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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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al jazeera. and for you. this is al-jazeera. a lot and has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes walt bombs fall on the data as the u.n. envoy arrives in yemen to find a path to peace. palestinian leaders get out of the trumpet ministration off to their offices were ordered to close. a.
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super typhoon manhood batters parts of china after leaving more than sixty people dead in the philippines. and helping refugees instead of buying a new car the story of a peruvian businessman sheltering venezuela's. fighting in yemen province is intensifying as the u.n. envoy steps up efforts to revive talks to end the three year old civil war the rebels say the saudi amarok coalition has carried out more than thirty five air strikes in the past twenty four hours they're targeting a main highway out of the port city which is a key supply route to the rebel held capital of sana'a and are simmons has been following the story from nearby djibouti and a warning you may find some of the images in this report disturbing. after.
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it's an airstrike by the saudi u.s. led coalition. whatever the target may have been this is the result civilians searching for missing children it isn't a rescue they find one dead child. i mean i know when i heard that i heard what's his guilt why is he being killed says one of the men who really are rescued the child's mother the father wasn't in his home when the bomb hit the girl's name is mood cedar she's carried away by one of the helpers he knows it doesn't end here. the searching continues and smooths brother neville has recovered and i have a feeling that it's what everyone had dreaded two dead children. they're very proud of. these are civilians their little kids are the only words this man can manage
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it happened on saturday in modern inside a province which shares a border with saudi arabia these people are internally displaced having fled the fighting yemen's turmoil is a lethal mix of the tactics of warfare the tactics of diplomacy from negotiations that could be a touch with that and a humanitarian crisis the fighting isn't just on the battlefield the suffering goes right across yemen but it's getting worse. in the stillness of a remote village and province they're eating the leaves of trees to survive they're cooked and mashed into a paste. i personally i don't you believe this is my salary has been cut it's a main meal for my children even though this is causing them each of us and drowsiness what can we do. now. we cook tree leaves we have no nutrition we will die here we have no one but god. this is the nearest medical center to the village
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where they had to resort to eating leaves mao nutrition could end up being the biggest killer in this conflict anyone trying to bring peace to yemen may not need reminding of what's at stake nevertheless those without a voice of influence a crying out for help now more than ever before of the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths has spent the day holding talks with hooty leaders in sana'a andrew symonds again with this update. griffis has a major job on his hands trying to convince the warring sides that now is the time to actually start talking about dialogue when there's been more than a week of really heavy fighting in the wake of those talks in geneva that never got off the ground the fighting obviously is most intense in her data the red sea ports
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in which cruises are trying to defend they say the huth is that they are repelled in some places. from these are you led coalition to get control of the supply line to the capital sana'a. sixteen is the biggest major focal point of the fighting but also further towards the port city in other points and there is a point such as kill a seven kilo ten there are also battles going on it certainly doesn't seem to be the case that things are at a point when you can say that this supply line is actually cut but certainly the coalition is putting every effort into trying to get full control of this area and control of the port city head of any possible dialogue with seem they are insisting that there has to be a success in taking data to force as they say the who things to
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talks. on how much your cowie is a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university here in doha joins us now in the studio thanks for being with us so we'll talk about what's happening and how they don't just a moment but first of all this these ongoing talks do you see any signs of hope here any signs of a possible breakthrough while i think griffith's trip. on sunday showcases how resilient he has been five days ago we were talking about it's no geneva process basically since the whole is could not fly because of the conditions but now he is in the field his point figure out a way to keep them engaged in the process so from a conflict with the solution perspective this is going to significant the negotiation process is the way there are others of course and they hope that the whole is now will seize this opportunity to find another way where all the parties
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with it if not inside yemen maybe somewhat close will become fly with no conditions and we're seeing what appears to be a stepped up. bombing campaign on the on the port city of data by the saudi. led coalition what's what's the point of that what's the strategy there to me i think there is a strong correlation between when the decision of mr goodrich to fly to yemen to meet with who is with the worsening situation and who did and i think the oh and i did nations in the entire international community community is aware of this kind of. defined objectively of capture and what data the. correlation is using of the equipment. and the question remains
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how we can shift the conflict from a military showdown between the color. and i would use to kind of process where we can all void the bloodshed and they think now besides syria yemen has become another nightmare and i think it's about time that somebody would also consider another or a parallel process of negotiation with the coalition to sort of. isn't the immoderate is to go better plan in terms of you know how they're going to capture who the and for what objectively exactly is it just a. showing off their muscles or this is something that there is some you know wise politics that can be involved and we saw the terrible pictures there in the report of the the effect of the bombing by the saudi led coalition what incentive is there for any real effort to end this war if there isn't there
