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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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two hundred pounds and. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha. coming up in the next sixty minutes. russia and assad don't go there we're not going to accept it it's not ok the u.s. warns against the use of chemical weapons in syria's provinces airstrikes at the last rebel held strongholds libya's warring factions agreed to a ceasefire in the capital tripoli after days of fighting kills at least sixty people. and is battered by the worst typhoon in twenty five years killing at least nine people in the west of the country. fear to hit the bookshelves
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a top reporter's account of president donald trump in the white house. hello we begin in syria where air strikes have hit the last rebel controlled region as the u.n. security council plans to meet on friday on what could become the bloodiest battle yet in the province it's believed more than twenty separate airstrikes have been carried out killing at least seventeen people five of them children well russia a key ally of the syrian government says it's aware the army is preparing for a full scale offensive on it calling it a cradle of terrorism well that's got the united nations warning of a potential bloodbath. home to three million people rebels fighters and civilians who were moved there from other areas the government took back control the u.n.
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special envoy for syria has called on the russian and turkish presidents to solve the looming crisis. well i would like to take the liberty frankly may serve to address myself if you allow me to through you. to praise him putting into place didn't. you have been there once at the beginning and i know because i was very much do witnessing what happened at the end of the siege and the fighting of aleppo you were the ones who actually were able to talk to each other make a telephone call organize a formula that allowed the end of that horrible period not to be worth. a telephone call between the two of you would make a big difference well the u.s. has warned that it will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons and our diplomatic
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editor james ray is has more from the united nations the u.s. is just assume the monthly rotating presidency of the u.n. security council ambassador nikki haley has tweeted about the situation in the ad lib as has president trump both said they don't want there to be an all out assault but listen very carefully to her words when i asked her about the situation ambassador hailey didn't seem opposed to them taking over it lead only to the use of chemical weapons what you're saying from us and the fact that the security council wants to talk about it is do not let a chemical weapons attack happen on the people of it lead the people of syria have been through too much this is a tragic situation and. if they want to continue to go the route of taking over syria they can do that but they cannot do it with chemical weapons they can't do it assaulting their people and we're not going to fall for it if there are chemical weapons that are used we know exactly who's going to use them and this is the exact
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same playbook that russia and iran and assad have used every time a u.n. security council meeting about the situation in need live has now been called for friday morning but things on the ground moving fast and the situation could have changed a great deal by then well the syrian president bashar assad has vowed to recapture every inch of territory from the rebels and that's slowly been happening the syrian government has made major gains especially since russia joined the war three years ago it is now the last remaining major prize for an aside and right now the turkish army controls a string of military posts around it the trying to prevent a government assault stephanie decker has more from a hanley near a turkish border with syria. after three weeks of quiet skies air strikes have resumed on the province particularly the southwest of the province there have been civilian casualties including five children and most of the airstrikes were around
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the area of additional sure this is an area that rumor over the last couple of weeks had it that perhaps a first phase of this expected offensive would take place it's too early to tell whether this is the start of the offensive certainly has been quiet over the last couple of hours but there are huge concerns when it comes to this looming offensive when it comes to the civilians to the internally displaced that is it live province just behind us you can see how tightly packed those tents are those are the internally displaced that's just a tiny snapshot of just how massive this problem is and we've been speaking to the head of turkey's red crescent he just went into it lib to do a recchi so to speak saying he was incredibly concerned about the situation for the civilians that they were trying to put you know extra extra tents in place to receive what they know will be an influx of people they don't want to open the borders with turkey and they also said that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the rebel groups there could only be
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a political solution when it comes to the opposition is majorly important it is seen as the last rebel stronghold it will be the last battle is one rebel told us who is inside it live who came to live from southern damascus saying that it live is our damascus and if the regime takes it back if it takes back that means for us the revolution is over let's not speak to andrew tabler his assyria expert at the washington institute for near east policy is joining us via skype thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so are we now seeing the start of the offensive on it . it's hard to say i think we are seeing the beginning of the. question is what territory. the initial. reading is that there the regime is after certain motorways. that would allow it for you to divide up a little province not the entire thing but. who knows.
