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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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right now here in carolina beach north carolina that's going to change dramatically and pretty quickly starting to more you can see in the marina behind me most of the boats have been pulled away if you charters left but they are locked down at this point many of the people are gone as well there's a mandatory evacuation in place not only here but really from the virginia coastline all the way through the carolina coast and a lot of people said they're not willing to ride this out even those who have been in storms before they think this one may be different a strong category four storm with driving winds a possibility of a massive storm surge and of course you've got that rain that's going to continue once this storm makes landfall and that's likely early friday morning now it's going to linger for a bit and that means the problems want to be here along the coast but in line as well and pretty far inland this is a storm that's growing in size as it moves closer to the shoreline here so the time to get out the time to make your plans if you're going to stay all of that is now the window closing we expect to see the rain and wind start in earnest some time
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tomorrow and again continue up until and possibly through the weekend. the european parliament has been debating whether to strip hungary off its european union vote invites ahead of a vote on wednesday when members have measured consensus over the direction of the government particularly on emigration and reports from strasburg. victor o'bannon arrived in strasburg to defend himself and his far right policy as any peace debated punishing hungary for breach an e.u. values the prime minister accused the european parliament of blackmail hungry does not give in to blackmail hungry will defend its borders stop illegal migration and will defend its rights to some any piece aided or bands anti immigration an anti e.u. government is violating the rule of law and human rights at the height of europe's migration crisis in twenty fifteen hungry built a fence along its border with serbia and croatia to keep out refugees sadly the
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commission shares the concerns expressed in the report a particular rest regards fundamental rights corruption the treatment of roma and the independence of the traditional oban says he's been unfairly targeted by a pro migration liberal elite but this one gary in opposition m.e.p. disagrees in contradiction with. what mr obama is saying this report is not about migration and refugees but i know five of percent of this report is about. undermining the fundamental rights of hungary and citizenship hungary on wednesday any pieces were voted on whether to trigger article seven against hunger it's known here in a new circles as the nuclear option because of its seriousness it's a procedure which could lead to budapest being stripped of its council voting
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rights. supporters say he's defending hungary solvency his opponents say yes part of a poll published wave threatens the future of the blog and must be reigned in before european parliamentary elections next year it's not just strasbourg france. but plenty more ahead of the news hour including the final stage of a ten year battle with palestinian activists refusing to leave a bedouin village that's expected to be demolished while the number of students in south africa has gone up those passing exams is down and the sports less than two months after appearing in the world cup final croatia's footballers concede six goals to spain would be here with more. tensions in the south china sea and the growing us china trade war are likely to
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top the agenda at a meeting of asian leaders in vietnam the world economic forum will also look at how the growing workforce around asia can compete with automation and artificial intelligence almost a thousand people will attend the event and head away well let's get more on this now our correspondent wayne hale is joining us live from hanoi to tell us more wayne about the same for this event. yes well as you mentioned elizabeth this is the world economic forum on so it's about the association of southeast asian nations and it's all about technology the theme officially anyway from the world economic forum is the fourth industrial revolution and it's about artificial intelligence it's about robotics three d. printing how the technological advancements that this region can potentially take advantage of well with me now to talk more about this is dorothy soon a social entrepreneur with perlin thank you for talking to us i mean how well
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placed the nations in this region to take advantage of these advancements very well placed so as the only is very useful it previously was very fragmented so there hasn't been a single big company say like an amazon becoming a trillion dollar business or an amazon and apple becoming to an old business so there is this huge opportunity for young entrepreneurship to kind of bubble and experiment. you talk about decentralization as being a key to taking advantage of these advancements that's a big problem potentially for these nations do when you talk about decentralizing something that's been very centralized for a very long time yes so when you look at the world economic forum historically it's about the large companies and how they interface and when you look at peak centralization and that's where a lot of power and money accumulates to a few big companies most of the technologies being covered here really focus on accelerating that so if you look at ai you look at google you look at self driving vehicles you look at do good grab and then what's really interesting about the
