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they're legal settlements as housing projects because of the two state solution six seven and then they threaten us and they come to them because of this and because of the close offices because we didn't come back to the negotiating table what negotiating table in every single meeting we had with them when it was the them with us with israel they refused. so what the united states have done with all its decisions so far and whenever you need to have a confrontation with the us by the way but how can anyone in their sin mind with all these american decisions drums decisions believe that these people can be honest brokers facilitators arbitrators in any peace process side erekat also touch on the issue of qana lamarr palestinian village in the occupied west bank that israel wants to demolish erekat says he has filed a war crimes claim against israel at the international criminal court activists have set up makeshift homes in the village angry over last week's high court decision to approve the demolition of judges say there's no evidence to show that
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the buildings were built legally the e.u. has urged israel not to destroy the village which is home to two hundred people bennett smith has more from qana lama. on the face of it this is a typically quiet day in the palestinian bedouin village of harm but the hundred eighty or so people living here know that today is also the beginning of the end after a near seventy year presence living in this area because from midnight tonight wednesday israeli security forces can at any time send in the bulldozers and destroy these homes and the school that is attached to the village but has said we will face them we will confront the bulldozers together with our foreign supporters but despite this we expect the village to be demolished campaigners hope that the presence of this school that educates one hundred eighty children from this village in neighboring villages would have persuaded israel supreme court to prevent or stop the demolition order of
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a tactic didn't work. the consequences are that will be deprived of access to twenty percent of the west bank and also the use of the roads this will cost of the north of the west bank from the middle and the. major european countries including france germany italy spain and the united kingdom of issued a rare joint statement warning of the consequences of demolishing higher now acma they say that its strategic location is important to maintaining the continuity of a future palestinian state because what activists fear is that once this village has been demolished then israel will extend this small illegal settlement behind me to join with another illegal settlement on once the two are together that effectively cuts off east jerusalem from the rest of the occupied west bank and the body of former united nations secretary general kofi annan has been flown back to his native ghana for a state funeral and man's wife and children accompany the casket which was draped
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in the blue u.n. flag his body will lie in state before the funeral on thursday the nobel laureate and second african to serve as u.n. secretary general died last month in switzerland he was eighty years old. one million people in the united states have been ordered to leave their homes as a powerful storm approaches east coast hurricane florence is expected to make landfall on thursday in north or south carolina already a category four storm is predicted to strengthen in the coming days the u.s. national hurricane center is warning of one hundred ninety kilometer an hour winds flooding and coastal search party cocaine has the latest. it is huge and it is powerful this is hurricane florence as seen from space now tracking toward a direct hit on the coast of the carolinas prompting all kinds of warnings she's a strong girl and is coming to see us and i don't care what you do you better get ready because she's coming to see us officials are more specific telling one point
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five million people along the atlantic coast to get out to evacuate to higher ground florence is intensifying steadily the storm is strong and it's getting stronger it is expected to come ashore as a category four hurricane with winds up to two hundred twenty five kilometers per hour scary statistic but likely not enough to make many leave their homes there are always those who voted to stay behind and try to make it a festive occasion just couldn't gas and supply. generator going on everything else and just hunker down and wait it out but with this storm there's more to worry about than winds it's the rain that could cause the most damage if it stalls promising scenes like this one hurricane harvey did the same in houston that is leading to officials issuing stark warnings we will experience power outages we will have infrastructure damage there will be homes damaged there will be debris on the roads this will be a storm that creates and causes massive damage to our country and it is coming in
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just a matter of days and much of what you see now could simply be gone in its wake paddy calling al jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera to some football legend but well tell you why in peril the two don't make such coming up with peter in just a moment.
