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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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a minister elect it's a process is due to speak soon in the us alone the key unveiling his plans for the future of the country but look at this thousands of people already out protesting on the streets all greece's second city before you even said a word to clashes with riot police on a number of major roads over the past hour rounds of tear gas have been findings in molotov cocktails as well one of the protests over the state of the economy and all staring measures but what we're looking at here are clashes over the deal reached over the name macedonia is a separate issue after decades of debate greece agreed that the neighboring former yugoslav republic of macedonia can officially use the title of north macedonia which is upset the greek nationalists. add on top of that going to do that not a lot of going up add on top of that you've got the german chancellor angela merkel who's in macedonia itself showing support for the referendum on the name change that is a lot of tension at the moment is using what we're seeing this nationalist anger i
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guess over the use of the name macedonia north and i said earlier as it may be but you've also got as we said the greek prime minister elect it's a process to speak and this is on the key as well talking about the economy and austerity which have been major issues for the greeks for well. ten years even i think at this point so we'll keep an eye on these pictures certainly built over the last half hour some we'll see if it does get any worse live pictures from that's a monarchy in greece. still more ahead for you though on al-jazeera third count in aid in this many weeks this is the trumpet ministration pulling twenty five million dollars meant for specialist medical care for palestinians. i'm way reporting from the colombo where the sri lankan government says it's trying to clear up a mountain of debt left behind by the previous administration we'll tell you what it desperately wants to avoid in the next year.
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yesterday i failed to find fifty degrees even forty nine we're down to forty seven in the hottest parts of iran and iraq closing in from both sides the potential for a few showers in pakistan in turkey on possibly in the northwest of syria or cells in turkey as well white tie represents and is there in the forecast as well turkey the main beneficiary temperature wise there was still up in the forty's oversee the full force to build baghdad forty one also means in between the two you can probably expect forty five forty six maybe forty seven so it's starting to come down and it's a bit. there's not been much for prevailing breeze recently around the gulf states so the humidity is up and it's represented now by this potential for a lot of clouds which possibly means thunderstorms in the mountains. and now the rest of this potential is dry but the chance of showers breaking out this time of
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the year increase of the high ground is saudi and yemen and of course of the mouth of the time being how do you still blows over so lalah without some useful rain in southern africa as well particularly on the eastern cape then you go through the city just swaziland and two lines of rain still so this one's going through cape town will probably dry up just on the eastern side and up through well mozambique it looks wet.
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zero these are the top stories. dozens of airstrikes in the syrian province of it live just a day after warnings of a bloodbath and al jazeera crew is caught up in one of them that's what these pictures of time from the turkish president has said he may intervene if the syrian government backed by russia and iran must carry out an all out offensive on its name. iraq's parliament is in emergency session to work out how to contain protests in the city of basra
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a week of violent demonstrations have seen several major buildings in the city torched among them iran's consulates and the death penalty's been confirmed again seventy five people for their part in protests against the twenty thirteen military coup in egypt many of them were involved in the sit in. at the wheel square in cairo which ended in the massacre of hundreds of people among the defendants in the form of muslim brotherhood spiritual leader mohamed but they received a life sentence. mean attempts to search for an end to the yemen war has come to an end before it even started the official government delegation is leaving the swiss city of geneva after waiting two days for the who the rebel representatives to join the u.n. brokered talks didn't fly to switzerland because of safety concerns as the story from geneva the collapse of the peace process even before it had begun was a setback to all the efforts of the un special envoy to the yemen but he refused to be discouraged so for me the important. aspect of these last
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three days as we have started consultations. the process of beginning. the road back to peace has started not quite in the way that we would have wanted. but it is begun i shall be going to moscow during the course of the next few days and hopefully all to solve it as well of course to discuss with just before they left a member of the yemen government delegation told me they would now force to the negotiating table that target the port offered data a vital lifeline for their economy and humanitarian supplies the process in geneva instead of building trust has exposed the gulf that separates the two warring parties and a new rift has opened with the united nations if you couldn't every time these talks face a wall of irresponsibility by these coup plotters these groups who are exploiting
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international efforts of the yemeni government to reach peace they are being totally irresponsible the special envoy was unfortunately accommodating the coup plotters and giving them excuses it was a long goodbye for the yemeni government still a geisha and heading home to a war wracked country with little immediate hopes of peace david chaytor al jazeera geneva several top u.n. officials are in pakistan's push our province for talks about the treatment of afghan refugees pakistan hosts around one point four million afghan refugees many of them if it decades for the program the local car among those visiting a camp which operates with u.n. funding. unfortunately very long protracted refugee situations are more difficult to support or more difficult to find resources for so we are unfortunately in that situation now but i think we should not forget that in the course of these four decades there were moments when the situation in afghanistan was better it was more
