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yes. and for you. live from studio here at headquarters in doha. welcome to the news it is hong kong and china turns a field. and that means millions of people moved out of harm's way but in its wake devastation in the philippines fifty three people have now been confirmed dead we will have the latest on. tropical depression florence and the u.s. which is parked. in
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the capital for another attempt to bring. together the talks but at the same time in the port city of spin a targeted attack by coalition forces on the main supply route into. and in france we report on a gypsy community her neighborhood is under threat the local council wants to modernize this area. regeneration shouldn't. journalists protests for press freedom. have all the reaction to the story next to the show isn't the hash tag. with the news streaming online through you tube facebook. makes its presence felt in china this sunday with reports of
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a. at least two people killed actually in its wake fifty three people now confirmed to have died in the philippines it's been an incredibly destructive storm and so preparations have been made in china accordingly in the province hundreds of thousands of homes have been evacuated two million people are being given shelter fifty thousand fishing boats have been recalled to port all because mankind is carrying winds of one hundred eighty five kilometers an hour with torrential downpours it is looking like this year's worst storm here's where the typhoon is right now actually here is where it was earlier on sunday and i'm going to run the animation from here and you'll see as it moves closer towards land hits the land does start to lose a bit of strength and break up a little bit and that has it's well there is the forecast into monday now where it would have dissipated by then but the amount of rain it would have brought and well i'm told destruction at this point that is what we're waiting to see in china before reaching china though it was hong kong's turn and sara clock was there for
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us. the eye of the typhoon herschel towards hong kong bringing with it down force winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour roofs were blown off and windows in some high rise buildings were blown out trees were sent flying this crime was ripped from the building and collapsed this is amazing never seen the like this it's it's eerie to see hong kong nobody walking around roads were closed and businesses locked up hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes in low lying areas with nine hundred flights were canceled interrupting travel plans for thousands of passengers most people bunkered down and stayed indoors some of those who braved the weather was swept off their feet the city was paralyzed and forced into lockdown by the worst storm in hong kong for more than a decade old home is prone to still events and type things but this one has caught many by surprise the strength of the winds history could shoot swells across the harbor. in diving it is in the sense of lots of the season. these waterfront hotels
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were flooded as wives pounded the coastline the only movement on the harbor was this ship adrift all schools will be closed on monday the typhoon is now headed towards mainland china. directly in its path. al-jazeera hong kong. and in addition to everything on the ground or healer problems in the air there's a lot of conversation about online as well kemal typhoon monkhood is actually trending in southeast asia people are documenting the destruction around them and posting it all online it's become a nightmare especially for travelers cathay pacific and cathay dragon canceled all flights in and out of hong kong on sunday with winds reaching one hundred fifty kilometers an hour and lines before the council one thousand two hundred flights out of hong kong and this is what it looks like when you're the only one that's an airport burns took this picture of a check in counter at hong kong international airport earlier we spoke to him he's
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trying to get to the philippines but is just camping out now waiting for the storm to pass. i'm here from the airport and then my flight was kind said yesterday he said trying to book myself you know what though but i feel yeah it's almost certain for people and it's quite. weird here in hong kong and they're very. and for me. and come on here in hong kong it's a baby easy airport but now it's. like a ghost town. while i want to play on saturday cathay pacific flew its first airbus a three fifty to dulles airport in washington d.c. it is the longest route ever a fifteen hour journey now that same plane is stuck there because of the storm a cow they said is expecting a gradual return to normal flight operations starting on monday subject of course
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to weather conditions and we spoke to alex smith charis an airline analyst he's actually in china stuck there because of the typhoon here's what he had to say but a thai food such as this is a kind of harsh reminder that no matter what airlines have in mind mother nature will always dictate as to how smoothly the process of flying in to travel will run here in grand shower this is one of the busiest ports in china and we're very close to also hit by the typhoon hong kong and the skies have been absolutely empty and the reason that's significant is because these are two airports that would typically be home to a mass number of flights each hour a combination of passenger and of course cargo given that here in grange as one of the largest exporters for china. there is a much can do for passengers they have to wait for airlines they have to wait and notably the safety is always the number one priority and ultimately everybody
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myself included we're just playing the waiting game when if your flight has been impacted by the typhoon to let us know which any of these top forms use the hash tag aging is great thanks airports actually not the only things closed down for the first time ever the government in nearby macau has closed all the casinos and that's basically the whole economy right there the city issued its highest storm alert on sunday last year officials were criticized for how they handle a typhoon which actually killed twelve people. but backtrack a bit now look at the philippines people are just trying to assess the damage that monk has left in its wake and as we mentioned at least fifty three people killed and that death toll is expected to rise others are still missing and thirty miners are believed to be trapped under a lang slide in calgary and province that is where jamil and organise. to witness for ourselves the strength and scale of thankful monk which devastation into ghent province we jus northeast this is the town of where hundreds of civilians were
