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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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and they will start to try and get these confidence building measures now modern business name two possible measures one was a vaccination program we know what the effect of the cholera epidemic has been on the children in the emmen and another one has been another idea is how it is to get a prisoner swap he says that is essential that will really restore trust and for many families on all sides of the conflict it will mean they'll be able to see their loved ones again and this will begin to give them some sort of hope that peace can be restored and that there will be a political future for the thank you very much for that daily chaiten life force in geneva. are some breaking news to tell you about right now and paraguayan has announced it will move its embassy back to tell of the from jerusalem and israel just responded that it will be closing its embassy in power capital on
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real recall move its embassy to jerusalem back in may following are the united states which also moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem so we're just learning now from paraguay and authorities that they will be moving their embassy back from jerusalem to tell of the we don't know why it will be speaking to a latin america to lucien human in the next hour to find out the reasons about this decision by powerglide to move its embassy back to tel aviv the high court judges in israel have approved the demolition of almost an entire village and a school in the occupied west bank the judges overruled objections including from the european union the supreme court issued a temporary injunction in july to block demolition of the bedouin community in the occupied east jerusalem when it smith has more from the village of qana hama. the community here economy and the occupied west bank of exhausted all legal avenues now by court order their homes and importantly the school will be demolished the
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one hundred eighty children who go to that school now have to try and make arrangements to travel to other schools maybe an hour or two hours away the order is for the demolition of the homes it is not for the eviction of the people living in them so in theory the bedouin living here say they can come back and rebuild their homes but they will only be destroyed again by the israeli military and the. victory is not about stopping the demolition it's about stopping the transfer but fighting against forced displacement transfer and ethnic cleansing the danger here is can it's only the beginning of the ethnic cleansing of more than two hundred twenty five palestinian communities in the area of the west bank under full israeli control clearing out the better win from here will allow the israeli all farces to expand illegal settlement construction deep into the occupied west bank effectively splitting it into and that will make the viability of
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a contiguous palestinian state very very difficult to achieve see ahead on al-jazeera a u.n. commission investigating human rights abuses him and see its findings. hello again well we are looking at some better weather here across much of the eastern med but up towards truckee we are looking at some showers expression for the northern turkey that's going to be pushing through on for over the next few days temperature there of about twenty nine degrees but as we go towards friday things look a little bit better those showers make their way a little bit more towards the east maybe a shower or two down along the coastal regions for turkey as well aleppo thirty one degrees beirut seeing about thirty degrees in your forecast well down here along the gulf coast we are looking at really very humid conditions here and thirty nine
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degrees is going to be the high but when you have the humidity as high as it is maybe eighty percent at the worst part of the day that thirty nine feels more like about forty three to forty four degrees very uncomfortable weather down towards the forty degrees there and the scot not looking too bad for you at about thirty one degrees as we go towards friday then down here towards the southern regions of africa we are looking at one storm system coming in on coast right there you know so on the satellite image there is the cold front pushing into cape town and that means over the next few days it is going to be messy weather for cape town lower temperatures breezy conditions there it is going to be quite an active system that really stays in the forecast expression along the coast in cape town you temperatures at fifteen.
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welcome back a reminder of our top stories on some breaking news for assists our in israel says its recall did some basser to pa why and is closing its embassy there as part of a diplomatic tit for tat bats after pog lies said it would relocate its embassy in
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his road back to television from west jerusalem the previous president of power still cast as move the embassy in may. after the u.s. also moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. and other news at least twenty people have died and sixty others have been injured in twin explosions in afghanistan it happened in a wrestling gym in the western part of kabul police say a suicide bomber detonated explosives amongst athletes training at the gym then a car bomb went off nearby the area is predominately populated by hazaar a minority a group that has been targeted in the past and the kremlin says it doesn't know the two russian intelligence agents charged by british prosecutors with the attempted murder of former spy sega's krypton and his daughter and a policeman but he says on xander petrols and russian bush are off probably use false passports to fly to london before the know the chalk nerva tuck in march.
