so that is a massive concern for turkey which is there exerting extend its hind the scenes also with. what many will tell you is a ration stephanie thank you very much for that a stephanie deca joining us from the turkish syrian border from. let's go to our russia correspondent rory chalons now he's in the capital for us what are you hearing voy a specially about russian involvement in this offensive in the. well the kremlin spoke a short while ago just over an hour ago and dmitri peskov the kremlin spokes spokes person talks about how it was a hotbed of terrorism and that this was a serious problem the. needs to be sorted out and he went on to say the
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indeed the syrian armed forces are preparing to do so he said that this hotbed of terrorism in labor was proving problematic for russia as well that there were attacks against the russian airbase in a from a member coming from a glib and he criticized donald trump for his warning that an offensive against shouldn't go ahead of said donald trump was acting on incomplete assessments of the situation in comprehensive assessments of the situation and that he didn't think that donald trump would got it right. basically or the russians are doing here and i think is is saying that the syrian army has the rights to do what it needs to do in what he is not saying at the moment is how much assistance they're going to get from russia because of course it was russia's
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involvement intervention in this war in two thousand and fifteen that turned the tides in favor of damascus and every russian offend every damascus offensive that there has been since then to take back territory from the road from the from the russians sort of from the rebels has come with russian air support so if there is a big offensive in a lip what we assume to be the last major stage of this civil war then it is very likely to come with russian air power indeed the bombing that we've seen over the last few hours in a live may well have been coming from russian airplanes already but what we don't know from the. that at least is how much a support they're going to give them. thank you very much for that we will of course be monitoring all the developments out of it live very closely but that is joining us from moscow fun now. we're going to move on to other news now in the fall of. the death of
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a lot of the colony he founded the hakani network responsible for decades of suicide bomb attacks and hostage taking of the designated by the u.s. and u.n. as an international terrorist organization that's going to name his model. for most of the world. will be remembered for the decades of havoc and bloodshed he plotted in afghanistan. the hakani network he founded is accused of planning this truck bombing in kabul last year that killed about one hundred fifty people denied involvement and the network is also accused of taking hostages such as u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl and a canadian family. conny was an american ally during the soviet invasion of afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. the cia regarded him as a brave tactician. during the us invasion in two thousand and one he
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became an enemy his group responsible for a string of attacks on u.s. and nato troops. the prolific use of suicide bombers and murders of government officials became trademarks depending who you are the one thing that you have to admit is this you don't know he's a he's. in the. water that he has meaning is doing the sort of last for decades throughout his life formed alliances of convenience and adapted as needed. a common theme to rid afghanistan of occupying forces he was a military commander receiving u.s. aid to fight the soviets. i mean. you know you know. if you're an enraged you know. you know what in your partner. and what.
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he learned arabic and forge ties with arab armed groups and leaders such as osama bin laden he later became a taliban leader the u.s. has long the queues the haqqani network of being linked to the pakistani intelligence agency for years how conny has been ill and leadership of his network was passed on to his son so roger dean in two thousand and one he's also a deputy leader of the taliban so don't expect much much change happening in terms of different density of engagement. in the out on war as followers more in july. analysts expect the group he founded to continue to wage attacks in afghanistan natasha going to zero. looks back now on how many created a network in northern waziristan that the cave known for its complex well organized
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attacks on all of the afghan and the u.s. military. this remote and rugged land on the border with understand is believed to have been home to some of the world's most wanted group of fighters among them the network led by this man. connie back in one nine hundred seventy nine was fighting the soviets in of learned stan and the cia was happy to find him with the help of pakistan's military their network became one of the most sophisticated groups of fighters in afghanistan but with the fall of the soviet union and the rise of the taliban in the one nine hundred ninety s. carney and his combatants were no longer welcome. when the u.s. invaded of going to stand in two thousand and one facing a common enemy brought the afghan taliban al qaeda and the closer. the pakistani military support for u.s. forces hurt its ties with the network. the pakistani government knows very well what my stand is since the first days of
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jihad if they need to ask for something they must first come here and apologize for what they've done. there kanina for consolidated its positions in southeast in a blunder stan and then its attacks became more brazen and reach targets in the capital kabul. of one intelligence and the u.s. led coalition said how can a network was behind complex attacks on high profile targets and hostage takings begin you in two thousand and eight the united states added july conny son sinatra dean on its list of terrorists and in twenty twelve labeled the group a foreign terrorist organization the u.s. says the bulk of the money networks finances come from a number of illegal businesses drug trade extortion wrote taxes and ransom. for over a decade u.s. drone strikes and pressure in pakistan to launch a ground offensive against the hop on the network remained inconclusive. but in twenty fourteen pakistan decided to force out foreign fighters operating in its