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evacuated from their homes days before the typhoon hit landfall. learned the end her eighty three year old grandmother passed left their house of forty eight hours before the storm struck they survived but now they're afraid to go home. to be poor is to stouffer we're just corn farmers and now we have lost our home to we have to borrow from creditors now just so we can start over. farmlands and now submerged in flood waters schools used as evacuation centers are also damaged. we drove further to reach the town of get around this is what's left of cornfields here a few hours of a typhoon took a year of their earnings a painful for farmers here super typhoon monk a battered much of northern luzon leaving a trail of diff and destruction. across the
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gun power and communication lines have been destroyed leaving many farming communities isolated after several hours we reached the town. he took two years for jason and linda lean on to build just the frame of their home but it's all gone in an instant and. it hurts to see this because just to recover what we lost we have to make painful sacrifices again indigenous comanches like this one have been living in abject poverty for generations and they are held back even further by natural disasters that is because the government assistance they need to start over is barely enough farming is their livelihood now they don't know how they can survive their story is one that's repeated a hundred times and more the damage into the province is extensive. what we've
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just seen so far is just a fraction of the devastation by footman couetise caused the full extent will become known in the coming days. jim duggan al jazeera cook in providence northern philippines as mentioned before you should get in touch with us as well contact details coming up on screen right now as are just looking at the live stream at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera lots of you sending prayers for people in china and hong kong in the philippines a lot of that coming from the usa and actually who was it stephanie who's watching on facebook life facebook dot com slash al-jazeera has said american media isn't even mentioning this typhoon because of course we have a hurricane here in the carolinas which leads us on of course to the latest from the u.s. east coast where what was hurricane florence has now been downgraded to tropical depression florence but don't let the name change make you think the danger is gone away storm categories are usually to do with wind speeds the problem with florence
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is the amount of rain it is bringing here is an update from the al-jazeera online team. fresh warmer. don't drive. on moving water. this is one major source of concern the cape fear river meteorologist predict that it could reach flood levels as soon as sunday morning crafting three days later and
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the flood waters they could linger for a week. villa north carolina now a christian. christian you probably actually heard yourself just briefly there a little clip of you in that social video we were playing and actually what i was looking at there was that the water levels behind you it looks like that has come up a lot in just twenty four hours. absolutely we are standing a little ways away from that same location and the water levels have just risen tremendously yesterday we were standing down there where it's all flooded we've
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been able to just watch the water rise before our very eyes in the last twenty four hours the rain has been so relentless here in fayetteville and across much of north carolina it started two days ago but for the last twenty four hours it's been really pounding and driving and of course that's what has officials concerned they're worried about flooding and along the cape fear river here anyone who lives within a mile of it as well as another river called little river they've been asked to evacuate in the next couple of hours of course the issue is roads are already getting flooded the governor of north carolina says every road in the state is pretty much at risk of flooding at this point you can't take anything for granted some major highways have portions of them shut down so getting anywhere is tricky but if you live near the rivers authorities are warning that's what you need to do you need to take precautions and to get out of the way there's one hundred fifty seven shelters open statewide last i heard twenty thousand people were taking advantage of that and that doesn't include all the people who want to stay with
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family and friends who live in high ground or are saying in hotels as well. the concern again is just how long this is going to be here and people getting complacent and not wanting to leave their home because it as much as a bad rainstorm it feels like a rainstorm but those river right levels are really rising and rising quickly and then he told her when relief might be insights kristen as to when that rain might seize up. well even here in the fayetteville area they're saying the worst of the rain should be over by this evening with lingering showers perhaps into the next day or two but as the stair storm moves westward you know it's going to continuing to pour rain there are more evacuations are being called in other counties farther inland and all of that water is feeding these streams and sending the water rushing down to areas like this so it's going to be a couple days authorities again urging people to be very cautious just because of the unpredictable nature of where things are going preston i've said it before
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yourself inside and some shelter christine from me live in fayetteville in north carolina don't forget as well the weather page down to zero dot com older news on monk on florence on whichever of the storm forms next plus geotagging as well will give you the weather in your part of the world automatically click the more venue at the top of the more bottom of the top the weather was right down the end of the drop down menu what's just like that now the un's envoy to yemen has arrived in the capital sanaa and meet leading hooty rebels off to talks aimed at ending yemen's three naafi a war collapsed before they even began last week while the rebels and show up i blamed the saudi led coalition with banks the government saying it stopped them from traveling griffiths is hoping to get the talks back on track but he landed just as a new wave of coalition air strikes was actually launched targeting hooty positions