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not to the us where the senate intelligence committee is questioning social media executives about foreign in for influence in the presidential elections facebook's chief operating officer shell sandberg has testified about the steps the company has taken to stop the spread of false information just last month facebook said it shut down six hundred fifty fake accounts. follows facebook's revelation of a new disinform ation campaign aimed at the midterm elections last month the company said it shut down six hundred fifty fake accounts as we've just mentioned and speak to heidi washington d.c. so how do you do the senate is a piece satisfied with what big tech companies have said and are doing so far to counter foreign meddling. fully in contrast to the grilling that mark zuckerberg of facebook faced back in april before congress today's tone from the senate intelligence committee was remarkably positive the committee members commended the steps taken by facebook and twitter to try to it to
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understand and end this for a meddling and a committed their collaboration with one another sheryl sandberg facebook and jack dorsey of twitter both began their prepared statements by taking responsibility for the failings of their respective operations to detect and try to prevent this meddling happening prior to the twenty sixteen elections sandra also went on to talk about the steps that facebook has taken since then including removing those six hundred some a counseling to unauthorized fake users in iran and in russia she also said that now facebook has more than twenty thousand content moderators who speak and understand more than fifty languages to moderate into to watch out for these influence campaigns now the senators themselves did say these are good steps for they also mention that they doubt that the tech giants alone can complete this task
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and so they did warn that government regulation is likely coming google is missing from this hearing why's that. right at the beginning of this hearing there was a notably empty chair that the committee members had set out for google's parent company alphabets see larry page now page had been invited to testify along with twitter and facebook and he had declined wanting to send his top attorney for google instead saying that that attorney had the most information and or standing of these foreign influence campaigns that argument did not convince senators who were quite upset they turned down the offer to accept google's attorney and instead they set out that empty chair to make their point and throughout the rest of the hearing today while they reserved quite positive words for twitter and for facebook
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certainly it was google that took much of the criticism in a stunt show. live in washington d.c. . saying in the u.s. the second day of confirmation hearings for old brett kavanaugh are underway in washington he's president tom's nominee to fill a vacancy on the supreme court these are live pictures hearing right now and to see kavanagh's hearing was highlighted by several interruptions by protests is something that has continued today the senate will vote on kavanagh's appointment to the court later this month. pakistan's newly elected prime minister says he's hopeful he can reset relations with washington imraan khan met the u.s. secretary of state mike home pale just days after the u.s. cut military aid to his ramadan for failing to tackle armed groups avails says there's still a long way to go by the foundations been laid for both sides to move forward kemal haida has this update from islamic bond. they come made by
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a general george of done for day tiny foreign minister saying that bald headed in a candid and frank environment saying that there was indeed a break in the deadlock that bush did before because of mistrust between the two countries the announcement of the. american state had already said that he wanted to come to. the relationship and saying that they wanted to turn a new page the pakistani foreign minister saying the idea medically were looking for a political settlement to the conflict a politically negotiated settlement and wanted bugger stands head on a foreign minister saying that they're going to be now his priority on their standard of their country. religious and that it will be a priority for august on do improve relationship with the one it's done. for the first time the united states has said that it will be the state department
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in. future talks with the taliban except by the americans that the longest wall in american history could not be worn militarily but it had to be accepted on the political front there's way leaders from pacific island countries are meeting in the tiny island nation of nauru to discuss common issues but this forum began with a round over a lack of media access to the event and the detention by police of one of the few journalists andrew thomas reports from sydney. the leaders of pacific island countries have a lot of issues to discuss climate change and rising sea levels disaster preparedness vulnerable fish stocks and the growing influence of china all those issues are on the pacific island forums agenda but all that being overshadowed by where the forum is happening tiny no room is one of the two places australia's
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government to send and held for years refugees who've tried to get its shores man aside and in papua new guinea is the other unless the international human rights watch and united nations agencies have all condemned conditions on the island australia's refugee council and its asylum seeker resource center has just published a joint report it says poor living conditions on the roof and the lack of a long term plan for the families being held has left refugees including children broken naruse government and some think australia is too sensitive to the criticism most refugees support organizations aren't allowed to visit the country that's outrageous you never you don't have to hide anything that's good right it's trailing government is doing everything it can to try and prevent the reality of the impact of their policy from the israeli and people for years to journalists including those from al-jazeera have been banned from nuru for the pacific garden