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stable when people went back voluntarily in large numbers now unfortunately we are at the difficulties elections are coming in afghanistan we've seen in increasing violence and i think that we need to help afghanistan overcome this difficult period re store stability and with stability we've come a lot of other things more from come ohio to who is in. the united nations high commission for refugees continuing with the wall and treaty patry ation program their shared over four million afghan refugees have already gone back when the situation in afghanistan one more day by the by dad has now gone down the number of people crossing the border has reduced because of apprehension about the ongoing conflict in of run it down and also the fact that they need more efficient from the international community wide filippo ground. commissioner for
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refugee tank pakistan for hosting these refugees for over forty years and said that bug contribution will not be forgotten he's already made the country's new prime minister imran khan who had to shore dam that day will be no forty three bad creation of the refugee i did go through an indication that bog standard interested in improving died on government wants to see the movie bad creation and also want to see the peace process in that country kick his aid. now swedes will head to elections on sunday after a growing far right influence in the campaign security and immigration of been big issues and hostility towards migrants has been rising among some voters since the country took in big numbers of refugees back in twenty fifteen china holds reporting from stockholm far. is no longer quite sure what sort of country she's
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living in i felt. he made me feel very small born in sweden to muslim parents who've lived here for decades far came face to face with unfamiliar prejudice when a job interview was terminated after she refused on religious grounds to shake the hand of her male interviewer she won her subsequent claim to the swedish labor court if you have asked me this in a few years ago my answer would be that they are very accepting but today i am not sure i would answer the same thing because. i think that racist people in the stomach are sewing themselves more and they are encouraged to sew themselves more so people are not afraid to say i hate you because you're for us therefore i hate you because you're wearing the far right party that speaks for them the school to sweden democrats with neo nazi roots and
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it's image cleaned up to appeal more broadly now this once fringe movement is poised to play in the political landscape as sweden's second largest priority i think that what we're seeing is a sweden this is very important to kind of strive for our classical is as we say it's swedish values and it has to do with that we're equal we have a gender equality that is very very strong in comparison with other faiths this is about keeping sweden swedish that's an additional thing sweden together i say it's a message resonating widely in what used to be one of europe's most open and free thinking societies expo magazine sweden is leading investigative journal has long charted the rise of the far right and the catalyst of naziism which is this weekend yeah i mean the party has been through some. changes of course but there is a sort of a core of a radical nationalism a quest for home and generosity in sweden and placing immigrants and minorities at
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the center of everything that's wrong in society the relentless rise of the right here the sweden democrats winning five percent of the vote in twenty ten almost thirteen percent four years later and this time perhaps one in five votes twenty percent tells the story of a country changing fast reacting in part to the huge influx of refugees since twenty fifteen of which some people nostalgic for a simpler time a more culturally modernist past a lot of people are telling their to the swedish society but i'm worried. that so what. a question of identity that lies at the heart of this election joho al jazeera stock. the u.s. government has slashed more aid to palestinians the latest cuts will affect cancer treatment and other critical care at jerusalem hospitals and gallacher as in washington d.c. well this is the third week in a row that the trumpet administration has removed or as the state department told
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us reprogrammed aid to palestinians in this case is twenty five million dollars to the east jerusalem hospital network that is a collection of six hospitals that provide treatment that is not available in guards or all the west bank so we're talking about things like critical care cancer care child dialysis and that twenty five million dollars really does go along way but this as i said is the third week in a row last week we saw three hundred million dollars in palestinian aid removed from the united nations the week before that it was two hundred million dollars in humanitarian aid so altogether we're looking at a half a billion or just over half a billion dollars in aid to the palestinians removed by the trumpet ministration president trump himself says the angle he's taking here is he wants the palestinians to talk about peace if they don't this is a way of him getting back at them a bit clearly the treatments that have been put in place or provided by these hospitals that really will affect the most vulnerable people among this is dialysis
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for children so that gives you just some idea of what removing this kind of money will do to palestinians some reaction to this now from wild no more who's the c.e.o. of gust of victoria hospital and secretary for the east jerusalem all spittles network. i cannot describe such a decision and its effect on our people in jerusalem we are the only entity in the whole of police time that provides services that are not available elsewhere including radiation therapy to cancer patients including open heart surgeries to children because it often including haemodialysis for children at the list of victoria's to this is immense this is of protest afic nature i mean you don't use humans as elements for food negotiations for for for peace i mean this is not a low but this is this is inhumane this is very cruel and now i i use this as