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isn't enough of a pushback against the bombing campaign for from from the international community while so far three years of heavy confrontations have not given us a winner decisive win either in favor of the whole is on in favor of the coalition so sometimes when realism and political realism over the it's the use of powers use of force and then there is this. no win win situation for anybody the question becomes who can sit down and find a formula where the use of force can lead to something it's not for the sake of fighting each other and the thing though mr griffith it is articulating a strong will on behalf of the international community and we need to bring this
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conflict to and somehow and i think we need a more progressive or a more aggressive diplomatic formula and i hope the hutus will give him now and also we have seen some reports coming from the human rights organizations from the united nations criticizing the performance of the saudis and the emergencies so you have to sort of course so that the hoti is coming to the table but the arab coalition has also to consider an alternative it is because you know how much joining us thanks so much for being with us now the united states has all of the palestinian mission in washington to close staff bank accounts and clear their offices the trumpet ministration had announced the closure of the palestine liberation organization office in the us capital last week palestinian leaders are calling it a declaration of war on peace efforts p.l.o. executive committee member helen ashrawi has condemned the latest move saying the
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us has taken its attempts to pressure and blackmail the palestinians to a new level the us administration has gone from cruel punishment to revenge against the palestinians and their leadership. palestinians have been furious with a series of trump decisions which many say are clearly biased back in january this year trump withheld one hundred twenty five million dollars in aid to the relief agency that supports palestinians in may the u.s. broke all international norms by moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and then in august the trumpet ministration announced it would end all funding to honor more in rabbani is a senior fellow at the institute for palestine studies he joins us now via skype from washington thanks very much for being with us so first of all your reaction to this decision. you mean the latest decision to exclude danielle in
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offices and yes and then i revoke the visas of the. palestinian well again i've heard i think the trumpet administration is dealing with the palestinians as if their tenants and one of their slum will do what we say or or will let the rock rock that will that and that seems to be what we're seeing here i mean these people genuinely seem to believe that by exercising sure of their treasure and undertaking more deadly measures against our citizens and the american presentation family members and so on that one day they're going to wake up and the palestinians will have capitulated fully to the israelis on every argument or substance i think it just shows through a lot of experience with these people and how seriously out of their depths.
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so-called peace once the trumpet ministration is defending this by saying and i'm quoting u.s. and national security adviser john bolton now is saying that we will not keep the office open when the palestinians refuse to take steps to start direct and meaningful negotiations with israel what do you say to that. well this is the same example and he was just then promoting thirty eight billion dollars in military aid to israel so you know you take this kind of riddle seriously at your own peril but i think you know there is a point here where we need to focus not just on this particular us administration and recognize that what we're seeing is in fact on the whole consistent with longstanding u.s. policy bipartisan u.s. policy towards that city and so these latest measures for example are rooted in the one nine hundred eighty seven antiterrorism act of congressional resolution that
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was adopted with overwhelming bipartisan support it defines appeal as a terrorist organization and makes it illegal for the p.l.o. to operate on us or in any way shape or form even at the height of the oslo process that a piece of congressional legislation was never rescinded instead of the palestinian the p.l.o. was treated as a terrorist organization on probation and was granted six monthly waivers to continue operating and it's these kinds of attitudes towards the power syrians and i think help explain why we are where we are today so what do you expect this to me. no or i mean. eventually the u.s. is going to run out of punitive measures to administer to the city and and we're really seeing now what's being called the ultimate deal isn't that an attempt to
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impose the alternate fits on plea you know in other words to try to change reality on the ground one step at a time and i think the real question is given this. u.s. approach to the syrians why do the palestinians still accept u.s. funding for their security forces why is the palestinian intelligence chief still being sent to washington to meet with american counterparts i think at a certain point the palestinians also have to realize that they can extract a price from the u.s. and from your adversaries and have to begin acting accordingly good to speak with you robin joining us there from washington thanks for being with us. other palestinian activist i had to mimi has attended a political event in france after earlier being banned from traveling abroad by the israeli government israel stop the seventeen year old from traveling to europe
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earlier this month to talk about her experience in jail and the palestinian resistance movement to me was freed in july after spending eight months in prison for slapping an israeli soldier. the man in the twenty one you're a seventeen year old palestinian you suffer every day promise israeli occupation of palestinian children get arrested or killed one hundred daily basis at checkpoints they have a hard time going to school because of all those security checks they risk their lives on their way to school. plenty more ahead on this news hour the worst is yet to come people in the u.s. state of north carolina are warned about the flooding threat posed by storm florence. sick and starving we report on the plight of the tens of thousands of south sudanese children suffering malnutrition. and later in sport it's full time lucky for christiane over now though as he scores his first goals in its league's top league.