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the in terms of it was a whole we're talking about billions of refugees potential crisis that would be very difficult for the average or even a whole or that i'm too especially before a summit we have in teheran with turkey and the assad regime and russia has to make sure that some of the will be held on friday we know that they are a man president is meeting with the russian his russian and turkish counterparts and but with russia and iran obviously allies off syria and turkey supporting some of the rebel factions and it led her to think those countries are to find some sort of common ground well it depends on what they the end state they want. they want something that would deliver those areas back to the nominal control of the outside regime legally. the question is what will be the formula for that and
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that's not clear so until that's clear i don't think we're going to have an easy sell but that part of syria but what about when it comes to the relationship between the united states and turkey we know that secretary of state my can pay i did speak with turkey's foreign minister earlier today how well sort of any russian excuse me u.s. turkish coordination play out if any at all. i would say that the. turkish reading of u.s. position was augmented by president trump's tweets. today which was pretty clear about. any kind of incursion into that area so i think it was pretty clear it was unusual. that was very clear. call from the top how it ends the war in that part of the country we don't know and that's what we're waiting to see in the coming days all right so we thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera. now the syrian state news agency says iran defenses have intercepted
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missiles fired by israeli jets they reportedly attack targets in the provinces of hama untouched at least one person was killed and twelve injured state television released this video showing what it says was a missile being intercepted israel also made a rare admission that it had carried out more than two hundred attacks against iranian targets in syria in the last two years. six protesters have been killed and the state of emergency has been declared in the southern iraqi city a bus that all fighting broke out when security forces needed to contain the protest over state services on corruption a government building a store in town set on fire demonstrations have spread across cities in the south in recent weeks more now from one either but he mahmud his al-jazeera arabic spiro chief in baghdad. handed is a protesters they took the streets the main building of the money to support
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council of basra and what happened after that according to this source is that protesters they invaded the building and they said a fire inside the building also the clashes happened between the police and some armed people they were among the protesters the police of bosler they accused some of protestors of opening fire against them now the situation in basra is very tense security austerity declared declared their care if you and the whole city of basra iraqi prime minister has allowed by the doc today in a press conference and he's accused some parties of being trying to a scholarly security situation in basra he said they are trying to add fuel to the fire but he didn't name ghost party at this moment it is we can say that security is under control of all these especially after declaring the curfew on the whole
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city of basra but witnessing in the last few weeks many protests and there is a protester was calling to enhance that basic services they are calling the authorities to provide electricity cleaning water and find jobs for tens of thousands of jobless among young people as i said the situation in basra now is very tense but according to our police sources it is under control especially after declaring that got a few in the whole city of basra. u.n. says a ceasefire has been agreed between rival factions in libya who've been fighting in the capital for more than a week at least sixty people have been killed in one hundred fifty more injured in and around tripoli under the deal all fighting will end and the city's only airport will reopen earlier hundreds of refugees and migrants were released from a detention center because of the unrest mahmoud of do i had has more from tripoli . the united nations support the mission in libya has announced that it has reached
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a cease fire between the warring groups we understand that the united nations support the mission in libya has held a meeting with representatives from the groups in tripoli alongside the representatives from the internationally recognized government of national accord and the aim of that meeting was to put an end to this conflict in tripoli and to save the lives of civilians who understand that the conflict or the clashes that have been going on for more than a week now have taken a heavy toll on civilians more than a thousand illegal migrants who have been detained in a detention center close to the. area where the clashes are going on they have been released by the illegal migration combat department and supervisors of that illegal immigration combat department say that they had to release. illegal migrants in
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order to save their lives we understand also that many civilians have been forced out of their homes in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli since the beginning of the clashes on the twenty seventh of august also the have been a lot of random stray rockets landing in densely populated areas and more than forty people have been killed since since the beginning of the clashes and many of them many of them are civilians a powerful typhoon has slammed into western japan flooding and closing an international airport and crashing a tanker into a bridge the government's urged more than a million people to leave their homes and move to safety at least nine people have been killed and three hundred others injured i'm hayward has the latest. japan's most powerful storm the nearly twenty five typhoon finally makes landfall. ripping apart buildings. and sending daybreak in kyoto station.