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tribal areas by sending in ground forces and after an attack on a school in the shower in december that year the government decided to ban the money network and its affiliates but shadowy groups have been banned before and the challenge will be to implement the ban along the poorest of the border some of the job it does or. the final day of the china africa summit in beijing frezza didn't change in playing has told african leaders that there were no strings attached as they promised them another sixty billion dollars in financing on monday he also said china would waive the debt of the poorest african countries that have diplomatic ties with beijing adrian brown has more from beijing. or chinese and african leaders are hailing the outcome of the summit but online on social media there is anger and criticism over the decision by china's government to extend sixty billion dollars in loan to africa much of that criticism has been appearing
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on way both that's china's equivalent of twitter many of those posts have now been deleted by chinese censors but we managed to retrieve save some before that happened let me give you a flavor of what they said why can't we use the money to improve the quality of our lives it's ok that chinese children are starving so long as those in africa a being third money earned with our sweat and blood is being used to build the friendship bridge between china and africa that is a measure of some of the described them and well that summit has now wound up president xi jinping said that it showed the relations between africa and china were at an all time high cyril rama poser the president of south africa and the co-chair of this summit said that it was the best china african forum so far but the shared your news conference was delayed by more than two and a half hours and journalists were not able to ask either man a question and more importantly no reason was given for that delay. six people have
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died is tough and jeffy had japan trains and flights suspended and damages mounting an airport in asarco has been flooded and a tanker smashed into the only bridge connecting the islands to the mainland there are warnings that the weather system could trigger floods and landslides in the southwest japan has already enjoyed extreme weather this year when flooding and then a heat wave killed hundreds fadi salami has more from tokyo. thank you jim he has already bought the whole but if you know what that guy which was didn't it's painted as a big disaster there it's just a few doesn't seem possible grown wings fight. over the need to get so many people where when afraid that the defeat in from such evidence be able to understand this kind of but if you're right. and action even so some people would be doing it for showing us the truth so we can see that anyway it's one of the runways in the
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gunfight airport which is the. airport terminal it's loaded with both that i don't think they're they. going to use it for maybe a couple of days also people there because i know it sounds good and she points on the bridge connecting the boats with fifty. but after one turns on trying to walk away the crew of the ship some of the nobles and even people on the ship then just a bit huge chunk about twenty metres long and one thousand bones weigh it weighed about one thousand pumps. the siphon is now doing won't. go to more weight but it's going to cruise alongside the wisconsin japan for the about nine hours from now and we're expecting you have your rain in tokyo and other council areas within the next hour coming if you always see. we have plenty more
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head on the news hour including argentina's president introduces drastic austerity measures as the economy teeters on the edge of disaster why the u.k. is opposition labor party is split over the issue of anti semitism. she doesn't have a team bob he is the new face of sportswear giant nike find out how the man who began a protest of the n.f.l. has taken his activism beyond the fear. the spanish government has. to saudi arabia it says it's cancelling an order of four hundred positions forms and returning more than ten million dollars in payments the saw the iraq he led coalition has been widely criticized for civilian deaths caused by its bombing campaign in yemen germany and norway also suspended their arms exports to the saudi led coalition earlier this year and sales to the
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kingdom have become a politically contentious issue in a number of other countries including the us great and canada well let's get more on this now we're joined by andrew smith in london he's the spokesman for the campaign against trade very good to have you with us on al-jazeera germany as a spain for the latest country to say that they'll suspend sales to saudi arabia as we mentioned a number of countries have said they're going to have done so this year what impact do you think this suspension is going to have all the sol the immorality coalition's operations in yemen will result in fewer civilian deaths and injuries. well i think it puts a lot of pressure on the sadia led coalition and it's an incredibly important precedent cross says incredibly important precedent to the governments who are continuing to arm and support this brutal bombardment such as the governments in
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the us in view who have sought by far the most weapons we hope that the spanish government. stays true to its word but we also hope that it does apply pressure internationally and that it does call for governments to do the same the u.s. u.k. france continue and they just some of the countries that are continuing to the saudis and they of course are the main supply is could we see a change there especially given you know american bombs have been used and students reports they're being used in incidents with a high in number of civilian deaths including children. were certainly hope that was going to be change in the u.k. for example it's been an issue which is going to the high court is going to be in the court of appeal next here but there has to be concerted political pressure as well and we know where public opinion stands in view came across europe is firmly against its firmly against arms exports to human rights abusing regimes in dictatorships across the world and what we've seen in yemen is one of the worst
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humanitarian crises in the world phases of photos of people have been killed vital infrastructure has been wiped out and deadly disease has been allowed to take root and all the while the arms companies have been profiting from that every step of the way so that's the action that sort of being taken in the u.k. what about the u.s. because after that latest incident involving at least forty children being killed in a bus in yemen i think it was last month they have there was a lot of pressure from the democrats that they should come back before the u.s. congress has there been any movement there. over has been pressuring congress but unfortunately i don't think the trumpet ministration as one that is going to take arms control particularly seriously unless there is a continuous political pressure for them to do so and of course the arms sales which are taking place tomorrow could be used to fuel for years and years to come the bomb which hit the boss could just as easily have been the u.k.
