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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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to give up his nuclear weapons at this summit in singapore three months ago trump said he wanted it to happen quickly but it's not working out that way trump says there's a simple reason for that china. and part of the not current problem is caused by they are trying to spin it with china trump says he has a terrific relationship with china's president xi jinping now accused him of encouraging kim to drag his feet over denuclearization so china can gain leverage in its trade dispute with the u.s. china's foreign ministry spokeswoman says the trumpet ministration is in comprehensible i mean the downs here america should reflect on itself first instead of flip flopping and blaming others regarding america's attempt to pass the but i am sorry they would rather not accept kim jong un and she jinping has met three times this year those meetings all happened in china the last encounter just
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a week after the singapore summit. these get togethers were intended to imply a warm personal relationship between them a year ago they weren't on speaking terms one chinese political commentator says the trump kimchi relationship is a complex one based on manipulation by all three. tries china is using north korea to fight the united states while the united states is using those korea to weaken china china's relations with north korea are improving president xi jinping had been due to attend this weekend celebrations in pyongyang but it's now being confirmed he won't be going no official reasons being given but one analyst suggests that she may have wanted to avoid antagonizing trump at a time of heightened trade tensions between china and the united states as north korea's neighbor it's fallen to china to enforce u.n.
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sanctions most of what the north needs for its survival comes across an aging bridge spanning the yalu river at the port of dun dong exports of coal iron ore and seafood remain banned but chinese officials have indicated that they're not ready to go along with further penalties against the north should the talks or the denuclearization remain deadlocked adrian brown al-jazeera beijing the u.s. and canada say that negotiations to revamp the north american trade agreement are going well but there is still no deal in sight one of the main sticking points is canada's dairy industry which gets protection from foreign competition daniel lack reports from holton ontario. i don't think the supply management system should be even involved in after it was an involved twenty years ago niche and be involved now. with a herd of sixty five purebred dairy cows roland egger and his family work hard on
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their farm near toronto the mill quota they have with the government guarantees a fair price if they meet quality in other standards he says abolishing that system as the u.s. wants would be unfair for canadian farmers consumers and taxpayers a lot of people don't understand dairy farmers canadian supply man is farmers are not subsidized but anyway the american dairy farmers are quite heavily subsidize he always read in the press how they can't survive how the markets the milk prices so cheap. canada's dairy farmers say there is an industry that produces quality products for a local market and they're tired of trade negotiations using them as a bargaining chip for now canada's nafta negotiators are defending the canadian dairy system against u.s. demands for open borders but as these long running talks enter a feverish final phase the pressure is growing on canada to either join an
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agreement already made with mexico or be left out entirely they want to get access for wisconsin farmers into the canadian dairy market so it seems donald trump has brinkmanship is actually quite good he's put canada in quite a vulnerable situation we're in iraq and to the extent they focus in on barry canada's going to have to give something. quite simply canada needs access to us markets for most of its exports even though the government signed free trade deals with other countries and the european union more than a billion and a half dollars worth of trade flows across the border every day and restricting that could be disastrous truly we are the envy of the world sitting right next door to the united states and we have to find a way to make this relationship work it will not be our best idea of an of an agreement but this is one of those things sometimes you do you sort of try to win the fight today live to fight another day
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a new north american trade agreement will mean compromise by both the us and canada canadian dairy farmers are hoping that their livelihoods won't suffer as negotiators rushed to meet a fast approaching deadline daniel lak al-jazeera holton ontario. zimbabwe's president anderson non-god one has picked the former deputy head of the african development bank as his new finance minister he hopes that and to include base appointment will help to turn things around in zimbabwe which is suffering from cash shortages and high unemployment and kobe is not connected to the ruling zanu p.f. party the new cabinet is much smaller than the former leader robert mugabe shares in electric car make a tesla have taken a nosedive after more controversy to found musk he smokes marijuana during a live broadcast on the internet as a joke castro reports his recent behavior has raised concerns about his ability to lead his businesses closed its doors whether a media stunt gone bad or an ill made decision probably can't because stockholders
