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tv   Taiwan Spies Lies Cross Straits Ties  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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right presidential candidate yeah so narrow is undergoing surgery after being stabbed in the stomach his son says he now appears to be stable for tomorrow's attacked in the city of horrors deforest during a campaign rally for next month's election police say the suspect has been arrested opponents a person are as views are racist and homophobic but the leader has been polling strongly in the lead up to his vote doctors and nurses in argentina are protesting against cuts to the health ministry it's part of a series of austerity measures by the government to try to stabilize the currency crisis which is seen argentina's currency lose more than half its value this year to isabel reports from the capital one as aryans. doctors nurses and health workers gathered outside the health ministry when a site is to protest against the government's decision to reduce this ministry into a smaller department with a smaller budget. the government wants to dissolve the health ministry and it's
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a risk which is not only a change in name but also a budget cut in the amount of workers and in the programs that depend on the ministry. a message for the government of haiti who is pushing austerity measures to reduce the fiscal deficit that has put argentina's economy on the line these people fear that the government's measures will have a direct impact on public health which in argentina is a universal right they also say that budget battle between the right crucial health programs like those treating people with hiv and the regular face. is proud of argentina's health care system he has a tavi and has always been able to receive free treatment for his disease every month he comes to this hospital to get free medication. they recently finally i'm being tested negative and they treat me in this hospital and it's for free we don't
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want anyone to change that we've already started gathering signatures so they don't close this hospital and we don't lose access to the medicine we get. the health ministry plays a crucial role in a country with large levels of inequality and high poverty rates forty medical associations have requested a governmental reverse its decision saying that vaccination plans and the treatment of chronic diseases shouldn't be affected by the ongoing economic crisis i looked at it went up in the health center in argentina has problems even as a ministry what worries us is that these messages of us territory that argentina's showing do not have a human rights agenda any public policy needs to have human rights at its core. in spite of the problems argentina has long prided itself of being able to provide free and universal health care that's why people here claim that health costs are the one issue the government of. shouldn't dare touch.
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it's a these far right league party is facing bankruptcy and italian court has ordered the seizure of fifty seven million dollars in assets from the organization after its former leaders were convicted of fraud they were found guilty of using electro funds for personal expenses such as buying diamonds and gold bars the party insists it can't recover all the money and only has around six and a half million dollars that is part of italy's rooting coalition along with a populist five star movement interior minister says italians will still support his party. you know if they want to take everything away from is than let them do it we will continue with our political work because we have the italians on our side so let them do what they want a major search and rescue operation is underway earthquake survivors in northern japan at least nine people have died and another thirty or missing on the island of hokkaido. ports. the six point seven magnitude earthquake leveled
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houses and triggered landslides soldiers and police are digging through the mud and rubble fears are growing for the missing. some of the trapped under a wardrobe and couldn't run away it's a horrible mess inside the house. your call you like it was intense it felt like it shook horizontally the doors of the fridge in the kitchen and the chest of drawers were thrown open. the quake struck in the early hours it knocked out power to all of a colleague those five and a half million residents power lies in an area the size of austria. main airport a craft was shaken by a very different kind of turbulence. i've heard reports such as people having cardiac arrests landslides collapsed buildings and large scale blackouts saving people's lives is a priority while the government deals with the disaster relief we will deal with
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this crisis like it has been a grueling week for japan typhoon j.p. killed at least ten people when the most powerful storm in twenty five years there struck on choose day among the chaos caused council airport in a saka closed as runways flooded and millions of people lost power japan's very well prepared for natural disasters but at the same time there's not much preparation you can do when a mountain collapses into homes so clearly they're going to need to bring out equipment that can bury the houses japan is shaken by around twenty percent of the world's earthquakes of magnitude six and higher every year so as mala just a warning of aftershocks of more quakes to come. india's supreme court has ruled that gay sex is not a crime. campaigners celebrated as the
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landmark judgement was delivered it strikes down a colonial era no which made to homosexual acts punishable by up to ten years in prison. this is about the freedoms of indian citizens in a democracy it is not just about sex it is about how we treat each citizen and to my mind the government has no place in the bedroom the government has no place in the private life of individuals. today we gained independence be full we were trapped in this country but today is our independence day and coming up in sport. who doesn't have a team that still has. the new n.f.l. season. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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it all sport now with andy. thank you so much lauren while the start of the n.f.l. season it's all about supply and who may not have a say but does still have the ability to dominate the headlines for the course about colin kaepernick has been on the sidelines for more than a year but he has played a starring role in a new ad campaign kristen salumi reports go big. game day philadelphia host of the two thousand and eighteen national football league season opener and home to the eagles two thousand and eighteen super bowl champs but this year fans are talking about what will happen during the national anthem as much as what will happen on the field over the cap in the near poor throw