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so let's go ahead but first tropical storm manhood is battering southern china's quandong province hours after it hit home kong and macau we'll have a report from there in just a moment but the country where it first made landfall in the early hours of saturday is reeling from its aftermath at least sixty four people have died many others are still missing in northern philippines thirty gold miners are thought to be trapped after a landslide jimmy fallon dogan reports from the province of diane which took a direct hit. to witness for ourselves the strength and skill of step a station into the end province which you north this is the town of where hundreds of civilians were evacuated from their homes days before the typhoon hit landfall. in and you're eighty three year old grandmother placid left their house of forty
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eight hours before the storm struck they survived but now they're afraid to go home . to be poor is to stouffer we're just corn farmers and now we have lost our home to we have to borrow from creditors now just so we can start over. farmlands and now submerged in flood waters schools used as evacuation centers are also damaged. we drove further to reach the town of get around this is what's left of cornfields here a few hours of a typhoon took a year of their earnings a painful blow for farmers here super typhoon monk a battered much of northern luzon leaving a trail of and destruction. across an hour and communication lines have been destroyed leaving many farming communities isolated after several hours we reached the town of la look.
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he took two years for jason and linda lena and to build just the frame of their home but it's all gone in an instant and. it hurts to see this because just to recover what we lost we have to make painful sacrifices again indigenous communities like this one have been living in abject poverty for generations and they are held back even further by natural disasters that is because the government assistance they need to start over is barely enough farming is their livelihood now they don't know how they can survive their story is one that's repeated a hundred times and more the damage in province is extensive what we've just seen so far is just a fraction of the devastation by food has caused the full extent will become known
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in the coming days. jim duggan al jazeera could be in province northern philippines . at least two people are dead and hundreds of thousands of homes have been evacuated as typhoon mangal makes its way through china's southern guangdong province two million people have been displaced and about fifty thousand fishing boats have been recalled to port forecasters are warning of widespread flooding the typhoon has brought with it winds of up to two hundred kilometers per hour and torrential rain before reaching southern china the storm lashed hong kong bringing the port city to a standstill the territory was put on the highest storm alert for only the fourth time in twenty years sarah clarke reports. the eye of the typhoon hurtle towards hong kong with it down force winds of up to two hundred kilometers an hour roofs were blown off and windows in some high rise buildings were blown out trees were sent flying this crime was ripped from the building and collapsed this is amazing
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never seen the like this it's it's eerie to see nobody walking around roads were closed and businesses locked up hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes in low lying areas nine hundred flights were canceled interrupting travel plans for thousands of passengers most people bunkered down and stayed indoors some of those who braved the weather. the city was paralyzed and forced into lockdown while the worst storm in hong kong for more than a decade. is prone to still and typhoons but this one has caught many by surprise the strength of the winds history could shoot swells across the harbor in areas in the central parts of the city. these waterfront hotels were flooded as waves pounded the coastline the only movement on the harbor was this ship adrift all schools will be closed on monday. the province directly in its path.
