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asked. of the youth in america seen. on al-jazeera. britain still liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth of the oil. that's what was killed. the saudi led coalition launches a new wave of air strikes on yemen targeting a key supply route to the capital sana. hello there i'm julie macdonald this is the al-jazeera line from london also coming up huge waves buffet hong kong this time flamenco it forces the city into shutdown . while in the philippines its devastating weight leaves at least fifty three dead
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and a trail of destruction plus. they call themselves the gypsies of penalty norm they've lived in this neighborhood for centuries and now they say local authorities want to throw them out from the start of popular reporting from soap and frogs. if they're warm welcome to the program fighting in yemen sunday to provence has intensified with the who reports of more than thirty five airstrikes by the saudi emea razzi coalition in the past twenty four hours they're targeting a main highway out of the port city which is a key supply route to the rebel held capital of sana'a the u.n. envoy to gammon martin griffiths has just arrived there for talks with hooty rebel leaders under simmons has been following the story from nearby djibouti and a warning you may find some of the images in this report to starving. anyone trying to bring peace to yemen may not need reminding of what's at stake nevertheless
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those without a voice of influence are crying out loud now for help in hagin one hundred sixty kilometers from her data they try to keep babies alive malnutrition could potentially soon be the biggest killer in this conflict nearby families are eating wild vine leaves to survive. we cook tree leaves we have no nutrition we will die here we have no one but god. yes i mean personally i don't you believe but since my salary has been cut it's only mean mean for my children even though these cars in each us in drowsiness but what can we do. in her data the fighting has taken another quantum leap as saudi led coalition forces and government troops on the ground continue their campaign to cut all supply lines from the red sea port the saudis are accusing who the fighters of
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opening fire on grain silos in order to claim it was the coalition that's responsible whoever did watch the un pressure to stop the fighting has never been greater the u.n. special envoy martin growth this is now in the capital center for talks with the who the leadership what may help him is a memorandum of understanding signed by the un which gets safe passage by for injured who these needing medical treatment it's reported they'll go to cairo in egypt. but is this enough to get dialogue going even though the number of civilian deaths is still rising there is a coalition diplomatic initiative trying to convince the un that her data has to be taken for the huth is to be pressure on the talk of peace this conflict is now a lethal mix a very ng motivations for diplomacy fighting and suffering no one would predict the
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outcome andrew symonds duty. typhon mind could has the barreled into someone china forcing the evacuation of more than two point four million people from guangdong province it brought with it to ensure rains and winds of one hundred sixty two kilometers per hour fifty thousand fishing boats have been called call back to port earlier hong kong bore the brunt of its force in the city was effectively shut down as sarah clarke explains. the eye of the typhoon hurtle towards hong kong bringing with it gal force winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour roofs were blown off and windows in some high rise buildings were blown out trees were sent flying this crime was ripped from a building and collapsed this is amazing never seen the like this. it's.
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nobody walking around roads were closed and businesses locked up hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes in low lying areas with nine hundred flights were canceled interrupting travel plans for thousands of passengers most people bunkered down and study some of those who braved the with was swept off their feet the city was paralyzed and forced into lockdown the worst storm in hong kong for more than a decade. home is prone to still events and things but this one has caught many by surprise the strength of the winds has treated shoot swells across the harbor into areas in the central parts of the city. these waterfront hotels were flooded as wives pounded the coastline the only movement on the harbor was this ship adrift all schools will be closed on monday the typhoon is now headed towards mainland china the province directly in its path. al-jazeera hong kong. and a nearby macau the government shut down all of its casinos due to the extreme weather
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a first for the region from a portuguese colony also issued its highest storm alert officials in macau have been criticized for their handling of a typhoon last year which left widespread damage and killed twelve people. fall over in the philippines the death toll from the typhoon has risen to fifty three and that number is expected to grow dozens of others a missing and feared buried in a landslide getting thirteen miners in kyin province alan dogan traveled through the area to see the destruction it left behind. to witness for ourselves the strength and scale of the food bank which devastation could be a province which your doors this is the town of island where hundreds of civilians were evacuated from their old days before the typhoon hit landfall. at her eighty three year old grandmother plas ago but their house of forty eight hours before the
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storm struck they survive but now they're free to go home we have. to be or is to suffer we're just corn farmers and now we've lost our hearing and we have to borrow from creditors now just so we can start over. farmlands and now submerged in flood waters schools used as evacuation centers are also damaged. we drove further to reach the town of get out this is what's left of cornfields here a few hours of a thai food took a year of their earnings at the blue blue for farmers here super typhoon man with a battered much of military and so on leaving a trail of tift and destruction. of course could be an hour and communication lines have been destroyed many farming communities rice and. after several hours you can reach the town of the look. he took two
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years he says and the command to build just the frame of their home but it's all gone in to. him again it hurts us to see this to recover what we long. we have to make painful sacrifices again indigenous communities like this one have been living in abject poverty for generations and they are held back even further by natural disasters that is because the government assistance they need to start over is barely enough. to farming is their life now would be to know how the can survive their story is one that's repeated this time. the damage into the province is extensive. what we've just seen so far is just a fraction of the devastation by food has caused the full extent. in the community. dog an al-jazeera commune province northern philippines.
