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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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well i think. this is al jazeera. hello there i'm barbara starr and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes airstrikes rained down on a deadly rush mrs president trump's warning not to recklessly attack at the syrian province at least fifty dead after a week of fighting in libya's capital but the u.n. says the warring sides have agreed to a ceasefire japan is hit by its strongest typhoon in twenty five years battering the west of the country and whipping up massive waves. and.
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sport with sports we're joined by his decision to use former n.f.l. quarterback common captain make in its latest ad campaign is met with mixed reaction we'll take a look at whether or not the decision might have backfired later the. activists say syrian and russian jets have attacked the last rebel controlled province in syria from the air and that's the spy the white house warning syria's government against a reckless escalation in the area well it's believed more than twenty separate air strikes have been carried out killing at least seventeen people five of them children the united nations as warning that a full assault on it could spark a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale not yet seen in syria's seven. stephanie decker has more now from riyadh lean near turkey's border with syria. after three weeks of quiet skies air strikes
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have resumed on the province particularly the southwest of the province there have been civilian casualties including five children and most of the airstrikes were around the area of additional sure this is an area that rumor over the last couple of weeks had it that perhaps a first phase of this expected offensive would take place it's too early to tell whether this is the start of the offensive certainly has been quiet over the last couple of hours but there are huge concerns when it comes to this looming offensive when it comes to the civilians to the internally displaced that is it live province just behind us you can see how tightly packed those tents are those are the internally displaced that's just a tiny snapshot of just how massive this problem is and we've been speaking to the head of turkey's red crescent he just went into it lib to do a recchi so to speak saying he was incredibly concerned about the situation for the civilians that they were trying to put you know extra extra tents in place to receive what they know will be an influx of people they don't want to open the
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borders with turkey and they also said that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the rebel groups there could only be a political solution when it comes to the opposition it lib is majorly important it is seen as the last rebel stronghold it will be the last battle as one rebel told us who is inside a blip who came to live from southern damascus saying that it live is our damascus and if the regime takes it back if it takes back it live that means for us the revolution is over. for a challenge as more now from moscow all the kremlin has been saying about the situation in italy. a few hours ago the kremlin spokesperson dmitri peskov said that it live had become a hotbed of terrorists and this was impeding the political settlement of the syrian conflict it was a problem for russia as well because from it live attacks have been launched drone attacks against russia's air base come
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a member and the russians are basically saying that this is a problem that needs to be sought to douse this this festering sore of terrorists as they put it in and that the syrian army is preparing to do just this now what the kremlin is not saying at the moment is just how much air support russia is willing to provide for the upcoming offensive in previous damascus offensives going back months years of this civil war it is russian air power that is basically allow those to be successful it was russian air power that turned the tide of this war in favor of damascus so you would assume that if there is going to be a successful assault on. then the russians and their bombs and their planes would have to be fully involved we don't know quite how much russian air power is going
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to be given in this one the turkish are trying to persuade the russians to give more time to a separate process which the russians have actually been pretty adept at over recent months and years which is negotiations on the grounds trying to persuade different rebel factions different groups different villages to defect essentially peel away from the opposition cause and turkey wants more time to be given to that process the united nation wants more time to be given to that process as well but it's damascus is champing at the bit and saying let's get this over with as quickly as possible and russia is kind of split at the moments we're having to listen to turkey and the united nations on one side and damascus on the other. well the issue of adelaide was high on the agenda when the u.s. ambassador to the united nations held a press conference a short time ago our diplomatic editor james bays was there james what did she say
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well nikki haley is always important as the u.s. ambassador at the u.n. in the member of the trump cabinet but she's particularly important this month because the u.s. has assumed the presidency of the security council for september so she is president of the u.n. security council she's told us that the u.n. security council will be meeting on friday to discuss the situation in it live of course there's some hours between now and friday in the situation on the ground is moving very fast indeed she has already come out on twitter and said that there should not be an all out assault on lib the same has been said by president trump but i asked her about the situation in the news conference and i think you should listen to her words very carefully she doesn't seem to object to the syrian government with russian help taking over it lib her objection seems to be mainly about the possible use of chemical weapons what you're saying from us and the fact
