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tv   Death By Design  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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to make sure that the delegation that does come to geneva. also get a guarantee that they will be able to get back into sauna at the end of these consultations of course that was a problem in the last failed talks in kuwait the delegation couldn't get back into the amman into the hoochie held areas i got as popstar turned opposition and people the wine is addressing journalists about his alleged torture he says he was physically assaulted while still and the cost of security services one and thirty two of us were detained three weeks ago when ugandan government says stones were thrown at the president's convoy was charged with treason over the incident. let's take a listen now to what he said i believe. in my voice to speak out for them in this way and it is indeed.
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and yes i'm always so he had to symbolize the reseal use of ugandans to tell them that we still stand for justice equality freedom and dignity for everybody who represent the power of the people. ugandans have always been wanting freedom the folies been wanting to be the masters of bendis to for use when to to live in a country where leader is a substance and the people at the true musters and that is what you see i feel grateful we advocate for people power which indeed is our power. to our site that no amount of brutality no amount of repression is going to coalesce don't. we stroll into our service. that we shall insist on the fight for freedom i'm
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here for treatment and as soon as my treatment is done i'm going back home because uganda is my home uganda is our home we have never hired and we never have another home and it's up on us to create a home that is good for us for our children and i want children struggling. i think . thank you for having. briefly. while bob is receiving treatment here. we will be meeting with. congressman congresswoman. members. of various departments of state department clued in and we will be providing them with. details of what has been happening in uganda the brutality. the the truly
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criminal activity and violations of human rights that are occurring daily. and we want the american taxpayer to know. that the american taxpayer is funding this. the military equipment we are supplying to uganda is being used in a war of terror against uganda's citizens. this is not an isolated incident uganda has a storied history of political violence and ongoing history that the west has largely ignored we cannot ignore it any longer we cannot ignore africa any longer. and within the last few weeks the german chancellor was touring africa thank god he. the chinese have
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invited. heads of state from all over africa have to be. it is time for america's voice to be heard and heard loudly in terms of looking at. the lead here the fact is american arms and american equipment have been used to torture ugandans we call on the us government to immediately suspend military funding to uganda launch an investigation immediately into the use of u.s. equipment to torture ugandan citizens we are compiling a list that's the lawyer for. himself. and politician at the national press club in washington d.c. in the us medical treatment for alleged twelve by you. this is what this half an hour but just let you know that we're going to keep streaming it on
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facebook want to keep watching it. so i had here on the program. american secretaries of state and defense are in india with the washington's evonne sanctions on the agenda. hello there we're seeing plenty of cloud of rain over many parts of china at the moment the satellite picture showing plenty of cloud in the north at first but then you see this line of thunderstorms develop and that's gradually tracking its way towards the west so for hunan and also a growing share we're going to see plenty of wet weather over the next few days and you can tell from the dark blue colors that we're expecting some of this rain to be very very heavy all of the wet weather though gradually retreat southwards as we head into saturday so more of us should get away with some drier weather including shanghai twenty eight degrees and this should be more in the way of sunshine here
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over the towards the west and for many of us across india it's fine that's in the western parts on up into pakistan as well but you can see plenty of cloud in the east that's also affecting us in bangladesh and nepal plenty of what weather here at the moment and they'll be plenty more over the next few days some of the wettest weather is likely to be on friday you can see quite a well defined circulation here so in hong strains for the eastern parts of india that gradually dishpans as it works its way westward so slightly less heavy rain as it works its way west on saturday meanwhile here in doha still very humid and no changes over the next few days so staying hot humid plenty of moisture in the air or temperatures topping out around forty or forty one degrees at the moment. my main job is my parents and i enjoy as much as we all of my children my finds
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duties brown stood up joins me in dozens if we need to. do this just we just seeds in class. i am mentioning i've only done. all of my. my nigeria on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour france's military chief says his country is prepared to strike syria if the damascus government uses chemical weapons the syrian government and its allies are widely expected to launch an offensive to
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retake rebel held in the coming days french armed forces chief. speaking to reporters in paris. ten south sudanese soldiers have been sentence over the rape of five aid workers and the murder of a journalist in two thousand and sixteen. tons of the defendants jail terms ranging from four years to life the government will pay compensation to the victims. and a protest has been held in the yemeni city attires ahead of friday's u.n. peace talks aimed at ending the country's three year war many of those attending the meeting to address the plight of tires residents those talks will be the first between gammons governments and hooty rebel since two thousand and sixteen it's still unclear if a delegation from the rebels rebels will show up. more than twenty years after the end of apartheid and south africa white workers of the petrochemical have gone on strike saying that being discriminated against around three thousand employees are . planned on happy that black workers have been offered company shares but they
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won't get them south african or requires firms to meet quotas on black ownership and employment. now thousands of white workers here say they're being discriminated against they say that their years of service is being ignored and they want the company to treat them equally in line with a new scheme that specifically benefits black workers people here say they are unhappy with how he's going about the scheme now we've also spoken to the trade federation here in south africa say. this type of she scheme in dealing with black economic empowerment is a long time coming they've been pushing for this for years black economic empowerment was first implemented in two thousand and three and they say still not enough companies have implemented the relevant policies to ensure that there is fear while distribution remember c. one percent of south africa's rather one percent of south african told sixty