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and a sport peter thank you very much caught soonest whose depiction of serena williams
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in the us open final was condemned as racist and sexist has defended himself in the face of a storm of online criticism this is the image in question strange uncalled. for the herald sun newspaper based in melbourne critics say if uses racist stereotypes but knight denies that and says he intended only to portray her poor behavior in the match which williams lost to naomi osaka after being deducted a point for smashing her racket and then a game for abusing the umpire. perhaps the most high profile critic is harry potter author j.k. rowling who responded to the cartoon on twitter saying well done on reducing one of the greatest sports women alive to racist and six the strobes center earning a second great sports woman into a faceless prop she's referring to soccer there. now in an interview cartoonist mark knight said he had drawn serena many times in the past without being criticized and it only intended to depict her outburst on court when i drew that
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cartoon i wasn't thinking of racial politics in america i simply saw the world number one playa one of the greatest players of all time who i have admired and drawn many times having a dummy speech. and i can say that when i drew the cartoon it was like yeah that's not bad and off it went i did not expect it would be picked up and used as a symbol of racism in gender politics in america i was drawing cartoons about. politics in south africa before most of these people were born to have j.k. rowling trolling me as well it's something i didn't expect in life but it's happening. it's crazy so he knows arguments with the empire started when coach patrick moore a toddler was caught coaching her from the stands he says her angry reaction was justified. for her i mean her integrity is the most important thing she felt that
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she was insulted she feel that she was. she was treated as a cheater. and it just was she felt completely unrelated that's why she regularly. the announcement that formula one driver kenny wright can and will leave ferrari at the end of the season has been met by a petition to keep him signed by eighty eight thousand fans the finn is set to rejoin salberg with whom he made as if one day be seventeen years ago the petition is however unlikely to stop monegasques a rookie charlotte clerk moving from south to take his place. football legend they're married on it says taking drugs caused him to waste away but that he's now moving forward with these life he's actually moved to a new club in mexico at the heart of the country's drug lands the origin time has taken over as coach of mexican second division club daughter and also he's held his first training session and news conference the club is based in the hometown of the
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sun a lower cartel which is one of the most powerful drug trafficking organizations in the world. i made a lot of mistakes in my life i'm now fifty seven years old and i'm assuming this responsibility like someone who has a new child you could say a lot of things but since i overcame my sickness fifteen years ago and when they were talking about drugs it was just dragging me down i was just wasting away i wanted to explain this to kids that when i used to consume drugs i was going backwards and what a football player has to do is to go forward what happened i stopped all of this thanks to my daughter's staying in the united states or at least in north america have announced which match could be the first from the spanish league to be played stateside the game between chairmans barcelona and you're on a on twenty six january has been nominated to take place in miami league announced last month that a pencil stage games in the united states in each of the next fifteen years but the
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league is still awaiting approval from the spanish football federation you a for the u.s. national federation and the north american football confit aeration. europe's new nations league competition is an action again this tuesday night iceland or one of the top tier nations but are looking to bounce back from a six no the fetus watson in a friendly last week they're up against world cup semifinal spell jim in the very cool world cup are runners up croatia are in spain with luis enrique making his home debut as coach. they say that football is a religion but sometimes the two don't mix a football stadium in who was the scene of clashes on monday between fans and a group of evangelical christians both say they own a piece of land on which the stadium in lima stands earlier on monday hundreds of members of the religious group entered the building painted over the club's emblems and set up a church of the football fans chased them away with sticks at least one person was
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injured and several were arrested. england have wrapped up a four one test series victory over india with a one hundred eighteen run triumph in the first match at the oval in london it was delayed thanks to k.l. rahul's one hundred forty nine and one hundred fourteen by and the pay added two hundred four for the sixth wicket after that james anderson over to glenn mcgrath as the leading wicket sake of a fast bowlers in taste with five hundred sixty four it caps a great way for alastair cook to exit international cricket he scored a century in the second innings india will next play in the asia cup in the united arab emirates where bangladesh are hoping to leave their underdog tag behind them the tigers have arrived in the u.a.e. off the back of a victorious one day series against the west indies that's their first series win outside asia in line years bangladesh begin the group campaign against sri lanka on saturday. go for the new world number one justin rose finished