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that the security council wants to talk about it is do not let a chemical weapons attack happen on the people of it lead the people of syria have been through too much this is a tragic situation and if they want to continue to go the route of taking over syria they can do that but they cannot do it with chemical weapons they can't do it assaulting their people and we're not going to fall for it if there are chemical weapons that are used we know exactly who's going to use them and this is the exact same playbook that russia and iran and assad have used every time. that red line there very much seems to be chemical weapons rather than the retaking of a lot of issues came up at that press conference and the key haley held one of them of course in the past few days the u.s. has announced it's going to withhold funds from which is the u.n. relief agency for palestinians so obviously the question of the so-called deal of
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the century between israel and palestinians of the president has promised came up out what did she say about that. well it was interesting on the cutting of funding to annorah she said at one point well when the us did give funding sixty million which was a reduced amount complained seeming to suggest that on his complaint was part of the decision making into cutting the funds further to of course the region is waiting for a peace plan and bracing for some time for that peace plan drawn up by the president's son in law jared cushion is that such a plan in existence well ambassador haley said yes it is and she said it's comprehensive and she's read all the way through it does that mean that the plan is imminently going to be presented does it have as some have suggested in recent days the return to an idea of some sort of confederation between the west bank gaza and
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jordan she wouldn't answer that question but she said the plan certainly would not be presented when world leaders come here to new york in a few weeks time james ways with the latest from the u.n. james thank you. a ceasefire has been agreed between rival factions in libya who've been fighting in the capital for than a week at least fifty people have been killed and around one hundred fifty more injured in and around tripoli under the deal all fighting the war and the city's only airport will reopen earlier hundreds of refugees and migrants were released from the tension center because of war less on the whether the one who has more now from tripoli. the united nations support the mission in libya has announced that it has reached a cease fire between the warring groups we understand that the united nations support the mission in libya has held a meeting with representatives from the groups in tripoli alongside the
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representatives from the internationally recognized government of national accord and the aim of that meeting was to put an end to this conflict in tripoli and to save the lives of civilians who understand that the conflict or the clashes that have been going on for more than a week now have taken a heavy toll on civilians more than a thousand illegal migrants who have been detained in a detention center close to the. area where the clashes are going on they have been released by the illegal migration combat department and supervisors of that illegal immigration combat department say that they had to release. illegal migrants in order to save their lives we understand also that many civilians have been forced out of their homes in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli since the beginning of the clashes on the twenty seventh of august also the there have been
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a lot of random stray rockets landing in densely populated areas and more than forty people have been killed since since the beginning of the clashes and many of them many of them are civilians. six protesters have been killed in the state of emergency has been declared in the southern iraqi city of basra following clashes between security forces and protesters fighting broke out when the security forces moved in to contain the protests building was stormed and set on fire anger over poor government services and corruption has swept through cities in the south that's iraq's largely shia heartland in recent weeks al-jazeera is bureau chief in baghdad where levy breaking the hold has more. hounded is of a protestant they took the three main building of the menu simple council of muslims and what happened after that according to this source is the protesters
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they invaded the building and they said a fire inside the building also clashes happened between the police and some on people they were among the protesters the police of bus they accuse some across the service of opening fire on them now the situation in basra is very tense security authorities declared their curfew in the whole city of basra iraqi prime minister the about the doc today in a press conference and his use some parties of being trying to a skull relate the security situation. he said they are trying to fuel to the fire but he didn't name dos parties at this moment it is we can say that security is under control of police especially after declaring the curfew and the whole city or bus or bus or witnessing in the last few weeks many protests and there is
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a protester calling to enhance the basic services they are calling the authority to provide in three city cleaning water and find jobs for tens of thousands of jugglers among young people as i said the situation in basra now is very tense but according to our police sources it is under control especially after declaring that got a few in the whole city of basra. still to come in this news hour profane outbursts and the pulse if the city making a new book gives a chilling insight into life in the trump white house plus. chests inside the senate as the confirmation for trying supreme court nominee gets off to a beast. art and then sport find out if tiger woods has made this year's u.s. ryder cup team closer we'll be here for that story.
