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tv   The Master Barber Of Berlin  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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these copyright filters and every false positive is going to be an opportunity for you to get back in line and beg someone at the platforms for permission to make your work public most of the upload fee i mean you've given a lot of examples but mainly people tend to talk about music as the product that gets you know that usually gets discussed the most the link tax though would also affect news and that would create another set of problems what are they. yeah so the idea here is that a newspaper will get to decide who can link to its content and therefore who can criticize its content who can discuss its content they can charge anything they want for that license to link and if you're on a platform and you want to link to something that's in the news your ability to do so will be contingent on whether the people who own the platform negotiated a license with the people who own the site the directors very badly written it doesn't include a definition really of link it says using more than one consecutive word from the article as an on a loud link it also doesn't tell you what
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a new site is all twenty eight member sites will get to make up their own definition of a news site which means that we're going to race to the bottom where the platforms comply with the most restrictive definition of what constitutes the news and there's many problems with this for one thing it's going to snuff out a lot of the smaller sites where news is published but it includes commentary and people won't be able to get licenses to lincoln for their commentary which means fewer opportunities for working journalists but it also means that fake news which is going to be. posted on sites that are you know owned by shadowy figures who are never going to send a demand letter for linking to them that's news will be readily linkable whereas the official rebuttals from reliable news sources will only be linkable if you have permission so if you're on some fringy site where you're talking with your friends and one of them post something ridiculous like you know vaccines cause autism or you know refugees are implicated in more crimes than native born people and you want to rebut them with an article that's from a reliable source they can link to the rubbish news but you can't link to the
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reliable news which i'm sure is exactly the opposite of what the european parliament wanted to achieve so be very interesting to see how this legislation is applied in practice obviously a lot of holes with it is as you've just explained to us we have to leave it there cory doctorow speaking to us from los angeles thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us thank you well still ahead in this news hour one of the world's leader. walks us through the process. and then. their fears scorching rivalry onto the football pitch will be here shortly. business updates. going places together.
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business updates. going places together.
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i've respected of the work of one of the world's great architects opens on saturday in london italian principia know the signed this building the shard where they were has its studios in london the new whitney museum in new york and the council in japan jessica baldwin went to the royal academy to take a look you've probably seen or even visited a building designed by renzo piano museums concert halls skyscrapers by the italian architects scouter the world. the buildings are beautiful critically acclaimed how does piano do it it all starts with a quick sketch in green marker he says then it's the context the neighborhood the strength and the spirit of the community you try to understand the change to shift
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over to fight the fear of the war and you believe that say. it all began with the pompidou center in paris shocking when it was designed in the seventy's with richard rogers it reflects the turmoil of nine hundred sixty eight the establishment turned inside out by student riots piano is most proud of his public buildings used to understand that this is for society. just don't go for the. single that may they fear that by doing what you do you can change the rule the shard london's tallest building was a technological challenge a relatively small piece of land up against railway lines and a thirteenth century church the buildings eleven thousand glass panels reflect the city's icy skies making iron cement and industrial glass appear delicate the
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building of classic renzo piano radical design the latest technology and it reflects a time in history with london and edgy confident city attracting attention from around the world. the recent bridge collapse in piano's native genoa has left him bereft he's offered to design a new bridge to reconnect the port city a bridge falling is that just because those are for once if old wise the beautiful and the symbol of the four of these could actually be a bridge is the opposite of the more. bridges should never fall and walls should never go up that's true and uganda piano is building and funding a children's hospital builders are using an ancient clay technique it's sustainable cheap and local reflecting pianos belief that increasingly good architecture must
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also take good care of the planet jessica baldwin al-jazeera london it's time to get all the sports news now here's paul. barbara thank you very much well germany's reigning elim pick cycling champion christina vogel spoken in public for the first time about the training crash that left her paralyzed saying she accepts she will never walk again vogel who won truck sprint gold at the past two olympics only revealed the extent of her injuries last week in berlin on wednesday she said the other cyclists involved in the crash in june have not contacted the twenty seven year old had her spinal cord severed in the accident. when my shoes walked away without me noticing that someone took them off i knew i would never walk again it sounds scary but i realized quickly that i wouldn't walk again waking up from a coma and hearing the diagnosis was for me like ok it's maybe better to think that