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second at the b.m.w. chairmanship to secure top spot in the rankings for the first time rose put himself in a great position to win in philadelphia on monday with shots like this. but he missed the perth to win the tournament. i and it was eventually american keegan bradley who beat rose in a playoff to take the tie. a momentous day for american tourney for now who was handed the final spot up for grabs at the ryder cup final finished tied for eighth in philadelphia which impressed united states captain julie theory comerford to hand him the last wild card pick. this is how often are celebrated tapping into his tongue in an samoan ancestry this
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is something none of the europeans are likely to have in their arsenal when the ryder cup begins in france in two weeks' time. and that's all the sport more later folly here thank you very much i think for this news hour on object here i thank you for watching. it was a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife in beirut in the married miss universe hugh was a buoyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence
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sources claim that the planned operation and knew him for years the israeli try to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has son salaam of the hunt for the red prince. al-jazeera. where ever you are. in germany's capital there is a barber like no other sort of what do you keep harping on my remark about struck cross what you have. but as his city changes he's moving with the time. and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by
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the people who live them. the master barber of berlin this is europe on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. a defiant victor old defends hungary's tough order policies as the e.u. debates imposing sanctions on his country. oh i maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up brazil's workers' party replaces the founder and former president needed to silva that
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presidential candidate. high stakes diplomacy in geneva and at the u.n. of a humanitarian catastrophe in syria's province. and a state of emergency is declared in the capital of zimbabwe after a cholera outbreak killed twenty people and infects two thousand more. welcome to the program our top story the european parliament has been debating whether to strip hungry of its european union voting rights ahead of a vote on wednesday there are major concerns over the direction the government has been taking notably on immigration issues. prime minister viktor orban defended his government and its policies in an address to the european parliament in strasburg oban accuse the e.u. of blackmail over its threat of sanctions. you start out
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a. president let's be straightforward with each other hunger is going to be condemned because hungary and people have decided that this country is not going to be a country of migrants with all due respect but very firmly i have to refuse threats the blackmail and defamation by forces supporting immigrants and migrants against hungary and hungary and people i must state that whatever you decide hungry will protect its borders stop illegal immigration and defend its rights if needed we will stand up against you to. what ash has been following events for us in strasbourg. well hungry is far right prime minister viktor orban came to strasbourg to defend himself and his policies and he gave a very defiant speech to any peace here the e.u. parliament he said that the european parliament was basically trying to blackmail him he's already accused them of launching a witch hunt against hungry now what m.e.p.a. s.
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are doing is debating whether or not to punish hungry because they say that hungary is basically eroding e.u. principles and values flouting the very foundations that the european union is built on better talking about things like restriction of rights and freedoms in hungary and civil liberties they're also talking about the rights of refugees and migrants also being severely eroded over the last few years if you think back to twenty fifteen during europe's migration crisis it was hungry that built a fence along the border with serbia and croatia or what any piece will be doing on wednesday is voting on whether to launch article seven that is the use highest punishment if you will and what that could mean is that hungary could possibly lose its e.u. council voting rights that would be of course a big blow to hungary in terms of its international standing.
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the u.s. ambassador nikki haley is accused syria's president bashar assad and his allies russia and iran of demolishing the last major rebel held stronghold in syria she says russia must act to stop the looming humanitarian catastrophe in ed lab well over three million people reside. let's not waste time with the december mation distractions and outright lies that the assad regime and their russian and iranian partners constantly use to distort this conversation let's talk about the facts on the ground in syria this month already the world has seen a clear military escalation in. russian and assad regime air forces launched over one hundred airstrikes they are using barrel bombs rockets and
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artillery they are targeting hospitals and medical facilities where russia's u.n. ambassador insists russia iran and turkey have committed to ending what he called terrorism an adlib he also denied reports that the syrian government is planning a chemical attack that jacobabad is just gossip gossip who knew who. allegedly president assad old of the use of chlorine the syrian authorities have no intention of doing this they do not have chemical weapons once again we ask you to hit was when we're saying that the use of chemical weapons by damascus from a military viewpoint cannot be justified meanwhile delegations from russia iran and turkey have all been meeting in geneva for a second day of talks on the expected offensive the discussions were led by the un special envoy to syria to find a mr s. and ended with no comment from the policies involved the u.n. says thousands of people have been displaced in the rebel help province because of