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but first at least eight people have been killed and thousands are stranded after a powerful typhoon hit western japan the storm inundated the region's main international airport and blew a tanker into a bridge disrupting land and their trouble gebbie that's the name of the typhoon as the strongest typhoon to hit the country in twenty five years and follows a torrid summer for japan and the hayward reports. japan's most powerful storm but nearly twenty five years typhoon finally makes landfall. ripping apart buildings. and sending daybreak in kioto station. with winds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers an hour the full force of the storm struck japan's western coastline bringing with it to run chill rain and
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disruption several thousand people were left stranded when water poured into can saya international airport little could be done to keep the floodwaters out and tundra the plights have been counseled atenco which had been sheltering from the storm career did to the bridge which links the airport to the mainland the crew on board a said to be say there are thirty is in japan have a biased more than a million people to evacuate their properties one point six million homes are without power. this is the latest in a series of suburbia weather systems to hit japan in recent months typhoon has already claimed lives and cause dozens of injuries many here. now hoping for a break from the deluge and he would use their. well meanwhile tropical storm gordon is expected to strengthen into a hurricane on tuesday as a bears down on the u.s. gulf coast
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a state of emergency has been declared in mississippi louisiana and parts of alabama the storm is expected to drop about thirty centimeters of rain in areas still recovering from last year's powerful hurricanes. a new book by famed a watergate reporter bob woodward has revealed that president donald trump wanted to have syrian president bashar al assad assassinated last year a request that was ignored by his own defense secretary excerpt from the book called fear trump in the white house but praise the president as prone to profane outbursts and then also decision making the book is the latest to detail tensions within the white house and the prompts presidency while the washington post has published the ordeal of a telephone conversation between trump and bob woodward in which they discuss the book. the
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wright brothers are very much it's going to be a negative book but you know i'm sort of fifty percent used to that spirit so much good and very very good to be. scott live now to patty cohan who joins us from washington d.c. what else do we know that's come out of this book patti. well it is explosive to say the least first and foremost a let's talk about bob woodward he is without question unparalleled the most respected journalist in all of washington d.c. you mentioned he's responsible for taking down richard nixon he has profiled every single president and book since then he is deeply sourced he has a stellar reputation he has never once been accused of making up information but that is what the white house is going to try and do now they've already come out with statements from some of the key people in the administration and the white house itself saying that it's all fake news and then going on to talk about how well they believe the economy is doing so let's get to some of those allegations of again woodward says he has has hundreds of hours of conversations on tape although
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he doesn't name many of the sources he does name some but he says that after meeting john kelly the white house chief of staff called the president an idiot saying it was pointless to try and convince him of anything that he's gone off the rails this is a quote we're in crazy town i don't know why any of us are here this is the worst job i've ever had the former commerce secretary wilbur ross apparently trump told him that he was over the hill and he didn't want to do it any more deals he said of jeff sessions and again this is offensive language but it's attributed to the president that he is mentally retarded and simply saw that or and gary cohen this is perhaps one of the more explosive a concept in the book gary cohen former chief economic adviser he said he was in the oval office and he saw a letter in the president's desk that would have ripped up a trade agreement so he simply took the letter he just took it off his desk in the oval office and said the president will remember to ask about it he says he didn't then there's james mattis the secretary of defense who apparently after meeting
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when trump said he wanted to basically pull all troops out of south korea said that the president has a fifth or sixth grade education level obviously a bit of an insult and that his former lawyer once said that if you testified in the robert mueller special counsel probe he would end up in an orange jumpsuit again a lot of these people coming out and denying that these are claims that they've done this before whenever negative stories of. come up said fake news didn't happen this is bob woodward it's going to be much harder to discredit him than pretty much anyone else in the country i guess is pretty apt in the book is called fear because if even that a no even a tenth of those allegations are true then it is quite terrifying and that is all going on at the white house beyond the reaction from the white house itself what other reaction has there been to the u.s. to these allegations you know it is just now coming out i want to put this in the light of there's a supreme court nomination hearing that got under way brett kavanaugh so that is pretty much been dominating the headlines the book is going to be released for a couple of weeks for people who despise the president this is going to confirm
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what they've already known now for the president's supporters they've heard these things before they haven't heard them directly from those people on camera and they might not know who bob woodward is many of them but they've heard stories like this about a completely dysfunctional white house and his support has been falling among his base it isn't completely solid you we've seen a few million republicans say that they're no longer republicans we've seen his approval numbers among republicans go down this could further help a road that if they're tuning in or if they've just simply bought the mantra it's all fake news patty can hang with the latest on that from washington d.c. patty thank you well patty was mentioning that the headlines in the u.s. have been dominated by the confirmation of brett kavanaugh and in a way it's been a bumpy start for that senate confirmation hearing. and for trump's controversial pick for the supreme court around two thousand protesters were actually dragged out and democratic party senators tried to have the whole thing adjourned claiming that