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percent of the country's economy and and most of those people are white this is an issue that continues to bring about a lot of debate in south africa people here say their calls need to be here heard this isn't necessarily about race but they say about equality. the new york times has published an opinion. that the trumpet ministration is in chaos and that members of the white house staff are working behind the president's back to stop him from damaging the country what makes this article different is that the anonymous attack is said to be written by a senior administration official the article has perhaps predictably touched off a floor in the u.s. capitol reports. according to the new york times someone close to the president wants the world to know they think he is unfit to hold the highest office anonymously writing this op ed describing the president as a moral and his leadership style as impetuous at the serial petty and ineffective
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they also say the cabinet considered invoking the twenty fifth amendment which could have removed him from office but say they chose not to provoke a constitutional crisis this is an extraordinary step and the label of senior official means it was likely written by someone close to the president he was quick to lash out so when you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration probably was failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons now and the new york times is trailing if i weren't here i believe the new york times probably wouldn't even exist the white house spokesperson issued a statement calling on the author to quit labeling them a coward meanwhile some republicans were quick to try and downplay this unprecedented editorial but i didn't think that anything was relayed in that op ed that was you know i think this is what all of us have understood to be the
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situation from they want so again it's not very it didn't reveal much to me i understand this is the case the president took to twitter casting doubt on the existence of the source but then said if they do exist they must be turned over to the government for national security tweeting a simple word treason this is a president in many ways under siege under pressure from multiple investigations and now undermined by a member of his own staff in a most public way pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. the u.k. is calling for a united nations security council meeting to discuss new revelations in the poisoning case on wednesday prosecutors charged two russians with trying to kill former spies and his daughter yulia with a nerve agent in southern england the russian government has once again denied any involvement the u.s. and india have signed key deals on military cooperation of state might pompei and
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defense actually james mattis met the indian counterparts in new delhi and agreed on joint military drills and the establishment of a defense hotline indicated that the us would not penalize india for buying a weapons system from russia he said talks to dissuade india from buying iranian oil will continue academic happened on jacobs agrees that the us will put pressure on india despite healthy relations between the two countries. india has never been disclosed to the united states. and therefore you are looking at the very very interesting. conversation that is happening in new delhi between the united states and india and yet i must hasten to add that the two plus two talks between the united states and india is looking like a one sided affair it is clearly a do on days the united states and i'll tell you why i'm seeing what i'm seeing there's a lot of for pressure that is being put on india and india is trying to wriggle out
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of the unprecedented m.-o. and the pressure that is being put on it by the united states of america on several fronts one on the. import of the indian energy from the front from iraq from iran and secondly the indian purchase off the russian veteran systems and thirdly the trade deficit between india and the united states so the united states would like india to completely stop buying iranian energy and instead by natural gas from the united states the united states also would like india to stall buying russian veterinary and buy the american version of the instead and thirdly the united states would like india to reduce the trade deficit which is almost twenty two billion dollars and do so by way off buying civilian aircraft from india from the united states and importing natural gas from
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this or in this are trying to look for ways to manage this pressure from the united states at this point of time north korea's leader has told south korean diplomats he has faith and donald trump and it wants to get rid of nuclear weapons before transfer and this can john and also agree to a third summit with south korea's president that's expected to be held later this month. argentina is set to make a series of spending cuts in an effort to stabilize the country's spiraling currency crisis after the peso lost more than half its value this year the government announced plans to slash half of its ministries for those affected as the ministry of health stories about reports from one us aires. doctors nurses and health workers gathered outside the health ministry went outside to protest against the government's decision to reduce this ministry into a smaller department with a smaller budget. the government wants to dissolve the health ministry and it's
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a risk which is not only a change in name but also a budget cut in the amount of workers and in the programs that depend on the ministry. a message for the government of haiti who is pushing austerity measures to reduce the fiscal deficit that has put argentina's economy on the line these people fear that the government measures will have a direct impact on public health which in argentina is a universal right it also say that budget battle between the right crucial health programs like those treating people with hiv and the regular basis. is proud of argentina's health care system he has hiv and has always been able to receive free treatment for his disease every month he comes to this hospital to get free medication. they recently finally i'm being tested negative and they treat me in this hospital and as for free we don't want anyone to change that we've already
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started gathering signatures so they don't close this hospital and we don't lose access to the medicine we get. the health ministry plays a crucial role in a country with large levels of inequality and high poverty rates forty medical associations have requested a governmental reverse its decision saying that vaccination plans and the treatment of chronic diseases shouldn't be affected by the ongoing economic crisis. and the health center in argentina has problems even as a ministry what worries us is that these messages of austerity that argentina's showing do not have a human rights agenda any public policy needs to have human rights at its core. in spite of the problems argentina has long prided itself on being able to provide free and universal health care that's why people here claim that health costs are the one issue the government of. shouldn't dare touch.
