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tv   Sisters Of The Blood Feud  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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israel's capital and since then we've seen cuts and palestinian aid attempts to redefine under was mandate and qualifies as a palestinian refugee these are all very serious. decisions taken by the administration and i believe that he will be the ship was probably anticipating this what what it will likely do is cement the decision of we're the best his leadership against. any inclination of going back to an american led peace process that decision was made shortly after the gruesome announcement in december and every step that has been taken by the trumpet ministration since then i think is only reinforced that it is unlikely i mean it's difficult to say just how all the actions the u.s. administration has taken will force the piano back to the negotiating table there
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has been a lot of talk about donald trump's you know peace plan for the conflict are you expecting anything from this plan mr and can they given the steps that this administration has taken against the palestinians. no i don't i don't think it's you know i don't think it's a serious peace initiative anyone who. knows anything about negotiations or conflict resolution knows that you can't simply bully one party particularly the weaker party into accepting whatever terms are being dictated by the stronger party that is not a peace process that is essentially the terms of. surrender i mean it's simply. power politics and for imposing. you know reinforcing the status quo so i don't think there's any real. mystery as to what is
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in this alleged trump peace proposal he's already said that he's thinking through some off the table and they're trying to take the refugee issue off the table they have refused after almost two years in office to say that the goal will be a sovereign palestinian state. so if. there isn't really much left to the imagination in terms of what might in this peace plan so you know where to from here we're not expecting anything from the peace plan but what this administration again taking more and more steps against the palestinians the latest being the p.l.o. office is going to be shot by i think the tenth of october is the deadline where to from hand. well i i don't i think we're going to see more of the same and probably even the eighty cuts and diplomatic sanctions imposed on the
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palestinians and humanitarian sanctions imposed on the palestinian people by this administration i think we're likely to see more instability a lot of frustration on the palestinian street will be channeled toward their own leadership for you know. the palestinian leadership has banked on a u.s. led peace process for all these many years for more than two or three decades and there will be a lot of pressure on this leadership to come up with an alternative what is the plan now. and frankly the p.l.o. leadership doesn't have a plan b. . except perhaps to go back to international forums like the i.c.c. . but whether these forms can be effective in actually securing the primary demand which is an end to the israeli occupation is very very uncertain what
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mr can the the thank you very much for your time on this that is calidad going to joining us live from. alexandria virginia thank you thank you now zain ahau there has more from the hague. states in the c.c. have had a rocky relationship since the court's inception the united states is not a member it doesn't it refuses international jurisdiction over its nationals but following the prosecutor's decision to open a case and to investigate alleged war crimes by u.s. military personnel and u.s. intelligence personnel in afghanistan that relationship has worsened and that's when we heard john bolton really use very harsh language against the i.c.c. it's not really the first time that john bolton has used such language he was an official in the bush administration and since then he has been trying to undermine
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the credibility of the court now the i.c. i c c did not react to following john bolton speech but when x. excerpts of his speech were released by the media they did send us a statement now in their statement of the courts of mentions that it benefits from the membership of of some one hundred fifty parties from from across the world trying really to defend its credibility even though the united states is not a member of the court also in that statement the i.c.c. saying that it will continue its mandate to carry out what it calls in the pen with an impartial investigations almost trying to say that it's not going to pick and choose court cases and that if it wants to try the afghan case it will so it use the pla matic language unlike the language used by bolton but at the end of the day without the political will of countries the i.c.c.
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cannot function we did speak to human rights defenders as well as former prosecutors and they're saying that the united states acts as if it is above the law that oh yes the nationals of every country can be tried apart from u.s. nationals and that the united states uses the courts. as a political instrumental when it wants to do so and they cite the example of libya for example when they referred libya to the i.c.c. the united states was among the un security council member states that did so so criticism human rights defenders and former prosecutors that the united states feels that it is above the law and the reaction from the i.c.r.c. i.c.c. really diplomatic language but at the same time stretched the dismissing and not attaching really a lot of importance to what bolton said. they want all the news is for brazil's jailed former presidential reason arceo looted a silver says he'll keep fighting to run in next month's presidential election is banned from standing due to a corruption conviction and the supreme court has rejected his latest appeal he
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spent monday meeting with philander dad who could be announced the workers' party candidate on tuesday a latin america editor lucien human is and could achieve is in jail. it's a race against time for former president lula da silva and his workers party this is the federal police facility where the former president is serving out a twelve year prison sentence and it's here that the would be presidential candidate spent the day meeting with his running mates for a number had that it was widely expected that lula would give him a letter naming him as his successor to allow him to register in his stead as the party's candidate before a tuesday evening deadline for doing so runs out. outside supporters who've been camped out in front of the prison facility remained on vigil. made them . we vote for lula's ideals we have a program for our country. it's the same thing for us because we are voting for
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a program but instead of a new candidate what they got was the message there is still not giving up hoping against the odds that one of two supreme court appeals that he still has open will overturn an electoral court decision barring from running experts say it's highly unlikely that this will happen although legally lula still has options unless there's a favorable decision before september seventeenth it will be too late for him to run and that brings us back to the original question and the workers party risk it all and wait or will they get another candidate had that the chance to run. they have almost no time left to decide. who's staying in brazil. and far ride presidential candidate to giant balls without a remains in the serious condition and requires another major surgery after being stabbed on birds day hospital authorities in sao paulo said the sixty three year