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countervailing force is actually decentralization and distribution of that technology as you see with block chain and distributed legit technologies actually as an opportunity to diversify the base of of the stakeholders so what we're doing a pilin is we take every mobile phone every laptop and you're able to generate income by creating a decentralized version of amazon web services so it's a new way to kind of spread the wealth but i governments ready for that in particular in this region so i think governments have to deal with so many other crisis whether it's civil unrest whether it's falling currency whether it's creating jobs i think that the beauty of entrepreneurship in the beauty of especially social entrepreneurs is they take such a problem and then they come up with solutions and it's more about asking for forgiveness rather than permission so i think governments are going to be obviously the final decision makers but i think a lot of proliferation of innovation is going to occur anyway one thing that stuff moments will have to deal with when it comes to things like out of the intelligence and robotics is job losses how are they going to handle that going forward so
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mohammad yunus the founder of grameen bank actually said that the mankind was never actually given a job it was always entrepreneurial so when you're a hunter gatherer you never like went to a factory and sat down this is a very modern construct so i think the burden that most governments traditionally take first social stability about finding jobs is going to have to shift towards the gig economy the decentralized you know they call it universal basic income there are go. the ways that you can generate income and get access to the into your mobile phone or your laptop that hopefully will merely write some of these look job losses thank you very much for joining us so certainly an exciting time when you are talking about the economies of this region there will be a lot of interest at this forum too with the attendance of on sun sujit the state council she will be taking part in a panel discussion in a few moments not expecting there to be much comment if any about domestic issues in myanmar when it comes to human rights when it comes to the remaining year despite the fact this will be her first major public appearance since that damning
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united nations report came out last month which was very critical of her government and particularly of the military for their role in the crackdown against the rakhine state when thank you very much for that for now that is way ahead live and i thank you. now five european countries have made a last ditch appeal to israel asking it to not go ahead with the demolition of a bedouin village in the occupied west bank the plan to destroy my where two hundred people live has drawn international criticism palestinian activists hold an assessment to try to save the village bernath with reports from. it is a last supper of sorts for kanakas residents who along with activists and supporters are waiting out the hours days weeks no one knows how long before the israeli authorities send in the bulldozers safin the feeling is indescribable the uncertainty the instability the threats of the occupation the fear of the children
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and the woman the situation in this community is miserable. it's very painful what could be vosa losing your life and it's very difficult you may see this land as a desert but for us bedouin it's like. they destroy the eye they live a blight on our land. the almost ten year long legal battle to save has drawn support from across the world and closer to home competence for peace is an israeli palestinian group that feels increasingly isolated in this country to me and i think the situation in israel in the last few years as the to the right and to state to to we have to have support national international. support groups inside the israeli society that in the past were except and respected today are being attacked and i'm here because. i think that
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you know i like the phrase you know none are free until we all are i think is something that i like to live by when the bulldozers do move in they'll be clearing the way for the expansion of illegal israeli settlements that will eventually cut through the occupied west bank several major european countries have tonight again asked israel not to go ahead with the demolitions referring particularly to the seventy years the palestinian bedouins of course this area but the only official israeli reaction there's ever been since the supremes court ruling came down from defense minister avigdor lieberman and he said no one will prevent us exercising our sovereignty. bernard smith al-jazeera. the palestinians of the u.s. have criticized the trumpet ministration for closing their diplomatic mission saying it further avoids any chance of a peace deal the palestine liberation organization officer acted as an unofficial embassy for the quarter of a million palestinians in the us i did show castro has more from washington. the
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flag of palestine has waved above this brick building in washington d.c. for more than two decades a symbol of struggle controversy and for mohamed a wise pride specially when you don't have anything for your identity except this flag. the rest of. it is under occupation the rest of our identity is that if you see here there and everywhere in the us that if a weiss was born in a refugee camp in lebanon that's myself here my sister. my brother after moving to the us he became a businessman and a white house advisor who took part in the one nine hundred ninety five negotiations between israel and palestine we had hopes for peace but after getting closer to the peace process i realized there is no way no way at the time for
