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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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this is part of the long term plan of china to secure its resources for the future of the i.m.f. so subsaharan region as a whole dollars expected to grow we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this news hour line from my headquarters in doha fully back to bill coming up in the next sixty minutes as strikes in syria's last rebel strongholds raises fears of a new main final government offensive. britain's main opposition party makes a breakthrough on defining anti-semitism as it tries to end a long running internal suit also this hour japan is battered by its strong as thai
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foreign in twenty five years plus. a rocky start to the confirmation hearing for donald trump's supreme court nominee. and if you just image with all the day's sport where sports we're joined nike's decision to use former n.f.l. quarterback colin kaepernick in its latest ad campaign is made with mixed reaction we'll take a look at with the decision might have backfired later this news hour. thank you for joining us warplanes have been hitting syria's rebel controlled province adding to opposition fears that it's only a matter of time before an all out assault and that warns the u.n. will cause i humanitarian disaster on a scale not seen in seven years of war the u.n. envoy for syria stefan de mistura went further saying they would be a bloodbath his pleading with turkey which backs rebels to talk with government
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syria russia. well i would like to take this liberty frankly myself to address myself if you allow me to through you. to president putin and to president can you have been the ones at the beginning and i know because i was very much witnessing what happened at the end of the siege and the fighting of aleppo you were the ones who actually were able to talk to each other make a telephone call organize a formula that allowed the end of that horrible period not to be the worst. a telephone call between the two of you would make a big difference let's go live to stephanie decker. border with syria stephanie tell us first the latest you're hearing about this expected offensive.
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well as you heard from stefan de mistura there the diplomacy behind the scene continues turkey is very keen to try and avoid a full scale military offensive why because its nightmare scenario is having tens of thousands of syrians trying to get into turkey its borders of course remain close you mentioned earlier we saw at least twenty four airstrikes particular in the southwestern area of the province seventeen killed including five children so when i spoke to the turkish head of the red crescent who got into it live and he just came out they were doing a recchi asking him if he thought the offensive had began and he said well psychologically yes the people are terrified the internally displaced have been displaced various times before so it is clear we know that the syrian government intends to take back the province what turkey's trying to do is to good negotiate with the different rebel groups on the ground particularly. which is the group for me known as the mr fund to try to get it to disband and join other let's say in
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quotations more acceptable rebel groups but then it still gives you the question that the syrian government wants to take back the province so it's very difficult to see how we're going to go from here i think the offensive is a certainty what kind of scope it will take perhaps more limited i think remains to be seen what can be achieved behind the scenes politically and we're hearing about israeli strikes in syria stephanie what more do you know. yes well according to syrian state media they are blaming explosions in hama and also the province of tuscaloosa on israel on israeli airstrikes on several positions there are some reports coming out that they hit iranian targets now it's interesting because it comes on a day when israel issued a statement very rare admission in terms of numbers the army saying that over the last year and a half it is struck two hundred into iranian and hezbollah targets inside syria and
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used eight hundred artillery rockets mortars fired on targets inside syria israel's interest of course in syria is one thing to lessen its threat threat and the for threat of hezbollah of course to israel and the transfer of weapons shipments i've said this very clearly but it gives an indication of just again fully into the atelier of this war are complicated the arena is with israel's interest with russia's interests with his wrongs interests the u.s. turkey they are now all starting to carve out spears of influence coming back to israel what they want is iranian forces completely out of syria and of course you know damascus and even the russians are saying that that is not going to happen thank you for that stephanie decker live for us in on talk any of the turkey syria border tweeting area bought us present donald trump had this warning for syria and its allies present bashar assad of syria must not recklessly attack a province or russians any radians would be making a grave humanitarian mistake he tweeted to take part in this potential human human
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tragedy hundreds of thousands of people could be killed don't let that happen rory chalons is in moscow to tell us about how the kremlin has responded to that. a few hours ago the kremlin spokesperson dmitri peskov said that it live had become a hotbed of terrorists and this was impeding the political settlement of the syrian conflict it was a problem for russia as well because from it live attacks have been launched drone attacks against russia's air base come a member and the russians are basically saying that this is a problem that needs to be sought to douse this this festering sore of terrorists as they put it in live and that the syrian army is preparing to do just this now what the kremlin is not saying at the moment is just how much air support russia is willing to provide for the upcoming offensive in previous
