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tv   Sisters Of The Blood Feud  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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explosion that killed twenty one other people. the prosecution also explained. operatives tied to the syrian government would have sufficient motive to carry out the. president. and political pressure to stop the tribunal ministers affiliated to has brought down his first government in two thousand and eleven but years later his political calculations changed he formed a unity government with a group that has since grown stronger politically weakened in the recent elections . trying to form his third government. he's in a difficult position once the verdict is announced what position would he take. in this neighborhood. they're demanding the truth behind.
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they also want justice but that could be expensive stability in lebanon. a medical emergency is being declared in zimbabwe's capital after twenty people died of cholera it's reignited fears of a repeat of the outbreak that killed thousands in two thousand and eight. from harare. patients who are suspected of having cholera have been quarantined in zimbabwe's capital harare health officials say this is an emergency but i realize that the numbers are growing by the number of cases. to. two thousand over two thousand cases it's a very big problem problem is that it's all cool. through us zimbabwe's health sector and other departments in the country has been underfunded and poorly resourced for decades government officials blame the current economic
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crisis and say they lack resources opposition leaders say it's because of decades of corruption and mismanagement public hospitals sometimes run out of essential drugs you have no offices and because you know it is as if it is c.d.c. she was relieved when for quite a huge investments to continue. working very hard to try to diminish the source of that many for more so. typhoid and cholera outbreaks occur regularly in zimbabwe because of dilapidated water and sanitation facilities government officials say this latest outbreak started in glenview a poor neighborhood in harare is believed some of those people who visited the area in travel to other parts of the country that's why the outbreak has spread to other provinces. zimbabwe's biggest cholera outbreak was a two thousand and eight more than four thousand people died health officials and the international community accuse the government of not responding to the emergency fast enough right now as a bobbins don't know how long it's going to take to contain this outbreak.
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brazil's jailed former president louis in massive lula da silva has been replaced as the workers' party candidate for next month's presidential election the former marathon paolo fernando had dad will now represent the party to see a new man is a latin america editor and she reports from could it. was it was choreographed for maximum political and emotional impact in front of the detention center with former president lula da silva is serving a twelve year sentence for corruption a defiant message from him to the brazilian people was read out by a member of his workers' party who lives. i am asking the party the fernando had dug who had to know was my law running mate substitute me as a presidential candidate he'll be my representative in this battle if they think they have silenced my voice for social justice they are very mistaken now our name
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is a dud. i in actual fact it's financial had that will have to try to fill the shoes of brazil still most popular politician many fought back the tears as he was named. what. we all share the same pain but time to go home downtrodden it's time to go on to destroy each with our heads held high and when disconnection when does alexion for and afford to p.t. the more prevalent look there. but it's unclear how much of luna's popularity can be transferred to how dad. was now being investigated for electoral corruption allegedly committed in two thousand and twelve he denies the charges for the superstitious was jinxed from the onset his party's number on the ballot is thirteen other lucky or not it is almost certain to continue calling the shots in what's left of this campaign like in the play is no longer be the lead actor but
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rather the director behind the scenes or in this case behind bars on the other. hand while he still has appeals to his sentence pending time had run out to register an alternative candidate now had that has less than a month to convince the electorate that he can indeed carry on the legacy of the former metalworker remembered as the man who lifted more than thirty million brazilians from poverty and social exclusion. i believe may see in human al-jazeera brazil. so to come here in the news hour find out how liberia's president got on as captain of the national football team.
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we. thank.
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the schools use that his job martine thank you well there's a lot of perks to being president but not many pick themselves to captain their national football team that is unless your library is leader george where a former world player of the year fifty one year old way in the white t. not quite as agile as he used to be he showed off a few tricks say in the warm up session. well that was just before he captained liberia in a friendly against nigeria and it was organized especially to retire his famous number fourteen shirt now he was sworn in as president in january and as you can see security was more beefed up than usual when the teams walked out this was him running down the wing early in the game he didn't end up scoring but did well to
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last most of the match and was clapped off as a substitute in the seventy ninth minute where was a striker for ac milan p.s.g. and chelsea and is still the only african ever to win fief as world player of the year back in one thousand nine hundred five liberia lost the match to one. i want you to know that. you know what. i was getting on oh. oh oh. oh. oh me oh. well where retires his shirt his son tim way is right at the start of his career the eighteen year old who plays for his dad's old club p.s.g.
