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on al jazeera. zero. no i'm fully back to go this is a news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes in search of a solution for syria the leaders of turkey iran and russia come together as an offensive looms on the rebel stronghold of adelaide. no progress on ending the war in yemen who the rebels say they have been stopped from making it to geneva also this hour born in serbia taught in albania in the school that could soon have borders rearrange around aids and a front runner in brazil's presidential election is stopped as he campaigns in the
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streets. on poori solus fault coming up al serena williams reaches her second grand slam final in a row just a year after she had the wife's age saving surgery following the birth of her daughter. thank you for joining us a summit that could well decide what happens to millions of people in syria and the future of the seven year war is about to begin any iran's capital within the past hour russian president vladimir putin has arrived in tehran following takesh leadership typewriter one they will soon join iran's president hassan rouhani in talks on the last remaining rebel held province in syria russia iran and syria have threatened an all out assault against what they call terrorists but they're open to surrender deals from so-called moderate groups turkey which borders it and back some. the opposition fighters wants to avert military action it fears an influx of
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refugees from the northwest and syrian province the un envoy says panic is spreading among the three million people there he says all efforts must be made to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe while we have two correspondents with us on the story live. is in tehran stephanie deca is on the turkey syria border stephanie will be speaking to you in just a moment for but first to use a so all three leaders have now arrived in tehran what's on the table what are they hoping to achieve. well folly these are the men who were the architects of the standard talks designed to try to bring a negotiated solution to the conflict in syria but simultaneously they've also been the architects of what is essentially been an eight year civil conflict in syria all three countries have been involved in some way and so with their rivals in the country at the moment president putin stepped off a plane less than an hour ago president before him they've all of all been holding
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bilateral talks with each other before they sit down at the table all three of them and we got a glimpse of what they might talk about from a senior aide to the foreign minister of iran shahade zarif in remarks that he made this morning the three men are expected to sign some kind of agreement that will govern and directs how they are involved in the ongoing military operation into the future in syria they're also expected to discuss the return of refugees and the rights that they may have once they return and the third point that he said that the men would be discussing is creating a committee designed to investigate the arrest of people by the syrian government as well as those men and women that have gone missing during the conflict so it seems that humanitarian concerns are a priority for them but just a week before the u.n. high commissioner for refugees for the program was into iran and he said that all of these men need to do better when it comes to preserving human life inside syria what can we expect on edge. as saying they have been some differences among bashar
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assad's allies about what should happen next in this stronghold in syria are they likely to come to some sort of agreement as far as what to do on the. well we got we got some idea of that just a few days ago when foreign ministers of odds are it was in damascus on a surprise visit and you spoke about it louis said preserving human life making sure that humanitarian conditions are met is a very important part of the negotiations that they can carry out it was going to be a prime focus for these three men during these talks but they also started looking forward they're talking about reconstruction and economic growth within syria and. iran could benefit from that growth and so all these three men are looking forward to korten stepping stone but they really want to book in this conflict and all indications are that the military placements we're seeing by the syrian government backed by russian air power in the last few days indicates that
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a conflict inside libya is looking more and more inevitable thank you for that for us in tehran let's cross over to stephanie deca now in right on the border with syria stephanie as we said the focus on this last remaining rebel stronghold in syria a syrian government offensive of course have disastrous consequences for the people living there as we've heard from the u.n. just how worried are people and what sort of preparations are being made to try and contain a potential catastrophe from turkey especially which has borne the brunt of serious humanitarian crisis. well there is a lot of anxiety and fear of course in italy but there's nothing much that the civilians can do about it is just behind us folly that is just a small section of the biggest camp for internally displaced is around eight hundred thousand people that live like that along turkey's border turkey doesn't want anymore its borders been closed for years it hosts over three million syrian refugees what are they trying to do while they're trying to contain it what they're
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trying to do is talk to some of the rebel groups inside particularly. this is the group formerly known as in this refund believed to be linked to al qaida to try to get them to disband to join other rebel groups that are more backed by turkey but the problem with that folly is in the long term is that damascus wants to take back the entire province so you could almost say you know regardless of who the groups are affiliated with they are still an armed opposition and damascus is a is to get rid of all of them but of course again you know it's the civilians where are they going to go turkey is not going to open its borders will have to go inside syria so it's very concerning for them everyone wondering stephanie how the conflict will play out in its final stages if the rebels were to lose it late what would that mean would the war be over. i think in a nutshell no because where the rebels are going to go you still have territory and i think this is one of the main concerns turkey has the kurds kurdish territory in northern syria along its border that is
