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indiscriminately targeting civilians while trying to go after the rebels who are trying to take control of the country of yemen saudi like coalition has denied these allegations and it's also been facing criticism on behalf of its main military supporter the united states the u.s. has now certified that so far as best as it can determine the saudi like coalition including the government of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are taking reasonable precautions to ensure that civilians are not targeted injured or killed in the conflict with the fighters in that country now this certification has been made by the secretary of state pompei o at the insistence by the requirements of congress through the terms of the new defense budget act mr prompt said that the examination of the facts shows that the precautions are being taken but so far a public version of that certification has not been made the pentagon is supporting
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the certification because it does feel that it is important to bring the heat these to heal and to try to restore order and to restore the hardy government in sanaa but again the details of the certification have yet to be made public but this is something that is going to perhaps bring more concentration of criticism on to the united states because it provides both the saudis and the amorality us with their military weapons with their aircraft with military training and support and so there is a real concern that this military support if it is in fact being used against civilians indiscriminately could be a violation of the leahy act which says that the u.s. must cut off military aid to countries that don't use their military equipment for the proper and legal purposes this is of course something that the u.s. is going to have to justify in the weeks and months ahead. meanwhile yemen's envoy
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for the united nations martin griffith has arrived in the amani capital muscat is hoping to start peace talks that stalled last week before they even began but on the ground fighting has resumed in the portier for data between who the rebels and saudi iraqi led forces and are simmons is following developments from djibouti there are no details on casualty figures and whether or not civilians are involved but multiple reports suggest that the fighting has escalated again around the city of who data it's rebel held by the hooter's and they are reliant on a supply routes between the port city and samar their capital now the report suggests that that supply route has been cut to the point of choke point called kilo sixteen also reports the kilo ten further towards the city has also been breached cuts by government forces forces they are aided by the saudi usa
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led coalition amounting strong airstrikes all around the area and now we're hearing that the hoochie rebels have responded with a counter attack using artillery and other weaponry and that fighting has been very harsh indeed now beyond this beyond this whole issue of this route that delivers aid and arms and supplies to the rebels is the problem of how martin gryphus the u.n. special envoy can possibly get traction again for any form of peace talks or talks about talks involving diplomats and the fighters he is shy jeweled to be in amman and moving on from there hopefully he thinks to sana'a and from there to riyadh but as he knows the chances of getting a breakthrough seem quite limited. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour
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including bracing for hurricane florence millions out of order to evacuate the u.s. east coast last the seven children from one family who are paying the price of war in afghanistan and olympic cycling champion christina vocal comes to terms with the injury that has left her unable to walk. for president vladimir putin is encouraging two men accused of poisoning a former double agent in the u.k. to come forward the appeal came up to putin admitted for the first time that the two suspects are russian citizens so new reports i a convenient time for russia's president to announce his government does know the suspects in the script power poisoning case taking advantage of the international attention and bloody vostok planted question granted this response really.