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in a data province. in fact these reporting more than thirty five a strike since early sunday morning the coalition saudi iraqi coalition jets have been targeting what's known as sixteen the highway which heads east out of the red sea port one of the main supply routes to the capital sanaa which is a stronghold we've got andrew symonds he's in djibouti over the straight from the data covering events for us what do you take us through first of all martin griffiths coming back to sanaa today. well here's arrival here it is was met with some level of cheer might say by the who thing is now feel engaged with some sort of process whether that process will be successful or not remains to be seen the difference now is that there is a member a memorandum of understanding signed by the un the martin group this happened
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before margaret has got into santa and that actually suggests that there will be not only suggesting more or less guarantees that there will be transportation by as for injured people whether they're fighters or civilians we're not sure of but they will be transported over a six month period to cairo that is the reports and the location cairo the capital of egypt that's a change from the original plan which was to go to a man who are mediators in the whole crisis so there you have a development but whether that's going to amount to something that will push the leadership of the earth is to actually start talking in directly with the yemeni government and also the coalition indirectly unsure at this stage and then this well i think the herd is upset about thirty five air strikes they're saying on this supply road between data and somehow this is important obviously any supply route
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is important but it takes on great humanitarian issues as well about getting aid in and throughout the country. it most certainly does this just look at the escalation of the fighting you mentioned thirty five asteroids that was over a period of three hours now the number is much higher in fact there is a report that the radio station the main who theory radio station in her data was hit by an airstrike four dead according to the huth is one of them a staff member of the radio station the other security guards the saudi sources military sources suggest that the there were only three deaths and they are also claiming that the saudis that the report from the world food programme about silos major grain silos being hit by the coalition are wrong that there is in fact really a plot going on and the site is
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a claim in the huth is actually. fired at the silos themselves it isn't clear what the truth is in this as there isn't any real clarification because we haven't got any neutral observers on the ground other reports of civilian deaths outside their data but there is no doubt about the escalation of this conflict the dilemma for all concerned because it isn't just on the battlefields where people are dying anyone trying to bring peace to yemen may not need reminding of what's at stake nevertheless those without a voice of influence are crying out loud for her. one hundred sixty kilometers from her data they try to keep babies alive malnutrition could potentially soon be the biggest killer in this conflict nearby families are eating wild vine leaves to survive. we cook tree leaves we have no nutrition we will
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die here we have no one god. i mean personally i don't you believe but since my salary has been cut it's only mean mean for my children even though these cars in each us in drowsiness but what can we do. in her data the fighting has taken another quantum leap as saudi led coalition forces and government troops on the ground continue their campaign to cut all supply lines from the red sea port the saudis are accusing who the fighters of opening fire on grain silos in order to claim it was the coalition that's responsible whoever did watch the u.n. pressure to stop the fighting has never been greater the u.n. special envoy martin growth this is now in the capital center for talks with the leadership what may help him is a memorandum of understanding signed by the un which gives safe passage by for injured who's these needing medical treatment it's reported they'll go to cairo in
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egypt but is this enough to get dialogue going even though the number of civilian deaths is still rising there is a coalition diplomatic initiative trying to convince the u.n. that her data has to be taken for the huth is to be pressurised to talk peace this conflict is now a lethal mix a very ng motivation for diplomacy fighting and suffering no one would predict the outcome sami handy with us now editor in chief of the international interest joining us from london let's. start with the strategic side of things the fighting that we've seen the air strikes on this supply road between her data and this could be quite crucial couldn't going forward for the who. i think it could be quite crucial but we have to remember and understand that the way the conflict has gone
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so far the conduct of the arab coalition of the saudi and u.a.e. airstrikes has caused incredible damage to the infrastructure of yemen and it's been quite chaotic considering an army that by so many weapons from the u.s. and claims to have so many expert military advisers so the reason why i think it is fundamental is not simply because it could potentially cut the supply lines for the policies but because it means even more damage to the infrastructure in yemen and also damaging a vital supply line for any future government between data and sun our for any government that ends up ruling in the sun i have the supply line is very important we have to remember that the only reason to who these have been able to survive so far is two chapters the first chapter was because of the former president ali abdullah saleh who was able to give to the whole thing is a lot of the heavy weaponry that was in the yemeni army through his own links and his own context and secondly through logistical supply coming in via air for it to work towards santa but also to coming through data through the ports going to sign up and allowing them to quit their fighters to continue the fighting so it's
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a vital part but i don't think we should exaggerate its particular importance the arabs want to our coalition want to take back her data and that is the main threat they want to cut the supply line not just going towards an hour but also going towards for data preventing any resources from sun up going to her data to prevent the hutus from mounting a defensive let's talk about the diplomatic side of things and griffiths is in sanaa again i mean what a job he has completely failed last time the talks in geneva is there any reason to think that he can make some sort of breakthrough. i think the biggest issue is that when you look at the dynamics on the ground there is nothing to suggest that any of the parties are ready to sit down for peace who doesn't want to give up any of the military gains that he's made particularly the capital he wants to insist on holding the capital and holding her data because it means that any conditions that are made on the table will allow them to have a greater say or a greater stake in any future government who doesn't want to actually rule yemen