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says korea's president is preparing to play a chief negotiator between washington and pyongyang at a summit with the north korean leader when jan will travel to pyongyang on tuesday to hold talks with kim jong un is said to be the third meeting between the two leaders and the first since kim summit with u.s. president on trump in june who is also looking to improve economic ties with the north and will be accompanied by a large business delegation from a bright has more now from seoul. this is a large delegation that number some two hundred people when you include all of the journalists who will be accompanying moon j.n. as he goes for this third summit in pyongyang with a heavy emphasis on business a number of very senior executives from south korea including from companies like own day and also samsung eight reflects a moon jane's optimism about where this dialogue might lead to in terms of future
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economic cooperation across the d.m.z. that separates north and south korea but of course there is only so much they can do a lot of the deals that they can talk about can only be talked about theoretically because of course south korea is hampered like the rest of the international community from doing any kind of deals with north korea because of sanctions but the group also includes people from other walks of life such as religious leaders women's rights and labor rights activists are included on the list as well as the odd sports star and musician even if it reflects i think the moon j.n. wants to engage with north korea on a number of different levels not just in terms of the economy but also possibly at a cultural level but also the hope is that this third summit between the leaders of north and south korea will help unblocked the stalled negotiations between north
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korea and the united states. to think isn't it want to listen to. the president has explained the goal of the upcoming summit the first is to improve and develop into korea relations secondly to mediate and catalyze the dialogue between north korea and the u.s. for denuclearization the third is to end military tension and threats of war between south and north korea the big question of course is north korea's denuclearization commitment but south korean officials remain convinced about north korea's sincerity with officials saying only last week that kim jong un accepts the fact he will have to carry out this did you clear a zation during president donald trump's first term in office which presumably means within the next two years that does seem to be a very tall order given the extent of north korea's missile and nuclear programs are but then this whole dialogue back and forth has seen many twists and turns so nobody i think can rule out what the coming week might bring. a years of conflict
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in south sudan has left more than half of its twelve million population in need of food for survival many have been displaced from their homes and farms and aid organizations say that fighting makes it hard to reach those in need of a morgan has more. this is a regular scene at sub a hospital in south sudan's capital juba children suffering from severe malnutrition come to this world every day to be treated one of them is agnes a russia's baby girl. she's been sick since she was six months old i try to feed her but they will i find food you have to buy food here you can't farm if his money i buy food to feed my kids if not we go to bed hungry agnes's daughter is just one of the hundreds of thousands of children unicef says are suffering from severe malnutrition here five years of civil war has left seven million south sudanese relying on relief supplies tens of thousands have been killed since president salva
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kiir accused his then vice president riek machar of attempting a coup the world economy makes daily meals and affordable to many including millions of children says the outbreak of war in haiti that we have never seen this number before in twenty eight dealing with demented two hundred seventy thousand children suffering from sick be a good man this is a huge number and if we don't respond quickly we will lose all districts but aid groups have complained repeatedly to the government about being blocked from reaching those in need by the worrying sides. the latest peace deal has been signed to end the fighting and pledges made to allow humanitarian access. would listen to signing say much needs to be done to ensure that happen safely with the signing up to revitalize the agreement we should publicly acknowledge it is but one spear on the road to peace but one which lies the plantation for all their followers.