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i don't like the players they can and maybe i can go from respect your form of living that i'm very vocal and respect the people that are reporting for it every day. former forty niners quarterback collin capper nick started a national debate and the movement among players when he tradition and took a knee rather than standring the ceremonial opening of games in the two thousand and sixteen season so don't ask if your dreams are crazy. ask your crazy it's a debate this nike ad campaign scheduled to air during the game has only reignited . capper nick wanted to call attention to racial injustice in the united states at a time when police misconduct was under fire but his critics see kneeling as a sign of disrespect for those in law enforcement and the military who put their lives on the line for american ideals those critics include president donald trump himself the national anthem debate is as divisive as politics itself in the united states right now and perhaps nowhere exemplifies those divisions more than
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pennsylvania a traditionally democratic and blue collar state but one that voted for donald trump and helped propel him into the presidency was. it was the president who broke tradition when he uninvited the philadelphia eagles to the white house after some members of the championship team said they would stay home in protest beating the players against the president we believe. everyone should stand for the national. and put the n.f.l. in the middle unable to come up with a policy that satisfies all sides ahead of opening day it's huge pressure from what trumps reaction is going to be this is the kind of thing that's a great rallying cry for his base and he is going to use it with every ounce that he can to jump on top of this to prove that he's right the his base is right and is active she has the right attitude to have in this regard angry fans have been burning their nike products and calling for
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a boycott while the president called on the n.f.l. and nike to stand for the flag on twitter. that's a worry for the end of those ratings are down and a controversy they've yet to tackle. kristen salumi al jazeera philadelphia. the last two football world champions of mets in the. nations at league front strong nil now with germany europe's fifty five same's been divided up it's a full series for the league a competition does entreprise the majority of international friendlies this was fronts his first game since beating croatia in the. world cup final. nine games in all taking place on thursday in his first competitive match in charge of ryan giggs for his wales team beating the republic of ireland for one same's in each group i hope you know why this year with the team finishing top of each section being promoted and the nation finishing bottom dropping down a level the four nation see when the groups in the top tier will advance to a knockout finals event next june and that will decide the first nations really
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we're not belgium of last just one of their last twenty six matches and that defeat was to france in the world cup semifinal the team with some to beat england to finish third of the finals in russia belgium's nations league campaign will begin against iceland before that they have a friendly against scotland coming up on friday. now the world surf league has announced that male and female pro surfer will get the same prize money from next year it becomes one of the first global sports leagues to achieve probably some money equality surfing is set to be a part of the twenty twenty olympic games in tokyo earlier on we spoke to the world surf league women's commissioner who believes female surfers will play a key role in the commercial growth of the sports. we want to keep everybody happy no one's going to be unhappy with something like this so it is and has been a great day for women thing having said that they do have you know really great social presence and there are a lot of women who have a great great rage so we definitely see that potential in the women for sure we're
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really excited to be added to take the stand for them and to give them equal pay because you know they're not complaining it's the men we think that where we are now is is probably the most unequal is we're going to be right here at surf ranch but you know we will always continue. to progress the sport. england cricket captain joe root says he was taken by surprise that hours to cook's decision to quit the international game the country's highest ever test run scoring all stars final match against india on friday the thirty three year old former captain has made more than twelve thousand runs in a one hundred sixty test career twelve years at the top of the order to have a record like that is is some feat especially in these conditions for the majority of it. there's not many openness around the world that can match that never mind english english players it is is going to be very hard to replace ok about your
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sport let's get back to lauren in london and you take a very much needed quick reminder you can catch up any time with our website that's sport and the news on there at al-jazeera dot com we're meant to say that's it for me. but i'll be back in a minute with another form of the day's news i think that. september on al-jazeera the fourth eastern economic forum is to be held in the city of bloody vostok as russia looks to expand its influence in the asia pacific region on television and online the stream continues to talk into the extraordinary potential