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a main issue and you can be sure that the president or the one who's bringing that to the table today also when it comes to syria when it comes to these negotiations very much about bartering fully i will allow you to get this if you give me that so the men will be talking about things like that what's going to happen to the kurdish region in that region the americans have troops there and we've just heard from the u.s. special envoy to syria he just was in turkey two days ago saying that americans are not going to be pulling out their troops any time soon this concern about the iranian presence inside syria israel has concern about that the americans are concerned about that i think it's you know it's interesting if we look at this the future of syria of a sovereign country is being decided at the moment into iran by turkey by russia and by iran so it gives you a sense that there is still a lot of divvying up spheres of influence if you will and i think there's still complicated days to come ok stephanie thank you very much for that stephanie decker reporting there live from the turkey syria border now while the talks get under way on syria plan meeting on the war in yemen has hit
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a snag hoofy rebels haven't yet managed to fly into the swiss city of geneva for negotiations with representatives of the many government the u.n. special envoy for yemen martin griffith is already there he says he has discussed issues including prisoners and humanitarian access with yemen's foreign minister live david chaytor who's in geneva for us so things off to a rocky start there in geneva are these talks going to happen at all. well let me give you some information from sources inside the united nations headquarters in geneva they say that essentially martin griffiths will keep on with his efforts to try and get the rebel rebel delegation lifted off from sana to join these consultations talks now it's not sure exactly when that can happen but it is certain as far as the special envoy is concerned that it will happen now it could be later saturday sunday or even monday the only problem there is sort
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of course he will have to persuade the yemeni government delegation to bear with him to keep their patience going and that could be a very difficult task or they are committed to the peace process they've said so loudly and clearly they are very disturbed by the demands of the rebel delegation for these so-called injured fighters to be put on that plane with them and taken for medical treatment at my scott in oman now i was speaking earlier with the spokesman for the government delegation and he said very clearly that as far as they were concerned some of these people that the hooty rebel delegation want to put on that plane are members of hezbollah and also iranian military who have been training the hutu militia over the last few years and they said that of course is
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unacceptable and as long as they keep demanding. those men taken off on the plane then it doesn't look likely that these consultations talks can even start saying hang in the balance folly as always here how long can the patience last for the government that is the main question today the talks do end up happening at some point david what will they focus on. what are the expectations. well the expectations are that they will start to assemble confidence building measures along the special envoy for the i guess this is very keen on and he's been pushing this idea that there should be a prisoner swap arranged between the two warring parties he said this will add to the confidence and the trust between the two sides of course this will have to be
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done by the i.c.r.c. . very difficult always to arrange these prisoner swaps but they will give that flicker of hope to the people of yemen that the special envoy said was most important they would get families reunited it would allow them to rebuild their lives give them some hope for the future and that is mainly what he's been discussing with the yemeni government delegation who are staying at this hotel behind me but as i say the main question is how much longer can they wait and will the hoochie rebel delegation stick to their demands to take these injured people with them to their. peers they do include members of his and the iranian military thank you for that. iraq's parliament has called an emergency meeting for saturday to discuss days of government protests in basra at least eleven people have been killed in the offices of political parties on the radio. and state run
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t.v. channel set on fire protesters in the southern oil rich region say they're sick of government corruption as well as the lack of jobs water and electricity. plenty more ahead on this news hour including a palestinian school faces demolition israel wants to land for an illegal settlement plus europe's new frontier how migrants are encountering and an unexpected hurdle as they try to get into france and in sports super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles get the season off to a winning start i made debates about calling cap an exe nike advertising campaign. first kosovo's president is meeting his serbian counterpart in brussels for talks on the final stages of the normalization of relations both leaders have hinted that they may agree to a land swap the press of
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a valley in southern serbia where the population is mostly ethnic albanian would join kosovo in return serbia would take control over the majority sort of area of kosovo north of the river avon but it's a gamble that could provoke further tensions in the balkans or go to brussels in just a moment but first only a day ago reports from press civil close to the serbia kosovo border. oh it's the first week back at school for these young students at the ybor him kelmendi primary school in the town of pressure it's the largest one of its kind in serbia all the pupils are albanian as they settle in the school itself prepares for what could be the last time it teaches the serbian curriculum and what they hope will be a fresh start for the school. there's hardly been any investment here since ninety sixty five everything's in poor condition and we have no bread we're being in textbooks. the possibility of