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with winds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers an hour the full force of the storm struck japan's western coastline bringing with it to run chill rain and destruction several thousand people were left stranded when water poured into can saya international airport little could be done to keep the floodwater out and tundra the plight of being cancelled a tank which had been sheltering from the storm career didn't hit the bridge which links the airport to the mainland the crew on board a said to be safe there or thirty's in japan have advised more than a million people to evacuate their properties one point six million homes are without power. this is the latest in a series of sabera weather systems to hit japan in recent months typhoon has
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already claimed lives and caused dozens of injuries many here and now hoping for a break from the deluge and the heywood al-jazeera. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including argentina's president clearly off the size of his government to save money as the economy teeters on the edge off disaster. a rock star to the confirmation hearing for donald trump's supreme court nominee. coming up in sport we'll hear from a delighted tiger woods after being recalled to the u.s. ryder cup team gator world tell us about that story a little later. well president trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh has faced a chaotic confirmation hearing in the senate as democrats accuse republicans of withholding documents about cabinets past white house service dozens of protesters
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were dragged out during yet another session highlighting the political divisions in the u.s. jordan reports from capitol hill. from the moment brett kavanaugh sat down for his confirmation hearing to become a u.s. supreme court justice outburst after outburst at least thirty people were arrested on tuesday for disorderly conduct then it was the democratic senators turn to disrupt the hearing. is the chairman we have been denied we have been denied real access to the documents we need to a diagram and regulators called returns disappearing into a charade and a mockery of our norms well mr chairman i therefore move to adjourn this hearing the democrats and progressive groups are trying whatever they can to stop kavanagh from joining the high court they accuse the appeals court judge of wanting to outlaw abortion of favoring businesses over employees unions and consumers and of
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wanting to end overstretch and own firearms ownership democrats are also accusing republic. ins of trying to rush through kavanagh's confirmation for political purposes namely to protect the president donald trump the interruptions an accusation is angered republicans who run the judiciary committee this is the first confirmation hearing for a supreme court justice i've seen basically according to mob rule can i ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle how long you want to go on with this because i'm not going to entertain any of the motion and you're making do you want this to go on all day because i have been patient at the end of the day cavanaugh finally had a moment to speak and he addressed the question about his ability to be fair over the past twelve years i've ruled sometimes for the prosecution and sometimes for
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criminal defendants sometimes for workers and sometimes for businesses sometimes for environmentalist's and sometimes for coal miners despite the protests and the parliamentary maneuvers it does appear that judge brett kavanaugh will be joining the u.s. supreme court republicans control the senate as well as the judiciary committee and they're convinced that they have the votes as well as the confidence to get their man on the high court rosalyn jordan al-jazeera capitol hill. well a new book by washington post journalist bob woodward has revealed that president donald trump wanted to have syrian president bashar assad assassinated last year a request that was ignored by his defense secretary fear trumping the white house's quotes from the president's own aides questioning his ability to lead the white house says the book is full of fabricated stories many by former disgruntled employees told to make the president look bad woodward is known for his
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investigative reporting that helped bring down president richard nixon in the watergate scandal so the washington post has published all idio of a telephone conversation between trump and woodward in which they apparently discussed that book. three. dollars to let me just going to be a negative book but you know i'm sort of fifty percent used to that right so my goodness everything is going to be. covering the story joins us from washington d.c. so what would you say would be some of the most shocking statements that we've learned . you know we've heard rumblings like this before from other journalists and different authors but this is bob woodward he is easily the most respected journalist in the entire country and he doesn't tend to get things wrong in fact you'd be hard pressed to find any mistake that he's made in the past he's known as being very thorough president trump has come out and said that he did bob woodward
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has a credibility problem he really does not but we are seeing a lot of these top aides say that they never said that just some of the most shocking things apparently the the she chief of staff john kelly called the president it basically said he's gone off the rails it's crazy town that's one of the quotes gary cohn former economic adviser said is said to have taken confidential papers about trade deals off the president's desk in the oval office he said it was to protect the country secretary of defense jim matheson allegedly said that the president has the equivalent the ability to understand it a fifth or sixth grade level and we've heard these comments coming from president trump that he is demeaning belittling his own senior staff his cabinet and again this is tough language but this is according to woodward trump's own words about his attorney general jeff sessions calling him mentally retarded and this dumb southerner very tough accusations in the woodward book he is standing by his reporting even though we're now seeing some of the big figures come out and say