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made a bomb that could just as easily have been french meat bomb the fact it was an american bomb i think has had a political significance but it shouldn't take a tragedy of scale in order for politicians to realize what is wrong to sell weapons to dictatorships mr smith thank you very much for your time on this that as andrew smith joining us live from london thank you. thank you. now the american football player has protests against racial inequality and police brutality divided many in the united states is the new face of nike's latest marketing campaign called on cap and the multi-year deal with this photo on twitter the former quarterback for the san francisco forty nine ers was still a controversy in twenty sixteen when he refused to stand for the playing of the national anthem which is traditional at u.s. sporting events the announcement immediately led to calls on social media for a boycott of mikey goods well let's get more on this now our correspondent kristen
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salumi is joining us from more from new york sort of mentioned that those calls for a boycott of nike goods what other reaction has there been to this kristen. well we've seen support for collin kapur nick on twitter and in social media as well as opposition he has become the face of this movement not to stand as a way of expressing his concern about social issues social justice particularly police brutality among african-american people of color in the united states now he is the face of this campaign for nike which has come up with a slogan where he says believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything this is a huge campaign and it seems to be coming out a very crucial time for the n.f.l. colleen capper nick is actually suing the n.f.l.
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it's he says that the league has kept him from playing has colluded against him he hasn't been hired for a team ever since this controversy broke out but more players started following cabernets in the wake of all the controversy doing the same thing the n.f.l. is about to open its season on thursday and has no policy in place to deal with kneeling during the national anthem and right as all of this is coming to a head with the season about to start here we have nike coming down on the side of callan caprona collin capron act by supporting him in this big ad campaign when he's not even playing on the field on the other side of the issue you've got no less than president trump who has repeatedly called for coaches and league officials to get players off the field when they refused to stand during the national anthem so it's an advertising campaign for an athlete who isn't playing and is about to really light this issue up on fire all over again dividing opinion
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once again christine you know is it sort of does it represent just how divided polarized i guess american politics is right now. absolutely and just so our viewers understand in the united states it's long been a tradition at the beginning of professional sporting events to play the national anthem many people here see this as a resigned of sign of respect for the country for the military for the constitution for our government it's a tradition and so while collin cabernets says he respects all of those things and he's exercising his first amendment right to free speech to call attention to an issue other people see it very differently they see it as a sign of disrespect for as i said the flag in the military so it's a very very controversial issue and yes absolutely a sign of just how polarized this nation is when it comes to certain issues thank you very much for that finale that is kristen salumi live in new york thank you. emergency austerity measures announced by argentina's president have provoked
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protests in the capital. cutting the number of government ministries almost in half he's also boosting export taxes to try and stem a currency crisis rising inflation and the world's highest interest rates choice of oil reports from when a side is. argentina is trying to prevent a major economic crisis precedent. and nouns to emergency measures to stop the weakening of the. fight on the streets tensions continues to be on the rice on monday people gathered to protest after almost six hundred workers were laid off from this ministry they're convinced the situation will only get worse if. you know when you see what the government is doing you know the only thing we can expect is more layoffs a deteriorating situation for those who need work. maggie announced he's continuing with an austerity push and he would see the number of ministries dropped
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to ten from nineteen he also reinstated a tax on exports reversing the cuts announced soon after he was elected president three years ago. to cover what's lacking jury in this transition that has become an emergency we are asking those who can contribute i'm referring to export hours that their share will be greater we know that it's a very bad tax which goes against what we want to promote which is more exports to create more jobs across argentina but i have to ask you to understand that this is an emergency and we need your support after signing an agreement with the i.m.f. the government's main priority is to reduce the fiscal deficit but for people on the streets inflation is their main warry arjan times are watching closely the weakening of the basin because it has a direct impact. on inflation which continues to be one of the highest in the world