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agnes hopes that the peace deal works so she doesn't lose her child to hunger a hope shared by many mothers whose children are starving he will morgan al-jazeera . still to come on our program as latin america struggles with its worst migration . crisis in decades we meet the poet the businessman setting up shelters to help venezuelans facing the chaos at home. and why five century old language is battling extinction malaysia. hello again it's good to have you back well typhoon man could has made landfall here just to the west of hong kong notice the size of the storm here on satellite how huge it is what we're still going to be dealing with this over the next several
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days because it is going to drop from a typhoon down to a tropical storm but the rain is going to extend well into parts of china and that means we are going to be seeing flooding across much of the area so do not be deceived by a typhoon going to a tropical storm it can still be very very deadly and still cause a lot of flooding across the region and that is really dealing with here on monday as we go towards tuesday a lot of that moisture pushes over here towards the west notice the rain continues along the coast so hong kong you are still going to be dealing with very very messy situation very windy conditions as well up torching high we do expect to see a temperature there of about thirty two degrees over here towards india well not too bad over here towards the west but we are still seeing some rain showers anywhere from the east down towards the south china rain for you and maybe even partly cloudy conditions at times we do think maybe thirty four degrees there up towards katmandu though a nepal we are looking at better conditions you seeing temperatures really staying into the mid to high twenty's up towards new delhi though plenty of sunshine and
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your forecast we do sit back to see thirty five degrees and crushing at twenty nine . millions of dollars is being stolen in a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe when he sees exclusive access to this underworld to a criminal turned. on al-jazeera. on character because this week ten years later why young people are picking up the bill for the global financial crisis could a seismic economic event be bruited birgitte markets plus behind periods of walls bubbles and crashes in the global housing market counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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a quick reminder now of our top stories here on al-jazeera fighting in yemen today to province has intensified with the hoochie rebels forcing more than thirty five airstrikes by the city m.r.i. coalition in the past twenty four hours hong kong as bore the brunt of time for among good which is force the city into shop time the storm is now making its way across southern china where millions of people have been evacuated to safety. while the cleanup from the typhoon is underway in the philippines fifty three people there been confirmed dead but that number is expected to rise. that residents in the u.s. state of north carolina are being warned the worst is yet to come from storm florence florence crashed into the state as a hurricane on friday killing fourteen people before weakening to a tropical depression hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses have been left without power and people and i've been warned about the high risk of flooding from the cape fear river well kristen salumi joins us live from the banks of that river
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in fiat filled north carolina hi there christine so just how serious is the situation where you are right now. julie the rain has just gotten to be relentless it started two days ago the last twenty four hours it's really intensified and as you mentioned the concern now is flooding i'm standing along the banks of the cape fear river and just yesterday we were here and we were able to drive down to this area that's now completely covered in water and to put it in perspective two years ago there was another hurricane hurricane matthew and this area where i'm standing was completely underwater we wouldn't be able to be standing here and meteorologists are predicting that this flooding event is going to be even worse than that so they have issued emergency officials in the area of issued a mandatory evacuation that the deadline is two hours from now for anybody who
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lives within a mile of this river and another river nearby called little river they are very concerned about the potential for damage so much so we were speaking with a marriage just a short time ago and he told us that they are warning residents that if they do not obey this mandatory evacuation rescuers will not be able to get on them get them they should notify their next of kin and make sure that their affairs on order because they're that concerned about the potential for loss of life here already shelters are filling up there are one hundred fifty seven of them around the state some twenty thousand where they are last night and tonight is the time when they're particularly concerned about things getting bad and out of control emergency officials federal state and local are standing by as well as a number of volunteers to try to help but they again specify that they won't be able to move in until after the flooding subsides we know that president chomped is due to meet with his cabinet officials later today to assess the situation for
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teens out so far from the storm and more of them have been on the roadways many roadways flooded as well so a lot of concern and the worst is yet to come according to local officials christensen only there live from fayetteville kristen thank you. now the crisis in venezuela is causing one of latin america's worst migration crises in decades nearly half a million refugees of salt shelter in peru second only to colombia and though through the organization of american states and u.s. president trump have threatened a military intervention in venezuela to ease the crisis a mass exodus hasn't stopped yet as mariana sanchez now reports from lima europeans are forming their own ways to help the new arrivals. on the floor or bunk beds alongside each other more than one hundred seventy minutes williams sharing three bedrooms two bathrooms and every single space there is left in this makeshift shelter on the outskirts of lima eating your old he says he feels lucky to be here