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of social media to disseminate news the presidents of russia turkey and iran will meet in teheran for another summit seeking an end to the war in syria we'll have extensive coverage people in power continues to examine the use and abuse of power around the world the united nations general assembly holds a seventy third session what action will it take on atrocities in me in march and yemen we'll bring you all the news september on al-jazeera. they are women. mothers. performers. christmas. from their present and the plot to argentina. that inspiration is a force in the new food world skin cheap stifled invisible mothers parted if you find a latino male seriously at this time the knowledge is iraq. we
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understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera plan. as or as burning more government buildings a satellite across the iraqi city in violent protests over a lack of jobs and essential services. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. as more as it live province the u.s. and france issue
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a stark warning to assad if chemical weapons are used they will take action. figures deny being behind an opinion piece claiming advisers are actively working against the u.s. president in the hunt for its author intensifies. amount of brutality among pretty. defiant words from the ugandan opposition politician bobby wine as he speaks out after being beaten up in police custody. and iraqi authorities have reinstated a curfew in the southern city of all to protest to set fire to more than a dozen buildings is the fourth consecutive day of violent protests demonstrators set fire to the offices of political parties an iranian backed on group and the state run t.v. channel public anger has been voiding for weeks over
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a lack of employment essential goods and government corruption in the last forty eight hours at least twelve people have been killed matheson has more on the day's events. the burning of buzz was provincial council headquarters cell phone footage shows smoke and flames pouring from the windows of the fifth official building to be set alight in the last four days it's not known how this fire started but local sources say antigovernment protesters have been close by. hours earlier their influence of a key ports was blocked by iraqis demanding the attention of a government they say is failing them and does not deny there is no more trust in anyone neither in the leadership nor in any party. security forces have responded with tear gas iraq's prime minister says he didn't order security forces to fire real bullets a martini on because he wants to create
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a rift among our security forces after all the sacrifices we made to get rid of terrorism he wants to take us from bad to worse to create rifts among our citizens in order to batter under threat. iraq's human rights commission reports more than one hundred wounded including security force members of. the protesters who were injured were peaceful they don't have rifles pistols or any guns they only have banners and signs this inquiry forces use excessive force. has been simmering for weeks in basra and other cities in southern iraq considered to the shia muslim heartland of the country the region is oil rich and the port is vital for iraqi imports and exports despite the oil revenue iraqis complain they're forced to live with the daily indignities of unclean water and no elektra's city government corruption and unemployment are also high in the list to protest his grievances all the more up and down i might bother you are the police humiliating
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me i'm from basra asking for my rights. as protests continue around the clock the ministry of transportation is appealing to demonstrators. not to talk at the ports and other public facilities which government ministers say are not connected to their frustrations it seems the protesters have succeeded in forcing the government to listen to their grievances now they want to action while matheson al-jazeera. hundreds of people are fleeing into a province which has already been targeted by as trikes says pro-government troops gather along the border on friday the leaders of iran russia and turkey will discuss syria's fate stephanie decker is on the turkey syria border for there have been several airstrikes in the northern area of how my province and south it live one of those from what we understand is taking out one of the buildings belonging to the civil defense is the white how much the rescue workers
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that operate in opposition territory we also understand that there are a number of families hundreds we understand around a thousand people that have fled some of those areas where those airstrikes are taking place at the moment all eyes remain on tomorrow that is when you have the trilateral meeting in town hall and between iran turkey and russia everyone expects something to be agreed upon there what this offensive what kind of shape it will take whether it will be limited to certain areas certain groups or a wide scale turkey is doing everything to avoid a large scale offensive it is its worst case scenario is to have a fresh influx of flock fresh push of syrian refugees i.d.p.'s towards its borders fleeing the fighting the borders remain closed turkey ready hosts over three million people we went to talk at some of the aid organizations to see how they are preparing for what they say they expect to be a potential bloodbath. over the years the province of it live has offered somewhat
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of a refuge for almost a million internally displaced syrians but that seems like it's all about to change with the expected government offensive backed by russia to recapture the last province left under opposition control turkey is preparing for a worst case scenario already met with the head of turkey's red crescent just as he returned from visiting it live if any huge influx. inside or how the two o'clock turkish border now we are preparing the refugee camps in sight syria turkey already hosts more than three million syrian refugees and it doesn't want any more the turkish border with syria has been closed for years unfortunately there is no clear line for armed groups there are. settling down inside and the societies so it is really difficult to target the military points so.