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it could never really get better because it never will finish as i said i am free and i want to remain so i don't blame anyone for it others are investigating the incident for me and i'm happy that there is an investigation going on the dutch cyclists association didn't contact me yet neither did the cyclist time will bring a solution for the us open champion i mean soccer's says she wasn't too sure what was going on when serino williams had a war of words with the umpire during their final williams was ultimately given three warnings including a point game deduction but speaking on the ellen de jarrett the generous show excuse me or soccer says the heat of the moment brought its own challenges says. that show's proud of and i should know that the feeling so i was fairly happy but you knew the crowd wasn't doing it you're right they were just doing the whole situation that it was just right did you did you think they were booing you know at
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the time i did kind of think they were burned or no. because i couldn't tell is going on because it's just so loud and then right there is a little bit stressful. well mixed race fans in japan are celebrating a circus achievement many of them feel they finally have a hero to look up to a sucker's mother is japanese while her father is haitian still to go. because i really hated being different from other people when i was in elementary school i kept wondering why i was a different color from other people in hoping i could become the same as everyone else. i would bullied at school and became a little cynical but move doesn't seem to be like that at all i think she's great as a woman and as a person of. the pittsburgh pirates have put a slight dent in the scent louis cardinals hopes of picking up a wild card place for the major league baseball playoffs on wednesday the cardinals actually took a one nothing lead before the pirates stole the show four runs without reply from
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pittsburgh with jacob stallings driving in three got them a forty three winston lewis are still in the lead for the second national league wild card but are only two games ahead of the los angeles dodgers now. but being the country's president puts a lot of power in the hands of one person but not many pick themselves to caps in their national football team that is unless you're liberia's leader george why a former world player of the year the fifty one year old in the whites here not quite as a jolly's a used to be but still not bad as he warmed up before captaining liberia in a friendly against nigeria this much was organized specially to retire his famous number fourteen shirt he was sworn in as president in january and security a bit more beefed up than usual when the teams walked out this was him running down the wing early in the game he didn't end up scoring but he did last most of the match clapped off as a substitute in the seventy ninth minutes while he was a striker for ac milan paris and chelsea and is still the only african ever to win
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features world player of the year back in one thousand nine hundred five liberia lost the match to one. well as wyatt retires his shirt his son tim way is right at the start of his career the eighteen year old he plays for his dad's old club p.s.g. and was born in new york represented the usa against mexico on choose day in nashville well he didn't make much of an impact when it came down to the game the key moment was mexico's of the of are being shown a straight red card for a nasty looking tackle on u.s. captain will trap who was lucky to avoid serious injury the u.s. went on to win with a goal here from tyler adams his first international strike securing us his first win over mexico three years. now it's one of the biggest rivalries in sports on the cricket or hockey field but india and pakistan as footballers have shown they aren't shy a bit of a bit of confrontation either friendly feeling between the teams that wasn't helped
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by india going three nil up in this south asian suzuki cup semifinal india are the defending champions at the tournament in bangladesh. a tussle between india's. and pakistan's most scene alley and should both sides would end up with ten men pakistan did manage to pull one back final score three want to india so they face the maldives in the final on saturday. france's world cup winning captain it hugo lawrie says pleaded guilty to a drink driving charge the thirty one year old goalkeeper has been banned from driving for twenty months and fined sixty three thousand dollars the tottenham player failed a breathalyzer in the early hours of august the twenty fourth in london. the first day of the men's volleyball world championship and once they saw cameroon outplay reigning african champions tunisia the west africans have never done better than a thirteenth place finish up the worlds but they had a convincing win over their rivals from the north three nil in the italian city of
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bari. this tournament being joint jointly hosted by italy and bulgaria defending champions poland after winning start as our number one ranked team brazil the world's second ranked team in the u.s. mounted a successful comeback after going to sets to want down against serbia. now eight time olympic sprint gold medalist hussein bolt defied much sporting logic during his record breaking career but not even the jamaican can defy gravity on wednesday bolt was rendered white less in a microgravity plane above france during the two hour flight the thirty two year old attempted a short bash but as you can see he struggled to really get going now that his rivals would have much preferred this version of bolt during his running days. and that's all your sport will have more lighter back to barbara in london thanks so much and that is it for this hour marie you can check out our website if you
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want to find that more on all the stories that we have been covering there it is the address al jazeera dot com in our top story of course they vote to punish hunger i'm going to have more on bad and everything else in just a few minutes here on out is there a state this. ugandan pop star turned politician now charged with treason but released on bail empowering people is the only way one that never again the president be king in uganda robert chug lonnie aiki
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a bobby winder talks to al-jazeera. the new poll ranks mexico city as the pull worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you. boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse now mahdi army uses a new service it's called learn droit it's for women passages only drawn by women drivers. extra features like a panic button and twenty. drivers. pass pass by. travels the road to mexico raising ecological when. creative solutions to the country's most remote. demonstrated.