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and that's why exchange houses like this ones are fields with people waiting to trade in their bases for u.s. dollars. economic collapse of two thousand and one is still fresh in people's memory when a run on the currency ended with a run on the banks. millions of middle class workers were pushed into poverty many fear the current austerity measures may end up the same way economists say the crisis this time is financial and political. problems in a reasonable way the negative side of this of course those. are two votes next year we have a very poor election presidential election but i think the government's. trying to do as hard as possible this year for now maggie is focused on putting the current crisis to an end but those affected say they will remain on the streets to fight
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the policies that hurt people like them. it is time for the weather now his staff looking at japan where we've just been hit by a typhoon it's about twelve hours ago we saw the make landfall and here's the satellite picture just as it worked its way on to chico q so we saw very strong winds when it made to slam four hundred seventy two kilometers per hour that was the strongest gusts that i've seen recorded so far and it certainly did cause a fair amount of damage we saw a number of high sided vehicles for all over including some lorries as well as they tried to make their ways across the bridges we also saw this is a little bit pixilated but hopefully you can make out that ship there that slammed into this bridge caused quite a bit of damage and the facade of this building has been completely ripped off by the strong winds so the winds do seem to have been the major problem from this storm and as it ran its way northward it worked its way over the. mountains of japan and shredded it fairly readily so the northern parts of japan did fare far
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better than the southern parts this is to me is now working its way north which is being swept up by a front that's working its way eastward so the whole system's moving away into the pacific there we've still got the circulation to the north of us on wednesday but even that will begin to pull away as we head into thursday and by thursday there's plenty of sunshine for most of us and we'll have forgotten all about the typhoon now as we head across towards the u.s. though here we've got another system that's just developing first of all we have this area of cloud over the bahamas over florida and just about over the northern parts of cuba as well that has given us a problem with flooding over parts of florida already and now it's working its way towards the northwest it is now a tropical storm it's called gordon and it's still strengthening we're expecting that system to be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall and we've got a hurricane watch all the way from the panhandle of florida towards the west and the main problem from this hurricane is going to be with the storm surge and it's
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been. thank you very much steph still ahead on the news hour in washington the senate begins its hearings on president trump supreme court nominee. the families of two journalists and present in myanmar speak out. and in sports can tiger woods put himself in the driving seat for a place on the u.s. ryder cup team peter will be here with that story. so on al-jazeera the fourth eastern economic forum is to be held in the city of bloody bostock as russia looks to expand its influence in the asia pacific region on television and online the stream continues to talk into the extraordinary potential of social media to disseminate news the president of russia turkey and iran will meet in teheran for another summit seeking an end to the war in syria we'll have extensive coverage people in power continues to examine the use and
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abuse of power around the world the united nations general assembly hold the seventy third session what action will it take on atrocities in me in march and we'll bring you all the news so turned up on al-jazeera. in an instantly shifting news cycle the listening post takes calls and questions the world's media exposing how the press operates and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored the listening post on al-jazeera. could have with us on the al-jazeera news our top stories after the say rebel controlled adlib province in northwestern syria is being attacked from the air more
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than twenty separate dogs of reported to have killed at least seven civilians and injured others and the last rebel held territory the taliban and afghanistan has announced the death of commander of and how carney he fell under the network responsible for decades of suicide bomb attacks and hostage taking his death has been reported several times before this thought to be in his eighty's and had been bedridden adam urgency austerity measures have been announced by argentina's president. is cutting the number of ministries almost in half as well as boosting export taxes to try and stem a currency crisis. now controversy about anti-semitism is threatening to split russians opposition labor party leader jamey corbin is facing increasing calls to resign and the party's national executive committee is meeting today to a formal definition of anti semitism lawrence live reports from london. who is