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for there is said that a very small number of journalists know more than thirty in total a nobleman three from any one country would be allowed to visit but they still said no to us and for the few who they did let in there was strict conditions on their visas they would report only on the pacific island forum and not engage in any activities that would cause or encourage disruption that night when the being poor if there was any doubt on choose day it became clear that meant talking to refugees the police showed up and. wanted to say my visa said i was breaching my visa conditions are so i was taken to the police station the president's frustration with the forum being disrupted in this way he was clear we don't deserve this at all. don't tell me about you know receiving an issue have to be an issue for for folks cannot. forgive us no it's an
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issue for staying here and all those refugee advocates new zealand's prime minister flew into the pacific on a forum for the region's newest leader australia is missing scott morrison has been to naru before as immigration opposition spokesman and then immigration minister he oversaw the island's refugee prison but as prime minister he's avoiding a revisit andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney united nations investigators are warning crimes against humanity are continuing unabated in burundi and they blame other serious violations partly on hate speech by the president. has our report. some political analysts say bruni's recent problems began three years ago when president announced he was running for a third term the constitutional court ruled in his favor. the protesters took to
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the streets they said couldn't visit was it violating the constitution which then limited presidents to no more than two terms in office security forces fired in the first protesters killing some injuring and arresting. some army officers organized a coup when couldn't use a was at a summit in neighboring tanzania but it failed the government shut down some privately owned radio stations accusing them of participating in the overthrow a tent. tens of thousands of civilians continue to feed to tanzania rwanda and the democratic republic of congo meanwhile currencies are pushed ahead with plans to stay in power in july that shia he won a third term in the presidential election with seventy percent of the votes many in the international community say the election was marred by violence and intimidation and try to intervene the african union wanted to send in five thousand troops to protect civilians two years ago the boring to government refused to
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accept outside interference. the european union suspended direct financial aid to the burundian government in protest against the violence in defiance but indeed became the first country to officially withdraw from the international criminal court. shortly after the pullout last october i.c.c. judges announced they were investigating whether they'd been crimes against humanity in burundi and why at least one thousand two hundred people were killed in the last three years the streets of beijing border are now quiet there be no major protests in a while opposition leaders say that's because many of the supporters have fled or are scared local groups such as the people attached to the ruling party the are occurring which is really in part as you swaying are taking land of people taking property of people and doing sign a climate of total impunity because the government one tactic against them because
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these are the people in two thousand and sixteen who went on the streets beat protesters and so forth and so the government owns these people. the indian government denies security forces targeted government critics the leaders of the ruling party say many people have returned from exile but aid workers and human rights workers say many remain too afraid to return home. on.
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and then. the neighborhood is called dusty barsky it's a largely shia neighborhood in western kabul the first blast that was inside that right there the second blast appeared to parget first responders and those who had come towards the blast including two journalists two journalists killed in that second explosion just a couple of hours ago here in kabul where they both worked for told t.v. they had actually been live on the air just moments before the second blast went off sameem or a mosque and rummy's mahdi both at tolo news that were killed in that last it's been a very deadly year high here for journalists and for afghans alike. now the news paragraph says it will move its embassy in israel back to tell of eve the move reverses a decision by former president horatia qantas in may to move the sites to jerusalem hours after that decision israel close its embassy in paris and recall did some
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sort of. high court judges in israel have approved the demolition of almost an entire village and a school in the occupied west bank the court overruled objections including from the european union to send bulldozers into qana near occupied east jerusalem the kremlin says it doesn't know the two russian intelligence agents charged by british prosecutors with the attempted murder of former spy said and his daughter and a policeman police say alexander petroff and russian. probably use false passports to fly to london before the no we talk nerve agent attack in march pakistan's newly elected prime minister says he is hopeful he can reset relations with washington imaan khan met the u.s. secretary of state michael impale just days after the u.s. cut military aid to his arm a body will failing to toggle armed groups well below says the foundation's been laid for both sides to move forward you're upset with the headlines on al-jazeera