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they didn't say that the books not all the way we just have seen excerpts so it seems there might be even more more incriminating or damaging stories to come out in that book all right thank you so proud he was saying the book quotes current and former aides calling donald trump an idiot and says they took sensitive documents off his desk to stop him from making bad decisions trump reportedly ordered defense secretary james mattis to assassinate the syrian president bashar assad in the aftermath of a chemical attack last year saying let's kill him let's go in using the term not fit for broadcast woodward says mattis ignored that order and. chief of staff john kelly is quoted as saying we're in crazy town woodward also says the former economic advisor gary cohen took papers off the president's desk that would have taken america out of the north american free trade agreement and trump's former lawyer john dowd warned him against talking to special counsel robert muller on the
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russian investigation saying don't testify it's either that or an orange jumpsuit and dowd stepped down in january let's get some perspective speak to melanie sloan she's a senior advisor to the ethics watchdog group american oversight joining us live via skype from washington d.c. what is your reaction to what we have learned in. these excerpts from woodward's book well it's really more of the same we've seen information like this first in the michael will book then in the amoroso book and it just adds to the picture of a white house. in a president that really nobody respects what is the likely impact then well the most likely impact is i think mr kelley and mr madison might know about their jobs while both of them have denied making these statements about president trump in the past when other high level officials have made bad bad
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comments about the president the president and the missionaries that it's not a problem in every believes it when they deny having sent those things and then soon thereafter they're out of their jobs how do we got it how do you explain that phone call that was released by the washington post it was an audio for telephone conversation between trump and bob woodward trump for saying that he was never informed the ford words interview requests then in that same phone call trump admitting he was told of the interview requests but said that he and his staff were busy how do you explain that. well trump lied all the time i mean this isn't news the drunk outweighs. just pretend facts are not facts the person who complained that bob woodward has a credibility problem but in fact bob woodward has no credibility problem whatsoever the person with the credibility problem is donald trump and i think that's well acknowledged as are saying so definitely from donald trump himself as well as from the white house will the administration manage to discredit woodward i
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think that's impossible bob woodward has had a career in washington for over forty years he's one of the most respected journalists in the country he has. written book after book about white houses with different administrations and he's never been shown round before there's no reason to believe that bob woodward would be shown here already as. well reputation further people with less reputations like arrows out of his book came out a couple of weeks ago she's also been proven to be correct in the white house tried to discredit her book so it seems that most of the things that come out in these books these tell all books are true and it all seems like it's crazy town until people wonder can that really be true but the truth is that the trump white house is chaotic and in crazy to melanie sloan thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera . now the u.s. senate seat left vacant by john mccain's death will be filled by john kyl he's
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a former republican senator from arizona served alongside mccain for three terms and was a republican whip in the senate until he retired in two thousand and thirteen he voted against the affordable care act and had been working to guide trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh all through the confirmation process. tropical storm gordon expected to strengthen into a hurricane as it moves near the border between louisiana and mississippi winds are reaching one hundred kilometers an hour in some areas of the south of the u.s. that we're still reeling from hurricanes just a year ago there are no reports of injuries or deaths but a state of emergency has been declared all nonessential government offices have been closed so ahead on the news hour britain's main opposition party makes a breakthrough on defining anti semitism as it tries to end the long running internal. and in sport boy racer we'll hear from the teenager getting ready to
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compete in formula one back in a moment. how we've had some pretty big showers in the middle of the u.s. particularly midwest recently but they are as really a focus for the science of the lower right in the texas coast and there you don't really see it here is a secular nation that might be futile into a hurricane heading for the coast of louisiana just east of new orleans now it doesn't show much the circulation has winds aren't the problem there might be strong for time but the rain which of course will get into homs is already there could pools cause some reform in louisiana possibly alabama and there's been a bit of a tidal surge as well now it's gone through fairly quickly we end up then by significant showers around particularly you know this is further west we've seen
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some significant hail in arizona recent days but the temperatures back from the middle forty's to the middle thirty's more typically. if you drop size in the u.s. over the wall morse's of the gulf is not quite as war on cuba and that's where most of the energy is gone the showers over land that develop every day would not be quite as vigorous the next day or so you might get away the dry day in jamaica and hispania that but not entirely however where the winds come together this is an indication of the rains x.x. with the sun and have a costa rica in particular that suggests maybe persistent sometimes pretty heavy rain showers a big anyway. as europe's public opinion shifted. over he's admission here for york where human exploitation took on new homes as a whole slate that became the hidden face of europe's industrial revolution the
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history of slavery is not the black history and it's not just the history of white colonization but the history of human inequality it is the legacy for all of us that slavery's new frontier in this part three of slavery it's on al-jazeera taiwan . a sovereign island state or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lives and crossed very high on a. syrian
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army is. more than a week. all. will reopen. the government. for more than a million. twenty five years.