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damascus offensives going back months years of this civil war it is russian air power that is basically allow those to be successful it was russian air power that turned the tide of this war in favor of damascus so you would assume that if there is going to be a successful assault on. then the russians and their bombers and their planes would have to be fully involved we don't know quite how much russian air power is going to be given in this one the turkish are trying to persuade the russians to give more time to a separate process which the russians have actually been pretty adept at over recent months and years which is negotiations on the grounds trying to persuade different rebel factions different groups different villages to defect essentially peel away from the opposition cause and turkey wants more time to be given to that
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process the united nation wants more time to be given to that process as well but it's damascus is champing at the bit and saying let's get this over with as quickly as possible and russia is kind of split at the moments we having to listen to turkey and the united nations on one side and damascus on the other. and in just the last few minutes the white house reiterated its warning about chemical weapons being used in syria saying that the u.s. will respond swiftly if assad's forces use them in a limp on to other world news now and britain's main opposition labor party has adopted an internationally definition of anti-semitism in full as it tries to diffuse a damaging internal few that's an internationally recognised definition the body's governing body agreed during a meeting in london the leader of labor jeremy corbyn a veteran campaign a full palestinian rights a space he is criticism and callers to resign over the issue the battle has dragged
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on for months and members admit it's distracted them from bigger issues like the final stages of breck's in negotiations live to lawrence lee outside a labor party headquarters in london so lawrence what is the definition of agreed on and how will it be interpreted. well i mean i think i think the first thing to say is in in sort of international terms if you like the decision to take this absolutely has taken a lot house and a lot of the heat out of this because the alternative would have been if they'd stopped the eels and said we do not accept this definition of anti-semitism because we reserve the right to call israel a semi fascist state and its treatment of palestinians is as apartheid and all the rest of the things that they wanted to do and they've been accused of being anti-semitic about and so and so in those terms it does dampen it down a bit bus what they have what they've agreed to is the they don't agree to the definition of summit and the semitism in these codes but they're now agreed
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formally so all the examples not just things like you can call jews thieves or say that exaggerated the holocaust which everybody obviously says. is the bits of it that the do with the description of israel the jeremy corbyn these supporters particularly disagreed with saying for example israel is by definition a racist enterprise they would say is not anti semitic bus a political point of pointless a foreign policy against a civilian trial have now accepted that but with the cow vs that they want to be able and demand their rights to still criticize israel in future and express their support for the palestinian people so what's the difference between that and saying i criticize israel and these actions towards a palestinian people one they might say listen to music and one might be construed as that so it's a very very fine line and blurry in terms of verbiage and in that sense they they're trying to keep everybody happy and they might not keep anybody happy and well it would actually end the ra within the labor party. well i think i think
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in all honesty it might do just the opposite as it's been up to now jeremy called and kept his membership happy you were very angry left wing and reserve the right to say what they want to about the israelis but he's made his parliamentary colleagues in the parliament very unhappy he's now tried to switch that over a little bit at instilling so he might survey some politicians happy even though they'll be some. jewish labor m.p.'s for example who will say didn't go far enough a nice much dates but he runs the risk of people making his own grassroots supporters very unhappy because they will think that they sold out so i don't think it's over but i do think in ground he has taken a lot of the heat out of it you know and sleepy in london thank you. the united states has taken over the rotating presidency of the u.n. security council not normally that's a routine occurrence a job changes hands every month but this month there is some controversy live to
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our diplomatic editor james space at u.n. headquarters in new york james president trump will chair the security council meeting on iran this month tell us more. yeah this is going to be very interesting it just happens that this month where the u.s. has the rotating monthly presidency of the united nations is the same month when all world leaders gather in new york for the high level week of the u.n. general assembly well the u.s. has decided to take advantage of this it's decided to call a meeting of the u.n. security council at leader level and that means that president trump will be sitting around the halls to chair the horseshoe table of the security council he'll have the gavel and they'll be in charge of a meeting on iran russia already says if there's a meeting on iran it needs to be about the iran nuclear deal which is the settled position of the u.n. security council it's indorsed it in a resolution but of course president trump has pulled out of that deal it's going
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to be an interesting meeting let me just add one other possibility to the mix of this interesting reading also going to be in new york at the same time will be president has son rouhani and if your country's talked about at the u.n. security council you're allowed to speak to so potentially we could have the iranian president in the room in a meeting presided over by president trump that would be very interesting and this first meeting james in many ways has set the tone for just how fraught things might be. yeah we've already seen one meeting an unusual meeting normally behind closed doors where they agree the agenda for the month the so-called program of work they couldn't come up with an agreement on this time we're going to go ahead with the plans of the u.s. but the disagreement on this occasion was about nicaragua and about those protests and the crackdown in that country the u.s. wants to debate in the security council bolivia a number of other nations including russia and china do not that meeting is scheduled for wednesday at ten am in the u.n.
