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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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cuba on al-jazeera. the. fears of a humanitarian crisis in syria schedule a province as new as strikes hit the province. and i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up as fighting iran libya spreads officials release migrants from a detention center in an effort to save their lives the u.k.'s labor party moves to end the controversy surrounding its leader and alleged anti-semitism and the taliban says the founder of one of afghanistan's most feared armed factions as die . i am.
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thank you for joining us activists a rebel controlled province in northwestern syria is being attacked from the air more than twenty separate airstrikes are reported to have killed at least two civilians and injured others the united nations has warned that a full assault on it could spark a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale not seen in syria's seven year old war as a last large rebel controlled syrian province stephanie deca has more from montauk yanni a turkey's border with syria. twenty four airstrikes so we're being told from sources on the ground seven civilians now confirmed dead it one of this happening around the southwestern area of the province around a town called good what's interesting is that there had been rumors over the last few weeks at this area could be the first stage of a limited offensive of the stars for the first phase if you will having said that
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in the last hour and off or so there's been no reported airstrikes we are hearing from some of our sources on the ground that there been some incoming rockets around this area of good but again i think it's too early to say whether a full scale offensive is already underway and just briefly humanitarian concerns we're just waiting for the head of the turkish red crescent to come out of it live he went in there today to do a record to see how turkey must be preparing for this because it already hosts over three million syrian refugees there are over there almost a million internally displaced inside the province. his al-jazeera is really challenge now with reaction from moscow. well the kremlin spoke a short while ago just over an hour ago and dimitri peskov the kremlin spokes spokes person talks about how it was a hotbed of terrorism and that this was a serious problem the. needs to be sorted out and he went on to say that
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indeed the syrian armed forces are preparing to do so he said that this hotbed of terrorism in. proving problematic for russia as well that there were attacks against the russian airbase in a from a member coming from it live and he criticized donald trump for his warning that an offensive against adlib shouldn't go ahead. donald trump was acting on incomplete assessments of the situation in comprehensive assessment of the situation and that he didn't think that donald trump a got it right basically or the russians are doing here i think is is saying that the syrian army has the rights to do what it needs to do in what he is not saying at the moment is how much assistance they're going to get from
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russia. while the u.n. is warning of a bloodbath in a deliberate syria envoys to find a minister or has even made a personal plea to the russian end to talk and i would like to take the liberty frankly. to address myself if you loan me to through you. to place him putting into place didn't. you have been there once at the beginning and i know because i was very much witnessing what happened at the end of the siege and the fighting of a little you were the ones who actually were able to talk to each other make a telephone call organize a formula that allowed the end of that horrible peter not to be worth. a telephone call between the two of you would make a big difference in other world news hundreds of refugees and migrants have been
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released from a detention center in libya because of fighting near by rival armed groups are battling for control of the capital tripoli dozens have been killed in days of fighting the un's want to nearly eight thousand migrants who don't have food or medical treatment are trapped let's speak to our correspondent in tripoli libya's capital mahmud abdel one hard to tell us for us about the latest humanitarian situation as these rival crashed off for more than a week. well fully that is definitely has taken a heavy toll on civilians the clashes that have been going on for the last week have force had so many civilians out of their homes and today according to a supervisor. illegal immigration compared department. belongs to the interior minister the interior minister the government of national
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called he said that they had to release. the migrants in order to save their lives he said that more than a thousand african migrants have been released from that detention center that's because they did the detention center word they were kept is closed today clashes going on in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital again so many libyans have been forced out of their homes and they they cannot go back to their homes because of the clashes and as you know fully that more than forty people have been killed since the clashes broke out on the twenty seventh of august and so many civilians are among the dead according to according to the. health ministry so what i see now donations are the biggest sorry to interrupt you i just wonder what the united nations is doing to try and end the fighting. well