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old needs an operation to repair the intestinal tract the left wing activists who stabbed also model says he was acting on a mission from god. a mass rallies being planned in catalonia on tuesday for a binding referendum on independence from spain thousands of people have been out on the streets for the start of celebrations to mark the regions that day it's nearly a year since country on your sparked a constitutional crisis in spain by voting for independence in a non-binding referendum the central government has refused to accept that result. append to more ahead on the news hour including iraq's prime minister goes on a tour of the city voile by days of anti-government protests an attack on libya's national oil headquarters puts pressure on efforts to end the fighting in tripoli and in sports keegan bradley makes sure his home crowd is paying full attention as he seals his first win and six years pictured will be here with wall on that later
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. to syria now where tens of thousands of people have already been displaced within the province since an escalation and strikes last week turkey's president has warned that the and top world stands to pay the price as president bashar assad's government and its ally russia don't hold the air attacks an article in the wall street journal. the one said russia and iran had a responsibility to stop a humanitarian disaster an adlib the u.n. has warned that an increase in fighting could lead to the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the twenty first century stephanie decker has more from on talk here the turkey syria border. there's a huge numbers given by the united nations over thirty thousand people fleeing the areas where the bombardment is taking place and going to different areas inside
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most of the people according to the united nations going into camps these are camps that are along the turkish border turkey's borders of course remain closed some people going to stay with relatives also others according to the united nations are an informal camp and others renting it just shows you the concern going forward particularly by turkey other mass potential civilian exodus towards its borders its borders remain close with side and it has no intention of opening them up regardless of what happens it says it is on its own and it is that could. when it comes to dealing with syrian refugees hosting already over three million inside turkey so what what they're doing to prepare for this they tell us that they already have material inside syria in the sense that they can be setting up more camps more tense also medical facilities trash facilities if that is needed because they do expect if the offensive gets closer to the cities to the more densely populated areas they are warning and a lot of people have used this word of
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a potential bloodbath well as a possible offensive learns and senior officials from russia turkey and iran have revived in geneva for talks hosted by the u.n. they held in two days of discussions on drafting a new constitution for syria but that's angered many syrian refugees as david chaytor reports from geneva. the united nations has warned an all out onslaught on it little endangers the lives of three million civilians trapped in the province one million of them children. the special envoy for syria has spelled out to the security council what it could mean we have been hearing it during this last few days we are all terribly concerned they are all in great that exist poor a perfect storm which in chile devastating your many concert with other consequences as well the syrian refugees and activists have been staging weekly
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demonstrations outside the u.n. headquarters in geneva they say is in tolerable talks of a new constitution are taking place while bombs are falling on. to the united nations says if you are not doing anything just talking without action we heard kill my brother next to. i lost my city i lost my country. the u.n. special envoy to syria said in terms of real politics they realize that plans could be overturned by the escalating conflict in it but that no political process should be held hostage by anything aid organizations say in recent days three hospitals have been attacked one of them twice they're calling for human observers to be based in the province when there is a storm i would be told sick by the war stay in the payson and do this to survive in the case of it's not even a storm there is no guidance there is no instructions you never know what to do as
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a civilian this secretly film footage was taken after the fall of eastern ghouta earlier this year and shows young men who surrendered to the government being led in chains through the streets of damascus it's believed they were then conscripted into the army this digital artwork of life in rebel controlled territory in syria is going on display at the headquarters of the union of medical care in geneva it conveys the suffocating isolation of being under attack but nothing can convey the sheer scale of the suffering to come if the assault continues david chaytor al jazeera geneva. a organization doctors without borders has confirmed that more than one hundred. staff the coast of libya was brought to the port of homs by the libyan coast guard on that on september second. set off on the coast but one engine failed and the other began to deflate many managed to survive by
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clinging to wreckage. at least two people are dead and ten others entered and libya's capital tripoli after gunmen stormed the headquarters of the national oil corp security forces have regained control of the building but last week a truce between a viable armed son despite the fighting and the city with that there had has more from tripoli. the special deterrence force that is the security apparatus policing in the capital tripoli has announced that its individuals have taken full control of the headquarters of the national oil corporation following that attack that targeted the national oil corporation and killed two of the employees and one did ten others now according to the head of the tripoli security directorate the attackers belong to isolate but at the same time the interior ministry issued
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a statement saying that the attack is a terrorist attack without without naming the assailants at the same time the g.n.a.t. that is the government of national accord condemned the attack calling it a terrorist attack now the situation has called of to some extent but there is still security measures security measures have been tightened in front of the state institutions and premises now this attack is very similar to the attack on the high national election commission last may when i solute claimed responsibility for that but so far according to security sources this is this bill is the science of a terrorist attack but the identity of the assailants has not been confirmed yet now eighteen people have been killed and central.


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