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after more than five hours of discussions the opposition labor party has voted to adopt in full an international definition of anti semitism its leader has been accused of holding views being reluctant to expel party members who've expressed opinions against jewish people lawrence lee reports. can you say what he wants to about israel without being accused of hating jews these people whose of all jeremy colvin believe it is entirely legitimate to condemn israel as institutionally racist without being cautious as racists themselves will never cross it you know i mean this is a party that can become the party of government and we can discuss matters of foreign policy the rights of the palestinians to their own self-determination they the suffering that the palestinians are experiencing at the hands of israel we can discuss that in the labor party because it will be the find his anti semitic.
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jabbing god but these british jews friends of israel say that his bigotry fascism and jewish people at the moment everybody i know is considering leaving the country young people are leaving the country i know loads of young people in that twenty's have gone to israel and you know jeremy corbin looks if he's going to become a prime minister you were say a stray mcgeorge people leaving the united kingdom that has to be terrible. of the whole of it was labour's refusal to accept several examples of anti semitic language and views as defined by the international holocaust remembrance alliance or i h r a it is deemed anti semitic to say for instance the jews are more loyal to israel in their own country or that the state of israel is by definition racists or that israeli government policy is like those of nazi germany colvin and his supporters have claimed this prevented them from properly criticizing israel's
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actions towards the palestinian people. under huge pressure to adopt the i.h.r. a code the policy executive finally did but also reserve the right to criticize israel even the deputy party leader didn't seem convinced or somebody said not the first rail is a racist in devon now will they be disciplined by the labor party. look the cover is what it says you could make your own critics will accuse the labor party of trying to play with words in this supposed compromise what is the difference between criticizing israel and expressing support for the palestinians and criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinians one might not be anti-semitic one might be is open to interpretation and certainly it is not the unequivocal backing of the anti semitism codes that many labor politicians have been demanding thanks the danger in this for colby is that in trying to keep his political party happy he will have upset his grassroots supporters who want to say what they like
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to about israel this decision may not have cleared up anything gloriously al-jazeera london. well the us ambassador to the un has the fended cutting aid to the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees on her watch she says the u.n. body should be the one looking after people in gaza and rush should not be the one taking care of the people in gaza the palestinian authority should be taking care of the people in gaza and we would much rather work directly with the palestinian authority and directly with jordanians then we would with honor. spain has confirmed it's cancelling the sale of four hundred percent to saudi arabia amid fears the weapons could be used in yemen for more than three years a saudi led coalition has been bombing who the rebels in the country thousands of civilians have been killed in germany the netherlands norway and belgium have all suspended licenses for arms sales to countries in the saudi led coalition france
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italy and the u.k. still sell arms to the kingdom despite domestic campaigns for them to be suspended nearly half the u.k.'s arms exports go to saudi arabia since twenty fifteen london has sold five point eight billion dollars worth of arms to riyadh's and that's dwarfed by the us though which last year signs an arms deal worth three hundred fifty billion dollars over a decade russia is an arms control researcher at amnesty international she says that while it's a positive move there must be more action by the international community. these kinds of munitions have been used in attacks against hospitals homes and markets and yemen time and time again and on the scene other organizations have documented serious violations of international humanitarian law including possible war crimes so you know it's high time that such action has been taken however this is just a first step and we call on the spanish government to cancel all arms exports to saudi arabia they've just cancelled this specific set of precision guided munitions
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but what we're calling for is a comprehensive arms suspension the saudi arabia led coalition and all warring parties in yemen in fact given the serious violations now the spanish government will have a meeting on friday where the secretary of state will appear before the parliamentary committee the defense parliamentary committee to to discuss further action to take and we're hoping that spain will announce hopefully on the nineteenth of september that it will impose a comprehensive suspension on all on exports to the saudi arabia led coalition well inside yemen protests have been going on in the south against the saudi and iraq to coalition is a military campaign. demonstrators and the governor chanted for the coalition to leave calling it a puppet of the u.s. some yemenis blocked off main roads in carry black cards blaming the coalition for the deteriorating economy. the taleban says the founder of
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a prominent arm group in afghanistan has died after a long illness. and he was an american ally in the one nine hundred eighty s. fighting soviet troops but his hakani network later became one of fitz fiercest enemies that's the name has more. for most of the world. will be remembered for the decades of havoc and bloodshed he plotted in afghanistan. the hakani network he founded is accused of planning this truck bombing in kabul last year that killed about one hundred fifty people denied involvement and the network is also accused of taking hostages such as u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl and a canadian family. conny was an american ally during the soviet invasion of afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. the cia regarded him as a brave tactician. but during the u.s.