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it's getting some breaking news in on the wires were hearing that the international criminal court. has ruled that it has jurisdiction over the deportation of the range of people from the mainland just remind you that hundreds of thousands of people fled been into bangladesh last year after what the un described as a genocide of that community and the un has called for the prosecution of me and mark generals. here without zero these are the top stories france's military chief says his country is prepared to strike syria if the damascus government uses chemical weapons syrian government and its allies are widely expected to launch an offensive to retake rebel held province in the coming days french armed forces chief.
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speaking to reporters in paris ten south sudanese soldiers have been sentenced over the rate of five aid workers and the murder of a journalist in two thousand and sixteen a military court handed the defendants jail terms ranging from four years to life the government will pay compensation to the victims. a protest has been held in the yemeni city of tires ahead of friday's united nations led peace talks and the country's three year war the protesters are calling for the warring parties at the geneva meeting to address the plight of tires as residents they've been living under siege for years friday's talks are the first between yemen's government and hoofy rebels since two thousand and sixteen the meeting was postponed by a day but the u.n. special envoy to yemen says he's confident it will go ahead as planned. iraqi security forces have used tear gas to disperse hundreds of people in the southern city of basra a crowd had gathered to mourn the deaths of at least nine protesters demonstrations
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in on tuesday and the army has blamed and identified gunmen demonstrations demanding jobs and better public services have been growing steadily since july. uganda's pop star turned opposition m.p. bobby wine is talking to journalists about his alleged torture ordeal and says he was physically assaulted whilst in custody of the security services it's not whine and thirty two other activists were detained three weeks ago and the government says stones were thrown at the president's. charged with treason over the incident began his government initially blocked his travel to the u.s. for medical treatments. and the u.k. is calling for united nations security council meeting to discuss new revelations in the navajo poisoning case on wednesday prosecutors charged two russians with trying to kill former spy sergei script and his daughter yulia with a nerve agent in southern england. state now with all the headlines more
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news continuing here an al-jazeera. in the final part of a six part series filmed over five. people still fight for their lives. the village chief is imprisoned. and forced underground the film may become part of the. crackdown the conclusion part of. china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. ok and you're in the stream the u.n. agency providing assistance to millions of palestinian refugees is facing the biggest crisis in its seventy year history after the u.s. announced it will no longer make funding contributions imo it could be a lot of today will consider what this means for those in need send us your
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comments your questions and i'll pose them to our panel as always our stream. more than five million palestinian refugees in the occupied palestinian territories jordan lebanon and syria are waiting to see how u.n. services they rely on will be affected now that the u.s. has stopped all future contributions the u.s. has long been the biggest funder to the u.n. agency known as an ra it granted more than three hundred sixty four million dollars to the organization and twenty seventeen but on friday the u.s. state department called on iraq and irredeemably flawed operation while announcing future contributions will be cancelled those cuts to just a week after the u.s. canceled two hundred million dollars in direct assistance to palestinians the rates you as a id agency take a look at how the budget could affect some services. for
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more on this we are joined by our a spokesman chris gunness he joins us from moscow from guys that we have him to morrow here she's a dental student at hundred university and has received assistance in the past and right when asked today mahmoud eight he's a graduate student on a joint program for the university of north carolina and juke university and he has
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worked as an education specialist at hello everybody it's really good to have you here chris me reels off a whole lot of stats and figures and what the impact might be but if we go beyond those figures into real people's lives what difference does it make that the u.s. is no longer going to give money to authorize an agency. well i'm sure that but i don't know how much we'll talk about the humanisation of this story because i have to say one of the joys about this program is that we've told real refugees because the humanities been taken out of the goals that we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet thing child i think to restore the size we have to learn history going back to. what happened however was great one was created i think we have to reconnect and i think it's important to understand we talk about located in gone own over a decade the more than fifty iraq impatience with the occupation in the west bank
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and more than seventy or one of the most brutal conflicts orange. in that context than the terrible things being done to individual people with individual dignity and the and the humanity that really has to be respected not programs about us we can actually begin to get under the skin of the humanity of the two other guests because rely on. the being profoundly affected by these decisions to happen and to do just that chris i want to start with this tweet from abderrahim he says trunk decision to cut all aid to iraq which serves five point four million palestinian refugees is meant to liquidate the palestinian refugee cause so to hear from someone who would be affected by that that liquidation as they call it is that a person we got a video coming from actually received several video comments from young people who when to unrest schools in their youth and this is i've been carrying he's a translator and a writer who sent us this comment from the jabaliya refugee camp and north because