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a platform for the international community to intervene we cannot continue the lives of patients are at risk i'm talking about patients who are severely sick who are about to die who have you know who already put so much effort to arrive to each other's lives because of accessibility issues because of barriers at areas checkpoints in gaza and other sick points out on the west bank and now come up with the with the issue of finances this is not acceptable by any standards. now an opposition movement in true langar is using the country's economic issues as a political weapon against the governing party it's struggling to deal with a mountain of debt inherited from the previous administration when he reports from colombo. it's in the small markets that macro economic changes can often be felt most prices of sri lankan food staples like coconuts have been fluctuating at the moment buyers are enjoying a slight reprieve but in the markets of the capital colombo prices have increased
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about seven percent from a year ago and then in the in the limited and it's very difficult the moment because things have become so expensive we find it difficult to manage because prices keep going up if you let them the government says at three point four percent general inflation is not a problem but it is trending upwards and is one of the economic issues opposition groups are seizing upon as they try to force the government out but some experts believe by sowing political instability the opposition is in fact undermining the economy at the very time that she needs more investment in this seat predictability of policies their lead to believe your political environment and the uncertain economy can political environment is possible. in this month from marginal sure lanka has also entered a period where it needs to find cash to pay big debts the government says it
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inherited an economic mess when it took over three years ago perhaps the biggest mess was debt it's now entered what it calls a peak period of structured repayments over the next four years it needs to pay back seventeen billion dollars to foreign lenders among them china the previous government took out big loans for infrastructure development like a one point three billion dollar port in the southern city. when repayments became too much the current administration leased it to a chinese state company for ninety nine year. the sri lankan government says it's determined to reduce its debt burden sri lanka has never ever really thought of that and. no chance that that's going to happen in the future. subjugation seriously and even meet all our commitments to achieve that it says fiscal discipline is paramount and that includes slowing down the practice of
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taking out more loans to pay existing debts other measures have been taken to like tax increases and the removal of some farm subsidies the government says overall it's in good shape but these are uncertain economic times and in the markets people are also having to watch what they spain's brain hey al-jazeera colombo one of china's most senior officials as arrived in north korea lesion shoes is now in pyongyang to attend a military parade as north korea celebrates its seventieth anniversary the chinese president xi jinping won't be attending in his absence the same is china's disappointment over a lack of progress in denuclearization. top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera. an increase in the number of air strikes in the syrian province of an al-jazeera
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crew was caught up in one of them as they got these pictures here the turkish president says he may intervene if the syrian government backed by russia and iran carries out an all out offensive on the rebels last strongholds. iraq's parliament is in emergency session trying to work out how to contain protests in the city of basra a week of violent demonstrations have seen several buildings in the city torched among them iran's consulate. whether we should draw a distinction between the political factors and the other issues namely security and services unfortunately events have developed rapidly since the parliament's first session of monday last as a result of the escalating political wrangling which if turned into armed confrontations will be gravely dangerous we are keen on steering away from plunging into such danger now the situation in a basma is owner control. death death penalty has been confirmed against seventy five people for their part in protests against the twenty thirty military coup in egypt many of them were involved in the sit in. the square in cairo
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which ended in a massacre of hundreds of people live pictures for you from thessaloniki in greece as clashes are ongoing between protesters and riot police the prime minister is there in thessaloniki about to speak we've got these pictures of the protests the anger over the state of the economy and austerity measures and also over a deal reached over the name macedonia greece recently agreed that the neighboring former yugoslav republic of macedonia can officially use the title north macedonia which is upset greek nationalists greece also has a province called macedonia. the latest attempt to search for an end to the yemen war has come to an end itself before it even started if your government delegation is leaving in geneva or after waiting two days for the hutu rebel representatives to join the un brokered talks but he said they didn't fly to switzerland because it confirms concerns about their safety as the headlines inside stories starts right
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now. they sat on the same summit on syria and the gun called for a cease fire and the honey said no giving the green light for an all out offensive on to the rebels last stronghold so what plans do russia iran and turkey how for syria's future this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. three million people are trapped in the syrian province of idlib it's the last remaining rebel stronghold and likely to be the scene of a major military offensive turkey has called for a cease fire was rejected by russia and iran who both backed the syrian government prompting the turkish president to warn hill intervene if there's a bloodbath the three leaders russia vladimir putin and has someone honey met trilateral talks into on friday but couldn't reach agreement the un has warned of a humanitarian disaster if syria and russian forces push ahead with a full scale assault on. is this the beginning of the end to the seven year war in syria and if so that's what cost will be speaking to our guests in a moment but first they must allow he has a support from the one. three leaders of modern nations born from ancient empires