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by deep in the struggle for a better speech to the. past passed by. parts of the viewfinder in america seen on al-jazeera. the new parliament votes the punish hungry for persistently breaching the blocks core values the first time it's all good to take such action. hello there barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up u.n. investigators say war crimes are being committed against civilians in syria where
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internal displacement has reached preston levels russia's president says the two suspects in the poisoning of. torture in the u.k. are civilians and not military intelligence president trump issues an executive order authorizing sanctions again. foreigners who beddoe in u.s. elections. hungry says it will challenge proceedings against it for breaking rules on democracy and civil rights this after the european parliament voted by a large majority to take punitive action which could lead to a hungry losing its voting rights a number of concerns were raised about what the prime minister viktor orban himself called his liberal democracy they include the independence of the judiciary the us previously warned about the or by the government's attempt to control the
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constitutional court freedom of expression the prime minister and his friends have taken control of much of the country's media academic freedom the liberal philanthropist george soros as open society foundations has been forced out of the country and there are fears budapest's central european university may be next plus the rights of minorities migrants and refugees the government has refused to accept asylum seekers and passed laws criminalizing organizations that help them with a live report stuff from strasburg. there was applause as members of the european parliament voted to punish hungry for breaching e.u. values for the first time they agreed to article seven a procedure that could lead to budapest losing its e.u. voting rights it was nice dodge lawmakers report on hungary took a decision we've seen the democracy in hungary deteriorate since two thousand and
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ten. press freedom is not guaranteed the judiciary has lost independence academic freedom is share is falling down. the vote is unlikely to surprise hungary's far right anti immigration prime minister he and the e.u. have clashed repeatedly over the years. victor brand has accused the european parliament of trying to blackmail him to change his ways and in budapest his foreign minister has dismissed the vote saying hungary is being unfairly targeted who like you for your own parliament today should have been in parliament decision was nothing else but at revenge of pro immigration politicians against hungary. outside put a pests parliament anti government campaigners protested mad all of them in that are best opened talks about everything on tuesday but not the reality here in hungry everything is always about migration it's to full heard gary and and they
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swallow it by going through their own fears is true it's not a distortion the government have been changing the law step by step i think because they want to hold on to power the e.u. will issue hungry with a formal warning before deciding whether to strip it of its voting rights such a move would damage hungary's international reputation but this supporter says it could actually bolster leadership in the long term mr obama coming so be a winner of this journey because he can establish a new platform vid in the european peoples but the can make new alliances in europe and through that it can increase his influence on the european domestic politics for now pro european politicians are celebrating but their victory may be short lived the vote has highlighted the growing divisions in the e.u. that threaten the bloke's very existence and its future natasha bottler al-jazeera
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strassburg france was a figure stand as director of the center for social and political risk she said the vote is an example of the e.u. stuff stance on the rule of law. i think there is symbolic value in this it's taken the the e.u. a really long time to get to this point there's been a lot of negotiations behind closed doors a lot of conversations directly with hungry through all sorts of different forms and really it's this is the end of the road and i think the symbolic power here is that you're saying he's a bit of truth to our bite they're saying it's not enough just to be a member you have to share our values and our principles and this we know very strong focus on the countries being admitted into the new and all the checks and balances that go on in that process one chilean it's been very difficult to hold countries to account the actual practical process is there still create many obstacles but i think this is the e.u.