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are. i mean it's legal right it's all legal ok the video of billionaire entrepreneur musk smoking marijuana during a live interview thursday has translated to a financial hit on his company the stock value of electric car manufacturer tesla tumbled nine percent friday morning continuing a downward trend fueled by a string of corporate resignations and its founders erratic behavior i'm going to text messages for from manager and saying what the hell are you doing smoking weed musk in early august announced with a controversial tweet he was considering taking tesla private only to take back the idea weeks later before that he had bizarrely interjected himself into the rescue effort of twelve tibe boys trapped in a flooded cave when his offer to build a mini submarine was refused must turn his angsty toward
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a british rescue diver accusing him without giving evidence of being a pedophile tesla has also struggled with recent production delays of its latest model. but space x. another in law must brainchild continues its groundbreaking success its reusable rockets and plans to return human spaceflight capability to the u.s. have upheld space x.'s status as one of the world's most valuable privately held companies asked thursday to explain his innovative genius musk said even as a child he knew he was different i think when i was five or six or something i thought i was insane why do you think you're insane because it's clear that our people do not. what their mind wasn't exploding with ideas all the time the question is whether what makes musk so different is also driving him toward
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recklessness and how much patience investors wish to expend castro al-jazeera washington. one of china's wealthiest men jack ma stepped down as chief executive phil chief of commerce with a chief of the e-commerce giant alibaba boss says he wants to focus on philanthropy and education the billionaire founded ali baba nearly two decades ago and has since become one of the world's largest internet companies with a market value of more than four hundred billion dollars. just ahead here on the news in the sport go round up the best of the action from the u.s. open tennis including a very happy novak djokovic. brazil's constitution grants its people the right to essential medicines but it's been a long struggle and the system is constantly challenge to fight big within it down
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up to stuff i know that nine someone medical treatment could lead to good death but on the other hand i also know that because of providing that treatment would have a negative impact on the rest of society. brazil's real drugs war on the people's health on al-jazeera. what makes this moment if you will never do something. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is. oddly clumsy that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny or near the light so long. and there's no way to hide it let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution no upfront retellings announces era.
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i don't got time to support his poll thank you very much adrian we start out the u.s. open where one martin del potro is three to his first grand slam final since winning the tournament nine years ago he beat ruffling the doll in the semi's often a doll limped out injured and will now face novak djokovic for the title on sunday david stocks how's the action. this was always going to be a tough test to ruffle the doubt but he's the world number one for a reason and typically he took the point to del potro. i have something wasn't right though he has a history of knee trouble and was clearly suffering perhaps feeling the effect of his five hour battle with dominic team in the previous round. as he slowed down
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turned up the pace edging the first set on a tie break and then breaking early in the second i have the dallas frustration group he could barely move and was helpless as del potro breezed into a two set lead. he lasted two hours but the defending champion had no choice but to call it today the first man to retire from a semifinal that the u.s. open since the professional era began back in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight i hate to retire. but stay one more set i'll play like this. well bit too much for me the dow's injury aside del potro looked impressive he's three two his first major finals since winning the us open back in two thousand and nine he's at full wrist operations since then and came close to retiring so the arch in time is just happy to be back competing at the highest level and you know
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expect to get this kind of emotional playing tennis again and. reaching finals winning titles. in my show use ranking. and his mom and everything it's almost perfect to make it perfect he'll have to beat novak djokovic in the final the serb enjoyed a comfortable straight sets win of a kind she could i he's looking forward to sunday showdown with the potro he's a dear friend and someone that i respect the law and. you know i we all felt for four he struggles with the injuries that kept him away from the tour for two or three years. but he was always. a top five player in the eyes of i think everyone djokovic she herself had elbow surgery in february but he won wimbledon just a few months later victory on sunday which secured grand slam the fourteen draw him