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i have a listen. i was born and raised in jabalya refugee camp which is only one kilometer square with over one hundred twenty thousand people living in that small area that area. schools were the only shelter that we take to keep to as we started the blade there have fun there even after we finish school we would go to the school to play there because in the if you can there is no place there's no space left for children so there is to play the see shock a real shock and it will increase our suffering. so how many for advocating here this is more than just about school this means actually a place of refuge for him can you relate to that absolutely and i would like to start by making it clear that i wouldn't be speaking on behalf of an organization
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or anyone besides myself beside me muhammad there fiji who grew up and if you come southern of palestine. exactly as has been mentioned by became there if you can is the oil the whole life we have experienced schools when we talk about schools and education program. actually you see the two thirds almost two thirds of the un budget is not just about school it's those places have been used as shelters you are in conflict during military assaults as the places where people evacuate to. the mental health department the mental health counselors of those chords they provide the only almost only. mental health service for children. and they want to quick question a quick question to you an intimate we talk about. as if it was the beginning of the end of your horizon because frankly as we just heard from that clip from you now you know. where your horizon and actually when i look at cancer somebody looks
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lives outside gaza your horizons being shrunk and you deserve to have your all political rights you deserve to live in a place which is under blockade which does the restrictions which doesn't end with a fence just a kilometer or hundred meters away george has done it you know the limits of your horizon should be far beyond. you know not completely the opposition around the world young people to rise and sword or capitals and you know career is that of all sorts of different places in gaza yourself and i know you're not there now but also . your horizons and the. interest not only as you're speaking to me let me show you this picture you've also add guest as well this is you at school and let me just think i think you're down here holding a stick it tell us what's happening in this picture where are you what's happening . well i want to show my personal experience as an undergrad graduated
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student. in my life is not short on its lifelong interest also to send alice selected to represent palestine in an international human rights program supervised health like it was soft and not only this program has wasn't just ask the experience it was alive in one month i got to know about human rights new cultures new friends new knowledge. this experience has given me the life the deacon a lot of us call my light on a boat in my future goals and much that anyone has given me the chance also apply for an international scholarship called my class a scholarship to improve my english language skills my social responsibility on my leadership skills and engaging in this experience also left again to be a dissenting solace in an international aid program in iowa and now i write stories behind the numbers i don't happen even if i am today which is spoken confident social activists like it if it doesn't a student
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a great mixture that i'm proud to be an appealing sorry size student who can't hardly experiences but can't engage in these opportunities because it's up to the cutting of these funds to enter into a not really not such a beautiful and i have to say person that really illustrates the fact that. can be sitting. on all the things you just heard in some of the tragedy is one of the government for. young women having opportunities in human rights in being people achieving their full potential that seems to be the very government that limiting the restraint and financial power on you know what a huge army there are people who might know how much was in who could really achieve screw potential and indeed against all the old but how much more they
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could achieve is honorable in the terrible financial situation no chris i'm glad you raised that because i want to bring in this tweet from someone whose handle is this is that as. i do believe in russia has been used by the international community to manage the occupation the un has done very little to help end the israeli occupation this person says palestinians need a real. change the way an ra is managed to provide sustainability and real protection from the occupation so my men take this on for us it's a little bit of criticism here they're saying of the un in general but they're saying the issue here is that people are forgetting this is about the occupation this isn't just about one country removing its funding. well it's absolutely different facts and good factors contributing to the crisis on touching back on what chris have mentioned the owner isn't there and the end goal for us and i wouldn't be leaving my family behind and coming here to the us if the owner or or there if you can was all i have in my life what scares me most is that where i
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started and the thing i would like i'm proud of mentioning is that where i started with only one want to have ended i'm now in two of the most prestigious universities in the u.s. and i'm lucky enough to be doing this program i started to from there if you can being the young small kid running in the comps to you living in this small house i have received doses i have received important but how bored the new generation will be received the same moment when i think about it i'm even more lucky than the new generations my times have been better than their times you know thinking about different factors yes absolutely. working in the human spirit if you do you have always been instructed to ignore politics to focus on humanitarian effectiveness how to deliver aid better how to forks and immaterial aid but the same time we can't ignore politics we can't ignore the fact that it's ok patient if you said as you said. but then again you and united nations relief and works agency