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the republicans are blocking access to documents stemming from his previous work in the white house under george w. bush. i welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing on the nomination of mr brett kavanaugh mr chairman you're a very warm welcome not the god given have. to have a meeting his wife. and me there's two daughters mr chairman or i had what he would and i call a manager harris mr chairman of the revenue has already large files and documents that we have and everyone else joining on you last night and we believe this hearing she knows no need for you or your out of order i'll proceed so a lot of tension inside the hearing and protests outside from where roslyn jordan sent us this report. it's the first of four confirmation hearing days for judge brett kavanaugh he's hoping to join the u.s. supreme court the hearing which started tuesday morning has already been
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interrupted dozens of times and at least twenty two people have been arrested by capitol police for interrupting the proceedings democratic senators also interrupted the proceedings they tried it first to adjourn the session because they said they haven't received nearly enough information about kavanagh's record both on the high court that appellate court i should say as well as serving in the administration of george w. bush and they say that a late night dump of papers on monday is simply irresponsible however republicans say that they are not worried about kavanaugh his record they say that he exhibits the kind of judicial temperament they want to see on the high court and they believe that he would hold the rule of law those who object to his nomination however saying that he is a threat to a woman's right to choose an abortion to reproductive rights in general to gay and lesbian rights as well as to the rights of his workers of immigrants and of those who believe in a clean environment they're trying as hard as they can including with this rally
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behind me in order to darrelle the nomination but because republicans control the house and because they control the senate and the judiciary committee it's almost certain that he's going to become the ninth member of the u.s. supreme court well in the last hour cavanagh is opening statement to the hearing the supreme court must never never be viewed as a partisan institution the justices on the supreme court do not sit on opposite sides of an aisle they do not caucus in separate rooms if confirmed to the supreme court i would be part of a team of nine. committed to deciding cases according to the constitution and laws of the united states well it's talk more about this with jake foley skinny who's of the rector for the federal courts program at the center for american progress sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera certainly the sorts of scenes
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that we saw today are i'm guessing rare if i actually have never been seen before at a similar hearing so do you think a lot of the fears are justified let's kind of look at them one by one so first of all a lot of people especially protesting outside fearful that kavanah may have an impact on the rights of american women to have an abortion do you think that that's justified. it's absolutely justified the current sitting president the united states who nominated him when he was on the campaign trail and afterwards said that he had a clear litmus test for his supreme court nominee and one of those litmus tests was to appoint a justice who would quote overturn automatically roe v wade and another one of the issues that certainly a lot of the democrats there at the hearing had is that a lot of documents forty two thousand pages were released a few hours before the confirmation one hundred thousand pages of documents
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relating to cavernous time in the trump forgive me in the bush white house george w. bush actually being withheld by the white house why do you think all those documents are being withheld. it's very hard to say without having any access to them over one hundred thousand have been deemed committee confidential which means other senators off the committee and the public at large don't currently have access to those to see why they might be withheld and then you know hundreds of thousands more documents are simply just not being provided period because the committee chair refused to request them and then you know the document dump that happened last night with over nearly forty five thousand documents that you know democratic senators were i guess just supposed to magically be able to review before the hearing started this morning and so this is unprecedented even the head of the
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national archives said that we were in on president a territory with the way that republicans have put this hearing together without the documents in place for the people to review i mean i'm putting in a difficult situation because you've just said that we don't actually have access to that information but in two thousand and one haven't joined the president george w. bush's white house legal team and of course post nine eleven a lot of the citizens were made relating to the war on terror i mean could it be that some decisions we don't know what kevin his role exactly was there but do you think that that could be one of the reasons why these documents aren't really east . yeah that's absolutely possible we know that during kevin i was hearing for the d.c. circuit court that he said that he had no involvement whatsoever in anything relating to decisions around torture and illegal confinement and it was later revealed that actually cavanaugh was brought into at least one
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meeting where he did make some suggestions and some statements to the president about what he thought might happen if they were to were to go ahead with those policies which they did go ahead with so. senator durbin has said that kavanagh simply lied to the committee back then and i wonder and i think others wonder whether or not there are documents from that time period that show that he had more involvement in those decisions and many more controversial controversial decision that took place at the time that he hasn't revealed and that the public should should have access to in light of all of that do you think he is going to get the fifty votes he needs for confirmation you know it's very difficult to say. with all of these documents still pending out there and with two republican senators who have said that they would not want to vote for another