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security council chamber and my understanding is that bolivia is likely to call for a vote over whether the meeting should take place so yes it's all started with a little a bang here james face at the u.n. thank you very much james there's much more ahead for you on this news hour including the families of two journalists imprisoned in myanmar speak out and big money promise for the managerial disaster around lake chad but is it a drop in the ocean and sports tiger woods waits to find out if he's done enough to make it back into the u.s. right a disturbing. first a cease fire has been agreed between rival factions in libya who've been fighting in the capital for more than a week now at least forty people have been killed and hundreds more injured in and around tripoli under the deal all fighting will end and the city's only airport will reopen early and hundreds of refugees and migrants were released from
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a detention center because of the unrest mom went up to one hot has more from tripoli. the united nations support the mission in libya has announced that it has reached a cease fire between the warring groups we understand that the united nations support the mission in libya has held that meeting with representatives from the groups in tripoli alongside the representatives from the internationally recognized government of national accord and the aim of that meeting was to put an end to this conflict in tripoli and to save the lives of civilians who understand that the conflict or the clashes that have been going on for more than a week now have taken a heavy toll on civilians more than a thousand illegal migrants who have been detained in a detention center close to the. area where the clashes are going on they have been released by the illegal migration combat department and supervisors of that illegal
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migration combat department say that they had to release illegal migrants in order to save their lives we understand also that many civilians have been forced out of their homes in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli since the beginning of the clashes on the twenty seventh of august also the there have been a lot of random stray rockets landing in densely populated areas and more than forty people have been killed since since the beginning of the clashes and many of them many of them are civilians. spain's government has cut off arms sales to saudi arabia it says it's canceling an order of four hundred precision bombs and returning more than ten million dollars in payments the saudi emirati led coalition has been widely criticized for civilian deaths caused by its bombing campaign in yemen earlier this year germany and norway also suspended their arms exports to the military alliance and arm sales to the kingdom have become
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a politically contentious issues in a number of other countries including the u.s. great britain and canada russia durham is an arms control researcher at amnesty international she says that while it's a positive move there must be more action by the international community is kinds of munitions have been used in attacks against hospitals homes and markets in yemen time and time again and on the scene other organizations have documented serious violations of international humanitarian law including possible war crimes so you know it's high time the such action has been taken however this is just a first step and we call on the spanish government to cancel all arms exports to saudi arabia as you mentioned they've just cancelled this specific set of precision guided munitions but what we're calling for is a comprehensive arms suspension the saudi arabia led coalition and all warring parties in yemen in fact given the serious violations now the spanish government will have a meeting on friday where the secretary of state will appear before the parliamentary
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committee the defense parliamentary committee to to discuss further action to take and we're hoping that spain will announce hopefully on the nineteenth of september to impose a comprehensive suspension on all arms exports to the saudi arabia led coalition. well inside yemen protests have been going on in the south. going on in the south coalition's military campaign. demonstrators in the governor chanted for the coalition to leave calling it a puppet of the us protests against a sound it coalition somebody many's brocht off main roads and carried because blaming the coalition for the deteriorating economy. two protesters have been killed and eleven others injured as unrest flares again in the southern iraqi city of basra fighting broke out when security forces moved in to contain the protests the demonstrators stormed into
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a government building and set it on fire they're demanding jobs and better public services. now shares in nike have taken a hit as calls for a boycott gain traction online over its new advertising campaign featuring collin kappa nick the former american football player spot a national outcry by kneeling joining the american national anthem in protest against racial injustice and police brutality that speak to christian salumi lifers in new york kristen tell us more first about this ad campaign and the reactions to it. well folly nike is reviving its just do it ad campaign which started thirty years ago and is very popular it features a number of professional athletes including collin cabernets who tweeted out a picture of himself from the campaign which contains the slogan believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything and for those who don't follow american football closely collin caprona hasn't been on the field playing since the
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two thousand and sixteen season when he. made a name for himself in kneeling during the national anthem other players soon followed suit right now he's actually filed a grievance against the n.f.l. because he claims that team owners colluded against him to keep him from playing again and he's fighting to get back in the game but now he's got this contract from nike and this ad campaign that he's talking about is coming out just days before the opening of the n.f.l. season in the first game and fans are getting all fired to get fired up all over this issue all over again the hash tag boycott nike is now trending on twitter there have been people posting tweets posting videos of themselves burning their nike shoes cutting the nike swish swish symbol off of their socks and he's getting a lot of support as well i should mention also that president donald trump has also
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been a very vocal critic of players who refused to stand during the national anthem but on the other hand there's also been support from players and calling kaplan it was at the u.s. tennis open lynn the last week here in new york and got a standing ovation from fans in the crowd there are so nine states very divided on this and nike seems to be capitalizing on this fact their ad campaign right and i was masked i mean you you mentioned then ickes she is going down why would they risk wading into this controversy. yeah well you know nike says that it supports athletes and their rights to free expression stocks are down nearly three percent and n.f.l. ratings have gone down since this controversy has taken hold even with collin cabernets off the field other players have followed suit either taking a knee or raising their fists during the national anthem and ratings have gone down although the experts say there are a variety of reasons for that and this is probably only one factor in the n.f.l.
