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tv   The Minister Of Garbage  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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the two parties says twenty sixteen but we've been speaking to hussein because he has a presidency journalist and he says the u.n. has backtracked on a key condition that was agreed ahead of the talks. it was a deal of the two struck with the united nations envoy to yemen when he was the intern are fine. the deal was a plane that will take many delegates first and foremost it will take as will some of the critically injured civilians the coalition there are thousands of people a few million will need medical help outside yemen and oman has offered to treat these people in muster but yesterday they might nation actually did not keep its agreement with yemeni religion from sanaa and they say they will still only a small you in flight to take only
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a mini till it gets cheaper that's why the delegates and some are has refused. because what they say that this was not what we have agreed before. well meanwhile protesters have been out on the streets in southern yemen for a third consecutive day there demonstrating against the worsening economic situation including rising prices in the collapse of the currency andrew symonds reports from neighboring djibouti. three days of demonstrations in yemen came as a forerunner to the latest developments on geneva peace talks the people here are calling for some help because of another enemy in this conflict yemen's crippled economy the norwegian refugee council says food prices in the collapse of yemen's currency that slumped to its lowest ever voted against the dollar on tuesday threatening to kill more people than bombs and guns but it was the deaths of children in the saudi emirates the coalition led bombing last month that killed
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forty children twenty nine of them on a school bus that prompted the coalition's main ally the united states to respond we can't ever see innocent. people killed under the auspices of trying to settle a dispute since then we certainly gave our concerns to saudi arabia i will tell you that we appreciated the transparency of them saying they were going to do an investigation we were concerned but they surprised us all because they did the investigation very quickly came out and admitted fault and said they would you can't totally make it right with families but said that they would do something to try and do that and then followed up by saying they're going to try and figure out what went wrong and how they can make it right no mention there of the u.n. calls for the u.s. to stop supplying arms to saudi arabia and yemen the people have to try to move on but it's impossible when even civil servants who haven't been paid for two years are reduced to begging for food i shall be at your i mean people are suffering from
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the prices heart inside the cities people cannot find enough to eat this is why they are protesting they want to send a clear message to the legitimate government. in aden political powers have been calling for civil disobedience shops banks in exchange offices closed down as part of the protests the temporary governing council which has the backing of the united arab emirates called on citizens to demonstrate against peace talks that don't include its members another twist that doesn't bite well for the un led efforts at getting peace talks going the council issued a statement reiterating its opposition to the talks due to be held in geneva on thursday aimed at trying to reach some sort of settlement in this crisis and so the demonstrations haven't just been about humanitarian suffering but also political issues and drew simmons al jazeera djibouti israel's high court has given the go
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ahead for the eviction of palestinians from a village in yaki pide west bank. is one of forty six palestinian bedouin communities that israel wants to remove so it can further expand illegal settlements around occupied east jerusalem the decision will now allow demolition to begin after seven days in july israel's supreme court issued a temporary injunction blocking the demolition following criticism from members of the european union when go live now to the village of qana al amarah and our correspondent there is bernard smith so the people of this village and have seven days in which to collect their belongings. well there's one thing that we must make very clear marty and it's been we've been reluctant reminded by the bedouins lawyers here that this is not an order for eviction this in order for the deceased demolition of the school which is just behind me and most of the of
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a structure is within here there is no legal basis on the which at the moment the better we're living it can be evicted so the suggestion is that they may actually try and stay what will happen is that after the seven day period any time after the seven day period the israeli military can come in and they can destroy the structures that you can see we're looking out down the hill now and they will certainly destroy the school behind me but they cannot force the bedouin one hundred eighty bedouin living here they can't force them to leave so they will not be forcibly kicked out they'll just have their homes destroyed but effectively as happens in another community in the occupied west bank they may try and just rebuild the structures and the army comes in destroys them again then they rebuild them then the army comes and destroys them again and this goes on and on for years but most significantly the school will go one hundred eighty students go to this school not just from this community but from other nearby bedouin community they'd hope that by starting the school year early this would persuade the court to delay
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its demolition it hasn't the demolition will go ahead just seven days. minimum seven days from now it's embedded so we're talking about around one hundred eighty people affected by this immediate decision but it seems as though a much wider community is likely to be affected as well once that school is demolished. yeah the wider community because of the children who travel here to go to the school and one of the fears is the wall of a school in may be provided that will involve going another sixty maybe two hour journey for some of those children from those bedouin community and the fear is that the parents will say well that's just too far to send our children to school every day as are those children will miss out on a very important education access to education is one of the biggest what many challenges the bedouin community face but had been solved by this very successful school funded by an italian and geo that school built out of tires. is going to be
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destroyed there's no doubt about it that's the end of the school. but as smith thank you very much indeed in. our in the occupied west bank. lots more to come here at al-jazeera including police bracing cells as hundreds of thousands of people march in antigovernment protests in the sri lankan capital. pacific island leaders meeting in our ruins australia continues to imprison refugees are. the strongest typhoon to batter japan in twenty five years has killed at least ten people it injured hundreds of others typhoon j.v. left more than a million japanese without electricity and damaged roads and rail lines thousands