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jeremy corbin is he as his fervent supporters believe the most moral politician in generations a man who spent his entire life campaigning for political justice for palestine or resee equally fervent opponents allege a close it racist an anti semites who says there's a difference between criticizing israel and criticizing jews but you blurs the lines between the two. there's always been a split in the labor party on israel with one wing supportive of the palestinian struggle and another wing including many jewish labor party members who actively accept and support the existence of the state of israel but never before has that split come to the surface like this because never before has there been a labor party leader so obviously pro palestinian. at the heart of it is labour's refusal to accept several examples of anti semitic language and views as defined by the international holocaust remembrance alliance or i h r a it is deemed for
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example anti semitic to say that jews are more loyal to israel than their own country or that the state of israel is by definition racist or that israeli government policies are like those of nazi germany corbin and his supporters claim this prevents them from properly criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinian people a whole raft of labor party heavyweights like former prime minister gordon brown have demanded the party clarify properly its position by falling into line with the i.h.r. a at a time when the ruling conservative party is in a hole of with bricks its labor is tearing itself apart labor almost isn't functioning as a coherent political entity at the moment within it it's not so much sort of you know moderates versus korver knights really what you see is a sort of warring fiefdoms so in them quite small there's the right wing against coburn there's a centrist against coburn there's even the left against coburn there are divisions
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within the leader's office there are influences from different parts of youth movements and trade unions things all very chaotic the other question is the effect it has on coleman's reputation the manly be three hundred thousand jewish people in the u.k. but repeated suggestions of the veteran and see racist may himself have a problem carry significant electoral risk liberal leaning voters labor supporting voters who think they're in a party or supporting a party which is on. the racist and think they are themselves onto racist and don't want to be supporting a party which appears to be always claim to be anti semitic labors national executive is under enormous pressure finally to change its policy though so angry is the mood in the powerful left wing but it isn't a foregone conclusion labor remains a party whose membership of the leader but his politicians are deeply divided on him. and lawrence is joining us live now from outside the labor party headquarters in london so what are we expecting from today's conference live
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well it looks like they might finally agree to this. definition of the seven system but provide themselves some of the ads to give themselves political cover because they they are very defiance and they certainly don't want to be seen to be giving in so what they see is a conspiracy against colbert in his movements on the part of. more right wing labor m.p. sections of the right wing media in this country in the what they see as israeli lobby trying to undermine corbin the base of it's all that cold in the him self is particularly angry about and digs his heels in over is the apparent inability of himself to describe israel as a racist and surprise as a country without being accused of anti semitism according to the terms of of this coast the way that people usually get around these seas is say say say say for example you have a situation where israel attacks say. something in the gaza strip and blows up
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a load of food for children or killed some children or something people say that's outrageous israel shouldn't do that. ass not be anti semitic but if you say it's outrageous that israel did that and it goes to prove that israel is an apartheid state in the way it treats palestinians then that is counted in this code as anti semitic and colvin and his supporters say that that code basically restricts their freedom of speech and their ability to make what they argue is a cogent and gerunds an important political point about israel that they're allowed to make and in other countries but apparently not not not with israel and so that's the bit that's ultimately the sticking points and they seem to want to come to an accommodation because they need to put this behind them where they say ok we'll accept the codes but we want the right to say what we think about is right at the same time even if you don't like it because that saw freedom of speech and if they can if the two sides can agree about this law and where does it go from here.