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level with pete sampras at third on the all time list david stokes al-jazeera. serena williams is going for a record equalling twenty four grand slams in the women's final but standing in hawaii is nigh only osaka who was just one year old when serene at one have first major a socket could become japan's first ever grand slam winner and competitor it came mr cory is keeping the faith. so you she's going to be fine because you know i was what you used to date to hugh was did you enjoy mean pulling agreed to meet all the time i was happy to see you know he was mine unbelievable to me i'm sure she has he's going to have a chance to reach for the. american mike bryan and jack circle on the second grand slam doubles title in a row they were straight sets one is over lukas cobalts and marcello melo it's a major success for what's a temporary team sockets brian's entering part of his brother bob is injured this
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was also a record eighteenth grand slam doubles title for brian. the reigning olympic cycling champion christina vogel says she wants to be a source of motivation for others after revealing that an injury on the track has left her paralyzed and unable to walk vogel took sprint gold for germany at the last two olympics a serious training crash in june this year left her in hospital but that been no updates since then an interview on friday she said she hadn't wanted people to see her injured after she severed her spinal cord but that she was now fine and had come to terms with it egypt resume their africa cup of nations qualification on saturday hoping to end the run of nine games without a win that includes their three defeats at the world cup struck i met sol is in the running for world player of the year but he's been in a dispute with the egyptian f.a. after criticizing their campaign in russia the faeries face new in alexandria
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looking to get off the mark in group g. they lost the opening qualifier to more than a year ago america had a slightly better world cup but still extant in the group stages they face malawi in casablanca level on three points in group b. with the reigning champions cameroon who want you to host the african cup of nations next summer. well morocco did manage to draw with spain at the world cup and they travel to wembley to face england in their nations league opener on saturday england are also grouped with croatia the team that beat them two one in the semifinals in russia manage it gareth southgate admits his side's record against the best teams is close to non-existent. this is just this team you know we obviously we're talking about. historic is not impressive. so ideally over the next couple of years we'd like to be going to the european championships with a record of beating top to you so that you go into the belief confidence zanda show
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flay has taken a two stroke lead at the b.m.w. championship in philadelphia show flay hit a six under par round of sixty four on friday and is thirteen under for the tournament that's the lowest score of his career over two rounds tiger woods was leading after the first round but is now slipped five shots off the pace. well woods is one of nike's highest profile athletes and says their new campaign featuring colin kaepernick is a beautiful thing not everyone in the u.s. has welcomed the deal for the protesting n.f.l. quarterback i mean like use trying to you know get out ahead of it and try to do something special and i think they've done a beautiful spot and some pretty powerful people in the spot now they did not tell me i was going. you know one corporate does things of that are outside of golf and outside of my realm and what they do the third match day of the southern hemisphere
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rugby championship so world champions new zealand take on argentina in oakland and early try from ramiro my on i put the south americans ahead but a fighting performance fell away towards the end as new zealand scored six tries to win forty six twenty four. the all blacks will face south africa next the springboks were head off time in their much against australia but the wallabies fought back in brisbane to win twenty three eighteen. do you know roger has become just the eighth european to be inducted into the basketball hall of fame roger played four years for the boston celtics earlier in his career but he made his name in europe where behavior came a champion in three different countries i want to olympic medals for yugoslavia and then for russia. i couldn't stop crying for three days straight. and it was really hard to explain somebody bugging my eyes. over and over
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and i couldn't tell anybody for one week me being here today you know it's a feeling that. i don't know that word has not been invented yet that's the sport and i will be back on the newsgroup a bit later on i've been told many thanks indeed a devil just about to do it for this edition of the news i'll just here i'll be back in just a few moments to update you on the day's top stories see the. travel often. by trying to use local forests they provide little. rocks of knowledge. comes from the. valleys and scotland's. to live for adventure. discover it. because faraway places closer thing going since together with cattle i always.
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the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict you don't really care after a while about palestinians you don't like it i didn't like it but you just don't care at all but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure the people of you go crazy man he missed the show up there going and al-jazeera world tells the story of the house that's a symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home on counting the cost austerity in argentina but will harsh medicine fix the economy and what about before out for emerging markets plus the good the bad.


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