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of airline passengers were stranded overnight because runways flooded can saya poured in also. fadi salami has more from take care. i think when j.v. has moved away from the japanese like to be luis now on the island of hokkaido in japan still whether officials are cautioning people to be cautioned against the highways and going green in the area they have. to fight on the way from japan people are now trying to evaluate the damage just a few things and. that's not the main focus was. to feel for a second which was hit by society by the cycling. strongest cycling that japan faced within twenty five years. been knocked out in many areas also the kobe i don't three hundred thousand will spend the
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night we don't think that they. put in that city which is connected by it but it's built on the sea. port that was flooded yesterday on one of the runway it wasn't working about five thousand people were stranded in the airport and today they were in favor of this operation since midnight. but it is still there and the promise people to do there are four to restore life but soon as possible especially that many public facilities have been also damaged by the time but that don't fight on like. central station where they do. need a new through this long green. antigovernment protesters in sri lanka a gathering for a major demonstration in the capital security has been increasing around parliament the protests is being organized by the opposition coalition led by the former prime
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minister brenda rajapaksa he says the government no longer has a mandate after losses in recent local elections wayne hay is there in the midst of things in the capital colombo and wayne so it seems as a mr rudd rajapaksa has managed to get a significant number of people out onto the streets. yes it seems as if it was a bit of a slow start but slowly as people have finished their jobs for the day the streets around this area of the capital city colombo which is where the financial heart of the city really is also a lot of government buildings in this area those streets or started to fill up people have been walking along some of the main arterials leading to the syria to come into this proteas sidewall up they've been waiting for the former president that you mentioned mind to rajapaksa he's been very much behind the push to get these people out onto the streets and he at the moment is out there in that crowd
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walking around breaching the supporters who have come out here to try to call for this government to go as you say they believe that this government at the moment is a weak one it's a weak coalition and there has no mandate to continue and i what is it exactly that president city center is alleged to have done that has made so many people come out in anger. well i think it's more perhaps what he hasn't done really they are concerned about the fact that since this government was formed after the last election in twenty fifteen you know there was a lot of hope at that time that come through to term solve a man into rajapaksa presidency yes in many parts of this country it was a very popular presidency still is to some extent as you can see by the number of people who have come out on the streets today but there was also a large section of sri lankan society that really felt as if they needed
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a clean start particularly after the civil war that lasted the best part of thirty years against the tamil tigers but they feel that this coalition government hasn't really delivered on what it promised when it was formed after that twenty fifteen election there really hasn't been the change that they wanted that concerned about the economy inflation is high at the shore lankin repeated an all time low against the u.s. dollar today they are concerned about in rural communities for example about subsidies on things like fertilizer that have been removed by this government people in the rural communities very much to a large extent anyway support the former president made into rajapaksa so they're really rallying today on a number of issues that they believe this government hasn't delivered on so far that it's been in power when hey live in the sri lankan capital colombo. now in syria warplanes have been bombing the province of idlib the last major rebel stronghold in my government troops are massing for what's expected to be an all out
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offensive dozens of airstrikes have reportedly been carried out killing at least seventeen people five of them children russia which supports the syrian government has warned that the army is preparing for a full scale assault on a lead calling it a cradle of terrorism the united nations is warning of a potential bloodbath it is home to three million people the u.n. estimates there could be ten thousand armed rebels there and now seven de mistura the special envoy for syria has appealed to the russian and turkish presidents to do something about the looming humanitarian crisis. well i would like to take this liberty frankly myself to address myself if you allow me to through you to president putin. and to president can you have been there once at the beginning and i know because i was very much witnessing what
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happened at the end of the siege and the fighting off a little you were the one who actually were able to talk to each other make a telephone call organize a formula that allowed the end of that horrible peter not to be that worth. a telephone call between the two of you. it would make a big difference seventy deca reports now from the turkey syria border. this northwestern corner of syria represents the last hopes of the rebel opposition government forces have steadily recaptured region after region under so-called reconciliation deals the fighters they didn't want to live under government control here with their families little ahmed was a fighter in the southern province of that are the most recent area taken back by government troops he shows us video of when he was involved in the war and like so many others who chose to leave he doesn't trust the government. i see the
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reconciliation is a big mistake because the regime will start arresting us author a wall and put us in prisons we've already heard of a few people being killed by the regime or. even a mob came to live in homs the area was besieged by government forces for almost three years and he's now joined one of the local armed groups and it live. we left because of the heavy bombing and the siege we were starving i didn't agree with the reconciliation the regime says they will take it live let them say what they want we have dug trenches and tunnels god willing we are ready. the various rebel groups are preparing for the expected government offensive in it there is a complicated mix of armed groups on the ground here each with different allegiances and they were often turn their guns on each other but most say they will fight together against the expected offensive it is home to almost a million internally displaced syrians in those tents that you see crammed together behind me that's province and that's just a small snapshot of what is
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a major problem at the united nations as word of a humanitarian catastrophe if there is an all out military offensive on eleven turkey's borders remain closed many opposition supporters don't want to admit what this offensive may mean but has some speaks frankly he came to the problems from southern damascus he too was an opposition. there. if the regime takes over it live that means we have lost the whole revolution everything it's like if we took damascus the whole of syria would fall to us it is our damascus if they take it it's over and many predict that is only a matter of time. to come here at al-jazeera including a u.n. commission investigating.


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