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who wants to be like it has been a lot of lebanon it wants to be the main political power behind the scenes the part of the arab coalition is that to go to the negotiating table now essentially means defeat because they cannot dictate the terms they've been unable to defeat the whole things militarily in key strategic points so they would have to see these particular conditions to the goofy's but for the neutral the problem is even worse because for the neutral the problem is this if you're ford who through concessions while he is still in summer and while he is still in her day then while he is still in joe phenomena and these other cities even if you have peace even if you have a government that comes about in which he has the greatest state there is nothing stopping islam or the southern separatists from studying the whole thing model taking over a few cities surviving a bombing campaign from say iran or russia or whoever and then the un coming in once more giving concessions a new government with them having the highest state the problem with yemen is this it's a balance between trying to solve the humanitarian crisis and defending the principle
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of a national dialogue that came to an agreement over a government do you protect that democratic style of coming to an agreement over a government or do you stop the humanitarian crisis at any cost this is the catch twenty two with yemen this is why it's such a horrific and such a terrible conflict because there is no easy solution either way moreover even if you look at the emmen everybody likes to talk about it as a binary between the arab coalition and between the horses now but there are many people who sided with naive or they don't agree with and they despise the incredible damage that saudi arabia has done with the u.a.e. anybody who believe. that saudi arabia has good intentions for yemen is living in a whimsical world this saudi arabia remember it supported the movement against the united yemen in one thousand nine hundred four the saudis then propped up by the assad and supported him in yemen in the government and later on after they realize that they had failed rowdies not a friend to yemen but those whose views also have conducted the military coup so
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either way your between a rock and a hard place in yemen and largely in yemen will not be able to find a breakthrough unless there's a change in the military dynamic incredibly complex and i'm glad you could explain some of it to us joining us from london and while we're talking yemen al jazeera is contrast via the one behind a live virtual in or granted reality content is actually just won an award for their three sixty degree glimpse at life in yemen are they one the online news association award for excellence in most of storytelling for this let me see if i can bring it up he had the video which is called yemen's skies of terror it's told from the perspective of a child and two teenagers taking you through three different years of airstrikes and it's all filmed by journalists with three hundred sixty two cameras in fact if you look at me just now you'll see i'm holding up my i pad and actually i can watch it in sort of three sixty light that i think it's probably better with the mosque but you don't have to you can use your i pad or you computer that's a video link and it was tweeted out by jane which is well at a.j.
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english and you can find it on our web site out to zero dot com and thank you for getting in touch with a funny one sam he was talking quite a high volume of really quite passionate sort of messages about yemen naomi just said god have mercy yes seems it please put an end to this absurd war and elizabeth said is this going to end how are people ok with prolonging war and yemen and what can we do to make this in because governments clearly don't care what your thoughts coming in the questions the comments the hash tag a j use grid this is the news good and hello to all our viewers on facebook live you've got a bonus a.j. plus story coming your way now about a group in finland trying to stop. the project that would connect. to the arctic and then later the portuguese conquered malaysia in the fifteenth century they left behind a rare relic a language it's called my luck and portuguese and only three thousand people can speak it fluently we're going to meet one woman trying to keep it alive.
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hello again welcome back we're here across turkey we have seen a lot of rain over the last couple of days dealing with an area of low pressure in that region that is beginning to move off we are going to be seeing the rain start to ease but really on monday still the same situation as we go down towards the south though aleppo is going to be seeing a partly cloudy day at thirty three in beirut about thirty degrees in your forecast and then as we go towards monday things start to warm up slightly but turkey things in your forecast are going to be getting better here across much of the middle east we are going to see here temperatures into the high thirty's for doha humanity still can be quite high in our area over towards thirty eight degrees as well but muscat partly cloudy conditions at thirty really staying about the same as we go towards tuesday and maybe some clouds in the forecast for salada where the temperature for you of about twenty eight degrees and then down here across parts of africa well things along the coastline are still looking quite cloudy for cape
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town and clouds low clouds up here across much of the central area temperatures for you in cape town sixty degrees we do have some winds coming in from the west but very warm up across the the central regions we're going to see about thirty five to thirty six degrees there in johannesburg twenty seven degrees on monday getting warmer with more sunshine in your forecast at twenty nine and durban at about twenty three. what really makes a good dog. to have empathy canada's pioneering medical school we follow the young trainees walk into school and trace and explore how the experience prepares them for life and death decisions but the italian mother in law and there's a very strong possibility that she could be burying her child canada's new doctor on the people's health on al-jazeera. the
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russian orthodox church is deep pockets in the rapid expansion may bear its crucial role in putin's grip on power with some elevating the former k.g.b. officer to sainthood president putin is our leader that given to people in power investigates how often it's attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the heart of the russian state the orthodox connection on not just the euro.