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currently the united nations support mission in libya is holding a meeting with representatives of all the warring groups besides present from the internationally recognized government of national accord and the interior ministry in order to come up with a solution to put an end to this conflict the united nations support the mission in libya including you're an invoice to libya and his deputy stephanie williams. the aim of this meeting is primarily to put in into this conflict and to save the lives of civilians of civilians and to also to. alleviate the suffering on civilians and to stop destroying their houses thank you for that mahmud abdullah had live for us in tripoli. the british labor party has
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moved to resolve a highly charged issue that's been tearing it apart for months the governing body of the neighbor party has been considering whether to adopt an international definition of anti-semitism after accusations of it because of its stance on israel and the treatment of palestinians labor leader jeremy corbyn as face calls to resign over his refusal to accept the full definition said there was no place for anti-semitism in the party but argue the definition does not allow for criticism of israel's treatment of palestinians lawrence lee is outside the labor party headquarters in london with more on what was just agreed. they've agreed finally with much kicking and screaming to solve all not just the definition of anti semitism as defined by the holocaust remembrance committee but but also its examples and crucially to the examples that relate to criticism of israel
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the one that jeremy called himself particularly objected to was that it was deemed ninety semitic to describe israel is by definition a racist and surprise he said that was effectively shutting down a foreign policy or political opinion but there has been so much criticism of him and his supporters that they have eventually climbed down but with the county out there are there except all the eggs examples of an semitism but have said that this does not in any way undermine the freedom of expression in israel and the rights of palestinians but if then go on olive branch to their opponents by saying we really invite organization engaging consultation on the code of conduct and what they're trying to do now a thing is to offset any further division of the parliamentary labor party tomorrow which is now going to have to sign up so wallace i want to see how much disagreement there is particularly on that kaviak clause that they put in on the end of it now and say in london now with the start of september the united states
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has taken over the rotating presidency of the u.n. security council normally that's a routine occurrence the job changes hands every month but this month there is some controversy let's speak to our diplomatic editor james frey's who is live from u.n. headquarters in new york so it looks like the u.s. chamber has already started their presidency of the security council in a very rare fashion tell us what's been going on. yes well we saw some of the deliberations we don't normally see of the security council we had an open meeting of the security council and that's because some of the other countries objected to the agenda that's being drawn up by the u.s. ambassador nikki haley they objected in particular to a meeting on nicaragua of bolivia the charge there saying that the protests in the crackdown in nicaragua were did not amount to an issue of international peace and security and shouldn't be discussed by the u.n. security council and led to
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a discussion about the whole program of work for the month the u.s. has decided not to get a formal adoption of the program as is the normal practice and they will just pursue that program but it does mean that at any point countries can vote on any meeting whether it should take place and i think that is likely to happen in the next twenty four hours because that meeting only correct you or has been settled for wednesday morning and it's looking likely they'll be a procedural vote on whether that meeting should take place so already a great deal of unusual activity here with the trumpet ministration and ambassador halley in charge of the security council it looks like it's going to be a very interesting month james frey's at the united nations thank you very much for that. the taliban in afghanistan have confirmed the death of john dean had konnie a former american ally who became the theorist's enemy that county network has been for decades or so side bomb attacks and hostage taking and designated by the un as an international terrorist organization his son see roger dean who succeeded him as
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leader says his father died after a long illness at a chicago name has more. for most of the world. will be remembered for the decades of havoc and bloodshed he plotted in afghanistan. the how conny network he founded is accused of planning this truck bombing in kabul last year that killed about one hundred fifty people the group denied involvement and the network is also accused of taking hostages such as u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl and a canadian family. was an american ally during the soviet invasion of afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. the cia regarded him as a brave tactician. during the u.s. invasion in two thousand and one he became an enemy his group responsible for a string of attacks on u.s.