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a comprehensive peace agreement but there was progress like the strength and acceptance of the palestine liberation organization as the official representative of the palestinian people in the us there are about quarter million palestinians like me who live here we have business we have families we have things that we need documents to be attested by the author of the in order that's for land best certificated marriages a set the fits all these things while the palestine liberation organization is officially recognized by much of the international community it remains a pariah to the trump administration the order for it to now close its u.s. offices may be a calculation to pressure the palestinians politically but it's on a personal level that palestinian americans are counting the cost i believe that this is going to be temporary because political change is coming through the united states and once again december so will open up on the policy in florida will fly
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over the city but that outlook is uncertain polls of the american public show a widening partisan gap regarding middle east conflict with eighty percent of republicans sympathizing with israel trumps closure of the p.l.o. office plays to his base while palestinian americans pay the price. castro al-jazeera washington. ugandan opposition politician bobby wine is calling on the united states to stop its support for the ugandan military he says he was tortured by the army after being arrested last month has been talking to our correspondent hippa morgan. he left his country to receive treatment in the u.s. after being arrested by the ugandan army and charged with treason but once doctors tended to him the musician turned opposition m.p. robert. famously better known as the wind had a message for the u.s. government in exclusive interview with al-jazeera he urged congress to stop the
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eight hundred million dollars support for the ugandan military which he accuses of torturing him during his recent detention it's important. lack of say especially to the united states taxpayer to know that much of the military aid we get is actually used to oppress and brutalise the citizens of uganda not that the gun that killed my driver that could have probably killed me is an american gun. lobby wine is a vocal opponent of longtime president seventy he was arrested in late august while campaigning in a by election in the north of the country he was accused of throwing rocks at the president's convoy as it drove by then on the same day gunmen attacked his car killing his driver but bobby wine was not in the vehicle he says it was an assassination attempt his arrest and alleged torture led to police and military
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deployment across the country. people protested not just his arrest but the recent changes to the ugandan constitution which lifted the presidential age limit of seventy five years making it possible for seventy three year old seventy to run again in twenty twenty one he has been repeatedly accused by critics and rights groups of using security forces to silence those who oppose him the president blames what he calls external powers for the recent instability in his country and warrants others from interfering in uganda's affairs it is important that the external players the roof rain from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries interfering in the internal affairs of other countries is a moral and practical wrong morally wrong because the question is what sri until years should you have to sing that you can understand the program
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with my house better than we do which guns if this is a problem you know house with bonds would sort of keep our. well the external players are involved or not bobby wine has become the face of uganda's opposition and president hu seventy who has ruled for thirty two years appears just as firm in his bid to continue his time in office he will morgan al-jazeera. and you can watch awful interview with bobby wine on talk to al-jazeera that's on wednesday at three thirty g.m.t. that said about an hour's time. still ahead on the news hour polio reappears and. nearly two decades after it was a radical. and seventeen years after the nine eleven attacks in the u.s. while the reconstruction of a historic church near the side has been stalled and the oldest man in formula one is set to. stay. with more.
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from the. to the city. and in the south china sea is not a place to be for the next week more or less with one a tropical depression strikes storm it's hovering between the two it's going to stay of the water will enhance the rains along the south because the child from taiwan and lose on west was of the next day or so in fact it'll probably produce too much rain particularly because of what's following it's not on these forecasts but in about five days time a significant typhoon is going to come to the same channel i'm ahead towards hong kong but this is the immediate problem it means that much of the rest of china is dry with the exception of north and you non sichuan where rain seems quite likely and up in tibet and plateau you'll see snow again changes season pretty obvious
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already to the sas a lot of rain is still forecast in the southern philippines and through born here on the white cloud is showing this angle which is the rains the general rains coming slowly but still it looks like java and bali and all points east look dry sumatra increasingly not so but stop tickly wet island singapore and caleb back into the sheriff quite possibly as for the receding monsoon through india it's construct again in odisha and possibly much of pradesh and to the northeast of india. the weather sponsored by cats own a race. in germany's capital there's a barber like no other sort of what it is it. goes from. but as he said he changes he's moving with the time. and going on the roads.
