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u.s. secretary of state had already been talking to the media on board the flight during . their relationship number one and. a new finding common ground but it is going to be very difficult to find that common ground given the fact that the united states is now looking forward. to the war in afghanistan the longest and three day world war and try and bring that. to the negotiating table the american dollar. figure prominently but progress on has that did reject do you. get on board. looking for an international bailout and the united states already. influence.
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on its. strained relationship and this is coming at a time when the u.s. delegation. actually the main destination in new delhi where they will be holding even more important role and as you've already pointed out to. take a new prime minister what do we know then about his approach to the relationship with the united states he is widely believed to have the support has the military say how he. little said these. absolutely here to break their progress to have a good relationship with the united states but that pakistan will not be a party to any ongoing conflict and iran has been critical of the american intervention in our run in don he had been critical of their drone strike but he
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warned that bilateral cooperation to be based on mutual respect between pakistan and the united states the united states had undermined progress on quality specially after their drug administration policy. which brought it on and rejected because you're giving a road to india as part of one it's gone it's gone did something that bogged down here it is unacceptable i'll hide and live in islamabad thank you. israel's high cools has given the go ahead for the eviction of palestinians from a village in the occupied west bank. as one of forty six palestinian bedouin communities that israel wants to remove the so it can further expand illegal settlements around occupied east jerusalem in july supreme court issued a temporary injunction blocking the demolition following criticism from members of the european union. now to syria where warplanes have been bombing the
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province of the last major rebel stronghold and where government troops are massing for what's expected to be an all out offensive dozens of ass strikes have reportedly been carried out killing at least seventeen people five of them children russia which supports the syrian government has warned that the army is preparing for a full scale assault on it calling it a cradle of terrorism the united nations is warning of a potential bloodbath in libya is home to three million people the u.n. estimates it could be ten thousand rebels. and now seven de mistura the special envoy to syria has appealed to the russian and turkish presidents to do something about the looming humanitarian crisis. i would like to take the liberty frankly. to address myself if you allow me to through you. to president putin. and to president dog you have been there
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once at the beginning and i know because i was very much witnessing what happened at the end of the siege and the fighting of aleppo you were the ones who actually were able to talk to each other make a telephone call organize a formula that the end of that horrible period not to be the worst. a telephone call between the two of you would make a big difference while a government victory in italy would deliver the final blow to the armed struggle stephanie death a report from the turkey syria border. this northwestern corner of syria represents the last hopes of the rebel opposition government forces have steadily recaptured region after region under so-called reconciliation deals the fighters they didn't want to live under government control here with their families a little ahmed was a fighter in the southern province of the most recent area taken back by government
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troops he shows us video of when he was involved in the war and like so many others who chose to leave he doesn't trust the government. i see the reconciliation is a big mistake because the regime will start arresting us author or wall and put us in prisons we've already heard of a few people being killed by the regime. came to live from ottawa in homs the area was besieged by government forces for almost three years and he's now joined one of the local armed groups and it lives. we left because of the heavy bombing and the siege we were starving i didn't agree with the reconciliation the regime says they will take it live let them say what they want we have dug trenches and tunnels god willing we are ready. the various rebel groups are preparing for the expected government offensive in it there is a complicated mix of armed groups on the ground here each with different allegiances and they've often turned their guns on each other but most say they
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will fight together against the expected offensive it is home to almost a million internally displaced syrians in those tents that you see crammed together behind me that's province and that's just a small snapshot of what is a major problem at the united nations is warned of a humanitarian catastrophe if there is an all out military offensive on eleven turkey's borders remain closed many opposition supporters don't want to admit what this offensive may mean but as sam speaks frankly he came to the problems from southern damascus he too was an opposition fighter there are those. who watch if the regime takes over it will that means we have lost the whole revolution everything it's like if we took damascus the whole of syria would fall to us it live is our damascus if they take it it's over and many predict that is only a matter of time stephanie decker al jazeera on the turkey syria border. lots more
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to come here at al-jazeera including face off in sri lanka as the former president's coalition tries to unseat the current leader. at least ten people are dead and three hundred of windy from typhoon jackie in japan. hello again it's good to have you back well we are seeing a little bit of a break in terms of the rain in the clouds up towards the philippines particular up here towards luzon manila you can be right on the edge of that but we do think in terms of rain you're going to get a break most of the rain is going to down towards the south across the central philippines and also very heavy rain showers could be expected across borneo over the next few days coming down into that area down towards jakarta that we do expect to see some rain for you temperatures staying into the low thirty's up towards parts of singapore maybe thirty degrees for you acquire them poor it is going to be a cloudy and humid day at about thirty three degrees well in parts of australia we
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are seeing one big storm system make its way across the by right there there is the front that is going to continue to make its way towards the east and with that we are going to be seeing some windy conditions and in from adelaide and then as the system makes its way east it is going to be into melbourne but temperatures to adelaide sixteen degrees there melbourne at twenty but temperatures are going to be falling as that system pushes through anywhere from twenty degrees back down to fourteen is going to be a high on friday and up towards brisbane you can be seeing some clouds at about twenty four over towards perth we do have another system coming through and it is going to be eighteen degrees there for new zealand not looking too bad here across the north island with check search at ten degrees. at night in a stalking. patrolled streets police. or lack of.