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is standing up together and saying enough is enough. u.n. investigators say they've documented three more cases of the syrian government using chlorine weapons which constitute war crimes they also highlighted that unprecedented numbers of people were forced from their homes in the first half of this year most are enabling the last rebel held province needs baka reports now from geneva the syrian war is harming the syrian people on a massive scale the u.s. international commission of inquiry on syria says fighting displace more than a million men women and children in six major battles nationwide between january and july levels not seen before in the seven year conflict if as many diplomats expect as an escalation of the syrian government offensive in italy province to try
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and capture the last remaining rebel stronghold it could trigger a massive exodus of civilians you offered to them thousand. i meant people terrorists and. three million population will be the price to fight off plus you don't have any figures for it to get serious but something has to be done to protect the rights of the three million people or one million children if we had little goes the same way as we've seen in other places then it's a complete failure of the international system and it's a complete failure of many of us to be able to prevent work we've seen happening time and again the u.n. commission blames all sides of the conflict for violations of the syrian government for again firing the banned chemical weapon for gas using rockets made in iran.
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turkish forces for palming a medical convoy and an archaeological site in the battle for african and kurdish fighters for attacking a psychiatric hospital it's hope that all the analysis carried out by the commission of inquiry on syria will one day lay the groundwork for legal proceedings against those accused of war crimes and of violating human rights in the hope that when the war is finally over the guilty will be brought to justice but with peers growing up an imminent assault an eclipse the u.n. is preparing for an even larger humanitarian crisis. al-jazeera geneva yemeni government forces backed by a saudi led coalition have seized two major rebel supply routes into the key port city of how data fighting has once again broken out in the city one who the rebels and fighters loyal to the government are battling for control last week he won brokered peace talks aimed at preventing an escalation of violence collapsed the u.n. envoy t.m.
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and said he'll be visiting the region in the hope of securing commitments to continue the talks andrew symonds has been following the story from neighboring. there are no details on casualty figures and whether or not civilians are involved but multiple reports suggest that the fighting has escalated again around the city of her data it's rebel held by the hooters and they are reliant on a supply route between the port city and san are their capital now the report suggests that that supply route has been cut to the point a checkpoint called kilo sixteen also reports the kilo ten further towards the city has also been breached cuts by government for the forces they are aided by the saudi us a e led coalition mounting strong asterix all around the area now we're hearing that the hoochie rebels have responded with a counter attack using artillery and other weaponry and that fighting has been very
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harsh indeed now beyond this beyond this whole issue of this route that delivers aid and arms and supplies to the rebels is the problem of how martin griffiths the un special envoy can possibly get traction again for any form of peace talks or talks about talks involving diplomats and the fighters he is shy jeweled to be in amman and moving on from there hopefully he thinks to sana'a and from there to riyadh but as he knows the chances of getting a breakthrough seem quite limited. well meanwhile u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. has said he certified the congress that saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are working to avoid harming civilians in yemen this means the u.s. can continue to provide support to its saudi and iraq he allies from peo statement
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follows a string of coalition airstrikes which have killed dozens of civilians including many children the conflict is widely seen as a proxy battle between regional rivals saudi arabia and iran. one of the russians named by the u.k. as a suspect in the circus crippled poisoning says he may make a public statement next week that's according to russian state t.v. it comes after president vladimir putin announced that the russian authorities had located the two men who he said are both civilians so negotiate go has more. a convenient time for russia's president to announce his government doesn't know the suspects in the ski power poisoning case taking advantage of the international attention and bloody vostok planted question granted this response. we have looked at who these people are we know who they are now we found them i
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hope that they show up and speak for themselves that would be better for everyone there is nothing special criminal there i can assure you that in time we will see civilians. billions. of course civilians one russian state television channel said it had spoken to one of them he declined to comment on the case for now saying only that he wants for a pharmaceutical company in the siberian city of tomsk and would perhaps speak next week just last week british prosecutors identified the men they said were russian military intelligence officers operating under the aliases alexander petroff and bullshit of the pair casually dressed boarded a flight from moscow to london on march second staying at a hotel in east london before heading to the city where the poisoning took place c.c.t.v. footage captured the moves at several locations including at the train station on the day of the attack later that night they returned to moscow.


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