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a land swap between serbia and kosovo has been uppermost in people's minds here pressure of us population is ninety percent ethnic albanian the u.s. and the european union had always discouraged the idea until now and apparently straightforward solution on the surface but has the potential to reopen old wounds in this part of the balkans which has already suffered brutal conflict following the breakdown of yugoslavia one of the plans that people here fear is being discussed is moving the border to this railway track now while that would put the town of pressure firmly within the borders of kosovo it would mean that these outlying villages would still be in serbia and the thousands of other albanians still stuck there. moreover there is still on certainty as to what serbia would want to return but would likely dominated northern kossovo which it views is
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non-negotiable yes we would like to be part of republic of course or the we have to be very careful in order for regionals in terms of you know for republic of course all to be agreed with a lot of sacrifices being done by all the albanians including the veins of. we don't want to interfere in this process this also poses another dilemma for the region's leaders if borders are to be redrawn on the basis of ethnicity it could provoke more calls for land swaps from macedonia which has more than half a million albanians living along its front is even the goal of eventual e.u. x. session football can countries cannot lay these fears. we don't find discussion about and between kosovo and serbia conducive to reaching the goal we think it will reopen too many old wounds in the population eyes and that is why we are very skeptical. it is
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a huge gamble with the risk of reigniting ethnic conflict here a political process that will take it normal amount of delicate negotiation from all parties involved sunday valuable al-jazeera pressure. speak together in a glue such now in brussels for selena what's the latest on this meeting between the serbian and cause on leaders. well there is no dialogue between belgrade and pushed you know here in brussels today according to syrian authorities acosta was trying to ban that xander bill to strip to kosovo tomorrow and in this moment we are still don't know if he's going to go to kosovo or not and we are still waiting for a. reaction offer that he come to really on this situation this situation came in the very interesting moment because these schools are both in.
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the course of all there are expressions like partition delamination exchange of territory border correction between syria and the binion's soup in president alexander who teaches talking about delamination between serbs and the then is and course of the president. is talking about border correction these ideas are interpreted in the public as partition and exchange of territories between serbia and kosovo it's clear that both sides are not satisfied with this situation in this current state and the president has said this morning before his meeting. that cost of all in serbia are definitely going into the last of a dialogue in order to achieve a final agreement and he is hoping to see this final agreement and
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the progress in both of congress but we'll see no progress today and we didn't hear from alexander which is well till tonight he must decide if he's going to cause of all or not and of course we are still waiting to see what they're going to be the consequences of this situation so no dialogue today between the leaders of kosovo and serbia thank you for bringing us any say from brussels to such. i suspect is being questioned in brazil after a presidential election candidate was stabbed as he campaigns doctors say. is in grave but stable condition in hospital the far right candidate is popular in opinion polls despite racist and homophobic comments given elizondo reports. it was an attack that happened fast. on a brazil's top presidential candidates being carried on the shoulders of his supporters at
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a campaign rally in his july state in southeastern brazil and then he was stabbed by someone in the crowd. cell phone video from various angles capture him clutching his abdomen and paying his supporters rushed him into a waiting ambulance and made panic and confusion. to arrive at a local hospital in grave condition with a stab wound that punctured his liver and other organs after four hours of emergency surgery he was stabilized doctors say he'll spend at least a week in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery the assailant a middle aged man was immediately arrested his motives remain unclear brazil's president quickly condemned the attack my use to prevail and. this reveals to is something that raises awareness because it's intolerable in. a pool released this week showed. all other eight eligible candidates ahead of the october
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seventh vote also not always a far right politician who like in some self to donald trump and adams detractors say he's homophobic racist and sexist. but his campaign message of cracking down on crime and violence has won him loyal supporters and a leader in the polls but because he's so controversial he's going to often wear a bulletproof vest at campaign events but it does not appear he was wearing one on wednesday when he was stabbed cables are how does either. germany's chancellor is set to meet the french president in math say in a few hours to discuss europe's migration policy i'm going to merkel has faced political problems at home after taking over a million refugees since the height of the migration crisis in twenty fifteen several countries have tightened border controls many migrants are now arriving on the spanish coasts hoping to travel north but as natasha butler reports from the
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border between france and spain they're facing unexpected hurdles at the foot of the pira knees in the basque country and street divides northern spain from southwest and france. and now a new frontline in europe's migration crisis last year less than ten migrants a day came to the spanish town of ruin hoping to reach friends now it's near a forty ever hour and grant is part of a growing network of volunteers helping new arrivals their own. we're driving around iran the last spanish town before the border with france and we're looking for people who've just arrived from the south of spain to give them some information. these men from the camorra silence in the indian ocean have tried to reach france the volunteers offer advice and a place at their shelter it's a bit of comfort far from home most here are from francophone africa sean claude is