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and nato troops. the prolific use of suicide bombers and murders of government officials became trademarks depending who you are the one thing that you have to admit is this you don't know he's a he's. in the. water that he has meaning is doing the sort of last four decades throughout his life formed alliances of convenience and adapted as needed. a common theme to rid afghanistan of occupying forces he was a military commander receiving u.s. aid to fight the soviets. i mean. you know you know. and. you know but in your new partner. and what. he learned arabic and forge ties with arab armed groups and leaders such as osama
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bin laden he later became a taliban leader the u.s. has long the queues the haqqani network of being linked. to the pakistani intelligence agency for years how conny has been ill and leadership of his network was passed on to his son so roger dean in two thousand and one he's also a deputy leader of the taliban so don't expect much much change happening in terms of tactics and i'm different density of engagement on his in the in the out on war as followers more in july. analysts expect the group he founded to continue to wage attacks in afghanistan natasha going to zero to a head on al jazeera. the us senate judiciary committee hearing into donald trump's supreme court pick is interrupted by protesters plus the families of two journalists imprisoned in
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myanmar speak out. hello there for many of us it's quiet and hot across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is picking up a fair amount of cloud between the black sea in the caspian sea and that could just give us one or two showers i think we're also at risk of seeing the odd shower in the northern parts of iran there towards the northwest it looks dry for us in turkey on wednesday but then the weather system works its way towards us as we head into thursday so more cloud more rain here and some of that rain really does look quite heavy even further to the south and here in doha it's just been hot and humid over the past few days and no major change over the next few days either the winds are going to continue to feed him from the sea picking up all the moisture as they do so so our maximum temperature around thirty nine or forty degrees as we head
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through the next few days maybe up to forty one by thursday but still staying very sticky the south coast of oman is likely to have a little bit more cloud at times although here it should be largely drying out towards the southern parts of africa plenty of dry fine weather to be found here but we do have this little system that's making its way towards cape town that's going to bring us a few showers also track down the temperatures as we head into wednesday so a maximum for of just thirteen degrees and then as we head into thursday expect that rain to turn heavy as it drifts eastwards. to. just. in indonesia. is a billion dollar business want to win east investigates the price the country's
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paying. to feed the world's. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera activists say rebel controlled if the province in northwestern syria is being attacked from the air more than twenty separate airstrikes are reported to have killed at least two civilians and injured others in the last rebel held territory in the country the united nations has warned that a full assault on a date could spark a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale not seen in syria seventy year old. britons labor party has agreed to
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adopt an internationally accepted definition of anti-semitism after it tries to defuse a damaging internal feud the issue has led to live of protests calls for you to jeremy corbyn to resign and fears the party could split in two and hundreds of refugees and migrants have been released from a detention center in libya because of fighting nearby rival armed groups are battling for control of the capital in chipley more than forty people have been killed in days of fighting the un is warning nearly eight thousand migrants who don't have food or medical treatment are be are trapped. now the spanish government has cut off on sales sue saudi arabia says. counseling and order of four hundred percent bombs and returning more than ten million dollars in payments the saudi in iraq to that coalition has been widely criticized for civilian deaths caused by its bombing campaign in yemen germany and norway also suspended their arms exports to the saudi led coalition earlier this year an arms sales to the united kingdom to
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the kingdom rather have been a politically contentious issue in a number of other countries including the us great britain and canada well let's speak to russia in london she's an arms control researcher at amnesty international thank you very much for joining us i'm a see you're going ization as time and time again denounce western arm sales to sarge arabia and its allies so what's your reaction first to this decision by spain's government to count sold as weapons deal with riyadh are you hopeful that other countries will follow suit. well certainly i'm listening to national welcomes this decision and these kinds of munitions have been used in attacks against hospitals homes and markets in yemen time and time again and on the scene other organizations have documented serious violations of international humanitarian law including possible war crimes so you know it's high time the such action has been taken however this is just a first step and we call on the spanish government to cancel all exports to saudi arabia as you mentioned they've just cancelled this specific set of precision