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invasion in two thousand and one he became an enemy his group responsible for a string of attacks on u.s. and nato troops. the prolific use of suicide bombers and murders of government officials became trademarks depending who you are the one thing that you have you don't know he's a he's. you know it in the. water that he has meaning is doing the border last for decades throughout his life he formed alliances of convenience and adapted as needed. a common theme to rid afghanistan of occupying forces he was a military commander receiving u.s. aid to fight the soviets. i mean. you know you know. if you're in really you know. in your new partner. and what.
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he learned arabic and forge ties with arab armed groups and leaders such as osama bin laden he later became a taliban leader the u.s. has long the qs the haqqani network of being linked to the pakistani intelligence agency for years how conny has been ill and leadership of his network was passed on to his son so roger dean in two thousand and one he's also a deputy leader of the taliban so don't expect much much ain't happening in terms of government and city of engagement on his in the in the out on war as followers mourn july. analysts expect the group he founded to continue to wage attacks in afghanistan natasha going to zero. a bridge has collapsed in the eastern indian city of coal killing one person and injuring nineteen others the army's been called in to help with the search and rescue operation the cause of fact collapses
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not known yet twenty seven people died in a similar incident in that city two years ago. the us vice president mike pence has called on me and more to immediately release to reuters journalists jailed for seven years on charges of spying earlier the wives of wallonia and cho so hold a press conference in yangon the journalists were investigating the execution of ten revenge of men by mean more soldiers and militia men when hey has more from bangkok in neighboring thailand since their arrest in december last year and during the trial while lone and have remained relatively positive and defiance they say they were framed they were handed these top secret documents by the police who moments later turned around and arrested them but clearly it has taken its toll on them and their families and a day after the verdict was handed down giving them seven years in prison the wives
2:40 am
of while alone and gave their reaction to the media in yangon. you know i thought he would be released but that's not happened i was so upset he totally innocent they were just doing their job as reporters the jet said they had an intent to harm become it makes me feel really bad i hope i believe that he would come to our family as soon as possible he's a good citizen. there's been international condemnation of the verdict but still nothing from aung san suu kyi the state councilor of me and maher once a champion of free speech and human rights we have heard from the deputy information minister online tune when asked about wyong sense sued she hasn't spoken out about the verdict he said that criticizing the judicial system would be tantamount to contempt of court but it is really still all eyes on aung san suu kyi and her government to see whether they will grant pardons to our loan and shore sue
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the chinese government is denying trapping african countries dozens of african leaders are flying home from a two day summit in beijing president xi jinping promised another sixty billion dollars in financing and loans and told them there are no strings attached critics accuse the chinese of debt colonialism by giving loans that african countries can't repay are china correspondent entrained brown has more from beijing. or chinese and african leaders are hailing the outcome of the summit but online on social media there is anger and criticism over the decision by china's government to extend sixty billion dollars in loan to africa much of that criticism has been appearing on way both that's china's equivalent of twitter many of those posts have now been deleted by chinese censors but we've managed to retrieve save some before that happened let me give you a flavor of what they said why can't we use the money to improve the quality of our
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lives it's ok that chinese children are starving so long as those in africa being fed money earned with our sweat and blood is being used to build the friendship bridge between china and africa that is a measure of some of the described them and well that summit has now wound up president xi jinping said that it showed the relations between africa and china. at an all time high. the president of south africa and the co-chair of this summit said that it was the best china african forum so far but the shared your news conference was delayed by more than two and a half hours and journalists were not able to ask either man a question and more importantly no reason was given for that delay well africa is also being promised money from another part of the world but this time international donors are addressing a crisis described as one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of our age chronic
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poverty and water shortages in the lake chad basin are being compounded by violence at the hands of the armed group boko hard on. as in the german capital berlin where the pledges were made. to slide into crisis in the countries which surround lake chad has been slow painful and largely ignored by the rest of the world almost a decade of chronic poverty and food and water shortages are seen two and a half million africans displaced from their homes and ten million made dependent on humanitarian aid the crisis is compounded by the bomb and gun attacks of the boko haram group. forty four stand in the road history we're seeing young girls young boys been strapped in and progress bombs and yours in them but what i'm rules in there must be instrument of war these thousand there were one anywhere before the level of displacement of gender based violence that girls particularly adolescent girls are going through it's unbelievable famine in the lake chad region