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al-jazeera hong kong. and in nearby macau the government shut down all of its casinos for the first time the city also issued its highest storm alert officials in macau came under criticism for how they handled another big typhoon last year which killed twelve people in the united states florence has been downgraded to a tropical depression but it continues to ravage the states of north and south carolina the governor of north carolina says florence is now at its most dangerous stage it is dumping record levels of rain and major flooding is forecast over a dozen people have died. let's go live now to christa salumi who is in the city of fiat ville in north carolina so christine what is the latest on the situation there . well the storm is slowly creeping out of north carolina the worst of the wind and rain is over but
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it's clearly not over yet the rain still comes down and the rivers are rising that's the real concern the rivers continue to rise along with concerns about flooding and now mudslides as well in some of the more mountainous areas of north carolina and if you look behind me you can see exactly what officials here are worrying about we've got a major roadway in the middle of downtown say advil north carolina where a tributary of the cape fear river has overflowed its banks and is now just flowing right through the town and this is a big hazard of course for motorists on the roadway as well as pedestrians walking by of the fifteen deaths that have been reported so far in this area at least fifteen about five of them have been due to motor vehicle accidents so officials are warning that the worst is not over yet and that residents should not be complacent. florence may no longer be a hurricane or even
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a tropical storm but her rains keep falling and the waters keep rising all across north and south carolina and despite days of warnings flash flooding continues to catch many off guard as the storm slowly inches inland it was waist deep inside the house and then once we got off the park it was at our power play more than nine hundred people have been rescued from homes and vehicles so far and according to the governor of north carolina the worst has yet to come some fifteen thousand people have moved into government shelters who were able to go fly over fayetteville in your car to see that raging gate here record you were driving the vulnerable need to be there all day and there are. travel has become increasingly treacherous as rivers overflow their banks and flood major roadways at least five of the people whose deaths have been attributed to
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florence were killed in their vehicles residents are being warned not to become complacent but help and for the best but prepare for the worst and we and we sit in a strong message to people if you decide to stay and not by about a mandatory evacuation what about three pm today will not be available to you and so we encourage you to do things like notify legal next of kin and let people know what your choices are. new mandatory evacuation orders went into effect in fayetteville for those who live within a mile of the cape fear and little rivers the last time this area experience major flooding with two years ago the cape fear river swelled its banks and the water rose so high it came all the way to this building here flooding the basement meteorologists are predicting that this time the flooding will be even worse. volunteers who lived through the last storm are standing by to help emergency officials we've got churches over and we've got a volunteer center that we know we got schools over and over shelters that were if
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you go if you can get. those we're got guys that are willing to take their vote their lives on the line to make sure our people get through safe. waiting and watching a slow motion natural disaster whose full impact may still not be felt for days and at this time there are some six hundred thousand people still without electricity in the area crews working to restore those people those homes that need electricity while other areas are getting inundated and flooded and knocked down at the same time the extent of the damages here are hard to measure but the governor of north carolina said at this point they estimate tens of thousands of homes and buildings have been damaged and that total is likely to rise in the coming day as they learn more of course it's hard to predict because again the worst is yet to come the rivers are expected to rise for a recent other couple of days. kristensen let me live for us there in fayetteville
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north carolina thanks melissa. u.s. president donald trump's nominee to the supreme court brett kavanaugh is now facing allegations of sexual assault a woman told the washington post she was assaulted by him when she was in high school members of the senate who are supposed to vote on kavanagh's appointments on now calling for a delay to call him has more. if brett kavanaugh is confirmed he will change the highest court for a generation he will cement it as solidly conservative it's a high stakes nomination that has been controversial from the beginning with republicans refusing to hand over hundreds of thousands of documents from his long legal career this nomination is going to be tainted it will be stain. by a badly broken process that has shattered the norms despite that in just days it was expected he would get past the first vote and be on his way to final
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confirmation until this the washington post has a story about what one woman alleges kavanah did to her in high school christine bleakley ford going public the post writes well his friend watched she said cavanagh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one piece bathing suit and the clothing she were over it when she tried to scream she said he put his hand over her mouth i thought he might inadvertently kill me said ford she managed to escape and she even passed a lie detector test about the incident which kevin has denied so far frankly your answer has been ambiguous there are calls to bring him back before the senate the last time that happened it was clarence thomas absolutely not the senator nominated to the court when anita hill came forward and accused him of sexual harassment he was confirmed anyway many women were angry in the u.s.