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we have looked at who these people are we know who they are now we found them i hope that they show up and speak for themselves that would be better for everyone there is nothing special criminal there i can assure you that in time we will see all the civilians all the civilians i don't hear billions of course the civilians one russian state television channel said it had spoken to one of them he declined to comment on the case for now saying only that he wants for a pharmaceutical company in the siberian city of tomsk and would perhaps speak next week just last week british prosecutors identified the men they said were russian military intelligence officers operating under the aliases alexander petroff and bullshit off the peg casually dressed boarded a flight from moscow to london on march second staying at a hotel in east london before heading to salzburg the city where the poisoning took place c.c.t.v. footage captured the moves at several located. sions including at the train station
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on the day of the attack later that night they return to moscow the british government has repeatedly demanded explanations from russia with little result the mother has been backing from the u.k.'s international allies the prime minister's spokesperson said that moscow had repeatedly lied and hidden the truth about the poisoning statement really didn't give much he said these these individuals were civilians that was essentially. the time to disavow them and the claims that the u.k. had made there a member of. russia's military intelligence. and you know beyond that we didn't even see any confirmation of these gentlemens real names british prosecutors have said that there is sufficient evidence to charge the two men they have not requested extradition as russia does not extradite its own citizens but a european arrest warrant has been sought if the pair travel to any e.u. countries in the future so need i go london washington is accusing iranian
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backed rebels of carrying out what they call life threatening attacks against the u.s. embassy in iraq a violent protest against a lack of government services and corruption have been taking place on the streets of iraq since thursday it was during these protests a rocket attack damaged the airport in basra where the u.s. consulate is no catered rob matheson has more from backed out. this follows a statement by a white house press secretary sarah sanders in which she said the united states would hold the regime in tehran accountable for any attack the resulted in injury to personnel or damage to united states government facilities in her statement she goes on america will respond swiftly and decisively in defense of american lives this follows two rocket attacks which happened on saturday here in iraq one of which was aimed at the fortified green zone here in baghdad which contains a lot of government buildings and international embassies and consulates and also
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another attack on the international airport in basra and that's where the u.s. consulate is based now and there's no indication that any americans were injured in any of those attacks or that any buildings were hit there's not even an indication that the u.s. buildings were actually the targets of these attacks but it's important to remember that the u.s. has not yet produced any tangible evidence at least publicly that teheran ordered these tax to be carried out what they are saying is that the attacks were the responsibility of. popular popular mobilization fronts these are armed groups which operate in and around iraq and they say that they are very often backed by iran and therefore they are the u.s. is making the link between these groups and the possible that the attacks and also a possible link to iran. flights have been diverted from the only functioning
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airport in libya's capital tripoli after a rocket attack there's been no immediate reports of casualties the attack comes less than a week after the u.n. brokered a fragile truce among really rival groups fighting for control of tripoli. reports from libya's capital. i'm a tiger airport is the only operational airport in the libyan capital tripoli and authorities there have decided to hold a v.a. ssion in the airport and divert all flights to the airport of misrata a city that is around two hundred kilometers to the east from the libyan capital tripoli that is full and there as for rockets that landed close to the airport and authorities there say that they're worried that the stray rockets might hurt or might affect or my damage the airports or the planes there now this is the second time a vision in may to get airport has been halted in two weeks between that's because
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of the clashes going on in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli now and you movement calls itself the tripoli use of the use of the libyan capital tripoli has claimed responsibility for attacking him eighty get airport it also says that it will continue targeting a mighty good airport until the airport is handed over to the government and the special attendance force that is the force controlling the airport leaves the area now the latest this latest development might affect the cease fire agreement that has been brokered by the united nations between rival groups and also in another development sporadic fighting has been renewed between rival groups in the southern suburbs of the libyan capital tripoli and statements and counter statements between rival groups really hurt this is agreement there is a fear among civilians in the capital tripoli of a stray rockets that might land in densely populated areas especially with this
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threat of targeting and airport and the area surrounding the airport. lebanon's prime minister designate has flown to the netherlands to hear the closing arguments in his father's assassination trial saad hariri said he is not seeking revenge for the massive bomb blast eighteen years ago which killed rafik hariri and twenty one others four members of the armed group has were being tried in their absence then a harder reports from the netherlands. the closing arguments are the final step before judges issue their verdict that is not expected until sometime next year the assassination trial of lebanon's prime minister if you can head he began in early two thousand and fourteen the prosecution is meant taining its argument that the syrian government was at the heart of the plot which was carried out by members of the political armed party has below these men are being tried in their absence from the un backed tribunals. the two thousand and five assassination was