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slide but you know the national anthem has a long tradition in the united states of being played before professional sports games a lot of fans think that it is disrespectful to the flag disrespectful to the military not to stand during the national anthem whereas supporters say you know this is the right to free expression it's respectfully done in a way to call attention to issues of social injustice in particular police brutality and minority issues here in the united states and some experts are predicting that this slide in one thousand stocks will be short lived they point out that collin cabernets continues to sell jerseys for nike his number was one of the top selling jerseys in two thousand and sixteen and continued into two thousand and seventeen selling even though he wasn't on the field people continue to buy his merchandise so nike apparently counting on that fact to continue and especially
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given all the controversy right before the season opener hoping that it's going to do well for them in the cash register thank you chris and chris since you know me live for us in new york. and we'll have more on this story later in the news hour in sports the wise of two voices journalists imprisoned for spying in myanmar say appeals are being prepared while on and chose to were arrested last december while investigating the killing of ten ranger men by myanmar soldiers and militia men their families say the reporters are being punished for doing their jobs when he has more from bangkok in neighboring thailand since their arrest in december last year and during the trial while lone and have remained relatively positive and defiance they say they were framed they were handed these top secret documents by the police who moments later turned around and arrested them but clearly it has taken its toll on them and their families and a day after the verdict was handed down giving them seven years in prison the wives
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of while alone and gave their reaction to the media in yangon. if you know what i thought he would be released but that's not happened i was so upset he totally innocent they were just doing their job as reporters the judge said they had an intent to harm become it makes me feel really bad and i hope i believe that he would come to our family as soon as possible he's a good citizen there's been international condemnation of the verdict but still nothing from aung san suu kyi the state counselor all of me and my once a champion of free speech and human rights we have heard though from the deputy information minister only tune out when asked about wyong son sujit hasn't spoken out about the verdict he said that criticizing the judicial system would be tend to mount to contempt of court but it is really still all eyes on aung san suu kyi and
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her government to see whether they will grant pardons to while loan and shore sue. and al jazeera journalist non-modal saying has had his detention in egypt extended for a sixteenth time hussein is now spend six hundred twenty three days behind bars without charge he's accused of broadcasting false news and receiving foreign funds to defame egypt's state institutions he and al-jazeera strongly deny the allegations and the network is demanding his release. of our fault i phone has slammed into western japan flooding and closing an international airport and crashing a tanker into a bridge the government has urged war then a million people to leave their homes and get somewhere safe at least eight people have been killed and one hundred fifty others injured emma hayward has elitists. japan's most powerful storm for nearly twenty five years typhoon finally makes landfall. ripping apart buildings. and
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sending daybreak in kyoto station. with winds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers an hour the full force of the storm struck japan's western coastline bringing with it to run chill rain and destruction several thousand people were left stranded when water poured into can saya international airport little could be done to keep the floodwater out and tundra the plights have been counseled atenco which had been sheltering from the storm career did to the bridge which links the airport to the mainland the crew on board a said to be say there are thirty is in japan have advised more than a million people to evacuate their properties one point six million homes are without power. this is the latest in a series of suburbia weather systems to hit japan in recent months typhoon has
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already claimed lives and caused dozens of injuries many here and now hoping for a break from the deluge emma heywood i'll just. ahead in the second half of this news hour the u.s. and its allies claimed they had killed him already confirmation from the taliban the founder of the feared her cunny network is indeed dead. also in moves like this educate people about pollution will meet the hong kong. activities taking a new approach to clearing the air and in sports void the race that will hear from the teenager getting ready to compete in formula one. hello there for many of us it's quiet and halts across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is picking up a fair amount of cloud between the black sea in the caspian sea and that could just
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give us one or two showers i think we're also at risk of seeing the odd shower in the northern parts of iran that towards the northwest it looks dry for us in turkey on wednesday but then a weather system works its way towards us as we head into the states more cloud more rain here and some of that rain really does look quite heavy a bit further to the south and here in doha it's just been hot and humid over the past few days and no major change over the next few days either the winds are going to continue to feed him from the sea picking up all the moisture as they do so so all maximum temperature around thirty nine or forty degrees as we head through the next few days maybe up to forty one by thursday but still staying very sticky the southeast demands likely to have a little bit more cloud at times although here it should be largely drying out towards the southern parts of africa plenty of dry fine weather to be found here but we do have this little system that's making its way towards cape town that's going to bring us a few showers also track down the temperatures as we head into wednesday so