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but headlines that al-jazeera dot com and what's trending as well the latest from china and hong kong is tougher than hong kong is tougher in a month but makes its presence felt that my grandfather singapore. you're not actually sure what that one's about but it's very popular today up at number thirty . and plenty more for you to check out there israel turkey syria. the elections happening in syria as well that is what's trending this sunday it is at odds with. the press freedom this is always a very important topic for us isn't it and so we want to mark the protests in may
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in mount today over the arrests of two journalists that you probably remember them while lone and also who are they work for reuters and were actually jailed earlier this month for heeler is looking at all the reaction to that that's right well youth activists and journalists have been protesting in yangon on demanding the release of two reuters journalists. i know. why known and who were sentenced to seven years in prison earlier this month they were arrested last year while reporting on the story about a murder over head muslims in rakhine state last weeks mean maurice levy and son suchi said that they were not detained because they're journalists but because they were handing official secrets city said they can appeal against the seven year sentences and here's what one journalist who attended the protest had to say. this is devon speaking from the ngo. so journalists and the activists are in
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jail and in charge of many different laws for there to begin. prison to our government and the military the political development of the country is not really good and it is going backward this is what everyone feels this is what you know people are saying and especially when we are talking about the press freedom and freedom of expression this is. totally getting down we we haven't see any changes since the government came in power. well journalists around the world are sharing pictures of themselves demanding the release of the two reporters also using the hash tag journalism is not a crime from jenison students at columbia university in new york the ones here at the new yorker as well and also reuters journalists around the world to this one is from a team based in venezuela and in its own stand against the arrests reuters continues
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to share the story that led to the imprisonment of while known and it's a shocking story really introducing you to the ten range of men and boys who have made it and human rights groups like amnesty international have condemned the arrest all the journalists who wrote the piece. what we're seeing in the america is an appalling to some freedom of expression and in particular in three to. one the interest to be very imprisoned for doing nothing but the jokes germany they reported the facts about them young men military man security very good to men employees and women mark kind states something was clearly in the public interest and yet today they're the ones that sit behind. today and young activists are protesting for that everything's amnesty international joining the same school we are these things you choose your government to release these two germans to repeal the laws that have actually allowed activists and germans to continue to be arrested and imprisoned and calling on the international community to take action to make sure that those responsible crimes against humanity will crimes and
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possible genocide in myanmar and how to account we also want to have from you if john has and is under threat in your country what do you think needs to be done to stop it use the hash tag aging his words thanks for him oh yeah we all know john lives journalism is not a crime and that is very much reinforced at al jazeera dot com an entire section devoted to press freedom not least of all our own journalist behind hussein who has been held in detention by egyptian authorities to six hundred and the d five days now he is accused of disseminating false news which he and the opposite media network completely reject you can join the campaign to help ahmed and countless others by tweeting you'll support with the hash tag demand press freedom. there are so many ways of measuring the current crisis in venezuela but one of the most stark numbers we found is the more than one million people who have packed up and left their country in the last three years with venezuela venezuela facing a shortage of food of medicine of other basic services people have chosen to cross
6:36 pm
the border to neighboring countries in search of a better life here is where they go if you think of that circle around the country as all of the one point six million have left yes the large majority is this part here which goes to colombia but we are going to focus on this portion down here the twenty two percent of the one point six million who are heading to piru many arrive there with no idea of what awaits them but money and a son has met one peruvian businessmen who set up a shelter in the capital lima. on the floor or vents alongside each other more than one hundred seventy venice williams sharing three bedrooms two bathrooms and every single space there is left in this makeshift shelter on the outskirts of lima. says he feels lucky to be here when i. feel blessed because a lot of people have to sleep on the street i don't have any food and what these
6:37 pm
people here are doing is great it was when it's all free says clinical a peruvian businessman who says he spent nearly thirty thousand dollars to rent and set up this shelter. are used the money to buy the stove mattresses everything i was about to buy a car but decided to invest it here because in exchange you get happiness. in a few months giving us is nearly two thousand venus williams who learned of the shelter through social media have come and gone the only way to make it work with so many is with discipline he says supervisor same order. the space is already too small it's a challenge because people keep on coming on our motto is to never say no we open our doors to any woman. the shelter is now run with the help of private donations after columbia bit who has absorbed the largest number of the mistral and migrants and refugees more than four hundred twenty thousand says the government seventy thousand already have work permits but most are taking underpaid jobs such as