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inside story is next. if you criticize israel all the jewish people are you a racist anti-semitic it's more the ok's labor leader jeremy call been under pressure is the fuse the route for now but the question remains what exactly does anti semitism mean this is the inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. the definitive anticipate islam has long been a dividing topic it's commonly used to describe hostility to words or discrimination against jews as a religious or racial group but what's considered discriminative is disputed thirty one countries have a daughter the definition by the international holocaust when members of alliance. a it includes eleven examples of anticipated behavior not everyone agrees on them and they shoe has engulfed the u.k.'s labor party in iraq for months its leader jeremy corbyn has been accused of holding on to semitic views on tuesday he bowed under mounting pressure to adopt the full definition of a but with a coffee at laws leigh reports. can you say what he wants to about israel without being accused of hating jews these people who support jeremy colvin believe it is entirely legitimate to condemn israel as institutionally racist. without being
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cautious as races themselves we need to proceed you know i mean this is a party that can become the party of government and we can discuss matters of foreign policy the rights of the palestinians to their own self-determination the the suffering that the palestinians are experiencing at the hands of israel we can discuss that in the labor party because it will be the find is anti semitic. think of it often but these british jews friends of israel said that his bigotry fascism and jewish people at the moment everybody i know is considering leaving the country young people are leaving the country i know loads of young people in that twenty's have gone to israel and you know jeremy corbin looks as if he's going to become prime minister u.s.a.'s stream of jewish people leaving the united kingdom that has to be terrible. the whole lot of it was labour's refusal to accept several examples
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of anti semitic language and views as defined by the international holocaust remembrance alliance or i h r a it is deemed anti semitic to say for instance the jews a normal to israel in their own country or the states of israel is by definition racist or that israeli government policy is like those of nazi germany colvin and his supporters have claimed this prevented them from properly criticizing israel's actions towards the palestinian people. under huge pressure to adopt the i.h.r. a coast policy executive finally did but also reserve the right to criticize israel even the deputy party leader didn't seem convinced or somebody said not averse rail is a racist in devon now will they be disciplined by the labor party look the caviar is what it says you could make your own most of the critics will accuse the labor party of trying to play with words in this supposed compromise what is the difference between criticizing israel and expressing support for the palestinians
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and could. sizing israel's actions towards the palestinians one might not be anti-semitic one might be open to interpretation and certainly it is not the unequivocal backing of the anti semitism codes that many labor politicians have been demanding thanks to the danger in this for cool thing is that in trying to keep his political party happy he will have upset his grassroots supporters who want to say what they like to see about israel this decision may not have cleared up anything more recently al jazeera london. let's bring in our panel joining us in london we have emma force the national organizer of the students' bias program a tenner jackson society sarah glynn join us from dunn de scotland via skype she is a member of the scottish jews against zionism and from tel aviv gideon levy
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a columnist with haaretz welcome to the program emma how significant is the labor party's vote well i think that it is significant i think it's thirty disappointing that the i actually are a definition of anti semitism couldn't be adopted in full i think the criticisms of the definition are wildly unfounded. i think that whilst this could be seen as a step in the right direction i think through the sort of cavity ads that jeremy corbyn wanted to put forward in addition to the definition has sort of undermined the entire process and again has sort of stuck it to the jewish community and told them that he actually doesn't care about them and then science sarah would this help the party in move beyond the and to submit is of controversy
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that has been going on for quite some time i don't think anything that could be done now is going to any concession to what's essentially bullying designed to get rid of all i left has to do. what they see in its weaknesses and they're going to push further i think it was interesting that your previous speaker talked about process because i don't think it's anything to do with anti-semitism. as it is a proto saying all. that willing if it wasn't anti-semitism who is something. good in we seem to be having now some sort of. mixed reactions was the those by labor party how do you see it. i think the israeli propaganda and the jewish community are mixing the liberals to the between genuine criticism about israel
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about zionism about the occupation and anti semitic isn't and they're doing saw it's not new is there all the weapon of israel to paralyze any kind of criticism about israel or don't have patience that is i think that this will continue because it is very efficient because it did paralyze many israeli critics in the world blair labeling them as empty semites with no reason anna you said that it's fine with adopting the i it's a definition but no to the car vs particular the one which talks about freedom of expression when it comes to israel and the support for the rights of the policy is why should you be concerned with plainly says that this should not prompt us from saying things for what what they are. i think essentially by kavita
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saying that the irish are a definition with this little phrase about freedom of speech and herit need just says that what the definition does for him that freedom of speech and criticism of the israeli government and israeli policy and that is not what the definition does and the idea that the protection of jewish the jewish community is in any way to do with the occupation or to do with people having the right to speak out. and protest campaign against the israeli government is absurd and i think that it's really undermining to put this on necessary kavya at the end of the definition of racism and i think it shows a complete disregard for the concerns of the jewish community center how do you respond to the growing criticism that we've seen over the last year. by the jewish