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and was born in new york represented the usa against mexico on tuesday in nashville we didn't make much of an impact when it came down to the game but the key moment was mexico's and hell cell deval being shown a straight red card for a nasty tackle on the u.s. captain will track who was lucky to avoid serious injury. and the u.s. went on to win with this go from tyler adams his first international goal securing america's first win over mexico in three years. just two months ago croatia finishes runs off at the world cup in russia but now they've been brought back down to earth they lost six nailed to spain in the way for a nation's league on cheese day there was six different scorers for spain the result put some firmly in control of group for off to the defeat of england last week this was croatia's first competitive match since they lost the world cup final to france in july. yes. that is life and we have to accept it we've had some
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big highs but before anything i want to congratulate their team because it was a huge victory for them for us it's not easy to take after this we must look at the conclusions from this game and move on we can't break down and cry we are sad but we must start to prepare for the next match iceland are in something of a crisis after their astonishing rise to the top ranks of world football in the last few years they have a goal difference of minus nine in their group after losing three notes of belgium in the they can break in the lower ranks hungry greece and finland down their baltic rivals are stonier the boston red sox have become the first team to clinch a playoff spot this season with seventeen games still to play they beat the toronto blue jays seven two on tuesday it guarantees boston at least a wildcard berth meanwhile the arizona diamondbacks beat the colorado rockies who lead the national league west to tell marty broke a sixth inning tied with
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a two run triple the diamondbacks winning six three it cuts the deficit to two and a half games in the division. the rockies remain one and a half games ahead of the los angeles dodgers who lost for a second straight day in cincinnati two former l.a. players brandon dixon and scott shepler both hit homers as the reds won three one. in those craters have beaten india in the first test the final test to win the series four one but it's the performance of bowler james anderson there is making headlines he's become the most successful fast bowler in the history of test cricket as after he took his five hundred sixty third wicket with the last ball of the much anderson supposes australian glenn mcgrath and is now up to force in the list of all time top test wicket takers. what jimmy's achieved and what he's capable of achieving still is astounding really for him to take
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in as many wickets as he has to even be in the same league as the likes of mcgraw now chasing the big two spinners is is phenomenal and i think the most exciting thing is he's bowling in my opinion probably it's best more than eighty nine thousand fans and signed a petition asking for rory's formula one team to keep driver kimmie reichen and for not the year the finn is set to rejoin silva who with whom he made his f one debut seventeen years ago the position is however unlikely to stop mike ask ricky charlotte clerk from moving from south to take his place. to boxing now and get out it get off him and alvarez have arrived in las vegas for their big rematch on saturday the first fight was a draw last year generating the third biggest take in boxing history but plenty of controversy since then they were supposed to fight in may but that was put on hold because alvarez failed to drugs tests and was suspended for six months they will
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finally meet this weekend can his on beaten canelo has only one defeat to floyd mayweather on his record. right now is a different story different situation. right now i'm really. really you know right now. would be a beautiful beautiful. room with the. talk surrounding the fight has given me the motivation and i want to project that's to win and win clearly and to show who is the better fighter poem begins its defense of the world volleyball title later when they play cuba the top the tournament features some of the best players but on the hot surface we're unlikely to see anything like this austrian beach volleyball players scramble to keep the ball in play during a tournament in belgium and one of the points with a sensational bicycle kick. and we're just hearing that france world cup winning
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goalkeeper has been banned hugo lloris he's been banned from driving for twenty months and fined sixty five thousand dollars after pleading guilty for drink driving we'll have more on that later martine thank you very much indeed and that's all from this al-jazeera news hour don't go away because laurie will be here in this chair in just a minute or two. ugandan pop star turned politician now charged with treason but with the stone bill empowering people is the only way you can call it fun that nearby is gained in
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a president be it king. robert hug lani a k a bobby weiner talks to al-jazeera. mangers night or a manager as one might say riyadh might still finds its beauties bronze clued up feelings behind all those who need to call this book news are they just we just see it's the club. i am mentioning i've only gotten. all of my. mind nigeria on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for your.