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guided munitions but what we're calling for is a comprehensive suspension on the saudi arabia led coalition and all warring parties in yemen in fact given the serious violations now the spanish government will have a meeting on friday where the secretary of state will appear before the parliamentary committee the defense parliamentary committee to to discuss further action to take and we're hoping that spain will announce hopefully on the nineteenth of september to impose a comprehensive suspension on all arms exports to the saudi arabia led coalition and other countries as we said have been criticized for their support of the saudi led coalition the u.s. the u.k. and other states including france spain are continuing to transfer billions of dollars worth of such arms to the saudis they were implicitly implicitly mentioned in the recent un human rights council report about the crimes being committed in yemen no names but a mention of the supporters and these countries have signed on to the global arms
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trade treaty what can and should be done in you have you to ensure that these countries western countries abide by the norms of the treaty. yeah well i mean parliamentary scrutiny is obviously hugely important and we've seen how in spain and in other countries like the u.k. there's been huge parliamentary efforts to try and hold the government accountable for its arms exports to saudi arabia and as you mentioned there are other countries like norway germany greece who have already put in place suspensions and the u.k. in the u.s. by far the biggest exporters to saudi arabia and since two thousand and fifteen have exported nine billion dollars worth of arms including combat aircraft precision guided munitions such as the ones that we've seen that been used to commit serious violations of i shall including possible war crimes so we need the pressure to mount and we need the international community to take decisive action right now before the situation gets worse or not very many civilians are the ones who are here in the conflict when it comes when it comes we need western countries
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supporting the saudi led coalition and even the whole fees iran in the case of iran what sort of action do you think the international community should take well a first step would be to stop the arms that are fueling this conflict and have can have fueled this conflict for three and a half years now and there are legal actions occurring in various countries including the united kingdom to try and force these governments to stop these these arms exports continued pressure as i said from parliament from the parliaments from the public to ensure that these states abide by their arms trade treaty obligations is absolutely crucial and i'm a see and other organizations around the world have joined together to try and put pressure on these governments to stop these arms exports and to be held accountable for what appear to be violations of international obligations including the out there arms trade treaty obligations russia abdulrahim from amnesty international thank you very much for talking to us thank you. nike's new advertising campaign is
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provoking controversy and calls for a boycott by customers the sportswear manufacturer has hired kannan cap uneek the former n.f.l. quarterback sparked a national outcry by needling during the american national anthem in protest against racial injustice and police brutality christensen only has more from new york. believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything that's the slogan that nike has chosen for collin capper nick and its new ad campaign which is proving to be just as controversial as the national football league star himself he inspired a movement among fellow players to not stand during the national anthem to instead take the need to call attention to show social injustices especially issues of race in the united states but it's been very controversial while he's gotten support from some segments of the community and certainly other players some find this very disrespectful including president trump himself who has tweeted about the issue and
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called on the n.f.l. to not allow the players on the field if they refuse to stand for the national anthem this latest slogan this campaign comes out just ahead of the season opener for the national football league on thursday night no policy in place right now to deal with the issue of taking a need during the national anthem which is considered by some to be disrespectful to the flag here in the united states so fanning the fires of an already very controversial issue controversial moment in sports with this campaign saying in the u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is facing the senate judiciary committee as it considers whether he'll be the next top judge kavanaugh as president speak to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy kennedy had been considered the court's swing vote on many controversial issues critics here kavanah will pull the court even further to the right on the political scale. for the protests at the opening of the hearing democratic senators say they haven't been given enough time to
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review kavanagh's record records i welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing on the nomination of mr brett kavanaugh mr chairman you're a very warm welcome not they don't even have an off duty to have a meeting his wife. and me their two daughters mr chairman or and i agree with and i call a manager harris mr chairman of the revenue has already large files and documents that we have and everyone else joined we know you last night and we believe this hearing she knows no need you or your out of order i'll proceed crossing jordan has more now from washington. it's the first of four confirmation hearing days for judge brett kavanaugh he's hoping to join the u.s. supreme court the hearing which started tuesday morning has already been interrupted dozens of times and at least twenty two people have been arrested by capitol police for interrupting the proceedings democratic senators also
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interrupted her seedings they tried it first to adjourn the session because they said they haven't received nearly enough information about kavanagh's record both on the high court that appellate court i should say as well as serving in the administration of george w. bush and they say that a late night dump of papers on monday is simply irresponsible however republicans say that they are not worried about kavanaugh his record they say that he exhibits the kind of judicial temperament they want to see on the high court and they believe that he would hold the rule of law those who object to his nomination however say that he is a threat to a woman's right to choose an abortion to reproductive rights in general to gay and lesbian rights as well as to the rights of his workers of immigrants and of those who believe in a clean environment they're trying as hard as they can including with this rally behind me in order to darrelle the nomination but because republicans control the