2:44 am
was only a verted after an emergency donor conference in norway last year the latest donor conference in berlin aim to push on from that. at the heart of this conference has been the need to look beyond the immediate crisis ongoing focus her am attacked the ongoing food and water shortages and to start to contemplate strategies for long term stability and resilience in the region and to tackle what's been described here as a crisis of protection one important strand of that is to make sure women's skills and abilities are enabled in the four countries which surround the lake nigeria chad and cameroon education provide them access to resources change some of the obstacles that they might face in terms of land ownership in terms of inheritance and also try to address issues a forced marriage the u.n. had estimated the funding requirements as one point five six billion dollars this
2:45 am
conference has raised two point one billion assuming of course that the money pledged is donated i think it's a fair question and i hope people keep asking it because the worst thing to do is to make a pledge and not deliver it that's worse than not making a place in the first place because you create expectations and you undermine confidence in the system if you then don't deliver delivering a solution for lake chad is seen as extraordinarily complex but as the meeting in berlin shows the crisis described as the world's most neglected is getting much needed wider attention and pledges of help from millions in need of britain. the market value of online retailer amazon has passed eight trillion dollars it's the second us company to reach that figure following hot on the heels of tech giant apple last month this comes twenty four years after founder jeff bezos board money to sell books on the internet argentina's currency crisis is getting worse despite
2:46 am
action by policymakers and the fifty billion dollars financial package from the international monetary fund the economy minister is in washington to personally ask the i.m.f. to release the money early so risible reports from want to sirees on how the economic crisis is affecting the most vulnerable. three hundred people to get a halt to the soup kitchen. the economic crisis is making life difficult for people like. who has five children and can barely make enough to survive it's difficult for me to say it but the situation is horrible we cannot afford to buy food i'm worried about my children because they don't eat well they get sick. nya is in charge of the place and says there is a waiting list with hundreds of people waiting to be able to eat here a link to him but some of the situation is difficult because we're getting help
2:47 am
from the government but it's not enough if we don't get any more food we can't take in any more people it's difficult because people are hungry and they need us. the peso has devaluated one hundred percent in the past year and that has had huge consequences in the poor neighborhoods of when a sight of the impact of a devaluation of a payphone or food price if it's something that a war is those who are trying to help those in need it this year the prices of food have already increased around thirty percent something that makes it difficult for people living here to buy some basic food items like bread half and me. a few days ago there was an attempt to loot a supermarket in the neighborhood similar situations happened in another part of argentina. we were working and heard screaming these young kids between fifteen and twenty they tried to enter the market and loot it's an example of how sensitive the situation is and it seems that the crisis on t.v.
2:48 am
every day is adding to the difficulties we already face we are all suffering but some groups feel they have the right to go out and loot the government of the market he is struggling to prevent an economic collapse and has announced of stary to measures to reduce the fiscal deficit makea had acknowledged poverty rates are on the rice and announced he will give extra cash handouts for the poor usefulness in young but a lot of the incest says much more needs to be done. but the. government.
2:49 am
2:50 am
conference sports news with peter thank you very much we start with some big news for tiger woods he's back in the u.s. ryder cup team of the captain jim furyk named him as one of his four wildcard picks woods has impressed on his latest injury comeback and finished second at the u.s. p.g.a. championship it will be his first ryder cup of parents in six years and he will
2:51 am
step back from his role as a u.s. vice captain. a part of this team it's it's incredible i mean it really is to look back at at the start of the year and now to have accomplished the goal like that to be a part of this team. and now to be a player is just as i said it's beyond special. tiger's old nemesis full mickelson was another of the wild card picks at forty eight years old he's going to play a nice twelve ryder cup after making his debut way back in nineteen ninety five. price and was the other wildcard pick named on monday after narrowly missing out on automatic qualification he's gone on to win two straight to advance in the fed ex cup playoffs few with names he's fourth and final pick next week while europe captain thomas bjorn completes his team on wednesday. nike shares have dropped by two percent amid a backlash over their new advertising campaign fronted by collin kappa nick the
2:52 am
first n.f.l. player to meall doing the u.s. national anthem the quarterback who doesn't even have a team announced the multi-year deal just a few days before the start of the new season he's not played since leaving the san francisco forty nine is in only twenty seventeen and is suing the n.f.l. for allegedly freezing him out because all these protests against racial injustice aside from the just do it campaign nike will also bring out a range of japanese clothing products and donate money to he's know you rights campaign this is a usually divisive issue in the united states and many critics have posted videos destroying nike products in protest along with the hash tag just burn it and i buy go buy some adidas. you know how many other sneakers are to buy the choose from here to go ahead you're going to go ahead. and say