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well if they agree then then then it takes a lot of the heat out of it the parliament she labor party that's labor politicians in parliaments are to hold a meeting on wednesday which is supposed to sign off the executives agreements of this if they do start off here then it's a foregone conclusion if they don't sign it off here and dig their heels in and say we won't accept this definition because it basically muzzles us then i think you can start to see a lot more resignations inside the labor policy an absolute fluck crisis you might if you're watching this in other parts of the world you might say well so what's the is the reason why it matters is because the economics that the political stakes of this country is such partly because of bracks is that the government could collapse in the autumn and that could be a general election and it could be possible the jeremy corbin could be prime minister but if that happened with a deeply divided party and the prime minister who is overtly supporting the
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palestinian cause and overtly against state of israel that becomes quite an important and serious international diplomatic issue lines thank you very much for that for now that is lawrence lee joining us live from london thank you. for the families of two voices journalists who were convicted of spying and given a seven year jail term say they'll appeal the verdict the wives of wilen and choice along with their lawyers held a press conference and yank on they say their journalists are being punished for doing their job the two were arrested in december last year while investigating the execution of ten or henchmen men by myanmar soldiers and militia men when he has more from young gone. since their arrest in december last year and during the trial while lone inch or so who have remained relatively positive and defiance they say they were framed they were handed these top secret documents by the police who moments later turned around and arrested them but clearly it has taken its toll on
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them and their families and a day after the verdict was handed down giving them seven years in prison the wives of while alone and gave their reaction to the media in yang gone. you know i thought he would be released but that's not happened i was so upset he totally innocent they were just doing their job as reporters the judge said they had an intent to harm become it makes me feel really bad i hope i believe that he would come to our family as soon as possible he's a good citizen there's been international condemnation of the verdict but still nothing from aung san suu kyi the state councilor of me and maher once a champion of free speech and human rights we have heard from the deputy information minister only tune out when asked about why own son sujit hasn't spoken out about the verdict he said that criticizing the judicial system would be tantamount to contempt of court but it is really still all eyes on aung san suu kyi
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and her government to see whether they will grant pardons to while alone and short . they've been protests in the south of yemen and that anger over the south the u.s. the coalition's presence in the country demonstrators in the government governor rather chanted for the coalition to leave calling it hopped off of us they have been on the protests in yemen south over the government's failure to take measures against rising prices and the collapse of the currency. back now to one of our top stories the death of out of that hardly al-jazeera is eunice yes that has been following the reaction to the death from the afghan capital kabul. after a long fight with illness today dean had curly one of the most influential figures in afghanistan died at the age of seventy two the spokesman of taliban confirmed today the death of the founder and the leader of her new network. a group
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and organization that many experts here in afghanistan believe they have between five and ten thousand will trained will equipped. insurgents in the in the southeast region of afghanistan the provinces back to back to. the family of how carney is very influential over there they have tribal relationship across the border with pakistan which made it easy for the insurgents to get through the border and attack inside afghanistan without detection and the chief executive of the lab the law said today that the afghans will be always grateful for the contribution. during the afghan jihad against the soviets but he said that it works today is considered a. terrorist group that they are the civilians and they target the security forces the law said that he doesn't expect any change in the networks
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behavior in the future he said that the only son see roger dean is willing to continue his alliance with taliban. well let's get more on this now we're joined by david said a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of defense for afghanistan and pakistan he's joining us live from washington d.c. mr seventy always good to have you with us on al-jazeera so it is often said that kani was a creation of the u.s. to what extent is that true. well in the case of the origination of the haqqani network the us funds as well as saudi and other arab gulf funds played a huge role in john alluded to commies ability to create a very effective fighting force against the soviets in fact there were very close relations with individual americans and with the american cia so yes i would say that the economy network was in many ways
4:42 pm
a creature of the united states and saudi arabia and it is a creature that then of course turned against the united states did the us learn any lessons from its experience in afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. well many people have said they learned the experience that we should not have left after the soviets left when the united states left afghanistan in one thousand nine hundred nine after the defeat of the soviets the united states left the field open to all the various mujahideen leaders who had received support from the u.s. pakistan saudi arabia and other places that devolved into a civil war and led to the presence of al qaeda in afghanistan so abandoning afghanistan was the key lesson and that many people have learned and one reason that the united states is in afghanistan seventeen years after the two thousand and one world trade center attacks is because of that lesson we learned that abandoning