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house and because they control the senate and the judiciary committee it's almost certain that he's going to become the ninth member of the u.s. supreme court. in india a road bridge has collapsed during rush hour traffic killing and trapping motorists one person died in one thousand others were injured in kolkata the army's been called in to help with the search and rescue operation twenty seven people died in a similar collapse in the city two years ago. typhoon gebbie has killed six people in japan can cite airport in osaka flooded causing the cancellation of hundreds of flights and an oil tanker smashed into a bridge connecting the city to the airport which is built on a floating island floods and landslides are expected in the southwest flooding earlier this year followed by a heat wave killed at least three hundred people the chinese government is denying trapping african countries in debt dozens of african leaders is flying home from
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a two day summit in beijing present xi jinping promised another sixty billion dollars in financing in loans and told them they are no strings attached critics accused chinese the chinese are out of debt colonialism by giving loans african countries cannot repay. the wives of two reuters journalists jailed for spying in myanmar say appeals are being made against a seven year jail sentences wallonia in casu were arrested last december while investigating the killing of ten men by myanmar soldiers and militiamen their families say the reporters are being punished for doing their jobs when he has more from young gone. since their arrest in december last year and during the trial while lone and have remained relatively positive and defiance they say they were framed they were handed these top secret documents by the police who moments later turned around and arrested them but clearly it has taken its toll on them and their
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families and a day after the verdict was handed down giving them seven years in prison the wives of while alone and gave their reaction to the media in yangon. you know i thought he would be released but that's not happened i was so upset totally innocent they were just doing their job as reporters the judge said they had an intent to harm become it makes me feel really bad and i hope i believe that he would come to our family as soon as possible he's a good citizen. there's been international condemnation of the verdict but still nothing from aung san suu kyi the state counselor all of me and now once a champion of free speech and human rights we have heard from the deputy information minister on law tune when asked about wyong son sujit hasn't spoken out about the verdict he said that criticizing the judicial system would be tantamount to contempt of court but it is really still all eyes on long sun suchi and her
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government to see whether they will grant pardons to while alone and short. now again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera activists a rebel controlled province in the northwest of syria is being attacked from the air more than twenty separate asterix are reported to have killed at least two civilians and injured others in the last rebel held territory while the un is warning of a bloodbath in syria envoys to find a mr or has even made a personal plea to the russian enter to talk but i would like to take the liberty frankly myself to address myself if you allow me to through you to president putin. and to president ok you have been the
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ones at the beginning and i know because i was very much witnessing what happened at the end of the siege and the fighting of a little you were the ones who actually were able to talk to each other make a telephone call organize a formula that loved the end of that horrible peter not to be worth. a telephone call between the two of you would make a big difference. britain's labor party has agreed to adopt an internationally accepted definition of anti-semitism as it tries to defuse a damaging internal feud the issue has led to rival protests calls for a leader in germany called him to resign in fee is the party could spit into. the un says a ceasefire has been reached between armed factions fighting over the libyan capital for more than a week now while the armed groups have been battling for control of tripoli more than forty people have been killed in days of fighting officials also say hundreds
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of refugees and migrants have been released from a detention center in libya because of the fighting american football player collin kaplan inc has announced his new nike deal with a photo on twitter cap an extended controversy in two thousand and sixteen when he refused to stand for the playing of the national anthem before games happen he has not played in the n.f.l. for two years but the controversy has continued and grown the announcement immediately led to calls on social media for a boycott of mikey goodes cap'n it is currently suing the n.f.l. . you're upset with all the headlines here on al-jazeera more now upside al-jazeera dot com coming up next it's inside story to stay with this.
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are african countries getting into a dextre with china president xi jinping i'm not a high level meeting indeed just and promises no strings attached to billions of dollars in new financing for one of the long financial risks this is inside story. i know that welcome to the program i'm laura kyle china is africa's largest trading partner and he spent billions of dollars in investment and loans with the promise of much more to come from roads and railways to ports the chinese government is backing large scale projects across africa as part of its so-called belt.


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