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continued syrian and russian ass strikes the chinese president xi jinping says that russia and china should work together to oppose trade protectionism she made the comments following a meeting with the russian leader vladimir putin at the eastern economic forum in of light of our stock it comes as the two nation states that biggest war game since the fall of the soviet union mobilizing some three hundred thousand troops or a challenge has more from vladivostok. with the slight awkwardness of two leaders who probably don't spend much time in the kitchen sheeting paying hands bloody made through tin conducted some pancake diplomacy and blood of all stock the chinese president is here for the eastern economic forum and his meeting with putin this year despite the presence of other asian leaders it's russia and china is strengthening ties that are the bedrock of this event and with caviar and vodka the two presidents were happy to let the world know how close they become we were
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constantly meeting this year for example in beijing in johannesburg and now here we are involved as a hostile if we keep close contact with you it means we have good relations i am ready to strengthen these relations from now on including the exchange of ideas through close cooperation china has the largest delegation with almost a thousand people it is quite clear we have a really close cooperation we had eighty seven billion dollars of trade last year this year will almost certainly reach one hundred billion dollars the corporation makes sense the two eurasian giants are next door neighbors and china is hungry economy needs natural resources which russia has in abundance this growing relationship is about more than just the kind of business and energy deals on offer here at the eastern economic forum it's about the threats that both russia and china feel a share in the modern world. while she jinping and putin were talking the heavy metal of russia's military was moving into place china's two it's been invited to
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take part in last october two thousand and eighteen russia's biggest war games since one thousand nine hundred one a sign of friendship and a message to one particular dresser in the early we can see continued. between russia and china because of or very assertive line of the united states. against both countries and in this regard because we are. major path through. the relationship washington has imposed sanctions on russia times trade tariffs on china each country is too independent minded to make a full alliance it's likely but they still want the us to know that if a regional crisis ever exploded into conflicts russia and china could present a united front. how does it look. brazil's workers'
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party has agreed to court orders to replace former president. as its candidate for the october elections. a twelve years sentence for corruption he will instead be replaced with the former south. dad let's get more on this now from our last america. who joins us from. is currently in jail and so we finally have a decision from the workers' party we know now will not be standing in the election . yes that is right is right that is at least what we think we know because this keeps changing all the time i'm standing right outside the federal police the city where luna has been held up where he's been imprisoned basically since april and we are surrounded here by hundreds of his supporters from the workers' party all of them waiting for the official announcement to be made by. another top
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leading members of the workers' party including former president. also expected to be here but this was supposed to have been announced more than an hour ago and people are beginning to wonder why it hasn't happened yet there is an injunction request that still in place but we understand that there has been no response to that and so the party did forward or at least announced that they would be making. their presidential candidate but for these people. it is really rule out who is still their candidate and in fact the slogan they're shouting isn't had that prince either. is innocent and lives so he's basically a stand in a substitute for lula when they still regard as their leader and he says he will continue to fight for his innocence continue to appeal the sentence but the time has run out for registering a candidate that intra day and so had bad as it is now going to be the workers' party candidate and so how is this likely to impact the election given newness
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continued popularity in the country because. that is the fifty million dollar question a lot of people say that it is impossible to transfer list popularity to anybody else but that is still that hasn't been proven yet some people here say that for them lula is the only candidate but others are saying that it doesn't matter who the person is that they would be happy to accept how bad as would a substitute as long as the policies are the same and that's something that they're going to really have to push forward and convince the electorate of that in that in the next three weeks remember these elections are just on the seventh of october it's just around the corner it's taken so long to announce had that that he's not going to have a lot of time to campaign it's going to be a real battle thank you very much out last in america at a ten you seen the new scene human with overladen brazil. still ahead for you on the program activists set up makeshift camps in the palestinian village which is
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due to be demolished by israel. we'll tell you what course a mother is doing to tackle one of the highest rates of childhood stunting in the walls. al is still reading in norway but that range receding to the west coast i think it will carry on as life has to for a long time you see the medicaid is coming in something's going on there's still a few showers wandering around the ukraine thirty eight millimeters it's just a lot of rain in comparison with what's forgot to persistent like the stuff up in norway and the show's over spain they've not actually been falling over rain gauges they look significant around them and they are however that's a development area it looks like we have showers in the eastern side of spain sudden from maybe the riviera.


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