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after the thomas confirmation it's all record number of women run for office since then we've seen the election of u.s. president donald trump the woman's marks the me too movement again another record breaking number of women running for office now the cavanagh confirmation really just stoke the anger that's already out there the politicians are well aware of that with less than two months to go till congressional elections now the republicans who control the senate have just days to decide if they should ignore the allegations and risk a backlash or call for new hearings potentially risking their nominee patty calling al-jazeera washington a step ahead on i just you know. they call themselves the gypsies the pedal they've lived in this neighborhood for centuries and i. they say local authorities want to throw them out on a factor but in our reporting from southern france. l.a. terence paul we'll hear from the kenyan running great who set
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a new world record of the berlin marathon. had other big story in the u.s. is still florence of course at the shapes disappeared to be honest with a core of tropical depression it was really a mass of rain still falling so a slow moving system the most active in the u.s. there still is a big shot down in texas and a massacre in the northwest corner and that significant is us effectively a change of season that's really winter waiting up in british columbia and trying to push it whereas it's much much warmer and of course is to get plenty of tropical air further to the south the reason you got this green bit not the red bit is just we've got loads of cloud loads a rain so the sun can't do his work and it looks like it's not as warm baka sure you feel tropical the amount of rain certainly is of tropical nature that runs out
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to the appalachians eventually into new england there's plenty of well a landslide risk and of course plenty of flooding in the carolinas even virginia still to come big shasta around texas and moving stuff east towards mississippi and there's the dip we expect to see but it went to the north like bit of winter just a bit of snow on the high ground of canada and author that's gone through maybe things warm up for a while still got the rain in this streak of in the northeast corner so give must already happened this is clearly the wet bit of the u.s. if anything in texas you have big showers are on their way out.
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partners. where every.
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and again you're watching al-jazeera minor of our top stories this hour fighting yemen's hard data has intensified the rebels say there have been more than thirty five airstrikes by the saudi and the rotty coalition in the past twenty four hours they've been targeting a main highway out to the port city which is a key supply route to the rebel held capital of sana'a. the united states has ordered the palestinian mission in washington to close staff bank accounts and clear their offices last week the trumpet ministration announced the closure of the palestine liberation organization office in the u.s. capitol. after killing over sixty people in the philippines typhoon manhood has hit southern china bringing heavy rain and strong winds these two people have died and thousands forced out of their homes schools are closed as forecasters predict heavy rain on monday. south korea has revealed the make up of the two hundred strong
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delegation that will travel with president. for his third summit with north korean leader kim jong will be a company to pyongyang by c.e.o.'s of leading south korean companies including samsung and honda. defense chiefs and prominent cultural and sporting figures moon is looking to improve relations and mediate denuclearization talks between the north and the u.s. rob mcbride has more from salt. the big question of course is north korea's denuclearization commitment but south korean officials remain convinced about north korea's sincerity with officials saying only last week that kim jong un accepts the fact he will have to carry out this denuclearization during president donald trump's first term in office which presumably means within the next two years that does seem to be a very tall order given the extent of north korea's missile and nuclear programs
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but then this whole dialogue back and forth has seen many twists and turns so nobody i think can rule out what the coming week might bring. peru's top immigration official says efforts to repair actuate hundreds of thousands of venezuelans who fled to other parts of south america are nowhere near enough every day about one thousand three hundred of them are arriving in peru and as well as in the grip of a severe economic crisis many are sanchez went to meet a peruvian businessman who set up a shelter in the capital lima to help venezuelan migrants. on the floor. alongside each other more than one hundred seventy venezuelans sharing three bedrooms two bathrooms and every single space there is left in this makeshift shelter on the outskirts of lima. says he feels lucky to be here one of. our few blessed because a lot of people have to sleep on the street i don't have any food what these people
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here are doing is great or going to it's all free says clinical a peruvian businessman who says he spent nearly thirty thousand dollars to rent and set up this shelter. are used the money to buy the stove mattresses everything i was about to buy a car but decided to invest it here because in exchange you get happiness. in a few months giving us nearly two thousand venus williams who learned of the shelter through social media have come and gone the only way to make it work with so many is with discipline he says supervisor hossam order of physical space is already too small it's a challenge because people keep on coming on our motto is to never say no we open our doors to any woman. the shelter is now run with the help of private donations to colombia bid who has absorbed the largest number of the newest will and migrants and refugees more than four hundred twenty thousand says the government seventy