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a political earthquake that tore lebanese society apart political and sectarian divisions that emerged continue until today how do you do as the leader of the sunni community and the suspects belong to a shia group his son and political heir three time prime minister saddle had eighty flew to the hague for the culmination of the trial he is in a difficult position has been and its allies gamed political power at his expense had he said the perpetrators will face justice sooner or later but added he needs to put his feelings aside as prime minister designate. it took a long time for justice to be served but maybe time allowed us to be more rational i'll deal with this issue as a responsible official who has the responsibility to protect the country and the lebanese people. the prosecution said his father's killing was politically motivated because he wanted to end syria's domination of lebanon the court appointed defense challenge what it described as circumstantial evidence the
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prosecution says analysis of mobile phone network calls undeniably links the suspects to the attack and they had been monitoring heavies movements for months prosecuting lawyers say phone lines stopped working moments before the massive bomb blast in beirut the court has again asked lebanese authorities to carry out their obligation and arrest the defendants and transfer them to the hague to face trial but has by law which is the most powerful political party and military force in the country has vowed that the suspects will never. he caught twenty one other people were killed and dozens injured in the assassination for many the suspects are not the only ones who should be tried and. they didn't act alone there are definitely people backing them they should be handed over to justice so that we know the people behind them who played a bigger role the truth is what harry's family and his supporters have been demanding for years but some of them fear political stability may take precedence over justice at least if the prevailing balance of power doesn't change. the hague
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. civilians are paying a higher price than ever before in the war in afghanistan seven thousand eight hundred civilians were killed in the first six months of this year the highest figure since the u.n. started keeping records thousands more are wounded often with life changing injuries reports from kabul. the clunk of the missile against the parched afghan countryside. a village seven children between four and thirteen years old from a single family lost limbs one morning in april. in gaza you. might imagine we found a bomb and started playing with one of exploded i saw blood everywhere i didn't feel anything at the time when i looked at my leg it was cut off and then i fell to the ground. for the go families villages in eastern province on the frontlines in
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the fights between the taliban and government forces the children heard gunfire and explosions during the night the next morning they found an unexploded bomb curious they played with us and once they got out to my home i heard the sort of the explosion i ran towards the place i saw the children and they were scattered here then after a while i took one of my daughters a diet about seven of my children lost their legs the explosion killed four people including four year old maoist twin sister and her mother british nearly all casualties from unexploded bombs in afghanistan the children yet there were many like the go family flocked to cities for treatment turning to the red cross and charities for long term support. some going to fly fast official limbs to be fitted when they stumps of heels the goal children are preferred to be harm in the village worried they'll get behind in school if they're away for too long. after all
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these problems. we would like that there should be peace in the fighting should and because there is no benefit in the fighting what i have lost all others like me have lost many more will also lose thirteen year old on the far right now a double amputee and will ship bound carries on thank you for you can see all seven of us are amputees if the pace comes in our country won't bring us back our legs but it will benefit other people. in a province peace is particularly elusive there are many taliban in ice will fight is they fight each other and they fight the government from april to june one hundred sixty civilians were killed in a half and nearly five hundred wounded most of those casualties were no accident. i saw the last three quarters of the fighters and afghan and american operations last year in response they targeted civilians and urban areas
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a strategy born out of desperation but one that civilians a must live with. kabul. still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour and new exhibition in london looks at how emoji is could be used in the fight against malaria and in sport they may be said to call us to walk out but there was no non-class between the u.s. and mexico in a so-called friendly match. the weather as per usual is loss a fine and dry across the right in place that get a good deal all of the middle east further north we have got a fair amount of cloud just rolling between the black sea and the caspian sea but even here in the caucasus it should be largely dry can't quite say the same for turkey it was a chart of wanted to show us to the western side of the country and then pushing
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a little further east as we go through friday south. that present sunshine around that eastern side of my twenty nine celsius in beirut but the hot sunshine continues for baghdad and also for kuwait city warm enough across the reagan potential fine and dry here highs here in doha of around forty one celsius over the next couple days fabulous time of year of course and that pleasant weather will continue right into the weekend and beyond meanwhile this present across a good parts of southern africa largely clear skies a little bit of a cloud just drifting over towards the eastern cape but for the most part it does that fine and dry something might just see one or two showers a lapping along the coastal shores as we go through friday but these will make their way further east and much of the region will be dry fine and sunny they want to sunshine is showers across central parts of africa all the way to the west.
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police suspect a lone gunman is behind fifteen unsolved shootings in the city all targeting immigrants an ethnic minority and an attempted murder on a young life friday evening at least we're out in full force again after another man was shot out last cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution or the victim's sister strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused unless his two serial killer a witness documentary on al-jazeera in germany's capital there's a barber like no other. truck cross what you have. but as his city changes he's moving with the time. and going on the roads. the stories you don't often hear told by the people who live there. the master barber of berlin this is an al-jazeera.