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how much can they do work related to politics i would love to get a focus let me put you know i mean i think it chris hall type from i mean just put this to you i want to show you a graph of who is contribution to. as as intimate as mohammed as you're telling us there's so much more than just food aid all coupons there's education there's health that's building up the economy as well and helping people with small businesses but look at this this is what the u.s. was complaining about they were complaining about the millions that they called tribute and look at the rest of the international community the e.u. is away behind germany u.k. sweden saudi arabia japan so basically they were complaining that they were having to give all the money most of the money looking at that graph chris. it's a terrible thing the whole. look let's be clear about it in the last gen reasons we
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heard the news about it from the ministration we have raised two hundred. million it was an unprecedented the successful fundraising campaign fifty million from saudi fifty million from the current fifty million from the u.a.e. we have gone out folks and done exactly what we were asked to do by the american find alternative don't we have done that we found two hundred million the guess what they don't think that our programs are in the flawed they gave us all that money because they believe in they know that we are one of the most. for all. three of the middle east they have a full confidence in us and i'd like also i'd like to hear also it as well as bob and think about the point that came about to me before which is that politically the un and the international community have let down the people of gaza and the west bank and palestinian in jordan and syria and in lebanon appallingly. is the result of political failure we are here doing what we're doing because the
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political echelon of failed to resolve the problem that the refugees have to fail. or the underlying problem the blockade the occupation the dispossession seventy the palestinian these things have to be addressed i think that at the heart of that and that gets the heart of the dilemma that the hobbit was pointing to the under a provide humanitarian assistance which is not a political or. i'd like to mention a point but even with the way since we're speaking numbers it's a true that the us has been the largest on off during the past few years for the for the world but it's also important to put that into the bigger picture of the us foreign aid budget is one percent of the federal budget which is going to fifty billion dollars the foreign budget that goes all over the world what goes to the owner what is only three hundred sixty million dollars which is it's zero point zero zero seven percent of the foreign but i don't even sure it's the amount to
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have a look here at this tweet this is from jan you had plenty of warning that this was going to happen chris. donald trump says we pay the palestinians hundreds of millions of dollars all caps yelling this out a year and get no appreciation or respect. what kind of appreciation and respect asked for but i would also. i would ask one question what does the largest foreign aid in the u.s. history goes through it goes in military aid to is the army that perpetuates the problem for the scene and refugees so paying four billion dollars a year to me well being three hundred sixty million dollars and complaining about respect this is unfair and then to pick up on what you said about per person i don't have a problem chris i just i want to bring this in because you mentioned perpetuating the problem and i wanted to raise what some of our community members are saying will do just that this is this is gaza who says three of my kids go to schools they
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provide good education if these schools close i can't afford to send them to private schools and public schools are already overcrowded some i here have three different shifts the consequences are catastrophic that's just one person another person sent us a video comment saying that this is really more than just schools this is she's a graduate of the stomach university of missouri and this is what she told us. because my i'm going to be a student in only one for nine years good enough to teach me the meaning of liam's the only one we saw important position as a student in this is only open if you kishen on services but it's also offered into teaching and me the consensus is to me just to come up with from time to time and some other times where students would spend a great time and then this. was also for its services for a big number of employers hearing of the sort of not only students so we are so sorry for what's happening voice now and then what is one of us can continue to
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disagree for it because all the posts need to have and to about treatment and as a per provision of medical services and medical checkups things that people may not think about you are in medics medical school now what do you make about as you mentioned before three point five million six people that go for on a list clinics to get medical care and after cutting response one people will be able to get their medical care. because of the lack of medication so for us as a dental office a dental specialist then still. a lot of medications need a lot of a lot of care and expensive so offerings in its history to complete helping many other people's options it's called sell many tools will be able to offer so many people so yes this is going to be catastrophically. look at all if you could question you on you know you're a medical student you've got a career you've got