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an engineer from cameroon after several attempts to cross the border he's given up his dream of a job in france. i thought it would be in eldorado but then you realize life is tough everywhere your family back home in africa calls you to help them but you can't your relatives put themselves in debt to send you your the big hope but if you can't satisfy their expectations it's hard it weighs on you you're in an empty place and finally you think you should have stayed in africa africa france recently toughened its immigration law and increased police border checks migrants are regularly sent back to spain for many people in this region the situation is an echo of their own past in one nine hundred thirty six during the spanish civil war a battle in iran led hundreds of people to flee their homes across this river and seek refuge in farms. sat on a beach in a foreign country spanish refugees watched their town burn either how the communist
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party and the love they gave her thinking that it's either good or fortunately there are some people here who are aware that some people have to leave their countries for safety or to have a better life in this region we have our past in our history and they had left their mark on us. so far european leaders have failed to agree on a common approach to migration but most countries want tighter borders while doors are closing across the block here in iran there are some people trying to keep them open natascha butler al jazeera iran spain. palestinian children have only just returned to their classrooms but a school in the occupied west bank could be demolished within a week and he may not be the only one up to forty schools are facing the bulldozers as israel looks to make way for illegal settlements bennett smith went to meet pupils and teachers in the bedouin village of qana on mars. one day soon on their way to school these palestinian children expect to find their path blocked by
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israeli police and bulldozers they'll be no warning it could happen any time after the next six days. israeli supreme court judges have ordered the demolition of the school along with the adjacent bedouin village the judges say that can be no more appeals. i've been very tense i couldn't work got a bit paranoid and very stressed i didn't take it well it's a huge responsibility i haven't slept it's too much how will the kids learn. the school was built by an italian charity nine years ago that educates around one hundred eighty pupils from nearby bedouin communities mrs a hiker says she could never really believe the demolition would actually happen well i won't be here doing this i said they'll never demolish the school i thought maybe they transfer one of the communities it never occurred to me that they would demolish a school because every child has a right to education and she thinks most children won't go to where the schools
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because they're too far away from our head to cover the closest school is far and my parents are scared to let me go because of the highway or probably end up tending the sheep but i want to come to school now and i want to study when i grow up i want to be a dentist but now i end up tending sheep the palestinian education ministry has told the staff not to prepare to move not to pack up not to move the furniture the school the ministry says must continue teaching until the very last minute the land the school is built on is wanted by israel to expand illegal settlements near occupied east jerusalem and hands up how many more schools are under threat of destruction in the occupied west bank around forty says the charity save the children which it says is a breach of internationally recognized provisions to protect schools in conflict areas bernard smith al-jazeera. and if you moments we'll have the world weather with everton fox and still ahead on the news hour cooking with gas range refugees
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in bangladesh get environmentally friendly cross african migrants who fled their countries with skate violence and now held up in libya's capital and in support find out why the first japanese woman to reach a grand slam final is going to try and forget who she is a need for happening on that beach or. from a clear blue sky or you don't home. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of los. we have welcome spring rains making their way across southern africa the moment see that line of cloud pushing through the southern cave over towards the eastern cape and that will produce them rather lively downpours much needed rainfall fading in across southern africa as we go on through the next couple of days to saturday see the wetter weather just clearing away from the eastern cape
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still a few showers there for sunday but as guys do come back in behind now the other end of the constant we have autumn rains or some showers affecting more than parts of morocco northern areas of algeria could see that area of cloud here again producing some spots of rain from time to time out weather will again make its way east was a between we've got to say snow showers the tropical downpours coming across a good part of central africa so you have these clumps of thunderstorms making their way from west to east on the easterly ways now these are the kind of things that they develop into into atlantic hurricanes there we go with our line of storms some of them pushing a fair way north as you can see getting well up into new into a good part of mali so to sub-saharan africa when these showers they push their way out into the atlantic these are the kind of things that can develop into hurricanes as couple where the other side of cape verde tropical storm florence that's making
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its way towards eastern seaboard of the u.s. the next week. the weather sponsored by cat time release. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the chemicals closure and the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok will send mary waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. they are women and mothers and performers. christmas. from their present of luck law to argentina. that inspiration is a force no four walls can she stifled invisible mother's heart
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if you find your lot in the mail it seems to me at this time to come out just. fine and. welcome back you're watching the news hour with me fully back to pool a reminder of our top stories the presidents of turkey iran and russia have arrived in tehran for what could be a decisive summit on syria the focus will be on edge live the last rebel held province in the northwest the u.n. is urging diplomacy to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. the first granby songs for two years between yemeni government leaders and who the rebels have struck a problem they say they can't get authorization from the saudi iraq to coalition to