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time or gang violence the use the maternal approach to prevent crime beyond used to live what it did at. a doomed. pit. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived there mothers of rain could be this is europe on al-jazeera. tarvaris a take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera un brokered talks between warring parties in yemen have apparently stole al-jazeera has landed or who think telegraphed delegation has refused to leave for geneva the rebel group says a precondition agreed upon by the u.n. has not been met. the u.s.
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secretary of state is visiting pakistan just days after three hundred million dollars in military aid was cancelled pompei as first official talks with the newly elected prime minister iran calm are expected to focus on counterterrorism and the seventeen year war in neighboring afghanistan. warplanes have been hitting syria's rebel controlled italy province at least seventeen people have been killed several of them children russia says it's aware the syrian army is planning an all out offensive on the rebels' last stronghold. antigovernment protests as interim lanka a gathering for a major demonstration in the capital security has been increased around paula minting colombo the protests is being organized by the opposition currently. led by the former prime minister mahindra rajapaksa he says the government no longer has a mandate after losses in recent local elections will further this has more from
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colombo. the demonstration and public rally that the joint opposition is promising is very much it's show of force it's displayed all of the kind of public support it has called the people's protests the people's power brought to colombo this protest is all about the opposition calling for this government to step down the sea that it has lost its mandate after a dismal showing at the last local government election they say they have repeatedly sort of messed up the governance of the country now the government says that they have reports that the joint opposition effort to attack some sensitive government institutions and there is a huge police presence there's a water cannon parked behind me just down the road from the presidential secretariat now this kind of police presence is in evidence all around the capital we're still to see the marchers coming in but if we're seeing the tens of thousands
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and hundreds of thousands promised by the joint opposition chaos will be assured. the strongest typhoon to batter japan in twenty five years has killed at least ten people and injured hundreds more typhoon gerri left more than a million japanese without electricity and damaged roads and rail lines thousands of airline passengers were stranded overnight because runways flooded can sayable in also. leaders from pacific island countries are meeting in the tally on the nation of route to discuss common issues bought the form began with a route over a lack of media access to the event and the detention by police of one of the few journalists allowed in andrew thomas report from sydney. the leaders of pacific island countries have a lot of issues to discuss climate change and rising sea levels disaster preparedness vulnerable fish stocks and the growing influence of china all those
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issues are on the pacific island forums agenda but all are being overshadowed by where the forum is happening tiny know ruis one of the two places australia's government to send and held for years refugees who've tried to get its shores man aside and in papua new guinea is the other and this the international human rights watch and united nations agencies have all condemned conditions on the island australia's refugee council and its asylum seeker resource center has just published a joint report it says poor living conditions on the roof and the lack of a long term plan for the families being held has left refugees including children broken naruse government and some think australia is too sensitive to the criticism most refugees support organizations aren't allowed to visit the country that's outrageous you never you don't have to hide anything that's good right it's trailing government is doing everything it can to try and prevent the reality of
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the impact of their policy from the straightly and people for years to journalists including those from al-jazeera have been banned from nuru for the pacific garden for said that a very small number of journalists know more than thirty in total a nobleman three from any one country would be allowed to visit but they still said no to us and for the few who they did let in there were strict conditions on their visas they would report only on the pacific island forum and not engage in any activities that would cause or would encourage disruption that night in the being poor if there was any doubt on choose day it became clear that meant talking to refugees the police showed up and. wanted to say my beef is that i was breaching my basic. in addition. i was taken to the police station the new and president's frustration with the forum being disrupted in this way he was clear we don't deserve this at all. don't tell me about you know
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refugees be an issue have to be an issue for. folks to give us. no it's an issue for staying here and all those refugee advocates new zealand's prime minister flew into the pacific on a forum for the region's newest leader australia is missing scott morrison has been in the room before as immigration opposition spokesman and then immigration minister he oversaw the island's refugee prison but as prime minister he's doing a revisit andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. iraq's interim prime minister has called for an investigation into violence that killed six protests is in the southern city of daraa at least sixty eight people were also injured after fighting broke out when security forces moved in to contain the demonstrations demonstrations over poor state services and corruption have spread across races in the south in recent
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weeks a curfew that had been in place has now been lifted. they've been chaotic scenes in washington at a confirmation hearing for president trump's nominee for supreme court judge democrats accuse republicans of withholding documents about brett kavanaugh past and dozens of protests as have been arrested present job reports from capitol hill . from the moment cavanaugh sat down for his confirmation hearing to become a u.s. supreme court justice outburst after outburst at least thirty people were arrested on tuesday for disorderly conduct then it was the democratic senators turn to disrupt the hearing. is the key. we have been denied we have been denied real access to the documents we need to a diagram and regular order is called which turns this hearing into a charade and a mockery of our norms well mr chairman i therefore move to adjourn this hearing