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what makes this moment this view we're living in for the so unique. we haven't seen the president this is unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid watley plausible that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny or any of the lights alone. there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out the us is the two state solution no bid up front for italians on al-jazeera. the un says the number of internally displaced in this area is alarming ahead of the naming offensive on the edge live. near them or a trial this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fighting intensifies in
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the yemeni poor city of how data between the saudi and rossi led coalition and who see rebels. russia and china denounce the global trend toward protectionism and say it must be countered. and the u.s. warns millions of americans to get out of the way of harakat or foreign it's. the u.n. commission of inquiry says displacement in syria this year has reached levels not seen before in the seven year conflict the commission says that over one million syrian men women and children have been forced from their homes so far this year most of those displaced and now in a province the last rebel held enclave. two point nine million almost three million they are not there because they decided to go through. there because of.
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recall sillies show. former. this people well they will throw support to sleep. but tetrick that this pollution drove straight through the you supposed. to be confronted with this. when he is in geneva and joins us tonight the main thrust of this u.n. report is the huge number of displaced people in syria. yes that's right the report focuses on the first six months of the year and according to the commission a million people in that period were displaced men women and children and many of them are living in dire conditions without food without water without shelter. who's the commission chief who's been speaking quite extensively over the course of
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the morning has said that all of the warring sides in the conflict in syria have flouted their responsibility towards the displaced and it was absolutely vital that going forward in this conflict to remember how vitally important it is to protect the innocent parties in this brutal conflict but of course the situation it live cos of very long shadow over what's happening here and the commission chief was questioned many times over what work is being done to establish the potential risks at stake should the assaults escalate in the coming days and weeks the u.n. has said before that they fear that there will be an exodus of eight hundred thousand people if there is an escalation of violence they said early on in the week two that they are two hundred seventy million dollars short of their budget targets to meet any kind of further refugee crisis there were also some comments about the use of chemical weapons to according to the commission the syrian
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government has apparently used more chlorine gas bringing to thirty nine the number of instances of similar attacks in syria over the years these are according to the commission red lines that must not be crossed but of course with labor looming the main concern now is that the already humanitarian situation is spiraling out of control that will get will get much much worse i may just explain to us how the united nations commission of inquiry actually wax. the inquiry was set up in two thousand and eleven basically to investigate allegations of war crimes in syria since it was set up it's produced twenty reports this is one of them is not actually allowed to function in syria so it relies upon support from n.g.o.s it conducts interviews via skype and via telephone with people in syria will face to face interviews of people in surrounding countries it pulls
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over vast amounts of pictorial and video evidence to establish facts when we know of course the war is still continuing what's the end game of all of this will the hope is that one day when the war is over their findings will form the backbone of judicial proceedings giving some hope perhaps that those guilty of potential war crimes will be brought to justice ok slices lines from the u.n. in geneva thanks very much leave the fighting has resumed in yemen's port city of her data between who the rebels and saudi and he led forces when brokered peace talks collapsed last week they were aimed at preventing an escalation of violence in our data and envoys in yemen says he'll be making several trips throughout the middle east on wednesday in the hope of securing commitments to continue the talks and following the story for us from under the battle they just seems once again to
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be intensifying. it certainly is it's been intensifying ever since the geneva effort to get the two warring sides together failed there is unconfirmed report that the main supply route that is kilos sixteen between her data and the rebel capital sanaa is actually now according to reports the saudi led coalition has supported yemeni government troops in actually saving that group off however we're also hearing from sources that the rebels are shelling those areas very heavily as a counterattack measure there is also reports that we have a situation on the kilos ten months another supply route not as important but nevertheless very relevant about this. this route is also being taken