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fly to geneva and a suspect is being questioned in brazil after a presidential election candidate was stopped doctors see a giant ball sonora is in gray's but stable condition the far right candidate is popular in opinion polls despite racist and homophobic comics. after the crackdown on the myanmar's military leaders may face prosecution in the international criminal court for crimes against humanity i.c.c. judges have ruled people from myanmar may be prosecuted despite the government not being a signatory to the agreement which gives the court's jurisdiction on last military leaders deny genocide of the muslim minority and other crimes well let's now speak to geoffrey nice he's a former prosecutor for the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia he's worked on various cases including against former serve leader slobodan milosevic and joins us from count a very thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us this is an
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unprecedented decision i understand from the i.c.c. explain to us for us how prosecutors were able to convince the court it could investigate crimes committed in myanmar even though the country is not signatory to the court. you're saying to me as you go way that i think some. of these the crimes of expulsion forcing people out of one country will never come are not complete until the person arrives in their outcomes so i'm waiting for somebody out form a country that has not ratified the international criminal court statute into a country that has ratified that you can weigh that bangladesh then you can say a crime is partly committed. that you support jurisdiction and that means the court can consider offense overall and that would be a matter of expulsion back and he's been burnt me and mom the decision of the court
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goes a little bit further very wales one it says the other possible war crimes committed in myanmar may have consideration in the jurisdiction of the international criminal court because it was forced expulsion being any. where in that we didn't bangladesh and the quotable so be very interesting in making it clear that the prosecutor should not waste time in getting on an investigation so talk us through the process that there is no formal investigation yet by the i.c.c. how long until we see charges against me and my students. more than that i don't know but that's why it's gotten so are encouraged in the past it's a scene where there'll be a repeat or. players involved. trying to. prosecute. they drag his or her feet in the present. now arguably responsive to
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wire act or pressure form countries. now the instant the process of saying i'm going to investigate will then going on to investigate complaints year the judges in this case and said no this is a very serious delay where is the value of every meeting got your restriction you're going to investigate and get on with saying whether there should be charges doing and this is really well you know it shows the slow but inevitable way once you create a judicial systems national or international those who create will be right now i think think that you ultimately they come right because we even last month the un itself issued a damning report accusing an mars' military of genocide and other crimes against the ranger if any myanmar leaders way venture bringing them to at the hague is
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going to be difficult is it not. yes we were going over the last place where we go to get into the evidence and much of it isn't well there's a bit there's a great amount of variable to those people who want to come and the calls a lot of evidence available from international observers who read but i think we have the evidence is that it and then when he was really related to charge against doing it's going to be getting game or just so but it's never impossible remember some of the big cases what else we can spawn but also charles taylor it's another never before seen we see people would be brought to book circumstances change sometimes on a on a very very quick and they work so these people need vesta geisha abuse charges individuals a charge they would of course no longer be able to travel and even never be sure that they're going to be changes in the regime in myanmar that will lead to their being kind of the cool when it comes to the evidence whole is responsible of
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gathering it if indeed there is a case in the future at the i.c.c. . prosecutor is responsible for having with me or considering it and deciding whether to charge but. they have a. great deal but here there's an enormous body of evidence coming from people who are expert in the area and who down substantially investigation what's going on and . so that body of that material is available you don't have to go and start from scratch in everything that you're going to do and now that was a judgment was being given one would expect and the impetus that is being given by the court that the prosecutor who acts with no one would expect them to. have the every piece of available information that's readily available and turning completely rody conducted investigations of one kind or another and using that
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don't have to do it with your own thoughts. so jeffrey nice thank you so very much for your insights thank you for joining us today from canterbury said geoffrey nice if i'm the prosecutor for the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia asked staying with the fate of the rohingya and in bangladesh's cox's facade gas stoves are being handed out to families who rely on firewood to cook their meals hundreds of thousands of refugees on living in the camps where resources remains. john john reports from cox's bazar in cox's bazaar bangladesh it's not just a humanitarian crisis that's unfolding an environmental one is too that's why today in the could to prolong refugee camp brock a local in geo is overseeing the planting of trees. tells me this initiative is one part of a larger effort to help this landscape recover and recounts how things got so dire . what is did. to the rohingya came to this country to far as charity got
1:37 pm