4:43 pm
afghanistan can lead to trouble for the united states economy had been elderly thought to be in his eighty's sick for a long time his death has been reported before do you think that it changes anything in terms of how the network operates now. i don't think it changes anything in terms of operational effectiveness. conny sun series shouldn't conny has been in charge of the network for well over a decade but during that time he has risen to a formal position of number two in the taliban leadership as well as the taliban's military commander at a time when the. taleban are talking about peace talks have had several quiet meetings reported in the press with the united states in doha. the tal of the taliban's ties to the commies ties to osama bin laden and al qaida are something that may put a put
4:44 pm
a poison pill in those negotiations so it's quite possible that the announcement of the death of john lydon economy will allow syria shouldn't conny to try and distance himself from these past associations with al-qaeda which have led to the economies being designated a terrorist organization by the us while the taliban have not so there is a distinction between the commies and the taliban from that perspective and it may be that this announcement will open the door to more effective talks between the taliban and the united states i said me it's great to get your expertise on this day appreciate your time thank you that's david seventy and washington d.c. thank you. now in staying in the united states senate judiciary committee is set to begin four days of hearings on brett kavanaugh nomination to the supreme court kavanagh's president trump to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy has long been seen as the court's vote on many contentious issues approaches that are
4:45 pm
expected on capitol hill in response to fear is that kavanagh will pull the calls even further to the right on the political scale let's go to our correspondent in jordan now she's following all these developments from washington d.c. so what's happening both at the hearing brawls and also the the protests against this nomination. well there was supposed to have been a small protest inside the hart senate office building which is just over my left shoulder before the hearing which is just getting under way. there are many police officers here though on hand to make certain that the demonstrators. these four days of confirmation hearings the big concern that protesters they have is that they believe that judge brett kavanaugh would undermine
4:46 pm
a woman's right to choose an abortion if she felt that it were necessary and this is something that has been legal in the united states since one thousand nine hundred seventy three but it has been a very big goal of conservatives here in the united states to try to restrict or eliminate that right these protesters have basically to ensure that the senators hearing this confirmation hearing understand their views on this very critical issue. as a given on the next supreme court justice. unless there is something that senate democrats are able to do or unless there is some development that arises in the next several weeks that could. jeopardize brett kavanaugh nation it's almost
4:47 pm
a forgive and foregone conclusion that he will be joining the other. on the nation's highest court and this is despite criticism from those on the law that the process is being rushed to this man who's been nominated by a president who may well be an unindicted coconspirator in a number of legal matters before the special counsel and before the u.s. justice department and so there are real questions about whether. he isn't the right person to be filling the post at this time however republicans still control the senate they control the seats on this committee it's a foregone conclusion that at the end of this week he will be voted out to the full senate for his heart for mation thank you very much for that. washington d.c. . now attending schools in the democratic republic of congo because of fear. the health ministry says the death toll has risen to seventy five since the
4:48 pm
epidemic was declared and. reports. in mangin a including key the classrooms were empty on the first day of school the area is considered the epicenter of the latest ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo. the kids here today. i think school can be a great place. worried parents say they're not taking any chances. we want our children to get the vaccine first before they start school. only a fraction of the more than eighty two thousand school age children in the two affected areas have attended lessons so far this week that's despite teaches receiving training on ebola prevention and protection to avoid the spread of the virus what do you. well we wish the kids would come this
4:49 pm
week will continue with a win as you see at the end of the wake what the future holds for us. since the outbreak was declared five weeks ago it spread across two provinces including in and around the complex dozens of groups operate health workers need military escorts to get to those in need. says without a ceasefire the disease will continue to spread and thousands of children will be at risk of losing their education victoria. still ahead. of us.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
at this time the sport now has peta of a thank you so much just days before the start of the n.f.l. season nike have named colin kaepernick as the face of the new advertising campaign the quarterback who triggered a political firestorm by kneeling during the u.s. national anthem to protest racial injustice kaepernick who doesn't even have a team announced the multi-year deal with this photo on twitter the thirty year old hasn't played since leaving the san francisco forty nine is an early twenty seven team and is currently suing the n.f.l. for allegedly freezing him out of the league because of his protests aside from the ad campaign he will also bring out a range of cap and clothing products and donate money to he's know your rights
4:52 pm
campaign. this is a huge the divisive issue in the united states and nike shares have dropped nearly two percent since the announcement with many americans posting videos of them destroying nike products in protest i want to go buy some adidas. you know how many other sneakers there are to buy to choose from there to go ahead you're going to go ahead and say hey buy our shoes we stand with people who meal for the national anthem well sorry nike i was buying you for the past twenty plus years. not anymore not only my burning my favorite pair and nike's you're burning your sales have a good day. the negative reaction comes from those who see the anthem protests as disrespectful of the american military n.f.l. owners have previously come under pressure from president donald trump to fire any player that copied captain akin taking in me and it could be interesting to see how