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a lot of head ahead of you when you could feel future long do you think i mean you're doing the struggling. well after graduation i'm thinking child living outside so includes on top of my must a degree it ended on six and think oh my back to calcutta is like meeting my knowledge and trying to help people here. well i'll go home. i'll get back there. so you know this is really tough some sort of you know i keep saying you know this is. how many palestinian kids education is a possible to dignity here we have university were the best. you know we have we have say she's going to graduate she's become a study or. something i mean you know here you are two people who share exactly what i'm talking about an education isn't possible and yet we have
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a government one of our major donors. excusable who. did not in this house from let's. let's talk practicalities i want to go to two residents of gaza who are wondering how are they going to money inch if there's so much less in the budget haven't listen to what they have to say . fifty supplies are stopped that means you destroy palestinian families because we are refugees we live off this un more than seventy or eighty percent depend on this coupon and there is no income for palestinians gazans are in permanent unemployment there is no work or life and when i work we all count on under a how can they cut the aid and deprive us those children who go to school how they buy notebooks pens bags and school outfits their parents can barely afford pencils some days they go to school without an allowance of even one chuckle well.
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thanks thanks chris that's why we play them let me just also. what do you think might happen i mean you know those are the people who are being sanctioned by this policy you're talking about orphans you think talking about vulnerable women and children for the first time we're sanctioning the weakest amongst us history would remember and policy is they're reacting to that you know what they're doing out of this for the setting themselves on file with this i think yes this was her. nick recently people attempted to do the don't know headquarter in gaza strip if life is going to be this way they don't want to enjoy life anymore they don't want to have like history will remember that people said themselves and file to make it easier for for politicians to make it. bearable for others would leaving this world if it's going to be this way it's going to be unfair to that extent refugees in the weakest among us are the cone take the can't implement solutions we don't refer to
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the weak to the disempowered to take action in such crisis which is why you have this from our hero. who says this is a true task for the countries that support palestine if they will step up and fill in the deficit gap or fall through sara here has another part she says those involved with creating the environment in palestine should be responsible for the continued funding of unwrap since the truck administration strategy is about putting palestinians in a corner it to fall under other western powers like the united kingdom to continue funding chris where does your hope lie for those who can pick up the slack i love the first tweet. and i love the clips which should be the context as well as it is the decontextualized those two women were talking about and why the context in which they think that one of the problems with the discourse would trump decision and all that's going on around it is that we're losing sight of the conflicts between. talks about history it's going to be about
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history because here we have an attempt to brush out of history seventy years of what has happened the palestinians under the rug was pacifically great not you know the un created specifically to look after this population until there is a resolution of the refugee status and what we're seeing is a political attack on the refugee status. of financial times all the organization that should be looking after them till that refugee status is resolved so this is. you know which but it's about i'm bob and other refugees in gaza and other places of trying to be trapped i'm just looking here at a tweet from. the u.s. his representative in the united nations and backing june of last year she went to a refugee camp and she took the girls in the women about their lives the hopes their dreams this looks like a very affable visit and then ani says thank you for the visit i hope you will work
11:44 pm
on the application the un resolution one ninety four which guarantees our rights to return to our. house what nikki haley said more recently do you agree with that the right did i do you agree with that i think we have to look at the same terms of what's happening in syria what's happening in venezuela what's happening in other parts of the world and how we treat refugees and how we're going to look at that going in the future so i absolutely think we have to look right. now as you saw the twenty eighth. listening to this idea of women who have to rethink this rights of return idea do you think that's perhaps behind the whole defunding. absolutely it's not this way i mean this discrepancy between between the international mob too and those resolutions and then what is being said and what is being done this will undermine the whole lot of the whole rule of law the whole international law system this way of we have always. we have
11:45 pm
always been taught this golden rule of trade no aid you cannot trade aid you cannot trade funds for political reasons and for the first time in history when that happens voice a country that is globally seen as the united states government when that happens with the first one that undermines the whole law system the whole international humanitarian system around the world you can imagine how countries would react after that once if something like this is initiated by a government like the u.s. government i want to give you a couple of pictures of two of i guess this is mohammed receiving an award for his work that he did with. and then i have into my here and. gives you a sense of what it is that i can do in terms of education a whole generation of generations of palestinians and around the middle east and you want to end that conversation with the u.n.