destroyed if we look at a picture of this area from before august twenty seventh seen we would see lots of green and forest off to that when they started to build houses and roads that destroyed most of the forest not only that they are cutting down most of the wood to use for cooking just up the road rohinton refugee. emerges from the forest carrying the wood he's just gathered he explains this is imperative to him and his family there's a lot of i don't know we don't have studs it's very hard for us to cook we have to collect this wood so we can eat in nearby checkmark cool refugee camp another effort aimed at preventing more deforestation here the united nations refugee agency is training rohinton refugees how to use the energy efficient stoves they will be given this pilot project is also distributing liquid petroleum gas or l.p.g. as it's called to thousands of families. mikhail eden tells me the equivalent of
1:38 pm
four football fields of forest is being cut down daily because refugees need cooking fuel refuges are using firewood on an efficient and light stoves so it produces the recto smoke which is quite unhealthy father refuses. to really carry in the way. and. protection issues in the past year over seven hundred thousand rohinton refugees fled me and mars rock kind state after a crackdown that was launched against them by the military they have settled in neighboring bangladesh where the border town of cox's bazaar has become home to the largest refugee settlement in the world the influx has drastically impacted the landscape for humans as well as animals the location of this camp happens to lie on a migratory route for endangered asian elephants that runs between bangladesh and me
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and mine now watch towers like the one you see behind me they've been built in key locations here in order to alert refugees if elephants into the area for now at least and despite everyone's best efforts only one thing is certain that the challenges here both humanitarian and environmental will for the foreseeable future continue. at the critical long and chuck markkula refugee camps in cox's bazaar bangladesh. a court in italy has ordered the seizure of fifty seven million dollars worth of assets from a governing political party former leaders of the far right league party were convicted of using electoral funds to buy diamonds gold and other luxury items the bodies non-governmental led by deputy prime minister he denies any links to the missing millions a un brokered ceasefire seems to be holding in libya's capital ten days of street battles by rival armed groups of control of tripoli forced many from their homes
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and hundreds of african migrants who were released from a detention center close to the fighting have been rounded up others who fled remain missing correspondent mahmud up to one hot. after being moved from one detention center to another these migrants say their life hasn't changed march there from ethiopia eritrea and somalia like most of them twenty three years old and her baby girl reihana were rescued off the coast of libya months ago she wants to dreamt of reaching italy but indeed with about two thousand others in detention close to the fighting in tripoli and other countries where we stayed five months in the previous detention center before the shelling came close to us then supervisors there opened the gates and ordered us to leave after being older many were soon rounded up and sent to a new detention center away from the fighting supervisors say they have saved the
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migrants lives but in this new detention center they can't afford to take care of them any longer rizzoli our detention center can't receive any more migrants in fact we can't feed all these people expenses were covered by donors the last couple of days. these african migrants are not the only people of lead the areas affected by the fighting many libyan families had to leave their homes two others remain stuck there and no one can reach them except some aid agencies. look to the malik middle seat and his team of paramedics carry aid in their ambulances they hope it will reach trapped civilians with a good enough we've also set up till hospitals clashed areas which would casualties and afterwards we take them to all hospitals the recent fighting for control of
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tripoli started in the southern outskirts ten days ago. groups from tripoli which are backed by the internationally recognized government are battling the seventh infantry brigade from the city of huna which is allied to fighters from misrata stray rockets fired in populated areas have contributed to the killing of dozens of people and destroyed homes. at the minimum and he says he's grateful to have escaped the fighting a few days ago along with his wife and two daughters they live in a classroom in this school furnished by a relief organization because we believe that. the shelling was heavy and close to our house the whole night we couldn't stay there any longer so in the morning we left back in the detention center marry him and her friends are also fortunate to have escaped being killed but many other migrants who also fled the fighting and
1:43 pm
weren't around and remain unaccounted for. tripoli. mass graves have been found in mexico containing more than one hundred sixty human skulls areal pits were uncovered in a field inventor crows the state is notorious for the legal drugs war and cartels smuggling cocaine north to the united states john heilemann has more from mexico city. hall from the more than one hundred sixty scholes the room so if found in this mass grave the state's attorney for vera cruz said more than one hundred identifications and that's going to be in a very sad way gold for a few of the families in that state there are crews that are searching for their lost loved ones because it provides a clue to their possible resting place many of these families have been searching for their loved ones at the years and that's a constant tool for them at least some of them might be able to get closure from this now in the context of mexico more than one hundred sixty skoal sounds like
1:44 pm
a big discovery but this isn't even the biggest mass grave in this state there are crews at the incoming interior minister who's going to take power with the incoming administration in december said that the country is full of musgrave's that the country's moves of full of unidentified bodies there's more than thirty seven thousand disappeared people in mexico and the cause of those disappearances really is the violence of the country's been going through now for about a decade and that violence really between organized crime different groups will denies crime and the government doesn't look like ending anytime soon in fact we've reached a record high with that so it comes now to the incoming administration to show the political will that's been lacking really throughout this government is trying to get to grips with the problem to try and help people to find the lost relatives and really investigate this sort of mass grave. israel has.