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a maximum for os of just thirteen degrees and then as we head into thursday expect that rain to turn heavy as it drifts eastwards. taiwan. a sovereign island state or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the bottle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lies and prostrate ties on a. in the. political or less. getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with the
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no true world then soon there will be nothing left facing new realities or old friends and allies played a positive for the defense and his commission for taking this hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. they're watching the al-jazeera news hour with me fully back to bo a reminder of our top stories activists say a rebel controlled province in northwestern syria is being attacked from the air more than twenty separate air strikes are reported to have killed at these two civilians and injured others in the last rebel held territory the united nations has warned that a full assault on a day it could spark
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a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale not yet seen in syria seventy year old war. britain's labor party has agreed to adopt an internationally accepted definition of anti-semitism as it tries to issues a damaging internal feud the issue has led to rival protests calls for leader jeremy corbyn to resign and fears the party could split in two. and a ceasefire has been agreed between rival factions in libya who have been fighting for control of the capital for more than a week now at least forty people have been killed and hundreds injured in and around tripoli under the deal all fighting will end and the city's airport will reopen. more now on our top story and the expected syrian government offensive on the rebel held province of joining us now on the news hour from london is to find hussein was he deputy director of the humanitarian organization islamic relief u.k. thank you very much for being with us nearly three million people live in italy
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just how disastrous what an all out government offensive be there it's an absolute devastating situation on the ground humanitarian situation on the ground is as you said three million people who one point five million of these people have. already disposed some of them have moved up to five to seven times already it lib really is the last hope for these people there's no i mean there's nowhere for them to go you know they've seen untold humanitarian catastrophes in throughout the seven years of that one point five million around the three million around one million are women and children and you know one of our one of our works on the ground there was i was interviewing a family and they give this desperate and it's like it's a hopeless situation for them to you know you going to these people for seven years have seen nothing but hell and war and this family went on record to say that you know this is libya's our last hope we're preparing to die and so you know
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there's nowhere for them to escape the the border to turkey has been sealed and everyone is panicking is in the show is the public at the moment i'm a little bit as you say the majority of the people who live there now are evacuees from other areas that have been taken over by the syrian government what sort of conditions are the end right now in italy what sort of help are they getting if any at all. again it's do you know they're going into camps which are desperately overcrowded there's no electricity there is a dire need of food there's no sewage works and you know people law of our dispute trying to find shelter and people are living out ritually on the streets and that's a situation that moon inside it it's acutely desperate aid organizations don't have enough aid to meet the needs of the people there inside it and across syria not
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another fact that the syrian government forces and their allies have been pointing to is that the fact that it has a high concentration of foreign fighters and in particular the highest number of al qaeda fighters in addition to the civilians who live there any iran's foreign minister has just said that their efforts right now are focused on making empty of what he calls terrorists with the least humanitarian chaos it is not feasible can they go after these fighters without targeting the civilians as well. over the last seven years we've seen civilians and civilian infrastructure targeted we've seen i mean today there was those a mosque in a school that was hit fifteen people died in today's bombing fourteen of them women and children time and time again we've seen hospitals being targeted it's almost as if there is a you know initial sort of barge of bombing of these civilian civilian points of
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civilian centers to try and sort of spread fear throughout the population inside syria there are three million as you said there are three million people one point five those are already displaced the majority of these are innocent civilians and they have nowhere to go they are in desperate need and we call on all parties to the war to respect humanitarian laws humanitarian. national military rights laws to have to try and minimize to try and you know try and avoid civilian casualties unfortunately time and time again the last seven years we've seen hundreds of thousands of people that have died as a result of this brutal war in syria thank you so very much for talking to us to fail hussein deputy director of islamic relief u.k. joining us there from london we appreciate your time thank you for the taliban says the founder of a prominent group in afghanistan has died after a long illness which allowed in a county was once an american ally but he's
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a county network later became one of one of its enemies at national name has more. for most of the world. will be remembered for the decades of havoc and bloodshed he plotted in afghanistan. the hakani network he founded is accused of planning this truck bombing in kabul last year that killed about one hundred fifty people the group denied involvement and the network is also accused of taking hostages such as u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl and a canadian family. was an american ally during the soviet invasion of afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. the cia regarded him as a brave tactician. during the u.s. invasion in two thousand and one he became an enemy his group responsible for a string of attacks on u.s.