2:53 am
buy our shoes we stand with people who need all for the national anthem well sorry nike i would buy new for the past twenty plus years not anymore not only my burning in my favor para nike's you're burning your sales have a good day. sports marketing expert professor simon chadwick believes that nike won't be too worried about the social media better fashion that in the long run could actually play into their hands in essence for every pair of shoes that burns it adds to the myth and the legend of knight just a little bit more and i think what he does is to draw attention to the campaign that mike is supporting in the first place so i'm sure nyquil have done it sums and will a thought about the pros and cons associated with this particular campaign and for me i think what is happening now with the burning of shoes rather than undermining nike is actually contributing to the growing strength of the brand and the values
2:54 am
and the romney seeking to embody this is all part of our of a of a night repositioning towards. more cosmopolitan urban consumer base who are supportive all equality supportive of equal rights of l g b t rights of racial equality gender equality and i don't think it's just. a kind of altruistic move either on the park like this is very much about selling change to sound track top selling schools where these are people who are going to buy night now they're going to stick with nike in it they're going to associate a particular meaning with night they can attribute certain value certain characteristics and so when people are fifty sixty seventy seventy or eighty years old they'll still be by. usa gymnastics continues to feel the effects of the sexual abuse scandal bedrocks of the sport earlier this year the c.e.o. gary perry has quit just nine months into the role she'd been on the growing
2:55 am
pressure from the u.s. olympic committee and criticized by gymnasts for concentrating more on marketing instead of making structural changes in the wake of the lettering that's the case. perry was hired around the time former team dr nasser pled guilty to sexual abuse he was sentenced to several life sentences for crimes dating back to the nine hundred seventy s. the full board of usa gymnastics resigned after revelations officials at a blind eye. manchester united manager josie marino has accepted a one year suspended prison sentence with the spanish tax or thorough sleaze he was accused of defrauding the tax office in twenty eleven and twenty twelve while managing roll a druid he won't go to jail because in spain first time offenders with a sentence of less than two years will have it suspended and those have to pay a fine of around two point three million dollars though there's been another upset at the year's final tennis grand slam the us open at flushing meadows in new york
2:56 am
this time it's defending women's champion sloane stephens who is out the american third seed with same packing by latvian and i started your server stover in straight sets six two and six three it's the first time in the career of the nineteenth seed that she will play in a grand slam semi final. six and nonsense monday bad sinus infection. whatever you got to play and thank you said i here in time while burned the last matches and today just was a tough day i didn't play my best i wish i could have played better but just wasn't the day i'm inside two thousand and nine chairman when martin del potro is through the semifinals he was up against american john is now at the arthur ashe stadium and overcame his opponent in four states now to the teenager racing driver getting ready to compete in formula one eighteen year old landon norris will drive for mclaren next season then he doesn't seem fazed by it at all i still made it to from
2:57 am
a one at a nearly regime and other drivers. after ready for it mclaren if you think i'm ready for so. it sure is i'm good enough to get to the point where i am now. and they're focusing on conference and we think he has that potential. talented he is one in everything that he's ever competed in and most of the time in the first year so he certainly has the c.v. that would suggest he's a future world champion but he's going to be new to the sport it's a tough sport we need to give him a good race car so when we do get him to the front of the field and then let him do they do the rest and that's all the support from us for now we'll have another update for you again later. thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera with much more of the day's news in just a moment see if that. strugglers
2:58 am
. or source. in the study was done on the side of the brain bore full of pleasure in our lives to tell that i'm there also as an illness what kind of oh yeah i love this one my sister an intimate look at life in cuba today any clue why any funny media without law to me told me it was a little like the last one of the year my cuba on trial just zero.
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al-jazeera where ever you are. the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the frontline of the arab israeli conflict you don't really care after all well about palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but you just don't care about but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure you call a good guy who is in remission but now they're going to al-jazeera world tells the story of the house that's a symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with a natural wall then soon there will be nothing left facing reality or our friends and allies played
3:00 am
a positive on the phone thing and his commission for taking this hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. iran russia and assad don't go there we're not going to accept it it's not ok. the use of chemical weapons in syria is. the last stronghold. a headquarters. fighting kills people. by the worst. killing it.


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