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the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived. in the past or of berlin this is you know. when people need to be heard. so to speak for a few jomo soldiers lawyer it's not. short and the story needs to be told we do stories that in our own society i testified in the call of law to make sure that the bad guys behind bars al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and on.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories the head of the u.n. has warned that a full scale assault on syria's problems what unleashed a humanitarian much not previously seen in the conflict the u.n. has held a special security council meeting meanwhile the u.n. special on war to serve. began news walks with officials from turkey russia and iran. brazil's jailed former president. has been replaced as the workers' party candidate for next month's presidential election. the former mayor of south. lewis says he'll continue legal efforts to get on the ballot paper and one point five million people across three states have been ordered to leave their homes as part of preparations for the worst storm in thirty here is how can france as a building in the atlantic and nearing category five status it's expected to make
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landfall in north carolina on thursday. to say marks the seventeenth anniversary of the september eleventh attacks at the world trade center site in new york the rebuilding continues but work to replace a greek orthodox church crushed during the attacks has been suspended after the project financial problems gabriel is on the reports from new york. it was an unassuming structure that for more than eighty years was home to the st nicholas greek orthodox church in new york and for decades it stood in the shadows of the world trade towers until september eleventh two thousand and one when the towers fell the debris crushed the church. in. saint nicholas was the only place of worship destroyed on nine eleven well
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the whole historial zero zero one hundred s. . courts. their archives. but also the memories of those the with chris and those the wind those nowhere. visit that the church the greek archdiocese vowed to rebuild st nicholas at the very world trade center site and this video animation shows their big plans a new church and towering shrine made for more bull and glass inspired by the byzantine churches of his stand. famed spanish architect center. was hired to design the new church he also designed the oculus structure at the world trade center site and then something happened work on the project suddenly stopped so the question becomes why the budget balloons to nearly eighty million dollars
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double what the archdiocese says raised now there's simply no money left to finish the project a plastic tarp now covers the construction site there are no signs of workers and no signs of the doors opening any time soon their cost structure stopped because the origin of course fortunately were not rate. a huge cost overrun but as tourists visit the nine eleven memorial site to the side most are oblivious to the construction site of the church the grand structure remains unfinished with nobody able to say for how much longer gabriel is on doe al-jazeera york. china's president xi jinping has met his russian counterpart vladimir putin and that i've also talked to in the eastern economic forum the three day summit brings together all russia china japan and south korea as well as five
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thousand delegates from sixteen countries or a challenge has more from right across talk. with a slight awkwardness of two leaders who probably don't spend much time in the kitchen sheeting paying hands bloody me if it's in conducted some pancake diplomacy and blood of all stuck the chinese president is here for the eastern economic forum and his meeting with putin this year despite the presence of other asian leaders it's russia and china strengthening ties that are the bedrock of this event and with caviar and vodka the two presidents were happy to let the world know how close they become we were constantly meeting this year for example in beijing in johannesburg and now here we are involved as fausto if we keep close contact with you it means we have good relations i am ready to strengthen these relations from now on including the exchange of ideas to close cooperation china has the largest delegation with almost a thousand people it is quite clear we have
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a really close cooperation we had eighty seven billion dollars of trade last year this year will almost certainly reach one hundred billion dollars the corporation makes sense the two eurasian giants are next door neighbors and china's hungry economy needs natural resources which russia has in abundance this growing relationship is about more than just the kind of business and energy deals on offer here at the eastern economic forum it's about the threats that both russia and china feel a share in the modern world. while she jinping and putin were talking the heavy metal of russia's military was moving into place china's two it's been invited to take part in two thousand and eighteen russia's biggest war games since one nine hundred eighty one a sign of friendship. and a message to one particular brasserie clearly we can see continued. between russia and china because of. the very assertive line of the united states.