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by yemeni government troops so this is escalating we don't have any casualty figures but you can be sure they would be high with this level of intensity of bombardment and know would of civilian casualties which is the heightened area of concern for mediators in this whole war desperately trying to get some progress and what more do we know about graphics is a tense time once again size to get peace talks off the ground. well mohsin griffis had said candidly last saturday that he had tried and failed to overcome the obstacles port in everyone's way by not getting the hoochie rebels to the negotiations for confidence building measures no more than that in geneva last weekend now he's on the way according to his report to the un security council on
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his way to muscat in in in an effort to try to get some sort of a deal together to at least get this sides talking not necessarily together of course but mediated through telephone calls through video links whatever he can do from muscat in oman he intends to travel to sana'a the rebel capital and then on from there to riyadh in saudi arabia to try to get some level of cooperation that calming the fighting down he has warned over and over again that the last thing anyone needs right now is for yemen to see the supply line cut between exactly what i've been talking about the supply line cut from between the data and sana'a the capital because it isn't just a supply line for the military it's an absolute lifeline for humanitarian supplies food medicine supplies every type of shelter you could need in this crippling some
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that people face on the bombardment from above from the u.n. a saudi led coalition that is so forceful in its nature really a critical situation i'm reporting on once again laura and i understand and support him and thanks sanjay. flights have been diverted from the only functioning airport in libya's capital tripoli after a rocket attack the no immediate reports of casualties attack comes less than a week after the u.n. brokered a fragile truce amongst rival groups fighting for control of tripoli libyan airlines is the only operator that runs domestic and international flights from the airport to a limited number of countries it's barred from the e.u. airports on security grounds with abdul wahid reports from tripoli. a man airport is the only operational airport in the libyan capital tripoli and authorities there have decided to hold a v.a. ssion in the airport and divert all flights to the airport of misrata a city that is around two hundred kilometers to the east from the libyan capital
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tripoli that is full on there as three rockets that landed close to the airport and authorities there say that they're worried that the stray rockets might hurt or might affect or my damage the airports or the planes there now this is the second time a vision in may to get airport has been whole to in two weeks between that's because of the clashes going on in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli now and you movement calls itself the tripoli use of the use of the libyan capital tripoli has claimed responsibility for attacking him a t. get airport it also says that it will continue targeting a mighty good airport until the airport is handed over to the government and the special attendants force that is the force controlling the airport leaves the area now the latest this latest development might affect the cease fire agreement that
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has been brokered by the united nations between rival groups and also in another development sporadic fighting has been renewed between rival armed groups in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli and statements and counter statements between rival groups really hurt the seize fire agreement there is a fear among civilians in the capital tripoli of a stray rockets that might land in densely populated areas especially with this threat of targeting the airport and the area surrounding the airport. voting is underway in the european parliament on whether or not to strip hungry of its voting rights within the block on monday hungary and prime minister viktor orban accuse the e.u. blackmail of the threat of sanctions e.u. has accused hungary of failing to respect european law and its treatment of asylum seekers his constitutional amendments and his lack of press freedoms block also says the hungarian government is harming the rule of law. joins us live from
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strasburg so much as this vote is underway any indications as to which way it's going to go. and we do we do we actually have a result because just a few moments ago we saw a piece voting to hand down. for the first time is unprecedented move their most harsh punishment they have voted to trigger article seven and that could lead to go to paris being stripped of its council voting rights now it was a tie vote but it did get the two thirds majority that was required to pass we saw the dutch m.e.p. that had written this report on hungary condemning it for breaching war she said would you values and principles we saw her being applauded by many. in the parliament it's a big move because as i said it's the first time that the parliament has ever
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launched of such action there was action against poland at the end of last.


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