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community in the u.k. about the saying that they were basically undermining the very basic tenets of the jewish community. well. there is an irish community there are many jewish communities and there are many get through here is from within you yes and actually the essence of it because there are suggestions in. the examples that go with the definition doesn't do conflate zionism with judaism and not told you is the point i mean of course not all scientific theories either. everybody interesting example that your career you speak of is well examples about criticising its ready government involvement it doesn't allow for criticism or the idea that all scientists and of the scientists to and of est
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civic. one ethnic or religious group in front of. mr levy carbons political career has never been an easy one now after this vote this is this something which rippers visions him as the uncontested leader of the left in the u.k. absolutely and try to be so and therefore i think people of conscious leftist and people of conscience people who care about human rights people talking about just these especially in the middle east should cross the fingers in the hole that he would be one day very soon hopefully the next prime minister of the united kingdom because he really presents something else and he needed presents a real hope when hope is sorrier in this part of the world i think that someone who would talk in a different language and tire different languages in the language of being
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conscious in english of justice of equality this language we have missing here in the middle east so much and if the. this will happen i think it's almost miracle is it really really hoping that this will happen and minute supporters of the labor party in particular say the reason why you and many other people criticize him criticize his legacy of the whole to submit his own thing is because the man has been staunchly defending the bites of the palestinians staunchly quote is sizing israel's politics yeah i would just like to say that i've really dispute the fact that the jewish community expressing concern over hatred towards them somehow disregards their concern and compassion towards the palestinians towards any other type of group or conflict this definition is entirely about racism
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towards the jewish community and is not about lack of compassion towards a conflict or any other type of. or any type other type of issue goes on and again i think the idea that the corbin because he covers a lot of the anti semitic stances or associates that he is how do the pastors pro palestinian activism is appalling and i think we would need to distinguish this fact the reason why the jewish community are very concerned with corbin's actions is not towards the fact that he's shown support for the palestinians and their struggle which we many jews feel too but it's his associates it's the hosting of of anti semites it's his support for terrorist groups with genocidal intent towards the jewish community and it is it is these things that are really where the concerning not any type of support for the palestinians which i think we can all
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agree is a legitimate cause sorrow if you like to step in here. yeah absolutely i mean you've got probably the most anti racist manner in politics. in jeremy corbyn and it's just absurd to think to describe him as anti semitic or anything that he does as anti semitic obviously there will be a few people who are anti semitic or say anti semitic things you know we're misunderstanding in the labor party are you at any other parties i mean it's much and semitism is much less prominent on the left the anti semitism we should be really seriously concerned about the anti-semitism on the far right and the press where funding cutting that anti semitism it's strong left newsman's mr levy
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there are those who say that the lines here are blurred and that the far wyatt and the blairites in the labor party of the ones who are pushing for this smear campaign to dislodge carbon because they know that the man if he stays in power his likely going to be the next leader. yeah absolutely i think that the who here is danger for jews for injustice is much more in the far right wing all over the world by the way israel is now the best friend of the hungary and prime minister he's much more of an anti semite than anyone in the british labor anyone and still israelis saluting too to hungary and to its prime minister i think that there is here the very cynical manipulation people don't like corbin because he's too much of a leftist the jewish community part of the jewish community the jewish
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establishment is fighting corbin because he's too populous tinian and too until you patient may be anti israeli and by the end of the day it is so much not only legitimate the so much needed to criticize israel to support the palestinians and to speak as i said before in a new language which is unknown in the west and therefore we are looking forward to see him as prime minister. anti semitism is a controversial subject sparking reactions worldwide policy leader mahmoud abbas apologized for remarks he made about the holocaust who previously said the historic persecution of european jews was caused by their conduct not their religion south carolina became the first us state to pass legislation to fight anti semitism in colleges and universities defining it as cause for attacks on jews blaming israel
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for all political tensions and denying its right to exist some three hundred french public figures signed a manifesto denouncing a new anti semitism the warned against what they called islamic radicalization and demanded certain passages of the qur'an be removed germans of various faiths were war jewish scott caps and took to the streets in several cities to protest against and to semitic attack in berlin the nation of islam leader louis farrakhan lost his verify a twitter status after he posted a video warning about what he called the satanic jew emma we've seen the reactions coming from different political leaders in the u.k. and different representatives of the jewish community or communities has been saying previously now after the vote do you think that