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around the table into her own they planned the future of a country whose leader was not in the room. as the presidents of russia and iran patted themselves on the back for a job well done keeping syrian president bashar al assad in power turkey's leader reminded them that the mission was far from accomplished we do not want a bloodbath in italy and we expect you to support us in this regard a decision which we reach in relation to the fates of it lib will also shape the future of the region much of the to her own summit was spent talking about the future of it blew up the syrian city and province where armed groups and opposition rebels are preparing to make their last stand against syrian government forces and russian warplanes for the underwriters of the syrian conflict it blue is a clearly a point of divergence iran and russia see it in national security terms the syrian government needs to regain control of the city to combat what it calls terrorism as
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well as asserting national integrity turkey already home to three and a half million syrian refugees. in humanitarian terms president recha paper to once said the majority of men women and children there are not fighters and have suffered enough and the turks can't cope with millions more fling it iran's president acknowledged that the vast majority of people in adlib are civilians. so c.n.n. . is sensed it because terrorists use civilian people as human shields they hide themselves among people to continue their shameful really we should try to separate terrorists from people fight terrorists and protect civilians in this area but if iran's leader held the middle ground russian president vladimir putin whose military involvement turned the war in us its favor has a different view if armed groups are willing to use civilians as human shields he said what happens next is their fault. those are good jobs that terrorists do the same thing everywhere all the time they use human shields the russian military
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always tries to spare civilian lives soon after the dinner on some it ended the united nations peace envoy for syria warned the security council that. any battle for ad lib would be horrific into the time has come to evacuate the city throughout the day leaders in tehran discussed a future syria free from terrorists with new buildings a new constitution and even elections while leaders in new york were left to weigh the potentially disastrous consequences of what seems like the inevitable battle for it let us ravi olders iraq. the us ambassador to the united nations nikki haley said an assault on the syrian city of idlib would be a reckless a scale ation and warned against the use of chemical weapons in the country and assad regime offensive on it led would be a reckless escalation even if chemical weapons were not used it is up to russia to keep this from happening in the meantime the russian federation has recently been
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building up its naval forces off the coast of syria signaling that moscow is pre-positioning itself to once more about the murder and mayhem of the assad regime and as has happened numerous times in the past there are signs that the assad regime is planning to use chemical weapons to finish off the siege of it. let's introduce our panel joining us in moscow alexei klebnikov of the middle east expert of the russian international affairs council and is that the a professor of world studies of the university of to have an alexei a man with thought the of the three key players russia iran turkey had enough time to set aside their differences but differences seem to continue. well in the
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first place we shouldn't expect that all three should agree on everything and it's the bottom line that all three as certain differences on syria and as far as this summit concerned the major disagreements and the major discussion was held between turkey and russia as we saw that was quite. open discussion between their going on and putting their to go. cold russia to agree on a ceasefire in a blip where put in a reasoned or began by saying that you know there is some not present here in the summit so it cannot give their word for for that so basically the countries currently agreed to postpone any major large scale offense if it lip which actually plays in hand to both russia and took it. for i mean the russians and the iranians seem to be on the same page which is basically
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let's go ahead and this strongs the rebels and it lead to the other hand says let's give diplomacy a final chance do you think that this still a wiggle room for all the parties to set aside those differences about how to move forward about. yes i think there's a chance for all parties to agree. there are a couple of principles that i think most of the parties involved agree on when the first principle is that we need to have an end to the syrian civil war you cannot have the civil war continue forever it's been seven years of death and destruction the sooner. it's freed from terrorist organizations the sooner you can have peace in syria and the people of syria very much in need of peace
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second point is the humanitarian situation in that you don't want to have a situation where seventy and source can't. miso the muster our. special representative of the united nations to syria had an interesting solution event he spoke at the united nations and that was separating the terrorist organizations from the population in fact he called for a campaign by the general public that lives in it. to force those who are going as asians out of the cities this could be an interesting solution ok and i think the third issue that we have to worry that we're about is syria is territorial integrity and if countries and parties to this conflict can agree on these three principles i think a lot of problems will bit off ok alexei i mean we don't know what might happen to
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law because there are no strong gallantries all the parties will agree about how to . and the war in syria so let's talk about all the possible scenarios scenario number one no political agreement a military campaign in it led is this something that is likely to further deepen the political situation in syria. well it's quite complicated situation and it's a good question to ask whether it live will help to facilitate the political process on one hand of course and this is one of the major reasons behind russia's agreement with turkey to postpone defensive because currently russia needs turkey on board in syria to kind of transfer military gains into gains and the political track so without turkey it would be very hard to bear the fruit of all previous efforts on the other hand the situation in libya.