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justice who would overturn roe v wade and with kavanagh's you know clear position on that given some of the cases that he's heard in the past and also the you know the president's statements you know one would hope that the senators might still be in play and that they might be convinced that he might actually overturn a woman's right to choose in america and that he shouldn't be confirmed jake for the skinny director of federal courts program from the center for american progress or thank you so much for sharing your views with us. well the u.s. senate seat left vacant by john mccains this will be filled by john a former republican senator from arizona served alongside mccain for three terms and was republican whip in the senate until he retired in two thousand and thirteen he voted against the affordable care act and had been working to guide supreme
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court nominee brit kavanah through the confirmation process. in this news hour including will the adoption of an international definition of anti semitism help the u.k. opposition put aside its differences why russian space officials say they're not ruling out sabotage to explain a leak found on the international space station last week and then sports boy racer will hear from the teenager set to become the youngest ever driver in. had other been big thunderstorms wandering around australia for what two days they're still doing it the second i says too that becoming a little bit weak it's going to drift eastwards but he's left you know one storm
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gives you twenty thirty min to be said to give you sixty and that's what's been happening they'll be further north east the capital from the capital than yesterday's version but uses cloud elsewhere big showers have been forming in northern spade in southern france and they're in the forecast to overnight quite possibly in fact the whole of the regime slowly changing roles in this high summer heat wave which is restricted to very very edges of europe if there are a tool with out in the twenty's with rain likely to drift eastwards into baltic states down remain here and a few showers popping up elsewhere nearly thirty in madrid still twenty three in paris for the breezes from the north a particular warm direction or less is more significant greenstreet that's more rain dance for the low countries in germany and over the us come thursday austria looks dry by the state of the temps differential we see it in northern africa still there thirty seven in two days because the breeze coming out of the interior city in benghazi with an onshore breeze and by twenty five in a rather significantly cooler about there are big shall around the sahara but fewer
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than there were. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the chemicals closure and the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. in the final part of a six part series from dover five b. . the people of new can still fight for their land. the village chief is imprisoned. and forced underground the film makers become
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part of the same. crackdown the concluding part of the economy china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. well baccy is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera activists say the last rebel controlled province in syria is being attacked from the air the spy president trump warning against recklessly attacking the area at least seventeen civilians have been killed including children a cease fire has been agreed between rival factions in libya who have been fighting in the capital tripoli for more than a week at least fifty people have been killed in one hundred fifty more injured in
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the unrest and japan has been battered by its strongest typhoon in more than twenty five years causing at least eight deaths and the hundred and sixty one. a highway bridge has collapsed in the crowded indian city of course killing one person and injuring nineteen half a dozen vehicles including a bus plummeted to the ground when a thirty meter section of concrete gave way police and firefighters have been sifting through the big three checking for other casualties twenty seven people died in a similar lapse of the city to mexico. the families of two reuters journalists jailed for seven years on charges of spying say they will appeal the verdict the wives of wollongong and he asked so along with their lawyers held a press conference in the un go on they say the journalists are being punished for doing their jobs the two were arrested in the summer last year while investigating the execution of ten range of men by me and my soldiers and militia men when he has
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more now from bangkok since their arrest in december last year and during the trial while lone and have remained relatively positive and defiance they say they were framed they were handed these top secret documents by the police who moments later turned around and arrested them but clearly it has taken its toll on them and their families and a day after the verdict was handed down giving them seven years in prison the wives of while alone and gave their reaction to the media in yangon. you know i thought he would be released but that's not happened i was so upset he totally innocent they were just doing their job as reporters the jets said they had an intent to harm become it makes me feel really bad i hope i believe that he would come to our family as soon as possible he's a good citizen there's been international condemnation of the verdict but still
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nothing from aung san suu kyi the state council all of me and my once a champion of free speech and human rights we have heard though from the deputy information minister on law tune when asked about wyong son sued she hasn't spoken out about the verdict he said that criticizing the judicial system would be tantamount to contempt of court but it is really still all eyes on aung san suu kyi and her government to see whether they will grant pardons to while loan and choice of. supporters of congolese opposition leaders are planning a series of protests after he was barred from running in the upcoming presidential election on monday the democratic republic of congo's top court confirmed the ruling benbow was ineligible because of a conviction of the international criminal court for bribing witnesses has condemned the decision and called the country a fake democracy. international donors and member states of pledged