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a chapter has been turned and that the labor could finally now build or will build trust with the jewish communities. well i think. as margaret hodge has mentioned it's almost like one step forward and two steps back. i think that it was absolutely right that the i h r a definition which has been adopted in thirty one countries and by countless organizations. should be adopted in full but i think it's wrong that corbin felt the need to put an unnecessary caveat about free speech on israel which is which is inherent within the definition the definition of anti-semitism does not prohibit any type of criticism of israel and the israeli government so i do think that it's almost like corbin has. can sort of given the jewish community a kick in the teeth and i'm said ok i'll bow to pressure and i we will adopt the
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full definition of anti-semitism that most people agree is the right one but on the other hand when i'm also going to put in a cause that almost gets the green light to racists i'm down to see might sarah behavior is the problem here basically many are saying that the international definitive version of and to sim it is a should not be used as a pretext to muzzle discontent all over the world particularly when it comes to targeting the policies of israel so you can't come back to people wait you have to stop there because you've crossed the red line not just the policies of israel but . more specifically silence is criticism on the side is a parent say you know it. does allow you to criticize certain policies
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but it doesn't allow you to say how you are limited i think actually the whole nature underline nature of the state is one of the problems and from. it's really important. gideon some of the criticism there was i mean we've been talking about. the president wants. labor on the northeast to listen to other stinging voices ok where are they in this debate standing a very great. biden pain is outside any c. yesterday let me go to. gideon levy mr levy one of the concerns that were voiced by the. jewish community in the u.k. is basically or all over the world is zionism conflated with jews but as you know these are not defined set into stone man if people say that we have to face the
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reality which is basically zionism is creating problems for israel because of its policies look first of all the jewish communities or at least their establishment. for sure in the u.k. but also in other places in europe and for sure in the united states a dainty fight them serves all morse automatically and blindly was any kind of policy that is really stake not only was own is but was any kind of policy including obviously maintaining this brutal reality of military occupation over fifty years this has a price because once the jewish establishment are identifying themselves blindly automatically with any kind of israeli government in any kind of israeli policy they are also exposing themselves for certain dangers obviously this can be translated into an dissimulate ism in many cases which i'm told to be against don't
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be wrong and the same it isn't should be forte but it must also be understood that many times the policy of israel your symmetry isn't all over the world. and years of made the far left and corben in particular some sort of a are viable enemy but aren't you concerned that we all know this is the time of the age of the populist movements of the far right but to morrow the latter can stage a comeback aren't you concerned by staging these. political statements you might be burning bridges with the left all over the world though i don't think so at all i think the suggestion the jewish community coming out against concerns. over threats threats to them and racism. is it's absolutely legitimate and i don't think that is
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a facet gesture and i think also i think previously was mentioned. that concerns over far right and he semitism overshadows and means that we can't talk about one sentence on the left and that is absolutely not the case and i think the revivalism of corbin on the fact the corbin has so much power as being the leader of the opposition of him out to see this government i think means that we that this is a real serious concern and we can do two things at once we can be concerned about populism and anti semitism on the right this very moment in time corbin and anti semitism on the left. is very very powerful and they are gaining more and more mainstream legitimacy and that's something that i think is justified to be concerned about after the controversy sara do you think that the labor party is going to come out more sensitive about those concerns or the country more aggressive about those issues particularly criticizing israel and support for the
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whites of the palestinians. i'm very worried about the labor party i mean this labor party is so strange and this is all i can i mean it's we've got a. coalition of course between people who are arguing these things the zionist reasons and people are arguing it because they want to return the labor party to the blairite party that it was that this is a fight for this sort of the labor party i mean the party is tearing itself apart in a tiger and we need a strong left movement so i am very worried about it. obviously and i don't and i am also concerned. jews should be being implicated in this in this financed years it's not it's not a fight it's a really ultimately can not be semitism it's a fight for the soul of the labor party. and. you know
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that we've got this very right when you reach a leader who are trying to tell the labor party what to say and why should the labor party say more likely she just want to say sarah glyn getting levy enough folks thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our web site c.n.n. dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter i'll hand it is a.j. inside saudi for me hashem one of the team here by phone or.