1:45 pm
me from traveling abroad the seventeen year old and her family were to head to europe on friday she was you to attend events to talk about the palestinian resistance movement and her experience in prison timmy was arrested in december last year in jail for slapping any israeli soldier. said i had hair on filmmaker. netflix on the.
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
netflix is from airing six of its own productions at the venice film festival much to the displeasure of italian exhibit is by some in the industry augie online platforms are vital for making new movies now reports on venice. venice a city known for its unchanging beauty but over at the international film festival the moving boldly into the future. that's what the organizers say anyhow they put on a record six films backed by the online platform netflix including the latest coen brothers film on route to san juan and on home i don't want on the one hand alessio criminy knees crying drama on my skin based on a real life case of a death in police custody it will be released on the same day on netflix and in italian movie theaters. but for most of the
1:48 pm
netflix films including this newly finished final film from the late olsen wells it's not clear how widely they'll be screened and for how long and that's worrying some in the industry who are involved in nurturing new talent that business model and if netflix keeps going to it's going with a place for everybody else in the room. in a cinematic process and has a lot of integrity in the way that it develops and includes and ultimately not experiences for everyone to be in a cinema this week the international confederation of art cinema surged venice to reserve competition slots for quote works of art that will be seen in cinemas internationally but for this venice veteran it's time for change our groove of netflix prove him as an unproven anybody who's prepared to give money to people who make films who would otherwise not get the money. so i don't think it'll make any difference to the type of films being made because netflix will keep on saying you
1:49 pm
can make the film as you want. here at venice is industry section business is brisk as people look for a deal to support their films or their ideas more and more of those deals are being struck with online platforms like netflix and amazon which means more fields that the public can choose to see either at the cinema or on devices like their smartphones. but the man heading this part of the percival rejects worries that netflix will make it harder for independent filmmakers to break through i would say honestly it is not so for us choice for them but for some as a project yaar on something like that of course we are more looking to have to make business was that he saw rama's on netflix didn't have anyone for us to talk to in venice but they could end up with a winner alfonso koran's nine hundred seventy s. drama roma is one of the competition favorites thank whatever happens they've
1:50 pm
shaken up the industry but the real impact is still being debated. out a zero at the venice film festival time to catch up on. thanks very much folly super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles have opened the n.f.l. season with a victory over the atlanta falcons it came as player protests against racial injustice were again in focus following nike's marketing deal with former quarterback colin kaepernick only two eagles players ignore the pre-game anthem before atlanta went ahead at half time but to second half touchdowns from jay a giant ensured an opening day when for philadelphia eighteen to twelve there are thirteen more games on sunday. well the build up to the start of the season was all about captain ik a player who still doesn't have a team but house dominated the conversation from the white house to the bleacher seats kristen salumi reports from philadelphia on the campaign that divided the u.s. out of kickoff. game
1:51 pm
day philadelphia host of the two thousand and eighteen national football league season opener and home to the eagles two thousand and eighteen super bowl champs but this year fans are talking about what will happen during the national anthem as much as what will happen on the field i was a captain in the air poor throw i don't want the players taken and maybe i can go from respect for my living that i'm very. respected people that are reporting for it every day fellas that are kneeling doing a national anthem it's a positive thing it's a church trying to bring about change which is always good because it needs to happen. former forty nine ers quarterback collin capper nick started a national debate and the blues been among players when he bucked tradition and took a knee rather than standring the ceremonial opening of games in the two thousand and sixteen season you know if your dreams are crazy. ask for crazy you know it's a debate this nike ad campaign scheduled to air during the game has only reignited
1:52 pm
. capper nick wanted to call attention to racial injustice in the united states at a time when police misconduct was under fire but his critics see kneeling as a sign of disrespect for those in law enforcement and the military who put their lives on the line for american ideals those critics include president donald trump himself the national anthem debate is as divisive as politics itself in the united states right now and perhaps nowhere exemplifies those divisions more than pennsylvania a traditionally democratic and blue collar state but one that voted for donald trump and helped propel him into the presidency was. it was the president who broke tradition when he uninvited the philadelphia eagles to the white house after some members of the championship team said they would stay home in protest beating the players against the president we believe. everyone should stand for the national
1:53 pm