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more than two billion dollars in financial assistance for the lake chad basin where eleven million people are in need of urgent help the pledges came from a high level conference in berlin in nigeria share chad and cameroon chronic poverty and food and water shortages have been compounded by violent attacks carried out by boko haram millions of civilians have been forced to flee their homes paul brennan has all report. the slide into crisis in the countries which surround lake chant has been slow painful and largely ignored by the rest of the world almost a decade of chronic poverty and food and water shortages and a half million africans displaced from their homes and ten million made dependent on humanitarian aid the crisis is compounded by the bomb and gun attacks of the boko haram group. for the force turning toward history we are seeing a young girl as
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a young boy has been strived in improv was bombs and yours in them but what i'm rules in there must be instrument of war these thousand there were one anywhere before the level of displacement in their view of gender based violence that girls particularly idealisms girls are going through it's unbelievable famine in the lake chad region was only a verted after an emergency donor conference in norway last year the latest donor conference in berlin aim to push on from that. at the heart of this conference has been the need to look beyond the immediate crisis ongoing focus her am attacked the ongoing food and water shortages and to start to contemplate strategies for long term stability and resilience in the region and to tackle what's been described here as a crisis of protection one important strand of that is to make sure women's skills and abilities are enabled in the four countries which surround the lake nigeria chad and cameroon education provide them access to resources change some of the
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obstacles that they might face in terms of land ownership in terms of inheritance and also try to address issues a forced marriage the u.n. had estimated the funding requirements as one point five six billion dollars this conference has raised two point one billion assuming of course that the money pledged is donated i think it's a fair question and i hope people keep asking it because the worst thing to do is to make a pledge and not deliver it that's worse than not making a place in the first place because you create expectations and you undermine confidence in the system if you then don't deliver delivering a solution for lake chad is seen as extraordinarily complex but as the meeting in berlin shows the crisis described as the world's most neglected is getting much needed wider attention pledges of help from millions in need of brennan. al jazeera . at least thirty people have died including children after
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a boat carrying at least one hundred fifty african migrants capsized off the coast of yemen it happened on sunday in your shop or province most of those on board were somali migrants nera waters between the horn of africa and yemen are a popular migration route well in yemen itself there have been protests in the south of the country over the saudi u.a.e. coalition's military campaign in the country. administrators in the law huge governorate chanted for the coalition to leave calling it a puppet of the u.s. they blocked main roads and carried placards blaming the coalition for the deteriorating economy there have been further protests in the south of the government's failure to take measures against rising prices and the collapse of the currency we know spain has confirmed it's cancelling the sale of four hundred precision bombs to saudi arabia in mid fears of the weapons could be used in yemen for more than three years
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a saudi led coalition has been bombing who the rebels in that country thousands of civilians have been killed germany the netherlands norway and belgium have all suspended licenses for arms sales to countries in the saudi led coalition france italy and the u.k. still sell arms to the kingdom the spy domestic campaigns for them to be suspended nearly half the u.k.'s arms exports go to saudi arabia since two thousand and fifteen london has sold five point eight billion dollars worth of arms to riyadh and that's dwarfed by the us the which last year signed an arms deal worth three hundred fifty billion dollars over ten years and dismiss works for the campaign against arms trade he says arms companies are profiting from the suffering in yemen we know where public opinion stands in view kin across europe is firmly against these arms it's firmly against arms exports to human rights abusing regimes and dictatorships across the world and what we've seen in yemen is one of the worst humanitarian crises in world phases of photos of people have been killed vital
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infrastructure has been wiped out and deadly disease has been allowed to take root and all the while the arms companies have been profiting from it every step of the way. well after more than five hours of discussion as the u.k.'s labor party has voted to adopt in full an international definition of anti semitism there had been calls for opposition leader jeremy corbyn to resign over accusations that he has and the views and this reluctant to expel party members who've expressed opinions against jewish people are in sleep has been following the story. can you say what he wants to about israel without being accused of hating jews these people who support jeremy colvin believe it is entirely legitimate to condemn israel as institutionally racist without being cautious as racist themselves ludicrous and you know i mean this is the party that could become the party of government and we
12:42 am
can discuss matters of foreign policy the rights of the palestinians to their own self-determination the the suffering that the palestinians are experiencing at the hands of israel we can discuss that in the labor party because it will be the fine design to submit. jericho god for god but these british jews friends of israel said that his bigotry fascism of jewish people at the moment everybody i know is considering leaving the country young people are leaving the country i know loads of young people in that twenty's have gone to israel and you know if jeremy corbin looks if he's going to come back prime minister you were serious shame of jewish people leaving the united kingdom that has to be terrible. of the whole of it was labor's refusal to accept several examples of anti semitic language and views as defined by the international holocaust remembrance alliance or i h a it is deemed
