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tv   The Peacekillers  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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on the wreath break the vending. suppress i still don't know montieth cats have core. police suspect a lone gun man is behind fifteen unsolved shootings in the city all talkative immigrants an ethnic minority an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot out last cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution of the victim's sister as strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused in letters to serial killer a witness documentary on al-jazeera. ugandan
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pop star turned politician now charged with treason but released on bail and voting is the only way. that never again in a president be a king but robert chug lonnie aka bobby wiener talks to al-jazeera. al-jazeera and swear every. jew ring sierra leone's civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of
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a journalist camera these is a name to be. disagreeing peacekeeping force the last of the world complete eighteen years on using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardians peace kilis on al-jazeera. for the first time in its history the e.u. parliament votes to discipline a member state for disobeying its laws. back to bo this is al jazeera live from doha also ahead u.n. war crimes investigators say the number of internally displaced in syria has reached unprecedented levels with more than a million affected in the past six months alone plus new fighting in the yemeni
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port of hard data as u.s. state department says the saudi and iraqi coalition is avoiding civilian casualties and rather a potent says the two russians accused of attempted murder in the u.k. are and in military intelligence they are civilians. thank you for joining us the european parliament has voted to punish hungary full flouting democratic rules four hundred forty eight members approved what's called ought of course seven starting a series of sanctions that could end up with hungary losing voting rights hungary and leaders are accused of failing to respect european law in the treatment of migrants and refugees as well as limiting freedom of expression and independence of the judiciary has the latest from the european parliament in strasbourg with the first time any peace have chosen article seven against
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a member state in this case they took the unprecedented move all voting for this process is procedure and it gets hungry because they say that grae has been breaching e.u. values and principles and i want it talking about all the rights human rights being eroded in the country civil liberties being curtailed what this means is. a step in what will probably be a long drawn out process first a formal warning for budapest and then it's a later date a vote on whether to strip away e.u. voting rights from hungary fad of course would be a major blow for the country on the international stage it would damage its reputation but it won't be much of a surprise to the country's far right prime minister viktor orban he was in strasbourg speaking to every piece on tuesday and he said that the e.u. is simply trying to blackmail him to fall into line with what they want rather than what hung guerin's want earlier we spoke with uli bruckner
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a professor in the european studies at stanford university berlin he says when sales for seedings in strasburg were less about punishment for hungary but rather making an example of them well what we see with the vote of the european parliament is not automatically a punishment of hungary it's more that they are put on stage and it's naming and shaming procedure not so much what is called the nuclear option that at the end of the process that you will kick out hungary if this is not happening because there are too many other countries who flirt with similar ideas compared with what stands for we have already poland under investigation but this was not triggered by a vote of the european parliament and what is happening in italy remains to be seen because they just elected a new government that uses as their role model we see a rift within a pro western type democratic group of countries like germany the netherlands and
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france as markhor but we also see a growing number of populist liberal democracies and this will clearly affects the upcoming elections for the european parliament next may. the united nations international commission of inquiry into the war in syria says unprecedented numbers of people have been forced from their homes more than a million so far this year most are in the last rebel held province decommission fears the humanitarian disaster will get worse when the expected all out government offensive begins neve baka reports from geneva the syrian war is harming the syrian people on a massive scale the un's international commission of inquiry on syria says fighting displaced more than a million men women and children in six major battles nationwide between january and july levels not seen before in the seven year conflict if as many diplomats
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expect as an escalation of the syrian government offensive in italy a province to try and capture the last remaining rebel stronghold it could trigger a massive exodus of civilians you are fighting them thousand. people terrorists and. three million population will be the price to fight oh of course you don't have any figures for two years terrorists but something has to be done to protect the rights of the three million people or one million children if we had little goes the same way as we've seen in other places then it's a complete failure. over the international system and it's a complete failure of many of us to be able to prevent work we've seen happening time and again the un commission blames all sides of the conflict for violations of the syrian government for again firing the banned chemical weapon or even gas using