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taiwan. a sovereign island state or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies laws and crossed great cause. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teens in that something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the
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clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. ultimately this is the opportunity to understand in a very different way where there are people standing up and said we don't believe. this is al-jazeera. fully back to go this is a news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a change of heart power guy will move its embassy in israel back to tell of eve from jerusalem. twenty killed as bombs are set off at
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a wrestling club in afghanistan's capital we'll have the latest from kabul plus. today we have exposed their role behind the despicable chemical weapons attack on the streets of salzburg britain's prime minister says moscow's military intelligence must be reined in after two russians are named in a poisoning case and i'd be disappointed with all the day supporters u.s. president donald trump weighs in on the colin kaepernick nike deal and over in miami david beckham reveals the name and logo for his major league soccer team better more later this news. thank you very much for joining us paragraph i will be moving its embassy back to television from western them reversing a decision made just months ago israel has responded swiftly announcing it will close its embassy in paris the country's previous president has moved the embassy following in the footsteps of the united states and guatemala the mullahs were
2:50 am
controversial and offensive to palestinians who consider occupied east jerusalem as a capital of their future state and speak to a latin america editor lucien human who is in santiago for a. lucio why this change of heart from power. if only i think the big question is why did the previous president. decide to go along with the united states and guatemala and move the embassy to jerusalem at the time it was assumed that there might have been some kind of how we say economic incentive but out he went form and now the new president. has sort of put things back to where they were he says that he is trying to. what is the word to increase the pair of wires participation in bringing about a diplomatic solution to the palestinian israeli conflict to contribute to lasting peace in the middle east in our benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister and
2:51 am
foreign minister had only four months ago talked about the ever lasting friendship between both countries and now as you just mentioned he has decided to withdraw or to close his embassy in paris much of that lasting friendship in the relations seems to be deteriorating but i'm not the only latin american country to move to move its embassy to jerusalem the time guatemala also made this controversial move explain to us why why this issue of jerusalem is so prominent in this part of the world. well actually it is not is the vast majority of latin american countries are very very critical of the decision to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem except for guatemala and so there was a lot of concern and criticism here and certainly in south america which has a very very large arab and palestinian community when paraguayan suddenly decided
2:52 am
to go along with water which is a small central american country. a far larger economy and and so the fallout which was much much stronger. think that this move now by paraguayan is being widely applauded in the region because it is in keeping with the vast majority of the of its other neighbors who have by the way palestinian embassies such as for example here in chile. thank you very much for that lucy in human america. non two are the news and at least twenty people have died in sixty five as have been injured in twin explosions in afghanistan this happened in a wrestling jame in the western suburbs of kabul ned speak to jennifer glass who's on the line from the afghan capital jennifer what more can you tell us about these attacks. tax scheme seemed designed fully. damaged of the first attack on that sports center a center for wrestling in the dusty bar cine record of kabul back to
2:53 am
a western suburb of kabul mainly shia has are living in that neighborhood and then the second bomb came in after targeting first responders and journalists two had gone to cover that event two journalists from tolo t.v. were killed they were actually reporting live from the scene just moments before the second explosion i mean far finer than let me ahmadi were killed in that attack among the twenty people killed and more than sixty injured in that attack it's the second attack in that neighborhood in in in the past month an education center was attacked about a few weeks ago young young men and women who were preparing for university exams so it's particularly brutal attack in a hazaar city a neighborhood of kabul indeed and no claim of responsibility yet but the taliban have released a statement saying it's not them so it's not the taliban who have been. it is likely that it is the islamic state here they are usually would bomb people for
2:54 am
attack on the sikh community trying to foment sectarian divide here where there have to carry and divide the four and it is something we have seen in the past when these attacks are brutal and on civilian targets are you know an education center last month for answers tonight i really do see the taliban often coming out saying look that wasn't us so all eyes now will be on the islamic state who may claim responsibility for this in the coming hours or days that they will be the most likely suspect the latest bombing kabul of course becoming the most dangerous place in afghanistan for the million thank you jennifer jennifer glass on the line from kabul iraqi security forces have used tear gas to disperse hundreds of people demonstrating in the southern city of basra protesters had returned to the streets to voice their anger after at least six people were killed on clashes in clashes on tuesday demonstrations to demand jobs and better public services have been growing