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thousand already have work permits but most are taking underpaid jobs such as street vending for many venezuelans starting a new life here has been much more difficult than they imagined so a few of the. can our president nicholas my littles offer to be flown back home for free or low to that there was somebody nearly two hundred minutes we'll and have been airlifted in a swollen precedent suggestiveness williams were living and working in slave like conditions propaganda replied the peruvian government toward the majority of them as well as at the embassy are here to request document renewals to be able to apply for work permits nearly two million venezuelans are living abroad straining relations in the region and leading some countries to impose travel restrictions that's a shame says going your. hunger in the city don't have borders countries shouldn't impose restrictions to these people. you're going to seizure of american states says no country can face this wave of migrants and refugees on the road all
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governments and international organizations get together to think of a regional plan people like political media are already making a difference in a census i just see that lima. london's mayor has called for a second referendum to decide if the u.k. should leave the european union so he can says people should have a say on a final deal that's reached between the two cars a member of the opposition labor party has been critical of the government's approach to breaks in the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. in march at least sixty migrants were rescued off the coast of spain on saturday oh spanish maritime rescue ship spotted an overloaded raft with people waving and screaming for help officials say everyone on board the raf was rescued spain has become the latest point of entry for migrants trying to make their way into europe. a leader of france's far right national rally party has called on all
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nationalist parties to unite ahead of next year's elections for the european parliament marina pen told supporters she would campaign alongside allies to defeat what she called the liberal establishment recent polls show her party is gaining support over french president emanuel macross party a gypsy community in southern france says its historic neighborhood is being threatened with demolition sorry jack is one of the port is one of the poorest neighborhoods and local officials say it is in need of renewal tasha butler has more from the city of pepe neil the sun shack neighborhood is a maze of narrow streets and colorful buildings for more than one hundred fifty years it's been home to a unique catalan speaking people who call themselves the gypsies of but now they say the city council is demolishing the area and trying to push them out the brutal
2:40 am
rip why destroy our history this is our neighborhood we've always lived here together it's a beautiful district so why not make it like grenada will seville somewhere the tourist could come and not be scared of us instead no one helps it's dismissed as a ghetto. in the past three years local authorities have demolished more than fifty houses part of a hundred million dollar urban renewal plan they say many of the buildings are unsafe but people here disagree is that the middle i've lived in this house all my life i was born in it and they want to destroy i'm scared because if this room in the streets i wouldn't know what to do. campbell is part of a group of residents who say the neighborhood needs to be regenerated not demolish he says the councils ignored the area for years providing few services or patooties for people rubbish israeli collected there are no play areas for children three quarters of people are unemployed. what we want is to work with the council we want
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better family to stay in the neighborhood a contractor booked a whole community. some residents a city officials haven't consulted them about the plans but the deputy mayor says they've been dozens of meetings on the project and. there's never been a desire to gentrify the area chased out the poor population those who want to stay can and we will help those who want to move out we're not getting wiser now but building homes that are clean and safe people here safe not only about breaking buildings it's also about breaking up our community tearing apart generations of family and friends this woman says local officials i asked her to leave her house she thought she'd be gone a few days when she returned the home she'd lived in for forty years was gone and she's not been offered another. they demolished my whole house with all my furniture everything i thought was only living a few days so i left all i have inside most here agree that santa jack and his
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people are in need of attention it's one of the poorest neighborhoods in france but what they want is to hold on to their rich past and have a say in their future natasha butler al-jazeera. three people were detained during protests in russia over planned increases to the retirement age around five hundred people attended the rally in some pieces broke that led to scuffles between riot police and demonstrators president vladimir putin wants to lift the retirement age from sixty to sixty five for men and from fifty five to sixty four women plan changes have seen putin's approval rating dropped by around fifteen percent. and a member of the russian activist group pussy riot is recovering after being flown to germany for treatment for what the group claims was a poisoning. very of was taken to hospital in moscow on tuesday with loss of sight and the ability to walk very slow of was jailed after he and three others ran onto
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the page during the world cup final in moscow in july protesting what they describe as excessive police powers well after decades of fighting ethiopia and eritrea have signed a peace agreement in saudi arabia the details of the agreement were not clear though the u.n. says it is meant to improve trade relations between the two countries ethiopia and eritrea forty two year war in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight over a border dispute ties only normalized in july this year when the two signed a declaration of peace the signature of the peace agreement. between the president of the military and the prime minister david g.o.p. it is indeed an historic event. we have seen a conflict that has lasted for the kids ending and depth is a very important meaning in the world will receive unfortunately so many conflicts multiply and lost for ever. more than half the population of south