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the democrats and her aggressive groups are trying whatever they can to stop kavanagh from joining the high court they accuse the appeals court judge of wanting to outlaw abortion of favoring businesses over employees unions and consumers and of wanting to end overstretch and on firearms ownership democrats are also accusing republicans of trying to rush through kavanagh's confirmation for political purposes namely to protect the president donald trump the interruptions in accusations angered republicans who run the jujitsu kerry committee this is the first confirmation hearing for a supreme court justice i've seen basically according to mob rule can i ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle how long you want to go on with this because i'm not going to entertain any of the motion and you're making do you want this to go on all day because i have been patient at the end of the day cavanaugh
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finally had a moment to speak and he addressed the question about his ability to be fair over the past twelve years i've ruled sometimes for the prosecution and sometimes for criminal defendants sometimes for workers and sometimes for businesses. sometimes for environmentalist's and sometimes for coal miners despite the protests in the parliamentary maneuvers it does appear that judge broke out and all will be joining the u.s. supreme court republicans control the senate as well as the judiciary committee and they're convinced that they have the votes as well as the confidence to get their man on the high court rosalyn jordan al-jazeera capitol hill. a new book by washington plays journalist bob woodward has claimed that u.s. president donald trump wanted to have syrian president bashar al assad killed last year a request that was ignored by his defense secretary fear trump in the white house
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has quotes from the president's aides questioning his ability to lead the white house says the book is full of fabricated stories woodward is known for his investigative reporting that helped bring down president richard nixon in the one nine hundred seventy s. watergate scandal puffy culhane has more from washington. some really explosive reporting coming from bob woodward the preeminent and prickly more one of the more credible journalists in the entire country his book comes out and he says that the president don't trump's top aides had some very disparaging things to say about their boss he says that chief of staff john kelly has called the president an idiot saying he has come often gone off the rails and saying this is crazy town he reports that secretary of defense jim mattis basically compared the president's ability to understand to a fifth or sixth grade level and that he reports to gary cole once the president's chief economic adviser once took paperwork trade paperwork off the president's desk
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saying that he wouldn't remember and he was trying to protect the country he also reports that the president has had very nasty things to say about his top aides including attorney general jeff sessions according to woodward trump said that he was mentally retarded and he referred to him as this dumb southerner. their white house is pushing back on this releasing a statement saying that this is basically fake news and the president's come out and said that bob woodward has a credibility issue he really hasn't ever had a credibility issue and he has said today he stands by his story still the president's taking to twitter we've seen kelly matt is the trump's former lawyers come out and flatly deny all of these allegations again the president saying that this is fake news bob woodward saying that he stands by his reporting. but his posse mentioned trump has been tweeting his response crazing some of his cabinet misses a statement from secretary of defense james mattis said the contemptuous words about the president attributed to me in woodward's book would never sit by me all
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in my presence when i generally enjoy reading fiction this is a uniquely washington brand of literature and his anonymous sources do not lend credibility and another from chief of self john kelly the idea i ever called the president an idiot is not true as i stated back in may and still firmly stand behind. i spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have an incredibly candid and strong relationship. nuns in the east indian city of coal culture and marking the twenty first anniversary of the death of mother teresa at the time of her death at the age of eighty seven she was one of the most influential women in the history of the catholic church she founded the mysteries of charity a global order of nuns dedicated to caring for orphans refugees and the terminally ill she was canonized by the church in twenty sixteen.
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you know with al-jazeera and these are the top stories u.n. brokered talks between the warring parties of yemen have apparently stalled out as areas learned that hooty delegations refused to leave for geneva the rebel group says preconditions agreed upon by the u.n. have not been met warplanes have been hitting syria's rebel controlled italy province at least seventeen people have been killed several of them children russia says it's aware the syrian army is planning an all out offensive on it led the rebels last stronghold u.s. secretary of state mike pompei is in pakistan for his first official meeting with newly elected prime minister imran can relations of deteriorated in the past year with differing views on ending the seventeen year war in afghanistan the u.s. recently announced it's canceling three hundred million dollars in military aid to pakistan. israel's high court has given the go ahead for the
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a vixen of palestinians from a village in the occupied west bank. is one of forty six palestinian bedouin communities that is or israel wants to remove so it can further expand illegal settlements around occupied east jerusalem. a major antigovernment protests is expected in sri lanka security has been increased around parliament in the capital colombo the protest has been organized by the opposition coalition led by former prime minister. he says the government no longer has a mandate after losses in recent local elections. iraq's interim prime minister has called for an investigation into violence that killed six protesters in the southern city of at least sixty eight people were injured after fighting broke out when security forces moved in to contain the demonstrations a curfew that had been in place is now being lifted. the leaders of pacific island
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nations are meeting in our room that's where australia imprisons refugees the four day form is focusing on regional peace and security. this is europe his lacks. in indonesia palm oil is a billion dollar business want to win east investigates the price the country's paying. to feed the world's growing. on al-jazeera.
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