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when i when this year i feel blessed because a lot of people have to sleep on the street i don't have any food and what these people here are doing is christ was going to it's all free says clinical a peruvian businessman who says he spent nearly thirty thousand dollars to rent and set up this shelter. or use the money to buy the stove mattresses everything i was about to buy a car but decided to invest it here because in exchange you get happiness. in a few months yes it's nearly two thousand venus williams who learned of the shelter through social media have come and gone the only way to make it work with so many is with discipline says supervisor cos a mortar or physical space is already too small it's a challenge because people keep on coming on our motto is to never say no we open our doors to any woman. the shelter is now run with the help of private donations
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after konami a bit who has absorbed the largest number of the newest women migrants and refugees more than four hundred twenty thousand says the government seventy thousand already have work permits but most are taking underpaid jobs such as street bending for many venezuelans starting a new life here has been much more difficult than they imagined so if you have taken up president nicolas mother offer to be flown back home for free right there will still nearly two hundred venice williams have been airlifted in a swollen precedent to just have been a swims were living and working in slave like conditions propaganda replied the peruvian government was the majority of in his will is at the embassy are here to request document renewals to be able to. apply for work permits nearly two million venezuelans her living abroad straining relations in the region and leading some countries to impose travel restrictions that's a shame says going your. hunger in the city don't have borders countries shouldn't
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impose restrictions to these people. the organization of american states says no country can face this wave of migrants and refugees on the road all governments and international organizations get together to think of a regional plan people like. are already making a difference in a sentence i just. won the mayor said it can as call for a second referendum on brics it criticizing the government's handling of withdrawal of negotiations come says the british public should have a say on a final deal including the option to hold a second vote you case due to leave the e.u. in march next year we've now reached a position where there are two outcomes as a consequence of the governance to go show sions a bad deal and by that i include us leaving the e.u. without knowing the terms of the future relationship sort of blindfold brooks or no deal and the independent research and taken for us shows that no deal would leads
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to five hundred thousand fewer jobs eighty seven thousand fewer jobs in london alone and fifty billion pounds less investment in our country that's bad for a country hugely damaging to london and the french city of pectin a gypsy community's historic neighborhood is being threatened with demolition soundtrack is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country and local bush officials say it's in need of a renewal but it's not tasha butler reports residents say they're simply being pushed out. the soundtrack neighborhood is a maze of narrow streets in color for buildings for more than one hundred fifty years it's been home to a unique catalan speaking people who call themselves the gypsies of pappy but now they say the city council is demolishing the area and trying to push them out the thug brutal rip why destroy our history this is our neighborhood we've always lived here together it's a beautiful district so why not make it like grenada was seville somewhere that
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tourists could come and not be scared of us instead no one helps it's dismissed as a ghetto. in the past three years local authorities have demolished more than fifty houses part of a hundred million dollar urban renewal plan they say many of the buildings are unsafe but people here disagree with the middle i've lived in this house all my life i was born in it and they want to destroy i'm scared because if this room in the street i want to know what to do campbell is part of a group of residents who say the neighborhood needs to be regenerated not demolish he says the councils ignored the area for years providing few services opportunities for people rubbish israeli collected there are no play areas for children three quarters of people are unemployed. what we want is to work with the council we want better homes it's a stay in the neighborhood a contractor back to whole community wants. some residents say city officials
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haven't consulted them about the plans but the deputy mayor says they've been dozens of meetings on the project. of wanted and there's never been a desire to gentrify the area chased out the poor population those who want to stay can and we will help those who want to move out we're not get a wise in there about building homes that are clean and safe people here say it's not only about breaking buildings it's also about breaking up our community tearing apart generations of family and friends. this woman says local officials are asked her to leave her house she thought she'd be gone a few days when she returned the home she'd lived in for for two years was gone and she's not been offered another. they demolish my whole house with all my furniture everything i thought was only living of a few days so i left all i have inside most here agree that science jack and his people are in need of attention it's one of the poorest neighborhoods in france but