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the end. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the european parliament has for the first time voted to punish hungry for flouting democratic rules four hundred forty eight members approved the measure which is known as article seven and set into text in place a series of sanctions that could end with hungary losing its voting rights the un says unprecedented numbers of people have been forced from their homes in syria more than a million so far this year most are in the last rebel held province a commission is urging major powers to avoid a massacre there and fighting has resumed in the many city of her data even as the
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u.n. envoy martin griffith arrives in the region hoping to restock peace talks meanwhile u.s. secretary of state my palm pale has told congress the saudi and iraqi coalition is working to avoid civilian casualties that certification is required for us on sales to both countries to continue. now u.s. president donald trump assigned an executive order authorizing sanctions against foreigners who meddle in u.s. elections let's go straight to our white house correspondent kimberly holcomb in washington for more so kimberly it seems another effort from the top administration to look tough for an election security what more can you tell us about this order and why now. yeah why now has a lot to do with the upcoming congressional elections taking place in november that are pivotal will control the determine which party democrats or republicans controls congress and could really determine whether or not donald trump continues with his agenda so it's a pivotal election but also there is a lot of nervousness in the united states about the integrity of u.s.
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elections given that multiple intelligence agencies since two thousand and sixteen of concluded that russia interfered in the twenty sixteen presidential vote so this executive order is has been signed what it does is that basically sets up a mechanism that if in fact there is and it is determined by the intelligence agencies that there is election meddling we should point out that the concerns by the administration don't just include russia but also include north korea china iran and those of the four nations that were named in terms of potential threats then once this mechanism is in place it would be very easy then to level penalties if there is found to be conclusive evidence of election meddling so what happens then if election meddling is confirmed what are the penalties precisely. yeah so in a background call with reporters the national security advisor john bolton as well as the director of national intelligence dan coats said that essentially what would
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happen is that there be a ninety day period where there would be a process of the various agencies determining if in fact the concerns are credible and if that is found to be the case sanctions would be put in place so we would have these coming from the department of treasury department of state and those sanctions could be very severe they'd be calibrated to term and basically on just how severe the threat was or how much meddling was determined to be the case and those sanctions could include in fact the freezing of assets so the white house being very clear moving forward that the u.s. will not tolerate election meddling and this is the some of the action they're taking to counter that kimberly thank you very much for that committee hocket my for us in washington and we're going to stay in the u.s. and is a monster storm heading towards the east coast donald trump is urging americans to take the storm seriously calling it a big one more than a million people in coastal areas have been ordered to get out of the path of hurricane florence forecasters expect two hundred forty kilometers an hour winds
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and flooding in north and south combine a in the next few days here's more of the president's warning thema and first responders are out there they're going to stand through the danger of this storm get out of its way don't play games with it it's a big one we want you safe get out of the storm's way listen to your local representatives south carolina north carolina virginia tech in your way it's probably not going to change. it's going to be hitting pretty soon be ready and god be with you jay gray has more from north carolina. the storm right now tracking toward this area and it looks like landfall is going to be sometime early friday morning maybe around daybreak and then it appears that the storm is just going to linger and that sets up a scenario for what could be a stork flooding not only here on the coast but inland as well so
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a lot of people boarding up using fan bags to try and prevent that flooding and then packing up and moving to higher ground that's the good news a lot of people trying to get out of the way before florence moves in it's really troubling especially for a lot of those first responders and and the officials here on the ground who are just really at this point almost begging people to change their minds while they have time the window of opportunity to get ready or get out is going to start closing pretty rapidly today i think by the end of the day conditions just won't allow for people to move out of it'll be too rough and so that's why they're really urging this morning for the people who are remaining and i think most of gone but those who are still here to get out. asian leaders meeting at the world economic forum in vietnam made a veiled criticism of the united states which is involved in a worsening trade dispute with china the criticism was led by china's vice premier who said protectionism must be rejected when hear reports on the vietnamese capital