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is seen by the majority of experts especially in the west as kind of a turning point but actually if we look at it live from the perspective of a long term syria reconstruction or. restoration it is not that important in the long term it's important from a logistical point of view because it connects highways from aleppo to coastal areas and then also towards homes and how much but if we look at the front of the forests is those territories which are going to be crucial. in the next stage is where oil reserves and refined there is which are crucial for syria's. reconstruction process and for damascus to gain them back for this is the problem because i know that the iranians and the russians seem to be really excited about this whole idea of evicting of the rebels from it and then saying to the world it's
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over he's back in power here's a problem here we've seen that happening in two thousand and sixteen we've seen that happen different places particularly the us because of the capital damascus it was a disaster by phenomenal proportions the international community said that would not happen again in syria particularly when it comes to a difficult the iranians will definitely go ahead despite the concerns of the last by the international community. you know if by international community you mean the united states and its allies they're going to be unhappy they lost the war in syria they financed terrorist organizations they basically paid anybody in syria that was willing to fight the syrian government and the sooner they realize they have lost the war the better it's going to be for the syrian people in syria can that continue its current situation you cannot have ten thousand twenty thousand members
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of terrorist organizations occupying a province of a country u.s. would not tolerate that cutter would not tolerate that russia would not count part of it that iran will matter or syria would not tolerate that and just had the nasr is on the list of terrorist organizations that is produced by the u.s. a state department. your point is well taken that when you want to get. to a point where there is no civil war you need to make sure that human suffering is reduced and you don't have civilian casualties that that's a very good point that's a point that was very much discussed in the conference yesterday but just waiting for the terrorists to leave syria is not going to be solution because they if they wanted to leave syria they would not be there to start with i guess your point aleksei is it safe to say at this particular with the russians and they are the iranians are we really in sync when it comes to the future of syria the same the
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same they speak the same language. well when it comes to quite a mediate goes as for either leave or gaining back all syrian tears are under the domestic control yes i think they're quite on the same page but we were talking about the mid term and long term those i think here russia and iran has. quite a number of differences and for russia itself iranian excessive presence in syria is also quite challenging because it puts a trace for both. syria government regardless of whether stays or a transition period. you know is over and then another person is in power anyways access for running a presence in syria would bother israel united states europeans and turkey all
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other activists concerned but on the other hand it's. everyone should understand that iran running presence in syria was there before two thousand and seven definitely it has increased its presence military economic cultural humanitarian during this seventy years of wars and of course it's on the realistic to talk about complete withdrawal of iran from there so i think that would be also one of the major challenges for moscow to come to terms with iran of how the what will be the limits of iranian presence in syria after the war is over if there washes off the iranians in the near future to limit their presence in iran because this is a prerequisite by the international community by the israelis in particular would the iranians follow hate. as your guest in
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moscow said. you know ron has had good relations with syria for many decades and iran is in syria because of the request of the syrian government the same is true with russia russia is in syria because the syrian government requests that you not like the united states that is occupying syrian territory illegally without any u.n. security council resolution and without the veld come of the syrian government and iranian president. would continue as long as the syrian government once iran to be in syria or iran is not interested in. prolonged presence in syria without the consent and and request of the syrian government in iran has a spend a lot of money the money that you don't really doesn't have in syria iranian troops have been. killed in syria syrian war has been costly to the syrian people
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and also to iranian people and the sooner you can have a civil war ended can have the same war ended in syria the better it's going to be for you and that's one reason iran is pushing for the end of the civil war and iran will continue to be in syria as long as the syrian government ok well let's move on to the gentleman we're still talking about option one of which is the military option. aleksei i mean let's assume that the military campaign leads to the eviction of the rebels from. takes over but ahead of that there is a problem many people say that the problems of the russians and the iranians are committing all the error of their committing in syria is that they are looking at the conflicts from one narrow perspective which is their bubbles or groups ignoring the fact that it is millions of syrians saying that they don't want to see bashar al assad in power because he is someone who has clamped down on dissent.