12:43 am
anti semitic to say for instance the jews are more loyal to israel than their own country or that the state of israel is by definition racists or that israeli government policy is like those of nazi germany. corbin and his supporters have claimed this prevented them from properly criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinian people. under huge pressure to adopt the i.h.r. a code the past executive finally did but also reserve the right to criticize israel even the deputy party leader didn't seem convinced so somebody said that the various rail is a racist endeavor now will they be disciplined by the labor party look the caviar is what it says you can make your own mind about critics will accuse the labor party of trying to play with words in this supposed compromise what is the difference between criticizing israel and expressing support for the palestinians and criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinians one might not be anti semitic one might be is open to interpretation and certainly it is not the
12:44 am
unequivocal backing of the anti semitism codes that many labor politicians have been demanding thanks to the danger in this for corbin is that in trying to keep his political party happy he will have upset his grassroots supporters who want to say what they like to see about israel this decision may not have cleared up anything more recently al jazeera london. russia says it isn't ruling out a deliberate sabotage after an air leak was found in the international space station last week astronauts use tape to seal the hole which had holes a small loss of pressure that was not immediately life threatening the space agency chief dimitris role was in says he believes the hole was made by a drill back on earth or in space. well joining me now for more of this is francisco diego who's a senior research fellow at the department of physics and astronomy at the university college london thank you so much for joining us mr what a mystery the story is so first of all we are completely discarding that this could
12:45 am
well you know the next week i was interviewed several times and i was showing these meteorite which is far bigger than the one that would have caused this whole the that would have been decisive bedwell about a little grain of sand but yes we discover that for the moment but this danger still exists is still a potential danger that there micrometeorites much more than these one companies and enormous damage in any spacecraft it has happened before not even in months spacecraft but a couple of space rocket being disabled by micrometeorites before however though the space agency chief does believe that this was manmade and what fun looks at the holy kind of does look like a drill so what do you think the reasons behind it there are two possibilities one of the drill was made the hole was made on the ground while the is this oil is was being made the weight being it assembled on the hole was me my mistake and he was botched by that war care with the with the hope that it would not be not useable
12:46 am
and then he was launched laid out on the porch fell off and then it started leaking so that's one of the versions on the other one which is the the most the watering one is the time it was made literally there you go to the on on on board who on the space station by one of the astronauts i mean now there's going to be i guess some kind of investigation into into what's happened but what does it do to the morale of the people in the space because you know you're sort of faced with a choice. that either someone was slightly incompetent and covered it up or someone is trying to sabotage the space station or almost worse back or nurse someone made this mistake and then just kind of didn't really take care enough i think he said early stages i think all these questions will come to announce it in the next two or three days i guess that they will find out what was the origin of these of these hold it is very important to know what are the reasons because remember the fed has psychological effect on her space travel is the isolation from it being homesick by astronauts in if this happens on the space station is fine when you have means to
12:47 am
come back to earth about the when you've got pins you know in a trip to mars for example we are in a journey of nine months until you land on mars then so serious so serious business i mean there is plenty of risks on the space through technological risks on the meteorites and all this kind of stuff on top of that you put the psychological effect on for us from us that go a little bit funny it's very very warring and really really things that we learn from that this is sort of an important opportunity to learn from these things for the future luckily nothing captain but it's about impulse they had i mean the whole hadn't been found i think they had eighteen days were still there but at least it did get found i mean in your experience and knowledge if you ever heard of anything similar to this no other interest to astronauts trying to sabotage if that's what happened or not at all not at all we'll have a marriage in seas very famously apollo thirteen was not a subaltern she was a real technical failure and the reaction again we've got for tape and the
12:48 am
improvised kind of way of getting oxygen back to the astronauts and then we'll come back to life but nothing like this before and if it never fascinating well hopefully we'll find out what happened and get you back on set to comment on francisco diego senior research fellow at the department of physics and astronomy at university college london thank you it's a pleasure. well still ahead in this news hour the defending women's champion is tumbling out of the u.s. open we'll tell you how it happened and sport. to anyone. and her. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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and has. a plan to get all the sports news here. thank you so much we start with some big news for tiger woods he's back in the u.s. ryder cup team of the cats and jim furyk named him as one of these four wildcard picks woods has imprest on his latest injury comeback and finished second that the u.s. p.g.a. championship it will be his first ryder cup appearance in six years and he will step back from his role as a u.s. vice captain. a part of this team it's it's incredible i mean it really is to look back a at the start of the year and now to accomplish a goal like that to be a part of this team. and now to be a player is just. beyond special tiger's old nemesis phil mickelson was another of the wildcard picks at forty eight years of age is going to play in these twelve ryder cup after making his debut way back in nineteen ninety five.