6:38 pm
street bending for many venezuelans starting a new life here has been much more difficult than they imagined so if you have taken up president nicolas mother offer to be flown back home for free. yearly two hundred venice will have been airlifted in a civilian president to just have been a swims were living and working in slave like conditions propaganda replied the peruvian government was the majority of in his will is at the embassy are here to request document renewals to be able to. life or work permits nearly two million venezuelans are living abroad straining relations in the region and leading some countries to impose travel restrictions that's a shame says going in but. hunger in the specialty don't have borders countries shouldn't impose restrictions to these people if. you're going to see a share of american states says no country can face this wave of migrants and
6:39 pm
refugees on their own governments and international organizations get together to think of a regional plan people like me are already making a difference in a sentence i just did in. just a quick look at some other news stories from around the world this sunday and london's mayor has called for a second referendum to decide if the u.k. should leave the european union so he counts as the public should have a say on the final deal he is a member of the opposition labor party and has been critical of the government's approach to brag that the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. in march we've now reached a position where there are two outcomes as a consequence of the government to go show sions a bad deal and by that i include a sleeve in the e.u. without knowing the terms of the future relationship sort of blindfold bricks or no deal and the independent research and taken for us shows that no deal would leads
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to five hundred thousand fewer jobs eighty seven thousand fewer jobs in london alone and fifty billion pounds less investment in our country that's bad for a country hugely damaging to london iran's foreign minister says europe must take action to relieve the economic damage caused by the u.s. withdrawal from the twenty fifty nuclear deal jhaveri first says iran will act if the european union fails to compensate it for us sanctions he hinted at increasing uranium enrichment which was of course cut to almost nothing on to the deal e.u. leaders strongly oppose the u.s. withdrawal and say they are working to salvage the deal. well zimbabwe's government recently declared by cholera and typhoid outbreak in the capital harare more than three thousand people affected and more than twenty people have actually died but while the world health organization and the red cross are ramping up their emergency responses to the crisis. when politicians are here is go his own ideas that's right well zimbabwe's newly appointed finance minister. tweeted
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a few days ago asking his followers to donate money through a crowd fund to fight the color and typhoid outbreak he said together we can win including bank details of people to make their donations while the aid money would have reportedly been used for buying color vaccines funded vishal emergency stuff and also enhance water related infrastructure is now we don't know how successful this has been so far but the government run herald newspaper is reporting that the campaign does have some backers including the telecoms network eco net wireless which the paper says has contributed ten million u.s. dollars but not everybody is convinced some zimbabweans are criticizing the fund raising plan online accusing the state of misusing public money tandy says the finance minister wants to crowd fun for a national disaster but car dealers were exhibiting cars at parliament the money to buy cars for ministers and m.p.'s is available but the government needs to nations
6:42 pm
for a cholera outbreak meanwhile kate says the zimbabwean paid taxes that are supposed to keep the health services running and others are referring to president amisom and god was election campaign post where he guaranteed affordable health care for all and the lawyer funds i am i harris says that this is guaranteed and not crowd funded for but there are some who supported like sam he says that there are still thousands of patriotic zimbabweans who are willing to help. and we're also seeing others use the hash tag stop cholera and influential pastor evan merry way has been campaigning on twitter as well calling for international and local donations for. the current outbreak began on september sixth after water wells were contaminated with sewage in harare and this is the second major cholera outbreak in the country the other one was ten years ago and killed four thousand people or get in touch
6:43 pm
with us if you are currently in zimbabwe is the hash tag eighteen is great thank you we're here now to the french city of perth in your where gypsy communities historic neighborhood is being threatened with demolition some jerk is one of the poorest areas of france and local officials say it's in need of renewal will tell you more about the well more widely about the gypsy community in europe in a moment first natasha reporting from up in. the san check neighborhood is a maze of narrow streets and color for buildings for more than one hundred fifty years it's been home to a unique catalan speaking people who call themselves the gypsies of but now they say the city council is demolishing the area and trying to push them out with a brutal rip why destroy our history this is our neighborhood we've always lived here together it's a beautiful district so why not make it like grenada will seville somewhere the tourist could come and not be scared of us instead no one helps it's dismissed as
6:44 pm
a ghetto. in the past three years local authorities have demolished more than fifty houses part of a hundred million dollar urban renewal plan they say many the buildings are unsafe but people here disagree with them as a i've lived in this house all my life i was born in it and they want to destroy i'm scared because if this means streets i wouldn't know what to do. campbell is part of a group of residents who say the neighborhood needs to be regenerated not demolish he says the councils ignored the area for years providing few services or patooties for people rubbish israeli collected there are no play areas for children three quarters of people are unemployed. what we want is to work with the council we want better homes and to stay in the neighborhood a contractor back to whole community one general going to come in some residents say city officials haven't consulted them about the plans but the deputy mayor says they've been dozens of meetings on the project and. no one wanted to there's never