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and nato troops. the prolific use of suicide bombers and murders of government officials became trademarks depending who you are the one thing that you have to admit is this you don't know he's a he's. in the. war that he has meaning is doing the sort of last for decades throughout his life formed alliances of convenience and adapted as needed. a common theme to rid afghanistan of occupying forces he was a military commander receiving u.s. aid to fight the soviets. i mean. you know you know. and. you know but in your new partner. and what. he learned arabic and forge ties with arab armed groups and leaders such as osama
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bin laden he later became a taliban leader the u.s. has long the qs the haqqani network of being linked. to the pakistani intelligence agency for years her conny has been ill and leadership of his network was passed on to his son saw roger dean in two thousand and one he's also a deputy leader of the taliban so don't expect much much change happening in terms of tactics and i'm different density of engagement on his in the in the out on war as followers more in july. analysts expect the group he founded to continue to wage attacks in afghanistan natasha going to zero. it's been a bumpy start to the senate confirmation hearing for brett kavanaugh president tom's controversial pick for the supreme court democratic party senators try to have the whole thing adjourned complaining that the republicans are blocking access to documents stemming from his previous work in the white house under george w.
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bush i welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing on the nomination of mr britt cavanaugh mr chairman i carry a warm welcome not they are given to have an off duty to have a meeting his wife how many there are two daughters mr chairman or i agree with him and i ran into harris mr chairman of the revenue was worth a lot of pleasant documents that we have and everyone else joined we know you last night and we believe this hearing she knows known as you are you're out of order for c. it wasn't jordan has more from outside the hearing in washington. it's the first of four confirmation hearing days for judge brett kavanaugh he's hoping to join the u.s. supreme court the hearing which started tuesday morning has already been interrupted dozens of times and at least twenty two people have been arrested by capitol police for interrupting the proceedings democratic senators also interrupted the
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proceedings they tried it first to adjourn the session because they said they haven't received nearly enough information about kavanagh's record both on the high court the court i should say as well as serving in the administration of george w. bush and they say that a late night dump of papers on monday is simply irresponsible however republicans say that they are not worried about kavanaugh his record they say that he exhibits the kind of judicial temperament they want to see on the high court and they believe that he would hold the rule of law those who object to his nomination however say that he is a threat to a woman's right to choose an abortion to reproductive rights in general to gay and lesbian rights as well as to the rights of workers of immigrants and of those who believed in a clean environment they're trying as hard as they can including with this rally behind me in order to do real the nomination but because republicans control the
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house and because they control the senate and the judiciary committee it's almost certain that he's going to become the ninth member of the u.s. supreme court. in india rolled brave chaska lobstering rush hour traffic killing and chopping motorists at least one person has died in one thousand others injured enco kata the army's been called in to help with search and rescue operations twenty seven people died in a similar collapse in the city two years ago. the chinese government is denying chopping african countries in debt dozens of african meat is a flying home from a two day summit in beijing present xi jinping promised and have a sixty billion dollars in financing and loans and told them they are no strings attached critics accuse the chinese of debt colonialism by giving loans african countries can't repay china correspondent brown has more from beijing. well chinese and african leaders are hailing the outcome of the summit but online on
9:42 pm
social media there is anger and criticism over the decision by china's government to extend sixty billion dollars in loan to africa much of that criticism has been appearing on way bo that's china's equivalent of twitter many of those posts have now been deleted by chinese censors but we managed to retrieve save some before that happened let me give you a flavor of what they said why can't we use the money to improve the quality of our lives it's ok that chinese children are starving so long as those in africa being fed money earned with our sweat and blood is being used to build the friendship bridge between china and africa that is a measure of some of the described them and well that summit has now wound up president xi jinping said that it showed the relations between africa and china were at an all time high cyril rama poser the president of south africa and the co-chair of this summit said that it was the best china african forum so far but
9:43 pm
the shared your news conference was delayed by more than two and a half hours and journalists were not able to ask either man a question and more importantly no reason was given for that delay. well africa is also being promised money from another part of the world this time international donors are addressing a crisis described as one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of our age chronic poverty and want to shortages in the leg chad basin being compounded by the violence at the hands of the armed groups walk around our correspondent paul brennan is in the german capital berlin where the pledges were made. to slide into crisis in the countries which surround lake chant has been slow painful and largely ignored by the rest of the world almost a decade of chronic poverty and food and water shortages are seen two and a half million africans displaced from their homes and ten million made dependent on humanitarian aid the crisis is compounded by the bowmen gun attacks of the boko