11:46 pm
employees here says matter nasr is a palestinian refugee who attended schools run by an ra in the gaza strip he spent the past thirty years being a humanitarian working for the u.n. he tweets and why this is important it's more than jobs and services it's hope confirmation that injustice hasn't won the real stories behind the show for. palestinians and and people around you so much for watching we continue. to struggle. on the. internet. for one hundred sixty. today. and the media. was.
11:47 pm
just zero. and the. u.s. and british companies have the biggest discovery of. but what to do with these resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to drive this one five years on the syrians still feel battered even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape. previously where the average person couldn't touch. it. i don't why does this. have the kind of support that he needs for we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict. after
11:48 pm
a while of palestinians i don't like it but you just don't know but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure the. world tells the story of the house that's a symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home. this is al jazeera live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news we are used to criticisms of the white house but not usually from within an anonymous op ed in the new york times apparently from a senior administration official describes the chaos in the trump white house and how advisors are actively working against the president for his own good. the mole
11:49 pm
al said while complaining about the state the left and the fake news media also on the grid do you warnings over the battle for the military front front says it is prepared to strike syria if the government uses chemical weapons while on the humanitarian side of hundreds of thousands of refugees crossing its border report from close to that very border and in south africa thousands of workers at a petrochemical company go on strike the privileges given to blacks colleagues yes apartheid ended in twenty five years ago but finding balance in modern south africa is still proving at least. and the worlds of sport and politics have collided again as we get our first look at the controversial new nike ad featuring n.f.l. star. as of course the new season starts and gets under way i'm lee harding looking for your thoughts on that story and more connected us for their hash tag a.j. news for.
11:50 pm
you with the news live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live on it al-jazeera dot com and one after another senior officials from the trumpet ministration are denying they are the anonymous author of a scathing op ed in the new york times the article describes a mad house inside the white house where for the good of the country it seems members of the administration are actively working against president trump we're going to hear more about these denials shortly because they're coming thick and fast but. with more on the controversial case and trump's demand to reveal the road stuff. according to the new york times someone close to the president wants the world to know they think he is unfit to hold the highest office anonymously writing this op ed describing the president as a moral and his leadership style as impetuous at the serial petty and ineffective they also say the cabinet considered invoking the twenty fifth amendment which
11:51 pm
could have removed him from office but say they chose not to provoke a constitutional crisis this is an extraordinary step and the label of senior official means it was likely written by someone close to the president he was quick to lash out so when you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration probably failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons now and the new york times is trailing if i weren't here i believe the new york times probably wouldn't even exist the white house spokesperson issued a statement calling on the author to quit labeling them a coward meanwhile some republicans were quick to try and downplay this unprecedented editorial but i didn't think that anything was relayed in that op ed that was you know you think this is what all of us have understood to be the situation from they want so again it's not very it didn't reveal much to me i
11:52 pm
understand this is the case the president took to twitter casting doubt on the existence of the source but then said if they do exist they must be turned over to the government for national security tweeting a simple word treason this is a president in many ways under siege under pressure from multiple investigations and now undermined by a member of his own staff in a most public way pedicle hain al-jazeera washington and up that now from our white house correspondent kimberly how good in washington d.c. hi kimberly so the call is apparently coming from inside the house the white house tell us about the long list of people who say it's not spam. right well there are a number of high profile members of the trump white house who are issuing denials just as the country is trying to figure out and i'm asked the person behind this anonymous of the tauriel in the new york times we've already heard from the vice
11:53 pm
president mike pence he says that he was not involved his office strictly denying this very forcefully over twitter as well we've also had the similar denial coming from the director of national intelligence dan coats and speaking from india a denial from mike pence u.s. secretary of state if it is what it is purported to be it is sad that you have. someone who would make the choice i come from a place where if you're not a position to execute the commander's intent you have a singular option just to leave and this person instead instead according to the new york times. chose not only to stay but to undermine what president trump in this administration are trying to do and i have to tell you. i just i find i find the media's efforts in this regard to undermine this administration incredibly disturbing and i'll answer the question directly because i know some will say gosh
11:54 pm