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hanoi. the theme of this forum is embracing new technologies but embracing free and multilateral trade quickly became the main talking points. the world economy is picking up but uncertainty is on the rise particularly with some countries protectionist and unilateral measures the gravely undermining rules post multilateral trade posing a very serious hazard to the world's economy. he didn't mention it by name but china's vice premier was clearly criticizing the united states amid a worsening trade dispute between the two countries with predominantly export manufacturing late economies southeast asian nations will be affected by the like for like tariffs but it's clear they favor china's multilateral trade philosophy over bilateral deals being pursued by the united states southeast asian countries planned the sixteen nation trade deal known as the regional comprehensive economic partnership it's now backed by china but excludes the us us young is also working
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with like minded partners to strengthen the open. trading system it's a system that is under growth and stability but is under pressure through it. and that's why our. progress on the regional comprehensive economic partnership and hope good to reverse that financial conclusion to the r.c.p. by the end of this year. is not yet a sure. china is also at the center of territorial disputes with several countries in the south china sea where around five trillion dollars worth of trade is shipped each year with the chinese government claims almost the entire area and is fortified several islands and reefs that are also claimed by the likes of the philippines brunei and vietnam despite the tension china is vietnam's biggest trading partner and it also wants good relations with the united states both in trade and security but the tariff war between china and the us is likely to push
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hanoi closer to beijing away from trade this is on sun suit cheese first major public appearance since a damning u.n. report last month on the ringgit crisis and the state council made no mention of the minority here all the accusations of genocide wayne hay al jazeera hanoi. it's been a busy day at the eastern economic forum in last talked china's president xi jinping and his russian counterpart vladimir putin vowed to work together to ensure regional stability and there were also a few other surprises us. a lot of our stock has been russia's window on the pacific since ships like these come on to the oceans the city's name means owner of the east that's more ambition the reality there have always been larger powers in the region a lot of your stock is much closer to beijing tokyo and seoul than it is to russia's own capital moscow so it makes sense to reach out to asian countries from here and since russia's isolation from the west escalated in two thousand and
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fourteen has become a strategic necessity creating the eastern economic forum was one response to that shift flying in for the fourth year of the annual forum for the prime ministers of japan and south korea as well as the presidents of mongolia and china the main focus of russia's attention. we should strengthen trust for the sake of peace and stability in the region even complex changes underway in the international situation the politics of force unilateral approaches and protectionism are rearing their heads that was clearly a dig at u.s. trade policy but the americans have allies here the japanese prime minister spoke up for the u.s. president's approach to north korea. president donald trump in gauge the confidence building with chairman. you also shared with him the broad future that would emerge through denuclearization and urged him to take action and doing so he dumped
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a new approach that no one else had tried before with russia and japan have a seventy year old dispute over the korea that's prevented them formally ending the second world war but saying the idea had just occurred to him putin suggested turning the disagreement on its head that would lead sign a peace treaty not now but before the end of the year. without any preconditions i haven't asked the audience to support me with applause but i'm grateful for the support ok and then based on this peace treaty trying to solve all the remaining issues later as friends putin likes to throw such surprises it also highlights what events like this one can be used for as the name implies this forum is all stance of lee about economics but the presence of so many presidents and prime minister shows it has diplomatic value to this is a chance for them to meet and talk together in a relatively unpressurized environment snopes summit style of genders here and as a useful way to explore regional problems and perhaps find solutions that have
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otherwise eluded them or retellings al-jazeera but people stuck. people in ghana have been paying their respects to one of the country's most famous sons former u.n. secretary general kofi annan early as steady stream of mourners tales past his coffin at a ceremony in across the nobel peace laureate who was the un's first black african leader died last month after a brief brief illness at the age of eighty a state funeral for kofi annan will be held on things straight. still ahead on al-jazeera in sport find out what happens when a sprinting champion is put in a virtual zero gravity environment.
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welcome back from dozens of smiley faces to individual examples of sushi emote cheese have become part of the way we communicate they're invented in japan where a complex alphabet made texting difficult now they're being used in art exhibitions and in the fight against malaria emma heywood reports from london. a picture can paint a thousand words happy thoughtful even horrified with one tap there's a short cut to human emotion and emote cheese and now making it into the art world at a new exhibition in london artist and one khattala is exploring their impact on society a video loop of a conversation and silicone emerges play out to show how a few words and symbols can change the way we talk think and we act written languages.


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