anthem and putting the n.f.l. in the middle unable to come up with a policy that satisfies all sides ahead of opening day it shoot pressure from what trumps reaction is going to be this is the kind of thing that a great rallying cry for his base and he is going to use it with every ounce that he can to jump on top of this to prove that he's right his base is right and is active she has the right attitude to have in this were gone. angry fans have been burning their nike products and calling for a boycott while the president called on the n.f.l. and nike to stand for the flag on twitter. that's a worry for the n.f.l. it's ratings are down and a controversy yet to tackle. kristen salumi al-jazeera philadelphia. soriano williams has reached the final of the us open a year after her life was in the balance following complications and childbirth williams had little trouble to spot on a styles yet so vast of a lot for your six three six love in the semi final in new york the americans lost
1:54 pm
the wimbledon final earlier this summer but is now just a win away from the twenty fourth grand slam title yeah i got a little emotional arc there because last year i was literally fighting for my life in the hospital i think i was on my fourth surgery. i was on my third surgery have one more to go. not only not only is my future bride he even though i'm not you know. but i still have a very very bright future that is super exciting for me serena will face and i am a a sucker for the u.s. open trophy had a victory over american medicine keys on thursday makes her the first japanese woman ever to reach a grand slam final she did it in style six two six four. even when i was a little kid a stream that i would place you know in a final of
1:55 pm
a grand slam so just the fact that it's happening is i'm very happy about it but the same time i feel like even though i should enjoy this moment i should still think of it as another match and. you know i shouldn't really think of her as like my you know i she just like try to play here as an opponent. diego maradona has been appointed head coach of mexican second division team the rado's dissin a lower the former argentina boss was previously in the u.a.e. but left in may he won the world cup twice as a player his new team is in korea in the heart of mexico's sin a lower cartel country brazil have appointed neymar as their permanent captain it comes as the team prepares to face the usa in new jersey neymar has been criticized for over you're overreacting to fouls and feigning injury during the world cup when brazil went out in the quarters he says he just gets tripped up a lot. as for being called
1:56 pm
a diver when i have the ball ten times eleven times i'll try to go through my opponent i'm faster a little bit lighter and sometimes i receive fouls i can't go to a player and ask me as i'm trying to score a goal they won't let me i have to find a way because of that i've suffered many fouls at the world cup the chicago cubs are firmly in control of their division heading towards the major league baseball playoffs david both say lead the cubs to victory in the first of their four game series against the washington nationals who have an r.b.i. double and scored in the tenth inning this is a second big hit against washington after a walk off grand slam last month daniel murphy one one for five with a strikeout in his first return to washington since the nationals traded him to the cubs last month sixty four the final score chicago lead the national league central by four and a half points. elsewhere the chloe evil and indians beat the toronto blue jays francisco lindo had two solo homers and four r.b.i.'s help his team to
1:57 pm
a ninety four when the indian sits way up high by seventeen at the top of the american league central division. well there are hundreds of thousands of kilometers of coastline in the world but that's not stop the world's surf league holding one of their events inland the manmade surf ranch pro has all to fish all waves which is a good thing as it's one hundred sixty one kilometers from the sea eleven time world champion kelly slater leading the field here on day one on thursday this whole thing was slater's idea and allow surfers to get identical waves rather than being at the mercy of the conditions so i saw the sport and i will have more later paul thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera do stay with us still plenty more well news coming up including the latest on the syria talks in tehran peter dopy is with you next to stay with us on r.g.c. .
1:58 pm
one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging to live out in the but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. at night in a stock homes have burned somali moms patrolled streets police ski and not going to
1:59 pm
hide our caller from the union pain tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crime used to live there but if they don't have. a doomed to house but a bit of. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived them mothers of ring could be this is europe on al-jazeera. the. ugly. life. the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict you don't really care after a while of palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but you just don't care about but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure they could call a good guy who is the man who missed the child of the government of al-jazeera world tells the story of the house the symbol of resistance to continuing
2:00 pm
occupation the hundred million dollar home. in search of a solution for syria the leaders of turkey iran and russia coming together as an offensive looms on the rebel stronghold of it live. hello and welcome my name's peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also still to come no progress on ending the war in yemen you see rebels say they've been stopped from making it to geneva. a frontrunner in brazil's presidential election is stabbed at a campaign rally. and will meet palestinian children in the occupied west bank who school will soon be demolished.


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