12:51 am
bryson was the other wildcard pick named on monday after narrowly missing out on the automatic qualification he's gone on to win two straight tournaments in the fed ex cup playoffs fira can name sees fourth and final pick next week while europe captain thomas bjorn completes his team on wednesday. nike shares have dropped by two percent amid a backlash over their new advertising campaign fronted by collin kappa nick the first n.f.l. player to meall doing the u.s. national anthem the quarterback who doesn't even have a team announced the multi-year deal just a few days before the start of the new season he's not played since leaving the san francisco forty nine ers in only twenty seventeen and is suing the n.f.l. for allegedly freezing him out because of these protests against racial injustice aside from the just do it campaign like you will also bring out a range of cap and clothing products and donate money to he's know your rights campaign this is
12:52 am
a usually divisive issue in the united states and many critics have posted videos destroying nike products in protest along with the hash tag just burn it. i buy go buy some adidas. you know how many other sneakers there are to buy to choose from here to go ahead you're going to go ahead and say hey buy our shoes we stand with people who needle for the national anthem well sorry nike i don't buy new for the past twenty plus years. not anymore not only my bernie my favorite para nike's you're burning your sales have a good day sports marketing expert professor simon chadwick believes that nike won't be too worried about the social media backlash and that in the long run it could actually play into the hands. in essence for every pair of shoes that it adds
12:53 am
to the myth and the legend of knight just a little bit more and i think what he does is to draw attention to the campaign that mike is supporting in the first place so i'm sure nyquil have done it sums and will of thought about the pros and cons associated with this particular campaign and for me i think what is happening now with the burning of shoes rather than undermining nike is actually contributing to the growing strength of the brandon and the values of the brown decision to embody this is all part of our of overnight repositioning towards. more cosmopolitan urban consumer base who are supportive all equality supportive of equal rights of l g b t rights of racial equality gender equality and i don't think it's just a kind of altruistic move either on the park like this is very much about selling change track top selling schools where these are people who are going to buy night now they're going to stick with nike unit they're going to associate
12:54 am
a particular meaning with night they can attribute certain value certain characteristics and so when they're these people are fifty sixty seventy seven zero years old they'll still be by. usa gymnastics continues to feel the effects of the sexual abuse scandal bedrocks of the sport earlier this year the c.e.o. terry perry has quit just nine months into the role she'd been on the growing pressure from the u.s. olympic committee and criticized by gymnasts for concentrating more on marketing instead of making structural changes in the wake of the lettering that's the case perry was hired around the time former team dr nasser pled guilty to sexual abuse he was sentenced to several life sentences for crimes dating back to the one nine hundred seventy s. before the board of u.s. soldier methinks resigned off the revelations officials at turned a blind eye. manchester united manager josie marino has accepted a one year suspended prison sentence with the spanish tax or thorough seize he was
12:55 am
accused of defrauding the tax office in twenty eleven and twenty twelve while managing roma druid he won't go to jail because in spain first time offenders with a sentence of less than two years will have it suspended and does have to pay a fine of around two point three million dollars though. there's been another upset the year's final grand slam the us open at flushing meadows in new york this time it's defending women's champion sloane stephens who is out the american third seed or same packing by latvian and a star. in straight sets six two and six three but nineteenth seed will face catalina pushed out of the czech republic also we know williams in the semifinals. six months since monday bad sinus infection. whatever you got to play and like i said i didn't find the last matches and today just was a tough day i didn't play my best i wish i could have played better but just wasn't
12:56 am
today. the man side two thousand and seven when martin del potro is through to the semifinals he was up against american john is the author ash stadium and overcame his opponent in four states now to the teenager racing driver getting ready to compete in formula one eighteen year old landon norris will drive for mclaren next season and he doesn't seem fazed by it at all. i was there made it to from one at an earlier age than another drive is. i feel ready for it that you think i'm ready for. it sure is i'm good enough to get to the point where i am now. and then focusing in on conference and we think he has that potential. talented he is one in everything that he's ever competed in and most of the time in the first year so he certainly has the c.v. that would suggest he's a future world champion but he's going to be new to the sport it's
12:57 am
a tough sport we need to give him a good race car so when they do get him to the front of the field and then let him do they do the rest. we'll leave it there for momo sport again later barbara thank you just before we go in the film the wizard of oz darcy only at the tapper heels of her ruby slippers together three times to get home to kansas but the famous red shoes that are worth millions have proven once again that there is no place like home one of the four pairs worn by judy garland in the film was actually stolen from the late movie stars in museums thirteen years ago they have now been recovered in minneapolis and the f.b.i. are asking the public to help identify suspects connected with the original seth in two thousand and five and apparently in the book i think they're so that other than that they got their head in the field except for the news hour back in a few minutes from me that if i.
12:58 am
use news as it breaks they study magic and be holding on to this right as they will about about an hour and a cough in that direction with detail coverage that you know make a never before seen such a factory number of refugees leaving one country from around the world the project raised questions right from a very start that this entrance cost two hundred thousand dollars to build. deported from the u.k. indoctrinated by somalia's and how kind of
12:59 am
a young man disillusioned pipeline we've built is like as a mixed race going to be because it's steak and. it's. from africa no not call me off my last warrior a witness documentary on a just keep. our. own juicy or. where ever you. in indonesia palm oil is a billion dollar business want to win east investigates the price the country's paying. to feed the world's oil addiction. on al-jazeera.
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airstrikes rained down on russia this mrs president trumps warning not to recklessly attack the syrian province. hello i'm barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program at least fifty dead after a week of fighting in libya's capital but the u.n. says the warring sides have agreed to a ceasefire japan is hit by its strongest typhoon in twenty five years battering the west of the country and whipping up massive waves.


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