9:44 pm
haram group. for the force turning toward history we're seeing young girls young boys been strapped in and progress bombs and yours in them but what i'm rules in their instrument of war these thousand there were one anywhere before the level of displacement of gender based violence that girls particularly adolescent girls are going through it's unbelievable famine in the lake chad region was only a verted after an emergency donor conference in norway last year the latest donor conference in berlin into push on from that. at the heart of this conference has been the need to look beyond the immediate crisis ongoing focus her am attacked the ongoing food and water shortages and to start to contemplate strategies for long term stability and resilience in the region and to tackle what's been described here as a crisis of protection one important strand of that is to make sure women's skills
9:45 pm
and abilities are enabled in the four countries which surround the lake nigeria chad and cameroon education provide them access to resources change some of the obstacles that they might friends in terms of land ownership in terms of inheritance and also try to address issues a forced marriage the u.n. had estimated the funding requirement as one point five six billion dollars this conference has raised two point one billion assuming of course that the money pledged is donated i think it's a fair question and i hope people keep asking it because the worst thing to do is to make a pledge and not deliver it that's worse than not making a place in the first place because you create expectations and you undermine confidence in the system if you then don't deliver delivering a solution for lake chad is seen as extraordinarily complex but as the meeting in berlin shows the crisis described as the world's most neglected is getting much needed wider attention and pledges of help from millions in need of brain and
9:46 pm
al-jazeera. argentina's former president cristina cation has appeared in court for a second time as part of a far reaching corruption case she's accused of taking bribes from construction companies during a presidency in exchange for granting contracts denies any wrongdoing and has described the investigation as shameless under the law she cannot be imprisoned but can face prosecution. the market value of online retailer amazon has passed a trillion dollars it's a second u.s. company to reach the figure following hot on the heels of tech giant apple last month it's quite an achievement twenty four hours twenty four years rather after founder jeff bezos followed money to sell books on the internets. beyond the football field.
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
i tampa scorsese peter kelly thank you so much just days before the start of the n.f.l. season nike of name calling kappa nick as the face of the new advertising campaign the quarterback who triggered a political firestorm by kneeling during the u.s. national anthem to protest racial injustice kaepernick who doesn't even have a team announced the multi-year deal with this photo on twitter the thirty year old hasn't played since leaving the san francisco forty nine is in only twenty seventeen and is currently suing the n.f.l.
9:49 pm
for religiously freezing him out of the league because of these protests aside from the just do it campaign nike will also bring out a range of cap and clothing products and donate money to ease know you'll rights campaign this is a huge divisive issue in the united states and nike shares have dropped nearly two percent since the announcement many americans have posted videos destroying nike products in protest along with the hash tag just that i buy go buy some adidas. you know how many other sneakers there are to buy to choose from they're going to go ahead you're going to go ahead and say hey by our shoes we stand with people who meal for the national anthem well sorry nike i would buy new for the past twenty plus years not anymore not only my burning my favorite pair and nike's you're burning your sales have
9:50 pm
a good day. sports marketing expert professor simon chadwick believes that nike wouldn't be too worried about the social media backlash and that in the long run it could actually play into their hands. in essence for every pair of shoes that burns it adds to the myth and the legend of knight just a little bit more and i think what he does is to draw attention to the campaign that mike is supporting in the first place so i'm sure nyquil have done it sums and will of thought about the pros and cons associated with this particular campaign and for me i think what is happening now with the burning of shoes rather than undermining nike is actually contributing to the growing strength of the brand and the values and the romney seeking to embody this is all part of a of a night repositioning towards. more cosmopolitan urban consumer base who are supportive all equality supportive of equal rights of l g b t rights of
9:51 pm
racial equality gender equality and i don't think it's just a kind of altruistic move either on the park like this is very much about selling change track top selling schools where these are people who are going to buy night now they're going to stick with nike unit they're going to associate a particular meaning with night they can attribute certain value certain characteristics and so when they're the people of fifty sixty seventy seven zero years old they'll still be buying. us to methinks continues to feel the effects of the sick chill buz scandal that rocked the sport earlier this year the c.e.o. carrie perry has quit just nine months into the role she'd been under growing pressure from the u.s. olympic committee and criticized by gymnasts for concentrating more on marketing instead of making structural changes in the wake of the larry nasser case. perry was hired around the time former team dr nasser pled guilty to sexual abuse he was
9:52 pm
sentenced to several life sentences for crimes dating back to the one nine hundred seventy s. the full board of usa gymnastics resigned after revelations officials had turned a blind eye manchester united manager josie marine year has accepted a one year suspended prison sentence with the spanish tax all pharmacies he was accused of defrauding the tax office in twenty eleven in two thousand and twelve while managing real madrid he won't go to jail because in spain first time offenders with a sentence of less than two years will have it suspended does have to pay a fine of around two point three million dollars though cristiana rinaldo accepted a similar plea bargain earlier this year there's been another upset at the year's final tennis grand slam the us open at flushing meadows in new york this time it's defending a women's champion sloane stephens who is out the american food seed who was sent packing bilaterian and our staff. in straight sets six two and six