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sudan is relying on food aid to survive after years of civil war many have been forced to leave their homes and farms but the signing of a new peace deal between rival factions has brought some hope to those in need here but morgan reports this is a regular scene at sub a hospital in south sudan's capital juba children suffering from severe malnutrition come to this world every day to be treated one of them is agnes a russia's baby girl that she's been sick since she was six months old i try to feed her but they will i find food you have to buy food here you can't farm if his money i buy food to feed my kids if not we go to bed hungry agnes's daughter is just one of the hundreds of thousands of children unicef says are suffering from severe malnutrition here five years of civil war has left seven million south sudanese relying on relief supplies tens of thousands have been killed since
2:45 am
president salva kiir accused his then vice president riek machar of attempting a coup the weren't economy makes daily meals and affordable to many including millions of children says the outbreak of war in twenty that we have never seen this number before in twenty eight dealing with limited two hundred seventy thousand children suffering from c b a good many people this is a huge number and if we don't respond quickly we will lose all these children. but aid groups have complained repeatedly to the government about being blocked from reaching those in need by the worrying sides. the latest peace deal has been signed to end the fighting and pledges made to allow humanitarian access. witnesses that assigning say much needs to be done to ensure that's happened safely with the signing of the revitalized agreement we should publicly acknowledge it is but one step on the road to peace but one which lays the foundation for all their followers
2:46 am
. agnes hopes that the peace deal works so she doesn't lose her child to hunger a hope shared by many mothers whose children are starving he will morgan are just their own. joke mother jock is executive director of the sun institute an independent research organization focusing on south sudan he says is a dire situation for those most vulnerable. what we are seeing now is what has been experienced over the last five years of intense conflict and multiplicity of one party making it very difficult for a like number of people to maintain the normal way of life whether they are present farmers or cattle keepers and the result of this is that cities like google have now been receiving like number of children and women who are desperate for food and you see it it is i saw all over the town of baquba children begging on the streets
2:47 am
. clinics and hospitals full of kids who are minority and cannot afford food and cannot afford medicines it is a dire situation for an entire. population of children but also for all they are particularly women and pregnant women to be more specific what has been the main reason why people are so desperate for food and so they were the signing of this is the limit on the trust of september there is a renewed hope in the air all across as a done and people are tired and sick of war so this hope this renewed coach use optimism. is definitely what a lot of acid and these are. will be implemented to be able to get these people back to their normal way of life it is not a case where people have absolutely nothing it is a case of people not being able to exercise the normal economic activities for
2:48 am
survival and they will be able to go back to that as soon as the peace agreement is implemented. they use activists and journalists have been protesting in yangon myanmar demanding the release of two reuters journalists while lone and cure so who were sentenced to seven years in prison earlier this month they were arrested last year while investigating the murder of revenge of muslims in the high end state still ahead on al-jazeera. a landmark golfer one of football's greatest showman what a goal it was. it was a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife in beirut and he married miss universe hugh was a buoyant character on the other and a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence
2:49 am
sources claim that he planned the operation and for years those really tried to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali has son salaam the hunt for the red prince and instantly shifting news cycle they receive in change in america tweet the listening post take sports and questions the world to me the devil will be in the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language is their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is the listening post on al-jazeera.
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for sport now is and. thank you very much for lewis hamilton has made a big move in his efforts to win a fifth formula one world title he won the singapore grand prix and is now forty points clear of his main rival sebastian vettel who could only manage third place david stock triples. stunning performance in qualifying lewis hamilton still needed to have his wits about him going into the first few corners and he did well to emerge unscathed with his lead intact for the back esteban all khan was not so lucky his race ended early having been shoved into the wall by as force india teammate sergio perez. that accident needed some clearing up but crucially just before the safety car came out sebastian vettel was able to pass max for stop and to take second place thanks. he was now perfectly positioned
2:51 am
to attack hamilton. that was until ferrari decided to bring him in early for a tire change. it proved a costly decision by the team many expected to dominate in singapore vettel ended up losing time and ultimately gave second place back to stop and i. must say the strategy on the other hand it was working perfectly there was a brief scare when hamilton was held up by a group of back markers to stop and try to lock up the inside but the championship leader had it covered and accelerated into the distance to claim victory it's the fourth time he's won the singapore grand prix. much. less. how to describe it is a monumental moment and it's hard to argue he finished nearly forty seconds clear of vettel and now leads his main rival by forty points in the drive the standings
2:52 am