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against both countries and in this regard they can. say that. is the major pattern of russian chinese. relationship fortunes and has imposed sanctions on russia trade tariffs on china each country is too independent minded to make a full alliance at all likely but they still want the us to know that if a regional crisis ever exploded into conflict with russia and china could present a united front. how does it. you know when you're going to has launched an emergency vaccination campaign to contain an outbreak of polio ten people have been since june the first case in the capital port moresby abel's confirmed last week most of the cases a young children and remote areas as being eighteen the disease was eradicated from
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your guinea well let's get more on the smell we're joined by the. mcallen and port moresby he's been monitoring the outbreak for the world health organization dr mccollum very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so why are we saying these cases now. i do apologize. and we are having some technical problems. what that connection will try to establish a better connection but let's move on to other news for now a medical emergency has been declared zimbabwe's capital after twenty eight people
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died of cholera and that's reignited fears of a repeat of the outbreak that killed thousands in two thousand and eight. patients who are suspected of having cholera have been quarantined in zimbabwe's capital harare health officials say this is an emergency but i realize that the numbers are growing by the number of cases. to. two thousand over two thousand cases. is that a big problem problem is that even if that is all it will break through us zimbabwe's health sector and other departments in the country has been underfunded and poorly resourced for decades government officials blame the current economic crisis and say they lack resources opposition leaders say it's because of decades of corruption and mismanagement public hospitals sometimes run out of essential drugs you have no offices and that's because we know this is if it is c.d.c.
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she was relieved when for quite a huge investments to contain the outbreak so you're working very hard to make sure that when what is the source of that we need for more so. typhoid and cholera outbreaks occur regularly in zimbabwe because of dilapidated water and sanitation facilities government officials say this latest outbreak started in glenview a poor neighborhood in harare is believed some of those people who visited the area in travel to other parts of the country that's why the outbreak has spread to other provinces. zimbabwe's biggest cholera outbreak was a two thousand and eight more than four thousand people died health officials and the international community accuse the government of not responding to the emergency fast enough right now as the bombings don't know how long it's going to take to contain this outbreak. now the number of people suffering from hunger is on the rise and the u.n. is calling that both on acceptable and an excusable and guatemala nearly half of all children under five chronically malnourished and that number is much higher
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among and that in a small island community is what david mercer reports. inside this makeshift kitchen in guatemala highlands to hwy prepares lunch for children her son alex looks healthy but the one year old is in medical terms chronically malnourished traditional diets here lack vital nutrients meaning children can be fifteen centimeters shorter than they should be but stunting also affects brain development and a child's ability to learn making it harder to break the cycle of poverty for the most of those. are children eat the same things that we eat and when there's a possibility to give them something extra you do it because you want what's best for your children i give my children what i'm able to but sometimes it's a struggle. around half of all what i'm all in children under five are chronically malnourished and in indigenous communities like that number is even higher what
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tomorrow might be one of the regions main agricultural producers but it also has the world's sixth highest rate of chronic child malnutrition it's a combination of poverty lack of access to education and lack of access to health care that's causing the problem but one group says that they're trying something new to resolve this. and those that a coon brings health care to the rural families who need it the most armed with scales and measuring board and nutrition booklets rosa visits mothers with children under two. to combat stunting the ngo she works for focuses on the first thousand days of life raising awareness and empowering women is key but building trust takes time. some others simply don't know about child malnutrition or the importance of complementary foods it's good for them to learn how to look after their children better and you see how happy they are when their
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children game weight. the programs project manager says this personal approach is paying off. in the communities where we've been should use this program we've seen a reduction in chronic child malnutrition by up to twenty percent over the last two or three years this is a big achievement people here are becoming more aware that this problem exists it's not just families like marta's who pay the price for chronic childhood malnutrition it's estimated that stunting cost around three point five billion dollars a year but without a major investment by the government or private groups millions of children here will fail to reach their potential david mercer al jazeera. let's go back to. the break of polio. and the capital. has been monitoring the outbreak for the world health organization and i
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hope that you can hear me a little bit better now so why are we saying these cases all the polio. is off that was eradicated from pop when you get. yes. the polio cases have been. after eighteen years equal up to eighteen years because. of any can even you look at the immediate. plan in the couple of years in the us there is a huge immunity but typically for children so that's why this only you up in a guinea guinea up to eighteen years when you say there's a huge drop off i mean are saying is that because there have haven't been vaccinations and what is the planned response to this outbreak now yeah this happened because of in the us cup looking.


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