9:53 pm
three the nineteenth seed will face catalina fish of the czech republic also you know we're in the seventy five. on the men's side two thousand and nine champion juan martin del potro is up against american john isner at the arthur ashe stadium it's currently going with serve in the opening set with is now up six five in the next few hours tiger woods finds out if he's back in the u.s. ryder cup team is captain jim furyk names three of these four wildcard picks woods has impressed on his latest injury comeback he's played the whole season and finished second at the u.s. p.g.a. championship last month strangely as one of the u.s. vice captains and actually being part of the wildcard decision making process. one man who's definitely staked these claim for inclusion is bryson december he just missed out on automatic qualification but it's has since one two straight through
9:54 pm
moments in the p.g.a. tour is fixed cup playoffs after winning in boston on monday and made it clear what he's goals are. i am a man on a mission right now you know with two missions actually you know one being the ryder cup one being the fed ex cup so i'm doing pretty well right now and just going to keep moving forward in the right direction. now to the teenager racing driver getting ready to compete in formula one eighteen year old len though norris will draw for mclaren next season and he doesn't seem fazed by it at all i still made it to formula one at an earlier age than a lot of drivers. i feel ready for it mclaren if you think i'm ready for so. it shows i'm good enough to get to the point where i am now. and they're focusing a lot of confidence and we think he has that potential. talented he is one in everything that he's ever competed in and most of the time in the first year so he
9:55 pm
certainly has the c.v. that would suggest he's a future world champion but he's going to be new to the sport it's a tough sport we need to give him a good race car so when they do get him to the front of the field and then let him do they do the rest. ok we'll talk at their phenomenal sport coming up again in the twenty one hundred g.m.t. of alida thank you very much for that now cities around the world struggle will air pollution hundreds of campaign as and scientists are in south korea to find new ways to breathe easier while the spotlight's been on cities like new delhi and beijing hong kong is also ensuring dirty air and as rob mcbride reports people they're thinking outside the box thinking outside the box to keep healthy. and awareness event by air pollution campaigners in a city that is becoming aware of the growing danger. this hong kong
9:56 pm
like much of mainland china has been experiencing record levels of ozone a complex mix of pollutants from vehicles and industry that's made worse during heat waves and a problem not helped by climate change. has the highest level of home for the last two decades and right now we do not know how to do with that and it is a problem for hong kong and. polluted air has long been in jordan as the necessary cost of rapid economic development that's only recently been tackled they just lation has been passed to control the industrial emissions as well as from vehicles and shipping and there's a drive towards using renewable sources of energy instead of coal. cities like beijing have been enjoying far more so-called blue sky days critics say the chinese and hong kong governments have been forced to act for fear of social discontent if
9:57 pm
they didn't but the outcome for china's cities has been the same after years of deteriorating air quality finally signs of improvement i think the political climate has changed a lot and there's a lot about our pollution being not acceptable alexis lal leads a university team that has developed a mobile app giving real time pollution readings at street level anywhere in the city people can then plan their daily routines to be as pollution free as possible then they have any. information they can choose our i think that will give them some help in turmel barr trying to win their exposure to air pollution scientists and activists helping to empower a generation of city dwellers increasingly concerned about the air they breathe. robert bryant al jazeera hong kong. that's it for this news hour from me fully back
9:58 pm
to bring the whole team into hi thank you for watching. as europe's public opinion shifted polls for slavery's abolition girl out of every human exploitation took on new forms as for slate that became the hidden face of europe's industrial revolution is true slavery is not black history and it's not just the history of white colonization but the history of human equality it is the legacy for all of us that slavery's new frontiers part three of slavery it's on
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al-jazeera. lives in fear constantly looking over his shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked a home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on her community and as you know we can't let the men to imitate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who have been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us land ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice and instantly shifting news cycle they receive in change in america tweet the listening post take sports and questions the wild need to double will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates
10:00 pm
it is their language as their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera. airstrikes rained down on the as russia dismisses president trump's warning not to recklessly attack the syrian province. alone barbara sarah you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program at least fifty dead after a week of fighting in libya's capital but the u.n. says the warring sides have agreed to a ceasefire japan is hit by its strongest typhoon in twenty five years battering
10:01 pm
the west of the country and whipping up massive waves plus. my. ear.


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