6:45 pm
been a desire to gentrify the area chased out the poor population those who want to stay can and we will help those who want to move out we're not getting wise in there but building homes that are clean and safe people here safe not only about breaking it's also about breaking up our community tearing apart generations of family and friends. this woman says local officials are asked her to leave her house she thought she'd be gone a few days when she returned the home she'd lived in for for two years was gone and she's not been offered another isn't good food they demolished my house with all my furniture everything i thought was only leaving a few days so i left all i have inside most here agree that some people are in need of attention it's one of the poorest neighborhoods in france but what they want is to hold on to their rich past and have a say in their future natasha al-jazeera peppino just to clarify you might have had
6:46 pm
they would roma floating around in your head watching that because they are the ones more commonly talked about in this sense in europe but the gypsies you've seen in that report are culturally distinct from the broader roma population who often don't have to like being called gypsies justice and background so you know the romero considered the largest minority group in europe about six million of them they are believed to have originally moved on math from india in the fifth century and have been historically persecuted through enslavement and targeted killings today human rights groups say they are still victims of prejudice and social exclusion be it forced expulsion or the denial of basic social services and there's a great feature piece that al-jazeera dot com as well on spain's roma community in catalonia it's all about their one hundred thousand strong community and its determination to save their cultural heritage they say a little bit further down here we've lived in catalonia for six hundred three years
6:47 pm
we've given a lot to catalonian culture just search for catalonia roma at al-jazeera dot com it is in the features section. just before we go to the break a quick hello to jillian and who's watching on facebook live at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera she says i live in austin texas but i lived in yemen previously and this is my only way of keeping up with what is happening to the poor people there thank you this is a great news station julian and we are inclined to agree with you and it's really great that you can keep up with the story in yemen with us it is a story that we remain very much committed to here at al-jazeera once again for the kerr on facebook live including julian we have a bonus story for you to take it to a place where natural forests are simply been wiped out and in sports comes out on top against triple tree but the result is that many fight fans feeling unhappy about you know behavior explain why in just a month's first quick look at some international would.
6:48 pm
ensure he cites the rules of engagement. when it's canon permitted competence known competence says you need to see people and civilians a danish officer returns to devorah in croatia to confront a decision he made during the long sixty minute massacre. i witnessed documentary. fresh perspectives
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and possibilities. debate and discussion it's only one piece on a story that doesn't get nearly the news coverage that it does or says so much to talk about is there any way of measuring that is our number at all that we can put on. al-jazeera is a mood winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. on al-jazeera. you know there is a language in malaysia that dates back to the sixteenth century and only three
6:50 pm
thousand people speak it fluently now though there is a push to revive the portuguese for story reports now from america on the western coast of malaysia. the ruins of a fortin malacca stand as a reminder of the portuguese presence in malaysia in fifteen eleven they captured the coastal city and ruled for over a century before the dutch defeated them when the portuguese left they left behind more than just buildings filum a nursing home is descended from the portuguese she still speaks the language of her ancestors malaccan creole portuguese derived from the portuguese with words borat from other languages and a grammatical structure similar to the mill a language all here to do was in year zero two of the second it's also known by its colloquial name poppier christan but it's in decline spoken mainly by the older generation so saying host art and using social media to pass on her knowledge when
6:51 pm
i force a lot of our work. on it is. was then war crime bomb young soldiers good morning how are your soul giving. yourself courage to carry your new one will be learned a simple few words into something. her brother michael wrote a book together with other language experts to help people learn christan. formal instructions are rare it isn't taught in schools and exists mostly in oral form we have survived for many years we go cultural and greet each religion and i identity in that saw we cannot use elements. like many other malaysians of portuguese descent the singers have their roots in this neighborhood in malacca this is the portuguese settlement home to about one thousand eight hundred people descended from the portuguese academics say the community here has provided
6:52 pm
a haven for the language the children grow up hearing it being spoken if not at home then maybe at a neighbor's house. on weekends children come for classes at cerro santa maria is house. and brought up in the portuguese settlement. she teaches dance and cooking too with instructions in popular christan to preserve not just the language but other aspects of her culture the language is also caught the attention of academics we've got to think beyond we go to think about the perhaps they can only value but done by the people right the community can find ways to share their knowledge their language share their own perspectives dest doris' i think a very important. the older generation of malaccan portuguese are counting on the younger generation to keep the language alive florence li al-jazeera. malaysia