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well i think moscow is driven by the quite common sense that this should be decided by syrians and those i mean moscow doesn't buy an argument oh millions of syrians are against us at the ok let's you know best if i the country then along the process a political process under the u.n. supervision then have elections and then syrians will be will have an a but unity to express their will and then after that that we clear whether they want to go on not us ago or whether they want to change their country completely. so that's the point and as moscow numerously was claiming that it's not about us it's not about his family or regime staying in power it's about protecting existing institutions and structures state structures because the major argument which
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moscow refers to is that. in in iraq or in libya we're never gonna stand during a military complains and. look for. regime change the countries were actually destroy the infrastructure the status case your shins were dysfunctional now which led to the quite chaotic situation let's end now from moscow that was the major goal i see a point now let's take a perspective from turkey now we are now being joined by a delay who is a research director at a cell forum what we were talking about basically all the different scenarios and all different possibilities possibility number one the political talks collapse military campaign bus as the iranians have said take over what would be the reaction of turkey if the minister companies toss in a dip. well i think anything is on the table i mean yesterday the president
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argument has traded in which that you know it clearly stated that it is a catastrophe happens in syria as a result of a large scale military campaign it will not be just will not remain on the sidelines so therefore like you know if something of that magnitude happens that means millions of people millions of people from syria will be moving towards the towards the turkish border and this is you know posing both a grave humanitarian catastrophe and a great security. what is the reason why i'm asking you that particular question is that our this moment what kind of leverage does joke is still have in the northern part of syria can we see them for example interfering militarily in the case of a minister or campaign or providing weapons to the rebels what are the options the might happen there. well it depends the severity of the cries that turkey will face
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if it is really severe i think that turkey will in turn in turkey will be present militarily in part in northern part of the liberals want to and it will provide whatever necessary to free syrian army and it will try to work or trade with us and some european powers as much as possible to do you know to see what it can be done not there was we should also recognize that the trick is leverage an option is very much has very much been reduced in the larger syrians in the large and syria for that that recognition needs are taking count but if we see like a lower still catastrophe i think that you know many things than chemical unstable four and i mean option two the parties decide to set aside their differences and agree on a ceasefire and it lip and launching a political process when we talk about a political process has
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a problem many say that it should also bring into the into consideration the need to implement genuine democracy in syria by genuine democracy to mean a shot should go because he's responsible for the destruction and the death of hundreds of thousands of people is this the something that the iranians could consider. the future of syria should be decided by the syrian people and whatever they decide who is supposed to be the president that is the decision the syrians would ultimately make but the scenario that you present that president assad is a sponsible for their destruction so he should go there hasn't their side their side is that president assad made sure that syria is not taken into pieces president assad made sure that isis is not ruling damascus as we speak president assad made sure that in israeli
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a us puppet government is not in syria so he has done some good things as well in the last many years now whether those good things are going to be enough for him to win elections it's not a decision of iranians or russians or turkish politicians it's the decision of the syrian people and the sooner you what you have an end to the civil war and so you can get an answer out of me. alex i mean it's quite interesting to see what could happen next in syria now in case of political process how do you see that political process move forward with the or key players each having a different political agenda turkey one hand iran on the other and russia on the other. unfortunately no one knows how it will go but yeah you're right to mention that one of the most. significant and crucial and complex
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problem and now is a kind of well it must for russia and turkey if they manage to come to come in terms on how to deal with it live and for the with the political process then it will define the further steps because as i already mentioned russian it's took on board because without. assistance. it would be almost impossible to deal with syrian opposition which is backed by ancora like for years i see it possible this is so this is why it's crucial for moscow to yes to my soon good relations and strike a deal with the turkish well it please in less than a minute is it safe to say that if the turks are given two guarantees first of all the kurds in syria won't be playing in a bigger bowl number two the turks will still have some political leverage in all the part of syria they would be fine with assad staying in power and fly in with.