2:55 am
steadily since july the region produces most of iraq's oil wells but protesters say they see a little bit. british prosecutors have charged two russians over the poisoning case that's cause one of the biggest east west rests in decades but they say they're the ones who tried to kill a former russian spy sega's cripple and his daughter yulia with a nerve agent in southern england russia though says it's never even heard of the suspects named by the u.k. as on xander petroff and. off lawrence lee has our report from london the british police believe these are the men who attempted to assassinate a double agent on the streets of the u.k. alexander petrel and. probably aliases and now the prime suspects in the. the police have images of the two men near the strip ells house apparently moments before novacek was smeared on the front door the strippers were found slumps near
2:56 am
their home in salzburg the case has caused a massive diplomatic rift with russia which has consistently said the u.k. could provide no proof that it was responsible the u.k. now believes that is exactly what it has and not only that the prime minister said to a stunned parliament the british security services believe that soon men our military intelligence officers of the russian state i can to day tell the house that based on a body of intelligence the government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and c.p.s. offices from the russian military intelligence service. also known as the g.r.u. the g.r.u. is a highly disciplined organization with a well established chain of command so this was not a road operation it was almost certainly also approved outside the g.r.u. a senior level of the russian state after months of work the police have offered a detailed timeline of the movements of the two prime suspects they say the
2:57 am
russians flew from moscow to london gatwick airport on air a flight flight to five double eight on march the second they then stayed in the hotel in east london before catching a train to souls pre on the afternoon of march the third and returning to london on the same day they then repeated the trip on sunday march the fourth where the police say c.c.t.v. footage shows them near the scriptures house by the evening they left london and were flying back to moscow on aeroflot two five eight five. at the hotel in east london the police say they found trace elements of novacek so small that they didn't pose a risk to health but it still counts as evidence we know part of their main street the second of four to stay sitting staring. without the river stated we know that when we find. out which hotel i stayed on the second we took control of. i mean not really we found traces of. both the police and international chemical
2:58 am
agent body the o.p.c. w. have said it was the same batch of navi chalk that was used against this cripples which then killed dawn sturgis and seriously injured her boyfriend charlie rowley they had found a fake per fume case with a bottle inside adapted to release the novacek the couple had assumed it was perfect and she sprayed the novacek on a self this case and that of this cripples and now directly being linked in the criminal inquiry. was at exactly the point when the british police were briefing journalists in london about all this the russian foreign ministry was tweeting this derogatory video comparing prime minister may's dancing ability with that of the foreign ministry spokeswoman as a signal he could hardly have said we don't care any more bluntly the last time the u.k. had prime suspects in an attack on a spy it was the alexander litvinenko case which ended with
2:59 am
a look of oil named as one of the killers eventually made a member of the russian parliament the u.k. can't get the two prime suspects in the scripture case extradited it's against russian law and anyway it would be hardly worth the effort the scribbles have survived but u.k. russian relations a stock in the freezer largely al-jazeera london. chalons in moscow tells us more about how russia is reacting. russia's approach to the whole script since it blew up earlier in the year has been to deny deny deny they say that the u.k. is not be know it's a produce any evidence that it was nothing to do with russia or that russia has constantly asked the british government for access to the investigation access which has been continually denied and even after the british have produced considerably more evidence than they have previously been able to do the message is the same from russia we have heard from the foreign ministry earlier we've said
3:00 am
once again we urge the u.k. side to switch from public accusations and information information manipulation to practical cooperation through law enforcement agencies the ministry of foreign affairs also says that the two suspects that have been named by the u.k. mean nothing to them they don't know who they are we also heard from your readership of who is an aide to the kremlin and he seems confused but he doesn't quite know what the british authorities are trying to do with all this info that's just being released he finds it rather confusing can't understand it so the russian response again did i deny deny well let's get the view now of charles shoebridge cheesey security analyst and former u.k. counterterrorism intelligence officer his life from london thank you very much for being with us on al-jazeera prime minister recently gave quite a lot of details today in his statement how much of a bombshell was it all for you to hear me pointing the finger at russia's intelligence and military services.


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