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what they want is to hold on to their rich past and have a say in their future natasha butler al-jazeera. malaysia's trying to revive a language only three thousand people can speak fluently malaccan portuguese came into existence during the sixteenth century for a slew of reports now from malacca. the ruins of a fourteen malacca stand as a reminder of the portuguese presence in malaysia in fifteen eleven they captured the coastal city and ruled for over a century before the dutch defeated them when the portuguese left they left behind more than just buildings filum a nursing home is descended from the portuguese she still speaks the language of her ancestors malaccan creole portuguese derived from the portuguese with words borat from other languages and a grammatical structure similar to the mill a language all here to do was in year zero two of the second it's also known by its
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colloquial name popular christan but it's in decline spoken mainly by the older generation so seeing host art and using social media to pass on her knowledge when i was a model for work. for the same yonder. was then war crime i'm all bomb young so is good morning how are you all call giving. yourself courage to carry your new will be learned a thing both your words it is something. her brother michael wrote a book together with other language experts to help people learn christan. formal instructions are rare it isn't taught in schools and exists mostly in oral form we have survived for many years we go cultural and greet each religion and our and identity and saw we cannot lose a limb and like many other malaysians of portuguese descent the singers have their
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roots in this neighborhood in malacca this is the portuguese settlement home to about one thousand eight hundred people descended from the portuguese academics say the community here has provided a haven for the language the children grow up hearing it being spoken if not at home then maybe at a neighbor's house. on weekends children come for classes at sarah's santa maria as house who was born and brought up in the portuguese settlement. she teaches dance and cooking too with instructions in popular christan to preserve not just the language but other aspects of her culture the language is also caught the attention of academics we've got to think beyond we go to think about the perhaps they can value but done by the people right the community can find ways to share their knowledge. share their own perspectives dest doris' i think
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a very important. the older generation of malaccan portuguese are counting on the younger generation to keep the language alive florence li al-jazeera. malaysia. well he's always been known as a showman but former manchester united boss little not football us laugh some ibra him of it scored his five hundred career goal in spectacular style no early galaxies reached the milestone with a karate kick style goal against toronto f.c. ibraheem of it joins cristiana rinaldo in the n.l. messi as the only active players to score five hundred goals for club and country. a quick reminder none of our top stories here on al-jazeera fighting in yemen so data problems has intensified with the hutu rebels reporting more than thirty five airstrikes by the saudi m rotty coalition in the past twenty four hours they're
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targeting a main highway i watch of the port city which is a key supply route to the rebel held capital of sunna the u.n. envoy to game in martin griffith has just arrived there for talks with hu t.v. . types in mind good has barreled into southern china forcing the evacuation of more than two point four million people from grand dong province but with it to ensure wanes and winds of one hundred sixty two kilometers per hour fifty thousand fishing boats have been called back to port earlier hong kong bore the brunt of its fourth in the city was effectively shut. all over in the philippines the death tolls in the typhoon has risen to fifty three and that number is still expected to grow dozens are missing and feared buried in the landslide including thirteen miners in a guy in provence south korea's president is preparing to play chief negotiator between washington and pyongyang at a summit with the north korean leader when g.m. will travel to pyongyang on tuesday to hold talks with kim jong un is set to be the
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third meeting between the two leaders and the first since kim summit with the u.s. president. i think isn't it once i was in there with the president has explained the goal of the upcoming so much the first is to improve on developing to korea relations secondly to mediate and catalyzed a dialogue between north korea and the u.s. for denuclearization the third is to end military tension and threats of war between south and north korea in the residence in the u.s. state of north carolina are being warned the worst is yet to come from storm florence florence crashed into the state as a hurricane on friday killing eight people before weakening to a tropical depression hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses have been left without power. today those are our top stories stay with us one on one east is coming up next we'll see a little bit later if i. it's
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a scam that starts in the philippines and stretches across the globe. investors are promised the opportunity of a lifetime as they all appears they get you on the floor. but instead are left with shattered dreams and financial ruin the why they have why. i'm sick of saud and steve check out on this up sort of one on one east we reveal how organized crime is making millions in the philippines.


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