2:45 am
an establishment that is in a way or another if you wanted by the iranians and the russians in particular. well let's start with the first part not the in syria has been cited by syrians and the three in syria for the foreseeable future would cited by syria so that's let's put the facts on the ground and as donna was effectively about you know defined in the nature of nation with bin turkey iran and russia within the syrian context it was not about the seen downsides as well to the thirdly right now turkey will not like the fact that assad is in power does not like the fact that that's not in power but right now it's not the church's priority number of turkey's prime concern to turkey's prime concern relates to presence of why p.g. and p y d in the north or not is too important syria and also like you know the humanitarian catastrophe and as a result of the thank you waves of the refugees that we might see that might come
2:46 am
from it but nevertheless we are not going to see the end of the syrian crisis and i think the syrian crisis is only transforming and changing its natures because right now we're pausing something given the syrians we are not solving the syrian crisis we live it all of us believe. thank you very much indeed. and for. thank you for watching you can see the program again anytime by visiting our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter and it is at a.j. you're side story for me the whole team here by phone and. i.
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and instantly shifting news cycle we receive in change in america tweet the listening post take sports and questions the wilds and the devil will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language as their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict so you don't really care after all well about palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but you just don't care about but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure the people of hugo. but joe
2:48 am
public company of al-jazeera world tells the story of the house the symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home. this is al-jazeera. hello again from the harbor when i'm come all santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. the syrian province. when no one is safe a step up of airstrikes around just a day after turkey warned of a potential bloodbath. also
2:49 am
a consulate set alight and protesters on the street iraq's parliament is holding an emergency session as it struggles to contain the anger and violence are up and it's the return of barack obama to the campaign trail the final stretch of the twenty eighteen midterms on the former president is going all out for the democrats in support of rafael nadal's defensive his u.s. open title comes to an abrupt end injury forcing adults to quit midway through his semifinal with martin del potro. so the war planes are back in the air and dozens of bombs have rained down on the syrian rebel held province of idlib just a day after warnings about what a final offensive could mean talk as president one repeated his warnings early on saturday that he wouldn't watch from the sidelines if the world turned a blind eye blind eye to killing but within hours some of the heaviest air raids in
2:50 am
a month were being reported stephanie decker has more on all of that from antakya on the syria turkey border. there's a lot of back and forth whether this is the official start a lot of the pro-government media outlets are quoting military sources on the ground saying that this is a start but we haven't heard anything official these airstrikes and barrel bombs and artillery shelling the going both ways in the southern part of italy province it is less populated you know it is more open land it is the countryside but there have been casualties six people killed so far actually some of our colleagues al-jazeera arabic has people on the ground in that area they actually witnessed one of the syrian government's helicopters dropping two barrel bombs very near to their location very dramatic video coming out just take a look and we'll just let it play a little bit for you to get a sense of what syrian civilians who are you know in living in this kind of
2:51 am
situation will feel. you know. i. took.
2:52 am
but. well this is what turkey is trying to avoid it is open land it's countryside it is not densely populated like the cities are a lot of people in that southern area have left over the last you know couple of weeks and months to the northern parts more sort of close to where we are which is close to it city you know these are the more populated areas and then of course you have the i.d.p. camps eight hundred thousand people internally displaced in camps along turkey's border and this is what turkey is saying that they are incredibly concerned about not just turkey but aid organizations that people if this military offensive escalates closer to the populated areas people will of course feel they have nowhere to go because most of the areas is surrounded by government forces and also turkish controlled territory they will be heading to the border and the border is
2:53 am
closed to other news in iraq's parliament is still in emergency session into saturday night as it tries to work out how to contain protests in the city of basra there's another curfew now in place weeks of protests over a failing government services and unemployment and corruption have spiraled into a violent few days several major buildings have been set ablaze on friday night that included the iranian consulate earlier in the week a state t.v. building was also at least twelve people died during these demonstrations. we should draw a distinction between the political factors and the other issues namely security and services unfortunately events have developed rapidly since the parliament's first session of monday last as a result of the escalating political wrangling which if turned into armed confrontations will be gravely dangerous we are keen on steering away from plunging into such danger now the situation in a basil is on their control more from rob matheson now his reporting from baghdad.