we had a great start the team just never given up faith and belief in me in an invalid's three and in our ability and is a real blessing it was a long race yeah i mean it wasn't looking too bad we had a good first lap and then we tried something being aggressive but it didn't work and we ended up finishing third so finishing where we started well back was four wins in the last five for hamilton and with only six races remaining vettel needs to start beating him and fast david stokes al-jazeera. john l. they scored his first calls for ventas as the italian champions continued their perfect start of the season when allen had failed to find the net in his first three games to uva but a second pass happened against this wall and got into. off the mark the thirty three year old didn't have to wait too long for his second event is going on so when the gang see wants and sign the position of the top of syria they look though
2:53 am
to be said to be without the cost of for the forseeable future the brazilian sense off the first head butting and then spitting in upon his face. gonzalo higuaĆ­n scored his first goal for a similar instances longman from eventis milan drawing one one with calorie. slots on a brim of it is one of football's biggest show many brought sufi's five hundred career goal in spectacular style have been many memorable ones but not soo many karate kicks like this one playing for the l.a. galaxy against france where see the thirty six year old joins ronaldo in a no messi is the only active players to score five hundred for club and country the game will be remembered for that goal but the galaxy did go on salusa five three. i mean for my personal objective is fantastic chimey probably have more goals than the guys on the field of games together and then of course is huge for the nominee scored five goals in their career but i am one of them it came
2:54 am
middle aged jamie in a trade to do what i'm good at putting him behind the line and this week said it. was good in the compliments to toronto because they will be remembered for my five hundred goal. well one of the athens former teammates wayne rooney also scoring in the m.l.s. is the fifth goal for d.c. united putting them ahead against the new york red bulls but bradley wright slips one trick the new york ensured this game finished three three. hour kenya's elliott keep charity has broken the world marathon record taking more than a minute's of the previous mark the kenyan won the berlin marathon in a time of two hours one minutes and thirty nine seconds the thirty three year old record attempt looks in doubt when his pacemaker his drops out early left him to run the last seventeen kilometers alone but the olympic champion still able to break the previous record that was set by his compatriot dennis can i say four years ago it's the second consecutive time that the bird in course of its flight profile has been the venue for
2:55 am
a new record and i could show you has established himself as the greatest distance runner in history he's competed in eleven marathons and wants one of them prior to his first marathon in twenty thirteen he had a successful track korea winning the five thousand meter world title is that same agency thousand and three last year he attempted to run the first subzero marathon in a special event at the monza racetrack in italy the unofficial race was paced by a car with support runners joining in for short stages he missed his target then by just twenty five seconds but does not have the official world record i am. going to say oh you always want to leave our legacy and maybe thing sponsible i remember. now we thought so everything is possible. canelo alvarez has inflicted a first career defeat on going on a goal of kin to become world middleweight champion koloff can it be undefeated in thirty nine fights oppose on the wrong end of a majority points decision the pair all give me the best pound for pound fighters
2:56 am
in the world their first meeting last year had ended in a general seriously. i did everything i did to complete my objective unfortunately we didn't get the knockout but thank god we walked away with a victory you could leave it to you i don't think you really demonstrate some super great mexican boxing style yes he was not running away from me or running around this time but it doesn't mean that he won this fight he didn't do anything special but most importantly i would like to congratulate him with the women in cycling british riders now hold all three grand sort titles after simon yeah it's wraps up the spanish he safely completed sunday's processional stage in madrid only the share guarantees almost won the tour de france and chris froome the jarrett italia . i really unbelievable experience. you know is even nervous today coming to surrogates is an issue because our been but now i really finally pull it off unbelievable. angela stanford has won her first major golf title after eighteen
2:57 am
years on the progress or stanford's big moment came with the every inch championship in france the forty year old american caught at a final round of sixty eight which put her on twelve under for the tournament she then watched four of her rivals mischances the full supply off eighteenth right. now the tennis umpire i'm good serena williams by giving her three code violations during the u.s. open final how to different player in his sights of the davis cup colace ramos was back in the chair for the semifinal between croatia and the usa and here is giving craig violation for smashing his racket chillis going on to lose this contest with sam querrey. that saw eventually went down to the fifth sets of the fifth match caray she's born approach beating france is too far in and i decided to set up a final with defending champions france the same two countries of course that played in football's world cup final ok that is always sport for not more lighter
2:58 am
and that is it for this news hour but i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news stay with us. everyone has different ideas about whether someone is going for someone who's very rich it doesn't matter when you meet three i think it's how you approach an individual enough that it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story in fly out. the past past boss. travels the roads of mexico raising ecological when. and sharing creative
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change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of your god and hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. more bombs fall on the port city of data as the u.n. envoy arrives in yemen to find the path to peace. a lot. of also coming up. palestinian leaders head out of the trump administration after their offices ordered to close.
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parts of china after leaving more than sixty people dead in the philippines. helping refugees instead of buying a new car the story of a peruvian businessman.


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