you didn't answer the question it's not mine. so what we've got here are remarkable denials from members of the trumpet ministration the cabinet saying that they're not part of the so-called resistance movement within the white house that essentially is working to frustrate donald trump's agenda as a lot his worst inclinations what this is signaling and what this seems to do or the intention of this op ed was really to reassure americans that there were the so-called adults in the room but what this also seems to be doing and this is important to note is this is supply and kind of evidence for a very large proportion of the united states including donald trump's supporters who have always believed that there is this sort of group of money deletes or the establishment that really are running the united states and are seeing donald trump as a threat to that sort of establishment power so expect that we will see here the president
11:55 pm
perhaps even alluding to this some would call it the deep state he is going to be leaving the white house at about nine hundred fifteen g.m.t. there's a potential he could be talking to the media about that we should point out as we heard from there who also believes that the media is the somewhat complicit in the so-called resistance but where we're really going to hear this from the president is when he holds another one of his make america great again rallies that's happening this evening here in the united states in a number of hours and expect that the president will continue to portray himself as a victim as he tries to carry out and improve the country for ordinary americans kimberly how kids in washington thanks kimberly early comments on facebook live from her baby who said what goes around comes around just like trump criticizes every other government his own stuff is now criticizing him hashtag a.j. newsgroup to get in touch with us we'll bring in liam now because leo we've gotten an anonymous source we've got an angry president and in
11:56 pm
a separate but related story we've got woodward from the washington post as all feeling very very familiar it is it's feeling a. a bit like watergate the new york times article about trump from inside his white house feels like i said like watergate ironically journalist bob woodward's new book fear trump in the white house here it is here it is slated to hit bookstores next week now remember this is the man whose reporting along with carl bernstein brought down president nixon in the watergate scandal they were journalists for the washington post in one nine hundred seventy four and used anonymous sources that ultimately led to president nixon being impeached this time it's the new york times on the front page and on the front page of twitter really it's unusual for the times to publish anonymous articles rare in fact in this case they said they believe publishing this essay anonymously is the only way to deliver an important perspective to our readers they also set up a page where you can ask the editor questions about what they choose to keep why
11:57 pm
they chose to keep the author's identity private now in the article the author uses the term lodestar it means a guiding star a helper if you will it's a rather old word and it really stands out in the piece if you've read it although the term is rarely used hash tag lodestar is already trending people are using it to guess who they think wrote the article top guesses include chief of staff john kelly press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and most notably vice president mike pence the thing is pence has actually used that word before many times. continues to be the lodestar. for those of us bigger than the lodestar the rule making process is that right and so vigilance and results will be your lodestar that's going to continue to be a lodestar jack's lodestar as our lodestar lodestar it really was the lodestar interesting as that will let us know what you think if it's mike pence or
11:58 pm
if that was simply a plant to get us off the scent you can let us know whether hash tag a jane is good thank you that is interesting isn't it actually we're going to talk to ken hughes about all this now he's a researcher at the university of virginia is that miller. author of the nixon tapes the channel affair and the origins of water days nice to have you with us ken i should also point out i'm reading ken's biography here he comes recommended by bob woodward so perfectly placed to talk about all of this i mean look what's you feeling initially does it matter even who wrote it isn't that the content that matters and that we've actually got a quote unquote definitive proof of people working against the administration within the administration can use going to him excuse me you know turn on my audio i cannot hear any i'm going to talk at this level can you hear me right now ken yes i can have a question let's try again so what i'm saying is doesn't really matter who wrote it
11:59 pm
in the end is it more about the content the fact that we now seem to have sort of proof of people working against trump within the administration. terrific question and the answer is i don't think it really does matter who wrote it any one of a number of establishment political republican figures in the administration could have written that the editorial about that is a sign of panic on the part of conventional republicans regarding the upcoming midterm elections they're very afraid of losing traditional republican voters and divison assures traditional republican voters that there are people in the white house that there are people around donald trump trying to trim in his excesses and steer the white house in a more conventional republican chorus of tax cuts deregulation and beefing up the military these are these are the people who republican
12:00 am
politicians have to appeal to between today and election day and they're very very worried about losing them so rather than seeing this as as a sign of rebellion against donald trump i think it's really a way for the republican party to protect itself can one of our viewers on twitter is as just tweeted may mahomedan he said i don't think this changes anything there are already many books written about trump i guess he's referring to bob woodward here as well and that's a good point isn't it the fact that there has been so much to throw to this administration so far and it's still here it hasn't fallen is right senator bob corker a conventional republican figure yesterday said that the op ed tells us what we've thought all along about the trump administration. reminds.


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