2:54 am
the city of basra in iraq is now under curfew but iraqi politicians are still struggling to find some sort of solution to the violence that has hit the city over the last few days but today's meeting of the iraqi parliament is like every other meeting of this iraqi parliament that have been accusations there's been finger pointing and there's been a lot of blame the but there's been no tangible solution to the problems that the city of basra is facing the reason for that is very simple since may this parliament has effectively been blocked it's been deadlocked and that's because there was no result of the election that happened in may that everybody could agree on therefore nobody up until this point has been prepared to agree on anything this is made of course the people are very angry because they are hoping to get money from the government to the prime minister that all the body has promised them will help them through the circumstances that they're facing but as the arguments go on
2:55 am
in the iraqi parliament that money too is deadlocked now the big concern for the people in and around basra is how they are going to react to the security forces have been told to move in and contain the violence by prime minister body but he has warned them not to use live ammunition against the protesters but interestingly there is normally a social structure of tribal elders in and around basra and throughout iraq in fact who would normally control this kind of behavior before it reaches this stage but the objections that the protesters have are equally geared towards those tribal elders they're ignoring those tribal elders so now the protesters essentially have almost a free hand to do what they want because there is a concern that if the security forces step in all the tribal elders step in things could spiral out of control right across the country. well looks like we can add
2:56 am
another set of failed talks to the long list of negotiations to end the war in yemen efficient government delegation has left geneva after waiting two days for the hooty rebel representatives to join the un brokered talks to say it was for their own safety and that they also didn't have a plane or permission from the u.s. or saudi government to leave yemen so after two days of waiting officials from the government gave up and left despite the setback the u.n. is staying positive and looking ahead to discussions in the armani capital muscat we're going to moscow to take up the issues that we will have discussed here this is what i mean by we have begun this is what i mean by we have begun. it's too early for me to say whether the next round of consultations will take place or will be held that's obviously going to be high on the agenda so that we don't go through a repeat of this week and i think it's important to note that. answer also
2:57 am
wanted to be here disappointed not to be here spoke to abraham for i had earlier professor of conflict resolution at doha institute who says the failure for the geneva talks to even take off speaks to the deep mistrust between the two parties. i assume actually when martin defense makes such an announcement with international commitment and attention for the negotiations that they get to take place in geneva that he secured all of the explicit unconditional approval from the others that this would happen but for the saudis to insist that no they can't come on any and all many in a plan and they can come on you want to you want to plan it would be something that talks to the real indigenous leadership positions of with a list of these things because. at the end of the day and all money out of the in would not be smuggling weapons for them let's give them the money had a plan and let them come to the dogs and let's talk about the agenda it's really a shame that the negotiations even failed to lunch and that we have this agreeing
2:58 am
on even you know how they get there well in fact you know this speaks to the underlying causes of this and how deep the crisis is the mistrust that between the the two fart is that the whole to think that it's dangerous for them to come in and he wanted a plan for the south is the think it's something discreet residential can own and all manner of playing but in fact this is an affliction of the deep mistrust between the two parties and obviously the you and fear that they. were going to return to our top story syria the intensifying bombing campaign in a little bit of what we suspect will be some sort of full scale offensive we're going to talk to us about as now he's a visiting fellow at the knotting and university center for conflict and security nice to have you with us again. as i said what we think now is the start of something it may not be the big offensive at this point but we see the beginnings
2:59 am
of what it might look like it's happening in some of the less populated areas what shape do you think this conflict will end up taking it will be in an all out assault on the urban areas ground troops that sort of thing. well at the moment what we're seeing is what is known in military circles as shaping the battlefield or so we're seeing airpower being deployed by both the russians and the syrian regime attacking what we would presume to be artillery or. any armor that the rebels have they would be attacking early concentrations where they believe the rebels are concentrated in and and then they will be possibly even conducting. attacks by air to make the rebels think that they're going to attack from a particular direction when in fact they will choose a different one so these are sort of things that happen in this phase of any
3:00 am
conflict following that the ground troops will move in judging by the way the syrians have fought in the past is very unlikely to be a full frontal assault what they tend to do is. tuck just nipping away at various bits of territory consolidating gains straightening their lines and so on and so i think what they will see is a very slow deliberate march towards the goal which is to get rid of the rebel forces within the whole of it although one complication for them is that. the turkish army is believed to have some presence in bits of it live and very likely there will have been some coordination in the recent summit to avoid.


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