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rockets made in iran. turkish forces for pulling a medical convoy and an archaeological site in the battle for african and kurdish fighters for attacking a psychiatric hospital is hope that all the analysis carried out by the commission of inquiry on syria will one day lay the groundwork for legal proceedings against those accused of war crimes and of violating human rights in the hope that when the war is finally over the guilty will be brought to justice but with fears growing of an imminent assault on it live the u.n. is preparing for an even larger humanitarian crisis we've barkha al jazeera geneva the u.s. secretary of state mike from palace says saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are working to avoid civilian casualties in yemen he certification clears the way for the u.s. to continue providing weapons and support to both countries the saudi iraqi led air campaign has been widely criticized for causing civilian deaths there was
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international outrage in august when forty one children were killed in the bombing of a school bus inside a province was in jordan has more from washington. the saudi like coalition has been criticized for indiscriminately targeting civilians while trying to go after the rebels who are trying to take control of the country of yemen. coalition has denied these allegations and it's also been facing criticism on behalf of its main military supporter the united states the u.s. has now certified that so far as best as it can determine the saudi like coalition including the government of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are taking reasonable precautions to ensure that civilians are not targeted injured or killed in the conflict with who the fighters in that country now this certification has been made by the secretary of state pompei o at the insistence by the requirements
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of congress through the terms of the new defense budget act mr prompt said that the examination of the facts shows that the precautions are being taken but so far a public version of that certification has not been made the pentagon is supporting the certification because it does feel that it is important to bring the heat these to heel and to try to restore order and to restore the hardy government in sanaa but again the details of the certification have yet to be made public but this is something that is going to perhaps bring more concentration of criticism on to the united states because it provides both the saudis and the emirates these with their military weapons with their aircraft with military training and support and so there is a real concern that this military support if it is in fact being used against civilians indiscriminately could be a violation of the leahy act which says that the u.s.
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must cut off military aid to countries that don't use their military equipment for the proper and legal purposes this is of course something that the u.s. is going to have to justify in the weeks and months ahead. meanwhile the un's envoy for yemen martin griffith has arrived in a man's capital muscat he's hoping to start peace talks that stalled last week before they even began but on the ground fighting has resumed in the many portsea for data between healthy rebels and saudi iraqi led forces andrew simmons is following developments from djibouti there are no details on casualty figures and whether or not civilians are involved but multiple reports suggest that the fighting has escalated again around the city of who data it's rebel held by the hooter's and they are reliant on a supply routes between the port city and samar their capital now the report suggests that that supply route has been cut to the point of choke point called
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kilos sixteen also reports the kilo ten further towards the city has also been breached cuts by government forces forces they are aided by the saudi us a e led coalition amounting strong asteroids all around the area now we're hearing that the hutu rebels have responded with a counter attack using artillery and other weaponry and that fighting has been very harsh indeed now beyond this beyond this whole issue of this route that delivers aid and arms and supplies to the rebels is the problem of how martin gryphus the u.n. special envoy can possibly get traction again for any form of peace talks or talks about talks involving diplomats and the fighters he is shy jeweled to be in amman
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and moving on from there hopefully he thinks to sana'a and from there to riyadh but as he knows the chances of getting a breakthrough seem quite limited. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order authorizing sanctions against foreign people or countries who meddle in the u.s. elections the trumpet ministration has faced months of criticism for not doing enough to prevent foreign interference in future american elections last month u.s. intelligence agencies warn that russia in particular is trying to influence and disrupt november's congressional mid-term elections. or russian president vladimir putin is encouraging two men accused of poisoning a former double agent in the u.k. to come forward the appeal came after putin admitted for the first time that the two suspects are russian civilians the kremlin has repeatedly denied links to the march attack in seoul's very against his daughter yulia britain's prime minister graeme's russian military intelligence for their attempted murder. and use that as
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malaysia to salute of course we looked into these people are we know who they are we found them already so i hope they will come forward and tell us about themselves it will be better for everyone so there's nothing special nothing criminal about it i'm telling you we'll see in the near future while putin was speaking during the eastern economic forum invited last talk during the talks he met his chinese counterpart xi jinping and they vowed to work together to ensure regional stability there were also a few surprises as rori challenges reports. a lot of also talk has been russia's window in the pacific since ships like these come on to the oceans the city's name means east that's more ambition the reality there have always been larger powers in the region a lot of your stock is much closer to beijing tokyo.


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