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it's been a repetitive cycle for years despite endless political negotiations it's the military option that always seems to come first millions of syrians are homeless in their own country dependent on aid unable to rebuild their lives this fact she belongs to the turkish aid group i know it sends one hundred fifty thousand bags of bread to live every day each piece representing someone who cannot feed themselves the individual desperate stories often getting lost in a mass of lives interrupted. those who fled to the first gaping with credit death now they're facing death once again they have no plan b. in the last few years we've tried to build both a permanent structures for the displaced or today we're back to square one setting a basic intents to prepare for a new wave humanitarian corridors are being proposed by aid agencies but they will remain inside syria and the question remains to where. most people don't want to go to the government controlled areas which surrounded lib and that leaves the turkish
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controlled northern part of the country but many are reluctant to go there too no one wants to be displaced again even though aid agencies are preparing for what they fear will be a bloody battle everyone is saying it's still too early to predict how exactly it will unfold that they say will be decided at the negotiating table between iran russia and turkey but there is a consensus that the battle for it will be the final major battle of this war stephanie decker al-jazeera on the turkey syria border. meanwhile the united states has joined france to issue its strongest warning yet that it's prepared to strike syria if government forces use chemical weapons in the offensive against it speaking a short time ago the u.s. arrest the united nations had this to say we have a message for the assad regime and anyone contemplating using chemical weapons in syria in the past eighteen months i have stood on this floor twice promising that the united states would respond to the use of chemical weapons in syria both times
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this is ministration followed through the united states and its allies force the assad regime to pay its price for its crimes so we want to take this opportunity to remind assad and his russian and iranian partners you don't want to bet against the united states responding again in her to. some of the chemical weapons in syria today but this is false information that is being that because there are no chemical weapons in syria and i haven't been since missy could come and announced here before the security council in two thousand and fourteen that such was the case in two thousand and fourteen she said categorically here there were no more chemical weapons in syria.
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mexican authorities say they found at least one hundred sixty six human skulls in a mass grave site in the coastal state of it are true it's one of the largest mass burial pits evidence coming in the country speak to john home and who's in mexico city what do you know about this is how a christian. one of the of the things that we know about this from a press conference with the state attorney for vera cruz is there were more than one hundred identifications found in this area with the mass graves and in a very sad way that's going to be like gold to some of the families of the disappeared in that state vera cruz because a lot of these people would have been searching for their missing loved ones the years and that's a very tool triss process of course and this might give them a clue to be able to bring some closure to that to that process the other thing make clear by the state attorney was that the police and the state authorities have found that mass graves use very clear on doing that one of the reasons for that probably is that state of authority is not just embarrassed cruise but across the
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country as a whole about you've been very negligent in trying to find the disappeared in this country and often it's been left to the mothers to the relatives of those disappear we've been out with them various times digging on their own trying to find their missing loved ones well even the authorities sort of watch all actively obstruct the process and do we have any indication at this stage of sort of the time scale of when these people want to be buried. yet the state's attorney has said that it was more than two years ago is very clear on that as well because it means that this administration in vera cruz wasn't responsible for that but there's also i think you were saying in your introduction there about how big a discovery this is well one of the most shocking things about. this it's not even the biggest mass grave to be discovered in the state of veracruz let alone the governor of the country in general the incoming interior minister we went to one of
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the forums for peace that they've just been opening up the new government to try and talk about what to do about the country on the violence so we know that this country is full of musgrave's we know that the moods of full of people that haven't been identified and that's really the dimension of this we're talking about more than thirty seven thousand people have been disappeared in this country that's not just by organized crime but also by mexican security forces some of those people and where as i said before the relatives of the missing have been left to organize themselves and to search for the people on their own so that's something that we'll be looking at to see whether it changes with the incoming administration john home and thank you very much indeed and to a developing story in brazil now the far right presidential candidate yeah abel sonar is undergoing surgery after being stabbed in the stomach his son says he appears to be stable now of sonora was attacked in the city.


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