4:53 pm
this plays out within the n.f.l. you have an apparel deal with nike that runs to twenty twenty eight. the c.e.o. of usa gymnastics has quit kerry perry has faced increasing criticism from former olympian since replacing steve penny in the wake of the larry nasa sexual abuse scandal former team doctor nasser was sentenced to several life sentences earlier this year for sexually abusing gymnasts dating back to the one nine hundred seventy s. gymnasts and the u.s. olympic committee have criticized perry for failing to institute proper reform at the national gymnastics federation manchester united manager is a marine who has accepted a one year suspended prison sentence with the spanish tax authorities he was accused of defrauding the tax office in twenty eleven and twenty twelve while managing real madrid he will go to jail because in spain first time offenders with a sentence of less than two years will have a suspended doesn't have to pay a fine of around two point three million dollars though cristiana rinaldo accepted
4:54 pm
a similar plea bargain earlier this year. former real madrid and brazil striker ronaldo has been presented as the major shareholder of spanish club rail via dawud the x. barcelona and real madrid has bought a controlling stake of fifty one percent contrary to appearances he's not due to play for them though. roger federer's run six the u.s. open title has been ended in a shock defeat at flushing meadows the wall number two was up against australia and joined the movement in the last sixteen the world number fifty five had never beaten a top ten total before and it looked even less likely when federer took the first set six three but the moment clawed his way back into the match taking advantage of seventy six unforced errors from federer to clinch victory in four sets nomen reaching the quarter finals of a grand slam for the first time in his career while its food was only if it's
4:55 pm
a from a grand slam since twenty fifty. drawn they able to do a bit better maybe comes from one of the most humid places on earth from brisbane so i knew i was in for a tough one and you know maybe when you feel like that as well you start missing chances obviously and i had those so it was disappointing but look i'm just some point i was happy that the match was over i guess. probably in a little bit of disbelief. you know i have so much respect for roger and and everything he's done the game and you know he's been a hero of mine and today he was definitely not it is best. you know i'll take it. moment know will now face two time champion over talk of a chilly quarter finals the third had a much easier route to the last eight with a straight sets win over unseeded portuguese opponent.
4:56 pm
i. haven't met in chile is also through to the quarter finals we haven't got found instead just a simple procedure for each in a rematch of twenty fourteen final. over in the women's role maria sharapova hopes of repeating her two thousand and six title win came to an aim the russian had a perfect record in night matches at flushing meadows but that was also broken under the lights set off a rash. six four six three a quarter final place the perfect birthday present for suarez he turned thirty on monday i challenging period of my career. and you know what's challenging is when you're a teenager and you've got a few hundred dollars and you've got no sense. you know the future and you don't know where you're going to and. you just have a dream and i think that's a lot tougher than. and being thirty one years old and having the opportunity to do
4:57 pm
whatever i wanted. what is navaho world play last year is a run of medicine keys in the courses keys beat dominika civil cover in straight six. the u.s. ryder cup captain jim furyk will announce three of his fourteen picks for competition against europe later brighton this shambo has a great chance he just missed out on an automatic qualifying spot but as one two p.g.a. event since then the latest diet two shots at the del technologies championship phil mickelson could also make the cut for the team he got the lowest score of the final round with sixty three helped by this fifty three foot birdie putt on the end mickelson's former teammate tiger woods could also make the line up against europe in paris on september twenty fifth. and that's all the sport more like thank you very much and that's it for the news hour but i'm back in just a couple of minutes with another phone news vavasor.
4:58 pm
the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict you don't really care after a while about palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but you just don't care about but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure they could call a good guy who is the man who made that child and the government of al-jazeera world tells the story of the house that's a symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home fresh perspectives new possibilities. debates and discussions it's only one piece on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it deserves says so much to talk about is there any way of measuring that is our number at all that we can put . out his ear is award winning programs takes you on a journey around the globe. only
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on al-jazeera. deported from the u.k. indoctrinated by somalia's unsure about how the young man this illusion pipelines rebuild his life because i am an expert who is going to make a mistake they are killed and reunite his family africa's know not to call me off my kid lost warrior a witness documentary on a jersey you can't stay. up. in the final part of a six part series filmed of a five year olds. the people who can still fight for their land. the village chief is imprisonment. and forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the soccer. crackdown the concluding part of the economy china's
5:00 pm
democracy experiment on al-jazeera. fears of a humanitarian crisis in syria. again. welcome to. headquarters in doha with me. also ahead. in the u.s. the senate judiciary committee hearing into supreme court interrupted by protest. the taliban say the founder of one of the most feared factions has died and american football.


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