6:53 pm
let's talk sport with the big points live up to expectations oh i'm going to tell you boxing fans have been left divided actually by the controversial result of saturday's highly anticipated fight in las vegas mexico's canelo alvarez inflicted a first a career defeat on the man known as boxing's best pound for pound fighter kennedy. glove can become middleweight champion of the world the to battle it out a draw one year ago and this fight was postponed since canelo failed to drug test saturday's bout also went for twelve rounds again only on this occasion canelo called the majority decision over his cover opponent had been unbeaten in thirty nine bout it. it was widely felt despite the judge's decision the gloves can was the rightful winner in the first match this time the cause like fight a definitely feels he got a raw deal let me tell you i don't think he really demonstrates some super great
6:54 pm
mexican boxing style yes he was not running away from me or running around this time so it doesn't mean that he won this fight he didn't do anything special but most importantly i would like to congratulate him with a with what has been a lot of social media reaction to the decision i want to share some views coming up from twitter former light welterweight world champion i'm economy ford canelo himself and he tweeted this what a fight canelo trip to i gave the fight to canelo was tied to toe action very exciting canalis the past us all with the come forward pressure game plan well done to by the canal or. boxing needed this killer troy is a super middleweight pro boxer and a former i.p.f. super middleweight champion he had this to say canelo never took a step backwards the entire fight landed the clean up power shot and worked the body all twelve rounds deserving when a great fight is a worrier but in this very divided third take this tweet from khalid he says glad i
6:55 pm
didn't buy this p.p. v. pay per view corrupt judging stultifies from chip gloves can still undefeated in my eyes and those who know boxing cannot or should have three losses one to mayweather and two to triple j. then a does this tweet from combat sports writer brian campbell say however you score do you have to fill sorry for gloves can you landed more punches over all the bigger ones in the second half you get two visits to vegas and like most of us he leaves empty handed we're earlier i spoke to boxing done this christmas kenna who thinks cloth can should have been declared the winner and he explains just why there's a mistrust among fight fans towards the judges. i think there has been for a long long time in the nuts the nature of box in the problem with the sport is that it's on what the judges see to perceptive sport some judges like to see different styles some judges school fights differently there is that as being one of the big problems of boxing for years now that the fans that don't truly love the
6:56 pm
sport kind of losing interest in it when there's controversy and they don't feel like they've got the decision that they does it have to and they've committed time to watch in a big big fake big fight when especially when it's on pay per view and it's big ticket prices but there is a mistrust but i don't think this fight particularly adds to that this time because it was situ coast farai it's had to be too critical of the judges even though pace and i feel they got it slightly wrong i actually had to fight it down as a draw and it was a very close fight if i if i was forced to pick one winner and i would have favorite football often and but we can't say that it was a there was some cries of robbery and disgraceful decision book it's sad to say that because it was a very close fight it was a lot of close friends and i'm cannot alvarez boxed brilliantly at times in a fog i think that the love can should have got the nod on the cads ball i don't think this is the same controversy as the first fight last year. another athlete
6:57 pm
celebrating this sunday is kenya's elliott kept choke a is broken the world marathon a record taking more than a minute off the previous month the kenyan won the berlin marathon in a time of two hours one minute and thirty nine seconds the thirty three year old's target had looked in doubt when his pacemakers dropped out early and left him to run the last seventeen kilometers alarm but the lead pick champion was still able to break the previous record set by compacted dennis cometti four years ago to seven the consecutive time of the billing course with a flat profile has been the venue for a new record. as always you can share your thoughts of us using a hash tag eight and he's going to tweet me out on tatyana kemal it is now back to you that way thank you for that you know you have to keep in touch with us remember not just during the show anytime you got a story idea tweet me directly tweet the hash tag use the whatsapp not by get in touch with us you're with us we will see you back here in studio three ten fifteen
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a journalist was. getting to the truth as it always was what was joking. aside he led coalition launches a new wave of airstrikes on yemen targeting a key supply route to the capital sana. hello there i'm chilling with all this is al jazeera live from london also coming up huge waves buffet hong kong this time flamenco it forces the city into shutdown . while in the philippines its devastating weight leaves at least fifty three dead and a trail of destruction plus. they call themselves the tip seas of penalty norm they've
7:01 pm
lived in this neighborhood for centuries and now they say local authorities want to throw them out from the start of popular reporting from soap and frogs. if they're warm welcome to the program fighting in yemen so data province has intensified with the who reported more than thirty five airstrikes by the side of the m. iraq c. coalition in the past twenty four. they're targeting a main highway out of the port city which is a key supply route to the rebel held capital of sanaa the u.n. envoy to gammon martin griffiths has just arrived there for talks with hooty rebel leaders under simmons has been following the story from nearby djibouti and a warning you may find some of the images in this report to starving anyone.


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